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rich-c: verify
changed username to scott
rich-c: hi scott right on time
scott: Hello, Rich
rich-c: hows life in Colorado?
scott: Sorry I missed you Saturday
scott: Good.
scott: And yourself?
rich-c: that's OK, we had a new visitor, a bus driver from New Jersey
scott: My wife and I are in the process of making the cartridges for Daniel B
rich-c: he will be very pleased about that
scott: Since we didn't manufacture the plastic ourselves, we've had to remove the labels off old carts
scott: Removing the labels is a big pain.
rich-c: right - I still have to see if I can find any old dead carets for you
scott: We have about 32 carts
scott: We still need about 20 more
scott: Mike and I are both looking
rich-c: if you are taking out teh circuit boards anyway, cant you just soak the labels off?
scott: I couldn't find any additional in my collection -- they were shipped to Eduardo in Brazil
scott: Yes we are soaking the labels and using adhesive remover, but it still isn't easy
rich-c: hmmm - start thinking of a bribe big enough to get me to brave my (shudder) basement ;-]
scott: About 1/3 of the carts have their labels removed
rich-c: have you tried the application of a bit of heat from a hair dryer?
scott: The others are soaking
scott: With some of these, the glue on the plastic is practically bonded.
scott: We also have to get rid of the glue
scott: At least, that's my preference
rich-c: once you're into final cleaning, try TSP for the last bit, it's often good
scott: I'd like these to look good.
scott: We'll figure it out.
scott: This weekend the boards will be put together.
rich-c: I don't doubt it, but asking around may get you where you want to be sooner
rich-c: remember if all else fails, there's always the Internet
scott: That's right, you don't have any non-working carts, do you?
rich-c: as I mentioned earlier, I might, no idea if or no or how many if yes
scott: I should probably also ask Terry at eColeco
scott: He's a weird guy, though
rich-c: that's not the word others in teh Adam community have been using, but on my dealings there's nothing I can say
scott: Sure
rich-c: Frances and Pamela just came in - they wre over to see Frances' mother -she is 100 today
scott: By next Wed, most of the carts should be made
scott: Wow. 100!
rich-c: until you get a new supply of cases, that is
scott: We'll still need to find 20 plastic casings, but the bulk of the work will be done.
rich-c: well, there is such a thing as over-ripe old age - shall we leave it at that?
rich-c: Pamela says try rubbing alcohol to remove the label glue
scott: Yes. We have something called GooGone that my mother recommended
rich-c: yes, there are a number of specialty products available now
scott: BRB - getting a bowl of cereal!
rich-c: speaking of which, how is your mother doing?
scott: Mother's doing good
scott: Working on a new book.
scott: Her 7th
rich-c: neat - how many has she written now?
scott: Such a slacker, right?
rich-c: that means six in print - still with her original publisher?
scott: No. She's gone through 2 publishers
rich-c: oh, who is she with now?
scott: She has an agent right now but not a publisher
scott: She wants to write this one first
scott: At least, that's what I think she told me.
rich-c: that is a prudent approach - shows expereince and I'd guess confidence
scott: I wrote a tiny C program for Coleco development last night
scott: It doesn't do that much
scott: I get mad each time I have to look up a value in the color table
rich-c: maybe not, but I'll bet Dan would appreciate it in an email and Dr. D. might be interested
scott: So I wrote a program that will display the table in a bunch of different ways
scott: Like I said, not any big deal, just wrote it so I could reference it easier.
rich-c: that sounds useful - no great breakthrough, but useful
scott: More or less, I wanted to play with command line arguments passed into the C program
scott: And I wanted to create a easy way to pull up the ADAM color table whenever I needed to.
scott: It's like 12K? 13K???
rich-c: that sounds like it could be rewritten to handle other aspects of programming too if they deal with constants
rich-c: thought anyone who wrote anything to run on a DOSbox under one meg got excommunicated
scott: Sure, there's an endless amount of things that you can add to it
scott: 12K is actually huge compared to what I program in z80 assembly
scott: You could write the same program in less than 1K in assembly
rich-c: one often getsf the feeling that the first course a programmer takes is Bloatware 101
scott: Apparently C is the most compact of any of the programming languages
scott: And also gives the best performance.
rich-c: being a non=programmer, I shall have to take your word for it
scott: It's hard to gauge, since I'm not doing graphics programming where processing power is easily noticeable
rich-c: I'm afraid I am just a computer user, happily ignorant of what drives teh gears in the black box
scott: I plan to write a whole bunch of ColecoVision dev tools in C
rich-c: either teh program works or it doesn't
scott: I am using the Linux environment.
scott: No Windows
scott: However, since it's C, it could be ported.
scott: BRB
rich-c: yes, Linux is something I may yet have to learn, but I confess to being lazy about it
scott: Back
scott: Had to visit the John
rich-c: let me get started on a game of free cell - about my limit in computer games
scott: Linux is a very powerful development environment, as I am finding out
scott: You like Mahjongg?
scott: Linux has an excellent version.
scott: A decent version of Freecell too.
scott: But a little buggy
rich-c: if you mean the original Chinese gambling game, it's more complex than I feel like dealing with
scott: SUSE 8.1 comes with a TON of games
scott: probably 30-40.
rich-c: if you mean Taipei in the Windows game package or similar stuff, I do sometimes play it
rich-c: I also have a little mini-golf program done in Flash but it isnt challenging enough
rich-c: but I have to be awfully desperate to go to anything but free cell
scott: I would like to learn how to create GUI applications in Linux
scott: Apparently there's some portability over Windows
scott: Real interesting stuff
rich-c: aren't any of the courses you have been taking any use in that?
scott: I've noticed more and more Linux programs avail in Win32
scott: Graphics/GUI programming? Unfortunately, no...
scott: Visual Basic is the only in which I did any GUI programming...
scott: For that I like Visual Basic...
rich-c: are you saying obliquely that Linux ports well to Win9x but not beyond?
scott: But I will keep pushing forward with my education.
scott: Don't know.
rich-c: would be interesting if that were the case - might keep Win98 popular a long time
scott: I installed a Win32 C++ dev enviroment on Win 2000 Server
scott: It was quite nice -- very similar to Microsoft C++, but free...
rich-c: yes, I like programs that come at the right price...
scott: At sourceforge where all of the GNU action is going on, I've noticed a lot of Win32/Linux versions
scott: Yeah, at a very nice price!
scott: Oh yeah, I tried out Mozilla Composer for Linux
rich-c: I have heard of sourceforge but havent been there
scott: I was pleasantly surprised. It's like Dreamweaver.
rich-c: in fact considering how often it's referred to, I can't imagine how they can afford the bandwidth
scott: Very full featured -- not quite at much as Dreamweaver, but all the basics are there.
scott: And I didn't notice any bugs when I played around with it.
rich-c: I have never heard of Mozilla outside of browser development - this is something new
scott: If you like putting together webpages, this tool isn't bad.
scott: More or less it's Netscape Composer, on steroids
rich-c: ah, right, if it's for web pages that makes eminent sense
scott: Netscape Composer was an old buggy piece of crap that came free with Netscape Navigator
scott: The Mozilla composer is nice
scott: Totally different
scott: It's a serious design tool.
rich-c: I gave up on Netscape when they demanded cookies to use their website
scott: I even tried it with some large HTML pages -- no problems!
scott: Those bastards!
scott: Yeah, I'm not too excited about Netscape myself
rich-c: Yes, read their privacy statement and it would stand your hair on end
scott: But it's a decent browser under Linux
rich-c: I suspect that's whre practically all of my spam comes from even now, years later
scott: Oh yes, that link you gave me was very good.
scott: Scary what Microsoft is up to.
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rich-c: oops - which one was that? I tend to give out a number
scott: And I can't believe this time they will get their way with the average consumer
changed username to daniel b
daniel b: hello
scott: Breaking backwards compatibility won't work
daniel b: i can't stay
rich-c: hey, here's Daniel - Bienvenue!
scott: Hello
daniel b: i was at the phillyclassic this weekend
scott: My wife and I are working on the cartridges for you, Dan
rich-c: the whom which?
scott: Mike has ordered the boxes.
scott: How was it?
daniel b: I miss the GDG kiosk?
daniel b: I didn't find GDG at the PhillyClassic
scott: GDG wasn't there, or so I heard
daniel b: I wanted to meet you in person
daniel b: or Mike
scott: However...
scott: Mike and I will be at the Las Vegas show.
daniel b: I meet all the DigitalPress team
rich-c: long way from Colorado to Philly, Daniel
scott: There are also a number of other shows as well.
daniel b: I can't be at Las Vegas
scott: Your carts should be finished in the next couple weeks.
scott: I am still waiting for Mike to send me more cartridge casings.
scott: Right now I have about 32.
scott: He is working on getting me more.
daniel b: If you have a digital camera, send me a picture of the RESULT (cartridges+box?)
scott: The ROMs will be burned over the weekend.
scott: Sure, but I am not involved with the boxes.
scott: Mike also is sending me labels
scott: The guy doing the boxes is also doing the labels.
daniel b: I wanted to release "double breakout" at the phillyclassic.. and also to sell some Coleco Bejeweled carts but the border lines refuse to let me pass with my stuff
scott: When these will be ready???
scott: Bejeweled?
scott: Is this a game that you developed?
scott: Or carts you decorated?
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changed username to Daniel B.
scott: What do you mean?
Daniel B.: Yeah! Coleco Bejeweled!
Daniel B.:
Daniel B.: They said I can't sell thing in USA because it's like working and I don't have the "green card".
scott: Cool.
rich-c: ca veut dire avec bijoux?
scott: What?! They told you that???
scott: That's ridiculous!!!
Daniel B.: Yeah!
scott: That's hard to believe.
rich-c: Scott, you havent a clue how vicious the US border guards are these days
Daniel B.: Now, If I go at any meeting in USA, I have to say "yeah! I already be refused in trhe past"
scott: Dan, didn't you develop a game for Digital Press?
Daniel B.: yeah i developed "Ms Space Fury"
Daniel B.: this game is in the top 10 best games for the coelcovision
scott: How did that cart release go?
rich-c: did they refuse you entry or just refuse to let you bring the games in?
Daniel B.: I have to go now
Daniel B.: bye
scott: Ok, bye
scott: See ya next week
rich-c: bye Daniel
Daniel B.: the game i developed for digitalpress was released by digitalpress team.
Daniel B.: bye
Daniel B. left chat session
scott: Well, Rich, I better get going to -- Homework, wife, cartridge manufacturing -- All in a day's work!!!
scott: See ya.
scott left chat session
rich-c: I do hope Daniel wasn't formally refused entry - otherwise he'll never get in again
rich-c: OK Scott, even think of the disc drive some time ;-]
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob, where-all you been?
BobS: WHAT !!!!!!!!!
BobS: where is anybosdy else??????
rich-c: scott and daniel got bored and left
BobS: was out to the lakeshore and online to owner doing an email.......
rich-c: no idea where George or Ron or Guy or Dr. D. might be
BobS: shocked ot see nobody here
rich-c: ditto and likewise
BobS: Scotta dn Danile didn't have enough to talk about?????
BobS: that's strange
BobS: so anyhow, how's you and Frances doing?????
rich-c: Scott seems limited in his time always, and Daniel for some reason could only stay briefly
BobS: bummer
BobS: got to be one of the quieter chats in months
rich-c: Frances' mother was 100 today so Frances and Pamela went over to see her
BobS: had a party did they????
rich-c: I believe she knew they wre there but not who they wre or why
BobS: or watched grandma sleep
rich-c: pretty much the latter, though she responds sometimes
BobS: hard to see them get that way
rich-c: as I've remarked, there's ripe old age, and over-ripe old age
BobS: exactly
BobS: and the over riope old age is not a good thing
rich-c: can you imagine? she was born before teh Wright brothers flew
BobS: got air reservations to convention thsi summer and also a car lined up
rich-c: oh, how did you finally decide to go?
BobS: flying into Seattle on Sat Aug 2 and flying out Wed 12:01AM (redeye) back to Grand Rapids
rich-c: not crossing the border by air, then - saving on teh flight but the car will be pricey
BobS: Northwest airlines for $295.00 out of GR thru Chicago
BobS: round trip
rich-c: guess you shouldn't be about to throw that back!
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BobS: got a Cadillac or Lincoln towncar for $239/week USD
BobS: so we grabbed both
changed username to Judy
rich-c: why the big machine?
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: hi Rich
BobS: room for luggage for 4 of us and US
rich-c: sure, but a little minivan would do that and a lot cheaper, surely
BobS: had a Lumina (Chevy.......full last time and it was TIGHT
BobS: this cara was cheaper that the full size cars.........and it is considered a premium or luxery car
rich-c: yes, that is one reason minivans are so popular these days
rich-c: oh, is it the Catera or CTS or something?
BobS: priced mini's before and the rates were extremely high
BobS: nope, DeVille
BobS: big as the Marquis
BobS: I really wanted a Marquis, but they had DeVille instead
rich-c: should have taken teh Town Car - it's the same chassis as the Marquis - just like home :-)
BobS: it will one or the other
rich-c: who are you dealing with? Discount? Tilden?
BobS: Enterprise
rich-c: don't know them though I've seen their ads - are they new?
BobS: just says DeVille, towncar or similar
BobS: should be, most of the major ones are
BobS: Pontia Bonneville was higher by about 30 bucks a week
rich-c: I meant is the company new
BobS: no, very old none
BobS: onre
BobS: one
BobS: about 3rd behind Hertz and Avis
rich-c: really? they don't operate here - here, Discount has similar graphics and logo for what that is worth
BobS: might just be the same
BobS: lots of things or companies are the same jsut "different"
rich-c: the possibility occurs to me...
BobS: and they are usually not the bottom line for price
BobS: BUT when you get to the northwest, anything is possible
rich-c: locally, Discount is one of teh lower price outfits
rich-c: though of course us old folks get AARP rates from the Big Two
BobS: for AC11, we found a local rental agency thru Yahoo travel and got a heck of a deal, the day AFTER we booked they went up $60 on the same car
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BobS: BUt the AARP rates are not alwasy the best deal
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: no, but if you cant find a special they are a good fallback
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Got a new car last weekend.
rich-c: is this cause for celebration or mourning?
Guy B.: Why do you ask that?
BobS: how? what? color?
BobS: well some get "attached" to their cars ya know
Guy B.: 2003 Chevy Cavalier. Color is blue.
rich-c: I do not like buying new cars
BobS: the whole nine yards, yes????
rich-c: good car - made in Oshawa, Ontario, just down the road from me
Guy B.: It's the 4 door LS model.
BobS: that ZERO financing got to you huh?????
Guy B.: Actually the $3000 rebates did.
BobS: still get the financing?????
rich-c: right - financing is too expensive a way tro buy a car
Guy B.: I got it financed.
Guy B.: I'm selling my old car and someone where I work is coming out to look at it this Saturday.
rich-c: what was the matter with the old car?
BobS: Richard, Ricahrd...............old......OLD
Guy B.: Falling apart on the inside. The engine is in great shape. Turned 88000 miles last weekend.
rich-c: 88,000 miles? that isn't even broken in yet
BobS: a mere babe in the freeways
Guy B.: Rich, it's way over broken in.
BobS: BUT with a LOT of good miles left
rich-c: I figure it takes the first 100,000 miles just to get a car running right
Guy B.: Besides, the car is 10 years old. I've had two cars for 10 years.
BobS: then it starting to run a little rough unless it gets some help
rich-c: only ten years? verily, virtually a virgin
Guy B.: Well, I'm it's second owner. The previous was my sister.
BobS: and i suspect she wrecked the inside.......
BobS: women NEVER take care of such things as cars
(BobS groans loudly)
rich-c: watch it Bob, Judy is listening...
Judy: just the cleanning
BobS: naw she is on instant messaging with a girlfriend
rich-c: I expect to hear a loud "bong" as she hits you upside the head with a frying pan
BobS: BTW, how's your dating game going Guy??????
Guy B.: Well, I had the trunk lock replaced twice. The exhause replaced twice, the brakes twice in the four years that I had the Buick Century.
Guy B.: Aimee and I haven't seen each other in over a month.
rich-c: so you spend $150 for brakes, that's worse than 25 large for a new car?
Guy B.: But, we have been keeping in touch thru e-mail.
BobS: tha's good
rich-c: hey, the new one is going to need brakes and exhausts and stuff just as frequently
BobS: take it slow my man
rich-c: but I am going to have to go looking for soft trim for my Mercury
Judy: yes I am he didn't think so though
Guy B.: I paid $200 for the brakes, $100 for the trunk locks, the exhaust I had to pay for, but the muffler was covered. Now, as a car gets older. You do expect it will be more expensive to repair it, right?
BobS: thought you were going to get rid of the Merc
rich-c: of course, Guy, many parts of any car are expendable and as time goes by they get expended
Guy B.: But, sooner or later. Parts are going to be hard to find if you keep the car longer.
rich-c: no plans in that direction, Bob, though it will become even more secondary
rich-c: well, yes, now that mine is 30 years old I do have to look sometimes
rich-c: but that is what the internet is for
Guy B.: There you go.
BobS: what you have now????? the merc, the van, and others????
Guy B.: Besides, with the new one. The maintenance is better.
rich-c: 73 Mercury, 175,000 miles and 95 Safari, about 66,000 miles (110,000 km)
Guy B.: Jeanene's 1997 Cavalier has 71000 and soon it will be 75000 by May. My mother in-law is coming up here in May.
BobS: well the Safari has a new motor
rich-c: quite right, Guy, but the cheapest way to run a car is run it till it wont go any more
rich-c: yes, but it didnt need a new motor for mechanical reasons, it needed a bigger motor for powr reasons
Guy B.: Not everyone does that Rich.
rich-c: essentially I had to correct a grievous GM marketing error
rich-c: to be truthful Bob, hardly anyone does it - but then I have other eccentricities too
BobS: does what?????? run acar til it dies????
rich-c: yes, I assume that's what you meant
rich-c: a well maintained car will last for far longer than most owners realize
rich-c: though to be honest with the new gnerations of electronics I can't predict things that closely any more
BobS: with repairs, yes....but in today's society we get "sick" of a lot of things cars included and want somethign different
rich-c: I know - for example, I never suggested I could justify my new computer
BobS: true, the electronics on cars today are not as fecure to longevity as the mechanical parts on most
BobS: secure
BobS: what goes wrong most often?????? somethign electronic
rich-c: much more to the point, how long with they be in stock, or alternatives available?
BobS: true
rich-c: my guessing is that my van's black box will be renewable for many years yet
BobS: today?????? they obsolete thigns so quick.............
rich-c: but that is because by standards of the last few years it is very crude and primitive
rich-c: yes - the irony is that there's a good chance my Meteor will still be repairable when Guy's Cavalier is out of key parts
BobS: of well Guy will trade it off before that happens
rich-c: as long as the market hasnt wised up to the lifetime parts limitatioin
rich-c: a five year old car is not a good buy if a critical part will be not replaceable in three years
Guy B.: And the Cavalier is still a very popular car.
rich-c: also, I believe that the 2003 is a new model this year, which helps
rich-c: if the discontinuation of spare parts is five years after the platform is dropped, he's got lots of years in that one
BobS: wonder if Ron signed the hotel deal yet.
BobS: was hoping he woudl vome on tonight
BobS: come
rich-c: yes, I'm vaguely surprised he hasnt turned up, but then this is a very thin night for attendance
BobS: oh well lets call it a night then......I have to check on some auction stuff I am bidding on and selling
rich-c: at the moment I"m having planning problems
BobS: planing on convention????
rich-c: the visit with the specialist for my hip operation has had to be postponed
Guy B.: I'
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: the hospital is closed to casual visitors (as it wre) because of the SARS problem
Guy B.: I'm wondering how many of us are coming?
BobS: depends on Rich and Frances and IF Pam can haul russell out there
rich-c: to the convention? Frances and I, anyway; either by air or road
BobS: he would LOVE it I think on the island scenery
rich-c: I would hope so. but yes, Pam and Russell are a question mark
Guy B.: I'll probably will decide once I know Ron has a hotel lined up.
BobS: Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Butterfly World, Crystal gardens..........the island ferry ride
rich-c: I believe he has one in Courtney - his website may list it
BobS: got it lined up just has to ink the deal Guy
BobS: thought the Travelodge was right in comox
rich-c: well, Victoria's way down at the other end of the island
Guy B.: I haven't had a chance to price alternate fares. Guess you all heard that Air Canada filed for bankruptcy.
rich-c: in fact you'd do better taking the ferry from North Vancouver to Nanaimo
BobS: naw only 2 hours away and you can drive that and cross down there
BobS: BUT they won't fold that soon guy
BobS: just reorganize
rich-c: yes, but figure on the government to bail it out, Guy
rich-c: after all, most US airlines are either in Chapter 11 or on the point of filing
Guy B.: According to today's paper. The airline will keep flying and they will honor all reservations made.
BobS: US Air is coming out of bankruptcy.........United is in or going into and someone else is also
Guy B.: American averted it Monday.
rich-c: if all teh airlines in chapter 11 had to quit flying, we'd be down to barnstormers flying DC-#s
rich-c: 3s
BobS: right
rich-c: yeah, but this is Wednesday, so how many hours does American have left?
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changed username to Ron the tardy
BobS: ya mon
BobS: you IS
rich-c: yes, you sure are, Ron!
Ron the tardy: hey!
Guy B.: Well, there he is.
BobS: guy wsnts to know and us too.......did you tie up the hotel deal yet??????
rich-c: we'd just about decided to give up and go home
Ron the tardy: just thought I'd drop by to wish you all well
Guy B.: We were just talking about you
Ron the tardy: not yet..... why?
Guy B.: What's the latest on the convention?
BobS: gotta get i done
BobS: Guy is worried
Ron the tardy: how so?
Ron the tardy: We have the rooms reserved, just a case of signing the paper
BobS: worried mum might not keep a room for him
Guy B.: Depends if you have everything all set.
Ron the tardy: were you thinking of moving it?
Ron the tardy: wondered about the world situation and all
BobS: nope, just making secure plasn
BobS: got a flight, got a 'car'
rich-c: somehow I don't think Guy is going to volunteer to organize in Chicago
Guy B.: Air travel is already shaky as it is.
Ron the tardy: I know
rich-c: so with a new car, drive - it's a FANTASTIC trip
Ron the tardy: Well, ok - yes, you can consider it a done deal.....thought you were about to ask me to turn it off
Guy B.: That would mean a longer vacation for me and I don't know how my supervisor would be with that.
rich-c: push it, Guy, see how much they appreciate you
Guy B.: They have after 23 years.
Ron the tardy: Dave and Midge Cobley are coming
Guy B.: But, the time I'm going would be a heavy work period.
Guy B.: But, it has been no problem so far.
rich-c: then they should be able to stand conceding you an extra week if needed
rich-c: hey, that's what temporary help agencies are for
rich-c: if you're that indispensible, maybe you should be demanding a raise
Guy B.: Well, let me see about an alternate flight plans. Rich, you suggested using Calgary then to Comox, right?
Ron the tardy: I can understand your position Guy. Almost had the same thing in Ottawa one year
Guy B.: I'm up for review in May.
rich-c: yes, that was a great deal Bob got to Seattle, but the drive up is costly
Ron the tardy: well ..... except for some of us you know, work requiriments are a priority
rich-c: check Westair Calgary-Comox first, then see what you can get Chicago-Calgary
Guy B.: Was it Westjet?
Ron the tardy: don't forget to look at the website eh guys....if anything changes, I put it there first
BobS: VE goingt to haf a GRATE time!!!!!
rich-c: I gather for what it's worth Westair is still disgustingly healthy financially
Ron the tardy: yup
rich-c: sorry, yes, Guy, think you're right - Ron?
Guy B.: That's what I have here on my notes from last time.
Ron the tardy: yup
rich-c: figure Westjet then, us old folks have our senior moments
rich-c: I suspect the ferry fare for the truck and trailer will be more than the Westjet fare
BobS: flyin in to SEA on Sat 8/2 then onward and upward to convention ......somtime.....then downward to leave by Teus midnight
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try their website and see what I get. Well, I have to get going. Won't be here this Saturday, I have someone coming out here to look at my old car. I'll see you all next week.
Ron the tardy: it's charged by the foot Rich.....go take a look at all the detail is there
rich-c: OK Guy see you next Wednesday then
Guy B. left chat session
Ron the tardy: night Guy. Sure hope you can make it
rich-c: OK, the combo is likely 36 or 37 feet - 12 meters or hasnt BC caught up with that yet?
Ron the tardy: metric rules..... although I'm not sure, they might give both on their website
rich-c: I shall have to check it, though I'm not sure I want to knw
rich-c: maybe I should figure on leaving the trailer on the mainland
BobS: leave the trailer at jeff's house........
rich-c: yeah, now there's an idea
Ron the tardy: wouldn't work too well Bob
Ron the tardy: Jeff parks his car on the street...... space in his vicinity is at a premium
BobS: oh a thought though
Ron the tardy: but there are places available at the ferry dock for that.......and I could always pick you up in Nanaimo
rich-c: oh you wouldnt have to pick us up, we'd just come in the truck alone
rich-c: need something to carry all our luggage
Ron the tardy: A bus costs 2.95 per foot
Ron the tardy: (wonder if you could only take half)
Ron the tardy: up to 20 feet and under 7 feet in height is 56.50
Ron the tardy: that's for the vehicle....passengers about 5.......all depends on what day you travel
rich-c: not sure how high our trailer is with the air conditioner on top
Ron the tardy: They have it all laid out there
rich-c: well, it's a long time till August, I don't even know if we'll be able to drive or have to fly
Ron the tardy: depends on how the bod is holding up
Ron the tardy: Mine ain't too swell right now.....been moving furniture all day
Ron the tardy: had the carpet in the back 2 bedrooms replaced
rich-c: exactly - was supposed to go to teh ortho clinic for assessment Friday but with the SARS emergency it's closed
BobS: OH, I feel for ya
Ron the tardy: I am STIFF
Ron the tardy: and tomorrow I will be STIFFER
rich-c: I know the feeling well
Ron the tardy: Sure looks nice though
Ron the tardy: Now we have to replace everything else
rich-c: but it's a much nicer background for your computer collection
BobS: get the old carpet back
BobS: the SnakePit is rising????????
Ron the tardy: no computers allowed on the main floor...them's basement crtters
Ron the tardy: occasionally I get away with my laptop
rich-c: oh, chez nous there is a bit of an overflow
Ron the tardy: aha
Judy: nite, all talk to you next week
Ron the tardy: Actually I could probably put down carpet in the snakepit now that we have the flooding problem cured
rich-c: nite, Judy, take care, sleep tight
BobS: ok nite for me also guys.......
Ron the tardy: for a while there it would have been a waste
Ron the tardy: nite well
Judy left chat session
rich-c: nite then Bob, see you Sat or Wed
BobS: call that hotel guy and sign before hwe changes his mind!!!!!
Ron the tardy: Don't mean to keep you guys..... I know it's getting late back there
rich-c: don't sweat it, Bob, if he changes his mind it will be to be more generous
BobS: not keepin us, just talkin at ay
BobS: ya
BobS: see ya
BobS left chat session
Ron the tardy: ok sir, yes I will do that tomorrow
rich-c: nite now
rich-c: Ron, as first on guess I'll pack it in too
rich-c: drop by Saturday if the mood strikes
Ron the tardy: nite guys
Ron the tardy: will try to do that yea....
rich-c: niters, then
Ron the tardy: nite
rich-c left chat session
Ron the tardy left chat session
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