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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: see you're quite prompt - feeling a bit better?
George: a little better
rich-c: still on the analgesic shots?
George: it's sunny and 65F here
rich-c: see you on the sunny, but we're only up to 50
rich-c: they are promising better a little further on in the week
George: i'm still on pain meds
rich-c: but almost all of our snow is gone, except in teh shaded areas
rich-c: oral or injected?
George: pills
rich-c: oh well, for that matter, so am I - three arthrotec a day
rich-c: thats a combination of an NSAID and anti-ulcer drug
George: i have a laptop with no floppy drive
rich-c: what brand is it, Apple?
George: toshiba satelight pro
George: 490xcdt
rich-c: what has it in processor, memory, screen size?
rich-c: I gather that it has a cd drive and modem
George: PII 266 64mb ram 12"TFT
George: 20x cd drive
rich-c: a little fasster and one stage up from my P166 then
rich-c: it should have had a floppy drive though as OEM
George: had a hardtime getting an operating system on
rich-c: yes, without a floppy drive to handle teh boot that would have been tricky
George: it has a connector for a floppy drive
rich-c: although if it will automatically boot from cd you are OK
rich-c: you should be able to get into the BIOS just by turning it on
George: only windows system that boots from floppy is windows xp (retail that is)
rich-c: and if you can do that you can tell it to boot from floppy if that's provided for
rich-c: I can boot Windows 3.1, 95, or 98SE from floppies
rich-c: that's what an emergency boot disc is all about
George: with no floppy drive that is hard to do
rich-c: obviously - is there no bay where one can be installed, just a connector for an external?
George: a computer surplus outlet special
rich-c: and I hope very, very cheap, with no OS or floppy or emergency disc or documentation
George: yes just a connector no drive supplied
rich-c: and being of nasty suspicious mind, bet teh battery is no hell either
George: no drivers
George: all for $360.00
George: USS
rich-c: you should have told tehm to be honest and use a gun and mask
rich-c: one like that would sell for less here in Canadian dollars
George: it's in dispute with visa
rich-c: anyway, have you managed to get an OS installed yet?
George: strangely yes
rich-c: I dont find that strange - which one?
George: win98se
rich-c: good choice, I use it myself ;-0
George: at least toshiba had some downloads
rich-c: that will have at leasst basic driverss for keyboard, mouse, modem
rich-c: what did you have to get from Toshiba?
George: some basic drivers
rich-c: for what?
George: to get the mode to work
rich-c: the whom which?
George: and sound
rich-c: right, it would have built-in sound, right?
George: sorry i meant modem
rich-c: that's odd, I thought 98SE had the necessary modem driver
George: it has a infered device i don't know what it does
George: odd modem
rich-c: the infrared lets you use an IR keyboard or mpouse if you want to - nice for folks with too much money and a distaste for cables
George: usb ports
rich-c: I think you can also use it to sync with palm computers that have IR ports
rich-c: yes, only 1.0 but they'll handle the job quite nicely
George: 4 gb hdd
rich-c: actually with the USB or parallel ports functional you can transfer programs and data to and from teh computer using DCC
rich-c: pretty dinky but for a third-string computer more than adequate
rich-c: it isn't your desktop or even backup desktop, after all, so you dont need much computer
George: don't know about the battery there is no warranty on it
rich-c: no, even new the battery warranty stinks - if they even guarantee it's working when you take delivery you're ahead
rich-c: beyond that it is just blind luck, and replacments cost more than teh computer, near enough
George: bright ss
rich-c: ?
George: bright screen
George: farn dingers
rich-c: that's encouraging; expect eventually to find a few dead pixels, those are unavoidable even new
rich-c: by the way, I gather Radio Shack are now offering battery rebuilding for about half the price of new
George: oh
rich-c: you may want to see in your area
rich-c: what do you plan to use it for?
George: trips
rich-c: like, to where, for how long?
George: and waiting in doctor offices
rich-c: just hope you know how very slow it is running on the battery
rich-c: and you do know, don't you, that it will need full recharge after about three hours
George: now i need to know about wireless internet
rich-c: not sure if you can get a WiFi or 802.11 PCMCIA card that will work with that computer
rich-c: also don't know if they'll be supported in Win98SE, but you have too little memory for anything newer
George: yes first thing i want to see if i can get it to 256mb
rich-c: don't know about teh Toshiba; apparently my Dell won't take anything over 96 MB - quite shocked me
rich-c: and you'll get a hell of a shick when you price notebook memory too, trust me!
George: this one says 256mb max
rich-c: you will likely have to discard the 64 in favour of two 128 sticks
George: it's old 66mhz
rich-c: well, that depends on the bus speed of the laptop - back in PII days that may have been the top
rich-c: after all, a 266 implies a bus speed of 66 as it's a 4x multiple
George: seems to do internet good
rich-c: my old 386 running Win 3.1 did the internet fine - it isnt a big challenge
George: downloads are a challenge
rich-c: they depend on your modem speed and I don't think a 56K modem can outrun even a 386/16
George: heavy graphics are killers
rich-c: yes, because they are absolutely huge file sizes
rich-c: takes teh same time to downlod one 10 mb file as ten 1 mb files
George: no train sim
rich-c: well you'd be buying that on a cd anyway, surely?
rich-c: or are you talking about add-ons to the original program?
George: DX 9a a no no
rich-c: who dat?
George: direct X 9a
rich-c: don't know what version of Direct-X I have
George: maybe 7 or 8
rich-c: doubt I will do anything about it till I hit something that needs it
George: it's on windows update
rich-c: in that case I gues I have it - I am totally updated
George: quite a change from that 286 i worked on for a friend
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George: it was a bondwell from Canada
rich-c: sorry about that, George - I got knocked off (my own goof)
rich-c: want to go back - everything since my last reply?
George: i was just saying it is quite a change from the 286 i worked on for a friend it was a Bondwell From Canada
rich-c: when I moved from teh Adam it was to a 386/33
rich-c: didn't intend to; bought a monitor for Frances at an auction and found the computer came with it
George: the 286 would only take dos 3.3
rich-c: the auctioneer told me about teh computer, you bought it, you take it away
rich-c: then Frances didnt like the monitor -so I hooked it up to the computer and the rest is history
rich-c: the 286 had a 16-bit bus, wonder why it couldn't handle Windows to 3.1 (DOS 5 or 6)
George: no memory
rich-c: right - limited to 640K, right?
George: yes 640
rich-c: suppose they could have made a revised BIOS and chipset for it but by that time the 386 was so close it wasnt worth it
George: still my xt i found in the trash will boot dos 6.20
rich-c: I suspect all that proves is that DOS is backwards compatible and the XT just ignores what it doesnt understand
George: it has a 30 gb hdd
rich-c: that's 30 mb, George and even that is pushing it
George: sorry 30 mb hdd
rich-c: most XTs that had hard drives at all had 10 mb maximum
George: big one 5.25"
rich-c: yes, you forget that even today there are 5.25" "Bigfoot" hard discs - some folks like them
George: and space for second one
rich-c: more likely you were expected to put a second disc drive there
George: has two floppy drives too
George: belt drives with timing gears
rich-c: both 5.25", are they 360s or 1.2?
George: 360
rich-c: save them, they can be used with the Adam emulator
George: i think it's a beltron
rich-c: boy, that's a brand name long lost in the mists of history
George: one of the firsts
rich-c: in fact, I can't even recall having encountered it - but then that was before my DOS days
George: old computer museum
rich-c: yes, have a great one in my basement
rich-c: and yes, I have a real full-houe XT down there
rich-c: never fired it up but I'm told it works
George: old herc mono monitor green display
rich-c: think I have something like that too, though more likely amber
George: it start up in 1980
rich-c: it's been a while, hasn't it?
George: yes
rich-c: actually even the Adam dates to about 1983
George: yeah
George: got mine in 86 from kiddy city both gone now
rich-c: the reason there are so many in Canada is because Coleco dumped them here through Canadian Tire
rich-c: they wre selling them off at $299 - soon as I told my brother he wanted one too
George: oh
rich-c: cost me $40 to send it air freight to Yellowknife
George: can't remember what i spent
rich-c: I had been tempted when there was an earlier selloff at $500 through a computer chain but I didn't get there in time
George: everyone said i was foolish for buying it
rich-c: what happened to me is that we had gone up to the Canadian Tire store to get a plumbing repair piece
rich-c: but when we walked in there were these mountains of Adams on skids all over
rich-c: man,were they moving - every third person at the chekout was carrying one
George: LOL
rich-c: I looked at Frances, she looked at me, we both looked at the pile, and bingo, another Adam joined the line
George: two in every arm
rich-c: by the way I am not kidding about the every third person - it was incredible
rich-c: especially as I'm not even sure they wre advertised and it was a Saturday afternoon crowd in the store
rich-c: everyone knew a bargain when they saw one, and he who hesitated lost out
rich-c: anyway it was a good deal IF you could find support - and I stumbled over MTAG
George: i fought a lady for mine she had it on lay away and couldn't make the payments
George: i had cash on the spot
rich-c: that's the rules of teh game - pay up or give up
rich-c: anyway, seems as if you are getting a little tired
George: market was already dry
rich-c: yes, there was no way to know that if you kept looking they could still be found ten years later
George: up all night kickstarting this computer
rich-c: you're responding like someone who needs his shuteye - now I know why
rich-c: I assume you got it to install off the cd
George: after a number of weird trys
rich-c: yes, using a cd when there is no driver installed is sort of difficult
George: tell me about it
rich-c: next time you'll know to refuse it unless it has a working floppy
George: true but then again they said it had a floppy drive
rich-c: well if they lied to you then you have a claim and can force them to make good
rich-c: Pennsylvania I gather has one of the better consumer protection laws around
George: that's why it's in dispute with visa
rich-c: if you could find an ad offering it with a floppy drive you'd be in like a dirty shirt
rich-c: the problem with that is Visa can say ok, take it back, we'll credit your money
rich-c: good but then you are without the computer
George: i should have printed it out
rich-c: where did you see the thing advertised?
George: they sent aan email
rich-c: then go to the website and print out the page if it's still there
George: they were sold out as soon as they put it up
rich-c: ok, if you still have the email, and it details the offer, print that out
rich-c: pity, that makes life more difficult
rich-c: besides, floppies are rarely mentioned as everyone assumes they are built in anyway
George: no, the email just said 39 notebooks
rich-c: does the computer have a bay where a floppy is normally installed?
George: it has a swap bay with cd
rich-c: and at the moment the cd is thee and the floppy is - who knows?
rich-c: there
George: true
George: i dread my next statement frrom visa
rich-c: just looking for laptop prices here but the used dealers arent in Toronto Computes currrent issue
rich-c: and I'm not sure which page of the newspaper has teh ComputerFest ads - it's on this weekend
rich-c: I have a very simple rule - if you cant pay cash for it you cant afford it
George: true
rich-c: only thing I have ever financied is the house - and that was paid off in less than six years
rich-c: means you do without an awful lot a lot longer than most folks
rich-c: but when you get old and grey, no debts means your pension goes a lot further
rich-c: anyway, do think we're sort of getting on in the afternoon
George: and when you buy something you really own it
rich-c: yes, just me, the company or bank doesn't have a piece of it
George: ok
George: seems like time to go
rich-c: the real key is don't pay interest - on a credit card, that's like an almost 20% discount on every purchase
George: yeah 19.9%
rich-c: that is why I have always paid off my credit card billings in full when billed
rich-c: but you're right, time to pack it in
George: down from 24.9%
rich-c: planning to be by wednesday as usual?
George: yes
rich-c: ok, see you then
rich-c: bye now
George: bye for now
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