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rich-c: good morning
rich-c: you are with us early today
rich-c: well, you were here...
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changed username to james
james: hi
rich-c: 'bout time! ;-]
james: i'Ve been here for over 10 minutes
rich-c: by the way, you're twins
rich-c: you did leave last time
rich-c: didnt - sorry
james: i waited around and no one seemed to come on so i logged in again. hence the twin i guess
rich-c: actualkly I was on at teh tick of 9 our time
james: odd, i logged in around 8.55 your time. i wonder why the chat didn't show you come on.. so how are things?
rich-c: I've been playing free cell over the screen since
james: lol
rich-c: oh, we're having typical weather - 27 yesterday. 1 today, -4 tonight
james: well it's been gorgeous here for the last couple days. i won't be around long at all today. i'm just taking a break from yard work
james: 20+ and sunny
james: not a cloud in the sky
rich-c: we havent had enough good weather for yard work yet
rich-c: the lasst snow and ice melted from the shaded spots yesterday
james: i was weeding here in march before we left for canada
rich-c: we have a fine crowd of crocuses just up now
rich-c: just from curiousity, did you see any news coverage of teh IRL race at Twin Ring Motegi last weekend?
james: no, but i also haven't watched t.v. since i got back.
rich-c: I gather you don't read teh sports pages of the newspapers much either
james: lol. not much, no. i check the hockey online every once in awhile but that's about it
rich-c: right, got to see how teh Senators are doing
rich-c: at leasst they aren't playing the Leafs first round this year
james: how are the leafs doing?
rich-c: leading Philadelphia 2-1 in teh first round of the playoffs
james: it'd be nice to see a canadian team win, even toronto
rich-c: I believe you know Howard Ballard cured me of any interest in the Leafs
rich-c: well, I think all of teh Canadian teams are in the first round, anyway
rich-c: I think the Senators are playing New Jersey but don't know how they are doing
james: we're a small crowd today. wonder where everyone is..
james: i hope they're playing more sharply than when i saw them play washington when we were in town
rich-c: dont know, George said last weekend he'd be on, Pam said earlier today she'd be here
rich-c: Ron and Guy tend to show up nearer 10 than 9 anyway
james: i'll be here for about another 10 minutes or so
james: it's just too damn nice out to be inside doing this
rich-c: have no idea what is with the Slopsemas
james: my twin is gone
rich-c: since I'm sitting inside away from teh cold and dark, I am quite happy where I am
rich-c: yes, after a while they do seem to go away on their own, I don't know how or why
james: one of life's mysteries
rich-c: these days I am having great fun on the Autoweek bulletin board
rich-c: there is a section for general (political) discussions
james: that must get rather heated at times
rich-c: yes, there are those think Bush walks on water, and those who smeel brimstone even from upwind
james: the truth is likely somewhere between the two. anyone who thinks he's calling all the shots is sadly mistaken anyway
rich-c: the general opposition theory is that Bush is simply a puppet, it's the PNAC mob running the show
rich-c: there are the hopeless True Believers, but generally the level of argument is remarkably high
rich-c: especially for what is essentially a bunch of gearheads
james: lol
james: i don't really know where i stand on the issue except that anything that interferes with my travel plans is damn annoying
rich-c: what do you think Dubya is going to do about North Korea?
james: north korea is a tough call
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rich-c: yes, they can be taken down, but teh price could end up being pretty high
james: i'm not a big fan of kim jong il and his cronies
james: and i don't much feel like having nuclear war heads seated on dae pong missiles launched in my back yard
changed username to Guy B. on NB
rich-c: I think your description of them as a cult has much merit
rich-c: hello Guy
rich-c: what's an NB?
Guy B. on NB: I'm on the notebook while I'm watching the Bachelor.
james: ok gentlemen, the lad is asleep and it's gorgeous out so it's time to get off my butt and do some more yard work
rich-c: ah, right, OK - so you have it working
Guy B. on NB: Well, James we'll see you then
rich-c: right james, goodnight for now and thanks for dropping by
james: i may take another break in a couple of hours if people are still here, i'll check on
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james: but for now, *poof*
rich-c: we usually pack it in about 11 eastern
changed username to BobS
james: will keep in mind
rich-c: hello Bob, you're late
Guy B. on NB: Well, Bob is here.
james left chat session
BobS: hiya'll
rich-c: you missed james, he just left
BobS: scared ol james right on off, eh???????
BobS: I saee
Guy B. on NB: My Athlon now has 384mb of memory. Windows is loading faster.
BobS: but i just got online!!!!!
BobS: holy stuff!!!!! that is a lot
BobS: should boot REAL quick
rich-c: what did you have previously?
Guy B. on NB: 128mb
rich-c: OK, I can see where that might improve things
Guy B. on NB: I have a 256 and the original 128 in there.
rich-c: I have 256 MB and suspect any more would not really be worth the effort
rich-c: let's say even though I have a lot of TSRs I see nothing to suggest memory overload
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Guy B. on NB: Corel released Wordperfect Office 11 this week. Ready for this, it has the classic Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B. on NB: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi there
rich-c: hello daughter
BobS: hallo Pamela
BobS: WHAS SUP?????
Pamela: I'm falling asleep
Pamela: that's whazzup
rich-c: we have a book on "Using Wordperfect" - I suspect it covers version 3.1
Guy B. on NB: Isn't everyone
Pamela: arent' you watching the Bachelor, Guy?
BobS: sorry
Guy B. on NB: I have two books on Wordperfect 5.1 and I do have the DOS version on another hard drive.
BobS: kinda out of the times on the lingo
Pamela: and here I thought that was the Canadian spelling
Guy B. on NB: I'm am right now. I'm using the notebook.
Pamela: ahhh
Guy B. on NB: It's a two hour tonight.
BobS: NOPE, english spelling !!!!!!
Pamela: I know - that's why I was surprised to find you here
rich-c: you mean that's how long the battery lasts or the program?
Pamela: I must warn everyone, as tired as I am, there is no filter between brain and mouth
Pamela: or fingers as the case may be
rich-c: no, there are differences between English and Canadian spellings
BobS: got me.........
(BobS smiles)
Pamela: me 2
Guy B. on NB: Oh oh.
(Guy B. on NB gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: ah, caffeine
Guy B. on NB: You need it tonight.
rich-c: they are subtle, but for instance teh English sometimes use an "s" where we use a "z"
Pamela: thanks Guy, I needed that
Pamela: as in analyze?
BobS: si senorita
rich-c: yes, or organise
Pamela: okay, that looks funnyh
Pamela: organize
Pamela: there, that's better
BobS: and the canadian/british way of colour vs color........
rich-c: there we tend to go down teh line with the Brits
BobS: and just WHY the heck do we spell differently????????
rich-c: same with ough - plough, etc.
BobS: the Brits were the influence here also
rich-c: yes, but you had simplified spelling advocates like Dewey, and saw their British counterparts like Shaw
rich-c: and had cheap newspaper owners who wanted to save space and type and paper :-]
BobS: BUT, then we got more news per inch, yes????? :-)
rich-c: I guess :-]
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rich-c: harder to read, but more of it
left chat session
rich-c: oops! who climbed on and fell off - was that Judy, Bob?
BobS: ok who is goofing around
Pamela: 'twerent me
BobS: nope she is quietly stitching here int he corner
BobS: Guy's not tallking
Pamela: he's watching
rich-c: maybe it was Meeka; we're also missing GEorge
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Guy B. on NB: I'm here.
BobS: it's BACK
BobS: oh, oh............
rich-c: obviosly someone having trouble connecting
Pamela: BTW, has anyone noticed that the banner screen for Spaniel chat here has changed slightly?
BobS: must bre someone having trouble
BobS: hadn't noticed
rich-c: no; what is the change?
changed username to George
Pamela: for one thing, it says beta 1
rich-c: that took a lot of fumbling, George
Pamela: and the title has changed slightly
Pamela: hi, george
George: Hi All
rich-c: not on my screen, it doesn't
BobS: YO Geo
George: Boy, am I beat
Pamela: your screen doesn't say beta 1?
rich-c: what's your problem tonight?
BobS: like WHERE does it say that
rich-c: not the actual chat screen Pam; I believe teh entry screen does
Pamela: Spaniel Chat v 2.0 beta 1
BobS: mine just says Spaniel Chat v2.0
Pamela: Is Loading
rich-c: in fact, the about tab on mine shows version 2.0 beta 2
Guy B. on NB: HI George.
BobS: same here in About Tab
Pamela: the about tab?
Pamela: wherezzat?
rich-c: last item in teh menus
Guy B. on NB: I have Beta 1 and I think that's been that way for awhile.
George: Iam scrambled
Pamela: what menus?
Pamela: look okay to us Georege
rich-c: that doesn't make sense; surely we ae all getting teh same applet loaded?
Pamela: what menus?
rich-c: file-edit-rooms.....
George: you don't see my face
Guy B. on NB: Abby got hit slightly by a kid riding her bike last Sunday. She
Guy B. on NB: She's Ok
Pamela: ah, in the about section
rich-c: right, Pam
rich-c: what's the matter, George, a bit puffy?
Pamela: there it says beta 2
rich-c: heat getting to you?
Pamela: poor Abby - did you poke a stick through the spokes?
Pamela: see, I told you - no filter
BobS: see whatcha mean screen shows beta 1
Pamela: thank you
Pamela: and it didn't used to
BobS: I knew ya weren't nuts or anything...........
George: i did way too much today
Guy B. on NB: I shook up the kid. Then the father wanted to start a fight. I walked away from it and let it go.
Pamela: thanks again
(BobS winks)
rich-c: I gather you folks aren't necessarily coming directly into teh chat page, then?
BobS: well the "applet has to laod"
BobS: load
George: i did
George: well from ADAMCON link
Pamela: I go to and get the spaniel chat screen which loads the applet
rich-c: I got nagged by Pamela because she hasn't been able to get teh phone line for three days
Pamela: and rightly so
Pamela: it would be nice to be able to talk to you once in a while
rich-c: yes, and then you phone just while I'm talking to teh doctor (or his office, actually)
Pamela: which is why I prefer a busy signal to call waiting
rich-c: well at lesst you knew when to call back
Pamela: yeah, but at work that's never a guarantee
rich-c: true, that's understood
Pamela: yesterday i didn't come up for air at all between noon and about 5:30 pm
rich-c: all I can do is tell you when I'll be clear
Pamela: I didn't even get lunch
rich-c: well at least you have the long weekend coming
Guy B. on NB: Did I tell you guys I met another girl and her name is also Amy. She lives in the next block. Thanks to Abby.
rich-c: So now you have Aimee and Amy?
Pamela: and I can't wait. Saturday is going to be busy - I am shoe shopping for the wedding and then we're going out for my dress fitting
Pamela: then we're addressing invitations
Guy B. on NB: The first Aimee. We haven't seen each other in over a month.
rich-c: we got our invitation from Elizabeth today
Pamela: oh? planning a trip to Portugal anytime soon?
rich-c: sort of time for a replacement, then?
rich-c: fraid not - even though there will be teh two weddings there
Pamela: it's about time you clued into the fact that dogs are girl magnets, Guy
rich-c: yeah, work better than a good line at a singles bar
Pamela: yeah, both of them in the same summer
Guy B. on NB: You're right Pam. Abby knows.
Pamela: there's no such thing as a good line
rich-c: apparently Danny and his wife are going to live in the basement at teh house
Pamela: yes, he mentioned that when I was chattng with him the other day
rich-c: that will spare us some worry as to who will look after Alice while she looks after Gabriel
Pamela: did they tell you Gabriel is planning to attend the weddings?
rich-c: yes, we only hope that he can survive teh trip
rich-c: it is going to be very difficult for everyone concerned, but they know that
Pamela: yes, I asked about that but Danny says Gabriel is confident that he'll be okay
rich-c: he was out on the porch in his wheelchair yesterday
rich-c: not very talkative, but we exchanged compliments
Pamela: enjoying the sunshine - he loves the sun
Guy B. on NB: Got a question for everyone. Has anyone tried the Smartwriter on AdamEm printing on a inkjet printer?
rich-c: on a north-facing porch there isnt much sun
BobS: no
Pamela: there's enough
rich-c: I have a vague feeling I might have done so, Guy
rich-c: in fact I think I had a problem at one point with AdamEm because my printer wasnt turned on
Guy B. on NB: I haven't tried it on my inkjet yet. But, I have with the dot matrix.
rich-c: and when I turned it on I think it did an Adam-type printer check
rich-c: I think if it will work with a DM it will work with an inkjet
BobS: agreed
Guy B. on NB: I'll have to try it. I was going to write a letter with Speedywrite, but opted for Word 95 on this notebook since I want to use the inkjet for printing it.
BobS: Judy is running an inkjet printer on the ADAM and using a generic dot matrrix driver. so ADAMem should work
Guy B. on NB: Ok, I'll try it.
rich-c: oddly enough, I used my actual (as opposed to virtual) Adam today
Pamela: why is that odd, Dad?
rich-c: had a short note to do and figured tyhe DOSbox would take too long to load and configue
rich-c: well, I have not been working teh Adam very hard of late, Pam
BobS: true......AND the only thing I really use the ibm for is to work with wbay thru the internet and search the net
Guy B. on NB: Even though I've been using Word at work and Wordperfect on the other systems. If I need to write a letter very quick, then Adam will fill the bill. Heck, I used AdamCalc to figure my payments on my new car.
rich-c: oh, I tend to use the DOSbox for almost everything
rich-c: Frances has switched her tax calculations from Adamcalc to the Amiga program now
rich-c: she then transfers it to teh DOS program she has to use for electronic filing
rich-c: she is not at all happy about teh tax company's website - it's very slow
Pamela: CCRA?
Guy B. on NB: I used TurboTax this year, but I think that I will probably use another program next year after what I went through. Intuit used a new copy protection program and now they are being sued.
rich-c: UFile is teh program, website I don't know
Pamela: don't know that one. I prefer Quicktax
Guy B. on NB: Netzero offered me Taxcut.
rich-c: I think she tried that a year or two ago but found it klunky and inflexible
Pamela: which reminds me, I really need to get my taxes done
Pamela: I guess that will also be on the "to do " list for the weekend
Guy B. on NB: Mine were done in March and the deadline was yesterday.
Pamela: you're bragging Guy
rich-c: yes, our deadline isnt till the end of the month
Guy B. on NB: Got all the rebates last weekend.
rich-c: she has filed your grandmother's, Pam
Pamela: well that's a start
Pamela: problem is Guy, W2
George: what is NB?
Pamela: s in the States are due very early in January
rich-c: she's working on them but some documentation was late
rich-c: but mostly it has been problems with the UFile site
Pamela: but in Canada, they don't have to have T4's out until the end of February.
Pamela: or for that matter, any other documentation
rich-c: NB is notebook, George
Guy B. on NB: Yep
rich-c: Guy is using my Saturday trick, using a notebook so he can surf and watch tv
George: oh, i upgraded one today
Pamela: and actually, last date to contribute to RSPs is March 1st, so those slips don't go out till the middle of March
Pamela: Is that why you overdid it today George?
rich-c: what was teh upgrade, George?
Pamela: and Bob, how did Mandy's move go?
George: yes but i did many other t5hings today too
Pamela: such as?
rich-c: dont confuse him, Pam, first let's hear about the upgrade
Pamela: hmph
Pamela: that got filtered : )
George: Rich, I got 64mb of NB ram from 4allmemory .com for $39.95 second day air free
Guy B. on NB: Bob, where's Judy tonight?
BobS: back.....Mandy's move went OK
Guy B. on NB: Where is she now?
Pamela: good to hear
rich-c: don't know how memory prices run for notebooks, George, but that sounds not bad
BobS: she is now on her own in an apt with Ryan
BobS: got set up and got enought ot ge tby except for the clothes she left here so far
Guy B. on NB: Good to hear Bob. Looks like things are turning around nicely.
rich-c: what did they do with teh father?
George: Toshiba and others wanted over $80.00 for same ram
rich-c: oh yes, factory prices are always higher, way out of line
rich-c: but then most buyers don't even know there are other sources
BobS: here next to me hollerin about my stupidity on computers
Pamela: Bob, can you put her on for a minute? I need a woman's input on something
BobS: and cussin me out becaue I am too dumb to tell her how to find her file
George: i did a search by part #
rich-c: cute - I gather Google is pretty good at picking up that sort of thing
BobS: she don't want o
George: they got me thye rigt price
rich-c: right - if I recall, 64 meg was all the additional memory the machine would take, right?
Pamela: okay, then please pass on these questions: did she have or attend a bridal shower for Mandy?
Pamela: if so, does she still have the invitations? I need wording
Pamela: or if she can remember that far back, for Meeka's?
George: 128mb and 32mb onboard for a total of 160mb
George: but they discontinued the 128mb module
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hey, she's arrived!
rich-c: hello Judy, see you decided to join us after all
Guy B. on NB: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night and watch the remaining half hour. I'll see you all next week.
Judy: yes, hello everyone
rich-c: night Guy, see you Sat if you're on
Judy: night Guy
Guy B. on NB: I'll try.
Pamela: night Guy - watch out for girls on bikes
BobS: see ya guy
Pamela: back in ten seconds - quick trip to the kitchen
Guy B. on NB: That for sure, Pam. Happy Easter to all the USA folks too.
Judy: did you want to talk to me, Pam?
Guy B. on NB left chat session
Pamela: to you too Guy
Pamela: yes, please - did you see the questions I asked Bob to ask of you?
Judy: no
Judy: I told him I was coming on
Pamela: okay, here they are: did you have or attend a bridal shower for Mandy (or can you remember as far back as Meeka's?)
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Judy: yes
Judy: to both
Pamela: do you still have the invitations, because I need help with the wording on Kimberly
Pamela: 's
changed username to daniel b
daniel b: sorru .. i'm late
daniel b: hello!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - comment ca va?
Pamela: Daniel, bonjour
Judy: no I don't think I do
Pamela: oh shoot
Judy: hi Daniel
daniel b: ša va... mais je suis un peut stressÚ.
BobS: YO Daniel
daniel b: hi Judy
daniel b: yo Bob!
Judy: why what do you want to know
Pamela: okay, how about: any suggestions? no theme
Pamela: as are we all, Daniel : )
rich-c: meme que George, c'est qu'il a dat
Judy: wording of what
George: HUH?
Pamela: a shower invitation
rich-c: there you are, Geroge, Daniel is having stress loads too
George: YOU TOO?
Judy: you don't what to buy them or what/
rich-c: any particular source of teh stress, Daniel?
Pamela: no, i have this fabulous paper with a border of tulips and matching envelopes - I want to print them instead. Plus, the purchased ones usually aren't very personal
Pamela: The paper is perfect, because her family and heritage are Dutch
Judy: ok will look and see if I can find one just a minute
rich-c: not a problem with your new government, I hope
Pamela: thanks so much
daniel b: I have only two months to do a software in java to load, modify and save an image. And my programming skill in Java is very bad
Pamela: bet it won't be when you're done, Daniel!
rich-c: no place where you can find a sample to copy?
Pamela: is that for me or Daniel, Dad?
George: i did a boo boo exploring a windowsxp cd
rich-c: or is this a university assignment where you can't plagarize?
rich-c: Daniel, Pam
daniel b: the second thing
Pamela: tx
rich-c: guess you are going to be learning a lot about Java very quickly, then
Judy: we are going to a bridal shower this week and the invitation starts out with please join us at a bridal shower
daniel b: I use the Swing library for the graphic interface and it's working but I can't adapt my code to open more than one image.
George: i hope to get out it
Pamela: okay -hang on while i write that down
rich-c: I would suspect teh load and save modules should be pretty easy, Daniel
Judy: then the next line is honoring (name) Fiancee of (name)
Pamela: got it - then what?
Judy: next line Date .... Time
rich-c: is this a program where you have to have more than one image open at a time (collage or something?)
Judy: Next line Place and last line Given by and RSVP
Pamela: alright, got that - anything else?
Judy: that is it
rich-c: KISS, Pam
Judy: keep it simple
daniel b: The main problem for me is no information in french in Java web site and all the information i need is there. I need someone who already do this kind of program in Java to suggest me a solution.
George: i think i need to go to bed i'm losing it
rich-c: I don't know which of our people would know about Java
Pamela: Oh I want to, but I want to personalize it a bit too, and there's more room on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper
Judy: otherwise go to a card shop and check them out but all that we have gotten have been about the same
rich-c: Sun doesn't offer its manuals in any languages other than English?
Pamela: Go to bed before you pass out George - we'll pick on you if you snore
Pamela: okay Judy - thank you. I will do that - good suggestion
George: ok, nite nite
Judy: have fun
Pamela: nite, George
Judy: nite George
rich-c: nite George
George: nite all
daniel b: Order a manual in french and then find the proper information... the two months will be lost.
George: poof
daniel b: good night George
Pamela: thanks - I'm looking forward to it. They're always more fun if you know many of the attendees. I'm co-hosting since the maid of honour is in Nova Scotia and won't be here till just before the wedding
rich-c: have you done a Google search for manuals in French?
George: oh, God I can't get it to go
Pamela: My brilliant addition to the plan was that each guest should bring a single silk flower - we're going to create her rehearsal bouqet from them
Judy: the only thing I don't like about them is the dumb games, I always bump at them
Pamela: what kind of games?
Judy: that is bomb
Pamela: details - give me details
Pamela: not the bombs, the games
Judy: don't you play game at showers?
George: someone please remove me
Pamela: the only shower I have been to in the last five years was Katherines, and I threw that one. no games at it
Pamela: okay, we'll try that George
Pamela requested to ban George
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
daniel b: I tried to find information with google and the best source of information is in english. Each time i found a french document, it links to english web pages.
Judy: have a tray with all items on it and show for a minute then people have to try to remember what they were
BobS: OK Daniel, but can you not have the page translated INTO French on the web itself?????
daniel b: I don't feel good... i'm thinking I will not be able to do it. too much stress.
Pamela: that's a good one
rich-c: Daniel, try
Judy: or make divide in teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper and they pick one person to make a bride dress of the paper
Pamela: I've heard of that one
rich-c: Bob, the online translations are not good, very literal, word for word
Pamela: or the variation where you try to cover as much as possible of one person in an allotted time
BobS: and taht does not somtimes get the correct point across............
Judy: take a walnut and put little things in it and they have to try to guess what is in it . you wouldn
Judy: t believe how many items will fit
Pamela: such as?
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Judy: pin rice seed thumb tack etc
changed username to james
james: hello
Pamela: hmm - i like that - will have to see what unique items I can come up with
james: who'd i miss?
Pamela: Hi, James
BobS: james!!!!!! you back !!!!!
Pamela: Just George and Guy
james: hi everyone
james: just taking a break for lunch
Judy: or their are several writing games also we got a book at the card shop
BobS: i checked in as you left earlier
Pamela: book??? tell me more
james: how are you bob?
rich-c: Daniel: see if contract/ariane/page.html will help you
BobS: doing good, amd you and the family??????
Pamela: Kisses to Case :: )
james: pretty good
BobS: kinda heard you complaining last week about the wee one and the treouble he can crawl inot
james: keeping very busy
Judy: take a bag put items in an they have to put their hand in to see if they can guess what is in it
BobS: just think !!!!!! later he will be able to WALK and get into all the mors stuff
Pamela: Judy, this information is awesome
james: i bought a leash in canada and if that fails, i've got a taser on order
rich-c: also: may lead you somewhere
(BobS laughs heartily)
Judy: just a small book right in the row with all the invitations, decoration, that type of thing
Judy: I have been to so many of them
Pamela: oooo, I have to go shopping tomorrow
Judy: you can also give several sav
Pamela: shopping - in a bookstore - what a hardship that will be
Judy: safety pins to each as they come and and pick a word thay no one can say like Bride
rich-c: here's another for daniel:
Judy: if they say it who ever catches them gets a pin
rich-c: Daniel, grab those and if they're help enough, let me know
james: how's the weather in michigan, bob?
rich-c: if I'm on the right track, maybe I can dredge up more
Pamela: and the one with the most pins at the end wins a prize, right?
Judy: if that is where you buy cards that is the place
Judy: right
Pamela: that's one I've heard of, but it's been a while
BobS: was GREAT until this morning
james: it's beautiful here. 20+(celcius), not a cloud in the sky
Judy: another one is put small safety pins in a bowl of rice give 2 minutes blind folded and see how many pins you get
BobS: and today it hit the skids........windy (about 40 mph) and dropped 40 degrees from last night....almost freezing tonight
james: ouch
BobS: and possible freezing rain and sleet for tomorrow
Judy: do you want more
james: fun stuff
james: you should come here :)
Pamela: yes please
BobS: this AFTER a record tying day yesterday
BobS: had shorts on !!!!!!!
james: wow
BobS: not tonight !!!!!!
Judy: same pins at the start, can't cross your legs or you lose a pin
BobS: sounds like the wolf is huffing and puffing and going to blow out house down
Pamela: heard of that one too - good one to do in a room full of women : )
Judy: list of items that you ask and see if you have them in your purse
Pamela: 'kay - got that one
Pamela: wow, I should have asked you sooner - I've been agonizing over this for weeks
BobS: weather on tv.........36 degrees F and winds 43 mph
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: BUT no freezing rain expected
Judy: word scramble of different bridal terms
changed username to rich-c
BobS: THAT is good. because last weekend we had lots of freezing rain and power outage
rich-c: sorry - did a neat job of dumping myself
Pamela: wondered where you went Dad
BobS: shame on ya
Pamela: @Bob - ick!
james: ok, i'm going to get more stuff done outside, you all enjoy your weather over there
rich-c: actually I ws hunting URLs for Daniel and hit teh wrong button
Judy: that should give you a start let me know if you need any more help
Pamela: thanks James - will we see you next week?
james: weather permitting :P
Pamela: so we can throw snowballs at you?
rich-c: once again james, night (or morning)
james: heh heh, sure but they'll likely melt before they reach my face
Pamela: tee hee. Have a good one. Hi to Miyuki and Case
BobS: be well james
james: will do!
james: bye for now! *poof*
Judy: bye James
Pamela: Judy, that's a great start. Thank you so much.
rich-c: daniel, you still with us?
james left chat session
daniel b: yeah! I'm lloking for new URL too
Judy: you are welcome
rich-c: did you copy those four I listed for you here?
Pamela: Unlike the last one I did, this one will be much larger and with a larger age spread
Pamela: it's more difficult to keep a large group entertained, and those suggestions will help
BobS: and you WILL BE an expert at this shower thing right??????
Judy: I couldn't tell you how many I have given and attended
Pamela: problem is, most of my close friends and relatives are still single, or have been married since the beginning of time
Judy: no, there are just more people, could make it easier
Pamela: or, are in another part of the country
Pamela: well, I'll have help but I'm in charge of invitations, the cake and the entertainment.
Judy: so no showers lately
Pamela: just the one in five years. I need more practice!
Judy: sounds like most of it, what is left?
BobS: showing up at your door, eh???????
Pamela: food, decorations, location
Pamela: guest list
Judy: ok, at least you don't have to have them all at your place and make all the food
Pamela: specialty traditions
Pamela: exactly. I did that last time - was feeding 15 but it felt like an army
Pamela: I enlisted my mother in law for help with the food
Pamela: she really came through for me
daniel b: I copied the links
Judy: good idea
Pamela: best idea I'd had in months
Judy: that is what my girls do, ask mom
rich-c: OK Daniel, even if one has what you need, that should do it
Pamela: that's usually my main source of advice, but it's been five times that long since my mom attended one of these things
rich-c: I used Progams+Manuals+Java+French as my search terms
Pamela: so, I turn to other Moms whenever possible
Judy: I fit the bill
BobS: ho, ho, ho......time to go..........and that means ??????? YOU GUESSED IT, judy loses her link to ya'll
Pamela: you most certainly do. Have I mentioned that I collect Moms?
Pamela: or perhaps adopt would be a better term
Judy: ok, I probably fit there too
rich-c: I used Google but alltheweb or frazzle or dogpile or teoma or wisenut can all prove helpful
Pamela: you bet. Again, thanks tons.
BobS: SO for now, until we meet again.....M I C.... K E Y.....M O U S E........ :-)
Judy: you can use me anytime
BobS left chat session
Pamela: good night, and have a great Easter and a good time at this weekend'
Pamela: s shower
rich-c: nite, Bob and Judy
Pamela: can I quote you? : )
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, based on what came up, I'd say what you need is out there
daniel b: good night Bob and Judy
rich-c: I suspect some of it is online and downloadable and in French
Pamela: I think those two had the right idea - it's past my bedtime
rich-c: all those five search engines I mentioned above are good but have their quirks so not all teh resulsts will be duplicated
rich-c: right Pam - take it easy and talk to you whenever
Pamela: whenever I can get through, Dad ; )
rich-c: OK - if in doubt, send an email
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: I will Dad - thanks for your advice today. Hugs and kisses. Nighty night
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
daniel b: nit Pam... too lat
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, give those leads a try
daniel b: I'm looking at the URL you gives me
rich-c: if anything pans pout well, come join me Saturday and let me know
rich-c: anyway, time for me to shut down too
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir
daniel b: a samedi... rich!
daniel b: bonne nuit!
rich-c left chat session
daniel b left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2003-04-16
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