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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: how's it going?
George: Busy
rich-c: really? what are you up to?
George: I'm getting ready for Easter
rich-c: oh, right, OK - we arent much into that
rich-c: ayway I am feeling somewhat peaky today
George: i had hot cross buns
rich-c: they are always nice
rich-c: unfortunately at teh momet I have no appetite
George: it's sunny and 63F here
rich-c: we have sunny and are supposed to get 59
rich-c: I havent been out to check on it
George: i hope SARS ISNT
rich-c: but all our snow is gone now and we have a huge crop of crocuses up
George: darn fingers
George: i hope the SARS ISN'T near you
rich-c: far as I can see no way I could be exposed to SARS
rich-c: but Toronto is one of the major hotspots for it
rich-c: it is of course major headline news in our newspapers
George: they were about all the precautions the churches are taking up in Toronto in the news
rich-c: in fact today the Star has a really big long featue story right from teh first infection in Guangdong, China to date
rich-c: yes, all of the churches have to be very careful as one church became a centre of infection
George: well I have had a steady cough for over a year now
rich-c: how does your doctor explain that?
George: He doesn't
rich-c: that's odd - such things tend to upset doctors no end and make them very curious
George: I think they ignore certain things
rich-c: possibly though not often, though I have a problem or two my doctor cant get a handle on
George: I got a ham for tomorrow
rich-c: right now it is very hard - many specialists operate in hospital clinics and have their offices there
rich-c: and the hospitals are closed to all but emergency visitors to control SARS
George: oh,boy
rich-c: ah yes, the traditional Easter ham - hope you got a good one
George: no, just got a canned for me
rich-c: yes, I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon about my hip but it had to be cancelled
George: canned ham that is
rich-c: that's OK, some canned hams are really good, especially the Danish ones for some reason
George: i keep looking for a real keyboard and mouse on this laptop
rich-c: does it have any PS2 ports?
George: yes one
rich-c: well that will let you put a mouse on it then - I have one on my laptop
rich-c: I believe there are keyboards that will run on a serial port but they are hard to find
rich-c: actually you could also get a PCMCIA card with two USB ports also
George: i keep hitting the touchpad for the right button
rich-c: yes, as you have noticed when I am on my laptop my tying is a lot sower
rich-c: on my desktop I just installed the driver for my keyboard last night
George: i'll be right i have to run to BR
rich-c: OK take your time
George: i''m back
rich-c: right - took advantage to go myself
George: good timing
rich-c: as I mentioned I am not feeling at all well today -something in the plumbing I think
rich-c: couldnt face teh idea of lunch and may skip dinner too
George: me too
rich-c: you're having difficulties too, then - something more than teh usual?
George: i'm a bit tired
rich-c: tell me about it - I've been dozing half teh morning
George: we are much alike
rich-c: no, my problems are age-related and not chronic, which is lucky for me
George: it makes me age faster
rich-c: yes, stress and illness will have that effect
George: much faster
rich-c: I knew a girl in university who had fairly severe arthritis in her hands
rich-c: her hair was salt and pepper growing rapidly grey - at 18
George: the doctors are treating me as if i'm in my late 80's
rich-c: well, they treat the symptoms and I guess that's the pattern of yours
George: they tell me not to get involved in any serials
rich-c: yeah, and don't buy green bananas ;-]
George: as if i'm not going to be around that long
rich-c: I think you will find you are much more durable than you think
rich-c: who'd have thought Frances' mother would get to 100?
George: at least I outlasted Atkins
rich-c: Atkins?
rich-c: oh, right, the diet guy
George: the diet king
rich-c: but he fell and banged his head - that doesn't count
George: anything that pushes the daisies counts
rich-c: well yes, the trick is to stay on teh right side of teh grass
George: I didn't go out in that freak storm
rich-c: you had a bit of weather?
George: We got the same storm he slipped and fell in
rich-c: oh, was this that freezing rain and wind and stuff came through about a week ago?
George: yes
rich-c: right, I hadn't made the connection
George: we got a few inches of snow
rich-c: we got at least six inches of snow with ice pellets and freezing rain
rich-c: the roads were an absolute total mess - I just hibernated
George: it made the place look like Christmas
rich-c: I really couldnt go out to look - couldnt get any traction
rich-c: fortunately our lawn guys come by in times like that, make some winter bucks clearing snow
George: Wed. it went to 87F
rich-c: I was pretty happy to see them as by the time they finished I could get to teh car and get it out
rich-c: yes, we had 79 here - then it dropped to 32
George: we went back to the 30's too a real shock
rich-c: especially if you get caught away from home dressed for the noon weather
rich-c: fortunately we knew what was coming and planned accordingly
George: yes, good to catch colds
rich-c: well, actually, you can't catch a cold from being cold
rich-c: oops - I am having another wave of discomfort - sort of nausea
rich-c: think I may have to check out for the day
rich-c: see you Wednesday?
George: no, but the germs that like the cold thrive on the ones that live in warmer temps and explode in numbers and when you make contact you gat a bad spring cold
rich-c: still, its the germs that get you
rich-c: anyway I have to quit now
George: me too
rich-c: ok - sorry about that - bye for now
George: bye now
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