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james: keeping the connection alive
james: keeping it alive
james: anyone here?
james: hello?
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changed username to james
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changed username to rich-c
james: welcome
rich-c: well hello - you're early
james: was here a few minutes ago
rich-c: if I'd known you were here I'd have come sooner
james: case tends to get me up in the mornings these days
james: so i usually check on early
rich-c: ah, yes - he's gettin into that age bracket now, isn't he?
james: oh yeah
james: so i've been on a much earlier cycle since having come back from canada
rich-c: don't worry, another dozen years and you wont be able to get him up before noon ;-]
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changed username to james&case
rich-c: aha, he has come in to say hello himself now
james&case: someone closed my chat window
james&case: care to guess who?
james&case: lol
rich-c: well, I'll send him a message
james&case: hhn b hjmm
james&case: mvcvcbvgbv bbv bv
rich-c: cn nowjioih noijowye457 haooa;aop[ufv aqpp[d;cx
james&case: lo l
rich-c: I'm sure case can translate for you :-}
rich-c: by the way, we are back down to zero again - just what I needed
james&case: i figure by age 3 he'll have his own computer or five and by 10 he'll know more than i do
james&case: ouch
rich-c: yes, that's about how it goes with the new generation
james&case: he likes to push and pull my keyboard trya
james&case: nnbbb
rich-c: there is a rumour we may see spring sometime, but when is uncertain
james&case: lol. perhaps in june sometime?
rich-c: one might hope, but these days teh certainty seems less and less
rich-c: let's hear it for global warming!
james&case: it's plenty warm here already
rich-c: care to ship us a bit over here? bet your folks would appreciate a bit too
james&case: case's first computer will be an adam
rich-c: I should ruddy well hope so - got to bring him up right!!!
james&case: no doubt
james&case: speaking of which, my adam has some bit-rot going on in the rom i think
rich-c: oh, now this is interesting - my chat interface is subtly different today
james&case: not surprising after 20 years.
james&case: how so?
rich-c: doesnt matter, it's reasonably easily replaceable
james&case: the rom or the adam?
rich-c: I downloaded the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment and it seems to work slightly differently
james&case: interesting
rich-c: both
rich-c: typeface is different, cursor slightly heavier
james&case: i'll have to open it up again and see if the current rom is socketed or if i'll have to desolder it
james&case: which has given me an idea
rich-c: is it the OS7 or Smartwriter ROM (not that I'd know teh difference)
james&case: that's going? i'm not sure
james&case: when i turn it on in i get crud on the screen, a flaky cursor at times etc
rich-c: if I recall there are three ROM chips in there, the )S7 and two Smartwriter
james&case: then if i boot smartlogo or whatever it's not working right
james&case: so i don't think it's just smartwriter
rich-c: I assume you have checked for loose chips; have you checked for corrosion?
james&case: i haven't checked for anything yet
james&case: i have to open it up and take a look still
james&case: it could be a chip-crawl issue. i get quite the fluctuation in temperature in that room
rich-c: a flaky screen can also come from a dying power supply if I recall
james&case: it's a pc power supply
james&case: i could always check that too
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rich-c: I'd be inclined to look for corrosion, maybe causing a short or ground on a chip
james&case: i think i will check that out
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George, you're late
james&case: i wouldn't mind having an extra console around, "just in case"
james&case: hi george
rich-c: well your problem is that it costs so damn much to ship the things to Japan
james&case: getting someone to send me just the console via surface shipping wouldn't be too bad. i can do without all the extra ballast
George: Hi Rich, James&Co.
james&case: like the dumbwriter printer, extra controllers etc
james&case: how are you, george?
rich-c: yes but now Canada Post also has that silly-ass minimum weight for volume rule
George: busy
james&case: minimum?
rich-c: you calculate teh size of teh parcel, they charge for a minimum density or actual weight, whichever is more
james&case: yay.
rich-c: there's a lot of air in a console and little weight, especially with the tape drive out
james&case: i could always bring one back the next time i'm in ottawa. won't be setting foot in t.o for awhile
George: i'm still eating ham
james&case: hmm.. i'm hungry now that you mention it :D
rich-c: well unless you're playing tourist guide, you have no cause to come to Toronto
james&case: we'll have to see how this sars pandemic plays out. it will affect whether or not i do a trip next year.
rich-c: your Easter dinner has lasted a bit, has it, George?
George: yes
james&case: my friend's fiancee works at a travel agency and they've had to lay off one person and cut back everyone else's hours
rich-c: I certainly do hope that we have the SARS business over with a lot sooner than that
George: so have the Easter eggs
james&case: as do i
rich-c: I was supposed to have an appointment at Sunnybrook today but they cancelled for teh second time
james&case: i usually start planning in july or august. hopefully by then things will have improved
james&case: sunnybrook? is that a medical centre?
rich-c: yes, that's one of teh major hospitals and my nearest
George: travel to Canada Banned
james&case: i think part of the problem is selfish idiots who ignore quarantine requests/orders
rich-c: I have to see a specialist about my hip, getting a joint replacement operation
james&case: that doesn't sound like fun at all
rich-c: from all my friends and acquaintances who've had it done, it's more fun than living with an arthritic hip
rich-c: and George, it's only travel to China that is banned
james&case: true, the alternative is likely worse
rich-c: except for that bunch of ignorant rednecks at Wal-Mart, but what would they know about geography?
james&case: i wouldn't be going to china, hong kong or anywhere near there. lol. the irony.
rich-c: I also have to see a urologist but right now they wont even set up an appointment
rich-c: I am not underestimating the seriousness on teh local scene, trust me
George: You'll be saying to yourself 'What did I do to myself? ' after the operation
james&case: i'm trying to remember where i read it, but somewhere, they're using infrared scanners at airports to see if people have a fever
rich-c: yes, China is doing that - but they've had the equipment in place for some time
rich-c: I suspect they were looking before SARS and for more than fevers
james&case: lol. that's my guess
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james&case: not a good year for the travel industry at all
rich-c: and as for your comment, George, yes, any operation has risk
changed username to BobS
rich-c: but everyone I know who's had this one says it is well worth it
BobS: howdy mates
james&case: g'day pardner
George: as I know
rich-c: well, welcome, Robert
George: Hi BOb
BobS: don't know how long this can hold up.......having trouble with isp all day
BobS: 'like they go on break every few minutes
rich-c: really? what's wrong with netzero now?
james&case: my access is bog slow, but it's very reliable. i'll give them that.
George: you get what you pay for
BobS: not netzero. was about to use a local phone co
George: and then some
BobS: ya'll got to keep up with change Richard
rich-c: actually I've been having minor problems with Tamco, too - very unusual
james&case: like driving a car at 20kph. hard to crash but even if you do, you probably just bump and move along.
BobS: had for about 2 yrs here
rich-c: really? I can't recall your ever mentioning it
BobS: connected with a 56k modem....first @ 9600, then 14000, then @ 24,0000 and now at 26,400 and that is all I can get
rich-c: and your email address is still with netzero, isnt it?
BobS: and then I go somewhere and jsut stop
George: I just keep going with AOL since 1996
rich-c: my program insists I'm getting 45333 but it's all a lie
BobS: oh yea got the free ones at netzero, keep the altelco one just for important stuff
BobS: jsut stopped ag again
BobS: AOL is EXPENSIVE and I hate it
BobS: yucky, i sick.........
rich-c: I've been getting either problems getting on or unexpected drops
rich-c: I know so many customer have converted to ADSL that he's had to cut back on the dialup lines, not enough trade to pay for them
BobS: this shit keeps up and I will dump them and get a natinal one for $10
George: Juno?
james&case: i won't tell you all what i pay for access
BobS: but that takes bucks
BobS: NO
BobS: uses the natural IE 5 and Outlook for mail
rich-c: but they send around a guy with gun and mask to collect the monthly fee, right?
rich-c: like AOL?
BobS: works great too, had dad on it, but stinking AOL kept redirecting his dial properties so he couldn't use it
George: MSN?
BobS: every time he used his old aol account, they screwed up his highstram connection
George: I use both
rich-c: and you couldnt get him to dump AOL?
George: DSL and dialup
BobS: nope........he is NOT computer literate
BobS: and scared to death of change
rich-c: even so, you are failing in your filial duty, leaving him at teh mercy of those pirates
George: i'm computer screwed
BobS: I would change him IF I could..........
BobS: but he has mind of his own
rich-c: you need to have a long serious talk with him - I'm likely about his age, tell him I said so ;-]
james&case: oi h hhhhh hjhnnm
George: HUH/
rich-c: get him to join us here one night and we'll all have a go at him
james&case: that was case
rich-c: except George, of course, but he's beyond hope 8=]
james&case: his spelling isn't so great
BobS: oh yea, that will wrok.........:-)
George: oh thanks
rich-c: actually, sometimes us old farts will listen to other old farts
rich-c: when you dump AOL, George, I'll withdraw the comment ;-]
George: fools rush in where others fear to tread
rich-c: yes, George, the second mouse gets the cheese
BobS: i got a free aol for traveling to florida.......when i got back and started using my reg ISP, i tried aol again and it screwed up the dialup...DAT is how I iknows the stinking mess they make
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BobS: nnow, Geo, don't call your own self a fool because you are afraid to leave aol.........
rich-c: though that you had Zone Alarm running?
(BobS groans loudly)
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, come to join the old man?
George: get thee behind me and ye shall get some cheese too
Judy: hi, yes just got home
rich-c: Judy, Pam has to get her haircut tonight, will be here late if at all
rich-c: she said ask you to send her an email about the games
George: Hi Judy
rich-c: anyway Bob, are you not using Zone Alarm?
james&case: someone is fussy. going to see if he's sleepy. i'll be back
rich-c: right james
BobS: nope, jused it for awhile, but it kept bugging me so I dumped it
rich-c: oh, that's why AOL could get in and tamper with your settings, then
rich-c: there are a couple of other good free firewalls as well
BobS: my answer to keep virus' away. delete anything I don't recognise and that way I don't open most of the mail
BobS: it happened on kicking off aol to connect
rich-c: AOL don't do it with a virus, they do it with a program on their website
BobS: got a neat freebie mail porgram called MAILWASHER
BobS: works sslick and it will bounce and blacklist emails you select
Judy: that will work out I am talking to a friend on instant mess. now
BobS: anyway dumped aol and their shit service
rich-c: you need internet organizer pro, and a firewall to stop tampering
BobS: too expensive and too restrictive
rich-c: try going to where everything is teh best on the net and FREE
George: ctrl+a and delete
BobS: I got the Highstream one off that list of cheap ISP's you gave me Rich
rich-c: no nags, no trials, no spyware, good evaluations, well organized, fast downloads
rich-c: I've had Mailwasher for months - you have to watch it very carefully
BobS: was poking around their today alittle
rich-c: if you let it use the spamcop "database" that just deletes everything as spam
BobS: for why??????
rich-c: the good part of mailwasher is after you've cheked it you can delete and bounce it without downloading
rich-c: to me spamcop is a fraud - it just calls everything spam
rich-c: then it creates a database of all the places where you've told it the message is friendly
rich-c: after which any spammer who uses aol or yahoo or anyone else you get legitimate mail from, gets a free pass
George: use ADAM for email
james&case: i've read very little that's good about spamcop
rich-c: if only we could, George, it would be much better
james&case: spamassasin is very nice though
rich-c: james, do you subscribe to langalist yet?
james&case: yeah, a long time ago
rich-c: well, Fred has had a number of srticles lately on spamcop and the others
George: AOL is suing spammers
james&case: thought i'd resubscribed to my current address but i haven't received it in awhile
rich-c: right, George, and getting absolutely nowhere
rich-c: they just move to Poland or Russia or Korea or something whre they're welcome
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George: haven't heard that
changed username to Ron
rich-c: well, james, he's publishing regularly twice a week
rich-c: hello Ron
rich-c: oops, scared him away
George: Hi Bye
james&case: spammers
BobS: fast dude eh??????
james&case: the bane of the net
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: by the way, james, if you take the Plus edition you can get a full archive of all the letters ever published
BobS: Ronald ,,,,,,me boy
George: try again Hi Ron
Ron: yo!
rich-c: and they are set up and indexed as a help file
james&case: until there are international laws, basically zilch can be done about it from a legal perspective
Ron: howz all
BobS: how's da wet coast????????
BobS: thanks for the ferry info!!!!!!!
Ron: wet
rich-c: welcome back, Ron - still on the right side of the grass
Ron: cold
james&case: so current solutions have to be technologically based. make it so expensive for them that it's not viable
james&case: hi ron
Ron: barely
Ron: stiff neck
Ron: blame it on golf
james&case: like telemarketing. when they call now, i just tell them to hold on a second and leave the phone as is
Ron: but I will live
james&case: they sit there waiting instead of making more calls
rich-c: I was reading recently some folks managed to track down a spammer's personal address
rich-c: they signed him up for every ctalog, newsletter, ad, etc. on the internet
George: telemarketers?
Ron: been getting a pile of seedy stuff here lately
rich-c: a lower form of animal life, George
George: don't know them
rich-c: since I'm on the Canadian Marketing Association do not call list, phone pests are at a minimum
Ron: Mac OS X now has a spam filter that is supposed to learn as it goes....what Junk is and what it it not
Ron: so far, so good
james&case: telemarketers. yes. these idiots who call at 10 a.m. when i'm busy with case then have the nerve to tell me it's not a sales call
Ron: Here it's right around supper time
james&case: then proceed to make a sales pitch indirectly by asking me something like "how many people in your family take a bath?"
rich-c: I just refuse to answer teh phone between 6 and 7.30 - they are welcome to talk to the answering machine
Ron: answer to that is "none, none of us have for weeks, can't you tell?"
George: i almost wonder if i have a phone line
rich-c: by the way, you know how you often get a ring on the phone, but no one's there?
Ron: frequently
rich-c: that's an automated dialler testing to find out when you are in so they can call another day
james&case: yeah, i've heard of that. aren't they checking to see if someone picks up?
Ron: yup
rich-c: the trick is to pound the living bejayzus out of teh crosshatch key - it stops their recording
Ron: Bob, did you get my answer to your question about driving times?
rich-c: hit the crosshatch key six time rapis and that does it, apparently
Ron: It bounced back from Judy's mail
George: just turn on the fax modem
BobS: yes GOT IT
BobS: our ISP has been having trouble the last few days....actually got TWO messages the same from you
Judy: he reads all my mail
Ron: ok
rich-c: as long as it has a real earbusting wail, yes, that's good too, George
Ron: no privacy eh?
BobS: to mum also !!!!!!
Ron: :)
rich-c: fix him good, Judy - get a Hotmail account all for yourself
rich-c: and dont tell him your username or password
BobS: got all hotels reserved from Sat PM Aug 2 thru Mon Aug long as conventino hotel is recerved ;-)
Ron: which it is
BobS: thinking about reserving ferry space also
Ron: Anybody heard from Dale lately?
George: give em the fax
rich-c: not a peep for weeks
BobS: and maybe a latte on the waterfront for Mon, Tues and Wed eve
Ron: it's not a bad idea Bob, my son does that all the time. However, on a Thursday (week after the long weekend) it might not be so bad
BobS: AND bring CA money, 'cause the waterfront guy rips you off in US $$$$$
Ron: however, it will guarantee you space on the tin can
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Ron: hat
rich-c: do they charge a penalty if you don't show?
BobS: RIGHT, we had to wait for the next ferry both coming and going last time for AC11
changed username to Daniel B.
Daniel B.: hello!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Ron: you pay $15 bux. and you don't get it back
BobS: lose your $15 reservatoin fee
George: Hi DB
Ron: yeah but that was Washington State Ferries wasn't it?
rich-c: Daniel, are you still with that expensive ISP?
BobS: heck, ya don't get it back anyway!!!!!
BobS: HI Daniel
Daniel B.: I found a forum in french to help me with my Java
Ron: or did you take ours
Judy: but then you know you are on the boat
George: try traditional Chinese
Ron: We just finished selling 3 brand new ferries to a Seattle junk dealer who had originally offered several times the price they eventually sold for at auction
Daniel B.: I'm still with the expensive ISP.. but I can change to another ISP 6th may
Ron: Thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
BobS: tok the CoHo across from.........???? to Victoria and the CA one from Schwartz Bay to Twassan on the way back
Ron: ok
Ron: Tsawwassen
Ron: (it's only taken me 40 years to learn that)
BobS: port Angeles to Victoria
rich-c: Daniel, check into vif internet -
BobS: ok, looked wrong it did
Ron: (it's an old Indian name meaning - "they'll never spell this one right"
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George: oh, my 10pm.
left chat session
rich-c: they are Montreal based (I think) but also in Ottawa, Sherbrokke, Quebec and Hull
rich-c: the vif phone number is 1-888-321-3737
BobS: going will take the Tsawwassen to Schwartz Bay.....on way back will use Naniamo Duke Point to Tsawwassen
Ron: that will get you to two nicest rides we have
BobS: I can agree with that
rich-c: the local number is 514-353-9988 but that is Montreal, I believe
George: race riots breaking out in Philly
rich-c: they offer dialup for 14.95/month with v.92 protoco;
rich-c: they also offer ADSL for $30 though you'd have to buy a modem
rich-c: both rates require full year subscription payable on start
BobS: was considering Comox to mainland, but that put us WAY north
rich-c: which means they cant raise them on you for a year
Ron: Of course, you could always take the route from Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast, (that's two ferries) then drive to Powell River and come across on the ferry from Powell River to Comox
Ron: we have ways of confusing tourists
BobS: got to see Victoria on mon, tues and wed
BobS: got hotel
Ron: I know..... was speaking in jest
George: stay in USA
Ron: Did y'all see the recent posts about ADAMs available?
rich-c: Daniel, were you able to copy that ISP information?
Daniel B.: rich: i'm looking the "vif" web page
BobS: kind of hoped that we could go from comox DOWN to vancouver, but no such luck
BobS: yo
rich-c: OK then, if you're that well along you're on your own
Ron: I'm stocked to the gunnels now. David Cobley just brought up another one from Qualicum
Ron: think now I might even have enough disk drives
rich-c: just the one Adam offered that I recall, though it was a fairly good setup
Ron: David and Midge are coming, by the way
Ron: There was another guy with one - I think
rich-c: I still don't know if I will be able to drive or will have to fly
BobS: last one Daavid came to was 3 i think
Ron: There's Dennis R. Morgan, and Luke Perry
Ron: He was also at 5 Bob
Ron: drove down
BobS: Dennis and MariJo.....met them @ AC02 I think
BobS: I missed that one
Ron: yes, he said he'd been at 2
Ron: will send it on
Ron: one day at a time Rich
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: exactly - but I can't get to teh Sunnybrook clinics, they're closed for SARS
Daniel B.: rich: i didn't find any info who said if the service is available for Quebec.
Ron: al times (those flying) We'll arrange pickup
Ron: ok...what is this
rich-c: hello Guy, where ya been?
Ron: if you can let me know your
Ron: arrival times
Judy: hi, Guy
Ron: I'm only about 10 min from the airport
Ron: Mr. Bona I presume
Guy B.: I'm here am I?
rich-c: the ad in The Computer Paper says they operate in the cities mentioned - why not try their phone number
rich-c: they offer "service bilingue" in the ad 8=)
BobS: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Ron, have a question for you. Will it be a good idea to rent a car to get to the hotel from the airport?
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changed username to Ron-Too
Ron-Too: send a boy to do a man's job
rich-c: oh dear, now you're twins, Ron
Ron-Too: OS X has gone into never never land
Guy B.: We have twins!
BobS: RON, you am twins!!!!!!
Ron-Too: will log my misbehaving alter ego off as soon as I regain control over the STUPID iMAC
Guy B.: What the Mac crashed on you?
BobS: niww, now, ya bought that one
Ron-Too: yup
Ron-Too: Jaguar no less
rich-c: such language! don't let The Steve hear you say that!
Ron-Too: he is going to here me say a variety of things shortly
Daniel B.:
George: Hi Guy
Guy B.: I got Netzero on the Dell, Finally and it works just fine.
Daniel B.: to find the last version of my cv programming doc
james&case: hi dan
Daniel B.: hello james&case
james&case: and everyone else who came on while i was making toast
Daniel B.: :)
BobS: :-)
Ron-Too: fax me a slice James
james&case: lol
Ron-Too: lotsa butter
james&case: that's gonna be some pretty thin toast
Ron-Too: send it to my iMac
BobS: alwasy eating.........pass it on!!!!
Ron-Too: Nobody has talked to Dale lately eh?
james&case: i wish i could get a decent pizza in this country
Ron-Too: wonder if they intend to come
Guy B.: Seems like he vanished from the earth.
rich-c: well, wasn't Jill planning to go back to work? that could mess up their free time
Guy B.: Well, guess I'll ask Ron my question again. Will it be a good idea for me to rent a car to get to the hotel?
Ron-Too: Havent heard from Dr. D. either
Ron-Too: are you flying Guy?
rich-c: how long do you plan to stay there, Guy?
George: ah, coconut custard pie
BobS: can alwasy send hinm or Jill and email.....can't imagine they would not come
Ron-Too: right
Guy B.: Yes, it will take a LOOOOOOOONG time to drive there.
BobS: they are always a late show
Ron-Too: right, sorry...... no need to rent, I will pick you up (assume you're booked thru to Comox)
rich-c: apparently airport to hotel is short and easy, lift may be available
rich-c: if you're only staying for the convention, a car would be a waste
Ron-Too: yes.... 10 minutes to my place, another 10 downtown
Ron-Too: nothing around here is very far away from anything else
Daniel B.: Someone named james curtis was very happy to read my cv prog document... he's trying to do a new colecovision game for next year. :)
Guy B.: I'll probably get my reservations in for the airline tickets in June, But, I'll get my reservation and deposit off to Bob in a couple of weeks.
rich-c: that's why the hotel is in Courtenay, teh city limits shrank?
BobS: it IS, after all, and ISLAND, eh????????
Ron-Too: soon, everything will be in Courtenay
BobS: FIRST reservation???????
BobS: Ron, did ya change it to CA $$$ yet??????
Ron-Too: we resist as long as we can
BobS: put both up........
Judy: he isn't going to start that again?
rich-c: creeping amalgamation, eh?
Guy B.: I just want to find out how the transportation is out there before I do anything.
BobS: rioght mate!!!!!
Ron-Too: No I haven't bob.....tis my intent.....roundtuits
Ron-Too: soon
BobS: or is it....roight
George: travel to Canada Forbidden
rich-c: better hurry Ron, at the current rate our dollar my be at par by August
Ron-Too: yeah. We've already had one vote. Question was rejected, but it's like a bad dream, it'll be back
BobS: oloang as it is $$$$, we don't care wht version it is in
BobS: will even take yen........
Guy B.: Aso!
Ron-Too: yup
rich-c: you've been watching Fox too much, George
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Guy B.: I take it, George isn't coming?
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: The twin is back!
BobS: JAMES, case says......I come to # 15
rich-c: Ron, you back on the Mac?
Ron: you on the other side of the mirror....begone
Ron left chat session
George: i can't get across town
Ron-Too: how many of me are left?
james&case: i'd really like to make it]
rich-c: just the one named Too
Ron-Too: better
james&case: will anything be done to celebrate 20 years of adam?
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
james&case: this is the 20th anniversary, right?
Ron-Too: Japan
james&case: japan?
rich-c: Pam doesnt expect to make it tonight, Guy
Guy B.: Thanks Rich, just finish the last can.
BobS: (bob gives rich-c a glass of wine)
Guy B.: Then she gets two next time.
Ron-Too: no wine pleae, I will wake up face down in the street
rich-c: easy on that, Bob, it's contra'd with my meds - but just this once ;-]
Daniel B.: be right back...
Guy B.: Hold that Bob. Save it for the reception.
BobS: we could take an old non working ADAM and thrash it to even further death
james&case: lol
Ron-Too: Meanwhile..... for those contemplating a presentation of wisdom at AC15....... please
Ron-Too: anybody?
james&case: i had something nicer in mind
james&case: if i were going and knew more, i'd do a presentation
Ron-Too: put it on video James
james&case: hmm.. conference.. that's an option
Guy B.: Well, eventually. I'm going to start on the next project for the emulator utility setup.
BobS: you could just crawl to the front and gurgle Case !!!!!!
james&case: i have a video camera
Ron-Too: we'd need a VPN between us and you
james&case: i could do a video presentation. why the hell didn't i think of that
rich-c: remember to use a VHS tape in NTSC format
Ron-Too: Chris Braymen and Rich Drushel have both done that at times -- worked well enough
james&case: i've had very little luck getting a vpn to work and at isdn 64k it's better if i just upload a video or mail it to you on a cd
james&case: yeah, that's the standard here
Ron-Too: join the club
james&case: vhs is doable
rich-c: Japan uses teh NTSC format? I thought it was better than that
james&case: anything related to IT in this country is woefully antiquated
Ron-Too: We'll make the time James if you want to have a go at that
james&case: now i need a subject matter
james&case: i know what i'd like to do, but i'm just not there in terms of programming skills on the adam
james&case: i've got the manuals from rich
rich-c: read Mel Ostler's books - FAST
Ron-Too: something to build on your programmin skills James.....I see great minds think alike
George: i thought we were switching to an A something format
james&case: lol. now if only there were 30 hours in a day
Guy B.: Any of guys having problems using WRdisk for the emulator?
Ron-Too: ok here Guy
james&case: my copy of macadam seems to have died
rich-c: what's a wrsc?
rich-c: sorry, wrdisc
Ron-Too: think I have one here James.....will get it to ya
Ron-Too: the utility that prepares ADAM images
james&case: ok, while i'm at it - does anyone have a copy of the macadam *manual*. that also seems to have died
BobS: rich or Ron......ever heard of a manufactured voard for the ADAM (slot 1 I think) that went into a module 3 to get the 5 pin din port for a monitor?????
BobS: looks like a big john thing,....but
Ron-Too: not here Bob.....would really like that if there was one
rich-c: nope, that's new to me, Bob
BobS: on on Ebay...gonna have a whack at it I think, jsut to have it
Guy B.: WRdisk is the writing a disk image for the Adam Emulator. I'm thinking of writing a Windows program setup, so all the necessary parameters are entered before the program runs in DOS mode. Much like I did for Dcopy Setup.
Ron-Too: yea for sure eh?
rich-c: don't recall that every being offered by Orphanware unless as a prototype that never flew
james&case: ron, can you get me the macadam manual too?
George: oh, we are switching to ATSC
Ron-Too: I think so James. I will have to look for it, but I think I have one
rich-c: someday, Guy, I'll get an English translation of that last sentence :-)
Guy B.: Rich, you could never figured out how I did this, can you?
Ron-Too: Think that would be very helpful Guy
james&case: ok, i think the best bet would be floppy or if you can e-mail the electronic images i can probably get something to work
Ron-Too: I 'm an old command line freak myself, but I would use such a program
Guy B.: OK, that will be my next project.
james&case: i'd like to get the macadam manual on my pc so i can print it. viewing it in smartwriter is painfully slow
rich-c: Guy, I wouldn't know a parameter if it dropped on my toe. Maybe one did
Ron-Too: think I can scan to a PDF James\
Guy B.: Don't worry Rich. Even a new comer like you will know what to do when this is done.
rich-c: you faith is touching, Guy
Daniel B.: ... it's time to say: goodnight everybody. |-) zzz
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
Ron-Too: Dorme bien Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - bonne chance avec l'ISP
Daniel B.: merci... bonne nuit! une prochaine fois!
Judy: I am going to call it a night, so bye until next week
Guy B.: Bye Judy.
rich-c: night Judy, see you then
Daniel B.: * p o o f *
james&case: that sounds like a lot of work for you ron
Daniel B. left chat session
Judy left chat session
james&case: some interesting ebay auctions
rich-c: oh? what are they offereing?
George: can we get chat v3.0?
james&case: someone is selling hacker's guide
james&case: and the high bid is currently $26 u.s.
Ron-Too: Boy, that held it's value
james&case: anyone know who sandyclay is (that's the buyer)
rich-c: sheesh! I should offer one of my extra copies
Ron-Too: what was it originally
james&case: and the seller is
Guy B.: Boy, my nephew is having his first communion in two weeks and my mother in-law is coming up from Tennessee. I haven't seen her in almost 9 years.
BobS: haven't the faintest a few of them
rich-c: one of these days I'll have to validate my Paypal account
rich-c: trouble is, the lowlifes wont let me run it in US funds
Ron-Too: should actually use mine now and again
Ron-Too: but after having paid $70 for an Atari mouse, I'm a little gun shy
rich-c: wait till they start dealing with Canada on equitable terms, otherwise, forget 'em
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to check the e-mail. I will not be able to make it Saturday. Getting my haircut in the afternoon, So, I'll see you all next week.
Ron-Too: when I do searches, I usually start out looking for sellers north of the border
james&case: bob, can you send me the url for that auction you were talking about (don't worry, i'm not going to try to outbid you :P )
Ron-Too: but then.....the search inevitably widens
rich-c: OK, a week it is Guy, take care
Ron-Too: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: ya got ot get it
james&case: i can try and get it for the community if you think you can't
Ron-Too: You still gonna bring me a Tosh battery Bob?
BobS: Colecovision ADAM System w Rare Card & Extras
rich-c: james, are you talking about getting the Hacker's Guide?
BobS: Item # 2724159177
BobS: ya mon, got it right here and wearing it out
Ron-Too: good....wanna make sure it works
Ron-Too: I sure like that little critter (the Toshiba I mean) one of the most useful purchases ever
BobS: ya sure
BobS: good lord it is slow on my end tonight
BobS: nice puter, ya?????
Ron-Too: yup
rich-c: this server was slow first few minutes but has been fine since
james&case: odd that auction didn't come up in my search
james&case: interesting though
BobS: my slowness is my own isp
james&case: i'd be more interested in knowing who made the card
Ron-Too: seems ok here
Ron-Too: macintosh notwithstanding
BobS: SO, I thikn I will bail also, BE GOOD AND HAVE FUN ya'll
rich-c: OK Bob, catch you next week unless you're on Saturday
Ron-Too: ok well, Judy be well (oh she's gond)
Ron-Too: gone
james&case: anyone who's curious:
BobS: Herman and GK don't recognize it James
BobS left chat session
james&case: it looks like it'd be very simple to duplicate. i probably have half the chips here i'd need to build it
rich-c: that is suggestive
james&case: it'd certainly be interesting to talk to its creator
Ron-Too: are we winding down?
james&case: awww.. i thought we just got going
james&case: :P
rich-c: yes - wonder if the chips are Adam chips?
Ron-Too: I know eh.... I was late
Ron-Too: as always
Ron-Too: James, I take it the plan to come this way in Aug has gone by the boards?
james&case: they look like standard 74 series ttl chips
james&case: a friend of mine is getting married in october
rich-c: just be aware I have a lot of dead Adam boards ripe for salvage
George: who is the actual person who created ADAM?
Ron-Too: sounds like priority
james&case: and i simply can't afford to fly in twice and then again for the holidays (should we go)
rich-c: nobody knows, George
Ron-Too: understand
rich-c: presumably it was an engineering committee at Coleco
james&case: has anyone looked at the board in the url i just posted?
james&case: i'd be very willing to do a video presentation on something
rich-c: no, for some reason Spaniel Chat gets awkward if I go away
james&case: you could spawn another browser. i usually do the same thing
rich-c: I only have IE at teh moment - gave up on Opera and Netscape is too dangerous for my taste
Ron-Too: We;d like that james. I think something about programming would be appropriate - as long as it's not too complicated....
james&case: with me at the helm, it'd be very simple
Ron-Too: that's what we need
rich-c: maybe I should look into getting Mozilla 1.0
james&case: that board is so simple. you can do half the design just be looking at the pic. it would be very easy to duplicate
Ron-Too: like---- what's the job to be done? How do we break it up into tasks the computer can do
Ron-Too: ete etc
james&case: meticulous is my middle name
james&case: well, actually, james is my middle name
Ron-Too: you have not changed on that score since you were 13 years old, and I mean that as a compliment
james&case: taken as such ;-)
Ron-Too: Actually, I'm thinking you could draw examples from logo and from basic, to show that language is only secondary to the task at hand
james&case: very true
Ron-Too: Dale did that one year,, but left us somewhat breathless...... C++ and all
james&case: the ability to solve problems and think through the approach is paramount. the implementation is easy
Ron-Too: exactly
james&case: i'm still plugging away at c++ with my student
Ron-Too: I have both Borland and Visual (versions 5) here, and again...I'm short of roundtuits
Ron-Too: I was supposed to have all the time in the world
rich-c: well, on that, dont say I didnt warn you, Ron
Ron-Too: yeah, you did didn't ya
james&case: time.. yes.. i lose about 4 or 5 hours of productive time every morning these days
rich-c: been there, done that, sent word back
Ron-Too: Tell me..... anybody know anything about Borland C++ Builder?
james&case: nada
Ron-Too: there's a local store with a used copy for $29.95
Ron-Too: guess there's only one way I'm going to find out
Ron-Too: I know that Marcel deKogel has a site on it
Ron-Too: for different reason James
Ron-Too: and they are good reasons
james&case: i'm confused
rich-c: gentlemen, I find I'm just about running on empty
Ron-Too: yessir.... and I must go continue the evening
rich-c: George, I'll try to get on Saturday, hope to see you there
james&case: will see everyone next week hopefully
rich-c: james, great to have you here, will be well on time next week
Ron-Too: yup
Ron-Too: be well, all
rich-c: and so - goodnight to all
james&case: ron, i'll be bugging you via e-mail
james&case: :P
james&case: 'nite rich
Ron-Too: yes, please do..... it will get things done
james&case:, right?
Ron-Too: yup that's me
james&case: ok, i'll get the ball rolling
rich-c: nite - poof
George: night all
james&case: lol
rich-c left chat session
Ron-Too: right
james&case: nite george
Ron-Too: will go look for it right now whilst it's in mind
George: poof
George left chat session
james&case: thank you sincerely, sir
Ron-Too: nite
james&case: and then they were two
Ron-Too: and soon.......
Ron-Too: none
Ron-Too left chat session
james&case: *poof*
james&case left chat session
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wayne: hello
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