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james: good morning
james: hello?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hi James, I'm here.
james: hello
james: i'm afraid you have me at an advantage
james: with whom do i have the pleasure of speaking?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Rich Drushel? "Dr. D."?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Or are you a different James?
james: lol.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: The "Lang Syne" is because I've been away for so long.
james: i'm the same james minus a few firing neurons this morning
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Rich Clee will chuckle, anyway :-)
james: so i hear you've been somewhat busy, in the same way that lake superior is somewhat deep
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Gack, it has never stopped this semester.
james: people are curious to know if you're going to the con
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And I get no E-mail from the coladam-list, not sure if my ISP is junking it as spam (they have instituted some pretty aggressive blocking stuff).
Dr. D. Lang Syne: My plan is to go, yes.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: 2nd week(end) in August, isn't it?
james: i may be there virtually or possibly encased in a vhs tape
james: i think that's what it was
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I did that for ADAMcon 10...I sent a tape with a 2-hour presentation.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Plus $100 to be a Virtual Delegate (and thus "earn" my T-shirt).
Dr. D. Lang Syne: From what I heard about 10's finances, it had to be a welcome contribution.
james: i may go that route. i can't afford to take the time off
james: nor is it financially feasible for me to fly to and from canada three times a year
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I have been dreading the flight costs from Cleveland...I've been to scared (and busy) to look, but my guess is that it will cost me 3-4x times the delegate cost to fly there.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I can't spare 2 weeks to drive it, either.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Oops, make that "too scared too look".
james: high season from asia to canada would be at least $1200 u.s. i figure.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And I've been wondering what border crossing nonsense there is likely to be, more likely trying to get back into the USA than out of it.
james: and since i've been round trip 3 times in the last 6 months and likely have to go again in september for a wedding it's just not going to happen
james: yeah, the "proverbial" border is not so proverbial anymore
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I've never needed a passport for anything, and am wondering whether I ought to get one (if it's not too late already).
james: i don't know about the u.s. but generally, assuming you haven't done anything shady, you should be able to get one within a few weeks of applying
Dr. D. Lang Syne: After a story forwarded to me by a Finnish friend about a Finn who was locked up in chains because US customs mistakenly thought she had been one too many days in the US (without having applied for a visa) back in 1994 or somesuch...
james: finnish? gee.. that's not the first nationality that comes to mind when i think national threat
Dr. D. Lang Syne: friend has foresworn ever coming back here for business, at least until the Bush regime is gone.
james: regime. interesting choice of nomenclature. it's not a whole lot better in canaduh these days either.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: He said he'd rather be fired from his job than put up with the nonsense.
james: a friend of mine from buffalo was going to meet up with me when i was in niagara falls in march but he heard about the 6 hour border delays and changed his mind
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I haven't heard anything "interesting" about Canada recently except misplaced hoopla about SARS in Toronto.
james: lol. basically we've had a lame-duck prime minister who should have stepped down about a year ago but never took the hint
Dr. D. Lang Syne: My Finnish friend was in Toronto last summer for 5 weeks at IBM, and we decided against either of us coming to visit the other for the same reason.
james: and a liberal cabinet hellbent on insulting the u.s. at every opportune moment
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And also he was afraid that he'd not be able to get back into Canada.
james: wow
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Well, it's not like our regime doesn't deserve all the insults...I thnk that they are idiots.
james: one day, though i doubt within my lifetime, maybe case's, we'll just have the planet and do away with all this regional feudalism
Dr. D. Lang Syne: The businesses want to operate that way already.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And they are using nationalism to further their aims when it suits them.
james: i think realistically though, until most of the world is roughly on par economically and in terms of living standards, it's not a good idea
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Well, I hope that Europe will unite to oppose the American hegemony and the Chinese waiting opportunistically for the others to take each other out :-)
james: my current biggest concern is the cult of kim jong il
james: how cute. case is playing with the late commander data
Dr. D. Lang Syne: ?
james: i've got a semi-posable action figure of data that case has taken to playing with lately
Dr. D. Lang Syne: aha
james: so how did the robot egg hunt go?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I guess it's not as fully functional as the real Data...though probably more durable to small kids chewing on it.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Egg Hunt is this weekend, on Sunday.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So, you haven't missed it.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: You can watch on if you like, 12:30 PM EDT (GMT -0500).
james: i hope to check it out now that my internet access is reliable
james: hmm.. 1.30 a.m..
james: i'm usually asleep by midnight these days
Dr. D. Lang Syne: The lab webcast ought to be up right now, though unless other students are working in the back, the lights will be out.
james: i've had to adjust my sleeping cycle to accomodate his majesty
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I have to be asleep by about 10 PM tonight, since I have to get up early to take Elanor to the school to leave on a class bus trip to Chicago at 4:30 AM.
james: do any of your students work on adams?
james: what kind of trip?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Trip: standard tourist stuff, museums etc. They will be back Saturday IIRC.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Adams: no ADAMites in this bunch.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: The last student I had who played with a real ADAM was probably Fall 1998.
james: so what level course and what department is it with?
james: wow. that's five years ago now
Dr. D. Lang Syne: 300 level, if that means anything to you. Highest undergrad level. *BUT* no formal prerequisites.
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james: i bet that's mr. clee now
changed username to rich-c
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Cross-listed in Biology and Electrical Engineering/Computer Science (known as EECS around here).
james: good morning rich :P
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hello Richard.
rich-c: morning, james and evening, rich
james: i did two years of computer systems engineering
james: hows the weather in t.o?
rich-c: well, it was supposed to be cool/tolerable but it';s been a bit chillier than that
rich-c: say about 12 when we wre promised 17
james: 'tis sunny and warm here. might get a little more yard work done
rich-c: hmm - interesting change in my screen here
james: if you two gentlemen will excuse me for a few moments, someone here has raised a stink. literally.
rich-c: I upgraded a couple of weeks back to Java Runtime Environment 1.4x
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Haha, diaper duty for Daddy.
rich-c: now up in the top right corner of my screen, a little piece of IE is showing through
rich-c: also the type face has changed and I have the choice of two
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I think this Mac here has Java 1.1.8 (according to a Java Console log I just looked at).
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So Richard: have people been sending stuff out on the coladam list? I get nothing except the stuff I post.
rich-c: I started with I think 1.2, got 1.3 a while back to run some program or other - new Qucik Time, maybe?
rich-c: if they have, Rich, I haven't seen it - I did see your posts so I'm getting what comes through
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I'm wondering if my ISP's spam trap software is disposing of the posts...or if the regulars on the list are using ISPs that the spam trap is classifying as spam by definition.
rich-c: by the way, I've been looking at the menu here and there seem to be a few new items
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Did anyone reply to either of my posts this week?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: New in the chat client?
rich-c: if they did I didn't see it, but they weren't items requiring a reply
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I see an "emme" in the Rooms menu, not sure what that means.
rich-c: yes, look at the menus - they have expanded
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And "Tartarus"
rich-c: no, a couple of items look like Dale might have slipped them in for reasons unknown
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I see File, Edit, Rooms, Actions, Extras, About, and Help as top-level menus created by the chat client.
rich-c: anyway my ISP has a spam filter and I use mail washer and I still boot about 20 - 25 spams a day
james: i don't get anything on the mailing list either. i checked my caughtspam folder on my mailserver in ottawa and it only caught one false positive
Dr. D. Lang Syne moved to room emme
Dr. D. Lang Syne moved to room Tartarus
Dr. D. Lang Syne moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Well, that just changed the colors of the chat windows.
rich-c: oh, what did?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: "emme" went blue. "Tartarus" went black. And then "Meeting Place" is white again.
rich-c moved to room emme
rich-c moved to room Tartarus
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Maybe this Mac is too old to see the new features you are seeing.
rich-c moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: only problem is that it drops you out and loses the log
james: am i alone?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Yes, I noticed that.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Not sure why that is there.
rich-c: no, Rich and I have been playing with new items on teh drop-down menus
james moved to room emme
james: it's blue now
james moved to room Meeting Place
james: so it would seem
(Dr. D. Lang Syne quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
rich-c: oh, now james in in emme - wonder if this shows up?
(Dr. D. Lang Syne groans loudly)
(Dr. D. Lang Syne smiles)
james: i'm back here
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I guess those have been there all along, just never paid any attention.
(Someone throws a brick at Dr. D. Lang Syne)
james: wasn't me
james: :P
(Dr. D. Lang Syne is thrown out of the window.)
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Like Krazy Kat, I am immune to thrown bricks.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So fie upon thee, Ignatz Mouse!
rich-c: see what all this mucking about in strange places gets you?
(rich-c reboots Dr. D. Lang Syne's computer remotely.)
Dr. D. Lang Syne: NO CARRIER~~~
rich-c: just sent an email to the mailing list to see if it gets through the various spam filters
james: i'll give it a try
james: brb
rich-c: well, if you get an email from me soon you'll know
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Just telnetted into and opened my mailbox, we'll see if anything comes in.
rich-c: be interesting to see how long it takes for my copy to arrive here
rich-c: I have mail washer checking every ten minutes in the background
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Well, since I've been away so everyone well?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: (Just got your mail, Richard)
rich-c: we don't know about Dale or Jill, they havent been on for weeks
rich-c: OK, took about two minutes to get to you and got through your filter OK
rich-c: doctor wants me to see a specialist about a prostate area vascular change - just in case, those my PSA tst is normal
rich-c: and I finally get to see an orthopedic surgeon next week about getting a hip jpoint replacement
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Oh my, it's come to bionic legs, has it? The cartilage supplement did not work well enough?
rich-c: the specialist clinics are mostly in hospitals that have been closed to visitws because of SARS
rich-c: no, I'm disappointed to say that it didnt - deterioration has been slow, but it's been there
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Sigh.
rich-c: interestingly, the doctor told me the mechanical function is fine, it's the pain that limits ability
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Are you going to be laid up for ADAMcon?
rich-c: so if I can control the pain then I should be able to do normal physical things
rich-c: oh heavens no - the question is whether I dare to drive there with the trailer
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Long sitting does not affect your condition? Or ability to press brake or gas pedals?
rich-c: staying in any position long enough can cause pain, sometimes severe
rich-c: but I can change the positioning of my left leg and that is the troublesome one
rich-c: also my chair in the van has a fair range of positions available
rich-c: to give you an idea, I can only sleep in one position at night
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Sigh.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Would the hip replacement change this?
rich-c: yes, from what everyone who's had it tells me, you go pretty well back to normal
rich-c: Joseph over teh back fence could barely move before his change, now he's full time gardening when not walking the dog
rich-c: others we know who have had it done have all said dont wait, do it now
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So what kind of time frame are you looking at for the replacement? How long does it take to work through your Health Service (or whatever the name is, I can't remember)?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: A tiny slip of a Chinese girl in the robot class this semester was out for a while because of corrective surgery on one of her hip joints.
rich-c: well, we don't have a Health Service or anything like thait all depends on which hospital the surgeon admits to and what their waiting list is like
Dr. D. Lang Syne: She must weigh not more than 75 lbs...but had some kind of defect that made it hard for her to walk.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: She seems to be much better after whatever surgery was done.
rich-c: right now with the time lost to the SARS epidemic I'd imagine waiting lists are pretty fierce
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It's not a lung replacement :-)
rich-c: remember it's elective surgery so doesnt have the priority of needful things
rich-c: anyway if I have my druthers I'll have it done late fall - late Oct/ early Nov
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Well, let's hope the hospitals are scubbed of SARS by then.
rich-c: figue if I'm going to be hors de combat a bit it might as well be when I can't do anything anyway
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I presume that Pam will get shuttle duty for you and Frances during your recuperation?
rich-c: oh, the last "public" case ended April 9th and teh last in-hospital case ended Apr. 20th
james: back
rich-c: no, I expect I will be able to drive myself very soon after I get sprung from hospital
rich-c: Pamela has a very full-time job and her own life to live; I'd not want to impose
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Which hip, right or left, did you say?
rich-c: the left hip - clutch side on an automatic truck ;-]
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Solves that problem. How about climbing up into said high-floor-pan truck?
rich-c: I just put my right leg on the running board, heave my butt into the seat, and pull my legs in after
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Sounds like you have considered all the options :-)
james: sorry to be gone so long. was fixing case a "snack"
rich-c: well, like, I've had this for months, so I've had to learn the accomodations one makes
james: just caught up. i hope your hip replacement goes well, rich
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Elanor says hi...she is going off to sleep now.
rich-c: you may recall at the last Adamcon I had my limitations but still functioned pretty well OK
rich-c: tell Elanor hi from us, please
james: test
rich-c: wonder where the Slopsemas and Guy and Ron and Pam are tonight - it's so quiet
rich-c: you're still with us, james
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Message conveyed.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Ron and Pam were never showing up until the 2nd hour, at least in Fall 2002.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Some show Pam was watching.
rich-c: anyway I do feel there is certain risk in trying to run a transcontinental in my shape
changed username to scott
scott: Hey Rich
rich-c: but we desperately want to do it and can afford to really take our time
rich-c: in fact I think we could average only 100 miles a day and still arive with time in hand
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hello Scott.
rich-c: hey, Scott, didn't see you come in - welcome
scott: If you see Daniel before I do, let him know that my wife and I are almost done assembling his cartridges
rich-c: if we do, I'll pass the word along, but he wasn't on on Saturday
james: i have to go to the post office. i should be back in about 45 minutes or so.
james: hi scott
rich-c: he's working on some sort of assignment involving Java for his course and needed a forum in French
Dr. D. Lang Syne: There's part of me that would be really up for a marathon car trip like BASIC did to Salt Lake City...but I don't think I could take Herman smoking in the van any more...
rich-c: OK james hope to see you shortly
scott: Hi James. How's Japan?
james: warm and sunny
james: i'll bid you good night now, dr. d as you may have gone to bed by the time i return
scott: Those North Koreans aren't giving you guys any problems, now are they?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It's amazing how far you can get if you drive continuously. In 1993 I remember, leave Cleveland at 8:00 AM, at 9:30 PM we are eating supper in Lincoln, Nebraska.
rich-c: that was rarely an issue with me because we didn't have a/c and teh windows wre always open
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Bye James.
james: see you all again soon
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rich-c: nite james
changed username to BobS
james: *poof*
james left chat session
BobS: POOF..........
rich-c: well, the late Mr. Slopsema - where y'all been?
BobS: misssed him eh???
rich-c: yup, serves you right ;-]
BobS: to a big meeating at the antique mall.........they are closing
BobS: bummer, now we got all thsi junk.........
BobS: and got to do womthin with it
rich-c: oh horrors - that's sort of your key outlet, isnt it?
BobS: somethin
BobS: the best one, yes
scott: Rich - were you able to check to see if you have any extra cartridges?
BobS: the other one is down on sales
Dr. D. Lang Syne: womthin is a good word, 'cause I bet it's the women that made you bring all that junk home :-)
BobS: WAKE UP doc
rich-c: hate to tell you, Scott, but it entirely slipped my mind - have had a bunch of minor crises lately
BobS: thomthin like dat
Dr. D. Lang Syne: haha
scott: What?! Didn't check???
rich-c: hey, at least I scored one small triumph this week
scott: What are you talking about, man????
rich-c: first - today Canon was advertising inkjet refill cartridges for my printer - $20 each
scott: I guess none of the rest of you would have extra or non working cartridges?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Game cartridges or inkjet cartridges?
rich-c: and my printer is showing low on two of the colours -the others will soon also be down
scott: Coleco game cartridges
rich-c: but I found a place in Scarboro selling clone cartridges for $7 each
Dr. D. Lang Syne: No dead ones here (sorta amazing after all these years).
rich-c: and when I bought four they threw in an electronic stopwatch for free
scott: What are clone cartridges?
rich-c: ink cartridges that fit the printer but wren't made by Canon
rich-c: anyway crises - jugging doctor appointment, dentist appointment for crown, two specialist appointments (cancelled for SARS)
rich-c: broken seal = leaking gas on van, that sort of thing
rich-c: a lot of essentially minor but time-consuming extra chores to be done
scott: Well, guys, I gotta get off the phone line -- Mike from Good Deal Games is gonna call me.
scott: See ya later.
rich-c: hope to go up and see what it will take to make the trailer roadworthy tomorrow
scott: *Poof*
scott left chat session
rich-c: see you SAcott
rich-c: by the way, how are you folks doing on gas prices?
rich-c: I found a station @59.9/l yesterday
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Last fillup by me last week was $1.469/gal IIRC, 87 octane, for the lawn mower jerry can.
rich-c: on a US size gallon, that's $2.28 Canadian - about $1.62 US$
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I keep a logbook of all gas purchased for the cars, so I have historical data going back to 1989 (1986 for the Maverick, which hasn't been driven for some years now though).
rich-c: wow, your prices are really down then
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Most of it from the corner Sunoco station.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hang on, I will get the book from the Voyager...
BobS: good lord now we are alone!!!!
rich-c: anyway, Bob, what do you have to unload with the mall closing?
rich-c: and how long do you have left to unload it?
BobS: dropped here to $1.47 today and will undoubtedly jump up to 1.57 or so in few days then drop, etc
BobS: mall closes JMune 1st
BobS: June
BobS: hopefully another of the dealers is loooking into opening a mall
rich-c: then you only have under five weeks left?
BobS: tonight he got quite a show of support and commitment to go with him
BobS: 4 weeks
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rich-c: yes, I believe we have something like that going on here in Toronto
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Dr. D. Lang Syne: 4/19 $1.539; 4/02 $1.639; 3/15 $1.739, 3/11 $1.739; 2/23 $1.639; 2/12 $1.789; 1/29 $1.519; 1/17 $1.489; 1/04 $1.469; 12/17 $1.349.
Judy: Hi, Rich
BobS: about what we had Dr D
rich-c: but the best and oldest antique mall in the city is folding, and teh dealers cant come together to lease a coop
BobS: BUT going to Florida end of Feb, paid low of 140 in Georgia/Tennesse and upt o $1.75 in Fl and here
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hello Judy.
rich-c: they all say they would sublet but wont cosign a cooperative master lease
Judy: Hello Dr D
Judy: How is the family?
rich-c: maybe there are some sort of legal complications we are not hearing about
Dr. D. Lang Syne: A loaded question :-)
Judy: probably!!!
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Kids are all fine, all busy, Christina is playing varsity softball.
BobS: well, I even toyed with the idea of jumping in, but the mall is in Holland and that is almost an hour away.......too far to get to heavily involved
Judy: so, keeping you very busy
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Joan spent Easter in the hospital :-( But she was released 24 hours later and seems to be okay now.
rich-c: only an hour? but what's that on a busy retail day?
rich-c: great heavens - what happened to Joan?
Judy: what was wrong with her?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Doctors don't know.
BobS: on a busy day maybe hour and a half.....or on yucky winter days
Judy: is she doing better now?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: She fell over unconscious in church, was out for about 15 minutes. Had some EKG irregularities when they took her to the ER.
BobS: what the heck good are docters then????????
rich-c: well, how long would you usually want to keep the shop open?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It wasn't heat, or the sermon, or crowding, or dehydration, or lack of food.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It wasn't heart attack, or stroke, or seizure.
BobS: 10 to 6 daily and 12 to 6 on Sun is what we have now........would be better to stay open til 8pm
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I.e., it wasn't all the obvious possibilities.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So, unless it happened again, they weren't going to move to Round 2 of testing.
Judy: ruled out things but didn't give an answer to what is going on?
rich-c: is she on any medication that could have that sort of side effect?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: They gave her 3 days off from work and said she could go back if nothing happened. Nothing did, so back she went.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: No meds except the odd Tylenol for headache. No supplements or vitamins or herbal what-have-yous.
rich-c: no chance it could have been a TIA? did they do an EEG to see?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: No EEG that I know of. Because of the EKG irregularities, she was admitted to the coronary unit and monitored with a telemetry box the whole time she was there.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: The EKG stuff was only irregular in the ER, never in the coronary unit.
rich-c: you may recall that over New Years last year Frances had a TIA
Dr. D. Lang Syne: She is to see our family doctor next week for routine physical stuff.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Now that you mention it, I remember.
rich-c: one of teh side effects was that her blood pressure went through teh roof - over 200 systolic
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Heh. Hers was 90/40 when admitted to the ER>
Judy: speaking of Frances, how is she?
rich-c: doinf fine, sitting in the other room playing with her Amiga
Dr. D. Lang Syne: But it normally is on the low side, like 100/60.
rich-c: did I mention her mother is now 100 years old?
BobS: ah.....isn't that a might low??????????
Judy: say hi from me, please
Dr. D. Lang Syne: A little on the low normal side, but still normal. "Normal" being 110/70.
rich-c: yes, 90/40 is really low - normal is what, 120/80?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I will..she's at work again tonight.
Judy: but 40 is very low isn't it?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Yes, it is definitely get-to-the-hospital low.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: At least 2 physicians in the congregation were with her almost as soon as she keeled over, so there was aggressive intevention and calling of 911 etc.
Judy: I hope you can find out what is going on
rich-c: cario abnormalities and a BP of 40 - yeah, something was sure wrong
Dr. D. Lang Syne: All I know is second-hand, because I was at home, getting ready for a planned trek to my Dad's after they got home. Of course that away mission was scrubbed.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Christina was the main eyewitness, next to the physicians in the congregation.
rich-c: obviosly
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Joan herslf has little recollection of anything.
rich-c: well, at least if the trouble repeats at work, she'll have expert help close at hand
Dr. D. Lang Syne: So, we just wait and hope it doesn't happen again.
Judy: probably
rich-c: or if it does happen again that it will do so in circumstances that let the problem be identified
Dr. D. Lang Syne: If she had not been discharged when she was, I would have had to cancel the dress rehearsal for the Egg Hunt downtown at the Great Lakes Science Center, because I wouldn't have been available to drive the equipment truck from the University.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It made for a lot of contingency it was a hectic time.
Judy: no wonder we haven't seen you on chat for a while
Dr. D. Lang Syne: If I can just make it to next Friday..Egg Hunt will be done, grades will be done, nothing to do until my summer robot course in mid-June except slug research.
rich-c: well, these emergencies do arise, and they do take priority
Judy: you are still in slug research?
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It's been busy. Joan had a bunch of evening shift this spring, and I have had transport duties for 3 girl scouts and 1 band/softball player. At 9 PM, I just fall asleep.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Still slug research paying the Drushel bills.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: At least for 2 more years, assuming we don't get a grant renewed before then.
Judy: we have some in the yard I could donate
Dr. D. Lang Syne: haha
rich-c: in which case it will be for more than two years?
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D. Lang Syne: It will be for the duration of whatever that grant is...usually they run in 3-year cycles.
Judy: I am trying to get rid of them
Dr. D. Lang Syne: 2 unidentifieds...Pam and Ron?
BobS: appears possibly the mighty one is having problemsd
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I haven't seen any yet here, in the grass that is.
rich-c: likely Guy hit teh key twice by mistake ;-]
BobS: YO
BobS: what a "GUY"
rich-c: but yes, Pam and Ron are both overdue and Pam didnt send any apologies
Judy: we have been digging in the back yard, put in a pond
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Mmm, frogs and dragonflies.
Dr. D. Lang Syne: And fish?
Judy: my tropical garden
rich-c: yes, any time you need some garden type slugs, Rich, just drop me an email
Judy: no, just going to have fish
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Big goldfish?
Judy: they are going to be donated by Josh
rich-c: hi, daughter
Pamela: I'm here, finally
Judy: hi, Pam
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Hello Pamela.
Pamela: Hi there
Pamela: wow, quiet night
Pamela: where is everyone?
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi Rich, it's so nice to see you
BobS: and HOW many times did ya try to get in my dear????????
Judy: this is my way of getting rid of stress
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I'm about to duck out :-(
Pamela: only tried once, Bob
rich-c: Judy, just make sure your fish are teh kind that like mosquito larvae
BobS: quack quack...........
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I have to take Elanor to the school to start a bus trip to Chicago at 4:30 AM.
Pamela: Oh Rich, are you leaving already?
BobS: oh boy that time again??????
Dr. D. Lang Syne: James and I were here at 8:30.
Judy: good night then Dr D hope life gets a little easier
Pamela: 4:30 ???? yuck
rich-c: OK Rich, be good, come again soon
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Joan is evening shift tonight, so I get shuttle duty.
changed username to Tom
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Watch the Egg Hunt Sunday at 12:30 PM
Pamela: safe trip to Elanor then and hopefully we'll see you next week
rich-c: well, hello, Tom, it's been a while
Pamela: can't, I won't be here
Pamela: Hi, Ton
Pamela: oops, Tom
Dr. D. Lang Syne: I will be grading LEGO lab design notebooks Wednesday night, and will need a break :-)
Dr. D. Lang Syne: Good night everyone.
Pamela: nite : )
rich-c: nite Rich
Dr. D. Lang Syne: <poof>
rich-c: what are you plotting for Sunday, Pam?
Dr. D. Lang Syne left chat session
Pamela: we're going up to the trailer this weekend Dad
Pamela: won't be back till Sunday evening
rich-c: hope that the westher holds up for you
rich-c: we hope to go take a look at our trailer tomorrow
Pamela: hope so too - but the rain is here - I can hear it - so hopefully we'll get rid of this system by Friday morning
Pamela: Actually, I'm to blame for the rain - I washed the car yesterday
rich-c: well, if tomorrow is too messy we'll look at it Friday
Pamela: I took a half day for tomorrow and all of Friday as vacation days so we're leaving Friday morning - theoretically, anyway : )
rich-c: your mother says wathc out for mosquitos - there is already some West Nile around
Judy: thanks we do need the rain it is really dry here
BobS: rain maybe gone by Sat night Pam and then good till Mon night.....assuming you are 24 hrs behind us weatherwise
Pamela: Judy, wanted to tell you that after all we went thru a couple of weeks ago, we've decided not to do games at the shower
Pamela: we'll be careful Dad - it's not supposed to be very warm anyway, so probably won't be outside much
Judy: we haven't got any mosquitos here yet
Pamela: plus, I have a date with my cross stitch needle
rich-c: nor here, but the season is rapidly coming on
Judy: good choice, Pam I don't like them
BobS: yea they are warning about the virus here already
Pamela: most people seem to feel that way Judy
Judy: we went to a shower last week and they had a makeup party at it, the pits
BobS: and dead birds are showing up
Pamela: we'll reserve a couple just in case, but I don't think we'll need them
rich-c: we are having a quiet crisis with our local birds
BobS: meaning?????
Judy: not if you are having a lot of people there, then it goes on forever
rich-c: we havent seen a chickadee since September - normally we can't open the door without ducking the shuttle between our feeder and teh tree
Pamela: exactly - and attendance will be at about 25, I think
rich-c: I' refilling teh feeder at two week intervals instead of two day
Judy: and sars
rich-c: the starling flocks are a fraction of their normal size
Pamela: Barb and Lin had chickadees at the trailer, Dad
BobS: hmmmmmmm
BobS: strangely.......a side effect of the virus??????
Judy: we don't have any finches this year
rich-c: we rarely see a crow; we do hear the odd jay but see very few
BobS: no crows around here either
rich-c: our sparrow mob is barely a small gathering, house finches are few and wary
Pamela: I can do without the crows close up - they make waaaaay too much noise
Judy: I had a bluebird which I never had before
Pamela: BTW, did I miss anything last week?
rich-c: West Nile is supposed to be worst for corvids - crows and jays and such
Judy: yes, all of us!!!
rich-c: but apparently it's hitting the English sparrows too
rich-c: even the @##$%^&* pigeons seem to be way down in numbers, and the gulls
Pamela: well of course Judy
Pamela: This hasn't been a good month for chats - it seems I'm forever running behind
rich-c: if things are this bad already, what will it be like when the mosquitos are out and biting?
BobS: yea like getting a hair cut???????
BobS: shame on ya
Judy: we were late tonight had a meeting to go to in Holland
Pamela: no hair cut, no ability to see the monitor, Bob
Pamela: it's funny, ever since I cut my hair short, I've had to maintain the six week schedule or I go nuts
BobS: luckily we have no mosquitos here, can could them on on ehand per summer
BobS: in the old place we had tons of them
Pamela: old place?
BobS: Mandy couldn't go in the back yard during the day!!!!!
Judy: last house
rich-c: well, Toronto is not exactly friendly country for mosquitos, but some find their way in
Pamela: ah - how long ago was that?
BobS: moved in 1994 and left the skeeters behind
Judy: didn't miss them a bit
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: we tend to have some lurk in the red currant bush to ambush Frances when she's picking
Pamela: even Russell is concerned about them this year
BobS: this west nile thing is BAD
Pamela: normally, the ignore him and head straight for me
Judy: me too
Pamela: he actually said he was going to wear bug repellent this year
rich-c: wonders will never cease
Pamela: I nearly fainted
Judy: the trouble is didn't they say that deet is bad for you
rich-c: make sure he uses something DEET based but follows the directions
Judy: now they want you to spray with it
Pamela: actually what I said was "who are you, and what have you done with Russell?"
Pamela: they're saying that here too Judy
rich-c: DEET can cause effects that doctors think might be cause for some sort of concern - very vague
BobS: DEEt in rub on form gets too big a concentration into the skin I think
rich-c: what it amounts to is, it's a lot less risky than West Nile
Pamela: VR news - out of Barrie and Muskoka - did an interview with the owners of the campground next to ours last week
Pamela: said that normally they leave the potholes in their access road for speed control
Judy: or something is going to get you, which is worse?
rich-c: well, DEET products can have concentrations of 10% to 30% or more
Pamela: but this year they're going to fill them in to avoid having a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Pamela: Those of us up the road are very grateful : )
rich-c: if in doubt and little protection is needed, buy the 10% solution
Judy: much better for the car also!!!
Pamela: gonna get my bug juice bottle - brb
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rich-c: I think that Off! spray tends to run around 10%, Muskol is 30%
Pamela: okay, got my OFF! Skintastic bottle
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James
james: cool, people are still here
james: hi pam. how's it going?
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: welcome back, james - morning going better now?
BobS: AH you're back
Pamela: says here Deet 7.125%, related toluamides 0.375%
BobS: course, i got on just as you left
james: went to the post office and sent some money to canada
Pamela: oh, you sent me money James? Thank you!
BobS: why, is canada broke????????
rich-c: my guess would be, Pam, if you need protection at all, that isn't enough
Pamela: actually Bob ,yes
Judy: should buy new, don't think we have much left
BobS: and needs a loan????
james: have to pay visa, in an operation i refer to as a cashectomy
james: lol
james: not yet
BobS: bummer, bills are abummer
james: yup
BobS: charge car4d company aught to give usa FREE month once in while
Pamela: Yes James, Ihave one of those every month - very painful
james: so did you get that auction item, bob?
BobS: noe
BobS: nope
Pamela: are you still using Muskol Dad?
james: i totally forgot. i'll have to see what it closed at
BobS: would have had about 60 US in it and didn't want ot go that high
BobS: closed at just under 30, but whipping would have run 30
rich-c: mostly we use Muskol, yes
james: hmm.. maybe we could contact the auction winner, invite them to the chat
Pamela: trouble is, I can't stand the scent of Muskol - I'll have to look and see if they have a cream or something
rich-c: sometimes I prefer teh spray, sometimes I need it from the bottle
BobS: could be
james: see if they'd be willing to send us some detailed pics of that card
Pamela: might as well moisturize while I'm at it
BobS: AND tell us what it does
Judy: seems they could make it without that awful smell
Pamela: actually, I guess what I really need is Muskol cream with sunscreen to cover all my bases
BobS: has to be a monitor port like the full ADAM has
Pamela: you'd think so, wouldn't you Judy
Judy: that is one reason I hate to use it
BobS: looked like Orphanware but Herman and George di NOT recognize it
rich-c: I believe there are issues involved in using sunscreen with bug repellant
Pamela: yeah, me too - and then you have to shower it off before bed, another pain
Pamela: I don't think so Dad - OFF puts one out
BobS: sun. bugs, burns, bites,........HECK stay INSIDE
Pamela: SPF 15 with DEET
BobS: and use a tanning lamp
james: it looks like a monitor port, but why make one when adam has one already
Judy: hopefully most of the campgrounds will spray for them
rich-c: good theory, Pam, but I doubt it's on the market
Pamela: which theory Dad?
rich-c: SPF/DEET
BobS: the one for sale was a module 3 and used the video port of the colecovision
BobS: which was ONLY the rca plug
Pamela: no seriously Dad, OFF puts out a combo sunscreen with SPF 15 and bug repellent
james: hmm
james: interesting
rich-c: really? any idea what the DEET strength is?
BobS: had to go in modem slot......Doug thinks that is a pretty much stright into the bus access point
BobS: straight
Pamela: no, but if I had to guess, I'd say the same as the Skintastic cream at 7.125%
BobS: have specs to add 5 pin din to the module 3, but have never tried it
rich-c: have teh feeling the bug-off wouldn't last as long as the sunscreen
Pamela: dunno, i've never tried it - SPF 15 is too light for me
james: hmm.. maybe that' nltt gg bvvgvvvbb
Pamela: I usually use a 30 or a 50, depending on body part
james: sec
Judy: what SPF do you use?
james: g g
james: a cz
Pamela: James - is that a new language, or are you speaking Case?
Judy: I like 8
rich-c: I have found that 15 is usually adequate for teh exposurs I get
BobS: CASE, straighten up boy
james: care to guess who's helping me type? :P
rich-c: I suppose if we can make our trip this summer I may want 30 some days
Pamela: HI CASE
james: he's cranky.
BobS: it shows
Pamela: aw, poor little man
james: time for a nap maybe. brgb
Pamela: I have found in recent years that I burn more easily than I used to
Pamela: I think it may have something to do with my meds - one of them is a steroid
Pamela: therefore, I never go out with less than a 30 on if I'm going to be exposed for more than a few minutes
rich-c: yes - in fact come to think of it, I think my arthrotec has an avoid sunlight caution'
Judy: yes, some of mine say that it affects it but I haven't seen any problem
Pamela: I even put it on before doing the bank run
rich-c: I think that may be cutting it a bit thick, Pam
Pamela: I'm much more sensitive than I used to be. Unprotected, I'll burn in about 20 - 30 minutes
rich-c: you should give your bod at least some chance to make some vitamin D
Pamela: Oh, I'm getting out there Dad, and it's not block, just screen
Judy: good thing you aren't doing my project than
Pamela: just takes me longer to burn that way. No likem burns, ick
Pamela: what project Judy?
Judy: I have been out for days on end
Pamela: in the garden?
BobS: the tropics
Judy: we were putting in a pond
Pamela: ah, that's what prompted the fish / mosquito comment as I came on
Judy: it is shaping up very well already
Judy: yes
Pamela: how big is it, and where did you put it?
Judy: 125 gallon
Judy: and a 35 gallon smaller dumping in
Pamela: is that swimming pool size or wading pond size?
Judy: nether
BobS: remember the green round spot in the yard behind the deck?????
Judy: the boys are not allowed in at all
BobS: tain't there anymore
Pamela: vaguely
Pamela: was that the only green spot? : )
BobS: about 20' in diamter
Judy: it is all garden now
Pamela: TWENTY FEET???
BobS: now a caribbean paradise
BobS: the green grass was 20'
Judy: Bob was working on the lights last night, so it is lit
BobS: pool build up is 8' diameter
Pamela: I was right, it's a swimming pool
BobS: nope only 16" deep
Judy: no
Pamela: spoilsports
Judy: the boys maybe thing that, but they are to stay out
Pamela: you'll really need to keep an eye on the boys now
Pamela: and pools are a magnet for kids
Judy: all ways did here they are not used to the street
Judy: so they are not out by themselves
Pamela: I know you will, but just be really careful - everyone has heard the horror stories
Judy: don't let them out there alone
Pamela: don't take your eyes off them for a second
Judy: no, I don't
Judy: had Ryan today
Pamela: I guess an 8' chain link fence would spoil the effect, huh?
BobS: ya
Judy: yes, it would
Pamela: shucks
BobS: thought though
Pamela: so what did he think of the pool Judy?
BobS: figure we will electrify the poll ..... that will keep kids out
Judy: it really is nice to hear the water running
Pamela: Bob, you can't poach people!
Pamela: It's just not done
BobS: why not, they don't belong here.....KRISPY CRITTERS
Judy: he couldn't go out today, was raining
Pamela: ROTFL
BobS: heard of KRISPY CREMES??????? just like those onlyh different
Judy: they don't put poeple in jail here you know
Pamela: besides, if you do that you'll have poached raccoon, poached squirrel, poached cat etc
james: back
Pamela: oh lord, that really tickled my funny bone
BobS: cool, that's like manifold cooking on the car engine, yes?????
james: his highness is still with me
Judy: do you have recipes for that, Pam
Pamela: you're sick, Mr. S!
Pamela: YVW
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Pamela: I guess that's why they used to call it poaching, right?
(BobS hands Pamela a tissue.)
BobS: yup
rich-c: right - roadkill, it's not just for breakfast any more
Judy: I do have a critter out there
Judy: saw it last night
Pamela: does it have stripes?
BobS: AND have a glass of OJ with that OK?????
rich-c: OK
BobS: florida oj that is
Judy: no, small, furry little thing didn't see it very close
Pamela: ew, poached juiced OJ
Pamela: probably either a squirrel or a chipmunk
rich-c: our critters have black masks
Pamela: we feed our critters!
Pamela: James, FYI Bob is planning on poaching people in the ornamental pool
Judy: it is living in the mulch
james: lol
BobS: when we get real fish in there we will find out IF there are nasty fish eaters around
Pamela: that's what had me rolling
james: i'll make it a point to be absent
james: :P
Pamela: it's cute actually - the chippies are very bold and will come right up your leg and sit on your knee, but the squirrels are really shy
rich-c: no trolling for teh family shop? ;-]
BobS: no trolling
rich-c: that's OK, squirrels bite and carry rabies
Pamela: I'll bring my fishing pole next time : )
BobS: do NOT give Michael nay ideas
BobS: any
Pamela: whatcha gonna do with the fish in the winter?
Judy: not a squirrel or chippie
BobS: he is spunky enough
Pamela: never had a squirrel get close enough - they're too skittish
Judy: either a kind of mole or whatever they call them
Pamela: oh - the really little ones - they're cute
Pamela: black, with really short fur?
Judy: dark not sure it was black short fur
Pamela: yeah, probably a mole
BobS: NOT cute
Pamela: but then again, I like mice too
Judy: you can have him
Pamela: just not in my closet
BobS: KNEW there was something strange about you......
Pamela: that's just one of my secrets Bob
rich-c: I thought all trailer people had a problem with mice...
Judy: tried everything to get rid of it last year, with no luck
Pamela: ask my Mom about our mouse adventure
Judy: not us
Judy: don't want them
Pamela: no, we've never seen mice in ours
Pamela: I think we get them in the winter but have never seen any during the season
Pamela: however, we have a large cat population -that might explain it
BobS: ok gang Judy's battery just died and she blew puter died.......
BobS: she says BBYE
BobS: and me also, tooo , in addition.........
Pamela: oops - say g'bye
rich-c: bye Judy and Bob, see you Sat or next week
Pamela: It's that time for me too - with half a day tomorrow, I want to get in early
BobS: POOF, auf wiedersehen, goot bye, etc
Pamela: nite Bob
BobS: OK
BobS left chat session
rich-c: night, daughter, enjopy the trailer
Pamela: thanks, we will - looking forward to getting away
Pamela: James, say goodnight to Case for me - and good nite to you too
rich-c: and if you phone and get a busy signal, send an email - I now have a 10 minute check going
Pamela: okay, I will Dad
james: will do
Pamela: nite, Daddy
rich-c: nite, Pam
james: good night pam
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
james: so who's left?
rich-c: guess we're sort of out of people, james
james: looks like
rich-c: pack it in, then?
james: i'm around for a few more minutes but i'm going to have lunch soon and get at least one thing done todya
rich-c: guess we might as well knock it off tehn; I have some stuff to wind up before bed
rich-c: think you can join us next week?
james: ok. i'll hopefully be around next week
rich-c: right - good night, then, and take care
james: you too. ttys!
rich-c: bye
rich-c left chat session
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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