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rich-c: good morning, james
rich-c: given up on us, have you? :-)
rich-c: refresh
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james: hi rich
james: sorry to keep you waiting
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james: morning bob
rich-c: aha, at last someone turns up
BobS: Morning james brothers
rich-c: just when I was getting a handle on my Free Cell game
james: i was here about half an hour ago then case woke up
BobS: yea, couldn't get in....then went to Dr D's site
BobS: nobody there so HERE I AM
rich-c: couldn't get i? that is strange, Bob
james: odd, yeah
BobS: so how is the litttle guy?????
rich-c: I've been here since 9 and james was already here and away
james: he's on the floor singing
BobS: and Richard, and Freances
rich-c: Frances is fine; I've been a bit under the weather
BobS: how's the body going these days richard???
BobS: Oh OH
rich-c: went to teh doctor Monday to find out what was wrong - he looked me all over and said "I haven't a clue"
rich-c: sent me to teh lab for tests to see if that turns up anything
james: ouch
rich-c: meanwhile, finally got to the ortho clinic and am now in the queue for teh hip replacement
james: sec. someone's discovered my bookshelf
BobS: got any date yet?????
james: that's good. how long does the operation take?
BobS: or 'projected' date?
rich-c: no, still have to see the internist and get more X-rays but they are saying 4 - 6 months
rich-c: you realize I knew this and timed my visit to the specialist accordingly
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: the problem is the SARS "epidemic" screwed things up royally
BobS: i can believe that!!!!!
BobS: and you do NOT want to deal with that
rich-c: the hospitals had to shut down all elective surgery and second staff to SARS work
rich-c: go into teh hospital now - if they'll allow it - and you have to wash in alcohol, get your temp taken
rich-c: then you have to fill out a questionaire before you go further
BobS: that is almost as bad as getting in to the local airport
james: heh he
rich-c: everyone is masked, double gowned, double gloved, often in goggles
james: sounds like a scene out of e.t.
BobS: of course, IF you go to a majoe airport, you can just drive up to the door just like th eold days
BobS: major
rich-c: well, everyone knows 90% is hysterical over-reaction, but that other ten percent can kill you
BobS: true
james: and there are a couple of strains of the virus now too
rich-c: don't know what is going on in our airports right now, although they are installing remote temperature sensors
james: someone here is smelly. i'll be back
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: anyway it looks as if everything is under control here and in a fw more days it will be gone from Toronto
BobS: well.....the stupid part of the whole airport business is that the big airports have not changed anything but the medium airports are going off the wall with security
BobS: for instance, I could drive right up the terminal at Orlando.......but here I get stopped by a guard adn searched thru the car 2o0o yards FROM the terminal
BobS: 200
BobS: stupid
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changed username to Colecoguy
BobS: don't make ME feel warm and fuzzy, just ticked off
Colecoguy: Hello all hope you are all well!
rich-c: well, Americans havent been remotely rational since 9/11 - I'm ashamed for tehm
BobS: what's up?????
rich-c: well, hello, Michael!
BobS: we'uns is fine
Colecoguy: Sorry I haven't been arround for a while but life keeps throwing me curves
rich-c: you too, huh?
BobS: so that makes you different?????? me thinks not
Colecoguy: I tend to agree but its finding the time when the day is done to make it here
BobS: if it were not for BAD luck, would have NO luck ata ll
Colecoguy: Everyone ready for the ADAMcon
Colecoguy: Second that one Bob
BobS: all about priorities Michael
Colecoguy: yes sir
BobS: got plane tickets, hotels and car........YUP ready for ADAMCON
Colecoguy: so how is everyone all well
rich-c: just got your email, Michael; when did you send it out?
BobS: just don't have the ferry reservations yet
Colecoguy: good health and all that
Colecoguy: just a few minutes ago
Colecoguy: it reminded me Rich
rich-c: OK, that worked well, then - guess Tamco was on teh ball
Colecoguy: yes it does happen once and awhile
rich-c: I still haven't worked out whether we can drive out or will have to fly
Colecoguy: I haven't decided whether bus or plane
rich-c: FWIW we went up and checked teh trailer last week and it seems to have stood storage well
Colecoguy: probably bus cause of money if I do make it, I have even thought of hitching
rich-c: and I took teh t4ruck in today to have some detail work finished on teh engine swap
Colecoguy: Oh thats good to hear Rich, I just did the walk through on the new one and all is well will be moving it into park next week
rich-c: got a call from teh insurance company who say the new engine wont hurt my premium
Colecoguy: Well thats good to hear as well I remember you saying something about that
rich-c: at the moment there seem to be some very nice fares out there Toronto-Vancouver
rich-c: but then Vancouver/ Comox is not a cheap jump
Colecoguy: yes but the problem is the trailer in the park at the moment.... Adamcon after that
BobS: almost as much as to Vancouver?????
Colecoguy: Oh if I do go by Plane it will be to Vancouver then I will take the bus from there to commox
rich-c: I think we figured that flying would cost us less than half what going with teh trailer would
Colecoguy: I do know my way arround out there I lived there for 5 years
Colecoguy: adn as I traveled out by bus in 1998 for Grandparents 50th I should be able to find my way arround
rich-c: well Michael, WestJet have direct Hamilton/Comox service with a stop in Calgary
rich-c: I think there is even a Toronto/Comox flight just not every day
rich-c: and I don't know what this new HMY outfit may be offering
Colecoguy: you had mentioned that but if I go Richard it will be for other reasons as well like meeting my aunt and finding out where the grandparents are?
BobS: new airline??????
rich-c: yes, name is HMY, apparently based out of Vancouver - just appeared on teh scene
Colecoguy: not that I have heard
Colecoguy: ohhhhh
rich-c: try reading teh paper, Michael, they've been advertising daily for a couple of weeks
BobS: long as they have JETS it will work
Colecoguy: don't get the papers but it might be an idea eh!
rich-c: oh, you can get turboprops over teh Rockies OK, it's just that they are slow when you're doing a transcontinental
BobS: could get OUT to Vancouver cheap but not got a flight right out of GR to Seattle for $296 US $$$$ round trip
BobS: props of ANY kind are noisy
Colecoguy: good deal bob
BobS: went last time for $222
BobS: but could get out for half that but not back.......maybe now I could, don't know
Colecoguy: my understanding of the feriies is that you can't get a reservation first come first served
rich-c: $300 US is about $420 Canadian - I believe I've seen YYZ-YVR cheaper than that of late
BobS: oh can get reservations on all but the US one from Port Angeles to Victoria
Colecoguy: oh ok thats new to me bob
Colecoguy: will keep my eyes open
BobS: last time we had to wait for a later ferry to GET to the island and also to get BACK to the mainland
rich-c: I'm not sure if they'll reserve the whole capacity of any trip or only a certain number of spaces
BobS: don't know that
Colecoguy: i didn't think they made reservation at all
rich-c: if we fly we will rent a car there and hang about for several days more
BobS: but our itinerary is pretty locked down for nights at the we can jsut as well reserve the ferry too
Colecoguy: okkkk
rich-c: the question will be whether we want to do the hanging around teh Island or mainland
Colecoguy: yours and Frans to think about !
BobS: into Seattle and onto Vancouver for 2 nights, to island and Victoria for 3 nights, convention, then back to Seattle for 1 night and 2 daays and then the redeye EAST
Colecoguy: wow bob sounds like you got it all sorted
BobS: yup
rich-c: well, time is getting on, you know
BobS: have to find reasonable hotels
BobS: so got to start early
rich-c: make sure you pay Ron as soon as possible, Bob, or it could cost you big
Colecoguy: sound good as I said just wanted to drop in so you would know I was still arround and as soon as I can
rich-c: ditto for any other expenses you will have in Canada
BobS: heck you supposed to send ME money and I will bring it along
Colecoguy: I'll let you all know if I will be there
rich-c: the premium on your dollar is sinking fast
BobS: whats today's rate?????
Colecoguy: .71 as of tonight
BobS: well hey, ti SI coming up
rich-c: a bit under $1.40, they are predicting 1.33 in sight soon
Colecoguy: anyways I'm off folks take care!
BobS: be good Mike
rich-c: see you Michael
Colecoguy: never!
Colecoguy: and always
BobS: what the heck is driving the exchange rate??????
Colecoguy: see you all soon take care and be well
BobS: been about the same forever..........
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rich-c: ditto Mike
rich-c: simplke, the United States is headed for bankruptcy
BobS: yea right........won't happen
BobS: just print some more cash
BobS: we are already so far in the hole, that it won't hurt
rich-c: you've been doing that for too long, now folks wont accept it any more
BobS: don't think that will happen
BobS: we jsut need to find the 3 semi truck loads Saddam took off with
rich-c: it's happening - our dollar is up eight cents in five months
rich-c: 'fraid that won't help, Bob - the war costis 70 times that just for teh military action, now they have to rebuild
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rich-c: there is too much debt already, especially debt owed to people outside the U.S.
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: and too much debt owed TO the Us also
rich-c: not really, Bob; the net external debt loading is very much against the U.S.
BobS: oh well life goes on
rich-c: the country has stayed afloat for teh last 20 yers by selling stocks and bonds overseas
rich-c: now the overseas buyers dont believe teh stocks are worth it or that you can redeem the bonds
BobS: we can just give our IOU's to the stocks and bonds and get squared up :-)
BobS: what's up Meeka
BobS: mom to talk to ya bout tomorrow and the flower sale
rich-c: not while you have a president who cuts taxes when teh government needs huge amounts of more revenue
Meeka: ok
Meeka: what about it
BobS: got to devise a plan on whether she ishome or meet ya there........or.......
BobS: she is not home right now but should be soon
Meeka: ok
BobS: too heck with tax cuts they are not bifg anyway
BobS: was going to be home 'aroud' 9:30 cause gerrit does NOT like more that 2 hour meetigns
BobS: so much for taht idea
rich-c: are you kidding? the top 3 officers of the Fortune 100 get $118 milliion - for just 300 people!
BobS: she's home !!!!!!!
rich-c: Bush himself will get a $44,000 cut just on his dividend income - for Cheyney it's over $110,000 - this year
BobS: and THAT is a drop in the proverbial bucket
rich-c: I'd rather have seen teh money left in teh veterans pensions that wre cut
james: i'm bakc, fwiw
rich-c: welcome, james, once again
BobS: and case too??????
james: he's here, playing with his firetruck
james: which i got to lug all the way back from ottawa
BobS: FIRE !!!!!!
rich-c: what colour are teh fire trucks in Japan?
BobS: no have fire trucks there????
james: they're red :P
james: and since we have fires, we also have firetrucks
BobS: BRB, got to bring in some plants from the out of doors
rich-c: amazing!
james: lol
rich-c: who makes the trucks, Mitsubishi?
rich-c: and Isuzu?
james: you know what, i've never checked
james: mitsubishi wouldn't surprise me though
rich-c: the only middle to heavy-weight Japanese trucks I've seen have been Mitsu and Isuzu though I think Fuji have a brand too
james: i think fuji makes trucks that are used for hauling stone, dirt etc to and from construction sites
james: what are those called again..
rich-c: depending on how big teh fire trucks are, those chassis might actually be a bit on the heavy side
james: oh yeah. dumptrucks. duh.
rich-c: Toronto seems to like American LaFrance bodies on Mack chassis
james: they haven't renamed those yet :P
rich-c: well, not in Canada - in the U.S., American-LaFreedom, maybe?
james: that's my guess
james: i just hope martin gets into office myself
james: i'm more than a little sick of that dip chretien and his idiot cabinet
rich-c: do they go in much for 18-wheelers in Japan or is the traffic pattern of goods movement different?
BobS: back
james: i've seen some big trucks but i think on average they're a fair bit smaller
rich-c: I had got that impression - here they'd call them Class , I think
rich-c: Class 8
BobS: Meeka, guess mom says that it IS all decided that she will meet ya here
Meeka: okie dokie :)
james: nn n nn nh 7n n mn n mnhjn nnnnnnnnn
rich-c: anyway, james, you can figure that Martin has the leadership all locked up
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BobS: CASE learn to spell son !!!!!
james: given that he's about the only liberal with half a brain, let's hope so
BobS: ok waiting......
BobS: lost 'em
james: i could live with manley
rich-c: considering teh options without him, let's devoutly hope so!
james: i can tell you who i don't want
BobS: probably Guy
rich-c: hate to tell you but my list includes Manley and Copps as no-nos
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: hiya Guy
Meeka: hello
BobS: made it on board thsi time, yes??????
james: can't stand copps. i'd pick manley over her in a flash but he's not really my choice
james: she's such a twit
Guy B.: My notebook has caught a worm virus.
rich-c: shame on you, Guy - you should have updated your anti-virus program
BobS: you got worms???????
BobS: go fishin son
BobS: and how do ya know yo got one?????
james: i think the americans attending the con might be wise to buy their canadian dollars now
rich-c: yes, we wre discussing that earlier
Guy B.: I haven't yet this week, but the avguard caught it and now it's asking me if I want to delete the file. The file that's infected is for the network. I went to another website and I got what I need to do. My sister also caught this same worm virus. It's called Worm.Opasoft
james: not that 72 cents is a historical high
rich-c: the local opinion is that our dollar isn't likely to go over 78 cents US in the immediate future
BobS: got the Victoria hotel all paid for already
BobS: so taht may help
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james: where'd everyone go?
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