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grit: does anyone know what the 15 pin video layout is of the CBS colecovision (French) I need the RGB+Sync signals
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rich-c: What ho! We have someone new
rich-c: greetings to you, grit
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: allo mates
rich-c: haven't got a response from grit yet
BobS: watching a DUMB movie
rich-c: there are movies that aren't dumb?
BobS: this one is......
BobS: kids got Judy a DVD player for mom's day
BobS: and now they are lending us movies
rich-c: I gave up on movies when they started showing commercials in theatres
BobS: this one kinda slow and dumb
BobS: no commercials
rich-c: I haven't found a reason to buy a DVD player yet
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rich-c: now once they agree on a format and we can get writables (and re-writables) for our computers...
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: we hadn't either
james: good evening all
BobS: but the kids wanted to give us one
BobS: heck i am happy with 8 tracks
BobS: HI james
rich-c: it can make things difficult
james: how is everyone?
james: 8 tracks? haven't seen one of those in awhile
rich-c: not without problems, but hanging in there
james: so i hear toronto is off the list now
rich-c: frances was asking me today about recording our vinyl 33-1/3s to CD
rich-c: are we? we haven't had any cases of SARS outside teh hospitals for weeks
james: hmm.. vinyl to cd.. doable
james: hey bob, how are you?
rich-c: the real problem is getting teh phono player close enough to teh computer to connect them
BobS: thinkin' maybe output on vinyl to input on cd?????
BobS: doin good james
BobS: get longer cord Richard
james: of course your cd's will sound *exactly* like the originals with every swizzle, fart and skip
rich-c: likely output vinyl to tape cassette, output tape cassette to hard disc, burn
BobS: more chnce for interference
james: i'd say skip the middle step and go as directly as possible, rich
rich-c: it would be the cleaner result but physically very hard to accomplish
james: hello, grit. have we met?
rich-c: have to find out what sort of input my sound card takes and find wires to make it work
BobS: but DO-able mate
james: i think what you'll need is a stereo 1/8" connector on one end that goes to rca on the other. pretty common fare
rich-c: grit was here when I arrived but hasn't spoken yet - maybe is off multitasking
james: it'll look like a y shaped cord
james: who is (s)he?
rich-c: haven't a clue - could be Erin - grit is local term for Liberal
james: heh heh
rich-c: that was for Bob's benefit, james - you'd know about Grits and Tories
james: i'm so displeased with the liberals right now i'd put mulroney back in given the chance.
rich-c: well, let's not go overboard...
rich-c: did you see teh Tories took the bye-election in Ontario yesterday?
james: cool
james: yeah, mulroney might be a little extreme
rich-c: yes, now they are one up on theN-Dippers in teh House
rich-c: the Alliance candidate did beat out the NDPer - just
james: ndp.. if i wanted a communist party i'd move to china
james: hmm.. there's something rather malodorious in the air. time for a change. i'll be back shortly
rich-c: hardly communist, james, in fact barely socialist federally and even less so provincially
rich-c: Bob, have you any idea how much Ron was expecting in Canadian funds for each registration?
BobS: I was going to talk to him too.....
BobS: figure $75 cents to 1 dollar........]
rich-c: if he was counting on $450 he is going to be in for a BIG shock
BobS: will be close if ca $$4 comes up some....
BobS: and ANN can subsidize the convention if short
BobS: think Sujd it said here it was 1.43 to 1 or so
BobS: Sunday
rich-c: early this year our dollar was only about 65US now it is 72 and climbing
rich-c: we seem to have lost grit - if it is Erin she may be back when Pam comes on
BobS: QUICK.....convert it
BobS: figured it out the other day but forgot what it wsa
rich-c: well, since the banks charge a commission, you don't get the official exchange rate anyway
rich-c: anyway, it occurs to me that we'd be better paying Ron direct in Canadian and not unjustly enriching the banks
BobS: he did send an email concerning this fact
BobS: get it????
rich-c: not sure - when was it?
BobS: this afternnon I think
rich-c: then no - saw the one from Rich Drushel and teh one from Ron about paying you
BobS: but ya didn't read the whole thingy
BobS: said he would begrudingly take the registration
rich-c: right, and he does say that he will be showing Canadian dollar rates soon
BobS: see????? works out roight nice eh?????
BobS: thing was,he didn't want to have to keep track of all that..........
rich-c: so what are you going to do if you get a cheque in Canadian dollars drawn on a Canadian bank?
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: bank it, I think our bank will convert it without a charge
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: I doubt your bank will even accept it, and - well, let's say you'd better talk to them about it in deep detail
rich-c: in my experience, American banks simply will not accept Canadian cheques - period, full stop
james: the official interbank rate as of noon may 14th is 1.3786 to the american dollar or 72.5 if you reverse it. yesterday's close on the canadian markets was 72.8 according to
rich-c: those that do put a month hold on them for clearance, and give a miserly exchange rate
BobS: AH sheck it out
james: my suggestion would be for all the american attendees to pool their money and send ron one big cheque or imo so that you're not all getting hosed and nickeled&dimed on the service charges
rich-c: yeah, try to pay for a $100 purchase on eBay with a Canadian cheque for $138
james: lol
rich-c: I've been suggesting to Bob that for Canadians registrants paying in Yankee dollars doesn't make a lot of sense
james: i tend to agree. the more you move that money around and take it in and out of different currencies, the richer the banks get
rich-c: better to just send Ron the cheque directly ourselves
james: i'd like to see canada take advantage of this current increase and maybe work on improving productivity. a lot of nationalists on both sides of the border don't like it but a common
james: north american currency would save a lot of money and headaches
rich-c: sorry, I don't want my monetary policy set in Washington - or are you a big fan of deficit financiang?
james: lol
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james: not a realistic option at the moment though
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: And we're back
rich-c: hello daughter, is Rin coming soon?
james: it'd never be palatable with canadians unless we had equal say and the current economic balance doesn't reflect that
Pamela: I have no idea Dad, I haven't spoken with her recently
Pamela: pourquoi?
rich-c: oh, we had a body sitting here when I came on with teh handle grit
BobS: hallo
james: hi pam
Pamela: oh
Pamela: Hi, Bob, Hi James, Hi Meeka
BobS: WHAS sup???????
rich-c: BTW, Pam, saw Joseph and Bronia and Catharine en famille this afternoon
Pamela: oh, the canadian dollar, the gas company revenues
Pamela: Oh, did Katherine have both kids with her?
rich-c: Joseph had his hip done by teh surgeon I've been referred to
rich-c: yes, Megan and Ryan both
Pamela: so did you get some advice?
rich-c: yeah, he said stick with teh doc and what am I waiting for?
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rich-c: he's been telling me for a year I should get it done
changed username to George
Pamela: well, you never were one to take advice , Dad : )
rich-c: hello George, feeling any better today?
George: Hi everyone
Pamela: HI, George
Pamela: boy this thing is slow tonite
rich-c: oh, I was listening, just wasn't into rushing things
George: I can't stay on long
rich-c: what's teh problem, George?
George: i just got backfrom my doctor
Pamela: Dad, when you talk to him again, get some idea of recovery time and what to expect during that period
rich-c: OK, I will also check t4eh net as he suggested and get Joseph's story
rich-c: what's the matter this time, George?
rich-c: you're off to teh trailer this weekend, aren't you, Pam?
Pamela: no, next weekend - Russell is on midnights this weekend
rich-c: you miss teh holiday Monday and go up the 24th, then?
Pamela: correct
rich-c: that's tough
Pamela: that's okay, I can use more weekend in my week to get things done.
rich-c: I know the feeling
Pamela: I need a day to recover from my week, a day to do stuff, and a day to recover from doing stuff
Meeka: lol, cant we all
Pamela: three is good
rich-c: thought I might get stuff done today but had a bad dose of fatigue
Pamela: I'm trying to get things done at night - trying to put in an hour each evening to get something accomplished
Pamela: tonite was a write off, tomorrow probably will be too
Pamela: too many of my program season finales on this week
rich-c: I got teh papers read and teh shopping done, otherwise mostly slept
Pamela: however, next week is a different story
George: i need to rest
Pamela: Sleep . . . I remember sleep . . . vaguely
rich-c: I have teh funniest symptom - the tip of teh middle finger of my right hand feels numb
Pamela: have you told the doc?
rich-c: no, this just surfaced today - though at first the finger was just "asleep"
rich-c: now I am wondering if there is moe to it
Pamela: tell the doc and see what he makes of it
rich-c: I should be seeing the doc next week but maybe I'll move to tomorrow instead
Pamela: good idea
BobS: yea find out what that is
rich-c: yes, I feel a possible return for my fortnightly unknown problems
Pamela: hey Dad, have you checked your warranty lately?
rich-c: I'm afraid your mother is getting nervous - she is talking now of flying to Adamcon
Pamela: At least she's considering alternatives
rich-c: yes, it expired at threescore and ten - now it's all on my tab
rich-c: well, my leg got a little worse last few days too - the prospects aren't good
BobS: had judy's dad into emergency monday.......turned outto be gout in his knee
rich-c: seems every day it becomes a higher risk gamble - there comes a time when you have to call it off
Pamela: Dad, we need to talk about this in more detail
BobS: got some meds and it is doing good now, swelling down, paind gone
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: that's a relief, Bob, gout can be devestatingly painful
Pamela: That's good news Bob
George: my primary doctor just called on the phone
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: welcome, Dr. D
BobS: see what happens when he starts weaning OFF the meds
BobS: hey Dr d
Pamela: glad to see you made it and aren't perforated
Dr. D.: Just got back from Christina's band concert at the high school.
Dr. D.: "Perforated", Pam?
Pamela: ie: no holes
rich-c: the CWRU sniper
Dr. D.: Oh jeez, I shoulda realized.
BobS: saw the pic in the paper,....DEFINATELY not Dr d
Dr. D.: No, the only holes I have are the ones in my head that have always been there.
Pamela: I got your email so I knew you were okay
rich-c: the weird thing was, it was all over the news monitor in the shop where we hold the Amiga meeting
George: i have to go
rich-c: but we didn't look up long enough to realize teh story was from Cleveland (no sound playing)
George: nite all
rich-c: nite George
Dr. D.: Bye George.
Dr. D.: Bye George (first time didn't show up)
Dr. D.: Now it does...sigh.
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changed username to Pamela
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Pamela: There, that's better
Pamela: okay, did everyone else make it through?
rich-c: some intruder just managed to block my connection
Dr. D.: Well as stated, I will be sending my $$$ to BobS tomorrow for ADAMcon 15.
Meeka: cool
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Pamela: Hey bob, what'cha gonna spend it on?
changed username to BobS
BobS: spend what on?????
rich-c: we were discussing teh wisdom of converting from Canadian to US to Canadian dollars earlier
BobS: just got dumped
Dr. D.: Yesterday I received notice that I was accepted into a new Teaching Fellowship program here at CWRU that will pay me $4K after the Fall 2003 semester. So, convention costs are guaranteed to be covered.
Pamela: Rich's money
BobS: AH you rich!!!!!
Meeka: that wonderful Rich
Dr. D.: The Program is for 20 CWRU faculty, to meet once a week to read education literature and explore different teaching strategies.
Dr. D.: It was started for Spring 2003, but I didn't make the first class of 20.
Pamela: that's wonderful news Rich, but do you have time for this?
Dr. D.: They asked prior applicants if they wanted to be considered for the next class, and of course I said yes.
rich-c: I get teh feeling you will find it reasonably rewarding
Pamela: Is this only for one semester?
Dr. D.: It's a weekly seminar, Wednesdays 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.
Dr. D.: There is a teaching center here at CWRU called UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence; yeah all buzzwords).
Dr. D.: It was started by a former Biology Dept. professor.
Dr. D.: So they try to improve undergrad teaching by educating the tenured faculty.
Dr. D.: They decided to branch out to anyone who teaches at CWRU, hence my eligibility.
Dr. D.: The robot course has given me a lot to talk about.
Pamela: and is this a one-time thing, or ongoing?
rich-c: as was pointed out to us at Ontario College of Education, no university professor was required to demonstrate teaching ability, ortake lessons
Dr. D.: I'm also co-writing a grant to start a web-based version, with a colleague at Wright State University.
Dr. D.: Yes Pam, it's a one-time program.
Dr. D.: The stipend is to motivate people to attend all the seminars and actively participate.
Pamela: like you needed the motivation : )
Dr. D.: I think I can do that for lunchtimes 1x per week.
Dr. D.: No, I need the $4K.
rich-c: as if anyone is likely to suppress you for long!
Dr. D.: But this way, I can (within reason) not have to worry about finding the absolutely cheapest air route to Comox.
Pamela: it does appear that we Canadians will have an easier time of it
Dr. D.: I just want to get on a plane in Cleveland and, with minimal changes of flight and layovers, end up in Comox.
rich-c: I was looking at timetables and Westjet only seems to fly in there Fri-Sat-Sun which isnt much use to us
Pamela: Westjet goes there other days, but not from Toronto - you have to depart from Hamilton, Dad
Dr. D.: I am considering travelling on Wednesday just to allow for any delays.
Dr. D.: Even though that is another hotel night.
rich-c: no, I was looking at Comox as an originating airport - flights out
Dr. D.: Of course, the "fun" way would be the carpool method we used for ADAMcon 05 and 06.
Pamela: ???
Dr. D.: But I don't have a week to do it in...and I'm sure I couldn't stand Herman smoking in a closed van anymore.
rich-c: no, it's much too far to drive straight through, even if you had four drivers
Pamela: you have a strange idea of fun, Rich
rich-c: the continent gets awfully wide as you go north - it's not like it was San Francisco
Dr. D.: For 05, Pam, me, GeorgeK, Herman, and a guy named Ebenezer John drove a conversion van straight out to SLC, in 33 hours.
Dr. D.: Herman was just a passenger, so it was 3 drivers in rotation, 6-hour shifts.
Pamela: like I said, strange ideas
Dr. D.: For 06, Zonker flew into Cleveland and drove down with us; he replaced Ebenezer IIRC, so there were only 3 drivers again.
Dr. D.: That trip was only about 24 hours straight.
Pamela: and I got tired driving to Cleveland!
rich-c: 06, that was Florida?
Dr. D.: The Florida peninsula is a *lot* longer than it looks on a map.
Dr. D.: Yep, Sarasota.
Dr. D.: Bob Blair's con.
Dr. D.: 'con I meant.
rich-c: yes, but even som it shopuld only have been about 1300 miles, all interstate
BobS: takes 8 hours to go from top to bottom
Dr. D.: But speed limits were still 55 mph back then.
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Dr. D.: And I drive them anyway...and with a cop as a speeding.
rich-c: speed limits? you followed speed limits?
Dr. D.: Always.
Pamela: would you speed with George in the car?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Dr. D.: Out-of-state (or -country) plate is easy pickin's for the state troopers.
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: there he is - Hi Guy
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
rich-c: me, I do my best to go fast enough not to get run over by the 18-wheelers - let them overtake gradually
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: Heck, on the run to GR, I was getting passed by the trucks!
Pamela: I'm not used to holding the speed at 70mph
rich-c: well of course, Pam, who wants to go that fast? 70 is quite adequate
Pamela: I actually found it too fast
Pamela: I prefer 110/65
Guy B.: You guys notice that Aimee hasn't been online lately?
rich-c: well, it's dicey in places like Flint, but OK on the open road
Dr. D.: 70 is the designed speed for all of the US interstate system built before the 1973 oil embargo.
BobS: ya sure Guy
Pamela: yes, we noticed that Guy
BobS: thought you said it was past tense between you
Dr. D.: Aimee?
rich-c: yes, Guy, we had noticed
Guy B.: I'm ending the relationship tonight.
Dr. D.: okay nevermind
BobS: gonna break the poor girls heart, eh?
Pamela: are ending? Online?
rich-c: a pity, though I am sure you have your good reasons
Pamela: should we ask why Guy?
Guy B.: We haven't seen each other in 3 months. We tried twice to set something up, only to have them cancelled.
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changed username to james
rich-c: must admit this doesn't make for a torrid relationship
james: oh good, people are still here
Guy B.: James, you're a twin.
Pamela: James, you're on twice - where'd you go?
rich-c: yes, including your doppleganger - you never left
Dr. D.: double the james, double the fun!
Pamela: I sense a Doublemint commercial coming on . . .
Guy B.: So, I think it's for the best. Her daughter has gotten in the way twice and she's a teenager. And we all know how they are.
Meeka: ok folks, I am gonna say good night
Dr. D.: G'nite Meeka.
Pamela: Okay Meeka - g'nite
james: lol
Meeka: see ya next week
BobS: bye Meeka
rich-c: OK Meeka, night for now, see you next time
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
james: i could use a double. then i might actually catch up on the work i'm supposed to get done
Dr. D.: LOL
Pamela: I know that feeling James
BobS: THEN i could retire !!!!!!! and my alter ego could work !!!!!!
Pamela: especially since our WC claims admin is off sick, and I've got part of her workload added to my own
Pamela: BRB - ice cream is calling my name
rich-c: how long has that been going on, Pam?
Dr. D.: But your alter ego, being exactly like you, would not want to do your work.
Pamela: Since last Tuesday, Dad
Guy B.: Watch it there Pam.
james: i'd probably just end up doubling my workload
rich-c: and for how much longer, any idea?
BobS: he would have to, becasue somebody would have to be productive
Dr. D.: Ice cream is calling my name, too, but the freezer is bereft of the substance :-(
Pamela: I don't know Dad - the manager says till next week, and we'll see from there. She was in Monday, briefly and I thought she was back but she disappeared again
Pamela: I'm sorry Rich, I'd send it thru the modem if I could
rich-c: one of those illnesses, then. Patience and luck required
Pamela: I guess so. no one will tell me anything
Pamela: I just hope it's not communicable - I was so glad to see her on Monday, I gave her a hug
rich-c: That is not a good sign...
BobS: NO sars..........
BobS: only kiddin Pam
Pamela: well, that's just confidentiality for you. If they don't tell me, I don't ask
Dr. D.: @*O>> attempt at ASCII art 3-scoop chocolate-vanilla-strawberry ice cream cone
rich-c: No, we have one or two lingering in hospital, but no other cases
Pamela: Pretty good, Rich!
Pamela: but is that in order from top to bottom?
Dr. D.: Hmmm, prob. not.
Dr. D.: O is probably the vanilla.
Dr. D.: * strawberry, @ chocolate?
BobS: AND, now they tell us that west Nile mosquito virus season is our county last year, had 57 cases and 4 died.......
Pamela: works for me Rich
BobS: NOT good odds.....15% MORTALITY RAATE???????
rich-c: yes, the provincial government has just told every Borad of Health in the province they must do larvaciding
Pamela: larvaciding - is that a word?
BobS: sorry bout that
Pamela: s'aright
Dr. D.: larvacide = something that kills larvae; works for me.
Dr. D.: larvicide = the killing of larvae
rich-c: every time you say insecticide teh treehuggers have a fit and teh demagogues start egging them on
Pamela: your the prof,
Pamela: Prof
rich-c: this time the pols screwed some courage together and decided people come first
Dr. D.: Me no prof
Pamela: is too!
Dr. D.: There is a balance, though; I wouldn't want to see them start spraying DDT around again, for instance.
rich-c: no, but BTi is pretty well harmless to everything except teh larva
Dr. D.: So much more biochem is known these days that there is rational design of these agents.
Dr. D.: Flea collars for dogs/cats are the same thing.
Dr. D.: Super-toxic to the bugs, but pets don't have the same biochemistry.
rich-c: what, a bacillus that attacks teh fleas?
Dr. D.: Not a live-agent flea collar, but a drug, time-released from the plastic in the collar. That's how they work.
Dr. D.: We aren't quite ready to design entire bacilli from scratch, yet anyway.
Dr. D.: Though the folks at Fort Detrick might know better.
rich-c: apparently the BTi bacillus will kill off larva in minutes
Pamela: vive le genetic engineering!
Dr. D.: My extra head agrees with you, Pam.
rich-c: it was genetic engineering, it was an observant researcher and serendipity
Pamela: ah, an agreeable sort
rich-c: wasnt
rich-c: no one will say so, but I very much fear that our shortage of birds is a reflection of West Nile
Dr. D.: So Pam, is your pal Ms. 'Rin still coming to these chats? I've been away so long, I don't know.
Pamela: actually Rich, I've missed two of the last four so am not a reliable source
Guy B.: Well, after all the heavy rain we got here. No doubt the mosquitoes will be out in June.
rich-c: well I think she only comes by when she is pretty sure you're on, Pam
Dr. D.: No skeeters seen yet in Cleveland. Lots of moths, though.
rich-c: unless that was her looking for you when I checked in
Pamela: Even I didn't know I wouldn't be here last week - that was sheer fluke
Pamela: I never did talk to John, by the way
Dr. D.: Just wondering if "the regulars" have changed.
BobS: actually, the birs are returning here.....but theya re telling us to report dead birds to get a handle on numbers and where
Pamela: nope, it's the usual motley assortment
Dr. D.: Plenty plenty birds in Cleveland. Seems to be a bumper crop.
Pamela: Haven't seen the Wicks in ages though
Dr. D.: Except crows; they all seem to have died off last year.
rich-c: we havent seen a chickadee since last September - usually we have a permanent shuttle around our yard
Dr. D.: We were swimming in them a few years ago, and then they just vanished.
rich-c: it takes two weeks to empty my feeders instead of teh usual two days
james: i'll be reporting dead birds here after i kill them
Pamela: I hear that West Nile is hardest on the corvids
Dr. D.: Lots of robins, cardinals, grackles, blue jays.
rich-c: our neighboiurhood blue jay and cardinal family are still around
Guy B.: Got more rain today, but not as bad as we got on Saturday night.
rich-c: but teh grackles are reduced in numbers
Pamela: we get jays at the trailer, but not around here much
rich-c: our usal tribe of crows is nowhere to be seen, though, and even the pigeons seem to have thinned out
BobS: got lots of goldfinches
Dr. D.: Last summer we found a *big* skull from one at one of the Metroparks; we turned it into the ranger station so they could use it for demonstrations. It was about the size of a raquetball. Complete with the rings of bones that are in their eyes.
BobS: a few bluebirds, Judy likes those
Dr. D.: A crow, that is.
Guy B.: Bob, what is the deadline for full payments for AC15?
BobS: don't know..........
Guy B.: By August 1st?
Dr. D.: Website I read today said 1 June 2003.
rich-c: if you want a free T-shirt, before June 1
BobS: probably like July 15th (?)
Dr. D.: To get a free T-shirt.
BobS: ya mon
Guy B.: Ok, that helps. I've decided I'll come after all, but I'm trying to time setting up getting the payments. But, I'll have to to you.
BobS: ok ok, YOU can have till the 16th of July..........happy??????
(BobS winks)
Pamela: that's so generous of you Bob
BobS: scary ain't it??????
Dr. D.: He da Treasurer Man, he set da rules.
Pamela: very
rich-c: Well, Guy, I'm sure you'll find Ron and Bob can be as flexible as you need - you are among friends!
BobS: ya we'uns is flexy
BobS: bend over backwards until we falls down upside down
rich-c: It's easier for management if you get teh cash there a bit early - they tend to sleep better ;-)
Pamela: sounds like the voice of experience, Dad
Dr. D.: of a past convention chairman, you mean.
BobS: true true true
Pamela: that too
Dr. D.: Delegate $$$ in hand means chairman's $$$ stay in chairman's pocket :-)
BobS: it is a big commitment..........mucho thousands for hotel and meal setup
rich-c: yes, almost all of us have had some organizational experience, direct or indirect
Guy B.: Ok, thanks Bob. All I need to do now is price airfares.
BobS: don't want to get lost somewhere along the way
Pamela: well, it's up in the air for us at this point - we'll know shortly
Dr. D.: You are still not sure you're coming Pam?
rich-c: when you find teh right answer pass it on to Bob and Rich - they'll be shopping too and can use teh leads
Dr. D.: It will be a far quieter place if you can't come.
james: if i weren't self employed and on this side of the dateline, i'd be there
Pamela: believe me, I want to be there
Dr. D.: ADAMcon 16: Tokyo? :-)
Pamela: we're working on it
rich-c: gee james, you sure have teh feeblest excuses ;-)
Dr. D.: Elanor says hi and good night.
james: osaka is better for me ;)
Pamela: Hey, leave the guy alone - don't forget he's already done one trip home this year
rich-c: say hi and good night to Elanor from us, please
Dr. D.: And Dr.D. is going to be close behind...brain is starting to shut down./
Pamela: Hi, Elanor
Dr. D.: [Messages to Elanor conveyed]
james: honestly, if my friend weren't being the fool that he is and getting married this year, i'd probably try to go
Dr. D.: He could get married at ADAMcon.
Pamela: yeah, I'm planning to have a chat with Kimberly about that too : )
Dr. D.: We'll stick a Donkey Kong cartridge on the cake.
rich-c: yes, these people committing matrimony can be SO inconvenient
Dr. D.: And Ron can play the MIDI organ.
Pamela: we can hum!
james: committing. lol
Pamela: I'm gonna remember those words Dad
Dr. D.: You're supposed to get life without parole, too.
james: friend of my parents who recently celebrated their 25th said if he'd just killed his wife instead of marrying her, he'd probably be out for parole by now
james: heh heh
Pamela: depends - would it have been justifiable homicide?
Dr. D.: To quote my high school history/government teacher: "30 years to life is too high a price to pay for a few moments of satisfaction."
james: more often than not it probably is :P
james: heh heh
Pamela: and if anyone repeats this to Kimberly, I'll deny every word
Dr. D.: Starbase Drushel has #17 coming up this 19.7.
rich-c: our courts tend to be a tad soft on uxoricide
Pamela: that's great Rich
Pamela: Russell and I will be 15 years this fall
james: my wife was complaining that our car windows were fogging up. she didn't like the solution i proposed when i noted that all the other cars with single male drivers didn't have foggy windows
rich-c: guess that means 48 for us in October, tehn
BobS: SHAME on you james
james: heh heh
Pamela: sheesh Dad, slow down - I need time to recover from the wedding planning before starting in on your 50th anniversary party
james: miyuki and i just celebrated our 5th
james: in february
Pamela: Hmm, 15 years - that's a milestone. Maybe we should do something special.
Dr. D.: I am coming up on #15 for actually having an ADAM in my place of residence.
rich-c: well Pam, just tell your friends there's a moritorium on matrimony until Oct. 2005
james: she wanted a sparkly expensive ring. i said "double or nothing. if we make it to 10, it's yours!"
Dr. D.: Summer 15 years ago was when I started disassembling EOS and SmartBASIC.
Pamela: Hey, the only one left is Allyson, with no prospects on the horizon. Oh, not including Lindsay.
BobS: making 'deals' with love??????
rich-c: not sure if we got our Adam in 83 or 84 - but it's crowding 20
Pamela: James, you
Pamela: are such a romantic
james: i try :P
Pamela: 83, I think Dad
Dr. D.: Heck, the SB1.x sign I made for the ADAM Store at ADAMcon IV is almost 11 years old! And it's hanging on the wall 3 feet to my right.
BobS: twas 13 1/2 yrs ago................
Pamela: I'm sure Miyuki would say you're very trying
rich-c: well, as you know the Adam.s sitting at my elbow, though I fear not much longer
rich-c: fired it up for a monor chore day or two ago and it got a little wonky
Dr. D.: You're losing your elbow?
Pamela: and just how many of those beasties do you have in stock Dad? Surely you could replace it no problem
Dr. D.: I thought it was a hip replacement you needed :-)
rich-c: sitting BY my elbow better?
Guy B.: Well folks, I've got to run. I might make it on Saturday. See how it goes and I'll be doing a hard drive upgrade on the Athlon. But, I do have two other PC's with modems ready. Otherwise, I'll be back at 8 next week.
Pamela: okay Guy - good luck with the Aimee situation
rich-c: OK Guy, hope you make it, if not see you Wed
Dr. D.: Yeah, sleep beckons me, too.
BobS: \see ya Guy
Dr. D.: Good night all; and BobS, your check for the full amount is being mailed tomorrow.
Guy B.: Just sent the e-mail off tonight. I think she'll understand why.
Guy B.: Bye all!
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Godd night rich, see you next week
Dr. D.: Bye Guy. > chat > Wed 2003-05-14
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