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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hi Dr. D, how goes it?
Dr.D.: Looonnnnnngggg day today.
rich-c: yes, those things seem to be your specialty
Dr.D.: Spent 2 hours cleaning up a soiled slug tank.
rich-c: not your biggest intellectual challenge, but it's got to be done
Dr.D.: Then about 5 hours with a colleague from Wright State University writing a grant proposal.
Dr.D.: Then 2 hours in a lab meeting.
rich-c: well, a creative challenge anyway
Dr.D.: And finally another 1.5 hours of work over dinner.
Dr.D.: And now I'm trying to unwind.
rich-c: not to mention teh commuting time, and any chores connected with the kids...
Dr.D.: I'm hoping BobS will show up soon, so I can ask him if he got my ADAMcon $$$ yet.
rich-c: I have a new and very time-consuming amusement
Dr.D.: ?
rich-c: Autoweek has a BBS - in effect a threaded chat board
rich-c: it includes one section for anything BUT cars
rich-c: I have great fun waging wars and loveins with the various sides
Dr.D.: Are you proselytizing ADAMs to the Autoweek guys?
rich-c: not really, but maybe I'll consider it
Dr.D.: I was joking :-)
rich-c: I have written to Ron to ask him the Canadian dollar price for the convention
Dr.D.: Whatever $300 US is?
rich-c: no point in enriching the banks with double conversion - he can use the difference better
Dr.D.: True.
rich-c: well, $300 US is a lot less now than when the convention price was set
Dr.D.: $US is falling against the euro, that's for sure.
rich-c: it's falling like a stone against the Canadian dollar - we're up to 74 cents today and climbing
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
Dr.D.: Hello James.
james: morning all :D
Dr.D.: It's morning somewhere :-)
rich-c: at the moment, in the land of the Rising Sun, more or less ;-)
james: so how is everyone?
rich-c: I am busy baffling my doctor with a serious case of the weirds
james: are you a medical anomoly now, rich?
rich-c: every second Thursday of late I have been getting sriously sick for four days
james: does anyone know the current score/period/time left for the sens-new jersey game?
Dr.D.: Define "seriously"?
james: every second thursday? with that exact regularity? odd..
rich-c: like, extreme fatigue and sleepiness (sleep 20/24 hrs), vertigo, nausea, loss of appetite, the whole schmeer
james: that sounded like fun until you added the vertigo and nausea bit
rich-c: no james, try
james: ah, thanks. that's the url i need
rich-c: asked doctor what it was, he said "I haven't a clue"
Dr.D.: I would recommend going to some neuro specialist pronto, Richard. Seriously.
rich-c: sent me for teh whole battery of tests, everything came back normal
james: and as odd as this might seem, maybe a chiropractor
Dr.D.: CAT scan and MRI.
james: same thing happened to my younger brother. none of the doctors could figure out why he was sick all the time
Dr.D.: I am traumatized by this because of a recent experience in our lab:
james: out of desperation, went to a chiropractor and he found something slipped was pinching a nerve
rich-c: second-last time I went to see him
james: barely a week later after a few adjustments, the difference was astonishing
rich-c: he got a BP of 140/? and told me to take a hypertension pill
Dr.D.: Incoming summer student, had stiff neck for about a month, thought due to athletic injury.
rich-c: next week when I saw him my BP was 175/95
Dr.D.: Didn't respond to meds or manipulations or braces, increasing pain.
james: wow. tied 1-1 with 9.48 remaining in 3rd
Dr.D.: Last Wednesday, she had double vision, went to ER, got CAT and MRI scans.
james: wow
Dr.D.: Diagnosis: brain stem tumor.
rich-c: now I'm on water pills and have my own BP meter, getting 121/75 and 140/85 last few days
Dr.D.: Immediate surgery, all tumor and some brain tissue removed.
james: what's her prognosis?
Dr.D.: Pathology report 3 days later: malignant, already metastasized to bone.
Dr.D.: She left for Chicago yesterday for radiation.
james: damn
Dr.D.: Prognosis is very grim, 50% survival at 5 years.
james: those are not nice odds at all.
rich-c: maybe - just maybe - they got it in time that with very drastic treatment she can gain remission
Dr.D.: Her fiance is currently also a student in the lab....
james: must be taking it hard
Dr.D.: So her project is dropped, and nobody really thinks that her fiance is going to be able to keep from going insane to do anything productive.
rich-c: you are yours are going to be under a big strain for a long time, Rich
Dr.D.: And all the other students in the lab, grad and undergrad, know both of them very well, so it's like family.
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Bob
james: would anyone like to hear some happy news?
Dr.D.: I know the girl only to see her at a couple of films at Film Society, and at one lab meeting when she was still wearing her neck brace.
BobS: howdy mates
Dr.D.: But I still feel devastated.
rich-c: did teh Sens just score?
james: case took a few steps yesterday
Dr.D.: BobS, did you get my $$$ in the mail?
james: not yet. i really hope they win this one.
Dr.D.: Yea Case!
BobS: yes sir i did
Dr.D.: Did you like my novel postage?
rich-c: hey, good for Case - when do we see the pictures?
BobS: don't member what it was.........
Dr.D.: I worked hard on it....
BobS: oh oh
Dr.D.: It was an ADAM system stamp!
BobS: was I supposed ot save it
rich-c: you been counterfeiting stamps, Rich?
BobS: oh yes, SAW THAT
Dr.D.: Only next to the real postage.
BobS: you made a stamp of it???????
BobS: so ya can stamp it all over?????
Dr.D.: I printed it in color at 600 dpi on the envelope in the right place.
james: eventually i hope to put some pics up on my website. yours truly has been very, very, very busy making independent study activities for his students
Dr.D.: But I could print it on white label stock, easy.
Dr.D.: I guess I should post a JPEG or something.
BobS: yes
rich-c: or you could just send teh file to us-all and let us print up our own
james: also upgrading these machines from crappy w98 to w2k and i wrote a menu interface for the kiddies
Dr.D.: It was fun to make it....a stamp worth 00H cents.
james: that's a smart idea
james: heh heh
BobS: James........tis cool to see Case walk now........but 2 months form now.......HELP, stay DOWN........
james: heh heh. i'm just gonna hole up in a bunker for the next 20 years
rich-c: problem is, inkjet printers are NOT sympatico with gummed labels
BobS: THAT would work too James
james: though his mother may not take too kindly to it
james: apparently as the father of this child, i'm supposed to make an appearance every once in awhile
rich-c: I suppose you have to teach a fairly current OS, james, but I've heard few people call W2K an improvement
Dr.D.: I bought some full 8.5x11 sheets of uncut label stock, you can print what you want on it and then cut it out wherever, no bothering with trying to align it with pre-existing borders.
BobS: "as the father".....ya'll am REQUIRED to be handy for pants change, feeding, etc
rich-c: I believe the objection the printer has is to the thickness of the paper
rich-c: when it goes to pull it through, it peels the gummed paper off its backing
james: i also use 8.5x11 uncut label sheets that i stick to califone flash cards since i can't print to them directly. very handy.
james: can't print to the califone cards that is. labels work perfectly in my new printer
rich-c: the joy of the Adam, the printer handles labels very easily
rich-c: Bob, how are you planning to handle your trip to Adamcon?
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: flying into Seattle, car to Vancouver for 2 days, then to island for 3 days, then AC15, back onto mainland for 2 days and then fly home
james: and what a printer it is :P
Judy: Hi, Rich
rich-c: what type is your new printer, james?
rich-c: looks like Frances and I will be flying out too
rich-c: but we're thinking basing in Victoria and spending our touring time there
Dr.D.: Hello Judy.
Judy: how is Frances?
Judy: hi, Dr D
rich-c: oh, hanging in there - a bit dozy at the moment I think
Judy: and James
BobS: be in Victoria for 3 dasy
BobS: days
Judy: me too, was working out in the yard all afternoon
Dr.D.: Re: my ADAM stamp, I just made it into a JPEG (at about 4x original size) and put it up at
james: sorry rich, almost missed your question
Dr.D.: I printed it on my envelope to BobS :-)
james: i picked up a canon laser shot (colour)
james: i have to do a lot of printing now and the running costs of a laser printer make it worth the investment
rich-c: wow, jooining the high-priced ranks with a vengeance
rich-c: yes, you will likely save it in the consumables in the first year
rich-c: would you believe Canaon wants $20 for each of teh four coulour ink tanks for my S400?
rich-c: fortunately, I found a hole in the wall in a Chinese mall that offers the tanks for $7.20
BobS: I DO believe
rich-c: and they throw in a free stopwatch
BobS: printers are cheap, but da INK
rich-c: yes, with the amount of printing a class of kids can do, james will be money ahead in a year
BobS: AND laser printers are coming WAY down in price
james: yeah, they make cheap inkjets but make their money on the consumables. much like the game market
james: picked mine up for $1200cdn.. about $888 u.s. these days at fair exchange
james: *plus* my wife casually mentioned that we saw it for the exact same price at another store so they also gave me $100 us in store credit
BobS: good woman that one
james: heh heh
rich-c: wish I could train mine to do that
rich-c: she even offers the asking price at garage sales
james: lol
james: sens and devils will be going into overtime it appears
rich-c: well, now you start knawing the fingernails up to the elbows
james: they better win
rich-c: if they don't they're history
rich-c: at least they have outlasted Detroit and Toronto
james: exactly. would be interesting if they did because you'd have two new franchises going to the cup final for the first time for either team
james: not that i've ever associated florida with hockey. sheesh.
rich-c: somehow or other having Mighty Ducks win the Stanley Cup seems a little too much to take
rich-c: I thought the Ducks played out of California - Anaheim
james: sorry, my mistake
james: in any event, i don't associate hockey with anywhere that doesn't get real snowfall
rich-c: you should know, james, they're just across the water from you :=)
james: we'll let platetechtonics do their thing and i could be closer to california than washington is in a few millenium
rich-c: so you have trouble with Vancouver, then?
james: vancouver playing hockey? nah, i guess i'm biased there, vancouver still being a canadian city
rich-c: yes, and you can see snow from there
james: mind you, if we went on snowfall being the only requirement, that might exclude toronto occasionally
james: heh heh
rich-c: of course you can say the same thing about Kenya near Kiliminjaro
rich-c: oh, we have never had a year completely devoid of snow (though I'd take it)
Judy: me too I could get along just fine without any snow
james: i don't mind the snow. i'll take it over all the damn noise around here. over a year now i've been listening to bulldozers, steamshovels, pneumatic drills and steamrollers
james: i'm at my wits (for what they're worth) end
rich-c: actually we have something similar; the developers are into our neighbourhood
rich-c: they're buying up our bungalows and replacing them with million dollar monster houses
BobS: thought you lived in a fully inhabited neighborhood richard......
BobS: ahso
rich-c: I do - but nowadays a $350,000 house is a teardown
BobS: ouch
rich-c: the house next door to us just sold and I am very worried
rich-c: the sold sign was up in less than 24 hours and I know she was asking $350K
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BobS: kindea would make your house worth more right?????
changed username to Ron
rich-c: welcome, Ron
Ron: Yo !!
BobS: ronald !!!!!!!!
Ron: Everybody happy?
rich-c: about what?
BobS: ok
james: i can't wait until all this crap is done around here. i am *so* sick of the noise
Ron: Oh I dunno, the state of salmon farming in Bc?
BobS: oh ONE lone paid delegate here
Ron: Alberta Beer?
Ron: beef
james: hi ron
Ron: there's a difference
Ron: Hi James= did you get my reply to your message?
rich-c: Ron, have you got that information for me yet?
Ron: no
Ron: soon
Ron: What kinds of activity do you like when you're touring?
rich-c: can you at least tell me what the registration fee for ACon is in Canadian dollars?
rich-c: well, my leg is getting worse so hiking is out, but gentle sightseeing
Ron: What did you pay last year?
rich-c: lasst year I paid in US dollars from my cushion account so I had no exchange rate
james: yes, i did ron, thanks. did you get my reply to your reply?
BobS: but CA $$$$ is UP thisyear Ron
Ron: Yeah I know, that is my problem
rich-c: well, when you set teh price originally, what were you looking to get?
Ron: My wish is to keep costs and revenues the same as they were last year
james: yeah, way up. from $1.56 to $1.35
Ron: $450 is what I paid last year
rich-c: so you feel that $450 Canadian would be appropriate?
james: haven't decided on anything becuase i'm really busy, but what's the cost for "virtual" delegates?
Ron: Well, no, not really, becasue that was based on an exchange rate of 1.5
Ron: And that's not what it is now
Ron: Honestly believe that those wishing to pay in Canadian dollars should multiply $300. US by whatever the exchange rate is on the day they send me the cheque
rich-c: well, you aren't responsible for exchange fluctuations, you're just obligated to produce teh show
Ron: Yea, and my spread sheet is telling me wierd things about revenue, like way too high. It's confusing
rich-c: well for instance if we did that today it would only get you about $400 per person, leaving you $50 short
BobS: exchange rate is agood way......and ANN has funds to cover any shortfalls IF there are any........
rich-c: and you'd better get the money from the Yanks fast while it has any value at all ;-)
Ron: Costs will also be a bit lower Rich
BobS: 50CA which would be about $20 US ;-)
james: yeah, before you know it the $u.s. will be worth 50 cents cdn :P
rich-c: maybe you can angle a commission if some of us stay for extra days before or after?
james: like that would ever happen, eh?
BobS: we WILL iron it out !!!!
Ron: Right
Ron: Murray McCullough also will be spending a couple of extra days
rich-c: OK, just remember teh idea is to have fun, not beggar our host, OK, Ron?
Ron: I know, guess I should be a little more natinalistic or patriotic - and certainly less lazy. I took the course of least resistance
Dr.D.: Sorry, been away...hi Ron.
Ron: Hi Dr D.
rich-c: Mea culpa - I seem to recall pushing you that way myself
Ron: really enjoyed the show from CWRU
james: why don't y'all just pay in yen? it's right between the american and canadian dollar in value. :D i'll gladly collect it
Dr.D.: I'm glad the webcast worked, Ron.
Dr.D.: The audience at the Science Center was pretty well entertained.
rich-c: yes, and on Vancouver Island they probably accept it, too ;-)
Ron: well, after last weekend, I had intended to do the corrections on the web page, but I seem to be in some sort of decompression state after
Ron: our other event on the weekend
Dr.D.: I guess the webcast is as close as you can get to seeing a real Egg Hunt :-)
Ron: which has required most all my time for about the past month
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changed username to Daniel B
Ron: I loved the comment somebody made....... "EVIL Cambot"
rich-c: hi Daniel, comment ca va?
Daniel B: long time no see
Dr.D.: Yeah, they always kvetch at Cambot.
Ron: Ca Va Daniel
Daniel B: ca va bien!
BobS: Hi daniel
james: hi daniel
Dr.D.: They are just jealous that he is more reliable than they are.
rich-c: right, you have been absent for a bit, Daniel
Ron: I was very impressed at the quality of the video Dr. D. The state of the art is getting better
Ron: :)
Dr.D.: Once my new Mac arrives, I can start making the old Egg Hunts into DVDs.
rich-c: Daniel, did any of those lads I gave you for Java in French work?
Ron: cool
Dr.D.: You might even be able to get such a DVD :-)
Dr.D.: My new Mac should arrive any day now.
Daniel B: The java informations? so-so... well, I found some usefull informations
rich-c: just so long as we don't have to download it, Dr. D
Ron: whatcha gettin?
Dr.D.: Dual G4 1.43 GHz, dual 180 GB hard drives, 17" LCD screen.
Ron: Jealous am I
rich-c: yeah, that is a pretty fancy hunk of silicon
Dr.D.: Well, it's grant bux buying it, 'cause I will be doing all kinds of slug video.
Ron: the only way to do business
Dr.D.: And once I get DVD masters, it will be easy to give students a copy of the video.
Ron: I must propose a project to somebody and secure a grant
rich-c: our Amiga host is running on 17" LCD screens in his shop and they are neat
Dr.D.: Right now it's a pain to dub videotapes.
Ron: development of matter-anti-matter propulsion
Ron: that oughta do it
Daniel B: Dr.D., may I ask you a question? it's about the coleco bios documentation you have
Dr.D.: Arrgh, I still owe you copies! Sigh.
Daniel B: Just tell me how many pages long is this document
Dr.D.: About 200.
Dr.D.: Cost is not an issue. Shipping is not an issue. It is lazy me to do the photocopying.
Ron: I can relate to that
james: lol
Dr.D.: The stack of papers is on a desk in my office, awaiting the copier.
Ron: thought you might pick up on that James
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Dr.D.: I undid the plastic binder, even. I ought to be able to just load it into the hopper.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy
Daniel B: Someone here remember i writed a coleco programming document in march?
BobS: GUY !!!!!!!
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Jen is engaged to Andrew Firestone.
Guy B.: And she is from Chicago.
rich-c: Uhhhh?
Ron: Got you reply to my reply James. Will get on it tomorrow
Dr.D.: Someone bought tires?
Guy B.: Anyway, had trouble with my new hard drive.
rich-c: what went wrong, Guy?
BobS: OH problems???????
Ron: Got a question for Bob S
BobS: YO
james: thanks, ron
BobS: ich bin here........
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: whas sup ?????
rich-c: Pam wasnt sure she could make it, Guy ;;-)
Ron: Two attempts to contact Jean Stone over past few weeks have resulted in bounced messages. What should I do?
(BobS hands james a tissue.)
BobS: talked to her lasst evening I did
BobS: whazt ya want to know?????
Dr.D.: How is Jack?
Guy B.: Well, I used an old version of Drivecopy to transfer everything from my 13GB to my 40GB. Took several hours and when it was finally finished. It showed I had a 24GB instead of a 40GB. So, I have the 13GB back in and I'll have to redo the installation again, but this time I'll use the utilities that came with the drive. Thanks for the Diet Coke.
james: that's freaky bob, did you actually hear me sneeze?
Ron: Oh thank the Lord
Ron: is she going to do the afghan?
BobS: Jack is one leg short (lower part) but doing good, she is still teaching full time......WANTS to come but does dare travel with Jack at both their ages
BobS: bummer eh????
Ron: fer sure
BobS: gonna send an afghan here to it all done
Dr.D.: Sigh. That is a serious downside to chronic diabetes.
BobS: yup know....water enhances noise
Ron: love ya lad
Ron: that was on my mind..... now one thing less
james: WOOO HOOO!!!
rich-c: good, now all they have to do is repeat it next game
Daniel B: Dr.D., I don't want to bother you about this coleco bios document anymore... Keep me inform when you will finally copy this document.
Guy B.: I will have my reservation and some sort of a deposit for the convention. Airline tickets will be done in the middle of June.
Ron: All right..... that ties it up?
BobS: I WISH they could come, but it is at atpoint that Jean doesn't dare travel anymore
BobS: COOL Guy
Ron: don't blame her. Mom has reached the same place now
james: yup. they forced it to game 7
Guy B.: Right now my company is holding any kind of salary increases for all of us for a couple of months. Budget problems.
james: if they win, they play anaheim for the cup, if not, then they're out
Guy B.: Wow, the Mighty Ducks have lived up to their names.
(BobS reboots Ron's computer remotely.)
BobS: mighty ducks......sounds like a mickey mouse movie
Ron: Got Jeff on the DOS box, and you guys on here..... I need more memory
Ron: multi-channel mind
rich-c: Ron, any idea if rental cars are a better deal in Comox or Victoria?
Guy B.: Got a call from Jeanene tonight. She had to bring her mom back to Tennessee last weekend and she was going to return today. Now it's next week.
Ron: I'll have to check that Rich. Been ages since I rented one
rich-c: sounds as if she may have run into some difficulty
Guy B.: I was thinking the same thing. Should I rent a car to get to the hotel?
rich-c: likely not, Guy, not worth it
BobS: where you flying into Guy??????
rich-c: I'm asking since we're likely to stay two weeks minimum
Daniel B: Sorry... but you lost me. My english skill is not good enough to follow this conversation
BobS: WHOA. Pam iwll be ann orphan by the time you two get back home
Guy B.: Last I check for airfares. I would have to connect in Vancouver to get to Comox.
rich-c: we are discussing plans for teh Adamcon, Daniel
Guy B.: So, what kind of transportation is out that way?
Ron: If you're coming into Comox Airport, alls you have to do is let me know when to expect you and I'll come and get ya. Or send Jeff
Dr.D.: Falling asleep at the keyboard I think I am going to go to bed.
BobS: ADAMCON 15 in Comox, Vancouver Island, B.C.
Guy B.: Better get some sleep Dr D. We'll see you next week.
Dr.D.: I too am planning on finding some way to fly into Comox.
BobS: or us. or richard.....or mum
Dr.D.: But now to fly to bed...good night, all.
rich-c: OK Rich, take it easy, see you Sat or next week
BobS: see ya Dr D
Daniel B: Dr.D... goodnight, but I have a link for you
BobS: say HI to the family !!!!!!
Ron: nite Rich...... certainly look forward to seeing all you good people out here
Ron: Bob- as the Lord is my witness, before the next chat
Guy B.: Ron, as soon as I get the airline times and everything. I'll let you know.
rich-c: Ron, the only lines to Comox are PCA from Vancouver and some days Westjet from Calgary, right?
Ron: I intend to get estimates on banner and T-shirt. Think I have an appropriate design now
Daniel B: For Dr.D and for those who didn't know about my coleco programming documentation I have done in march, visit this URL:
Daniel B:
Ron: between the jigs and the reels
Daniel B:
Daniel B: if it's possible, give me a feedback
Ron: good Guy
Dr.D.: Got it, Daniel.
Dr.D.: Good night.
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel B: I have to go now.. too
Ron: yes Rich, that's correct - re airlines in
Daniel B: goodnight everyone
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Ron: night Daniel
changed username to bair
rich-c: tres bien, Daniel - bonsoir
Guy B.: Bye Daniel and is that the Bair?
BobS: nite Daniel
BobS: HIYA Mr Bair
Daniel B: Bye James! Bye Rich! Bye Guy! Bye Bob! Bye Judy! Bye Ron! Goodnight!
Daniel B: <pouf>
Ron: Is it the Bair?
rich-c: hey, where did teh Bair sneak in from? Quick, sell him an Adamcon registration!
BobS: thas Virginia
Daniel B left chat session
BobS: 's man !!!!
rich-c: Ron, any flights come up to Comox from Victoria, or just air taxis?
BobS: speak up Bair
bair: I thought I let you all know that we lost our son may 9- 3:30 am
Guy B.: Bob B, are you coming to the con this year?
rich-c: omigod Bob, that is terrible? What happened?
Ron: Nothin from Victoria Rich. Unfortunately, they've got everything routed via Vancouver
BobS: OH
Ron: except for Westjet of course
Guy B.: Sorry to hear about that Bob. What happened?
Ron: however..... if you're coming up early, I could come and get you
Ron: We'll have the whole fam damily here the week before the con - somebody ought to be game for a trip to Victoria
bair: a bad strom and we think lighting blinded him and he hit a tree
BobS: you HAVE to know that ALL of our sympathy is to you and virginia
Ron: Anybody got a current phone number for Dale Wick?
Judy: we are truely sorry to hear that, Bob
Guy B.: Oh my goodness! You got all the bad weather down there. That's freaky. My condelences to you and Virginia. How old was he?
bair: 26
Ron: Sorry - I seem to have missed part of the conversation
rich-c: that's just bloody awful, Bob. All our sympathy from Frances and I
BobS: WAY to young to leave ..........
Guy B.: Agree on that. Just too soon.
Ron: Not good news - my coldolences
bair: it has very hard for both of us
Ron: I bet
Guy B.: This month really has been violent with the weather.
rich-c: I recognize that is an understatement, Bob
BobS: I can believe that Bob.........just from talking to you, that boy was a very important part of your life ....AND didn't wander off from mom and dad when he got bigger
BobS: like a lot of kids do
rich-c: I do hope Ginny is managing to bear up somehow
bair: yea he was making plans for his home
Ron: All of this stuff always happens to the good people
BobS: man.....WHY do bad things happen to good people..............
bair: she is getting better now but the first 5 days I had my douts
Ron: You're both in our thoughts Bob
rich-c: the healing process on this one is going to be very long and not measured in days
BobS: it will take a LONG time to get back on an even path, without feeling like you are sliding down the side......
bair: yea I know that
rich-c: we appreciate your coming on to tell us, too - I know it is not easy for you to do so
BobS: right......second that Richard
Ron: yes
Judy: yes, that is true
rich-c: just be sur3e that your grief is echoed among your friends
bair: we have all been fairly close so that is why told you
Guy B.: Bob B, you can always talk to us whenever somethings on your mind. You know all of us will be here for you.
bair: thank you
Judy: stay in touch,
bair: ok I can do that
rich-c: we will be counting on it - you have always been an important part of our community
Guy B.: Just think of us as your family.
bair: I started last week but could not do it
BobS: understandable..........
rich-c: right, we can understand that far too easily
Ron: You just don't know how you're going to react when you try.
BobS: how are you doing ...healthwise bob???????
bair: fair
Ron: great minds think alike
BobS: know most problems were behind you last time we talkded.........
BobS: fair meaning............????????
BobS: sittin good, working full time?????
bair: yea
BobS: Ron will agree with this....and Richard too......thought this up so it would be grammatically correct...."I do say work SUCKS"
Ron: no arguement
bair: YEA
BobS: and I truly mean to get into their position..........
BobS: see, the Bair is gettign sick of it too
BobS: ONLY Guy is eager to keep up the 8-5 grind
Ron: "Work" is a 4 letter word
BobS: :-)
rich-c: course it's been so long since I worked I'm starting to forget
BobS: 1 letter, 2 letters, 3 letters, 4 letters, and 5 letter words
rich-c: but I am definitely not in the market for any reminders
Ron: Ya got that right pilgrim
BobS: trust us Richard, it is NOT sleeping in, non goofing off when you want
bair: I get my truck and tractor payed off may quit
Guy B.: Been doing the L grind too for 23 years.
BobS: you talked about only a few more years and you could Bob
BobS: Virginia still working so many hours?????
bair: sometimes
bair: I have been with tower for 29 years
Ron: I spend enough time "out and about" - no time for work
BobS: so you are CLOSE
Ron: or pulling weeds.... seemed to take most of today
BobS: still planning on civil defense full time AFTER retirement??????
Ron: Out here we got big green suckers that grow year round
Judy: yard work is takingup alot of my time lately
Ron: Anyway, good people, I must be away.... Rich, I'll e-mail you tomorrow.... I promise
bair: yea going to try but it is called emergency management now
Judy: night Ron
Ron: night Judy
BobS: and it is ONLY 7:50 PST...........
BobS: not bed time Ron
Ron: I know.... more retirement living at 8 pm...... you see..... for everything there is a price
BobS: oh well, new name, same stuff........
bair: night ron
Ron: night Bob B. be well......
Ron left chat session
rich-c: nite Ron
Judy: I think I am going to call it a night also, speaking of work we have to work tomorrow at the antique mall
bair: it is under home land sicerty my spelling sucks
BobS: Richard, no Pamela tonight.........
rich-c: as you can see, Bob, retirees are far too busy to go to work
Guy B.: Nite Ron. I might as well go too. I'll try for this Saturday unless the Cubs are on TV this Saturday. Otherwise, next week.
BobS: ahso!!!!! homeland security............AND you get another new title.........
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy will look for you - night
BobS: probably no more pay though.........
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: no, Pam was dubious about it, Bob
rich-c: night now Judy
bair: I am deputy director of Noble county now
rich-c: by teh way Bob, have you folks worked out anything about teh leases yet?
BobS: we are playing second fiddle to other activities........sad........
BobS: leases????????
rich-c: well, convince them the orchestra needs teh additional background
BobS: ALRIGHT.......Bob is in higher management now
BobS: 'richard, now I am lost6
rich-c: you wre saying teh mall was tossing out all the dealers, Bob
BobS: oh yea.....the mall is closing !!!! had ameeting last week and we may get a new home end of summer just south of existing locaton
bair: its free work sort a
BobS: owner is expanding an furniture store and is very interesting in taking in antiques......
rich-c: do keep us posted; I know it is your most important outlet
BobS: oh man any good perks???????
bair: on what
BobS: haven't heard any more, but probaably won't for awhile while the owner decides IF he wants to devote space to antiques
rich-c: it would be a good tie-in for him and the help with teh rent or mortgage could be useful
BobS: IF you don't make $$$$$ for being Deputy Director Bob Bair (kinda like to see that in print, huh???) then you shoudl get somefree perks such as
BobS: good food, etc fro being on the "jopb"
bair: does not work that way
BobS: well bummer, you are protectin us and we can't bribe you at all??????
bair: I guess Iam done for now but won't for get you guys
rich-c: keep close, Bob - we are here for you
bair: good night
BobS: glad you came Bob and shared with us......we will be thinking of BOTH of you and hoping that you are well
rich-c: night now
BobS: nite!!!!
bair left chat session
james: sorry to be away. bob, i do hope you can work through things.
BobS: gonna go too Richard.....and James (da quiet one of late)
james: i feel so bad for him
BobS: HE"S BACK...hope it wasn't diaper detail.......
rich-c: yes, time to fold our tents, I think
rich-c: see you Saturday or next week, as the case may be
james: it was. and we almost had a containment field breach
BobS: only child and they were close
BobS: good you got it contained in time !!!!!
BobS: see you next week......maybe mom's B-day and may be away for the evening....we will see.........
rich-c: anyway gentlemen, goodnight for now - I'm away
james: good bye all
james left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
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