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Ron: back in a sec...... gonna make lunch
Ron: 11:59 am
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rich-c: geez, sorry - I was just reading an email from this guy Mitchell when I noticed teh time ;-)
rich-c: you still there?
Ron: now I am
Ron: Back in about 10 minutes....gonna throw together a sandwich and move upstairs
Ron: back in a bit
rich-c: ok
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Ron: Sorry tied up on the fone
Ron: too many people in my life at the moment
rich-c: right - had a couple of games of free cell
Ron: aha
Ron: should learn to play that
rich-c: and finished reading your note while I was waiting
Ron: right
Ron: I really must get myself a wireless router and card for the laptop upstairs
rich-c: anyway, FYI, there's a Vancouver website offering Travelodge Courtenay rooms at about $74 per night
Ron: this business of stringing 50 feet of ethernet cable up the stairs
Ron: we're getting $69
Ron: whoopee
rich-c: of course there is teh issue of beds but there's also our eligibility for senior discount
Ron: yes.... I intend to check that out
rich-c: essentially when you talk - we need two beds - twins fine, double and twin fine, twin double fine - dealers choice
Ron: right got that
rich-c: all things being equal prefer non-smoking BUT if a smoking is quieter will take teh quiet option
Ron: have we got any smokers left?
rich-c: in short, it is not a significant issue with us
rich-c: yes, Herman and Pamela assuming she comes
Ron: ok
rich-c: again all being equal ground floor is better unless there is an elevator
Ron: think he was going to try to put us all in the same vicinity, but this is only a 2 floor establishment in any case
Ron: Can but state our preferences
rich-c: well, my issue is that with my hip climbing stairs is extremely difficult
Ron: yup. understand
rich-c: and climbing stairs lugging a suitcase really isnt an option
rich-c: on timing, Frances is now talking about wanting to stay three weeks total
rich-c: but how we would divvy it up is a question
rich-c: she does want a little time to poke around Victoria
Ron: yes....she'd like that..... you would too for that matter. Well worth seeing
rich-c: but we could fly into Victoria and do teh smooping on arrival and a day or so before departure
rich-c: oh, we've been to Victoria, this would be a review
Ron: ok
rich-c: if you have any places that are seriously neat for birding, that would be a major attraction
Ron: will have to do a little research on that. Not sure what's here, but I'm sure there must be a group in the area that can provide advice
rich-c: and are there any native villages in historic style on teh island that welcome visitors?
Ron: lots of native villages, but none like what you're thinking of - at least not that I know.
Ron: web ought to provide info on that. I have a link on my website to Tourism Comox Valley
rich-c: figured - I'm afraid teh culture has been sadly damaged by paleface incursions
Ron: exactly
Ron: I mean we've got native settlements all over the place here, but you'd be hard pressed to tell any difference
Ron: except for the4 or 5 dead cars out front
rich-c: just on what you've told me, I could visualize a landing day in Victoria, then maybe two weeks at Courtenay
Ron: but then I have a computer hobbyist buddy whose yard is in about the same state
rich-c: after which maybe a bash over to Tofino then back down island for a day or two before teh flight home
Ron: Don't sell Victoria short.... perhaps 2 or 3 days.
rich-c: when does teh Air Show end and everyone go home?
Ron: But Tofino is highly recommended
rich-c: oh, we've been to Butchart Gardens, and camped for a while at Sooke running east and wet from there
Ron: That, unfortunately is the weekend of July 26 - which was the weekend I wanted for ADAMCON\
Ron: but
Ron: forces had booked all the hotel rooms in town
Ron: They'll be gone by the time you get here
rich-c: yes, but it does mean that the hotel there shouldnt be overcrowded on teh long weekend if we come then
rich-c: your Nautical Days sound like fun
Ron: other things happend here on the Long August weekend..... the Filberg festival attracts a vast number, and it's Nautical Days, would expect
rich-c: by the way on teh travel website for Victoria the best car rental rates are at National
Ron: hotels would not be open to a walkup then
Ron: ok
Ron: you'd be intending on returning it there anyway right?
rich-c: in short, think reservations or Tuesday at teh earliest
Ron: Tuesday Aug 5 ??
rich-c: yes, at looks as if more comfortable scheduling is available through Victoria
Ron: right
rich-c: that's the likeliest, subject to change of course
Ron: The Slopsema's may be in Victoria then too.... think they intend on coming up the way the did for AC 11
Ron: Seattle/Port Angeles/Victoria
rich-c: like, Westjet might offer its best flight/time package on a Friday, for instance
Ron: could be Rich. I go when I want to go, and whoever is going then, gets the business
Ron: which of course, is why I'm not rich
rich-c: of course much will depend on my success in getting the medical problems under control
Ron: that, good sir, comes first
Ron: What we should do is blow the ADAM News Network reserve and have the con at the Kingfisher. They have spa's there
rich-c: well, we've got teh doctor engaged now, and various specialists being drawn in
Ron: many people I know around here have replacement hips, knees, various other appendages
Ron: I'll be there soon
rich-c: yes, my knees are not what they used to be, but are still under control
Ron: not that I mean to make light of your situation, but we've got a lot of grey hair around here
rich-c: yes, I know I'll feel right at home ;-)
Ron: yup
rich-c: hey, over at Central Park Lodge when we got to see Fran's mother, we're the younger group
Ron: guess so eh?
Ron: Was just at my Saturday session at the local hospital ECU computer club..... keep looking around at the residents
Ron: and thinking, one day I'll be here
rich-c: anyway, I think everyone will be hoping for some sort of internet connection at the 'con
Ron: Will look into that. I know that we're experimenting at the community net with a satellite hookup. As I mentioned in the message
rich-c: those who have AOL or whatever are likely OK
Ron: our Exec Director has offered the RV. Only trouble is, it's not fully operational
Ron: I still have my Compuserve account, would you believe
rich-c: well, if we hang around for ten days extra or so, I'd like a connection good for that long
Ron: wouldn't do business with AOL but then they own Compuserve anyway
rich-c: though I don't know how the hotel would feel about having a line tied up hours at a time
Ron: will check that out with Digital Ark.
Ron: Maybe I still have some influence down there----- know a couple of them still
rich-c: yes, I do think at one point a year or so back you did get a vaguely positive response on a similar question
Ron: I'm trying to prep him for that. Told him it's of vast importance we have reliable comms
rich-c: I'd sort of gathered with your local landlines that's an oxymoron :=)
Ron: well....... we're getting better.... but stil a long way to go
Ron: you're only 35 miles from oblivion here Rich. After that there's nothing but trees
rich-c: anyway I do of course plan to have my laptop along and hope to use it
Ron: It'll be a good education for the big city folk
rich-c: for Frances and I that's our kind of space
Ron: you'll like it, I think
rich-c: we like tide pools and sandy beaches and lots and lots of quiet
Ron: we do have Mal Wort
Ron: but only as of less than a year ago
Ron: we better do Tofino
Ron: I love going over there..... as I say, it's a bit of a drive, but it's worth it
rich-c: yes, I'll have to check for accomodations there, see what's available
Ron: Have never actually spent an overnight there.... other than living there for 2 years
rich-c: well, if we have three weeks, spend two based on Courtenay, two to start at Victoria, that allows five for Tofino/Victoria over
rich-c: sorry, two DAYS...
Ron: For us, it'll be a bit of a zoo.... my sister confirmed this morning they're coming over for the long weekend. That'll fill
Ron: up the house
Ron: only weekend each year it really gets used
rich-c: you going to base in teh hotel or commute from your house?
Ron: Will have Jeff and brother Dave to help with the lifting of the ADAMs
Ron: no, I intend to take a hotel room just to get away from this place. Jeff says he will commute
rich-c: that's no small chore - for 07 I had to haul over 1000 lbs. of Adams out of teh house to the truck
Ron: he and his girlfriend are going to Italy June 10 to July 6, so suspect he'll still be broke in august
rich-c: ;-)
Ron: well, we won't have that many, but enough
rich-c: quite - the crowd just keeps thinning out
Ron: anyway, my son, must away
Ron: something about pricing some cedar siding for the house
rich-c: yes, time is getting on at this end too
Ron: so see ya Wed.... the good Lord willin
rich-c: I shall look forward to your email with the info
rich-c: see you then - bye now
Ron: yep...will do that Mon
Ron: see ya
rich-c: bye
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