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james: i'll just sit and wait 'till someone comes along
james: hello?
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changed username to Freddymaiden
changed username to rich-c
Freddymaiden: Hi All
rich-c: bonjour, Fred; bon matin, james
rich-c: havent seen you for a while, Fred
Freddymaiden: yes its been quite a while now... how have you been?
rich-c: as it happens, do have health problems, but that's my soap opera
rich-c: I keep encountering doctors who when I ask what's wrong say "I don't have a clue"
Freddymaiden: well I hope this summer will make you feel better....
rich-c: I think medical attention gives better odds of making me feel better ;-)
rich-c: I'm just hoping that finding teh source of my problem doesnt take an autopsy
Freddymaiden: Yes but walks in the nature can make you smile for a while...unless you have those black flies...
Freddymaiden: I hope not...
rich-c: I don't walk any more - I'm in line for a hip replacement this fall
Freddymaiden: oic , it must hurt you now when you sit down?
rich-c: but I do still plan to go to Adamcon though I will fly rather than drive :-(
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Freddymaiden: its in Vancouver i believe ay?
changed username to Scott
rich-c: it hurts leasst when I lie down, tolerably when I sit - standing or walking are challeging
rich-c: hello Scott, how's things in Colorado?
Scott: Good, good. Classes are over!!!
rich-c: close, Fred, but no cigar - Comox, on Vancouver Island
Scott: Have the summer off
rich-c: I reckon you can stand a little intellectual relaxation then, Scott
rich-c: so how are Sylvie and - Meganne, isn't it? - doing, Fred?
Freddymaiden: correct well, Sylvie is back to work, hard task for her who would rather stay home and babysit...
Freddymaiden: maybe later!
rich-c: yes, we were lucky, when Pamela was born Frances could retire to fulltime motherhood, but that is rare these days
rich-c: but then we were much older and better established than most first-time parents
Freddymaiden: yes its tough, but her goal is to stay home when and if second one comes along...God willing!
rich-c: well, don't push it - it will happen in due time
Freddymaiden: good advice!
rich-c: Fred, it's been a long time since we talked - did I tell you about the Hacker Helper books?
rich-c: those are the ones by Mel Ostler, NOT the Hackers Guide
Scott: Those are some good books
Scott: Mel never got around to finishing off the series.
Freddymaiden: Actually I dont recall, I have re-made my program in C language, studied alot since last chat...
Scott: What a shame!
rich-c: anyway - you know this Scott, I think - I managed to track down Mel this winter
rich-c: and he gave me permission to make photocopies of all his books that I have
Scott: Do you have a lot of copies of Mel's books?
Scott: for sale
rich-c: I have already done a set for james - he picked it up when he was in Toronto
rich-c: I have none for sale - I have permission to photocopy, which i will do at cost (+ shipping)
Scott: Perhaps there could be a project to get these online
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Scott: They're really good
Freddymaiden: interresting.
changed username to George
rich-c: I have teh feeling Mel will not object if we do, though I didnt ask specifically
rich-c: hello George, feeling better tonight?
George: Hi everyone
Freddymaiden: Hi George
George: i'm doing better now
rich-c: good - home and sort of settled for a while, are you?
rich-c: how is the muscular control doing - believe you had some issues last time
George: poor
rich-c: bummer - are you getting therapy to help with it?
james: hello
rich-c: welcome back james - dealt with teh diapers now ;-)
George: i need to be reffered to therapy
james: yeah, was in the shower. someone's being exceptionally fussy this morning
Scott: We need to make a list of these projects that we want to do
rich-c: yes, right - why is the doctor waiting, do you still need to stabilize?
Scott: We still have to get the ADAM Survival Guide finished
Scott: There's also the Digital Express newsletters
rich-c: yes, it would be so useful to get the key parts of that on line
Scott: The Hacker's Helpers
james: hhjhhu7mnmn7 h . n
George: i'm having network woes
Scott: etc.
rich-c: see your helper is still with you, james
james: nnmhmn numnwZ
james: HYUJJJ
rich-c: you're on a network, George?
james: yes, he' sahn a jbig hel;p
james: gg mjn mm
james: hm6 ku7iy7u7n
George: i'm using a linksys dsl router
james: sec
George: BEFSR 41 ver2
rich-c: you mean you're having problems getting on to AOL with it?
james: n 7 u787 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
james: anyone here watch that show "undergrads"?
Freddymaiden: nope
George: and quazi XP
rich-c: I dont watch tv
james: normally, i don't either. i've been downloading stuff from a friend in ottawa
rich-c: if you're downloading tv shows, bandwidth must be getting awfully cheap in Nippon
james: anyway, i wouldn't have mentioned it except that they mention a coleco adam
james: no, i'm just very, very, very patient
rich-c: they mention an Adam? Dynamite! What's the context?
james: not a favourable context, unfortunately
rich-c: Oh. Like?
james: these two hacker types are exchanging insults and one says to the other "well you're a coleco adam" this was in retort to being called "a 1986 brother model word processor"
Freddymaiden: so does that mean he is fun and intertaining?
james: you'll be pleased to hear the c vic-20 ranked lower on the insult list
rich-c: interesting that they figured anyone in teh audience would recognize what they wre talking about
james: well the show is directed towards the post-graduate/late 20's early 30's geek crowd
Freddymaiden: lol
rich-c: yes, but they'd have been early teens in teh Adam's heyday
james: of which i'm a card carrying member :P
james: well i was about 10 when i got mine
Freddymaiden: lol
Freddymaiden: I hear ya!
rich-c: right, I keep forgetting the age spread in the Adam community
james: i met ron through aufg in ottawa when he took over it from a guy not much older than myself named lou hubert
rich-c: all the first time parents - you, Dale, Freddy; Scott isn't there yet
james: ron was much younger then ;-) you think his ears are burning over there in b.c. yet?
james: oh yeah! case walked this week
rich-c: could well be - he'll likely be on later tonight
rich-c: havent heard from Dale for months - no idea what he's doing
james: i found dale's icq number. i'm tempted to send him a message through that just to see if he's still breathing
rich-c: I think it would be an excellent idea - tell him the world wonders
james: will do
rich-c: we're still missing all teh Slopsemas and Guy - wonder where they are tonight?
Freddymaiden: its been great to exchange a few words tonight....gotta get going, early rise as usual...Good night all
rich-c: bonsoir, Freddy - come back soon!
james: bye freddy
Freddymaiden: K, take care!!
Freddymaiden left chat session
rich-c: so Scott, are you going to be making it to Adamcon?
Scott: I may. When is it again?
rich-c: August 7 - 10 on Vancouver Island
Scott: Has someone stepped forward to host ADAMCon 16?
rich-c: WestJet may or may not have a flight in and out from Calgary that's suitable; getting from Denver to Calgary is easy
rich-c: no, there has been no discussion about that that I know of
Scott: I'll have to see how much tickets are
james: i'd host it but given my location, i think i'd be the only delegate
rich-c: I suggest first you look and see if WestJet has a suitable flight; they do not fly to Comox every day
Scott: I'd like to see the University of Waterloo. That's nearby, right?
rich-c: but Calgary is their hub and I am sure there are endless flights Calgary/Denver
rich-c: the option would be anyone to Vancouver then Pacific Coastal Airways to Comox
rich-c: well, if you define 4200 miles apart as nearby, yes
james: lol
rich-c: Waterloo is under an hour's drive west of Toronto
james: like the german tourists i encountered in ottawa who wanted to rent a car to make a day trip to vancouver
George: there was a Philly ADAM network but i missed it
rich-c: yes, that was Rich Cossaboon and his Delaware Valley group, George
james: someone wants some milk. brb.
George: oh, well. born too late
rich-c: Vancouver Island has teh University of Victoria and Royal Roads; the University of B.C. and Simon Fraser U. are in Vancouver
rich-c: heavens, where has everybody gone?
Scott: I'm here, but doing other things too
rich-c: maybe you should look at the website for Calgery/ Comox schedules
George: i'm in never never zone
rich-c: the meds are getting to you, are they?
George: they have been
rich-c: yes, I took a Tylenol 2 at bedtime Monday night and man, did that zonk me out!
George: i use #5
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rich-c: never heard of a 5 - here even teh hospitals only go up to 3, then use something else
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rich-c: of course teh version sold in teh US and teh one sold here may be different
George: 5 is the highest
George: we have it here
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, glad you made it
Guy B.: Just came back from taking Jeanene out for her birthday. It was yesterday, but she came back today from southern IL.
George: they didn't want to keep me on percocet
rich-c: in Canada Tylenol 1 is OTC, Ty 2 has coedine so is OTC - pharmacist advice, and T3 is restricted, prescription only
Guy B.: Got my new 40GB hard drive in the Athlon.
rich-c: hey, terrif, Guy - Jeanene and Athlon doing well, a good day
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: no, George, percocet is high-octane stuff - makes your eyeballs spin :-)
Scott: Well guys, I gotta go, but I will see you here next week
rich-c: and how long will it take you to fill 40 gigs, Guy?
Scott: Bye!
Guy B.: The only problem is with Virucide 2001. I'm getting an error message when the AV-Check gets loaded. Probably a compatibity problem with the larger hard drive. I wrote down the error message for Broderbund to check it out. Doesn't affect the virus scanner itself. Loads normally.
rich-c: bye Scott
Scott left chat session
Guy B.: Right now, I have 24GB free with 12GB transfered from the old drive.
George: 40 gig can be filled in 24 hours with XP
Guy B.: I have a few new games that I have to install and that's why I got a larger hard drive. And I got $10 more off due to a price match from Best Buy.
rich-c: well, I would say that would depend on the bandwidth you have available for downloads
rich-c: that's assuming there's 40 gig worth of stuff on the web worth downloading
Guy B.: That is you are downloading a lot of MP3's???
George: just a few
rich-c: yes, George is teh demon MP3 downloader of all time, I gather
james: i've been managing to fill my 60gb drive at 64k isdn speeds. don't know what i'd do if i had a fast connection :P
George: no just 35 over all
George: 2 mpg music videos
rich-c: I have less than 10 gig filled and that includes a backup image of C:\ and Frances' stuff
Guy B.: Now that I got the Athlon upgraded. I can go on to some other projects that I need to do next. I finally decided, I'll come to the con this year. Going to send Bob my deposit next weekend.
james: downloading full length feature films is a great way to fill it up
rich-c: good show, Guy, your presence is very important to us
George: i got a shutdown alert from aol
rich-c: sooner you can get it in teh better because Bob needs to get it to Ron quickly
rich-c: oh, why are they cutting you off, George?
Guy B.: And I'm going to apply for a passport. My last one expired back in 1987 and they said I'll have to apply for a new one. I think this will make it easier to get in and out of Canada and US much easier. I do plan to put down what I can now with the rest in July.
George: area upgrades 0n 5/29/03
rich-c: I would forget about teh passport - Canada is not in the state of panic the US is
Guy B.: Get rid of AOL George.
james: yeah, that's what TimeWarner did, isn't it? :P
rich-c: and the word is if you have proof of US citizenship it is no hassle to get back in
Guy B.: When the mighty Mitchell comes on later hopefully. I'll volunteer for another session on AdamEm utilities setup with Windows.
George: they need to bust up time warner
rich-c: that's tomorrow then, George
rich-c: AOL - upgrades -that means they've found a new way to increasee their price, right?
George: yes the gave me an email with an alert sound
rich-c: good, we can certainly use that
Guy B.: That's why I think its a good idea to get a passport and who knows if we go back in Toronto for a future con.
rich-c: I still can't figure out how to make a disc image and get it into DOS
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james: maybe 'tis him now?
changed username to Ron
Ron: Yo!
james: hey ron, how's it going?
rich-c: speak o' the de'il...
George: is Dale alive?
Guy B.: There he is. Ron, I'm going to put my reservation in next week.
Ron: Well..... could be better, could be worse
rich-c: good question, George, james is trying to find out
George: hi Ron
Ron: Me to. Need to talk to him
Ron: Hi George
james: i sent dale a message via icq, i'll let everyone know when and if i hear from him
Guy B.: And you can put me down for an Adam Emulator utilities session. Plan to revisit dcopy32 setup and anything else I may have up my sleeve.
rich-c: been telling Guy to get his money in quick, while it still has some value
Ron: If you could get a phone number James, I'd like to give him a voice call
james: ron, if people are interested, i can do a LOGO session on tape
Ron: now thats traffic routing eh? Comox/Japan/Toronto
Ron: great James.... that would be of much interest. By the way.... I've got the McADAM docs copied for you, and the disk duplicated.. Should be in the mail tomorrow
Ron: Been playing nursemaid around here for the past few days....... kinda delayed things
james: great! i have a student who, when we've finished playing with c++ wants to do a little assembler before he graduates from high school and takes off
Ron: should be just the thing
Ron: Am I still here?
Ron: looks like it
Ron: Not getting anything from anyone else
james: and i wouldn't mind learning it properly myself. have the docs rich procured me which should prove invaluable
rich-c: sorry, I was looking for Dale's phone number but can't find it
Ron: ah
rich-c: maybe I should check the book
Ron: I have an address - 347 Hounslow in Toronto....does that sound right?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
james: not sure. the toronto part sounds right though
Pamela: Hallo
Ron: Hi Pamela
james: what's dale's wife's name? is it jill?
rich-c: nope - there are two D Wicks listed but neither looks credible
George: Hi Pam
Ron: hmmm.
Pamela: what are you looking for, the Wicks phone number?
james: i found a d&j wick listed in rostock which is area code 519
james: yeah
Ron: How about Neil
Pamela: hang on, let me look at my Daytimer
rich-c: hi daughter
Ron: Also have a phone number for him, but it's a 905 area code
Pamela: hi dad
james: hmm 905 is in the right neck of the woods, no?
Ron: yes Pam, Dale Wick's phone number
rich-c: not sure if 347 Hounslow is the current or last prior address
Pamela: okay, try 416-451-2697
rich-c: and if you find him, Ron, post the info so we all know!
Pamela: or check under J. Arnott (Jillian didn't take Dale's name)
George: i am using narrator it is reading the screen
Ron: ok gotcha. Will try that Pam thanks
Pamela: 905 would be the right area code for Neil - doesn't he live in Brooklin?
Ron: as I recall, yes
Pamela: as far as I know Ron, that's the number they gave me last year
rich-c: yes, I saw that program I think on a website recently, George - it's freeware, isn't it?
Pamela: are you having trouble finding them?
George: it's a part of XP
rich-c: does the 905 area code extend as far north-east a Broolin? it's mostly to our southwest
Ron: was just wondering if Jillian and he intended on coming to the 'con
Pamela: ah
Ron: and if so whether he'd consider a session
rich-c: oh, there's also a freeware add-on for the older Windows versions that does that
Ron: haven't seen or heard from either of them since the dates were announced
George: for accessibility
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back Guy
Ron: by the way Pam.... the Canadian dollar rates are up on the site
Guy B.: I'm back. Netscape crashed on me.
George: where did he go?
Ron: Mean, nasty, evil Netscape
Pamela: you could also try e-mailing Jillian at . . .hmm, let me check
rich-c: trade it in on Mozilla - it's teh same program without the spyware and garbage
Ron: pls
Guy B.: What's going on with Dale lately?
james: i love mozilla
james: no one's heard from him in months
Guy B.: That happens to be Netscape too James.
Pamela: something like that
james: yeah, without all the crap
james: as long as it's not ie, i'm happy
rich-c: have you upgraded to Mozilla 1.0 yet, james?
james: let me check
Guy B.: I'm not using the new version of Netscape. Using 4.79 on this system.
Ron: forfun?
George: how about hot Java?
james: according to "about" i'm using "Mozilla 1.2.1"
Pamela: JAMES! I just realized - did you experience the earthquake?
rich-c: I tried that - it wwas so loaded with spyware I junked it
james: which one? lol
Pamela: the big one
Ron: Obviously you're still on the right side of the lava James
james: which big one? :P
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: Hello!
Pamela: no, ron, it's definitely
james: it was a little ways from here.
Pamela: Hi, daniel
Ron: Hi Daniel
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
james: so everything here is fine
Daniel B: Sorry! I'm late!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - tu es en retard ce soir
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
james: but when i see l.a. on my horizon, i'll let you know
Pamela: I was so worried about you three, James
Ron: There is no clock in this place Daniel
Pamela: thanks, Guy
rich-c: actually taht big one was up in the northeast, wasn't it?
George: let's all go home and play zoo tycoon
Ron: Richter 6.8 right?
james: i think so. i'm in the southwest
Guy B.: I have a big one sitting right next to me.
james: yeah, was pretty strong
rich-c: right, not even on teh same island?
Pamela: okay, so geography is not exactly my strong suit!
Ron: them tectonic plates are at it again
rich-c: yeah, Ron, just don't you get a rebound while we're there, hear?
james: been a lot of seismic activity of late
james: i sleep through 'em now
Ron: noted Rich
james: which is not necessarily a good thing.
rich-c: George, you east coast types don't know from earthquakes
Pamela: please don't do that, James
Daniel B: earthquake? where?
james: so ron, people would really be interested in logo? i'd have thought it to be somewhat.. basic compared to what everyone else is doing..
Daniel B: In Japan! yes!
Daniel B: james
Pamela: well Mom certainly is James
rich-c: oh, there was an earthquake in Japan a couple of days ago, but the other end from James
james: hi dan
George: oh, it's just traffic
Daniel B: hi james! how are you?
james: lol. saying "there was an earthquake in japan a couple of days ago" is like saying "there was a political scandal a couple of days ago"
james: daddy is tired
George: smash em up derby
james: how are you dan?
Pamela: Ron, the more I think about it, the more I think the address may be
Ron: You will have at least two devoted followers James: Frances Clee and me
Ron: That's enough for a quorum
james: works for me then
Daniel B: I'm fine! thanks for asking!
Ron: let the rest of 'em go hang
james: just maybe if i get my butt in gear, i can get to the point where i'm inserting ml code into my logo progs. then the fun begins
Ron: I'm sure most others will be interested too
rich-c: right - schedule teh session against the CFL game or a race and I'll go watch that
Ron: boy! He sure declares his vote fast doesn't he!!
Pamela: Dad, have you ever considered getting help for your race addiction?
james: lol
rich-c: yes, it's called satellite tv and is very helpful ;-)
Ron: I am powerless over computers, and my life is unmanageable
Pamela: tee hee hee
james: heh heh. i'm just glad my friend put up an ftp server for me to get stuff from. was going insane
rich-c: funny you should say ...
Pamela: Have you heard of a program on TLC called Junkyard Wars?
George: get therapy
Ron: Just threw out 4 macintoshes.....
james: ok ron, speaking for yourself, any particular aspect of logo you'd like to see explored?
Ron: acquired another.... net improvement - not much
james: whoa! ron?! 4? you running a high fever there?
Pamela: we need one of Dr. D's lovely equations here
rich-c: well, they were all powered by 68000 chips...
Ron: One area of interest James is the use of LOGO pics in Powerpaint. There are ways of doing that which I never did grasp
Ron: so that's one
Guy B.: 4 Macs? Are they older ones?
Pamela: (Guy's ears prick up)
james: sec. i don't even have the powerpaint software
Ron: another would be an explananation of the garbage pickup that LOGO does, and how it organizes memory into nodes
Ron: we will fix that James
rich-c: I suspect Frances would be curious about that - the Amiga version does that too
Guy B.: I'm might get rid of one the PC's here myself. Most likely the P75. Might sell it cheap.
rich-c: a P75? you can't sell those; you have to pay to have them taken away
Ron: yeah... I know that there are limitations on the size of a LOGO program, and that the recycle command does something to make it better
Ron: at least temporarily
james: hmm.. i don't know much about that. i mean i've read what's in the logo reference manual but that's about it
Pamela: my eyes must be deceiving me - I thought i just saw the words "get rid of" in front of the word computer
james: lol. it may be a hallucination pam :P
Pamela: Group hallucinations?
Guy B.: Dell I think might be able to haul it away. I have to check it out. Found it from an article from Maximum PC.
Ron: isn't imagination wonderful Pam?
rich-c: I know - around here that is a deep, dark heresy
Pamela: quite
George: network it
Ron: I actually re-arranged the snake-pit a couple of weeks ago. Could almost see the floor
james: yeah, something i want to explore too, once i get a handle on using ml code
Ron: but now.....
Ron: It's gone again
rich-c: use it as a server under AdamServe
Guy B.: Or I might see if my mom would be interested in it, but she would need a BIG monitor so she can at least see the screen.
Pamela: I thought the floor was just a rumour, James
james: is expanding the size of logo programs (a problem i ran into frequently)
Pamela: sorry, Ron
George: i need a big one too
Ron: Lost am I in a sea of computers
james: in the height of my "logo" days, when i was about 14.. i guess, i reached a point where i was swapping procedures in and out of memory from tape
Ron: Well, let's put it this way James, I haven't done a heck of a lot of LOGO programming - for one who at one time actually wrote a series of articles on it -- but
james: got about halfway through making a very nice drawing program but got tired of the tape drive spinning and gave up
Ron: It seems to me that one program tied the ADAM up pretty good, and it was not a big program. Details have goine, but I can remember thinking....well there
Pamela: obviously pre-DD
Ron: is a price to pa
Ron: be paid for all this functionality
Guy B.: He needs Adamserve or at least the Adam Emulator
Daniel B: I have to quit now. I wanted to say hello to everybody and I hope I will be online more earlier next week.
rich-c: Frances says she has a drawing program for SmartLogo, james
Pamela: nice to see you anyway Daniel
Pamela: g'nite
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel, good that dropped in tonight.
rich-c: OK Daniel, take care and see you
Ron: Nite Daniel
Pamela: ce soir, je ne parle pas le francais
james: ron, as an experiment, i tried to see if logo can natively access a 64k expander. it can't
Daniel B: moi non plus, je ne parle pas franšais
Daniel B: hehe!
Daniel B: good night!
Pamela: tee hee
james: lol
rich-c: there is a program that lets SmartLogo use a 64K expander
Ron: right..... although at one time, I bought a disk from Walters Brothers that professed to provide access to a mem expander of whatever size
rich-c: it was written I think by one of the Walters twins
Ron: never did get anything out of that
james: hmm
Guy B.: Smartdsk
james: i'd be interested in that
Ron: yeah
james: though i bet i could live with swapping from a floppy drive
Pamela: d'you still have it Ron?
Ron: yes, I believe
Ron: would have to find it
james: anyway, you can load logo, type.. sec.. what was that command..
Ron: here in the snake pit, that can be a lengthy exercise
james: pr nodes or something like that
Pamela: maybe you should let the whizkids have a go at it in august, see if they can make it work
Guy B.: That's what Jim Walters brought out. I have it. He also put out Adam's Desktop that has this system on it. Lets you transfer your files to any size memory expander.
james: shut down, insert the mem expander and reload, and you'll get the exact same result
rich-c: it sets up teh expander as a memdisc with its own drive number, Frances says
Ron: Tis my intention to have on hand at the Con a table of 5-1/4's contain everything I own of ADAM
George: memmaker?
Pamela: HI, mom
james: hmm.. maybe that's worth looking into
Ron: look at, it, find it, it's yours
rich-c: the weasel is in that "find it"
james: lol
Ron: violation of cross border trade.... wrongful transmission of encripted data
Ron: :)
Ron: hey... I'm honest
Pamela: Headline: "X-ray machine wipes A.D.A.M. disk - no film at 11:00 : ("
Ron: can see the headline now. "Rash of unreadable disks being exported from BC"
Ron: Nobody can read them except those "iin the know"
james: made unreadable by the very fact they're 5.25"
james: :P
Ron: Al-Quaida links suspected
rich-c: strange and exotic format
Ron: :)
Pamela: no, no, no - do not format!
George: it's hard putting mp3's on those DATA PACKS
Pamela: lol
rich-c: btw Ron, do you think Guy would gain any beenefit from having a passport for the trip?
Guy B.: Might not even fit on a data pack.
james: you'd need about 10 of them
Ron: anyway.... there are a couple of collections that should have gone with previous ADAMs won as prizes
james: maybe 20
Ron: never did leave here
Ron: Rich, Guy - re the passport question - I have always made it from here with my birth certificate and photo id....(my drivers licence)
Pamela: news flash: Ron is still trying (desperately) to find the floor of the Snake Pit - by offloading stuff on his friends
Ron: but each yea r they tighten things up
Guy B.: What do you suggest?
Ron: right on Pamela
rich-c: the word here is US citizens need a driver's licence - period
Guy B.: That I have.
Ron: to be on the safe side, the passport would remove any doubt
George: i don't
rich-c: then forget anything else, unless you can carry your birth certificate conveniently
Ron: but I'd suggest you check with customs. They'll surely tell you how anal they're being
George: travel to Canada banned
james: yeah, and pardon my cynicism, if you look the least bit arab, you'll have a hard time
Guy B.: I bought my birth certicate when I came into Toronto 3 years ago and I didn't have any problem.
rich-c: well with teh SARS scare and all, any would-be visitor is being treated very gently here at the moment
Pamela: Guy, check the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website -, I believe - that should tell you
George: and mad cow
Ron: I know.... Murphy's law of travel
Guy B.: I'll look into it. Thanks Pam.
james: i don't wanna work today. wish i could call in sick
Pamela: no prob
rich-c: naw, seems we've already run out of mad cows, George - only ever could find one
Pamela: somehow I don't think the boss would allow it James
Ron: So - James - phone yourself, and say, "the thought of coming to work makes you sick"
Guy B.: Well, I have a short week due to the Memorial Day holiday.
james: i tried, but i keep getting a busy signal
rich-c: and don't think you don't enjoy it, right?
George: week?
Ron: there are some definate disadvantages to being in charge
Ron: hhaaahh Rotfl
Guy B.: I spent Monday baking cookies just to use up the eggs and butter I had leftover. Anyone want a chocolate chip cookie?
james: AAHHGG! that idiot! how many moths left till that moron chretien is gone?
Pamela: PLEASE!
james: yes! me want cookie!
Ron: Guy.... fill me in.... Memorial Day ...... what do you commemorate?
james: memorials?
Ron: there are gaps in my knowledge
George: i am weak
rich-c: emial me two Guy, I'm serious hungry
james: cookie monster like cookie
james: me want cookie
Pamela: send cookies to George please - he needs his strength
Guy B.: To remember our vets from the various wars they fought in.
Ron: No thanks, I'm diabetic
james: so what's veteran's day then?
Pamela: cookie! cookie!
Ron: right? my question exactly
George: sorry not sim city3000
Guy B.: Ok, I have two chocolate chips. I also have peanut butter chips and butterscotch chips.
Pamela: scutterbotch, please
james: one of each, please
james: :P
Ron: you are making me very very hungry. There will be an earth shattering kaboom
Guy B.: On the way (Pams gets a butterscotch cookie)
rich-c: I'll go for teh peanie buster
Pamela: thank you
james: in related news "a giant tsunami.."
George: cheese cake and ice cream
Pamela: and Ron riding the wave . . .
james: lol
Ron: yes..... the mother of all waves
Guy B.: One peanut butter for Rich C. (WhoosH)
rich-c: as long as it's chocolate cheesecake, George
Pamela: damn, now I'm hungry
Guy B.: Or one with strawberries on it.
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Ron: So I should take a transcript of this chat to my community net. they wanna know what the convention is all about.
Pamela: Guy, you got some 'splainin to do!
Ron: this should explain it pretty good
changed username to BobS
james: i'm just sleepy. if these jackasses don't finish this construction soon, i'm gonna go postal
Pamela: Hey, Bob
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Guy B.: Well, it's about time Bob.
rich-c: hi Bob, my you're late
Ron: Mr S.
james: nah, he's just early for next week's chat
Pamela: lol
Ron: the rest of us were early
George: hi Bob
Pamela: 'cept me
Guy B.: I'm sending my registration in next weekend.
BobS: was mama's 79th bday today , went out for supper and then to her hosue for dessert
james: "the cheque is in the mail"
Ron: hey... wish her congrats
George: whatever happened to BABY BOB?
Pamela: that's the rumour, anyway
Guy B.: Ah, that's where he was. Your excused.
rich-c: OK, I guess that rates as an excuse then, Bob
BobS: HI all
Pamela: Hey Bob, have you paid yourself yet?
BobS: got old
BobS: nope
BobS: but will, the US $$$$ is not fluctuating......
Ron: Bob, my local supplier is quoting me just under $15 CDN for a T-shirt
Ron: needs 3 weeks notice
Ron: ball cap same price
George: go euro
rich-c: T-shirts matter, caps are optional
Ron: so thot I
BobS: which translates into what US ??????
Ron: might have to change the rates on the website
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail and send Broderbund what they need. So, I'll try for Saturday, otherwise next week.
rich-c: Ron, more medical hassles, but will get the cheques off to you a.s.a.p.
Ron: about $11
Pamela: g'nite Guy
BobS: ok Guy
rich-c: OK Guy see you this weekend tehn
BobS: get them cheaper here, think last year was around $7
Pamela: I'll see you in two - I'm out next Wed. nite
BobS: ok be gogod Pam
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: yeah eh? Well maybe we better do that....leave it with me for another week..... there are others I can try
BobS: can check Ron
Pamela: no, I'm not leaving yet - that was directed at Guy
Ron: check, I'll check, and we'll all be fully checked
BobS: OK, Jim can make them up yet no problem I think.....we were "late" before
Pamela: no! no checks, plaid only
BobS: ok BYE PAM ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ron: nite Pam
BobS: chekc !!!!!
BobS: checkmate !
(BobS groans loudly)
Ron: right
Ron: Unfortunately, I must take my leave
Pamela: boy, where did the sillies come from?
BobS: so it is ABOUT TIME that you returned Pamela
Ron: so ... be well all of ya
rich-c: so soon, Ron? you barely got here
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Pamela: if you must Ron - g'nite
Ron: I know
Ron: later all
BobS: well come again when you can stay, eh?????
rich-c: anyway nite Ron - Sat if you can make it
Pamela: sorry Bob, I was out with my mom-in-law last week
james: bye ron
BobS: no excuse
james: waiting with bated breath for that package. let me know the damages
Ron: prolly..... will put a note on my forehead
Ron: yup James
Pamela: oh sure, but it's okay for you to go out with your mom
Ron left chat session
rich-c: OK take it easy
BobS: well i DID come ya know.......late but got here
Pamela: mental picture - Ron with post-it stuck to his forehead
BobS: :-)
Pamela: well, I didn't leave her place till 11:30 - bit late to sign on
rich-c: right, Bob
Pamela: nah, post-its are more painless
Pamela: ouchless, one might say
BobS: AND poof, he was gone
George: nuts and bolts
Pamela: DUCT TAPE!
George: screw it
Pamela: George!
rich-c: naw, pushpins are Ron's specialty
George: oops
Pamela: tee hee
George: it was lowercase
rich-c: so where's Judy and Meeka tonight, Bob?
BobS: that man has the best other word for it...........
Pamela: I just like pulling your tail, George
BobS: using pushpins and alligator clips to hold electronic parts together.....and they WORK
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: Judy here, Meeka just logged off instant messanger for bed
left chat session
George: electrodes
rich-c: it's in teh grand old tradition of breadboards and wire wraps
Pamela: chewing gum and baling wire
BobS: I guess, but they at least used solder here and there
George: tubes
rich-c: well actually on the first tries they often didn't
rich-c: crystals and cat's whiskers, George
George: QB29d3
james: so are people still here?
Pamela: yeah, we're here - sorta
BobS: YO
rich-c: I am - physically, at least
james: yeah, me too
George: no all are ailiens
Pamela: are you?
BobS: BUT, it is time to hit hte hay here in the eastern time zone
james: won't vouch for the mentally part
rich-c: it is indeed getting there, Robert
Pamela: ah, the joys of bieng on opposite sides of the world
BobS: HEY,l what the heck happened int toronto with the sars thing again??????
rich-c: yes, if you were i Japan you could be just getting up
Pamela: somebody breathed on somebody
james: i might break for a nap since those jackasses are going for lunch and it'll actually be quiet around here for a few minutes
BobS: had it licvked and now it rears it's ugly head again
james: words can not describe just how damn sick i am of all the noise
George: sick again?
BobS: oh yes, construciton equipment
rich-c: yes, seems there was a latent case that no one caught onto until the infection had been spread
Pamela: what are they constructing James?
james: they've missed two deadlines now
james: from what i can see... big mounds of dirt
james: like i said before, what's the point of calling it a "dead"line
George: i need a fan
rich-c: it still isn't into teh community, but it is still a hazargettin hot down there in Philly?
Pamela: the big mounds of dirt are to cover the bodies, silly
Pamela: hence, the deadline
rich-c: at least after james gets through with them ;-)
George: just a flash
rich-c: we wre about 70 today but much cooler tonight
Pamela: George, you are too young and the wrong gender to be going through "the change"
rich-c: we seem to be having scattered showers pretty well all this week
George: says who?
Pamela: is there something you're not telling us?>
rich-c: the medical books - but then, what do they know?
George: as in?
Pamela: is George short for Georgina?
Pamela: that would explain the hot flashes
George: STOP THAT!
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: gotcha, George!
Pamela: you have to stop leaving your tail within reach, my friend
George: Georgirae
BobS: well gang.......going to log off now.......I WANT you to good while I am gone; be kind to the elderly and sickly; show compassion to the needy and downtrodden.......
BobS: you get the idea
james: yeah - everyone be nice to rich :P
Pamela: sure, just as soon as I have some spare time Bob
rich-c: yes, and don't think I don't need it.... ;-)
james: lol
BobS: ok nite all
BobS left chat session
George: nite
Pamela: nite Bob
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: wow, he disappeared in a hurry
rich-c: well, I reckon I'll be doing likewise pretty soon
George: Philly architect dies
james: yeah, me to. i better grab my nap while the grabbing is good
rich-c: anyway Pam, got teh ultrasound done this morning
Pamela: yes, and I should attempt to sleep for a change - the next few days are gonna be busy
Pamela: how did it go - any results?
james: didn't sleep till 2. case had us up most of the night
rich-c: I don't know - the techies aren't allowed to tell you
Pamela: what do you think?
rich-c: looks like you need a nap, james
Pamela: why was he up James?
rich-c: let's say biletic colic is possible, but I'd say that's a long shot - more related to my other problems is my guess
Pamela: so when do you get your results?
james: yeah, i'll catch you all next week
james: *poof*
rich-c: depends on when they get them to Dr. Santo - I'll have to nag Noreen
james left chat session
Pamela: go sleep James - I'll be out next week, see you in two
Pamela: do that Dad
George: Nite Kitty
rich-c: I will - if it is a gallstone it means significant lifestyle changes
Pamela: yes it will - but that is a phone topic, I think
George: nite all
rich-c: I guess, and anyway we've got three folks here who need some shuteye
Pamela: I'll be home tomorrow nite - will call then to discuss, okay?
rich-c: OK
rich-c: nite, George
Pamela: alright
Pamela: nite George
Pamela: nite Daddy
George: nite poof
rich-c: if I'm online send an email and I'll clear
George left chat session
Pamela: okay
rich-c: nite - sleep tight
Pamela: nitey nite
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2003-05-28
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