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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Freddymaiden
Freddymaiden: Hi Rich
rich-c: bonjour Fred
rich-c: glad to see you on again
Freddymaiden: How are you tonigh?
rich-c: actually not too good - got word today I need surgery
Freddymaiden: the hip?
rich-c: no, I've known that for some time - gallstones
rich-c: doctor says all at once I'm falling apart ;-)
Freddymaiden: ok, do you know of a date?
Freddymaiden: lol
rich-c: see the surgeon in about three weeks (26th) then schedule a.s.a.p
Freddymaiden: is this your first?
rich-c: with the hospitals disrupted and backlogged with SARS, it will take a while, maybe six weeks after checking
rich-c: surgery? no, had a bilateral hernia, but that was many many years ago
Freddymaiden: Had a hernia myself in the .....forget the name, below the belly
Freddymaiden: do you have medication for now that can help you?
rich-c: right - bilateral means one on either side - don't do things by halves! :=)
rich-c: gall bladder? no, there is no medication that can't help, just painkiller when it acts up
rich-c: that was what sent me to emergency the Sunday before last, apparently
rich-c: I have to be careful as I'm already on maximum dose of one painkiller for the hip
Freddymaiden: talk about painfull...
rich-c: it's the price of living, so you pay it. At leasst an end can be seen
Freddymaiden: :)
rich-c: the big problem is that I can only take three pills a day, and each is really potent for four hours - leaves a gap
Freddymaiden: I guess it would be unthinkable for them to operate on both in one shot!
rich-c: but I have had over 70 years of above-average good health, and will be far better again soon, so my complaints are limited
rich-c: quite - the gallstones can be done by laproscopy, out of hospital in 48 hours, OK in two weeks
Freddymaiden: Good health bill thats forsure
rich-c: the hip replacement is a very much more elaborate proposition
Freddymaiden: ok, they woudl have to replace it!
rich-c: yes, they actually saw the socket off the bone and put in a metal replica, and strengthen the bone it fits into too
rich-c: gather if you actually saw a movie of teh operation you'd faint
Freddymaiden: I have problems assisting birth, nevermind elaborate operations or any for that fact!
rich-c: it's all what you are used to; it never bothers the doctors at all
rich-c: but then they see your body like a mechanic sees your car - messy, but fixable
Freddymaiden: Imagine having the option of used parts, how long is the warranty?, or new?
rich-c: unfortunately, no warranty new or used
Freddymaiden: they would be either very good or crazy!
rich-c: but if you really need a replacement heart or lung or kidney, it doesn't pay to be too fussy!
Freddymaiden: Yes, health is never to be messed with...i agree!
rich-c: I don't even know if teh hip replacement parts are custom fitted or generic
Freddymaiden: theres a very good question!
rich-c: I will get it answred if it occurs to me next time I see the doctor
Freddymaiden: maybe they come with adjustible knotches :)
rich-c: I would guess that they would at lesst have to have a range of sizes, like shoes
Freddymaiden: ...and when it fits you can say hip hip horray!
rich-c: that's what the folks who have had the operation tell me
rich-c: my back fence neighbour had his done by the same dctor I'm going to
Freddymaiden: really, must be convincing for you then!
rich-c: oh yes, and he is not the only one
rich-c: of course it is never risk free but the return vs risk ratio is really highly attractive
Freddymaiden: percentage what would that be
rich-c: don't have the figures, just know that they are good - any surgery carries a risk of a bit over 1% I believe
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Bob
BobS: howdy doody
left chat session
rich-c: you here twice or is that other undefined someone else?
BobS: hope I am still hjere
Freddymaiden: Well I got to leave and get some shut eye, sorry to leave when you enter Bob, no issue with you I promise!!
rich-c: you're here, the ghost has left
BobS: got hung up with 2 thign a ama jigs
BobS: sorry too Fred
BobS: be good though
rich-c: OK Freddy, good to see you, come back soon!
Freddymaiden: Take care Rich and Bob, good night
BobS: and then it is only da TWO of us??????
Freddymaiden left chat session
BobS: nite Fredd
rich-c: so how is the mall problem sorting itself out, Bob? You wre optimistic I know
BobS: not optomistic anymore Rich
BobS: looks to us like the whole thing is going south on ius
rich-c: negotiations have hit a glitch, have they?
BobS: we are looking into the possibility of a career change and opening a mall ourselves
rich-c: what's the source of the problem? too many independent minds?
BobS: strange, yes??????
rich-c: sometimes someone has to have the vision and act on it
BobS: fellow who sas interested has done nothing to this point about planning, financeing or he had told us 30 days ago that all was in progress
BobS: trouble\gure we have to go at least 10,000 sq feet to amke it work
BobS: that is a lot of rent to pay someone
rich-c: sounds like one of these types with a head full of ideas and pockets running on empty
rich-c: it is well beyond teh petty cash range, that's for sure, Bob
rich-c: I assume you're contemplating taking a master lease then sub-letting
BobS: that is the BIG decision.......have to line up dealers to rent, place to rent reasonably, hope and pray we dont' forget somethign BIG.....
BobS: you get the idea
rich-c: well, at lest you have some experience as an entrepreneur
BobS: yea, but this is big bucks to consider
BobS: nothing will be done soon though
rich-c: well, you have to see if the original guy will come through, then see if your own business plan is workable
BobS: kind of looked into this very thing with a previous mall landlord about 3 years ago and figured we couldnlt make it
BobS: I think he is a dea end
BobS: dead
rich-c: well, it will depend on how eager he is to get revenue from his space, and who is willing to offer it
BobS: we would love to go for it, but don't want to get in finacial troubles doing it
rich-c: I do know there have been a lot of smaller malls closed across America these days
BobS: he has no space, it was going to be an add on to his building.....which was supposed to be at the construction stage.....
BobS: and a lot of big ones too
BobS: ours closed becasue they sold the property and were old enoug they di dnot want to relocate and keep going
rich-c: it boils down to whether what you can offer makes it worthwhile to keep the place open
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BobS: it is a done transfers on the 17th of June
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: hiya Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: greetings Guy
rich-c: Pamela sends her apologies - it's her haircut night so she will be late if here at all
BobS: oh shees........'
rich-c: well, I see Judy and Meeka are absent too
Guy B.: Mines on Saturday, so I won't be here that day.
BobS: Judy is here, just got home from church meeting and is yacking away
rich-c: Pity, it's an off weekend, with only an IRL and NASCAR race
rich-c: going to get more tricky as we move into the football season
rich-c: test - are we still here?
BobS: yup
BobS: and faster now too
rich-c: I am exiting now and trying teh backup site in case you two are disconnected
BobS: Judy is yakking on this end
rich-c: oh, OK, thought I'd lost you two
rich-c: by the way, vry discouraging news today
rich-c: you remember lasst Wednesday I mentioned having the ultrasound?
BobS: yes ......... AND the results???????
BobS: oh no.......not good, eh????
rich-c: enough gallstones to make surgery mandatory a.s.a.p
rich-c: as in, appointment with surgeon in three weeks, surgery maybe six weeks after that
BobS: oh oh
BobS: that would make it about time for AC15
BobS: not good
rich-c: yes - that does not bode well for events nine weeks from now
BobS: having major trouble???????
rich-c: yes, officially biletic colitis - like feel like death warmed over, stomach wibbly, very fatigued
rich-c: the operation itself can be done by laprascopic surgery
BobS: because the stones are gettign in the way of normal life.......?
rich-c: that means very small incision, out of hospital in 48 hours, two weeks to heal
BobS: ya know about that, that is good, but I thought you said ASAP
rich-c: but apparently left undealt with in situations like mine, life-threatening complications are possible
BobS: can believe that
rich-c: right now our hospitals are backlogged, had too many staff and operating rooms diverted because of SARS
BobS: yea, heard about that too
BobS: not a good thing
rich-c: let's say it needs to be done soon but isn't an emergency so it goes into the semi-elective level
rich-c: not at all convenient - I can't eat fats or oils at all, for instance
rich-c: and a number of my preferred things dont agree with me - coffee, for instance
BobS: oh, DAT'S to be a milk guy.....
rich-c: and a perpetual rumbling, gassy stomach is no fun either
rich-c: can't have milk, it's got fat in it
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: no cheese, no butter, fat-free salad dressings...
Ron: yea
rich-c: hi Ron
Ron: How's all?
BobS: Ronnie me boy
rich-c: just telling the others - I'm likely for surgery early August
Ron: oh oh
rich-c: the ultrasond showed gallstones at a level that can't be ignored
Ron: first things first my man
BobS: and that would be??????
rich-c: let's say it's still technically elective surgery, as long as there's no fatal delay of the lection
Ron: never did fully understand hospital terminology
Ron: elective eh?
Ron: mmm
rich-c: seeing the surgeon in three weeks; her secretary says about six weeks after is likely time
Ron: and meantime ..... ??
Ron: the dietary restrictions you were listing
rich-c: don't eat any fats or oils, generally be miserable
Ron: welcome to the golden age
rich-c: between the biletic colitis (gallstones) and my hip medication, it's playing games with my blood pressure
Ron: I bet
rich-c: yes, the doctor said today "you'e really falling apart, aren't you?"
rich-c: and I still have to see the urologist on Monday about another problem
Ron: oh a medical practitioner with a sense of humor
Ron: prostate?
rich-c: more or less but not quite, if you follow - there is a vascular thickening in the area
rich-c: my PSA levels suggest everything is OK but it needs a look
Ron: well with everything else that's going on, they may as well look at that end too
Ron: what we need is teleportation
rich-c: yes, and I will certainly need the gall bladder out if I'm going to face teh hip surgery this fall
rich-c: right now it looks as if I could not attend Adamcon if it wre in Toronto
BobS: be RIGHT back gang, mam wants to use da phone
Ron: ok Bob
rich-c: OK Bob
Ron: was just thinking that Rich..... even if we moved the 'con, it probably wouldn't help
rich-c: this is really frustrating because we so want to get to the west coast, haven't been there for far too long
rich-c: no, if I'm flat on my back healing a wound in my belly, I'm not going anywhere
Ron: I'm disappointed to Rich. Was looking forward to seeing you both here, but given the state of things, - your health is going to come first
rich-c: frankly, even if teh surgery wre delayed, I'd be so miserable I'd be useless anyway
rich-c: I have to be very picky about my eating which I don't enjoy; I'm always bilious
Ron: you wouldn't enjoy yourself.
rich-c: and I spend most of my time sleeping, my energy levels are so low
Ron: understandable
rich-c: and there's always the risk of another bout of abdominal pain
rich-c: it's bad enough facing it hre, where I can take a taxi to emergency
Ron: which you sure as hell don't want happening at 33,000 feet over Winnipeg
rich-c: you've got it, Ron
rich-c: the irony is that this time next year I'll likely be full of spit and vinegar and raring to go
Ron: Well, Rich, we're going to do our level best to keep you involved - wherever fate puts you
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Ron: yeah..... once they rebuild you..... and they have the technology
changed username to BobS
BobS: oh oh
Guy B.: We got twins!!!
rich-c: hey, if I'm in hospital Adamcon chat night, I'll demand a phone line so I can join on my laptop
BobS: I am feeling VERY doubly
Ron: Will the REAL Bob S please stand up
Ron: One Bob is good....
Ron: two must be even better
BobS requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: I think I am still here
Ron: Absolutely Rich
Guy B.: I'll be sending my deposit this weekend. Would just a birth certificate be alright to get into Canada?
Ron: it works for me Guy, getting into the States, but you'll have to check that out
rich-c: that's to get you back into the States, Guy - your drivers licence will get you into Canada
Ron: aha
BobS: Ron.......t shirts......approx $9.50 for 2 colors on shirt..........kniw more if we go with it and pick out shirt color and have desig to Jim
rich-c: remind me, Ron, I want a t-shirt even if I have to get it by mail
Ron: you're on Rich
Ron: Ok Bob, that works out to $12.85 Canadian..... about $2. CDN less that here
Ron: is that significant enough difference?
BobS: do'nt know.....prolbably not a killer price difference.......
BobS: beat your guy ont he head a little
Ron: probably could try it
rich-c: yes, there could always be border charges shipping them in
BobS: ANd what about cvolors.......purplely tshirt with multiple colors???????
Ron: I would rather deal local unless doing so is absurd
BobS: thought about maybe a straight gray on purple...Meeka's idea
rich-c: you may want to check the tariff on that sort of textiles, Ron
BobS: so head your way on shirts, already have an afghan to carry along with us
Guy B.: I have both. I'm thinking of getting a duplicate birth certificate since my original is somewhat worn and old.
Ron: Well i haven't taken my design to the people maybe we better let them know what we have in mind, then make a decision
Ron: how many in terms of quantity....I said 25
BobS: IF you get another birth certificate, do NOT copy it, get a REAL one from the county offices, WITH a stamp and everything
rich-c: not all states will issue duplicte birth certificates, Guy - does yours?
BobS: would have to see what we had last year.........somewhere around that
BobS: ya don't tell them ya wanst a duplicate, you just WANT ONE
rich-c: Bob, Customs will not let you through with 20 shirts without charging duty and sales tax on them
Ron: right
BobS: ah but ya don't see what we do Richard
BobS: carried AC11 into canada and back to seattle
Ron: I have this thing about purple. Think it was AC13 when Meeka wore purple to the banquet...... my fav color
rich-c: it's not what I see, it's what Customs sees - and security is tight and searches arbitrary
rich-c: and AC11 was befoe 9/11 - the rules have changed
BobS: naw
Ron: but that was pre 9/11 Bob...betcha you wouldn't get away with it now
Ron: like the carload of stuff I carried to Seattle
BobS: betcha I could
rich-c: Canada isn't as nutty as the US but they can still be difficult
Ron: I'd still be in jail somewhere south of the border
BobS: I got so many tshirtsd already what is a few more
BobS: got to have stuff to wear ya know
Ron: we still need to lengthen the 'con to accommodate all the shirts
rich-c: sure, officer, like 'em so much I need 20 to wear, all my own - you don't believe me?
BobS: crazy bunch you guys got to look HONEST like me!!!!!!!!
Ron: you could pull that off Bob, the Customs dude would see right thru me
BobS: THAT I can believe, you look GUILTY
Ron: Like in a line of traffic doing over the speed limit, I'm the one who gets fingered
Ron: :)
rich-c: I'm normally never questioned, but these days they do random searches regardless of how innocent you appear
Ron: I know.... born with it
BobS: and I WILL leave you a gift battery too........
Ron: now.....that raises another point..... speaking of metalic objects
BobS: NO knives onthe plane
Ron: a week ago I dropped the whole damn Toshiba on the floor..... with the thing in the Docking station
Ron: the computer survived (thank God) but the Docking station is dead dead
Guy B.: Yes, mine does for a small fee. I can even download the application. Mail it in with a SASE or go down to the county clerks office.
BobS: so know you don't need a battery huh??????
rich-c: or scissors, or fingernail clippers, or nail files, or maybe even sewing needles
Ron: would Doug have another he could sell me?
BobS: don't know if we have any docking stations or actually USE ONE??????
rich-c: gee, New Jersey doesnt even offer the wallet size backup
Guy B.: My notebook refuses to use my printer when I hook it up thru the network. Got a solution to that.
Ron: Yes... it has a connector on it that I use for the MIDI keyboard. game port connector that isn't on the computer
BobS: will check sir and possible can take that too
Ron: If'n y'll can come up with one
Ron: And tell Doug I don't want no smart remarks
rich-c: no hope the docking station can be repaired, Ron?
BobS: smart ass remarks
Ron: that's possible Rich, but covering all bases
rich-c: Toshibas have a reputation for being rugged, maybe it's relativly small damage
Ron: Then 3 days later, I dropped a 'puter keyboard on my right little toe
Ron: one of the older heavier ones
Ron: thinking I'm coming down with something myself
rich-c: that always gets your attention
Ron: you betcha
rich-c: dropsy?
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Ron: yeah
BobS: ok who der????????
Ron: knock knoc
Ron: k
rich-c: by the way, Freddy was here earlier but had to leave just as Bob arrived
BobS: kanock, kanock
changed username to james
BobS: yea, I drove him away
rich-c: good morning james
Ron: that's canuck
james: hi guys. i'm here for literally 30 seconds
BobS: hiya james
Ron: canuck canuck
BobS: or is it case??????
BobS: kinda slow logginf on
Guy B.: James, you made it.
Ron: Aha...James....... has an envelope arrived across the briny sea
Ron: ??
rich-c: let me guess - diapers are like politicians, they both need frequent changing for the same reason
james: barely, i'm on my way out actually. took case today to check out the day-care/preschool
james: heh heh
james: a ron, no sign of it yet
Ron: mailed last Thurs or Fri - can't quite remember which
Ron: somewhere in there
james: but you'll be the second to know when it does :)
Ron: good
Ron: Now... are you sitting down?
james: we all know how canada post is renowned for its speed
james: i am
BobS: 'ya sure
Ron: $10 CDN for photocopying $10 CDn for postage
james: sec.. *a whirring motion in my head is translating that to yen*
BobS: 200,000 yen
Ron: the docs are the ones by James Casey Sr. and they're pretty damn good
james: ok. no problem, i'll cut you a cheque (signed and everything) for $20
james: and maybe a few $ for your time sir
james: lol bob
Ron: a pleasure doin' business with you good sir
james: anyways, i hate to hit and run but i gotta rush off to my computer job in the next town
Ron: assuming the pkg gets there of course
Ron: ok James... be well
james: well i'll pay you either way, it's not your fault if canada post screws up
rich-c: that's OK, it's always reassuring to see you, james
james: i'll be here for the full chat next week
Ron: look forward to that
james: 3..2..1..*poof*
rich-c: terrific
james: bye all
james left chat session
Guy B.: He disappears fast.
Ron: $10 to Japan..... Lordie.... a 9x12 envelope containing about 45 pages of docs and a 5-1/2 in floppie
Ron: letter rate
rich-c: but at least he turned up, and that is welcome
Ron: yeah.... not like some who disappear for weeks
Ron: but I'm here now
BobS: weeks on end! ;-)
Ron: I think
rich-c: my weeks tend to be more on edge
Ron: I'm sure Rich. One day at a time
rich-c: oh yes - by Christmas I should be all wound up for another decade at least
Ron: yup. they'll get ya in there for the 100,000 mile check, and a little lube here, and a little lube there, and .... presto
rich-c: well, may have to swap out some parts that are getting a little worn, but hey, it happens
Ron: Now that we have succeeded in mechanizing your health
BobS: true, out with the bad, IN with the good
Ron: yup.....
BobS: new gears as it were
rich-c: and count your blessings - not that many years ago it would not have been possible
Ron: true
BobS: absolutley true !!!!!! 10 years is an ETERNITY in medicine
rich-c: like, laproscopy is very new - earlier it would have been a major project and months to heal
rich-c: now if I could only get it done around Dominion Day I'd still have a hope of making Adamcon
Ron: yup.. now the zip the little camera thingie in there, and it doesn't disturb a thing
rich-c: just grabs teh pebbles and makes its hasty exit
Ron: tell 'em you know Ernie Yves
Ron: and will exercise power
Ron: their provincial premier Bob
rich-c: given his relationship with teh hospitals right now, they'd likely make me wait till 2006
Ron: But then, that might get you locked out of the hospital forever
Ron: :)
rich-c: the big problem is the SARS hangover - so much cancelled to be caught up, and staff still quarantined in places
Ron: Yeah... hadn't thought about that...... things are backed up
rich-c: apparently St, Michales is just now doing their surgery originally scheduled for January
Ron: that far behind eh?
rich-c: yes, they've had to divert staff to things like access control, questioning everyone coming in, taking their temperatures
Ron: sounds like the city isn't thru with the SARS thing yet
rich-c: well, all the cases are in hospital and teh number is diminishing daily
Ron: ah
Ron: I sound like I have SARS most of the time
rich-c: but every time one turns up, all the hospital staff who diagnosed and treated teh patient have to go into 10 day quarantine
Guy B.: Ok, got the official site to Canada and it said I don't need a passport. My birth certificate is proof.
rich-c: told you so, Guy
Ron: there ya go Guy. Good stuff
Ron: Guy..... on another matter, are you planning a presentation for us?
Guy B.: So, I'll just get a duplicate birth certificate since my original is very old and worn. And it will be easier to read.
Ron: what you or the certificate?
Ron: you're too young to be old and worn
Ron: YOu have to be like Rich or me
rich-c: and that takes years of practice
Ron: quite true
Guy B.: Yes, a review of the AdamEm utilities and maybe a new VB demo setup. Ron, you should see the birth certificate. Jeanene has a duplicate.
Ron: If it's anything like mine, I can well imagine it's state
Ron: Ok... noted re the Utilities Guy... and VB demo .... sounds good. You're in
Ron: Bob....what about you.... any earthshaking session to impart?
BobS: what ya need????????
BobS: stupid question yes??????
Ron: well no, it bears consideration
Guy B.: Well, I'm finally taking my first vacation in a week and that's when I can get what I need done. I have put the convention dates down. I'm taking August 6 through the 12th off. Might as well get a rest on the 12th after flying on the 11th.
Ron: Was thinking you and I could do a
BobS: what I WANT is to keep exploring IN DEPTH thsi idea od ADAMem and all the different wasy to nake and import an export to 14..m disk, etc
Ron: blind leading the blind session around our annual Christmas card transfer
BobS: I kniw that is old hat maybe but not banged iinto ah]nybody's head yet
Ron: yeah...... we are going to DO that...... and it WILL work
BobS: YES that too
Guy B.: I'm bringing my notebook, but the floppy drive does not work. So, I'll need a desktop with a floppy drive.
BobS: i5t does not have to ba christmas card, it wirks with any pics
Ron: exactly....just using that as an example,......any kind of file at all
BobS: so, media presentation AND adamem utils to disk and tape
Ron: You're on!
BobS: and I have endless time you know...... HA
rich-c: Getting a bit fatigued - think I'd better call it a day, gentlemen
Ron: keep me posted Rich..... am concerned
BobS: yes time to go here too, but we did iron out 3 ideas for ADAMcon
rich-c: I'll try to get on Saturday, see if anyone turns up
Guy B.: Now, does Netzero go out to Comox?
Ron: that's achieved
BobS: anybody heard if Dale and jill are still alive????????
rich-c: and Ron, of course you'll be kept in the know
Guy B.: I won't be there this Saturday.
Ron: noted Guy
BobS: go to Netzero site Guy and check it out
Ron: no Bob, but thanks to Pamela now at least I have a phone to try...
Ron: might try calling this week
Guy B.: Just need the area code for Comox.
rich-c: lots of luck, then
Ron: have to get a preliminary list to the hotel this week or early next
rich-c: goodnight, all
Ron: Guy... it's 250
Ron: night Rich
BobS: nite Rich
Guy B.: Thanks Ron. Nite Rich
rich-c: bye
rich-c left chat session
BobS: WHAt is 250 Guy??????
Ron: and then there were 3
Ron: the area Code for Vancouver Island
BobS: 250 is area code??????
Guy B.: That's the area code for Comox.
Ron: and everywhere else in BC except for Vancouver
Guy B.: I'll go look. Be right back.
Ron: Vancouver is always different
Ron: right
BobS: first 3 digits of your phone # please
BobS: need taht for lookup[
BobS: hurry
Ron: probably
BobS: hurry
Ron: hey Guy...... hurry
BobS: no YOU hurry
Ron: me?
Ron: what do I hurry for?
BobS: area code AND 1st 3 numbers of your telepohne #
Ron: oh... sorry.. 339
Ron: as in 339-2981
Ron: 250-339-2981
BobS: say......"no numbers found
Ron: oh?
Ron: 'cause that's the number
Guy B.: Same here. Looks like we are out of luck
BobS: sasy Netzero not out there
Ron: oh.... no I wouldn't expect so
Ron: it's US only isn't it
Guy B.: It's there in Toronto, but I guess not all of Canada.
Ron: going to talk to a local ISP about temporary accounts
BobS: it wasy I have to download an updated list to check it better........
BobS: but Guy is USING it an d should have the latest #'s
Ron: if it's anywhere, it' might be in Victoria
Ron: hmmm
BobS: so ya got a job
BobS: find us a freebie to use
Ron: but they have the same area code we do
BobS: OR maybe we can all use your account
Ron: yes.....
Ron: try 250-721-0972
BobS: I did that last year, they didn't care how many times I logged on as long as I used a different phoneline
Ron: Yep.... I still have the Compuserve account (which can be accessed local) but I can probably get another local temp
BobS: yup, got them in Victoria
Ron: ok go to my ex-wife's place
Ron: that's were we'll go
Ron: NOT
Ron: she's in Victoria
BobS: well think on it my man.......see you later....DA BOTH'S OF YA
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Got two of them
Ron: right Bob..... see if you can get me a docking stn eh?
Ron: I'll even endure some ribbing if required
Guy B.: Bob left.
Guy B.: Netzero came up with two in Victoria.
Ron: geez..... we'll have to move the 'con
Ron: again... NOT
Guy B.: And it's for platinum members which I am.
Ron: Victoria is a city of half a million give or take. We're still in the area of tin can and string
Guy B.: But, it's local, right?
Ron: yes
Ron: it's local
Guy B.: Ok, then it should be no problem. Maybe by the time the con comes, Netzero may have more numbers.
Ron: Oh, I see what you mean.... no... Victoria is not local to here, it 140 miles away
Ron: you might want to ask them
Guy B.: Oh, what about Vancouver?
Ron: Vancouver is long distance from here too
Guy B.: Yikes, any other numbers there?
Ron: those are the two closest point
Ron: I know I used to go thru this with Compuserve, now they have a local here, as does AOL, but the only reason I know about NET Zero is
Ron: because I know you guys
Ron: they are not represented here, I'm almost certain
Guy B.: Well, let me ask someone there at Netzero and see what they suggest I use.
Ron: We'll figure something Guy
Guy B.: Ok!. I'm going to go here. I'll see you next week.
Ron: yessir.. Be well
Guy B.: I will.
Ron: nite
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