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changed username to james>
james>: stupid chat app. hi bob
BobS: got 2 of you now
james>: yeah. it disconnected without telling me. so how's it going?
BobS: thas's things in Japan??????
BobS requested to ban james
james> confirmed ban
james>: was hot yesterday. dida bunch of yard work
BobS: now you are one!!!!
BobS: heck, we are having a HARD time getting started on summer. barely makes it warm enough during the day and cools off by suppertime
james>: that's what my mom mentioned
james>: where do you live bob?
BobS: michigan in the us
BobS: same stuff as troonto
BobS: toronto
james>: yeah, you're an honorary canadian :P how far are you from detroit?
BobS: 3 hours west
BobS: whatg we have Richard has the next day
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changed username to rich-c
james>: ah, was just curious. i'm going to a friend's wedding in sept and i'll be flying northworst through detroit
james>: hi rich
rich-c: Yo, good buddies!
BobS: LO Richard
BobS: by plane we are 25 minutes from Detroit
BobS: up and then down
james>: rich - that is weird - i almost said exactly that when you came in
BobS: how's the stones and the leg and the hip and and and
james>: service on air canada flights has been less than exemplary lately and i'd prefer to book with a solvent airline
BobS: they are ALL in financial trouble I think
james>: and the flight time is better too
rich-c: andthe general falling apart? the news is far from good
BobS: we are usign Northwest for concvention, hope they last that long
james>: they'll be around longer than air canada i think
BobS: now what ???????
rich-c: I am now a bad bet for making it to Adamcon at all (Ron knows, btw)
BobS: as shucks mon
james>: oh rich, that's bad. what's wrong?
BobS: aw
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
james>: hi guy
BobS: hiys Guy
BobS: got your 1st check sir
rich-c: well, after my attack of acute abdominal pain, the ultrasound showed gallstones
BobS: ya knew that from last week
rich-c: doctor says I cant have teh hip surgery until they are out and the area has healed
Guy B.: Great! Will be making my airline reservations shortly.
rich-c: so now I have to line up removal of the gall bladder a.s.a.p.
james>: my father had his removed
BobS: and that means.............
james>: recovery was slow and he's just in his mid-50's
rich-c: even if I can get it done quickly, it is unlikely to be healed adequately for me to get to Adamcon
BobS: means "soon" surgery or "wait" surgery
rich-c: wait isn't an option - I am not fit to travel now
BobS: but you said that it was not a surgery to be cheduled soon, wait in line
rich-c: there are complications as my regular hospital is under SARS lockdown and the next option is still backlogged from the scare
rich-c: I'm in teh process of seeing if there's a second choice surgeon who can do teh job sooner at anothr hospital
james>: the whole sars pandemic was just horribly managed i think
james>: they let their guard down too soon
rich-c: my one consolation is the urologist says the vasscularity is just a cyst - can be ignored
Guy B.: WHO thinks it may finally peaked. But, we will just have to wait for sure.
rich-c: well, in justice, james, they were dealing with a total unknown
BobS: true
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rich-c: and realize that WHO is monitoring closely and Centre for Disease Control is onsite, and neither saw any problems
james>: agreed, but it just seems that they thought it was over much too soon
BobS: IF they had it pegged, they could do something about it
changed username to Doktor D.
rich-c: hail, good Doktor
Doktor D.: You must be discussing Mad Cow Disease or SARS.
BobS: Doktor quaint
rich-c: anyway, hindsight is 20/20 and now we know victory was proclaimed prematurely
james>: sars
rich-c: I was explaining why Adamcon is out for me this year
Doktor D.: No SARS here...and our Chinese grad student didn't get any SARS-related headaches from the border when going to Toronto the last couple weekends.
Doktor D.: It's *out*, Richard?!?!
rich-c: well, all the cases are confined to hospital
Guy B.: Oh I see the Dockor is in! How are you Dr. D?
Doktor D.: Fine Guy. Hi to all.
rich-c: yes, I need to have my gall bladder removed and even if it were done in teh next week or two (which is unlikely)
rich-c: it would likely not be healed adequately to travel in time
Doktor D.: Oh drat.
rich-c: and that's assuming that laproscopic surgery will do it
Doktor D.: I can see that, if you were going to be driving your camper.
rich-c: well, right now I cant eat any fat or any oils
Doktor D.: The 'scope will do it in a jiffy, no big scars to show like Marilyn Monroe or Lyndon Johnson.
james>: i remember my father going through that. not being able to eat ice-cream almost killed him i think :P
Doktor D.: I'd think it wouldn't be too bad of healing, as long as you had a couple weeks or so before travelling.
rich-c: yes, and the healing process is much faster, too, but...
Doktor D.: Sigh. Well, it's your call, only you know what you can stand.
rich-c: trust me james, I already lust for a bacon double-cheesburger
Doktor D.: Are Pam and Russell going to be able to go in your stead, to represent the Clee clan?
rich-c: to be followed by a big dollop of ice cream on a waffle
Doktor D.: I remember Pam being somewhat doubtful.
james>: yeah, i plan on having one of those when i get to ottawa this september
james>: the burger that is
rich-c: Russell can't get the time off and I havent talked to Pam since this whole thing blew up in my face
Doktor D.: So who is confirmed to go at this point, Bob?
rich-c: maybe she will be on later tonight - if so she will be shocked
BobS: that doesn't bode well for the entire Clee clan
Doktor D.: Do we still have a critical mass to avoid sticking Ron with a big hotel bill?
rich-c: it certainly does not - I just keep hoping for a miracle that would let me come
Doktor D.: My tickets are non-refundable, so I am flying out there anyway, even to just hang out with Ron and (is it Geoff or Jeff?).
Doktor D.: (I can't remember which spelling variant.)
rich-c: Jeff I think
BobS: Dr D, Guy, the Slopsema 4, Mitchell, maybe Dave Sands and dave.......
BobS: dave.....can't member his last name
Doktor D.: No word from HLM-GMK Inc.?
rich-c: David Cobley will be there I think
rich-c: Scott Gordon makes brave noises but doesnt appear
Doktor D.: I haven't seen David Cobley (I think) since ADAMcon 5.
BobS: yes for geo and herman
rich-c: you're the one in Cleveland, Rich, haven't you heard?
Doktor D.: No, I don't hear anything from those two :-)
rich-c: that's a pity :-(
Doktor D.: They had both been travelling around so much, I was never sure when they were in town.
rich-c: knew George as a trucker would be away, but Herman?
BobS: Herman was making noise about just he and GK soming, no wives
Doktor D.: He and Zandra take lots of day and weekend trips, so I hear/heard.
BobS: GK retired and traveling around in his motorhome
rich-c: well, that's been their modus operandi for years, so it figures
Doktor D.: Any chance of coaxing Zonker across the border for a day or two?
BobS: Ron was wondering if he could
rich-c: Ron had some ambitions and last I heard hadn't been told no yet
BobS: but no YES either
rich-c: unfortunately that is the case
Doktor D.: Well, if Zonker can't make it from Seattle to Comox for a rare ADAMcon right next door to him, then he has indeed moved on.
Doktor D.: A pity if so.
BobS: I am afraid of it Rich
Guy B.: Now, what about Dale and Jill. Has anyone heard from them?
rich-c: I would certainly endorse that
BobS: haven't heard anything from them in months
rich-c: Ron was trying to phone Dale, don't know if he succeeded
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Doktor D.: Holla Judy.
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changed username to meeka
Doktor D.: And Meeka.
rich-c: hello meeka
meeka: hello
Judy: Hi, Rich and Doctor D
Guy B.: Hi Judy
meeka: I'm here :D
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Hi Judy and Meeka
meeka: how is everyone
rich-c: yes, got almost all the Slopsema clan, and no doubt the rest is monitoring ;-)
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Doktor D.: Pondering ADAMcon 15 attendance.
Doktor D.: Total numbers, I mean.
Doktor D.: I am paid-in-full going.
Guy B.: Boy, I sure hope he's coming. He's the only one who has attended all Adamcon's.
Doktor D.: Bob has my $$$ :-)
meeka: were gonna be there
Judy: not many coming so far
Judy: yes, your money was recieved
Doktor D.: Well, I s'pose PJ's shirt could stand in for the "attended all ADAMcons" group.
Doktor D.: I presume someone kept it after last banquet.
Guy B.: Good idea.
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BobS: Ron has it
changed username to George
Doktor D.: Hi George.
George: Hi Everyone
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Judy: hi, George
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello George
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: Good heavens, quite a lineup!
Doktor D.: It's......Pamela Clee's Flying Circus!
james>: hi pam
rich-c: hello, daughter
Pamela: Hi there
BobS: YO Pam
George: I'm here via mozilla connection
Guy B.: Pam, hang on.
Pamela: mozilla?
Pamela: Hanging, Guy
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: oh, you finally went back to basics, did you, George?
Doktor D.: Freebie version of Netscape.
Pamela: ah, gotcha
Doktor D.: Open-source version, I meant.
Pamela: Caffeine thy name is friend
George: mozilla browser
Doktor D.: I.e., you can change the source code yourself and recompile if you feel like it.
rich-c: let's say Netscape is essentially Mozilla with a lot of spyware added in
Doktor D.: hehe
Pamela: so, how is everyone?
Guy B.: I gave you the caffeine free one.
Doktor D.: Recommended by
Pamela: no no Guy, I need the caffeine
Judy: fine and you?
George: i can't do anything with code!
Pamela: tired, as usual
rich-c: better find her a can of Jolt
Pamela: oh ick Daddy
Guy B.: I use Netscape there my friend, but not 6.2. Still using 4.79
Judy: well, that is a given at this time of night
Pamela: I fell asleep sitting up earlier
rich-c: well, the definitive version of Mozilla was finally issued a few months ago
Pamela: slept that way for half an hour
meeka: hello Pam
George: i just downloaded mozilla today
Pamela: Hey, Meeka - how are you?
Judy: what is making you so tired?
Doktor D.: Grind up 2 Vivarins and dissolve in 12 oz Coca-Cola...
rich-c: bloody well about time, George. Now, isn't it what we tolkd you it would be?
George: huh?
Pamela: a mattress that needs to be replaced and not going to bed early enough
meeka: not bad- been busy this week. havin to work extra to cover for a co-worker on vacatioon
Pamela: so what does that entail?
rich-c: we told you several times, George, that you'd be happier with Mozilla, when you were complaining about AOL and Netscape
George: i have no memory these days
Judy: I worked out in the yard all afternoon digging
meeka: 40 hours a week instead of 21 :P
Pamela: Poor Meeka.
rich-c: long as the paycheck reflects it, meeka
meeka: i know, my life sucks right now LOL
Judy: will make for a good paycheck
Pamela: I know what you're feeling though - one of my coworkers in on extended sick leave, and I'm covering her desk as well as my own
Doktor D.: Child interrupt...
rich-c: well, its a helpful consolation prize
meeka: nope, it doesnt, but it will when I get paid for being gone at convention :)
Pamela: I probably know this, but am drawing a blank - what do you do?
George: my doctor gave me 6 weeks Monday
Guy B.: I'm finally starting my first week of vacation on Monday. A long and awaited break from work.
meeka: little of this, little of this.....mostly accts receivables, but help with everything else too
Pamela: ah
Pamela: see, I think I knew that
rich-c: what is your latest ailment, George?
Pamela: which child, Rich?
George: my brain is going
BobS: so is everyone's......
BobS: going on vacation????????
Guy B.: George, did your brain freeze?
Pamela: you know Judy, after all that time we spent on games for the shower, I didn't use any of them
BobS: we can ALL go !!!!!
BobS: those darn Frosties from Wendy's.........
George: he said in 6 weeks i'll be dead
Judy: that is good, Pam, I hate to play them and so does most people
rich-c: from what cause, George?
Judy: hope the shower went well
George: i wiil be brain dead
Pamela: it did - everyone had a good time and the bride was very happy
Pamela: went on forever though
George: the stroke did it
rich-c: still doesnt answer the question, that's a symptom not a cause
Judy: they usually do
Guy B.: Ohhhhh, Frosties?
BobS: Meeka, talk to Sher tonight?????????
Pamela: supposed to start at 2:00, Mom and I walked in at 1:53 thinking we were late, and turned out we were the first ones there - we even beat Kimberly and her mom
meeka: nope
rich-c: don't trust teh doctor too far - usually if you survive the stroke, you survive
meeka: do I need to?
Pamela: didn't get out of there until 6:00
BobS: they bought a motorhome tonight
meeka: ahhhhhh
Judy: I hate when that happens
George: not always
BobS: got to really HATE those people then eh???????
Pamela: no, it was fun - I spend a lot of time with Kimberly's family and there was a family gathering after the shower - all the men who didn't attend the shower etc
rich-c: agreed - I lost my father and cousin to haemorragic strokes
Judy: that is good, glad it went that good
rich-c: but even now it is very hard for the doctors to make any prediction at all, let alone a valid one
Pamela: well at this point, I'm just glad it's over with. Now, we just have to get past the wedding
meeka: lol
Pamela: Three weeks and counting
Guy B.: Both my grandparents on my dad's side died from strokes.
Pamela: Even Kimberly is looking forward to it being over so she can have a life again
Judy: is there anything you have to do for that?
George: How does thi JAVA work?
Pamela: I'm in the wedding party but I have no duties until the rehearsal on the Thursday before and then decorating the church hall for the coffee social on the Friday
rich-c: all on its lonesome, George, you just install it and ignore it
rich-c: it's basically a cross-platform programming language
Pamela: Russell, Art, Kimberly and I are going to do that on the Friday evening. I haven't warned Russell yet
Judy: what is a coffee social?
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I didn't tell you all. That I'm meeting a new girl on Monday.
George: No it just pope
BobS: ALLRIGHT !!!!!!! GO Guy
Pamela: It's where the members of the congregation - in this case the people attending the ceremony - gather and socialize after the ceremony and before we head to the reception
BobS: be yourself, and you will do well
George: a java console popped up as a proxy for mozilla
Guy B.: I'm bringing Abby. She wants to meet her.
Pamela: it's primarily for those who won't be attending the reception to spend some time with the bride and groom
George: and i keep losing my cursor prompt
rich-c: that's OK -I have one running here because it's needed to make the chat work
Judy: got it, that is a nice thing so often there is nothing to do between
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rich-c: PAM - I have sent you an email. Please read it on arrival.
changed username to Ronald
BobS: Ronald me man !!!!!!!
rich-c: hello Ron, how's the wet coast?
Ronald: I am here
BobS: with the wee bonnie computer
meeka: hello
Pamela: it's apparently a tradition that the CRC churches in this area instituted. They do it about once a month
Judy: hi, Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
BobS: cool
Pamela: Dad, do I have to go get it now?
Ronald: We've lost our Pacific high today but it's ok still
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: yes, Pam
Pamela: ok brb
Ronald: So how are all
Guy B.: We got a full house tonight.
BobS: so now the wet coast is low?????
Ronald: yep..... pacific low
BobS: don't sink it we ARE COMING
Ronald: 31 degrees Celsius here last Frii
rich-c: we have just come through the second wettest April and May on recordd
Judy: must be a Canadian thing because our churches don't do that
Ronald: we ended up having supper in the basement
George: i'll be back on AOL browser.. This is making me crazy
BobS: yes it has been hot there
George left chat session
Ronald: now we're back to normal more or less
Guy B.: Got pretty cool here in Chicago today. Hopefully tomorrow it will be warmer.
rich-c: we are just now seeing a little warmth - it got up to 22C today
Ronald: I threatened to open the swimming pool, guess that's what did it
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BobS: ah yes taht's it Ron
Judy: we have been really cool here
changed username to George
Ronald: really eh?
rich-c: welcome back, George
Ronald: Was just talking to Dale Wick on fone
Pamela: Judy, as far as I know it's a tradition started by the local churches in the NW area of the greater Toronto area
George: there, that's better
Ronald: he and Neil are both coming to the con
Guy B.: What happen George?
rich-c: that at least is good news - no Jill?
Judy: ok, it sounds like a cool thing to do
George: i can't take losing my cue
Pamela: brb - gonna kiss my hubby goodbye
Ronald: she's apparently at a new job.... can't get the time off
rich-c: he was switching browsers, Guy
Guy B.: Good to hear.
Judy: we are going to miss her
Ronald: Also spoke to Zonker a couple of days ago, and he'll be here, on Friday- Sun
Guy B.: Tell Russell I said Hio\
Judy: that is good
BobS: Jeffery coming???????
Guy B.: Darn fingers.
james>: hi - was off doing fatherly duties
Ronald: yep Jeff will be there
rich-c: btw George, whether it shows or not, you have a Java console controlling things right now
George: ping ping ping
james>: hey ron. i've sent a money order to my parents' place. i'll have enough to cut you a cheque soon
Pamela: Guy, I'll tell him in the morning - it was a quick exit
Ronald: He just left for Italy today with his girlfriend
james>: no need to break my legs just yet :P
Pamela: He does say hi to all though
james>: b8766wy6gjj
Guy B.: Where in Italy is he going?
james>: t66666666666666666666666666666tf ct56
Ronald: Now James, you know I'm just a teddy bear.....wouldn't harm anyone
Judy: well, say hi back from us
rich-c: hello, Case
Ronald: Florence
james>: n n nh n hhb g tb tb 65b 65
George: i'm on the wonky network
rich-c: wouldn't he like Firenza better?
Pamela: hugs to Case
Ronald: Francesca's father lives there
Pamela: Ron, I missed part of this - did you say Dale and Neil are going but Jillian can't?
Ronald: think we're going home to meet daddy
rich-c: aha - the plot thickens
Guy B.: Florence! That's one city I didn't get to visit when I was there. Been to Venice.
james>: 6i 'maq 2wx23we12ns3
Ronald: English James, please
rich-c: To Case: n 98732kbsblkqlha;p
james>: i'm going tohave toge6yt6y him his own keyboardw3
Ronald: that's right Pamela. Apparently Jill has a new job, and can't get the time off
Guy B.: I think he's talking binary Ron.
Pamela: silly Daddy!
BobS: maybe you can piggyback one for Case
Ronald: right
rich-c: it's OK james I just told him hands off (nicely)
George: Why are there more computers than I know?
Pamela: I guess Jeffie would have been a bit of a handful this year too
Guy B.: James, is your wife coming to the con or just you?
james>: uhh... i'm not going..
rich-c: maybe you got started in computers too late and missed the fun stuff, George
Ronald: probably's a long trip
Pamela: well, those of us who stay behind will have to keep each other company then. That's my bad news Ron, I won't be coming.
BobS: james is just coming to america Guy....not the con
George: on my network?
Ronald: we'll get you over here one of these years James
Guy B.: Not this year.
james>: if my friend werent' doing something stupid like getting married this fall, i probably could have arranged it
james>: brb. someone's fussy
George: new harddrives too
rich-c: George, if you are finding unknown computers on your network, you'd better make sure Zone Alarm is running
Guy B.: Sorry about that. What city are you coming into?
Ronald: sounds like priority James, much as I hate to admit it
BobS: Detroit
BobS: da motor city
Ronald: the place just north of Windsor
Ronald: or is it south
Guy B.: Detroit. Car capitol of the USA.
Pamela: North
George: oh boy
Ronald: thot so
BobS: tis just west sson
Ronald: ah
rich-c: right, whre all teh casino players come from
Ronald: from this side of the mountains, they're all EAST
Pamela: I think that's cheating Ron
Ronald: oh
Pamela: Ron, did you catch what I said?
George: mine are by the sea
Ronald: Now..... how about Pamela..... can we put her down for a room at the con?
Pamela: no, I can't come
Ronald: Aw
Pamela: unfortunately, can't swing it in time or dollars
BobS: russell must work and pam is fraid alone
BobS: bummer dear
Ronald: No representation from the Clee household. This is not good
Pamela: you're telling me Bob
Judy: bummer, bummer
meeka: awww, we gonna miss you Pam
Pamela: I'm not afraid to come by myself, I love to fly and I'm going to miss you all like crazy
Guy B.: You won't be coming this year?
BobS: yea right.
BobS: :-)
Pamela: however, I can't swing it financially until I've paid everyone else what I owe them
(BobS winks)
Ronald: I know how that feels Pam. Missed 6 for the same reasons
Judy: what then?
George left chat session
Pamela: thanks for your faith, Bob
Guy B.: Plan for next year.
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Pamela: Don't forget, you're talking to the person who flew across the country in 1986 by herself and slept in a tent for 10 days (at the ripe old age of 21)
Ronald: evening Doktor
left chat session
BobS: he's BACK
Pamela: Oh, I am planning for next year - you can bet on it that I won't willingly miss two in a row
rich-c: we're missing George - I think he fell off and is trying to get back on
Ronald: good Pam
Guy B.: Dr D is sure quiet.
BobS: fell out or something
Pamela: Dad, I got your e-mail and have read it. We'll have to talk.
rich-c: yes
Pamela: so Rich, who had the crisis?
Ronald: Doktor D. did you get my e-mail about possible subjects for a con presentation?
rich-c: not sure he is back yet - his name has persisted
Pamela: well, he popped in but don't know if he stayed
Ronald: would seem so
Ronald: or not
Ronald: as the case may be
rich-c: I think the in and out was George not Rich
Pamela: so, where am I planning to go next year, or is that not decided yet?
rich-c: it is still undecided
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: undecided, but with some proposed options I think
Pamela: such as?
rich-c: Scott Gordon says Denver - that I'll believe when I see it
Guy B.: I'm going to write a new program that will enable to print files created from the emulator.
Ronald: right, that was one
Ronald: come to think of it, that was the only one
BobS: AND we have a genuine Jean Stone afghan ya'll
Pamela: haven't we convinced Daniel to host yet?
Ronald: ah.....good. good good
rich-c: that would be neat, we could all practice our French
Pamela: someone buy me a ticket please
Ronald: no, don't believe Daniel has been approached
Guy B.: Ah yes! What's a con without an afghan.
BobS: think perhaps we best stay with those who have hosted and/or BEEN to a convention
Judy: ok, I can do that for you Pam
rich-c: don't forget my T-shirt, Ron
Ronald: It will be placed upon the order list without fail Rich. And you take a 2XL, right?
Pamela: Yes, and I want one too - will have to send you some $ for both
Judy: we will miss you and Francis also Rich
rich-c: think my size is an M, Ron
left chat session
Pamela: mine's a 3X Ron
Ronald: good - duly noted (was just kidding about the 2XL)
Pamela: I like room in my T's
rich-c: trust me, Judy, it is going to be a terrific disappointment for us
Ronald: ok Pam
Ronald: Me too Pam
Pamela: how much are they Ron?
BobS: when you have to order shirts ron
Judy: for us also
BobS: ?????
rich-c: in fact if by some miracle I could get the surgery done and healed in time, I'd still come
Judy: you will be missed
Ronald: looks like about $15 Pam, but I'll confirm that in a little while
BobS: will have to forward sizes on registrations to you by then
Pamela: just let me know, I'll send you the money
Pamela: THAT at least I can afford
Ronald: On first cut Bob, looks like your estimate of 10 rooms was closer than mine
Judy: that would be wonderful
BobS: be opttmistic, not head in the clouds.......:-)
BobS: Dave Cobley coming????
BobS: Dave Sands?????
Ronald: I'm still hoping we'll see the Cobley's , but they've got a family thing (wedding) that weekend that they can't sidestep)... they'r still negotiating
rich-c: if it were that early, I'd miss Kimberly's wedding
Ronald: Yes. Dave Sands will be coming up...... but won't be staying at the hotel. He's only 1/2 hour south
BobS: well HECK, we are coming for 10 days and HAVING A GREAT TIME
BobS: tha's fairt
Ronald: That's RIGHT Bob, and I look forward to that
Pamela: you can't do that Dad - I need my support system!
rich-c: so right you are, Bob, and we are jealous like you shouldn't believe
Pamela: colour us all green
Judy: we are needing the relaxation
rich-c: Pam, the odds are so far against it, it's pretty much forget it
rich-c: not that I'll be much fun at a reception when I'm on a fat-free diet
BobS: got to have hopes and dreams Richard........and Pam.....NEXT YEAR or BUST
Guy B.: That's going to be rough Rich.
rich-c: well I hope by this year end I'll have run out of things to break so 2004 should be fine
BobS: true Richard
james>: back
james>: has the location for 2004 been decided yet?
BobS: but, then again,,,,,,something always can go kaput
rich-c: right now I've even found coffee bothers me so much I've switched to tea
Judy: we will keep our fingers crossed for you Rich
BobS: north america !!!!!!
Guy B.: I'm finally getting my weight back down now that the warmer weather is here.
BobS: tha close einough??????
james>: ahh..
james>: not really :P
Judy: that is good, Guy
BobS: too bad, don't want to let the conventino out of the bag jsut yet
rich-c: does that mean you have ambitions for Japan, james? ;-)
BobS: great place to visit .....but the airfare.....
Pamela: well, you won't have too much to worry about Dad, and if you have dietary restrictions, the golf club can accomodate them. Just let me know and I'll pass the information to Kimberly
BobS: never been to japan
Ronald: damn telephone. Alexander Graham Bell should be shot
Ronald: but then.... he's already dead eh?
Judy: no cake
BobS: Bell is the key word there
james>: it'd be nice but i think it'd be financially difficult for most
BobS: let the darn thing ring
Ronald: we charter our own jet
BobS: it is prolly a salesman
rich-c: well, about the same as Cynthia, before her operation
Ronald: we call it the "Anti-Gates"
rich-c: no fat, no oils
BobS: cnarter....novel idea
james>: lol, charter our own flight. that would be fun
Pamela: okay - does that mean stay away from pork for instance?
rich-c: problem is, we have too many divergent starting points
BobS: and too few bodies
Judy: chicken would be good
rich-c: depends on the cut and how it is cooked, Pam
james>: that and my brother is getting married next year
Ronald: oughta be able to pick up a Concorde real cheap
Ronald: no, the Concorde could whip around
Ronald: Think I've been bounced
james>: all these people throwing their lives away
Ronald: nope... I'm still here
rich-c: just like I can have chicken but only de-fatted and without any skin
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BobS: yes....the concorde.....keep the speed down to save MIGHT WORK
Pamela: okay. I'll get the menu from Kimberly and let you know exactly what's on it, and you can tell me what you need to avoid - I'm sure that you can be accomodated
changed username to George
Ronald: What's with these damn weddings anyway? We're gonna have to get rid of weddings
Judy: not the way my friend told me, was very costly
meeka: ok, well, i'm gonna go. gotta be up on time agian tomorrow :P
rich-c: well, you finally did make it back, George
meeka: talk to you all next week
BobS: be good Meeka
james>: yeah, there's a reason marriage is called an institution
Pamela: oh, the joys of a full time job Meeka
james>: you have to be crazy
Guy B.: Concorde. Gone by the end of the summer.
Ronald: night Meeka
meeka: lol, no kiddin
rich-c: take it easy, meeka, and see you
Guy B.: Night Meeka
Pamela: well hang in there kiddo, it'll get better
George: What on earth is going on
Pamela: g'nite sweetie
Judy: night Meeka
meeka: ya, jsut ahve to hang in till the 20th
james>: damn. i'm out of crackers
rich-c: talking about Adamcon, George
Ronald: Not good James
meeka left chat session
james>: now i have nothing with which to eat my cheese
Ronald: don't know which is worse... being out of crackers or being out of Peanut butter
George: my keyboard keeps cutting out
rich-c: Ron, did you know Loblaws has fat-free fig newtons?
Pamela: Credit where credit is due, Ron - Kimberly has waited a long time for the right guy to come along, and this is a marriage I can guarantee will last forever
james>: wait..a..second.. there's some premium plus....ah damn.. *downstairs*
james>: till death do he part
Ronald: At this stage of my life, I am not qualified to venture opinion on that Pam.... will take your word for it
Pamela: give the guy some credit, it only took them eight years to get this far
Ronald: meanwhile, I pay alimony
George: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james>: i'm worth so much dead right now i fear for my every step
rich-c: what now, George?
Pamela: we're all in that boat James
Judy: some marriages work out thoughRon
George: my keyboard goeth to hell
Ronald: Right now..... I have to live longer than my ex
rich-c: wiggle the cord, George
james>: lol. i have to live longer than my wife. that's the only way i'm gonna get some peace 'n quiet before i go
Ronald: ROTFL
rich-c: are you sure it's fully plugged in on both ends?
Ronald: not goin there Rich
Judy: you still have to pay alimony?
Ronald: yep, for as long as she shall live
rich-c: the PS2 plugs are real nasty about working their way loose
Pamela: what if she remarries Ron?
james>: and of course the courts and laws are just *so* fair right now when it comes to divorce
Ronald: then no
BobS: ah.......tis Myuki listening????????
james>: nope
Ronald: been trying to set her up for about 15 years
BobS: goo thing OR you might be dead !!!!!
Judy: bummer, ron
(BobS laughs heartily)
james>: was reading in some states that if a woman remarries he still has to pay alimony but not the other way around
Ronald: S'OK. I'd only spend it on computer gear if I wasn't sending it to Leslie
james>: all kinds of nasty biased rules on the books
Judy: we are wondering how you get divorced, Mandy can't, is taking forever
Ronald: really?
james>: my friend just got divorced. took two years
rich-c: it's very easy if it's by mutual consent but difficult if contested
Judy: that is the problem
Pamela: what's the holdup, Judy?
james>: i have a crippled "data" that case pulled the arm off of
Judy: money
Pamela: in what sense?
BobS: Geo, tha is called a straigh jacket
Judy: nothing gets done in the court system
BobS: court is a joke
BobS: darn judge don
BobS: don't decide anything
james>: yeeouch
Judy: he doesn't want to give her any, even to pay for the things he has
George: no it has the smarts to use voice communication
Judy: bills in her name
Pamela: That's too bad - I would think that her case would be straightforward
BobS: the bastard took off with everything and doesn't want to pay for any of it
rich-c: just because it is straightforward doesnt mean it will be unopposed
Ronald: All I know is...... if I had it all to do again.....
BobS: so Mandy is on the hook credit wise, he has all the stuff and all the money
Ronald: I'd probably screw it up just as badly
Ronald: lordy
Pamela: I'll marry you Ron
Ronald: that sounds not too good
BobS: shoulda killed the bastard when i had the chance
rich-c: pity you don't have a cousin Vinnie to go have a talk with him, Bob
Ronald: Aw.... Pamela...... gee
Judy: he hasn't been sentinced yet either
BobS: darn straight Richard
Judy: paperwork has to be typed
Ronald: think there might be one other who would have something to say about that eh?
BobS: Ryan may be no longer a minor by the time they sentence the bastard for child abuse
Pamela: yeah, I guess so.
Ronald: Thought we were tied up in red tape
rich-c: long as they hold him in custody while awaiting trial, that's fine
George: test
Pamela: you're here George
rich-c: you're still here, George
BobS: oh no0...he is walking the streets
Judy: no, he is out walking around not a care in the world
rich-c: and obviously, your keyboard is working
Pamela: so - does anyone else have a cousin Vinnie they could loan you?
Judy: we only wish that were the case
rich-c: or say a real playful buddy with a Harley?
Pamela: maybe you should make friends with the local college football team
George: it stopped again
Ronald: sounds like time for the cement block at the bottom of the lake thing
BobS: darn straight
Pamela: that's too obvious, Ron
rich-c: you are still getting through, George
BobS: we are not into the "bad" sector of society
Ronald: yeah, I suppose
BobS: pity too.........
Judy: maybe, but then the court would probably do something to us
rich-c: first they'd have to prove you had anything to do with his sudden misfortune
Pamela: but, it would take forever - and you'd be walking around free - and so would Mandy : )
Ronald: probably Judy, and it would not be fun
George: a lot of what i'm typing isn't showing up
Ronald: we see ya George
Judy: we just have to hope that his day will come soon , before he does it again
rich-c: may be you're letting the cursor wander - I have that problem sometimes
james>: i say grind him up and feed him to some starved pigs
Pamela: wood chipper anyone?
Judy: sounds like a plan
Ronald: bummer deal for the pigs
George: thank god you didn't see what typed just now
Ronald: keep it clean George
Ronald: keep it real
rich-c: farn dingers always mess up
Pamela: here's one for you - stab him with an icicle, then dip him in liquid nitrogen, then drop him - I hear it's the perfect murder
George: MF ppp
Pamela: no murder weapon, the ice keeps him from bleeding, and he'll shatter on impact into tiny pieces
Ronald: hmmmm.... verrrrrr y interesting Pam
BobS: she is FULL of ideas, eh????
Ronald: yeah eh?
Pamela: don't laugh - I got that from an ex boyfriend
BobS: ayou sure YOU don't have a cousin Vinny?
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changed username to Daniel B
Ronald: and to think, she wanted to marry me!!!
Pamela: no such luck, I'm afraid
BobS: Daniel !!!! hello!!!
Daniel B: Hello Bob!
George: i got crabs
rich-c: bienvenue, Daniel
Daniel B: Bonsoir Rich!
Ronald: hey Daniel
Daniel B: hey Ronald!
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Pamela: Ron, are you rejecting me? : ((
rich-c: comment ca va ce soir?
Daniel B: Hi Judy!
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Ronald: for my own safety and well being Pam, yes
Daniel B: hi Pamela! :)
BobS: Pam, not rejecting, YOU talked him right out of marriage to ya
Pamela: well stay out of cold places then . . . : ))
Daniel B: ca va bien! merci! et toi?
Ronald: all we'd be accomplishing is doing Leslie out of perfectly good alimony payments
Judy: I think he did, Pam after what you can think up it sounds like a good idea
rich-c: un peu de mal, mais je survivra
Ronald: Thank you Judy
Pamela: hey, it wasn't my idea - I'm just passing on hearsay!
Daniel B: explique...
rich-c: gallstones - need an operation, Daniel
George: i think i'll hang myself with my keyboard cord
rich-c: and I have to get it done and over with befoe they can replace my hip
Judy: okay, I didn't think you were that evil
Pamela: are you kidding, I'm the original wimp
Pamela: all hearsay, no action - ever
Ronald: naw..... Pamela is good people....but she's gonna have to watch what she reads
Judy: me too
Pamela: need I remind you that the ex is very ex?
Pamela: like about 20 year ago?
rich-c: how are you doing on the Java course, Daniel?
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: let's hear it for the 'ex-s' of the world
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: um, isn't that how all this got started??
Ronald: think so
rich-c: what happened, Guy, fall off?
Pamela: perhaps another subject might be in order
Guy B.: I was beginning to wonder why I didn't get anyone on the log. Got filled and stalled.
Ronald: Rich.....with the medical file you have constructed..... how are you feeling?
Pamela: you missed all sorts of interesting stuff Guy
Judy: good idea
Daniel B: Well, Rich, I finally stop my choice on Image/J mailing list. image/j it's a java software like the one i wanted to do and the mailing list is usefull
james>: btw ron, i'm hoping to have some "free time" soon to look at that stuff you sent me
Pamela: free time is a myth, James
james>: had too look those two words up
rich-c: good to hear you're making progress, Daniel and james both
james>: and now my other two favourite words "he's asleep" :P
Daniel B: Rich, I'm not sure what is gallstones but I think in french is "pierres aux reins" but i'm not 100% sure!
Ronald: Wish I could do that James.......MacADAM has been on my likst for years
james>: if i weren't so busy scanning and making study materials to go with the califone card readers for the classroom, i might have more time
Ronald: along with Visual Basic 5 Visual Basic 6 Visual C++ and now Real Basic on the Mac
Pamela: two of the most beautiful words in the English language, James
rich-c: sounds like it could be right, Daniel - don't have my dictionary ahndy at the moment
james>: once i have more of a curriculum of sorts, it'll be easier.
james>: lol
james>: it's getting things up and running that takes time
Ronald: I have licensed copies of 'em all, and there they sit
Pamela: at least you're getting them done James - I have a terminal case of procrastination
rich-c: anyway, it means I can't eat any fats or oils under pain of long acute abdominal pain
Ronald: By the way.... for all to know...... I went to Futile Shop 2 days ago an d bought the XP upgrade
Ronald: for the Duron
Daniel B: I received e-mails from guys who want to program colecovision games. i think my coleco web page will help more people than i expected.
james>: i try. alot of it is drudge work. i'm thinking of hiring a student to just scan stuff for me
rich-c: ythat is terrific to hear, Daniel
james>: your page is great daniel.
james>: not that i've done anything with it yet
rich-c: there is still some interest in the games - I have a buyer coming over Saturday
Pamela: at least students are cheap, James
rich-c: so for those who care - I may not be on chat Saturday afternoon
Ronald: we do care Rich
Pamela: oh FYI Dad, we'll be at the trailer this weekend
james>: yeah, i know a girl who likes to do graphics stuff so maybe i'll move my scanner to the classroom and see if she's interested in making a little cash
Pamela: good idea James
james>: i get my students to help weed etc too (of course i pay them)
Pamela: do you teach them the English names of the stuff they're digging up?
rich-c: OK Pam, I have two major races on Sunday so will be busy
james>: lol. if i knew what the stuff was, i would
Ronald: I must away good people..... see ya's next week
Pamela: we're leaving Friday night and coming home Sunday late afternoon, in case you need to reach us
james>: oh, ron, before you go -
Daniel B: be right be... someone need my help here...
rich-c: OK, mental note made, Pam
George: this cursed java is thowing up windows all over the place
Ronald: yes
Pamela: it's been unreal Ron
Judy: bye, Ron
rich-c: goodnight, Ron, and take care
james>: are con t-shirts for attendees only?
Ronald: no, no James. I will take money from anyone
BobS: nite Ron
rich-c: no james you can order one, just ask Ron
james>: lol. ok. how much are they?
Ronald: let me know what size..... best give me an e-mail.. I'm a senior you know
Ronald: $15. CDN
BobS: 35 guinnies
james>: lol. ok, i'll send you an e-mail
Ronald: 50,000 yen
james>: ouch!
rich-c: George, you shouldn't be getting windows, especially from the Java
BobS: 567 guilders
Ronald: ok.... gotta run
james>: $500 shirt. better outlast me at that price
Ronald: later all
james>: bye ron!
BobS: 10 million pesos
George: bye bye java
Pamela: nite Ron
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: if you close down the Java you close down the chat - it runs in a Java applet
George: damn it
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. See how Saturday is otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
james>: bye guy
BobS: ok Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, we'll see what happens
BobS: be good
Pamela: Good luck with your date, Guy
Judy: bye Guy
George: nite guy
Pamela: I'll get an update on Wed
Guy B.: Thanks Pam.
Guy B.: You will.
Pamela: Nite
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Bob, are you having fun pricing us out of the market?
james>: heh heh
BobS: pricing what?????
rich-c: he'd better enjoy it while he can, Pam - pretty soon our dollar will be higher than his, way things are going
Pamela: I look forward to that time - or at least Cdn and US dollars at par
james>: yeah, last time they were at par was in the 70's, right?
Pamela: then I can shop on US websites and not have it cost a fortune
rich-c: you might not like the side effects, Pam
james>: i find even at $1.35 instead of $1.58, the difference is enormous
rich-c: actually the real worth of our dollar is about 78 - 83 cents, most folks figure
Pamela: oh certainly James
james>: yeah, unless productivity goes up, a dollar that's too strong would be bad
james>: i've read that too, rich
George: no wonder why microsoft wanted to dump java
rich-c: microsoft didnt dump java, they tried to sabotage it as a competitor
rich-c: java is a better programming language than anything Microsoft offers and could replace Windows
james>: oh come now, microsoft would *never* do that.. :P
George: you sure it wasn't the other wat around
Pamela: all I want is to be able to pay a reasonable price for things from some of my favourite US stores - is that so much to ask?
james>: agreed pam
BobS: nope
BobS: that's fair
rich-c: btw james, did you hear MS is now talking about going into the anti-virus business
james>: it bugs me when some industry people try to pressure the gov't to keep it low
rich-c: Symantec and Network Associates sticks took a ral pounding today
Pamela: Hey Judy, have you heard of Coldwater Creek?
james>: @rich, well they've been into the virus business now since win3.1 so i guess it makes sense
Judy: no, what is that
james>: i mean that win3.1 and onward being the virus
Pamela: clothing/jewellery/home accessories store and catalogue and online shopping
George: you are just against ms even though you use their products
Pamela: just opened a new store in your neck of the woods
Judy: I will have to check it out
james>: kids' books, educational materials, supplies etc
rich-c: sounds like you're planning to go cold turkey Linux any day now ;-)
james>: i'm not a big linux fan either to be honest
Pamela: oh, you must! you will love their stuff - it's similar to CJ Banks
james>: alot of it is hype and quite simply it doesn't do what i want
rich-c: George, there is nothing to set you against MS like using their products
Judy: how is the price?
Pamela: hang on, gonna check the website quickly
rich-c: james, go take a look at - their option may be of interest
George: not to me
rich-c: well, other than Windows I'm not sure I have any MS programs on my computer
George: just pay 199 and be done with it
Pamela: it's at the Woodland mall on 28th and they just opened in May
Pamela: Prices are very reasonable
Judy: I haven't been there in a while, will have to check it out
rich-c: well no George, got Win95 on my first computer, upgraded to Win98SE on this one
Pamela: that's the mall that has the Banks stores in it, isn't it?
Judy: not tomorrow, have Ryan coming
james>: i'll check it out, but i've heard nothing but bad about it
Judy: no that is Centerpoint Mall
Pamela: ah, okay - Centerpoint is where I went then
rich-c: I get the feeling they're getting a little greedy in their pricing, but they often have very attractive specials
George: i don't want to pay 150 a year just for an operating system
Pamela: you'll have to let me know what you think - I love their stuff but can't afford the exchange
Judy: Centerpoint is the smaller of the two
Pamela: their website is if you want to check out their stuff.
rich-c: other than Windows XP, what OS costs $150 a year?
Judy: I may just do that tomorrow, I take it easy when I have Ryan
George: lindows is only licensed for one year
rich-c: not true George, you buy it, that's it
Judy: he is the only one i am babysitting for anymore
james>: $150 per year? what's this?
rich-c: what you are thinking of is their software download offer, which by teh way is $100/yr
Pamela: Well let me know. Now that there's one in your neighbourhood, and you're so close to Windsor, I'll have a great excuse to see if I can make a trip down there in the not too distant future
George: windows is a one time price for how ever long you use it
rich-c: and you don't have to subscribe either, just if you want them to do all the donkey work of setup for you
Pamela: If we can spend some time with you, it might make up for not being able to go to Comox
George: and software is too limited on lindows too
Judy: that would be wonderful, just let me know when you are planning on coming, would love to see you
rich-c: MS is working very hard to change that and has done so I believe on some versions of XP
rich-c: they have more programs than you can ever use, George - that's not an issue
Pamela: I'm going to work hard to make it happen.
rich-c: if you download the free software it may challenge you to configure it to your computer
Judy: hope it works out
George: it is with me, lindows won't run my programs
Pamela: oh, me too
rich-c: that's how Lindows can charge for free programs - they pre-configure them to click and run and offer support
Judy: well, time for me to call it a night, so talk to you all later, night
Pamela: now I have to go and study my Daytimer : )
Pamela: Yeah, it's past my bedtime too
George: not free
rich-c: Lindows will only run a certain number of MS programs, but then who needs them?
BobS: mam say
rich-c: night Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: keep me posted Judy
George: i do
Pamela: g'nite
BobS: so good and say HI to all who are NOT here
Pamela: Okay guys, I'm for bed
BobS: see ya's next week !!!!!!
Pamela: g'nite Bob
rich-c: goodnight, daughter
BobS left chat session
james>: i should go too. i'll see y'all next week
rich-c: nite Bob
james>: bye everyone
Pamela: Daddy, I'm gonna call tomorrow night, so stay off line till about 8:00, okay?
james>: *poof*
james> left chat session
Pamela: bye james
rich-c: OK, if I forget, email me
Pamela: alright, I will
Pamela: goodnight to all
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: looks like time we all packed it in - George, if you missed, I'm dubious for Saturday
rich-c: but Guy said he might be by, and Dr.D sometimes turns up
George: i challange you to dump windows and use linux or lindows since you don't like windows
rich-c: anyway goodnight George, bonsoir Daniel
George: nite all
rich-c: since I have Corel Linux and Star Office, some day I just might do that, George
George: poof
George left chat session
rich-c: anyway, colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Doktor D. left chat session
Daniel B: errr... I think I'm too late! good night everyone!
Daniel B left chat session
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