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rich-c: hi George, you made it
rich-c: does that mean you are feeling better today?
George: i'm in the medical college of PA hospital
rich-c: what are you doing there?
George: cat 2 stroke
rich-c: neat - you must have had even a worse Friday teh 13th than we did
George: thank you
rich-c: we at least are at home if not totally healthy
George: i lost my diamond ear studs
rich-c: how did that happen?
George: they took them ouy to do MRI
rich-c: then they should know where they are and return them to you
George: noone can find them
rich-c: yes, and given the quality of staff hospitals pay for, I doubt anyone will try very hard
rich-c: wonder how much they'll bring in the pawnshop?
George: i paid $1400.00 in 1998
rich-c: not a trivial loss - does teh hospital have a patient ombudsman? Many do
George: i doubt it
rich-c: check into it and lodge a formal complaint
rich-c: I think you will find there is some sort of patient advocate there
rich-c: if only because hospitals have found they tend to defuse lawsuits
George: i'm in room 5030
rich-c: well, my hospitals times are still several weeks away
rich-c: I'll be seeing the gall bladder surgeon on the 26th but surgery time is up in the air
rich-c: the hospital is still shut down for SARS but should be back up and running soon
rich-c: fortuanately teh procedure I need is inly about a 90 minute thing so can be squeezed in
rich-c: and I can't even go for teh prep for teh hip replacement till the gall bladder is cleared
George: oh,boy
rich-c: Frances and I will have to see our doctos tomorrow too
George: i need more tests
rich-c: yes, it's the only way the doctors can guess what's wrong - I've been having tests left right and centre lately
rich-c: now I have to go and see if there is any latent damage from last night
George: what happened?
rich-c: car behind us got rear-ended and driven into us - hard
rich-c: bent teh frame on my truck
George: are you ok?
rich-c: when you consider that I have a trailer hitch, that was a something impact
rich-c: we think so - Frances has whiplash and a tension headache
rich-c: I have so many ailments I can't tell if any were exacerbated :-(
George: sorry to hear that
rich-c: I can tell you teh whole frame of my seat wss twisted out of shape
rich-c: yeah, just what we needed right after putting $11 large into repowering the truck
rich-c: still, three of teh four in teh other two cars had to be taken to hospital
George: i hope both of you get a good checkup
rich-c: yes, although the scene was swarming with paramedics who wre very insistent about checking us out thoroughly
rich-c: still, some dmages don't become apparent until a day or two after
George: i know
rich-c: anyway, looks like we will be back driving teh old Mercury for a while
rich-c: I don't mind but Frances is tired of teh car
rich-c: basically she just doesnt like the way teh seat belt fits
rich-c: oh, and if your curious, yes we had teh belts done up last night
George: that's news, usuallly the man want to change cars first
rich-c: now I'm waiting for teh police accident investigator to come and bring us the report, plus some papers
rich-c: no I put so much effort into getting just teh right car that once I do I do not want to change
rich-c: that's why I am still driving a 30 year old car
George: my father changes cars more often than underwear
rich-c: I know, most people do, I happen to think that's dumb
rich-c: it takes an awful long time before maintenance/repair costs on an older car get as expensive as depreciation on a new one
George: it's his idea of playing the field
rich-c: I figure after all teh effort I put into snagging one, I want to settle down and enjoy it for a while
rich-c: why go through all teh breakin and teething troubles then give someone else all the good times?
George: my father strictly had only used cars
rich-c: well, that's one point in his favour
rich-c: I haven't bought a new car since 1978
George: he ran them till they became unsafe and unlawful to drive
rich-c: oh, I fix them before they break so mine are always mechanically very good (cosmetics may be not quite as good)
rich-c: but I am sure that my Mercury can pass any inspection any time
rich-c: anyway, George, teh accident investigator may be coming by anytime now - he said about 4
rich-c: I'll need to be available as Frances is taking a nap
rich-c: so I'd better check out now
rich-c: see you Wednesday?
George: my father takes them to the car graveyard
rich-c: I've done that with a couple
George: ok
rich-c: ok bye then c u Wed.
George: bye for now
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