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james: wow. two of me. i might as well talk to myself then
james requested to ban james
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james: good morning undefined
changed username to rich-c
james: :P
rich-c: suspected you might be here early
rich-c: cut yourself a litle slack in case of diaper runs, I guess?
james: yes. i've been up since 6.30 thanks to the local sparrow infestation. i'm going to do something about it
james: lol
rich-c: sparrow infestation?
james: yes. we live next to a dairy farm and while it wasn't a problem 5 years ago when we moved here, over the last couple of years
james: the number of sparrows around here has increased dramatically
james: they feed off the constant supply of cattle feed right next door
rich-c: well, why is that a problem? too many roosting places on your buildings?
james: yes, and they perch on the roof and in the eavestroughing and on the wires right outside the windows of the houses.
james: i'm bloody tired of being woken up at 5.30
james: not to mention the mess they make
rich-c: right, they can be messy and if their favourite roosts are where you walk, that can be dicey
rich-c: since I feed them, we have a fairly adequate supply of birds around here at all times
james: well i plan on trapping them (ordering a trap online as we speak). what i do with them afterwards i've not decided yet but "flame-broiled" comes to mind
rich-c: we have house finches, weaver finches (English sparrows), a large assortment of others
rich-c: don't trap them, among other things it's a waste of time and money
james: what would you suggest?
rich-c: make your place user-unfriendly to the extent that you can
james: hmm.. never installed windows 3.1 onto my house
rich-c: for instance, no local food on your premises, trees some distance from teh buildings
james: :P
james: yeah, i can't really move the trees and i'm stuck with the wires and eavestroughing where they are..
rich-c: if you can reroute wires (unlikely) consider it
rich-c: unfortunately Japanese birds are usually varieties not known in North America
james: well as far as i can tell these are your common pest english sparrows
rich-c: maybe so, but as noted those aren't sparrows, and among sparrows (some of which resemble the weaver finches) there are many varieties
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rich-c: the problem is they all have somewhat different habits and so need to be dealt with differently
james: that's what i've read. they're not actually sparrows at all
james: but i stick by the "pest" label
rich-c: if so that means that they are ground feeders
changed username to Doctor of D.
james: i see them on the ground frequently
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rich-c: hello Rich
james: but they're too fast for me to run and step on :P
Doctor of D.: Just stopping by briefly.
rich-c: OK, any particular point or just being sociable?
james: il dottorio e veni
Doctor of D.: Sociable...I got sidetracked by kid interrupts last week and never got back to the chat.
changed username to George
rich-c: well right now james needs advice on discouraging English sparrows
Doctor of D.: Tonight, though, I have mongo headache which aspirin hasn't been able to touch, so my brain literally does hurt ;-)
Doctor of D.: Hmm...speak French to them? :-)
james: "discouraging" lol
George: Hi everyone
Doctor of D.: Hi George.
rich-c: hello George, didnt see you come in
rich-c: are you out of hospital yet?
Doctor of D.: Headache is probably stress letdown...a grant proposal to develop a WWW-based robot course finally went in today, deadline was 5:00 PM EDT.
Doctor of D.: George in hospital?!?
rich-c: yes, he was online from there Saturday
George: i just got home
Doctor of D.: Urgh, hope all is well!!!
Doctor of D.: Nice hospital that gives you net.access.
rich-c: yes, hoping for that when I go in!
Doctor of D.: I see we have cloned Jameses.
Doctor of D.: Do you know when you're going in, Richard?
rich-c: he's seeing double - the sparrows keep waking him up too early ;-)
james: trap and kill
rich-c: no, I see about teh gall bladder on teh 26th but can't move on teh hip till that is clear and healed
Doctor of D.: And no chance you'll be healed in time for ADAMcon? Sigh.
rich-c: the gall bladder is only about a 90-minute laproscopy so it may come available early
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changed username to Guy B.
james: rich, you're in toronto right? is there anything you could book in buffalo or is it too expensive?
rich-c: well, the hip has deteriorated so that would bar travel anyway
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy
Doctor of D.: Hi Guy.
Doctor of D.: Rats about the hip, Richard.
Guy B.: Ok folks. We got hit with storms today. Do you get them?
rich-c: why pay teh American pirates for what I can get better at home for free?
Doctor of D.: There's a guy from the lab I got my Ph.D. in who is going in for replacement this summer.
Doctor of D.: Something in it has broken and one leg is now about an inch shorter than the other, he told me last week.
Guy B.: Your having hip replacement surgery Rich?
rich-c: Americans pay more for medicine, but you're more likely to come out of hospital alive in Canada
Doctor of D.: His walking is very bad, bad that I am surprised he doesn't just stay home until the surgery.
George: i have many phone calls from friends
rich-c: yes Guy, it's got to be done - my difficulty in walking is now quite severe
Guy B.: Which side?
rich-c: the left hip, Guy
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Ohhh! So, that's why you won't be able to come to the con this year. When are you having it?
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi Dad
Pamela: Hello, all
james: hi pam
rich-c: Guy, first I have to have my gall bladder out and get that healed
Pamela: Rich, does this means you've gotten your doctorate in Drushel?
rich-c: then when the internist is satisfied I'm OK I get on the lsit for teh big jub
Doctor of D.: Hello Pam.
Pamela: then he gets his internal spell checker fixed!
rich-c: guess is late July for teh gall bladder, late Octber for teh hip - but it's a guess
james: is "teh" a new word :P
Pamela: ahhh
Doctor of D.: Doctor of Dementia. Headache is splitting...
Pamela: where's it splitting for?
james: heh heh. probably his neck, pam
Doctor of D.: Richard picked up that spelling from Herman, he used it all the time in chat on his BBS.
Doctor of D.: :-)
rich-c: our situation is complicated because with coping with the SARS epidemic all our hospital schedules have been messed up
Pamela: I always knew Herman was catching!
Guy B.: That's right. You did mentioned that last week. Then the hip replacement surgery will follow once you are all healed up. That's quite a lot for you coming up.
Pamela: yes, the senior Clees seem to be having an "annus horribilus"
rich-c: oh, the lastest is physio for whiplash from our collision Friday night
Doctor of D.: ??????????????????????
Guy B.: WHO lifted the travel ban to Taiwan and Hong Kong recently, but China still on the travel ban list.
rich-c: got slammed by a flying Acura - which was launched into us by a racing Mazda 929
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Guy B.: Ouch!
changed username to BobS
Pamela: you can say that again Guy
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: Hi James
Doctor of D.: Jeepers, are you two okay????????
rich-c: I had some other words, Guy
Guy B.: Hi Bob
rich-c: Hi Bob
james: hi guy, how's it going?
BobS: YO
Pamela: most of them unprintable
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rich-c: yes, Frances' neck seems almost back to normal and the head bump has gone away
changed username to Judy
Doctor of D.: DER WHAT, DER BOB?
Guy B.: Don't even want to know and I don't blame you for saying them.
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
BobS: WHAt happened to her?????
George: i'd like to take a nice trip to my front porch
Judy: hi, everyone
Doctor of D.: You were in the van, Richard? Hopefully not the Meteor...
Pamela: Mom and Dad had a car accident on Friday night Bob - they were rear ended
Guy B.: Bob, my last payment will be made around the 4th of July weekend.
rich-c: well she was tossed backwards - both our seats were twisted - and she hit the B pillar with her head
Doctor of D.: Though maybe the Meteor would be better protection...
George: Hi Judy
Judy: not cool
Doctor of D.: Seat belts?
Pamela: of course! Can you see Dad going anywhere without a seatbelt?
rich-c: it's an interesting question, both vehicles are about teh same size and weight
Pamela: He won't even move the car out of the garage without one
Doctor of D.: Good Re: belts...but which vehicle was it?
Pamela: the van
Guy B.: The important thing is both of you are alright
George: i should say Hi new group
BobS: OH MAN, after gettting a new motor and all??????
rich-c: yes, and the shop says the van should be repairable
Pamela: I floated the possibility of having the van exorcised
Doctor of D.: They would have totalled the Meteor right out, and good luck getting it repaired.
BobS: well a t least taht is a consolation
Judy: can it be fixed
Doctor of D.: Your van is newer, hopefully can be fixed.
rich-c: the frame is bent, but the shop has teh tools and has straightened out worse
Guy B.: Jeanene and I went to Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall today. Spent 5 hours there and then spent an hour and a half trying to get home on the tollway.
Judy: so how is Jeanene?
rich-c: oddly enough, even though the rear bumper is destroyed, the panel behind and doors are unscathed
Doctor of D.: Man, and I was mad Saturday when Joan backed the Caravan off the driveway and down the hill into the wet back yard, so I had to get a tow truck to winch it back up...
Doctor of D.: I will count my blessings.
Doctor of D.: Nobody hurt in that.
BobS: well jsut get a new bumper !!!!
Guy B.: She's doing Ok. She's going to have surgery on July 10th. Her eardrum is going to be reconstructed in her right ear.
Pamela: I think you can attribute that to the fact that the vehicle that hit you was a low-rider, Dad
rich-c: yes, and Frances and I were the only ones not significantly injured in our crash
Judy: what is the matter with her ear?
BobS: other people were hurt rather badly????
Judy: how many cars were involved, Rich?
Guy B.: She has a hole in the eardrum from an infection that took over a month to get rid of and it caused a 50% hearing loss.
rich-c: I don't think the Acura was a low-rider, Pam
Doctor of D.: Sounds like demolition derby...
Pamela: vs the van, almost anything is a low-riding vehicle Dad
BobS: BUt the Acura is a whole lower closer to the ground that a mini van
rich-c: essentially, I was just about halfway into a left turn on an advance green
rich-c: the Acura was behind me ready to move
BobS: and they tried to move you eh?
rich-c: the Mazda 969 came racing up and ploughed into the Acura
rich-c: it got launched halfway across the intersection into me
Guy B.: The good news is the surgeon is the same doctor that did my Cochlear Implant 13 years ago and is one of the best at Loyola University Medical Center.
rich-c: the Mazda recoiled back more than its own length and settled on the median
Judy: that is good, Guy, tell her we will be thinking of her
Pamela: neither of the people in the Mazda were wearing seatbelts
rich-c: the two young folk in teh Acura were badly shaken up but not sriously hurt
Guy B.: I will. She may even go home the same day of the surgery if everything goes well.
rich-c: the instigators wren't wearing seatbelts and were thoroughly bashed up, but not fatally
Pamela: Dad have you heard anything further from the police about the sobriety of the driver of the Mazda?
Doctor of D.: Hope they are insured...
BobS: and the age of these hullagans?????
rich-c: good for Jeanene, Guy, do tell her all of our good wishes are with her
Judy: we didn't have a very good day today, went to court for sentencing, and at the time it was supposed to start they cancelled it
Guy B.: I wonder how fast they were when that Acura hit you.
Doctor of D.: Why cancelled?
BobS: slime ball lawyer
rich-c: witnesses say the Mazda was doing at least 55 (in a 30 zone) had just run a red light, and didn't brake
Judy: don't really know, said the judge didn't decide yet what to do with him
Judy: either jail or prison
rich-c: the driver had no licence with her and it wasnt her car
Guy B.: Oh my gosh. I wonder if they were drunk. You think?
rich-c: the passenger may have been the car ownder but wasnt responding to questions
rich-c: they appeared to be both middle-aged Chinese
Judy: didn't speak good english?
Pamela: Dad, are those numbers kms or mph?
rich-c: the police had no breathalyzer or blood test evidence
Doctor of D.: I imagine MPH.
rich-c: correct, Dr. D. - I translate for Americans ;_0
rich-c: sorry if I confuse you as a result, james
Pamela: I thought so - - we don't have any 30kmh zones around
Doctor of D.: New speed trap :-)
Guy B.: Boy, drivers today are becoming more irresponsible than we are. Chicago put up cameras at two of the most dangerous intersections to try to catch drivers going through red lights and they recorded 4800 of them during a 2 month period.
rich-c: anyway I didnt talk with any of the others involved
Pamela: no, they don't get lower than 40 kph in the city
rich-c: the police treated it as a major accident for full investigation
rich-c: which means they carefull encouraged everyone to stay apart
Pamela: for fear of non vehicular homicide, no doubt : )
rich-c: the information I have is from the police investigator and his formal report
rich-c: I confess I was tempted to shove the offenders head through the windshield again just for luck ;-)
Guy B.: You should of.
Pamela: gee Dad, I can't imagine why . . . : )
rich-c: well, I was kind of shook up and not thinking too clearly, Guy
Pamela: how long did it take the police to arrive Dad
Doctor of D.: I'm going to go lie down...head feels like it went through a windshield...sorry for not getting back to last week's chat after all my kid interrupts.
rich-c: seemed like hours, likely under five minutes
Pamela: s'alright Rich. Take to Tylenol 3's and call yourself in the morning
rich-c: there was spillage on teh road under the Acura so the fire department was called
Doctor of D.: Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies...(no Tylenol 3s in this Sickbay)...
rich-c: they arrived more or less with police escort
Doctor of D.: <poof>
Doctor of D. left chat session
rich-c: additional cops including teh plain-wrapper investigator and three ambulance arrived after
Guy B.: Well, it's a good thing that you decided not to.
Pamela: did one of the witnesses call it in?
rich-c: I sort of gathered at least a dozen folks had their cellphones dialling before the cars had stiopped moving
Pamela: guess so
Guy B.: At least there witnesses to account what they saw.
Pamela: totally off topic for a bit of levity, I now have a bug in the computer - I just killed a moth and it landed in the keyboard
rich-c: yes, at least five, all willing, and all thier accounts matched
Guy B.: If you have a pair of tweezers, see if you can get it out with them.
Pamela: it
Guy B.: You have more than one?
rich-c: I assume you know the story of the original computer bug, Pam?
Pamela: 's really small and fell between the alt and windows keys - I'll fish it out later
Pamela: yes I do Dad, which is what made me bring it up
BobS: just tip the laptop unside down and shake a littel
rich-c: a vacuum cleaner with teh mini attachments is great for that
Guy B.: I remember a question on a game show on that.
Pamela: actually, it was the winning question for the first "Who wants to be a millionaire" winner
Guy B.: Yep, that's it.
james: moth
james: or something, wasn't it?
BobS: no, think it was a "rugRAT"
Pamela: yes
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pamela: sorry folks, didn't mean to interrupt but thought everyone would appreciate that
Pamela: HI, Ron
james: lol
Ronald: hello
BobS: Ronald.........howdy
rich-c: g'day, Ron
BobS: sent ya an email tonight, get it?????
james: *ducks and covers*
Ronald: trust all are well
BobS: you didn't interupt us Pam, we don't carrya train of thought well anyway
Ronald: train of thoiught?
james: we will be when the local sparrow infestation is eliminated
Pamela: well the intention was not to derail . . .
Ronald: whoa!!!
rich-c: just telling everyone about our collision, Ron
BobS: whats a train???????
BobS: shoot the suckers james
Ronald: ooh
rich-c: Frances and I and the truck are expected to survive
Pamela: okay Bob -picture this - steel rails, big steel engine pulling lotsa stuff behind it . . . are you getting a glimmer?
BobS: so THAT is what that beight light I was running for is........
BobS: bright
rich-c: like us old folks used to get around in olden times, Bob
james: should buy an air gun
james: or a flame thrower
Pamela: exactly - if there's light at the end of the tunnel, it's usually attached to a train
Ronald: Always remember..... that the light at the end of the tunnel
BobS: aw shucks......better start running REAL fast da other way. eh?
Ronald: may be attached to an oncoming train
Pamela: or get real skinny : )
rich-c: Pam, Argo game tomorrow night - you taping for Russell?
Pamela: how infested are you James?
BobS: can you sasy SMUSH, liek as into the wall surface?????
Judy: don't think you can get that small that quick
Ronald: Had all the windows on the upper floor replaced today
Ronald: Now the windows on the lower floor look like hell
rich-c: what was that about, ron?
Pamela: dunno Dad, he hasn't mentioned it. I assume he'll tape it if he wants to see it
Pamela: why, do you want it taped?
Ronald: Mommy is on a campaign
rich-c: no, I'll be watching it
rich-c: you could bring a returnable tape and tape while I'm watching
Pamela: 'kay. I'll find out in the a.m.
james: not sure on actualy numbers, (the only number i'm sure of is the 5:30 my clock shows when they wake me up) but far, far more than a couple of years ago
rich-c: long as you gt here by 7, Pam, it'll be OK for that
Pamela: I doubt I'll be anywhere near that late Dad - I plan to leave work at 4:30 or so tomorrow
rich-c: (famous last words)
Guy B.: Well, since we are mentioning medical stuff. I'm going to have an ultra sound on my right leg tomorrow afternoon.
Pamela: but we can tape it at home - all my Thursday shows are on hiatus
rich-c: what's the ultrasound for, Guy?
Pamela: well you know what they say about the road to hell . . .
Judy: what is wrong with it Guy?
Pamela: why Guy?
Guy B.: Well, I have been having painful cramping behind the right knee. My doctor did feel something, but she's hoping it's not a blood clot. So, that's what the ultrasound is for.
BobS: hope it all comes out good and it is nothing to worry about
Pamela: you have a female doctor? Good for you
rich-c: cramping would be an unusual symptom for a blood clot, I'd think
Pamela: does she have any reason to suspect a clot?
Guy B.: Yes, I do and she's 7 months pregnant too.
Pamela: wow, bending must a challenge for her right now
Pamela: can you lift your leg that high?
Judy: it is the pits to get old, medically that is, always something wrong
rich-c: guess you better not get seriously sick for the next several months then, Guy
Guy B.: She's sitting down while evaluating all her patients.
Ronald: agreed Judy
Ronald: whatever doesn't hurt doesn't work
Pamela: I heard that somewhere
Guy B.: Well, this has been going on too long and finally going to find out what's going on.
rich-c: cramps in my experience seem to have more to do with water balance
Judy: that is for sure
rich-c: but then they dont take up residence behind the knee, either
Pamela: or low potassium I believe
Judy: Bob goes back to the heart doctor Friday, hopefully we will get some answers
Guy B.: Well, one thing I have to do is get more weight down, my blood pressure is a little high and she wants to recheck it before I fly out to Comox.
rich-c: oh dear - what's with the ticker, Bob?
Ronald: Did ya get my list Bob?
Judy: he is in Afib all the time
Pamela: translation please
Guy B.: Is his heart racing?
Judy: don't know if that is how it is spelled
Pamela: fibrillation?
rich-c: a fibrillation problem? arrythmia?
Judy: no, not beating in sink
Guy B.: Irregular heartbeat.
Ronald: He's had that condition for a while hasn't he Judy?
Judy: top and bottom are not going together
Judy: yes, but we didn't know that it was doing this
Pamela: so what tipped you off?
rich-c: a mutter, a murmur, or more serious then
Judy: was hot and tried
Judy: sweats something awful
Pamela: that sounds like a job for a pacemaker, isn't it?
rich-c: at a guess I'd wonder if there's a lifestyle issue involved - if so it should be easily managable
BobS: 'BAM, got zapped.......
Judy: we don't know, they are talking about shocking it but first he had to thin the blood
Ronald: we been talking about ya Bob
rich-c: right - coumadin, then revision then call it, right?
Judy: he has been working on that , blood taken at least once a week some three
BobS: i know
BobS: like i was NOT even here
Pamela: vampires, I'm convinced
Ronald: but you are, I know
Judy: yes, taht is what he is taking along with blood pressure pill to reduce his blood pressure
Guy B.: Abby's been happy this week. Been home for vacation this week.
Pamela: seems like the whole world has hypertension
rich-c: right, couple of guys on my pet bulletin board were talking about that a day or two ago
Pamela: the problem with that is Guy, she'll be really disappointed when you go back to work
Ronald: growing old is not for sissies
rich-c: funny you should say, Ron...
Judy: very true, Ron
Pamela: I think an old sissy is a contradiction in terms
Ronald: :)
Pamela: unless you're talking about your spinster sibling
Ronald: mmmm
Guy B.: Exactly. But, there's a little bit of good news. Jeanene's planning to come over during the afternoon and will bring her out to the backyard while she's catching some rays. She brought her resin lounge chair over here.
Pamela: isn't the English language wonderful?
rich-c: that sounds like it should work out well for both of them Guy
Pamela: you have a backyard? That you can use? I'm jealous
Ronald: is there such a thing as a spinster any more?
Pamela: technically, yes - an unmarried woman is a spinster
Pamela: just as an unmarried man is a bachelor
rich-c: well, however outmoded, I believe there is still a use in legal terminology
Ronald: are we in the day and age where people are allowed to either marry or not marry?
rich-c: that does seem to be teh case
Guy B.: Abby gets to spend time outside. Last night we saw a half dozen baby bunnies in the backyard when we went out for a walk. And the mother was watching us.
Pamela: However, it has much more negative connotations
Pamela: I'll bet she was, Guy
Ronald: yeah, like dried up old prune (excuse me..... !!!)\
rich-c: bunnies get ral nervous when dogs are in the vicinity
Pamela: exactly Ron
Guy B.: We just left them alone. When we came back, they left.
Pamela: technically, I'm a spinster
Guy B.: They were cute though.
Ronald: so I better watch my choice of phraseology eh?
rich-c: oh yes, baby rabbits practically define cute
Pamela: well, only technically - I guess it depends which part of the government you talk to . CCRA considers me to be a common-law wife. The public trustee on the other hand, doesn't recognize commonlaw relationships
Ronald: interesting
Judy: not when the bunnies are eating your flowers
rich-c: you expect one government hand to know what the other is doing?
Ronald: we have deer doing that
Ronald: I think they figure we plant flowers for their benefit
rich-c: deer are much more efficient than rabbits at flower eating
Pamela: Found that out recently - if you or your commonlaw spouse die intestate, the trustee's office will deal with distributing your estate without regard for your spouse's wishes
Ronald: ya got that right
Pamela: No I don't Dad - too many hands in the pot!
Ronald: this is not good Pamela
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Judy: I put down moth ball to get rid oof it
Guy B.: You got watch them. They like to dart out into traffic.
Pamela: no, 'tisn't Ron
changed username to zonker
rich-c: remember watching a herd of deer stroll down the main street at Waterton Lakes - noy a flower left after they passed
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Zonker??? HI
changed username to FredK
Guy B.: Whoa! Look who's here. Hey Zonker
Ronald: hi zonk
zonker: yo!
FredK: Hi all
Pamela: Hi, Freddy
Guy B.: Hi Fred
FredK: Hi Pamy
FredK: sorry Pamelaà
Ronald: we got a room full tonite
Pamela: ok, sorry : (
rich-c: hey, Zonker and Freddy -0 bienvenue and welcome
Guy B.: What have you been up to Zonker?
George: hi Feddy
zonker: finding the chat room is what i've been up to....
rich-c: Fred, Zonker is a real old-time Adam user in Seattle
Pamela: touche, Fred
zonker: odd as it sounds, you can do a search of adam news network,etc.
Guy B.: You found it!
Judy: they had a small deer jump in the post office downtown Grand Rapids yesterday
FredK: hehe
Guy B.: My website has a link to it too.
zonker: just what do you mean by "old time", old timer? :)
rich-c: Zonker, Fred is a new recruit in Quebec- first language French so be patient
BobS: old. as in ancient
Pamela: sorry, Fred, couldn't find my accent ague
FredK: Hey any language will do fine..
zonker: me, i'm always patient, hell english is a second language to ME.
Judy: hi, Zonk!!!!
Guy B.: There you go folks!
FredK: lol
BobS: HEY Zonk
rich-c: like, we still remember when computers had tubes, Zonk ;-)
zonker: yo, get my check or what????
BobS: ya mon
Pamela: tubes? computers had tubes??? no one told me this . . .
BobS: got it, cashed it, put it thru a second time just to make sure it was good
Guy B.: Hey he's coming. All right!!
George: I need to go, I can't stay awake
rich-c: you were too young, Pam...
Guy B.: Ok, George. Will see you next week
Judy: bye George
Pamela: Good decision George - sleep is good ( or so they tell me). Sleep well.
BobS: and ti BOUNCED that time too
zonker: cash it and all? he-he-he
FredK: bye George
George: nite all
rich-c: take it easy George, see you Sat or next week
Pamela: sheesh Dad, someone's always telling me that!
zonker: sorry gk didn't mean to put ya to sleep!
FredK: what!
George: ok, poof
George left chat session
Guy B.: ZOnker, that's not GK.
Ronald: not gk zonker.... 'tis another George
BobS: Fred, when did you sneak in?????
zonker: ooops, i gotta keep up with this chat community....will put my foot in the wrong mouth.
FredK: few mins ago..
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at zonker.)
zonker: bob put yer glasses on...sheesh.
rich-c: you managed to come aboard without us getting an "undefined"
zonker: ow....quit throwin
BobS:'s the wife, kids and grandkids????????
Pamela: we did get one Dad, you just weren't watching
FredK: so you know who i am then?
zonker: er quit throwin' taters at me.
rich-c: no, that was Zonker's , Pam
Guy B.: Just toss them back.
james: anyone here know what it costs in canada or the u.s. to pave?
james: ie, per square foot or square metre?
FredK: asphalt?
james: yes
rich-c: to pave what?
zonker: pave what?
Pamela: no, I should say we got two - pay attention
BobS: nope
Guy B.: Good question.
BobS: bout the same cost here as a concrete drive though
Ronald: million dollars a mile
james: ok, and what does that cost?
Ronald: for a superhighway
BobS: how's about $2/sq ft........????
Pamela: I'm so mad Zonker - you're gonna be at this convention and I can't go - am I ever going to meet you?
zonker: we got two pay attention? shouldn't that be "to"
james: ok, i'm talking residential driveways/parking
Guy B.: Asphalt would be more expensive than concrete. Depends on how much you have to pave.
zonker: course that's a million CANADIAN
Ronald: Pamela, trust me, you haven't lived until you've met Zonker
Pamela: you were saying about English, Zonker?
james: yeah, a million canadian is more than it used to be :P
Ronald: yes
james: $2 per square foot, is that a real estimate bog?
FredK: 3000CAD about for 20by 10ft i guess.....
james: i mean bob
zonker: my second language, pamela.....or maybe 3rd, i'm slipping fast.
BobS: clear as i remember here in Michigan
rich-c: that seems a bit high, Fred - are you sure?
Pamela: I can't believe I'm going to miss you - again
BobS: ]haven't had any done in a while
FredK: not positive but approx only
zonker: jeez, it's hard fer my old eyes to keep up, could you all type slower?
james: ok.. just converting $2 us per sq ft to yen per sq meter
zonker: pamela, why you not go to comox eh?
Pamela: no dinero, Zonk
rich-c: I realize that paving that has to survive Quebec winters is a lot more expensive than in, say, Japan
Ronald: you mean you're actually reading this stuff zonk?
zonker: no, bog is right.
FredK: lol rich
james: lol
Ronald: not good for the head ya know
Pamela: I owe pieces of my hide to a lot of people at teh moment
james: might as well log in as "bog" next week eh?
Pamela: darn, there's that new word again
zonker: let us know how that works out, james.
Guy B.: Zonker, need some refresher course on the Adam Emulator utilities? I'm planning to do one.
zonker: heck,pamela, make the old man fork over, i hear he's rolling in it.
BobS changed username to BOG
Ronald: Can I put ya down for that Guy?
Pamela: well I keep hearing rumours . . .
FredK: so did bananarama
Pamela: but, they're spending my inheritance
Guy B.: Thought you already have.
Ronald: Zonker is going to do a session on the mystery of disappearing ADAMites
Pamela: yeah, but that was about you having a broken heart Fred
james: disappearing adamites?
BOG: not either, they may not go to AC15 at all and SAVE your inheritence
FredK: lol
rich-c: good, let's see how many he can turn up!
james: lol
Ronald: exactly
zonker: darn rich always WAS a cheap so and so, but i guess you know better than us....
zonker: hey, bog, where ya been?
Guy B.: He should attract those who couldn't come in past cons.
Pamela: well hey, they're one of the people I owe a piece of my hide to
BOG: down by the sea
rich-c: well, I can't come myself, Zonk
Pamela: where the watermelon grow
james: ok, worked it out. i'm gonna try and talk my guy down about $5 / square meter
zonker: what??? no rich clee!?!? explain yourself, young man.
Judy: he is looking for a cruise for us to go on this winter
james: i'd really, really like to make it to a con
Guy B.: He's got a good reason Zonk
james: vancouver was such a good bid for me too..
rich-c: two surgeries scheduled a.s.a.p. though that means well into fall
james: i suppose bog's neck of the woods would be doable if i could work in a family trip to ottawa at the same time
zonker: sorry to hear that rich....not anything major i hope? or don't tell me if it is none of my beeswax.
BOG: sure would
rich-c: gall bladdder (minor) and hip replacement (major), Zonk
BOG: got rocks and busted hip ...hit by one of thme rocks
Judy: do you have any dates for the surgery yet, Rich
zonker: bog, if there is no rich clee at adamcon, can i get my money back? :)
Pamela: It's an easy trip from T.O. James - four hours to Windsor, another two to GR (once you get past the scary border guards)
FredK: not a degree either...
BOG: nope
BOG: bank won't give refunds
rich-c: no, since the second is dependent on the first
Pamela: I still say have them do it all at the same time Dad
zonker: OUR scary border gaurds?!?!?! :0
james: are the canadian guards scarier, zonker?
Pamela: no way, James
Guy B.: Zonker, you have four Slopsemas, me, the Mighty Mitchell, Dale and Neil Wick and whoever else is coming.
Ronald: they don't call it the Peace Arch for nothing eh
Ronald: They take a Peace of you on the way thru
rich-c: sure - the Canadians won't bother you, it just may be hard to get back home
zonker: when do you go in for the first,then? sorry, this is directed to rich....
Ronald: when I think of the carload of junk I went to Seattle with
Ronald: I'd still be in jail down there somewhere today]
Pamela: boggles the mind in this post Sept. 11th era, doesn't it Ron?
rich-c: not sure - the hospital is still tidying up after the SARS disruption so scheduling is all shot to hell
Ronald: fer sure
zonker: no all your border gaurds are dressed like mounties, right? :)
Pamela: we should be so lucky Zonk
Ronald: a myth zonk
rich-c: anyway, aren't we going to get Fred to organize the next 'con in Montreal?
james: lol. i think that was tongue-in-cheek
Ronald: not even the mounties dress like mounties any more
zonker: oh IS rhe sars situation up there? last i heard, it was hurting tourism....
FredK: Are you areyou are you?
james: montreal is nice in the summer
rich-c: not us, Fred, you - you organize, we come!
Ronald: I'd go to Montreal
james: well unless you guys wanna have it here ;P
Pamela: un petit problem - most of the Yanks don't speak the lingo
FredK: That would be great!
zonker: oh that's right....disney has the rights to mounty uniforms, no? wierd world....
rich-c: we're North American central for SARS, james, and it has killed tourism
Ronald: something like that zonker
Ronald: seem to recall reading about it
rich-c: even the library convention has a third cancellations, and they are intelligent people who should know better
zonker: most yanks cant speak english....
Ronald: neither can we
Pamela: so asking them to speak french should be pas de problem, right?
james: montreal? i was hard pressed to find people who speak french the last time i went
BOG: roight mater
BOG: matey
FredK: rich tell me when?
zonker: eh? que pas?
rich-c: well, it's the organizer's choice, Fred
BOG: spechen sie deutch??????
Pamela: oh good, bling
zonker: was in montreal for a total of one day and seemed like a very nice place to rude french speaking snots or anything? :)
Ronald: brb
Judy: here we go again
rich-c: you just have to find an accomodating hotel and a time that's nice but priced right
james: nah, they're all in paris ;P
FredK: ich sprech aba schlecht schrieben !!!
BOG: ya know american english...or canadian english?????
james: yeah, there's such a collasal difference between the two
zonker: no, british english
BOG: dont' push it Fred, can't remember taht much from 35+ yrs ago
zonker: or english british
FredK: LOL
Pamela: talk about foreign languages!
james: met a guy from england, honestly, i had trouble understanding the jolly bloke
Guy B.: Be right back.
Guy B. left chat session
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: actually in Montreal we all speak Franglais ;-)
Guy B.: Ok, back. Ran out of log space.
james: yeah, same as ottawa
zonker: why are guy and ronald leaving us? are they having some sort of meeting behind our backs?
FredK: that right
zonker: why do they hate me?
FredK: you see
zonker: why won't they talk to me?
zonker: can i get my money back?
Guy B.: Hey ZOnker. We are here, aren't we?
Pamela: no refund, no exchange Zonk
Pamela: you're here Guy
Pamela: Ron, he's on another plane altogether
(Guy B. hugs zonker)
zonker: yeah, but you are all laughing and pointing at me and i wish you'd stop.
Pamela: awwww
Guy B.: Just to show we care.
rich-c: yeah, and teh plane he's on is a Ford Tri-Motor
BOG: dis convention $$$ is like dis.....NO DEPOSIT, NO REFUND....tis not like a pop bottle
zonker: ron's on a plane?
Pamela: what, we can't laugh at your jokes? That's no fun
BOG: why is ron on a plane??????
zonker: i haven't made any jokes since logging on. you sick so an so!
rich-c: well, Pam said he's on a different plane just now...
FredK: ask Lisa Loeb
zonker: i think ron is having second thoughts about us coming to comox.
BOG: tis true and i am dulely chastized I am......BOO HOO
Ronald: eh?
FredK: lol
BOG: tough!!!! he has the hotel reserved
rich-c: spoken like a true Canadian, Ron
Pamela: ROTFL
zonker: fred! boooo!
BOG: AND mum wants to meet ALL of us
FredK: lol
Ronald: no- had to check water going into swimming pool
Ronald: see if it had overflowed yet
BOG: gonna have pool party come august are we??????
rich-c: why? afraid the carp will escape?
zonker: my, they pay them civil servants WELL in canda!
BOG changed username to Roberto
Ronald: considering that..... so much around here depends on the weather
Judy: the pond is close to over flowing after the rain we had this afternoon
Guy B.: Well, our friend Roberto has returned.
Roberto: that's why it is called "the wet coast", eh????
zonker: hey! what con was it were people were jumping in the pool? 5 in utah?
Roberto: si senor
Pamela: ah Bob, es muy mas bien
Roberto: isch bin here
Roberto: yavool
Roberto: dat too
james: case is asleep. i think he has the right idea. time for a nap
Ronald: yea
FredK: Das ist ben ben gut
Ronald: case is smart
Pamela: Case is no dummy
rich-c: right, with one that young you don't pass up an opportunity
zonker: who is case?
james: smarter than his old man anyway
james: my son
zonker: what a strong name!
Pamela: James' son
FredK: lol
james: here's a recent pic
Ronald: case and jeffie....the youngest adamites
zonker: what time IS it in japan? your 14 hours ahead of us west coast no?
rich-c: he's already been on sending messages to Fred's daughter, but she's not watching
james: yeah, it's going on for noon here
Ronald: Thurs eh?
james: yeah.
Pamela: sorry, I've got him reserved for Megan
james: lol
zonker: jeeez, that is SO wierd. it's like your from THE FUTURE
Ronald: where James is, we're yesterday
james: i was thinking i'd let him pick out his own
Pamela: how very Canadian of you James
james: hate to burst any of cupid's bubbles
rich-c: Fred assures me Meganne is a real doll
zonker: brb, beer break.
FredK: she is rich a real little doll until.....
Ronald: I'm on 7-up tonight
Pamela: Fred, your daughter is Meganne too?
Pamela: what Ron, no Diet Coke? I'm shocked
FredK: yup! yours too?
james: ok, i've got to take a nap or i'll be non-functional this evening to teach. then i'm going to figure out the best way to kill all these stupid little birds
Ronald: a change is as good as a rest
Pamela: No, my girlfriend's daughter (my "niece") is Megan
FredK: Arrigato James-san!
rich-c: night, james
Pamela: Nitey nite James.
james: hate stupid little birds
FredK: cool Pamela!
Ronald: Case DeCarlo
Guy B.: Bye James
james: bye all. i may be back in an hour if you're still chatting
Ronald: that's gonna have a real nice ring to it
Pamela: James, what's his middle name?
Judy: night James
james: doesn't have one
Pamela: ok
Pamela: you can sleep now
Ronald: Hollywood, here we come
james: heh heh. see you all soon!
Ronald: nite James
james: *poof* (and aplogies to zonker for an apparent copyright violation) :P
FredK: cya
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to bair
FredK: Hey gotta jet too, take care all and good night!
Pamela: Fred, I have no siblings, so the only way I am getting nieces and nephews is by proxy -hence, Katherine has assured me that she'll loan me her offspring whenever I need a set
Roberto: mr bair!!!!
Ronald: nite Fred
Ronald: be well
Roberto: welcome back son
Judy: hi, Bair
Roberto: nite Frdd
moved to room Meeting Place
james left chat session
Guy B.: Hey Bob Bair.
Pamela: Nite Fred
Pamela: Hi, Bair
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
FredK: LOL
Guy B.: Bye Fred
rich-c: night Fred, see you next week
Judy: night Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Ronald: Mr. Bair . How are thee
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel, you made it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I,m late... I know!
Roberto: khiya daniel
FredK: poof
FredK left chat session
rich-c: bonjour Daniel, hello the mighty Bair
Daniel Bienvenu: It's my birthday!
Roberto changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Happy Birthday!
Ronald: Think just about everyone has dropped in tonite..... 'cept Dr. D
Pamela: oh, while I think of it, I'll be absent for the next two weeks
zonker: back
rich-c: bonne fete
BobS: happy birthday to you.......happy birthday to ayou.......
Daniel Bienvenu: I was born in 1975, 18th juin.
Guy B.: He was here earlier Ron.
bair: fair
Pamela: Daniel, bon anniversaire
Judy: happy birthday Daniel
Ronald: Happy birthday to you
BobS: the good doctor WAS here Ronald before you
zonker: hey! is that bob bair?
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: how are you? feel better?
Ronald: Bonne fete a toi
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you everyone!
bair: yea
rich-c: so your ten years younger than Pamela, less eight days
Pamela: 'xactly
zonker: bob aint' seen you in a coons age, as we hoosiers say.
Ronald: Life goes on despite our best attempts to prevent it
Pamela: Daniel, my birthday is next Thursday
bair: yea been a while
rich-c: carrying on, Daniel, thank you
Daniel Bienvenu: For my birthday, I've done a little colecovision demo with 4 games... only 8K rom.
rich-c: we wre just telling Fred we're counting on him to organize Adamcon 16 in Montreal nest year
zonker: pamela, doesn't yer daddy know it ain't polite to give away a ladies age?
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred: C'est vrai? tu organise le adamcon à Montréal?
Ronald: Yes....we could rent the big Owe
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. Fred is not online...
Ronald: nobody else will be using it
Pamela: I guess I didn't protest enough when I was younger
rich-c: Fred left just as you came in, Daniel
Guy B.: Well folks. Getting tired, been a long day and even a bigger day tomorrow. I'll see how Saturday goes, otherwise see you all next week.
rich-c: but he seemd receptive to the idea
Daniel Bienvenu: it was my birthday. i was with my friends and my familly today.
Ronald: be well Guy. Gonna put ya on the presenters list
zonker: bye guy
rich-c: it started as a tease but he seemd to like the idea
Judy: night Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Pamela: besides, I don't plan to grow up, Zonk
Guy B.: Thanks ROn. Good to see you Zonker.
BobS: be good guy and don't work TOO hard
Pamela: g'nite Guy - see you in three weeks when I'm back
Ronald: All these people are 3 hours late Zonk.....they got no idea what time it is
rich-c: nite, Guy, will look for you
Guy B.: Ok Pam
Guy B.: Bye! Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: where going Pam??????
Judy: where are you off to, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone here had a commodore vic-20 in the past?
Ronald: yes????
zonker: hell, ron 8 oclock is late for ME :)
Pamela: next week - belated Mother's day with my mom-in-law and combined with my birthday dinner. The week after that, we're at the trailer on vacation
rich-c: I still have one I think - it may even work
Ronald: oh.....
Daniel Bienvenu: My Commodore vic-20 burned when i was 18 years old.
Pamela: we'll see about the 2nd - we'll have the laptop so maybe I'll log in
Daniel Bienvenu: The power supply "overheat?"
rich-c: use one of the nickel-a-minute 10-10 numbers, Pam
Pamela: Dad, is there anything I need to remember to bring tomorrow besides the ribbon?
rich-c: not that I can think of, Pam
Pamela: okay
rich-c: your mother can't think of anything either
BobS: we will be gone NEXT week, but back for the 2nd of july
Daniel Bienvenu: My new colecovision demo with 4 games is based on the games in the Vic-20 user's manual. If you had a commodore vic-20, you may know what i'm talking about.
zonker: well, you old people need your rest, so i think i'm gonna bail
Pamela: (note to self: make more lists!)
Ronald: Yeah...I gotta go hang living room drapes for mother
rich-c: great to have you in, Zonker, come back soon and a lot more often
Ronald: she was on my case earlier
BobS: and it IS bedtime out there,,,,,it is 8PM.......
zonker: good to see you all and hope to see some of you in a coupla months.
Pamela: Zonker, I'm glad you came by
BobS: see ya zonk
Ronald: I'll drink to that Pamela
Pamela: I'm really sorry I won't get to meet you this year
Judy: and hopefully we will have some news on the sentencing , that is when it is supposed to be
Ronald: good to see zonker again
zonker: don't hang your mother for living room drapes.
Ronald: mind you , he's as ugly as he ever was
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
zonker: 3
zonker: 2
zonker: 1
Ronald: gone
Pamela: bnye
zonker left chat session
BobS: is the
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone here want to try my new colecovision demo games i've done for my birthday?
BobS: Bair and
Ronald: well people, I must get to work.....
BobS: Virginian coming along????
rich-c: anyway, Danile, the general opinion is that an Adamcon in la belle province would be very welcome
Ronald: much swearing and grunting ensues
BobS: kkinda goofed up ther eh????
BobS: got to quit hitting the rnter key
Pamela: good luck Ron
Ronald: tks...I'm gonna need it....nite all
bair: still pretty hard yet
rich-c: take it easy, Ron
Pamela: nite
Daniel Bienvenu: "la belle province" yes, we called it that way
Ronald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
BobS: can imagine, but not really till it has happened,.,.......just remember we are thinking of you and stay strong for each other Bob
Pamela: I'm away as well folks - still have lists to make, packing to do and sleep to get eventually
bair: thank you
rich-c: it sure isn't going to be easy ever Bob, but the acute pain will subside after a while
Pamela: Mr. Bair, take care of yourself - I'll stick around a little longer next time
BobS: poor ol' ron just keeps on working even in his retirement years.........
Judy: night pam, have a good vacation
rich-c: hang in there and be brave, Bob - we are here for you
BobS: kPAMELA....behave your own self, eh??????
rich-c: nite daughter
Pamela: I'm too busy to get into trouble!
Pamela: Daniel, bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm not in the mailing list adamcon but do you think i can post my ROM.
bair: hay bob there is 1622.44
Pamela: Dad, I'll see you tomorrow - if I'm going to be late I'll call
BobS: ok will write that down
rich-c: I believe so, Daniel - do you have the address?
Pamela: goodnite, all
Daniel Bienvenu: oops, i forget the address
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pamela!
rich-c: get ready to cut and paste then, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm ready
Daniel Bienvenu: ok!
rich-c: to join the list, send an email with the subject "subscribe" to coladam-admin@ (etc.)
BobS: I think I know that list........:-)
BobS: and hope Dale is awake and adds you to the list soon
rich-c: some year if Dale gets around to it you will be added
BobS: well troups, we both of us, must "away" and head for the sack..........
Daniel Bienvenu: I already do this subscribe in the past...
rich-c: right Bob, Judy, you've been having a pretty stressful time so take care
rich-c: gi e it another try, Daniel, Dale is awfully slow
BobS: SO, be good, have fun but STAY SAFE........
BobS: we'uns will see ya'll in 2 weeks
rich-c: amen and likewise, Bob
BobS left chat session
rich-c: in any case, who do we have left now? I think bair and judy are really gone
bair: yea i wik
rich-c: oh, you are still here, Bob
bair: i thought i would but not much to say
rich-c: yes, things tend to fall apart after 11 eastern
rich-c: in the early stages everyone talks at once
bair: i guess i will be leaving too
bair left chat session
rich-c: right - take care, and give our best to Ginny too
Daniel Bienvenu: I posted it to the mailing-list
rich-c: sorry Daniel - the allusions you missed in talking to Bob Bair - he recently lost his son in a tragic road accident
Daniel Bienvenu: a tragic road accident? who?
rich-c: he was driving in a storm - they think he was blineded by lightning and hit a tree
rich-c: Bob and Virginia Bair's young son
rich-c: this was about two weeks ago, maybe a bit more
Daniel Bienvenu: I finally receive an e-mail from Marcel de Kogel last week. He talked about "his road accident" and said he no longer read his e-mails.
rich-c: I have never been in direct touch with Marcel but have noticed others talking about something'
Daniel Bienvenu: I replied to him with my colecovision programming document to show him the good work I've done.
rich-c: the one who would be likeliest to know would be Dr.D
rich-c: it will be interesting to see what response you get, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: "Several things have been going on..."
Daniel Bienvenu: "here. The most severe of those a car accident, now almost a year ago."
rich-c: anyway I have to go now - enjoy what's left of your birthday!
Daniel Bienvenu: "Though nothing life-threatening happened - I broke my collar bone and had a lot of internal bleedings - I wasn't able to work for about 4-5 months. The shoulder actually still isn't 100% OK"
rich-c: Ouch - he got smashed up badly
Daniel Bienvenu: "The fracture has healed, but flexibility and strength is still lacking. It also still hurts when I use it too much. It isn't really blocking me from doing anything except sports though, and it is slowly getting better."
rich-c: sounds like he took a headon but had a good seatbelt fastened
Daniel Bienvenu: "I also went back to school. I am studying computer sience at the local university. I doubt I lack any knowledge (so far, this hasn't shown to be the case), but I do lack a degree. Though not difficult, the study is consuming a lot of time, I'd say about 3 to 4 evenings a week. Together with a full-time job, this leaves me with little spare time :( Nowadays, I check my e-mail very irregularly. I am trying to do this more often though."
rich-c: blessedly he's still young and should heal quickly and well
rich-c: Daniel, your game pack just arrived, so you got it out to the list
Daniel Bienvenu: "More has happened the last year. My girlfriend moved in with me here in Holland, and has started studying here, with good results - so far at least. She is having much less problems integrating in the society than I imagined before, given the differences in culture, language, etc. (She is from São Paulo, Brazil in case I never told you)."
Daniel Bienvenu: "I'm sorry to tell you that after starting learning Portuguese my knowledge of French has decreased rapidly. I'm still able to read what you write though, and who knows it improves again."
rich-c: OK - that means she wasn't hurt in the accident, and will be good for his morale - he's very deeply in love with her
Daniel Bienvenu: "Thanks for your e-mail. I really appreciate it, let's stay in contact. I'll do my best to improve on this :)"
Daniel Bienvenu: "Take care, Marcel"
rich-c: yes, he's a Netherlander, also has English, but I don't know how his other languages are
Daniel Bienvenu: Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 21:50:50
rich-c: anyway Daniel that is a hugely encouraging response
rich-c: obviously you have engaged his interest and re-sparked his enthusiasm
rich-c: indirectly you may well have done the whole Adam community an enormous favour
Daniel Bienvenu: I think my successor in coleco programming will do more for the coleco adam community. I know that a new colecovision game cartridge will be extended in gameplay by using a TAPE or a DISK on the Adam computer..
rich-c: that will indeed be a landmark if it can be accomplished
rich-c: by the way, I have 8 dead Colecovision cartridges - are you still looking for them?
Daniel Bienvenu: i have enough cartridges for the curent "secret" projects but i don't know if i will need some cartridges in a near future.
rich-c: OK, just be aware they are here if you need them and speak soon enough
rich-c: but Daniel, right now I have to go - see you Sat. or Wed
rich-c: a la prochaine - bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe saturday pm
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine!
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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