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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Hello, Rich
rich-c: hi Scott
Scott: I forget - ADAMCon is at the end of this month, right?
rich-c: how's things in Coloroado these days?
Scott: Hot.
Scott: Dry
rich-c: no, first half of next month, Scott
Scott: So August 14th?
Scott: ish
rich-c: I think 8 - 11 but am not sure - hold on a sec
rich-c: sorry - have to check teh kitchen calendar - another minute
rich-c: damn - don't have it marked there either
Scott: Well, that still gives me a good idea how long I have to finish the product that I'm working on
rich-c: I guess Aug. 7 - 10 would be the best bet, but you'll have to verify
rich-c: why are you asking?
Scott: I probably won't be able to go, due to finances (buying a house, etc), but I would like to send something to the show
rich-c: try
rich-c: pity, I will have to miss it too
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Scott: Actually that link didn't work
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Roberto!
BobS: allo der !!!!!
BobS: hiya Scott
rich-c: have yourself a good holiday?
BobS: what is this I hear about some neew project???????
BobS: had a good holiday
rich-c: Bob, what's the URL for teh Adamcon home page - Ron's?
BobS: um
rich-c: no, that link doesnt work
Scott: I am in the midst of finishing off a project that's been in development off and on for a few years
BobS: just tried it and it works
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rich-c: ah, now the gang's arriving
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: cool
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: hiya Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how goes it?
BobS: how's thigns?????
BobS: things
BobS: .......farn dingers
Scott: Nice page
Scott: Hi, Guy!
Guy B.: Fighting a sinus infection, again! But, it's doing better
rich-c: so how are your romantic explorations coming along?
Guy B.: Aimee and I are going to give it another try. But, I got a bombshell from Marsha.
rich-c: bombshell? explain, please
BobS: she is gonna blow Guy right on up!!!!
BobS: to the moon alice !!!!!!
Guy B.: Ok, I hope you guys are sitting down. But, she told me that she is still Married. Yet, she and her husband have been separated since January. Now, even more, she's fallen in love with me.
Scott: In a good way?
rich-c: RUN, don't walk, to the nearest exit - you need NO part of that, Guy (as if I need to tell you)
Scott: Studmeister, you!
Guy B.: Rich, I am just as shocked as anyone here.
rich-c: obviously
rich-c: just tell her to give you a call after the divorce is final - and when yo've seen the papers, carry on
Guy B.: Right now, she wants a divorce. But, she can't afford a lawyer right now.
BobS: RUN me boy, RUN!!!!!!!
BobS: and sont' stop till ya hitws the mIchigan shorelien'
BobS: shoreline
Scott: Guy - since I have you here in the chat room, would you have the time to grab those FontPOWER font sets
Guy B.: I was going to run, but I told her to take care of what she needs to do first. Then Aimee e-mails me and we chatted on the IM for a good hour and half Sunday.
rich-c: Guy, don't mess with married women - period, full stop, no matter what the story - just DONT
BobS: Aimee or no, RUN me boy !!!!!!!
Guy B.: Scott, I have to transfer them to the PC in order for me to at least send them to you. That I'll try for the weekend.
Guy B.: At Aimee is divorced.
rich-c: anyway, take your time
Scott: Yeah, I know it's quite involved, and I'm not setup to do it, so if you have the opportunity this weekend,
BobS: heck Richard, even if a woman is sweet on another guy, RUN the other way !!!!!
Guy B.: Rich, you know
Scott: I'd appreciate it. I'd like all 8 font sets, if possible.
rich-c: if you're going to wake up beside a woman for the rest of your life, take all the time needed to make sure it's the right one
Scott: I still need to contact Mr. Herrington about Pat's work
Guy B.: I would have run out the door if I knew before hand, but I didn't until last week. And I never got the chance to ask her about her marital status.
BobS: and methinks tha one who is still marries when this is happenin' is not the kind ya might want to wake up next to ferever.......
Guy B.: I'll try as soon as I can Scott.
Scott: Thanks!
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BobS: still working so many hours Guy???????
rich-c: that's why I'm a believer in long engagements - and long acquiantance before that stage
Scott: Will disclose the full details of my project at a later time
changed username to james
james: hello. almost completely forgot about the chat
rich-c: good morning james
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: good evening, rich. how are you?
Scott: James - didn't you create a Japanese font set?
james: hi guy, scott, bob
Scott: For Logo?
Guy B.: We just started a new semi period, but overtime might come as soon as the reports pile up.
rich-c: carrying on, james, with things looking up
james: i'm still working on getting to the stuff i want to do in logo
BobS: hi James!!!!
james: good to hear rich
rich-c: got the van back now, and it looks like I should get the surgery in 4 - 6 weeks
BobS: bummer enjoy the free timw whilest you can
james: i made some japanese characters in the sprite editor which i used in my new years greeting for ron's xmas card last year
james: that's great rich. so you gonna make it to the con?
Scott: That's right! It was the were 16X16 fonts
rich-c: no way - the surgery will be about con time, and then there's still the hip to do after
james: when and if i ever get around to decompiling logo, there's a bunch of stuff i want to do to it
BobS: ahso van not so banged up could not fix yes?????
james: ah, that's too bad rich
Scott: I thought you designed a font set in FontPOWER that had Japanese symbols
Scott: My mistake
rich-c: they were toying with the idea of writing it off till the body shop manager turned on the engine
james: nope, not yet anyway. i could do one though if wanted
BobS: well......that DOES make a difference
BobS: seeing as how you just got that done
Scott: Ok
Scott: Well, gotta go work on my project
Scott: Nice seeing everyone
rich-c: yes, that V-8 rumble is kind of unmistakable
james: bye scott!
Scott: Will stop by next week and give you a status
BobS: cut the bdy off the van and drive it as a convertible
rich-c: nite Scott
Scott left chat session
james: case just fell asleep. i'm gonna grab breakfast while the grabbing is good. brb.
BobS: be good Scott
BobS: gone he is
Guy B.: He went off mighty quick
BobS: like a bolt of lightning
rich-c: it was the frame that was bent, Bob, the body came off fine
BobS: and they got ti all straightened out ok????
rich-c: yep, just fine, far as I can see
BobS: slapped taht baby on a unibody stretcher and pulled all 4 ways, eh????
rich-c: there was a kink in the left side where the panel had moved with the frame, of course
BobS: or does it have a full frame????
rich-c: oh yes, it's a real antique, separate body and frame, rear drive
BobS: the way it should be
rich-c: well, Bob, you and I know that, but the rest of the world has doubts
BobS: that is the trouble with the newer cars......they are one piece...and if ya hit it, it crumbles
rich-c: except for Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity and oddball cars like that...
BobS: and crinkles, and wrinkles
rich-c: well, the good part of that is that the occupants dont have to absorb the energy as a result
rich-c: I think in a stiffer car the kids who wre catapulted into us might well have been killed
BobS: that is good
rich-c: as it was the Acura was sort of erased from the back seat on
BobS: so the crinkle wrinkle car is a good injury stopper, you say...........
BobS: you see them do the tests on tv and MAN do they srinkle
BobS: wrinkle
rich-c: oh yes, though you can do that with a separate body and frame too, it's just a bit harder
rich-c: like, our seats collapsed when we wre hit
rich-c: and they did so exactly as they wre designed to do
BobS: remember years folks had my aunt's car-1955 chev hardtop- and got kit in the rear.....kinda pushed that trunk right up tot back seat.....
james: back
BobS: got ti fixed and no problems
rich-c: there are parts that can't legally be repeaired because they are meant to have certain crush characteristics
BobS: oh yea????
BobS: that is nes to me
rich-c: yep - there are two new assemblies in each of the seats as a result
BobS: smush !!!! crash !!!!! crunch !!!!
james: yeah, i remember seeing something on 20/20 about that once. this place selling all these refurbished cars, and they'd been refurbished from total wrecks
james: one woman broke her neck because the car rolled over. she should have been ok but the frame couldn't hold the weight of the car upside-down
rich-c: oddly enough, it is possible to rebuild written-off cars
BobS: IF yo get the parts, it can be done, James. Problem is, the parts ARE expensive
rich-c: apparently the insurance companies will write off anything dmaaged worse than 70% of its book value
BobS: ouch
james: well this place was doing it on the cheap - just scubbing and sanding things down, welding them back together and repainting. no new parts
rich-c: yeah, when teh chop shops do it they are death traps
BobS: heck, in the books with wrecks for sale down here, they are writing off 40 totaled cars....
BobS: some are not damaged that bad, but to the wrecking yard they go
james: so of course, the cars *looked* great but they were total garbage structurally
rich-c: remember that stuff like airbags cost a mint to replace
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changed username to Safari Ron
Safari Ron: aha - it works
rich-c: they aren't vital to the mechanical operation of the car, but the law requires them to be replaced
BobS: but airbags should be getting cheaper as good ones are more pletiful with the older cars going down the pike
BobS: hiya SAFARI man
rich-c: greetings Ron
Safari Ron: evening
rich-c: what's the Safari bit?
BobS: you going to Africa?????
Safari Ron: you have to be a Mac man to understand
Safari Ron: latest Apple browser
Guy B.: Ron, how's it going?
james: safari is mac's new browser
james: wiping the walls with ie
Safari Ron: yup
BobS: ok
Safari Ron: apparently Microshaft has announced they won't be developing ie any more for the Mac
rich-c: good - when is the Windows version coming out?
Safari Ron: only on Mac
BobS: cool for you.......don't have a Mac here..........
james: yeah, they were complaining about mac having "inside knowledge" of the os thus making it easier for apple to develop a good broswer. sound familiar?
Safari Ron: into each life some rain must fall
rich-c: or maybe someone will port it to Linux, and then...
Safari Ron: wouldn't surprise me
Guy B.: Oh yeah, I read about that. Will Office be next???
Safari Ron: strange position to take eh James?
james: well as they say.. what goes around..
rich-c: I have IE working fairly well most of teh time, but it can generate the odd blue screen
Safari Ron: exactly
james: when and if i ever have "extra" money i plan on getting a mac to play with
Safari Ron: get yourself a G5 James
james: gotta pay $3500 at the end of this month for the paving i had done
rich-c: oh well, I can always see how Opera is progressing these days, or I've heard good words about Mozilla
Safari Ron: they start at $1999. US
james: i do well by mozilla
james: that's not too bad. that's what a new pc would cost. at least one that isn't made with dirt cheap everything. does that include monitor?
rich-c: I am not yet unhappy enough with IE to switch, but that could change
Safari Ron: got your messages all re "size-matters"
Safari Ron: thank you all
james: oh yeah, ron - i think i'll take one large shirt
Safari Ron: noted James
james: you said they were $15?
rich-c: plus postage
Safari Ron: yes..... reminds me - I must amend the web site
Safari Ron: good point Rich
james: oh yeah - i'll give you my addy in ottawa ron. i'll pick it up in sept when i'm in town
Safari Ron: works for me James.
rich-c: OK Ron, let me know how much postpaid, please
Safari Ron: Well ..... quite a day we have had here on the wet coast
james: if i cut you a cheque for $50, you think that'll keep us even with that photocopying you did for me too?
rich-c: have you heard from Pamela on this, Ron?
Safari Ron: yes Rich, thanks
rich-c: what is the latest, other than the Olympic bid?
Safari Ron: sounds good James
Safari Ron: that WAS the news. Our local newscasters are having a 1 subject night
rich-c: well, it is pretty bad news, so I'm not sruprised - even though they view it otherwise
Safari Ron: I am happy the way it went, but not sure I can stand the hype for the next 7 years
Safari Ron: assuming I live that long
rich-c: I think it's a stupid and disruptive waste of money, but I'm outvoted :-(
james: lol. hosting the olympics has historically been a negative cashflow situation for the hosting city, no?
Safari Ron: Calgary says different
rich-c: yes - you'd think they'd have learned from Montreal
Safari Ron: but then it's really a case of who you believe
rich-c: as usual, Ron, figures don't lie but liars do figure
BobS: ego's get in the way of doing the smart thign Richard
james: 2010 is a ways off. sheesh, i might even be coming back by then
james: ok.. not that soon but still.. case will be in 2nd grade by then
Safari Ron: now that we have disposed of the future
rich-c: by then I'll be 80 and if I'm up to winter travel it won't be towards the west-northwest
Safari Ron: let see..... 2010....that would be Adamcon 22 right?
rich-c: yes, but we don't hold Adamcons in winter
Safari Ron: true..... so much for that idea
BobS changed username to Judy
rich-c: oh well, they do desperately need a decent road to Whistler
Judy: hello, everyone
Safari Ron: yup. Each year, people die going up there
rich-c: hi Judy, didn't see you come in
Safari Ron: so maybe that can be remedied
james: yeah, now they have to build it
Safari Ron: evening Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
james: or at least maintain it, eh
Safari Ron: right James.
Judy: just did Bob is having a awful time with my computer
rich-c: what did you do with the old man?
Judy: so he gave it to me
Safari Ron: well right at the moment, most of the accidents seem to be due to people overdriving either the road or their capabilities
Safari Ron: In that sense, I'm not sure the 600 million upgrade will change anything
rich-c: the reports I have seen say teh road is not forgiving
Guy B.: So Vancouver getting the Winter Olympics, bet that should draw a alot towards you sometime from now.
Safari Ron: Well no, it's basically carved out of the side of a mountain
rich-c: well, they've got a few in Colorado like that now - cost a ton but they got them done
rich-c: and they are part of an interstate and meet the standards
Safari Ron: yep. And I imagine they'll get this one done - but I wouldn't bet on it coming in either on time or on budget
rich-c: one would think you'd seen what happens with government contracts, Ron
Guy B.: Ron, have the t-shirts been ordered yet?
Safari Ron: who me? yeah right!
rich-c: some friends of people named Campbell will get very weaklthy
james: @ron - on time, on budget, done right - pick two out of three :P
Safari Ron: not yet Guy. Rich Drushel asked for some extra time. He thinks the girls might want one
Safari Ron: so I'll be ordering Friday
Safari Ron: :) James...... rotfl
rich-c: if it eases the postage, you could combine Pam's order with mine
Guy B.: My final payment will be made this weekend. I'll let you know about my airline itinerary during the weekend. Ok, you got my size then, XXL.
Safari Ron: good idea Rich. Will have to do a cost/benefit on that
Safari Ron: yup Guy. Got that
Guy B.: Speaking of Dr. D, where is he tonight?
rich-c: when it comes to high volume/low weight combination can pay
Safari Ron: good.. Well then, will check it out
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rich-c: yes, I believe size will mean you have to send it as a parcel, and there's a high minimum
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Bob has returned.
rich-c: might even turn out two in an Expresspost prepay envelope is the cheapest option
Safari Ron: never noticed he was away
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changed username to Daniel B
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: hi!
Daniel B: sorry, I'm late again!
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel, comment ca va?
BobS: he pulled the plug on me the mosquitoes were coming to get us
Safari Ron: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: bonsoir, ca va! et toi?
Guy B.: Where is your insect repellant Bob?
rich-c: assez bien, merci
BobS: don't like to use it and don't usually need it out on the deck
rich-c: finally getting a bit of buildup in the group
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changed username to <undefined>
Daniel B: buildup?
rich-c: from one or two to several people, Daniel
rich-c: must be George trying to come in - he always seems to have difficulties
Guy B.: Should use it at this time, you know they come out at this time and with the West Nile still a threat.
rich-c: you're in a different climate, Guy, but for us the worst mosquito time is still about six weeks away
BobS: I was only out there for about 10 minutes just got home from a meeting at church
BobS changed username to Judy
Guy B.: We got bad with them when got the heavy rains in May.
rich-c: that's fine, Bob, but it only takes one bite and older guys with heart problems are at high risk
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Judy: we haven't been having any trouble with them here
Safari Ron: keep the mosquito's east please
Guy B.: We got twin Judy's.
rich-c: but we lost the undefined
Safari Ron: cool
Judy: that is probably because Bob pulled the plug
Guy B.: Aha!
Safari Ron: The display on my laptop outside is useless
Judy: had to come in the house, was sitting by the pond
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Safari Ron: mosquitoville
rich-c: right, guess it's still full daylight out there, isn't it?
Safari Ron: yup
changed username to bair
Safari Ron: will be until about 10:30 pm
rich-c: all hail the Bair!
Guy B.: Oh there's the Bair, Hi Bob
Safari Ron: Mr Bair
Judy: hi, Bair
bair: hi ever one
Judy: how are you doing?
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Guy B.: How's Virginia?
rich-c: how are things back home in Indiana?
changed username to old user
Safari Ron: brb
Guy B.: Well, we got a new one.
rich-c: welcome, old user, whoever you may be
Judy: hi, old user
bair: she is still having a hard time but getting better
old user left chat session
Guy B.: Taking it one step at a time. Good to hear.
rich-c: that is encouraging, Bob - we know it will be a very long hard haul
Judy: tell her we are thinking of her, hope things get easier
bair: she may loose her job in sept.
Guy B.: Old user disappeared.
rich-c: troubles like that you do not need
bair: it just makes it that much harder
Judy: not cool!!!!
Judy: and how are you doing, Bob?
rich-c: yes, the regularity of a work routine can be a comforting help in such times
Guy B.: Well, I have donated two computers to a resale shop after I couldn't sell them at a garage sale.
bair: so do you guys need any money yet
rich-c: which computers wre those, Guy?
Guy B.: The Mac Performa and the P75.
rich-c: you mean you couldn't even get Ron to take teh Mac?
bair: we have to get Tims land ready so it can be mowed
Guy B.: I don't think he will want it anyway.
Safari Ron: not that one Rich
Safari Ron: have donated a couple myself
rich-c: is it being used for hay, Bob?
Guy B.: That leaves, the Athlon, P133, , P100, The Gateway, Dell and the Compaq notebook.
Safari Ron: Re the money Bob (Bair) think we're ok. I have Murray's registration and my own....that'll more than cover the
Judy: Ron, do you need a down payment on anything yet???
Safari Ron: startup
bair: no he had a honda 4 wheeler and we had jumps on it
rich-c: gee Guy, how do you get along with so few :-)
Safari Ron: same answer Judy. Just bring it with you
rich-c: Judy, pay in advance while your dollar still has some value - it might be down to 1.25 Canadian by the time you arrive
Guy B.: The P100 I'm converting to a DOS system for Adamserve
Safari Ron: Guy, you the man
Safari Ron: with the most computers
Judy: okay, we can do that
Guy B.: Putiing two 360K drives, hopefully will get to run this weekend.
rich-c: in fact it might be wise to prepay any Canadian dollar expenses that you can now
rich-c: I guess that's as good a use as a P100 offers these days
Guy B.: It's perfect for it.
rich-c: yes, by Adam standards it is really fast
Judy: we have prepaided most of our other hotels all ready
rich-c: pity no one has written a driver for a game card that will take the Adam joysticks
Judy: Bob is re-installing my computer right now
rich-c: oh, crashed out thoroughly on you, did it, Judy?
Safari Ron: Does he know what he's doing, Judy?
Judy: he deleted Window by mistake while we were on vacation
Safari Ron: been there, done that
rich-c: Judy, don't ever let him hear the end of that!
Safari Ron: no, I wouldn't\
rich-c: deleting Windows by mistake? this can be done?
Judy: I think he does, has done it before, but the computer is not doing so good
Judy: I was just glad I didn't do it
rich-c: I can see deliberately uninstalling and reinstalling Windows; sometimes it's a good idea
Safari Ron: all you have to do look at it the wrong way
Judy: now he can't blame me at all he did it all by himself
Safari Ron: mind you, same hold for just about any OS
rich-c: reminds me, maybe it's time I backe3d up my C partition again
Safari Ron: :)
Judy: worst comes to worse he will have to call Doug
Safari Ron: nice to have a son who knows all
rich-c: nice to have that resource to hand, isn't it, Judy?
Safari Ron: nearby
Judy: yes, it is, but Doug may not agree
Safari Ron: Hey, ya raised him and fed him all those years
rich-c: I can sympathize with him on that, but he does take it in good part
Judy: ya, he just shakes his head
Safari Ron: oh...... I know that head shake bit
Judy: can't believe we can be so dumb
Safari Ron: I've seen it
rich-c: well good on him for it - he could be much less gracious
rich-c: and once we're shown, we do tend to feel dumb - at least I do
Safari Ron: I'm sure he's heard about me dropping my docking station on the floor. There's another shake of the head for sure
Judy: ya, for sure
rich-c: so what are you folks doing for the long weekend?
Judy: Bob wants to work on the boat, is supposed to rain here anyway
Daniel B:
rich-c: we have had our holiday, of course
Judy: and we just got home so can't just go away so soon, at least for a week or two
Guy B.: Abby just startled me. Saw that one black and white dog she doesn't like.
rich-c: what's that, Daniel?
Daniel B: It's michael (GDG) who is seeling one copy of Gamepack on E-Bay
rich-c: how is the bidding going?
Daniel B: I never see one of my creation be sold more higher than 100$
Daniel B: now, it's about 175$
rich-c: WOW! that is terrific, Daniel
Safari Ron: impressive
rich-c: and that's in US dollars, too
rich-c: remember I still have those dead carts if you need them
Daniel B: I remember... and I received the boards to be inside the carts sunday morning.
james: that's really, really good daniel!
james: sorry, i've been on and off. his highness was having a tantrum
rich-c: Michael must be an awfully convincing copywriter
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: I'm back. Netscape crashed on me.
Judy: computer!!!!
Judy: have you got your surgery planned yet, Rich
rich-c: yes, Judy, saw the surgeon for the laproscopy last week
rich-c: she suggested that she might get it done in the next 4 - 6 weeks
rich-c: the hospital is just reopening from its use as a SARS isolation point so dates are tentative
Judy: that's good
rich-c: I may be able to jump the queue as people may cancel from SARS fears and holiday conflicts
rich-c: I want to get it done - I am tired of feeling bilious all the time
Judy: Bob is having a stress test Monay
rich-c: and I can't get into the queue for teh hip replacement till the gall bladder is done
Judy: bummer!!!
Safari Ron: the infamous queue
rich-c: yes, that arrythmia is always a concern - can mean everything or nothing
rich-c: it's OK, Judy, I held off on entering the queue so the timing would suit me - I want teh fall
james: hi daniel
Judy: ok
rich-c: figure if I'm going to be flat on my back anyway, it might as well be when nothing is going on
Judy: very true
Guy B.: Well folks. Got to check the e-mail. To USA folks, Happy 4th of July. I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: ideally I'd wait till teh Grey Cup is over, but then healing time would run too deep into the spring
Safari Ron: yes sir.....happy 4th July to you too
Judy: they don't keep you down on your back that long anymore
rich-c: OK Guy, take it easy, see you next week
Judy: night, Guy
rich-c: well, full hip joint replacement doesnt heal up in a day, Judy
Guy B.: Night Everyone, Poof!!!
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: no, but they don
Judy: 't let you lay around long is all I was saying, they used to let you lay around now they don't think you can or should do that
james: you still here dan?
rich-c: right, once it's safe to work the joint, they want you to work it
Judy: and that is not long
rich-c: my back-fence neighbour had it done by teh same surgeon I have and now he's practically ready to run a marathon ;-)
Judy: hope you do as well as my mom did with her knee, she is so glad she had it done
rich-c: no, but I do gather it's measured in weeks - but, for instance, eight weeks isnt a long time
Safari Ron: Is your Mom in Grand Rapids Judy?
rich-c: actually I've heard it claimed that hip jobs are much more successful than knees
Judy: yes, well in Jenison just out side of GR
Safari Ron: aha
Judy: but we are not in Grand Rapids either, she is about 30 minutes west of us
rich-c: by the way, we did get Kimberley safely married off last Saturday
Judy: and did it go smoothly, Rich, how did Pam do?
rich-c: and Pamela managed to survive the ordeal as bridesmaid, too
Safari Ron: yes, I recall that. (I think)
rich-c: now she's up at their trailer with Russell, recuperating
Judy: I thought that was why she wasn't on tonight
rich-c: anyway it went very smoothly - found the Dutch Reformed service unfamiliar in spots, but no problem
rich-c: actually Pam could get on wihtout that much trouble - it's very cheap to call Toronto from the trailer
Judy: they can be a diffferent sort, the Dutch that is
rich-c: yes, I did find the preacher a little preachy but hey, it's their church
Safari Ron: I like a good preacher
rich-c: surprised that they didnt use the Wedding March though
Safari Ron: not that I've heard many lately
rich-c: I sort of feel that the day and service should belong to the marrying couple with no upstaging
Safari Ron: agreed Rich. therre is a place for preaching, and that's not it
rich-c: at the reception they had a group of bell ringers - very good, very original
Safari Ron: cool
rich-c: anyway the dinner went very well and a good time was had by all
Safari Ron: good
rich-c: mind you I was more than a little wiped out on Sunday, but I've regained the lost ground
Safari Ron: given your current state Rich, it would have been a full day
rich-c: more I think there may have been some hidden fat in the dinner that got to me, though I tried to avoid it
Safari Ron: that's the sort of place that's difficult to keep tabs on from a diet perspective
Judy: you should hear Bob's brother than, he can really be long (he is a minister)
rich-c: I'm afraid I prefer speakers of the stand up, speak up, shut up school
rich-c: hey, we've lost bair
Judy: that sounds about right to me also, Rich
rich-c: these days I take teh view don't take too much of my time, I dont have that much left
Judy: Bob is tried so I am going to sign off for both of us, so night all talk at you next week
rich-c: OK catch you too then, meanwhile enjoy the holiday
Judy left chat session
james: who's left here?
rich-c: actually think I'd better follow her example and say goodnight, all
rich-c: I may or may not be on on Saturday
rich-c: meanwhile goodnight and bonsoir
james: wish i could make it saturdays but i'm just not up that early or late..
james: bye rich!
rich-c left chat session
james: is dan still actually here?
james: and for that matter, are you, ron?
james: hello?
Daniel B: sorry
Daniel B: I writed an e-mail
james: np. looks like your game is going to sell well!
Daniel B: I don't know... doing too much it's as dangerous than not doing enough. I think the collectors are not ready. doing commercial boxes and selling for big money is no a good idea but it seams to work fine.
james: i say make it while you can. i'd love to develop a good game and go commercial with it
james: i even have a good idea too
james: just need tiime to actually learn to program on adam. i'm so damn busy lately
Daniel B: this situation can kill the coleco homebrew world. new coleco programmers may decided to not do new coelco games because i do too much.
james: honestly, i wouldn't worry. i think most people here appreciate your efforts and if you have a talent, you should use it
Daniel B: And my next released may be wrongly judged if i didn't use the same quality box design.
james: well it's part of the development process, there are hits and flops
james: but it's great that you are doing what you are
Daniel B: i knew it... i have no other choice than pay someone to do box design now... but pay who?
james: lol. i'd do it but i have no artistic talent at all :P
james: would you be interested in co-developing a game with me someday?
Daniel B: a game? for which system?
james: for coleoc
james: oops. coleco
james: i've always thought it'd be cool to have rpgs for coleco
Safari Ron: damn phone
Safari Ron: everybody's gone?
Daniel B: I think we are only three now!
Safari Ron: right. my job in life is to arrange meetings..... between retired people who have no time
Safari Ron: anyway, I shall away and leave you guys to it
Safari Ron: see ya's next week
james: i'm hre
Daniel B: probably next week... I never know if I will be online it time for the next chat session
james: bye ron!
Safari Ron: nite
Safari Ron left chat session
Daniel B: James: I started an adventure game named "chateau du dragon". I never continue it. it's a text based game but I suppose it's not this kind of game you want to do.
james: i was thinking tile graphics
james: but even that is way beyond my ability right now
Daniel B: You want to do something with "isometric" graphics? you know, it's not easy... but most of the RPG i know use this kind of graphics.
james: i plan on looking at your web pages again soon.
james: yeah, do you remember the "ultima" series games on commodore 64?
Daniel B: I think I played it for about 5 minutes. I was only 13 years old and my english was not good.
Daniel B: if i remember well, i walked ten steps before monsters reach me all around me. I was dead in 5 minutes
Daniel B: I never played an RPG game after on C64.
james: lol
james: i could make a bilingual game ;)
james: can you read japanese? :P
Daniel B: can you draw japanese characteres in 8x8 tiles?
james: yes, but it isn't easy
Daniel B: I think it's possible... I think about MSX games in japanese. MSX it's close to Coleco ADAM... and Coleco Adam it's the computer version of ColecoVision.
james: i had an 8x8 katakana set at one point. not sure what i did with it
james: i remember why i stopped trying to do coleco games on this pc - remember we were having trouble converting those images?
james: i kept getting garbage
Daniel B: right, i remember now
Daniel B: Ddid you try using the software with an english Windows?
Daniel B: let me take a look at my source code... maybe it's because i directly use the dll
james: i still have to try in an english version. i'm going to set up a machine to dual boot with an english version
Daniel B: err, which software didn't work? PP2C?
james: i think that was it, but it's been awhile
Daniel B: Did you try my "Coleco Paint"? you can open the PP image with it and then convert it in C like PP2C. Maybe "Coleco Paint" will work.
james: ok. i'll try that tonight
james: i think it would make sense for me to set up an old computer with an english version of windows just for coleco development.
james: guess i shouldn't have sold all those 486's i had :P
james: i'll install an english version. it makes more sense than changing your source code.
Daniel B: I was right, Coleco Paint and PP2C doesn't use the exact same strategy to open a PP file.
Daniel B: Coleco Paint can read 10K and 40K Powerpaint files. PP2C can only read 40K files. This means that Coleco Paint beat PP2C.
Daniel B: but it doesn't mean it will work
Daniel B: for you
james: ok, i'll try coleco paint
james: ah, ma femme m'appele. time for lunch!
james: i'll talk to you soon!
Daniel B: ok! bye! write me an e-mail
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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