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George: hi
George: hi Rich
rich-c: hello Geortge, didnt notice you come in
rich-c: we missed you on Wednesday night
George: i've been too busy, I got too far behind in things at home
rich-c: too much time spent on doctors and hospitals?
George: exactly
rich-c: I know what you mean
rich-c: I have now talked with teh surgeon about my gall bladder
rich-c: things depend on the hsopital's SARS management but I may get it done in about four weeks
George: and another the hospital hurs
George: thursday
rich-c: yes, hospitals do things at their convenience, not yours
rich-c: right now North York General is just reopening
rich-c: they have been the de facto SARS isolation hospital last few weeks
George: they need to close all philly hospitals
rich-c: really? what is happening there?
George: stupid incompatance
rich-c: well, yes, but what specific kind, so bad hospitals are forced to close?
George: killing p0eople
George: people
rich-c: well, that's what you get with free-enterprise medicine, and why teh rest of the world won't put up with it
rich-c: Americans would be better off with a health plan like Cuba's, but try telling them that
George: three deaths in the emergencyroom thursday
rich-c: and yes, more Cubans get served, and the percentage leaving hospital alive is higher
rich-c: well, emergenry room deaths are nothing new, unless negligence was involved
rich-c: like, people do show up there with terminal diseases or holes in them or such
George: Americans might as well have gas chambers
rich-c: sure, but say "socialized medicine" and they'll try to find you a gas chamber
George: Hitler was more sane
rich-c: by the way, Canada has free-enterprise medicine - but with universal insurance from a single payer
rich-c: beginning to understand why, having the choice, I prefer to be a Canadian rather than American?
George: and rich rather than poor
rich-c: given my name no matter how penniless I am I'll always be Rich ;-)
George: free us from our shackles GOD!
rich-c: the Lord helps he who helps himself
George: Where?
rich-c: being a non-believer, I wouldn't know, but that's what I am told
George: I'm in rare form today
rich-c: well, you're typing a bit faster than usual
rich-c: do you remember our friend Kimberley, came on with Pam a few times?
George: i'm a bit too pissed off
George: yes
rich-c: anyway, she got married Saturday, a most enjoyable event
rich-c: Kimberley was a stalwart of my library club when at teh school
George: WOW! something goes right
rich-c: and really got friendly with Pam when Pam came up to see the old man at work
rich-c: in fact they have been close friends ever since, which since I thinkl highly of Kim suits me fine
rich-c: before teh wedding, Pamela even found Kim an apartment in the building whre she lives
rich-c: anyway we were all invited to teh wedding (Pam. Frances, me) and quite enjoyed it
rich-c: mind you we'd waited an awful long time - Kim is the same age as Pam
George: i had to turn the fan up
George: i8 have air on too
rich-c: gather you've got teh heat wave too - it's about 88 here
rich-c: and yes, we have the a/c on too
George: it's 96 with heat index of 105
rich-c: yes, that's pretty warm, but hey, it's July, gotta expect it
George: without air i might die in my weekened state
rich-c: yes, if your health is not good to start with, heat stress can kill
rich-c: I am strictly staying inside these days, not going out more than absolutely necessary
rich-c: among other things, the painkiller says stay out of direct sunlight
George: my doctor won't clear me now for work
rich-c: but then it also says don't drink alcohol while taking it - the day I do without my weekend wine will be a frosty Friday
rich-c: well, no, if there's a danger you might all over with a TIA or something, work is not on
George: i generally don't drink
rich-c: sorry, keel over
George: just diet soda
rich-c: neither do I - I don't consider a glass of wine to constitute drinking
rich-c: I'll even have a beer and not fuss it
rich-c: mind you a six-pack can well last me half a year
George: i haven't had wine since my last communion
rich-c: I have a wide assotment of the hard stuff around but havent touched it for years
George: years ago
rich-c: right nw I'm busy losing weight - down about nine pounds last couple of months
George: i went from 275 to 227
rich-c: that isn't bad, how long did it take you?
George: since Decenber
George: December
rich-c: I realize you have been sick but that seems to be a little too fast
George: my pulmanary doctor wants me to loose another 70 pounds
rich-c: I'm losing because I can't eat any fats or oils
George: same with me
rich-c: so what are you doing to lose the weight?
rich-c: ah, OK, I assume your plumbing problems are like gallstones - eat any fat and you're in agony
George: cut back on fat, lower salt and use splenda instead of sugar
rich-c: no total fat ban then, or total oil ban?
George: yes, no fat or oil allowed
rich-c: (I'm dying for a peanut butter sandwich - followed by a waffle with ice cream)
George: diet ice water for me
rich-c: don't know how things are with you, but we have a very useful assortment of fat-free foods here
rich-c: would you believe Frances even found fat-free cottage cheese?
George: forget it in the U.S.
rich-c: well, for lunch I had a banana, apple, ham sandwich, yogurt and pineapple chunks
rich-c: total fat: 3 grams, in the sandwich bun
George: they push Mc Donalds on you then say it's bad don't eat it
rich-c: tonight I'll have roast turkey (skin off, defattted), salad with fat-free dressing, a veggie maybe
rich-c: then strawberries (in season now), sherbet or gelato, fig or raspberry newtons
George: a salad for me skip the dressing
rich-c: here the President's Choice line has three fat-free dressings of which I'm quite fond, others I don't like as much
rich-c: but their hiney-dijon is neat and so is thev raspberry vinagraitte, and dijon-tarragon
rich-c: that's honey-dijon
George: oh
rich-c: oddly enough, even before my problems I'd been using a couple of them because they tasted so good
George: honey is a killer for me with my crohn's
rich-c: ouch, that is grounds for serious grief
George: very
rich-c: we have a beekeeper a few doors down and every once in a while get a gift jar
George: milk and honey is deadly for me
rich-c: I lost my taste for milk at a young age - only take it in coffee which right now is too strong for me
George: icecream causes great pain
rich-c: it muchly relieves me to be told that once I get the gall ladder out I will be able to eat ice cram again
George: don't rub it in
rich-c: don't worry, I have no intention of doing so - after all, I know what it's like
George: i'm starting to sink
rich-c: starting to wind down, are you? need your rest?
George: more than a baby
rich-c: yes, I have days like that - sleep 20 hours out of 24
rich-c: don't know what causes it and the doctor is mystified, but they happen
George: i just thought GOD must only help the Bushes
rich-c: I don't think she likes him any more than the rest of us do - he's more like the devil's spawn
George: can't say that GOD is omnipotent the devil doesn't have a chance
rich-c: it's not a question I am likely to bother about
George: i can see heatwaves rising from my body
rich-c: see I doubt, feel I'd believe easily
rich-c: the computer room is kind of small and poorly ventilated, and teh machine uses 300 watts
George: you know like on a hot raod
rich-c: I can feel myself radiating 'cause the a/c is a bit overmatched here
George: everythig has those wavylines
rich-c: yes, I'll be watching some races this weekend and the tv cameras will pick that up
rich-c: actually, since Cleveland and Daytona run at night, it's less likely to show
George: that's what i see
rich-c: as long as you are looking at it from teh right angle, you will see it
George: i see it all over
rich-c: the head-on shot of the F1 grid tomorrow will rally show it
George: i think i have to go
rich-c: OK, know the feeling. Try and make it Wednesday, meantime hang in there
George: i hope i can stay up that late
rich-c: well, come in right at nine, leave when you must
rich-c: we usually break up around 11 anyway, as you know
George: lately i've ben zoning out at 8:30
rich-c: yeah, that could present some definite difficulties. Still, give it a try
George: ok
rich-c: see you, then. Bye now
George: bye for now
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