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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning
james: hello
rich-c: vcocpsge8u48325y3hwores (that's god morning to Case)
james: i almost misread those last six characters
rich-c: so how is tomorrow looking?
james: sunny with allergies
rich-c: well known varieties or local specialties?
james: i'd have to look it up but my suspicion is ragweed
james: as that's about the only thing that causes a reaction this annoying
rich-c: I gather not severe enough yet then to justify a visit to teh allergist
rich-c: I am one of those obnoxious people who don't seem to have any allergies
rich-c: it's a pity Pamela didnt inherit that part of my genetic makeup
james: if it gets much worse, i just might. it's kind of hard to teach when i'm getting up every three seconds to blow my nose
rich-c: yes, especially if you're dealing with younger kids who are excessively easily amused by teacher's troubles
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: bonjour dan
rich-c: salut, Daniel - I missed you Saturday
rich-c: you seemed to check out just as I came in
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
rich-c: hi Guy, you're early
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Guy B.: Rich, I know that you won't be going to the con. Right now, it looks like I might not either.
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back.. I check my emails!
rich-c: Pamela won't be on tonight so I had to fill in for her, Guy ;-)
james: ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: moi ça va!
rich-c: what is the obstacle, Guy?
james: je travaille maintenant sur les caracteres hiragana. tu les a vu?
rich-c: you and Daniel been comparing notes on Adam graphics separately, james?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates
james: actually, we've been working together extensively over the last couple weeks
rich-c: hello Bob, looks like we're getting a good crowd early
james: and i've been brushing up on my french
BobS: Guy, got your check THAKNS
rich-c: that is just terrific, james
BobS: thas good
james: i have a good teacher ;-)
rich-c: and it's so encouraging that teh foundation of the collaboration comes from these chats
james: i'm making a japanese font and dan is helping me write routines to display it
Guy B.: Tell you what happen. I found a good flight schedule thru Yahoo Travel. I would Chicago at 8:36 AM on August 7th, I would connect in Vancouver wait 4 hours for the flight with Pacific Coastal for a 3:00 PM flight. Going back would be Ok. Then they said they couldn't electronic ticket me. Jeanene helped me call them. Then we thought we got it straightened out where they would issue 2 tickets for each airline. Now they can't do it. I cancelled the reservations and I'm going to consult a travel agent.
Guy B.: Bob, I might have to cancel. I'll let you know. I can't even get a flight. Yahoo Travel screwed me up.
rich-c: I suspect, Guy, that if you hit up the airline directly they'll be able to set things up
james: @guy, so yahoo travel is as reliable as its chat
BobS: YES cll direct
rich-c: cost is an issue but maybe if you show some awareness of teh net prices?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello James, je les regardes en ce moment... j'étais parti toute la journée.
Guy B.: I think it would be too much of hassle on it. So, Jeanene has a long time friend who is in the travel business.
rich-c: yes, a travel agent can likely cope, and there are other websites besides yahoo
james: moi aussi :D
james: j'etais endormi
Guy B.: I tried Expedia. Way too high.
rich-c: Try Orbitz, see if Excite travel can help, or maybe thetrip,com, Guy
Guy B.: Orbitz I tried. No dice.
rich-c: even if you don't book they can give you flights and numbers
rich-c: consider also another routing, say via Calgary if WestJet can offer a usable schedule
Daniel Bienvenu: Printing japanese caracters with a coleco... it's very special. I didn't have a clue when I started programming ColecoVision about something like this.
rich-c: what are you doing, Daniel. programming them as sprites?
james: hopefully i can look at your code soon dan and write my ime function
Daniel Bienvenu: I programmed a little something... very usefull for James.
rich-c: how many harigana characters are there, james?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a graphic routine to print on screen a characters where he wants in the X coordinate
james: i'm making standard characters in the 8x8 character set and dan has written a routine to print graphically
james: some characters are half-width so the standard print function wasn't enough
Guy B.: Scott might be able to finish his project he's working on. I gave him the Fontpower fonts and Spritepower too.
rich-c: yes, I can see where that would complicate matters
Daniel Bienvenu: my routine can be used for normal font too. like 'l' is take less space than 'W'
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rich-c: that's only if you are using a proportional spacing font, like Arial.
changed username to Judy
Judy: hello everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and it's exactly the problem here
rich-c: If you use a fixed font like Courier, the different letter widths don't matter
rich-c: welcome, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy. My flight reservations I made with Yahoo Travel were cancelled. They screwed me up.
Daniel Bienvenu: a fixed font like Courrier is perfect for a normal text screen... but the japanese characters...
Daniel Bienvenu: it's another story
Judy: that's not cool, did you get new ones?
james: it will work for fixed fonts too
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changed username to FredK
james: fixed-width that is
FredK: HI All
james: hi fred
Daniel Bienvenu: hi fred
BobS: hiya fred
Judy: hi, Fred
rich-c: hi Fred, now we have both our francophones on hand - great
FredK: Merci!
Daniel Bienvenu: héhé! salut Fred!
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Guy B.: No, not yet. What happened was they couldn't electronic ticketed me. They would have to print them. Then they said they would have to print 2 separate tickets for American and Pacific Coastal. Now they can't.
left chat session
Guy B.: Hi Fred
FredK: salut Dan!
Judy: bummer!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: What is the char#1A? it's like a a simple dot.
rich-c: mental note: Yahoo = massive incompetence
rich-c: james, how many characters are there in the set?
Daniel Bienvenu: 12*8+3
Judy: now what are you going to do about it?
james: 1a? sec
rich-c: that's a few too many for a screen that will support 40 sprties max, then
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich: there are 12*x+3 japanses characters in the set James do.
Guy B.: Jeanene knows someone who is a travel agent and she will see about helping out. Otherwise, if I cannot get a flight, I'll have to cancel going to con this year.
james: @dan, 1a isn't my character. i didn't even notice it until now
Daniel Bienvenu: @james, ok! I erase it
BobS: you HAVE to come Guy ....after all this and now a simple ticket???????
BobS: hope taht friend comes thru quiclky
Judy: that would not be a good thing, you have to get there!!!
james: lol. je vais l'effacer. il me reste a peu pres dix caracteres de faire et je t'envoyerai le nouveau fichier
rich-c: there's always a way to do it, Guy - you can find it!
Guy B.: I'll let you and Bob know by the weekend.
FredK: etonnant
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: parfait! je vais commencer l'écriture du tableau pour les espacements.
james: h mhhjhlljiloi,,,9,9,9 999,99 9onhh
rich-c: whoops! there's Case
james: gfq333bggbbbb54bgttbbv65v65bgtvb4bgttttgb t
Judy: ok, we will keep our fingers crossed that it will work out for you, Guy
FredK: Or a new Hex number!
james: h n7 nhh o9j
james: my keyboard is p o
james: 5 bnnnnht6
james: j g 7hhyhy
james: posessed
rich-c: Fred, did you catch that james and Daniel are collaborating on a new Japanese font for Adam?
Guy B.: Any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
FredK: Great stuff!
rich-c: try telling your troubles to Ron - he can be savvy about such things
james: brb
Guy B.: He better come on soon. I hate to do this to him.
rich-c: having driven to the vast majority of 'cons, I don't know much about flying
rich-c: don't be defeatist, Guy, or even discouraged
Guy B.: I never knew this would be such a hassle.
rich-c: the world's full of them, Guy; just don't let them get to you
Guy B.: Tell me. I go through this at work everyday.
rich-c: we all have our problems, Guy, just tackle them and solve them
rich-c: last night the bathroom floor was all wet - we traced it to a leak in the cieling
rich-c: I think we got teh storms last night you had the night before - wild and wet
BobS: but ya go0t a roof leak eh????
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changed username to Ronald
rich-c: yes, Bob, that was it - shingles shot
rich-c: hello Ron
Ronald: hey!
FredK: Hi Ron
Guy B.: Ah, there he is. Ron, have some news for you.
rich-c: anyway, we got our original roofer, he came by today, we'll have it fixed in 48 hours
Ronald: yes
Judy: we don't need any storms we have the Jolie, she sprinkles every day if you need it or not
Judy: hi, ron
Ronald: Hi Judy
Guy B.: I had my flight reservations made, then I had to cancel them. Yahoo Travel screwed me up.
Ronald: oh oh
Guy B.: Rich, do you know if Pacific Coastal flys from Seattle?
Ronald: just a sec, I've got something on that....all I have to do is find it
rich-c: ask Ron, Guy, I wouldn't know
Guy B.: I'm having Jeanene helping me out. She has a friend who is a travel agent.
Guy B.: Ron, do you know if Pacific Coastal flys from Seattle?
Ronald: looking.....
james: back
Ronald: I know there is a newly implemented service from Seattle to Campbell River which is about 45 min north of us.
Ronald: Checking for detail now..... I know I have it here somewhere
BobS: ahso, dat might yust work
Ronald: we can come get ya....
rich-c: WestJet doesnt fly any days useful to Guy, do they?
rich-c: if they did he could look for a flight through Calgary
rich-c: for that matter, Ron, can you arrange a fetch to/from Vicroia?
Ronald: yes, but I'd have to know about that in advance. Would entail 6 hours' driving, and if someone is coming on Thursday, that might be difficult. I don't mind doing it, but, we'd have to make some plans to cover here too
Daniel Bienvenu: I finish the spaces table for the kana font.
james: just a few more characters to go
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm testing it
BobS: what is comox airport code????????
BobS: yqq ???????
Ronald: YQQ
BobS: tank ya
james: should have told him KIX, ron :P
Ronald: damn
FredK: lol
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changed username to Meeka
Ronald: too many computers
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello :)
Judy: hi, Meeka
BobS: hider Meeka
Ronald: probably the best route Guy is Seattle/Vancouver/Comox. Your travel agent ought to be able to work that out.
Meeka: how is everyone tonight?
Judy: was going to talk to you on AIM but it won't work on my computer tonight
Ronald: Need to talk about something else for a moment.
BobS: 412 bucks Seattle and back
FredK: sea-yvr-yqq
Meeka: that sucks mom
Ronald: since Meeka is here (Hi Meeka)
Ronald: Who's doin what for sessions?
rich-c: hi Meeka
Judy: I am tired, washed windows and put up mini blinds all day
Ronald: Judy/Meeka, can I put you down for sumthin?
Judy: got a great deal on mini blinds at Menards
Meeka: cool
Judy: sure, what do you want us to do?
Judy: ya, 44 cents
Judy: is that a deal or what?
Meeka: ya, thats a great price
Guy B.: I'll see what Jeanene's friend will do for me.
james: someone's sleepy. brb
Guy B.: Well, looks like I might be getting rid of another computer.
Ronald: Was hoping you would tell me Judy, but if you'd like to carry on from where you were last year on ADAMBOMB, that
Ronald: would be fine
Ronald: And what about Bob?
Guy B.: I fixed the beeping problem on the P133. A keyboard change did the trick.
Meeka: lol, I havent even played it since last year
Judy: ok, we could work out something, right, Meeka
Ronald: right Meeka, I hear ya. Maybe we better leave that one
BobS: thought we were trying to muddle thru the disk changes in ADAMEM
Meeka: ya, we can try anyway
Judy: me either, but we can get back in it
rich-c: that's fine, Guy, but what's a P133 worth these days anyway? can you even give it away?
Ronald: ok.. Bob, you're right. Gotta start writing things down
Guy B.: You two should do a session on designing your own Adambomb layouts.
Ronald: was at a conference this morning on dementia...... kinda fit
rich-c: don't forget the Adam chat on Sunday night, Ron
james: lol
Guy B.: Not much. I have a P100 that I might donate.
Judy: why, Ron?
Ronald: yup Rich.... hotel has informed me they will have a broadband hookup to the meeting room so that's good
Guy B.: Now what about the ones with dialups?
Ronald: I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter. go into a room and wonder what I'm here after
rich-c: OK Ron, make sure you tell the whole list when to come on - including zone-appropriate time
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: I think the table is working now
Judy: I have been doing that for years, Ron
BobS: can relate to that
Ronald: but no, it's a club I'm a member of.... retired professionals and business people. Our guest speaker this morning spoke on the topic of seniors and dementia.
BobS: HEY you got Netzero. log in upthere Ronald???????
Ronald: was interesting, but not appliccable to us here - yet
Judy: ok, that makes since, Ron
rich-c: and Ron, when you know let me know what my T-shirt and Pam's will cost postpaid
Guy B.: Netzero is not up there Ron
BobS: bummer sir
Ronald: Not here Bob. Didn't we check that out before?
Guy B.: Bob, I tried and Netzero doesn't have any numbers there.
BobS: guy sasy NO
BobS: wonder what is up there......Richard??????
BobS: them prepaid ones??????
Ronald: We'll use whatever the hotel has to offer, and I have a compuserve account still which does have local dialup
rich-c: I think MaGlobe has prepaid in some Canadian cities but not out there
Ronald: Going to try arrange a couple of temp accounts with our local provider
Guy B.: Abby saw a dog and it's not the black and white she saw.
Guy B.: Drove me nuts.
Ronald: most likely closest you'll get to here with the US National companies would be Victoria or Vancouver
BobS: think AOL or Sprint has prepaids in Comox???????
Ronald: and they're both long distance from here
Ronald: Yes, AOL has local dialup here
rich-c: don't AOL or Compuserve have Comox numbers, Ron?
Guy B.: Ron, you mentioned broadband, will the rooms have that? I do have a PC Ethernet card.
Ronald: Wouldn't do business with Sprint if they were the last provider on the face of the earth
BobS: but do they also have prepaid cards????
BobS: only if prepaid is cheap
Ronald: never heard of that Bob
rich-c: I think Sprint have prepaid cards but no local connection
Judy: sounds like there was trouble with them
BobS: ok........can you do long distance with AT&T ??????
Guy B.: Netzero will allow you to Broadband, DSL.
Ronald: Oh....just a little arguement about marketing tactics
Judy: and who won?
Ronald: However, if we have the hotel
BobS: well taht sounds like a problem for the 'big mac attack' crowd at ADAMCON to tackle one night......getting everyone on line
Ronald: if we have the hotel's broadband into the meeting room, I'm going to bring in my ethernet hub. That will connect 8
Guy B.: If we know if the rooms have broadband. We can use Netzero thru it.
BobS: bradband gets us what ????????
james: dan, 6 characters to go
BobS: broadband
Ronald: the rooms may or may not have broadband. They've just got this up and running
Ronald: yes
Guy B.: Some of the hotels have broadband modems in their rooms.
Daniel Bienvenu: @all right
Daniel Bienvenu: err...
Judy: what will that get you?
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: all right!
Daniel Bienvenu: I typed too fast
Guy B.: That would help. I'll bring my cable and PC Ethernet card then as well as the PC card modem.
Ronald: good plan Guy
Ronald: Last year's setup was the best
BobS: course, it was in my hometown
Guy B.: I think you guys will like the notebook I have. Only thing is I can't use the floppy drive.
Ronald: while we're thinking of stuff to bring
Ronald: ADAM memory expanders....... I'm short
Guy B.: That was indeed the best.
BobS: ok will do...BUT remind me to bering them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: am leaving tomorrow for weekend so will have to remember next week
Ronald: right
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: it's working. I modified my routine to use the table... it's ok now!
Ronald: Also ...... the 6 line adamnet cables....
BobS: how many of those you need??????????
Ronald: 900
BobS: ya right
Judy: there won't be that much room in the luggage, Ron
Ronald: no...... ah...let's see...... one to the keyboard.... one to the disk drive - 2 per unit....times 3.... 6
BobS: you got ANY cables?????
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Judy: guess we will have to take the big suitcase
Ronald: a dozen or so busted ones and enough that work for 2 ADAMs
Ronald: terrible eh?
BobS: boy oh boy, your supply is LOW
james: that's great dan
Ronald: that ADAM I picked up in Edmonton at Christmas didn't have any cables, so went to Radio Shack there and bought 2
Ronald: they're about 25 feet each
Ronald: you could have the keyboard at the back of the room
Ronald: then... about 2 weeks ago, the owner sent me the actual cables in the mail
Ronald: I might be all right Bob, but better safe than sorry
BobS: gotcha!!!!!!!!
Ronald: Have about 6 ADAMs to set up
BobS: you alright mon !!!!!!!!!!
Ronald: some days
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changed username to DougS
Guy B.: Hi Doug
DougS: Hello everyone
rich-c: hi Doug, been a while
Ronald: The other thing that might be a problem is availability of power outlets in the room
Judy: hi, Doug
Ronald: Have a plethora of power bars
rich-c: like, everyone bring a power bar, Ron?
Ronald: no....those I've got
BobS: then ya need some short cords.......
rich-c: they can be strung in series, if teh socket fusing will stand it
BobS: remember last year??????
rich-c: the Adam only draws 80 watts, but the monitors are bad news
BobS: pulled the fart fan down and stole the poser from there for Rich D's computer and front table
Ronald: yep..... have 3 or 4.....was contemplating purchase of more, but need to go back and look at the meeting room first
Ronald: Also have an overhead projector and a display unit for computers.... but it's very old, and you need to be in a dark
Ronald: room to see it..... need to try it out down there
Daniel Bienvenu: good good good... I can print kana caracters now :)
Ronald: Have only a small screen, but it might do
BobS: you ARE hightech ron
Ronald: Not as big as the one you had last year
BobS: but still better tahn not having one, eh?????
Ronald: Doug, did you hear about my little accident with the toshiba port replicator?
rich-c: Ron, you planning a webcast of teh 'con like Rich D. runs?
Ronald: yeah Bob, that's true
DougS: don't think so ron
BobS: oh yea FORGOT
Ronald: Well, we probably could..... but I'd have no idea how to set it up
BobS: we got anymore???????
DougS: if we do, they are at your house dad.
BobS: Doug???????
Ronald: it hit the floor at high velocity Doug, and no longer will talk to me
BobS: hmmmmmm, that is not a good sign
Ronald: go ahead, Doug....say it!
BobS: SO Ronald, me week.....list of stuff you need so's we wan bring
Judy: bummer
DougS: not supposed to drop it from an airplane ron
Judy: 111
Ronald: ok..... I will do that
james: @dan, you have mail :)
Ronald: no, only was 2 -1/2 feet, but that was enough
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: I check it out!
james: i had forgotten a few characters and had to move a few. you may need to change the order
DougS: 2 1/2 feet on cement floor?
rich-c: Perhaps Dr. D. can advise on how to do it, Ron
Ronald: may as well have been. cement covered with tile
Judy: where is Pam tonight, Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: a lot of new characters
Ronald: right Rich. Or my Valleylinks crowd has the expertise
Ronald: will put it on the to-do list
james: yes. so that's the complete kana set, hiragana & katakana
rich-c: this is Pamela's haircut night, Judy
james: i'll do the roman to japanese character code conversion tonight if i'm not dead
rich-c: her cutter only works a couple of nights, one being Wednesday
Judy: she needs to get a different night for that!!!
james: anyway, i have to go get ready for my other job since apparently i don't work enough here. will talk you all later.
rich-c: she was over here with Russell for a belated birthday dinner last night
rich-c: night james, see you next week
BobS: nite james
FredK: Bye James
james: bye everyone.
DougS: night james
Guy B.: Bye James
Meeka: night
Ronald: Night James
rich-c: got caught by teh shower when teh rain came through the roof
Judy: you leaving already, Meeka?
BobS: going to get new shingles...or just patched??????
james: bye all *poof*/*pouf*
Judy: then I better say goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite
Ronald: Meeka..... give some thought to a subject for a session (or you and Judy).... and I'll do the same
james left chat session
Meeka: no, just sayin night to james :)
rich-c: at this point patching will do teh job - there is only one area that's bad
Judy: ok, sorry about that
Meeka: np
rich-c: seems that the rain hitting our tv antenna becomes acidified and over the years eats the shingles below
rich-c: the roofer is teh guy who did the current installation, he's pretty good
BobS: ok
rich-c: likely have him do the eavestroughs while he's here, since they need replacement
Judy: Mandy came over with Ryan tonight and Ryan had his bike helmet on, what a hoot
rich-c: how are they getting on, Judy? we all fret
rich-c: Ron, going back to Guy's problems - would a flight to YVR then renting a car be economic for him?
Judy: they are doing good, he went for another evaluation at MaryFreeBed hospital this week, will not have to go back they think he is just fine
rich-c: or better still, a flight to Victoria?
rich-c: that is such a relief, Judy
Judy: it was an evaluation on the head injury
Guy B.: Don't mind driving. Depends how long it would take.
Ronald: It's about 6 or one and half a dozen of the other. Flight from Vancouver would be about $200 CDN, Car rental would no doubt work out to more than that.
Ronald: Still think Fly from Seattle/YVR/Comox
Meeka: thats good mom
Judy: yes it was and next week Alfred will go off to jail
rich-c: renting in Victoria would save the ferry fare
BobS: SO then find the boy a good priced flight
Ronald: I do know that the flight from Seattle to Campbell River was about $525 CDN one way
Judy: it is about time for that
Ronald: they just started it, so it's pricy
rich-c: also might open a Chicago-Calgary-Victoria option - think Westjet flies to Victoria
Ronald: yeah Bob
Guy B.: Which city is Comox closer to?
Ronald: and usually people in the east have better luck with that than we do from here
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: hello Scott
Ronald: yes Rich, they do.
BobS: hope the travel agent is goodf
Guy B.: Hi Scott. Did you get my e-mail?
BobS: hi Scott
Judy: got the conformation on sentencing today, so we know that it is going to happen
Scott: Wow! Now that's what you call a full house!!!
rich-c: well, as long as Guy asks the right questions
Ronald: Comox is 3 hours drive from Victoria Guy, and a 2 hour ferry ride and 2 hour drive from Vancouver
Ronald: Hi
Meeka: cool
Ronald: Scott
rich-c: agent look for the obvious, they aren't always au fait with the alternatives
Scott: Yes, Guy and thank you. I can extract the font sets from the FontPOWER image
Guy B.: So Vancouver would be closer then.
Guy B.: Great Scott.
Ronald: yes...... marginally
Scott: Actually, I need to write some code to read the SmartBASIC directory structure.
rich-c: not in time, questionable in cost, Guy
Scott: But I looked at it in a hex editor and everything that I need is there
rich-c: but the ferry ride to the island can be very spectacular
Guy B.: Let me check and see. Be right back.
Ronald: exactly Rich. The BC Ferries from Vancouver to Nanaimo are also cheaper by about $25. than those from Seattle or Port Angeles to Victoria
Scott: How's development going, Daniel
rich-c: we need to warn Guy though that the car rental premium in Vancouver for airport pickup is ferocious
rich-c: also navigating from YVR to either ferry dock is absolutely no joy whatsoever
Daniel Bienvenu: @scott: the development to help james? it's going good.
Ronald: cheaper to fly than rent a car, I think
rich-c: and then there's no guarantee the ferry will have space for him
Scott: How's Gamepack 2 development
Ronald: once he gets here, transportation will not be a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: @scott: the develpment for my projects? it's always the same
BobS: get reservations onf the ferry....only $15 CA
BobS: not stupid this time.........last time got screwed up both ways and had to wait
Daniel Bienvenu: gamepack 2? stoped ... until I found ideas: I need games to fill the rom.
Ronald: that's true Bob. lineups in the summer can mean a 1 or 2 sailing wait (sometimes more)
Ronald: The joys of living on an Island
BobS: nice island though..........
Ronald: doesn't bother me, I never leave it
Ronald: Although.....have to go to Vancouver this weekend
Judy: can't get any Cananian money here, they were going to charge us $11 to have it sent here
BobS: how bad are they going to rip us to exchange at the boreder??????
Scott: Each game has to fit into about 2K, right?
Ronald: you might be better to bring the US dollars north Judy.
Daniel Bienvenu: approx 2K, yes
Judy: the next bank I checked with said to get the money at the border
Ronald: we take 'em up here, although we probably don't pay for 'em what they're worth
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
rich-c: change them at a bank in Canada once you cross the border
BobS: pacino/latte guy on the waterefront does NOT convert at all
Ronald: but you'll have no problem exchanging funds up here
Guy B.: Thrifty would be the cheapest at $37.77 a day unlimited mileage. That would probably run over $200 with taxes I guess.
rich-c: if the bank isn't cooperative there are exchanges in large cities that give better rates
Judy: will have to do that, we usually like to come prepaired
rich-c: have3 you looked at Discount, Guy? Before my leg acted up they had teh best rate when I looked
Scott: What about a game of Hangman?
Ronald: last rate I saw up here was at Tim Hortons.... 40 cents on the $1. CDN is 1.40 US
Ronald: but that was a while ago
BobS: IF you rent Guy,l we can meet you at ferry N of Victoria and go to Comox with you ANd then leave Monday and go to mainland with you
Ronald: or is that the other way around?
BobS: in separate but equal cars you understanfd
Ronald: geez.... I knew it.....dementia
rich-c: right now our dollar is at about 72.5 cents U.S. - reciprocal would be I guess about 1.36
Guy B.: That I know. Let me see what Jeanene's friend can do first.
Ronald: that's better Rich
DougS left chat session
rich-c: well, our dollar is bouncing around like a yo-yo
BobS: YIPPEE, ride 'em cowboy
rich-c: have to see what Greenspan does next week - he could send us over 75 cents
Ronald: make sure you get picked up from wherever you can get to on this island
Ronald: Campbell River, Nanaimo, Victoria,
Judy: at the bank here they would give me 190 CA for 160 US and then charge $11 on top of it
Ronald: if'n you decide not to rent wheels
rich-c: remember Bob, every increase in our dollar means you get a lesser exchange rate on yours
BobS: got reservations on Monday from Duke Point into Twassan
rich-c: were they wearing a mask and waving a gun, Judy?
BobS: yea, but the ban is ripping us a new backside entry port here
Ronald: good move Bob. That way, you don't have to drive thru Vancouver
Judy: isn' t that awful?
BobS: bank
BobS: gonna be IN Vancouver for 2 days ron
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. Won't be on this Saturday. I have two appts, the dentist in the morning and haircut in the afternoon. Bob, I'll let you the situation. I'll see you all next week.
BobS: then down to ferry and on to island
Judy: she told me on the phone wouldn't say it in person
Ronald: ok, I see
BobS: ok
Ronald: after the 'con?
BobS: before the con
Ronald: aha
BobS: Seattle for 2 days AFTER the con
Ronald: so afterwards, you go to Tswwassen (I can't spell it either) and then south to Seattle
Guy B.: OK folks, I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: Keep me posted Guy
Ronald: we need you here
Guy B.: Will do.
Judy: night Guy
BobS: yessir, gonna see twassan both ways
rich-c: nite and good luck, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: will misss coming into Victoria in the dark like AC11, but will live I guess
Ronald: (
FredK: bye Guy
Ronald: long drive out into Georgia Strait with a car ferry at the end of it (hopefuly)
rich-c: Bob: yesterday bank rate: $1 US = $1.1748 CDN or $1 CDN + 72.74 US
Ronald: I'm sure you could do without that Bob. I remember that night
BobS: was a really late night eh???? :-)
Meeka: lol
Ronald: For all to note:
BobS: that's bad Rich
BobS: need more cash
BobS: note...........
Ronald: I been woefully inadequate on doing website updates lately, but I've got the latest just about ready to go
BobS: well HIT IT
Judy: yes, it was really long!!!
BobS: just really busy you would be IF you worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronald: Never realized that damn websites caused so much procrastination
Scott: Be right back...
rich-c: sorry - that was 1.3748 CDN - OOPS!!!
Scott left chat session
Ronald: send me a roundtuit
Ronald: Life is a bunch of excuses
Judy: Bob is having problems tonight his computer beeps at him and he can't type on it
Ronald: anyway guys....gotta run... walk...or leave
rich-c: just calculated, Judy - the bank should have offered you about $210 CDN after dedecting their commission
Meeka: ok, night everyone
Judy: night, Ron
Ronald: see ya next week, Good Lord willin
FredK: Bye Ron,Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Ronald: bye
Judy: night, Meeka
rich-c: OK Ron, night for now, do send me the cost for teh T's
Ronald: yep Rich wilco
Judy: yes, I think it is time to call it a night, so night all
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: I'll pass it on to Pam
rich-c: goodnight Judy see you soon
FredK: Bye Judy
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I think we are 3 now...
rich-c: et bien, mes amis, il semble qu'il nous faut partir aussi, n'est-ce pas?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will stay a few minutes more. scott said: be right back...
rich-c: OK, I will leave you two to sort out your programming
rich-c: there isn't much I can contribute to that anyway
FredK: I must leave aswell
rich-c: Fred, maybe you might profit from listening in on them
Daniel Bienvenu: well, rich, if you can talk to Dr Rich... about the coleco bios document?
rich-c: anyway, bonsoir, Fred
FredK: I fear they are far too advanced.
FredK: Bonsoir Rich
rich-c: Daniel, sorry I missed you Saturday - I came on as you left
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem
FredK: Salut Dan, a prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: salut fred!
FredK left chat session
rich-c: sorry Daniel, on those things we have to leave you to do your own nagging
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! rich!
rich-c: Dr.D. does tend to get diverted a lot
rich-c: anyway, bon nuit et a la prochaine
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine... pas samedi
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