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james&case: good morning/evening
james&case: hailing frequencies open
james&case: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Dr.D.: Hi James, I was away from the keyboard.
james&case: hello
Dr.D.: You gonna let Case do some typing tonight? :-)
james&case: maybe, but for now his highness playeth on the floor with toys aplenty
Dr.D.: Goodly sport.
james&case: should he call for the court jester, i'll be there to do his bidding
Dr.D.: Sunday 5/6 of us went to a day-long Medieval Festival.
james&case: that sounds fun
Dr.D.: It was.
james&case: was this one of those full costume events?
Dr.D.: There were about 25 costumed actors playing specific characters throughout the day.
james&case: neat
Dr.D.: Plus as many members of SCA in costume who wanted to attend.
Dr.D.: Several day-long plot threads, too. It was great to interact with the actors.
Dr.D.: The Festival is on the site of a former Girl Scout camp, and they have made many permanent buildings and performance spaces.
james&case: i must be sleepy. i read "plot threads" as "pot heads". must be nice to get away like that
Dr.D.: I wasn't in costume, nor Joan, but the younger 2 went as Princesses and Elanor as a warrior...wearing Halloween costumes made by Joan, of course.
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james&case: i'm picturing cobbled streets, markets and bards on street corners
Dr.D.: The younger 2 were declared Princesses by King Arthur, and the Duke of Norfolk knighted Elanor for the Kingdom of Wales.
changed username to Guy B.
james&case: they must have throroughly enjoyed that
Dr.D.: Dirt paths in heavy woods, but otherwise, yes.
Guy B.: Greetings fellow Adamites!
Dr.D.: At one point there was a game of Battle Chess between Arthur and an upstart.
james&case: good <insert locale greeting here>
Dr.D.: Hi Guy.
Dr.D.: The girls got drafted as chess pieces.
Guy B.: Hey Dr. D, where have you been lately?
Dr.D.: All on the upstart side.
james&case: what were they? ie: what pieces?
Dr.D.: Me...trying to finish a pile of summer research.
Dr.D.: Done today (whew.)
Dr.D.: Pieces...hmm, Elanor and Diana were pawns, but Gretchen was a bishop.
james&case: ha ha. the star trek equivalent of the security folk in red shirts :D
Guy B.: Ah, been keeping busy this summer. Well, finally got my itinarary finalized for the con.
Dr.D.: The upstart King made her move across the board to attack the piece on that square...a knight.
Dr.D.: The upstart bellowed, "Child! Thrash that knight!"
james&case: did she get to physically hit him? my wife would love that
Dr.D.: King Arthur protested, and bade the upstart appoint a proxy...
Dr.D.: The characters all fought...stage fighting, of course, but it was fun and well-choreographed.
james&case: neat
james&case: hi guy
Guy B.: Hi James
Dr.D.: Elanor said that if it had been her, she *would* have hit the knight. He was in full armor, it couldn't have hurt him.
Guy B.: How's the weather in Japan this week?
james&case: lol
james&case: it's been raining since..
james&case: june
Dr.D.: The game ended with protest by Merlin that there was cheating going they decided it at a joust. Of course, then Arthur's champion won :-)
Guy B.: We have been hit with alot of severe weather this month. And alot of rain to boot.
james&case: ha ha
james&case: well he is the king afterall
Dr.D.: As for me and ADAMcon...I still need to find out what Ron wants me to do. I have 2 weeks to get it ready, whatever it is.
james&case: i think it's funny how many kids think battle chess is some novel idea after having seen the second harry potter installment
Guy B.: I'm doing my AdamEm utilities review on Sunday morning. That's what Ron has me scheduled for.
Dr.D.: Between my summer robot course last month and this month's research, I have been going nuts here...but today I gave my research seminar, it went well, and I'm off the hook until September at least.
james&case: "harry potter and the pile of cash" i think it's called
james&case: that must be a nice feeling, rich
Dr.D.: One bit of HP crept into the day, though...Merlin got into a magic fight with the upstart king's own magician...with some real fireworks. Merlin won by yelling "Expelliarmus!" and the other magician lost his wand! We were ROTFL because it was a HP spell.
james&case: yeah, the con is coming up pretty fast there, eh guy?
Guy B.: Two weeks
james&case: not much time at all. i'm assuming though that i needn't state the obvious :P
Dr.D.: I know...I am just hoping no problems with customs, as I was unable to get away to formally get a passport. I am told that birth certificate + photo ID (driver's license) is still acceptable...
Guy B.: I'm flying up to Seattle then taking a Helijet to Campbell River where Ron will pick me up there.
Guy B.: It is. That's what I'm bringing.
Dr.D.: I am not slated to arrive until Thursday 9:30 PM at Comox airport.
Guy B.: Do you have to connect in Vancouver?
Dr.D.: It will be a long day, I think it's 15 hours travel time each way (not all in the air, of course).
Dr.D.: Yes. Cleveland-->Chicago-->Vancouver-->Comox. 3 changes of flight.
james&case: i'll be travelling to ottawa in sept
Dr.D.: And the flight out of Comox Monday morning leaves at 7:00 AM. Urgh.
Guy B.: You're stopping at O'Hare?
Dr.D.: But I can't beat the price of $512 round-trip, I guess.
Dr.D.: Hmm...gotta look at the tickets, I *think* it's O'Hare. Could be Midway, I guess.
Guy B.: I tried booking with Yahoo Travel from Chicago to Vancouver then to Comox. It was a total mess, ended up cancelling the whole thing.
Dr.D.: I just want to travel light and not be attractive to customs inspectors.
james&case: n8uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis
james&case: 8fgxszc
Dr.D.: I used to book the flight.
james&case: grxxgggbv
Dr.D.: Case is typing, I see.
james&case: yes. he's almost as articulate as i am at the moment
Dr.D.: My brain is pretty fried after the last few days in the lab.
Guy B.: Ron gave me a website Helijet .com So, I'm flying to Seattle then taking a shuttle van to Boeing Field to Helijet's terminal.
james&case: chronic sleep depriva tion
james&case: jhnnhynu
james&case: hukb9ptgf
james&case: case pulls my hand away now if i try to use his keyboard
Dr.D.: I had to take the weekend off because of it being our 17th wedding anniversary (Saturday), but couldn't really go anywhere too far because of transportation requirements for Christina's summer sports.
Dr.D.: We did go see "Johnny English" on Saturday, though. Funny film.
Dr.D.: So I wonder where the Clee contingent is...Richard is usually the 1st one here, yes?
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james&case: perhaps that's him now
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: That could be him. It is.
Dr.D.: Speak of the devil...
Guy B.: Hhi Rich
rich-c: ah, made it in this time
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
rich-c: greetings all
rich-c: this was my fourth try getting on here - it kept dying on me
Guy B.: Rich, I'm all set for the con.
Dr.D.: Forgive me for asking if your biliary tree is still bothering you...
rich-c: knew you could do it, Guy - what's the final word?
Guy B.: Flying to Seattle then taking Helijet to Campbell River where Ron will pick me up.
rich-c: it's no secret, Rich - the answer is yes, I'm badly off my feed and totally exhausted 24/7
rich-c: what's the Helijet?
Dr.D.: Glurgh...hadn't you hoped to have surgery scheduled by now?
rich-c: well, North York General is still in the process of reopening after being effectively the SARS isolation unit for the city
Guy B.: Oh Ron gave me the website Seems I'll taking a helicopter ride to Campbell River from Boeing Field in Seattle.
james&case: fun
rich-c: gee, I didn't know trips like that wre affordable to mere mortals!
james&case: it would seem as though we're hobnobbing amongst the elite
rich-c: well, james, you know thsese American plutocrats...
Dr.D.: As long it's not an open-cockpit 'copter :-)
Guy B.: Came out to $273 round trip. I'll be coming in the afternoon and leaving early Monday morning for return flight home.
rich-c: and if you got a decent Chicago/Seattle price, that ain't bad
james&case: someone's sleepy. i'm right there with him. i'll be back shortly
rich-c: right james
Guy B.: Yep, flying United from O'Hare. It was cheaper than ATA and Southwest.
rich-c: and it goes to Boeing Field rather than Seatac, or do you have to transfer?
Guy B.: I fly United to Seatac, then I take Helijet's free shuttle to Boeing Field.
rich-c: aha - and if they're using a scheduled shuttle, then likely they'll hold the chopper if your flight is late
rich-c: I assume that that means you connected with a good travel agent, Guy
Guy B.: I scheduled the flight so, I can be there in plenty of time. But on the return, I land at Boeing Field at 9:30AM and my flight back home is at 11:15. I hope that will give me enough time to get to the gate.
Guy B.: I used Yahoo Travel for the United flight and Helijet directly for booking with them.
rich-c: not sure how far it is from Boeing to Seatac, and I guess you'll have to clear US Customs at Boeing
rich-c: try not to look too much like a terrorist ;-)
Guy B.: Yes, I clear Customs at Boeing Field. Then I take the shuttle van back to Seatac.
james&case: not as sleepy as i had hoped
rich-c: somehow or other I don't think even the US CIS will be looking for terrorists on choppers from Campbell River
Dr.D.: Never having flown international...where do they do the customs? At the airport whose flight would take you into a foreign country, or do they wait until after you arrive in the foreign country? I'd think it would be easier to keep unwanted people out before they get in rather than decide after they're there that they should be deported.
rich-c: it depends on the country and the airport, Rich
Guy B.: No, I don't think so. Dr D. maybe Vancouver, otherwise could be back at your airport.
james&case: typically, one goes through customs at the port of arrival, but there is a cursory check at the point of departure (passports etc)
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rich-c: if the U.S. is willing to rent the space and send the staff, most countries will allow pre-clearance at major airports
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: finally
rich-c: hello Roberto
BobS: could not get in
james&case: and as rich pointed out, there is pre-clearance in selected areas
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: did you get the Java fighting with your virtual machine too?
Guy B.: Hi Pam, missed you last week.
BobS: hi ALL
Pamela: Hi, Dad, I see you made it
rich-c: hello daughter
Guy B.: Bob, got my flights finalized.
Pamela: sorry, Guy, important date with my hairdresser (home at midnight or so).
Dr.D.: I ask because I have a very short time between my return flight from Vancouver to Chicago and the final leg home from Chicago to Cleveland. If they do all the strip-searches in Chicago, I doubt I can make the last flight.
BobS: good
BobS: Jeanene's friend came thru eh??????
Guy B.: I bet you look great.
Guy B.: No, Ron did.
james&case: good morning pam
Pamela: Well, my hair's been tamed, anyway : )
BobS: the round one?????
Pamela: Morning James,
BobS: good man that
Pamela: and good morning to the little guy too
Dr.D.: Hello Pamela...and Bob.
rich-c: I expect that you wil get pre-cleared in Vancouver, Rich, especially if you're using a U.S. airline
Pamela: Hi, Rich - how are you?
james&case: my wife's hair is pretty tame. can't say the same for her temper :P
BobS: didn't get chance to visit the webpage yet on robots Rich
Dr.D.: Have been horribly busy, but I gave my big lab research seminar today, so I am now off the hook until classes start.
Pamela: Very cool. Have you had time to read HP5 yet?
rich-c: Bob, are you still looking for u/s tape drives that might be repairable?
Dr.D.: I am Air Canada to/from Vancouver. United between Cleveland and Chicago.
james&case: who's that question directed at, pam?
Pamela: anyone - but especially you and Rich
Guy B.: Going to fly to Seattle, then take a chopper at Boeing Field from Helijet Intl. to Campbell River where Ron will pick me up. He says it's only 45 minutes from Comox.
Dr.D.: My dear Pamela, I had read it within 6 hours of acquiring it, queue position #8 at the midnight grand opening at Borders bookstore.
Dr.D.: I was there with the younger 3 girls, and Gretchen was in cape and Sorting Hat.
rich-c: figgers, Dr. D.
Pamela: the whole thing??? in six hours???
BobS: sure Richard.........
BobS: got some set aside here tha need work mayh get ot them one day
Dr.D.: Read once fast for plot. Second time much slower to savor details. But I wanted to know what happened.
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rich-c: anyway, Rich, if you're flying Air Canada Vancouver/Chicago I would guess they will preclear you at YVR
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Guy B.: Hi Fred
BobS: hiya Free
BobS: Fred
rich-c: salut, Fred
Pamela: Exactly what I did. Read it through the first time, gave it to R to read, then took it back and re-read it in more detail, then gave it back to R to re-read for the same reason
FredK: as a bird Bob!
Dr.D.: Good, 'cause I have 4-hour layovers in Vancouver both ways :-)
Pamela: Now Ihave to pass it on to Dad
BobS: man guy, you got the ROYAL treatment !!!!!!!!!!1
Dr.D.: Hello Fred.
Pamela: Hi, Fred
(BobS gives FredK a can of Diet Coke.)
Guy B.: Well, Ron gave me this and it worked out.
Dr.D.: Dolores Umbridge is a real monster, isn't she?
FredK: :)
rich-c: reason I was asking, Bob, is had an inquiry today from someone who'd send you half a dozen or so if you'd pay postage
Dr.D.: But if your Dad hasn't read it, I better say no more.
Pamela: oh, you can say that again - but I bet her a** lands in Azkaban
Guy B.: And did all on Sunday afternoon and evening.
BobS: would be fun to take a helicopter ride
Dr.D.: She can go scrub the loo with a toothbrush and keep Moaning Myrtle company.
BobS: where from Richard?????
BobS: postage should be fairly inexpensive as media mail
rich-c: yes, you just made boring old conventional arrangements, didnt you, Bob?
FredK: :)
Dr.D.: Have any of you sent E-mail to John Lingrel?
Pamela: after admitting she sent the Dementors after Harry, I suspect she'll be imprisoned
BobS: yea, we are flying then renting a lowly car.........llike Lowly the worm's apple
rich-c: from Toronto and it would be parcel post, we don't have media mail any more
rich-c: but the quantity would be in parcel weight range anyway
BobS: got any idea what the cost would be in us $$$$$ ?????????
Dr.D.: 10 quatloos?
Dr.D.: :-)
rich-c: not top of my head, Bob, but you can get the Canadian $ cost from
Pamela: couple knuts, anyway
Dr.D.: Just was gonna say that, Pam.
Pamela: beatcha!
rich-c: anyway today the $1 CDN is about 71 cents U.S.
Dr.D.: I already told this to James...but at a Medieval Fair we spent all day Sunday at, there was a fireworks battle between Merlin and a bad upstart usurper king's wizard...Merlin used "Expelliarmus!" to remove his opponent's staff. Joan and I were ROTFL at that.
Dr.D.: And the younger 3 girls got to play Battle (Wizard) Chess.
Pamela: Russell wants to know if that was with live people
Dr.D.: Gretchen (a bishop) was instructed to "thrash" a knight on the other side of the board...but King Arthur protested about using a child for dirty work, so a proxy was named :-)
Dr.D.: Yes, live people.
rich-c: must have seen teh glint in Gretchen's eye ;-)
Dr.D.: And opposing pieces fought (stage warcraft to be sure, but thrilling).
Dr.D.: Elanor was mad...'cause she said that if she'd had the chance, she would have hit the knight (who was in full plate mail).
Pamela: that's a blood thirsty child you have there Rich
rich-c: well, a bishop would surely trash him subtly - quiet dagger between the plates, perhaps?
Dr.D.: It was a fun day, about 35 actors playing various roles and interacting with visitors, some costumed, some not.
Dr.D.: The Black King bellowed out, "Child! Thrash that knight!" We were ROTFL in the audience. Gretchen was a little puzzled.
james&case: fred, ca va?
Pamela: It sounds like the Ren Faire we have every year just outside the city - they now have a permanent site
FredK: Oui James merci and you?
james&case: pas pire. un peu fatigue comme toujours
Dr.D.: This is at a permanent site, too, an old Girl Scout camp. Heavily wooded, dirt paths, open amphitheatres for performance, tilting list.
Dr.D.: The Great Lakes Medieval Fair...don't know if they have a website or not.
FredK: Oui, wife daughter and I just got back from New Brunwick!
FredK: Brunswick
james&case: sounds fun. i went down east with my wife about.. 5 years ago
Pamela: I don't know if ours has a name but this is very similar
rich-c: what were you doing down in L'Acadie, Fred?
Pamela: Got the land from a farmer I believe
james&case: how old is your daughter? my son is 16 months today
Dr.D.: I don't think I could be SCA (those people don't know when to turn it off), but it's fun to visit the past for a while.
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Pamela: Russell concurs on the SCA - says you have to be able to accept the fact that it isn't real
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BobS: Appears Richard......that it is too costly to get the ddd's here from canada........bvecause conditoin unknown
Pamela: I did notice during our stint that there were some people who were waaaaay too immersed in their personas
Dr.D.: I wish someone would build a Star Trek-themed hotel in the shape of the complete original Enterprise NCC-1701.
Dr.D.: I would pay to spend a week there in my Starfleet uniform :-)
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Dr.D.: You and Russell were SCA for a while?
changed username to Ron
rich-c: well, they would definitely be not working, the question would be the percentage repairable and market for drives
james&case: there are star-trek themed.. uh.. "hotels" in japan
Ron: Yo!
Dr.D.: Hello Ron.
Guy B.: Hi ron
Pamela: I don't know if this is comparable or not - but we did Pennsic in 1988 for ten days. It was a wonderful experience
rich-c: greetings Ron
james&case: hey ron. take your rain back, i'm sick of it
Ron: sunny in the west
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: How about the temps?
Ron: weather travels from west to east James
Pamela: brb - gotta kiss my hubby g'bye
Ron: don't send it here
james&case: lol
Guy B.: Tell Russell I said Hi
james&case: well if you go east far enough you end up going west :P
Ron: Hey Guy.... sorry for the anxious moments over the weekend
Guy B.: That's all right. Jeanene said I should make the reservations anyway and I did.
Ron: and that was a good thing
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Ron: We'll get ya and take ya back
Guy B.: Great.
changed username to FredK
Guy B.: Welcome back Fred.
FredK: Sorry James, rich-c
Ron: by the way..... just as a general note to ALL
FredK: tks
Ron: would those planning to arrive at Comox Airport on Thursday please e-mail me with your arrival times???
FredK: rich-c went to see wifes mom and familly in Acadie
FredK: James Meganne is 1year old
Dr.D.: I guess I will also need to make some arrangements somehow to get from Comox airport to the hotel after 9:30 PM Thursday, local time.
Ron: Can pick you up Dr D
Ron: it's not a long drive
rich-c: which part, Fred? that is very beautiful country
FredK: 26kms approx from Bathurst
Dr.D.: And equally to get back at the ungodly early hours of Monday morning to make a 7:00 AM flight out to Vancouver.
rich-c: out on La Baie de chaleurs?
Ron: right...... you got the early one....... we'll do that too
FredK: Exactly
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: Anyway Rich, yes we were SCA for a while - Russell was involved when i met him and he brought me in
Guy B.: I remember I had to do that back in Orlando.
rich-c: you must have had a very pleasant time - did you drive or fly?
FredK: Drove took about 11half to 12hours
Ron: I need to make a list of whom to pick up where
FredK: we stayed at a chalet on the water front, really relaxing! great, only 3days do.
FredK: though
rich-c: but down the south shore of teh St. Lawrence is very picturesque - you went down the Matepedia valley?
BobS: Ron, you were a busy guy........arrainging senor Guy's travel plans
FredK: Exactly, I was amazed to say the least
FredK: have filmed some parts
Ron: Hell Bob, alls I did was read 4 e-mails from Guy, progressively more anxious in Ron... where the hell are you?
rich-c: I remember teh first time we drove down there, in 1956 - trust me, it has changed since!
Ron: Read them all Monday evening.
FredK: So you were not amazed to say the least !!
Ron: He wanted to confirm that I could pick him up...... and there I was....gone
BobS: and thenm PRESTO, CHANGO.....ya'll fized him up
Guy B.: Yeah, I was beginning to wonder if he disappeared from the face of the earth.
rich-c: let's say I've been there and know how you must have enjoyed it
BobS: he IS retired you know
Ron: oh yeah. Put Jeff on notice that he's probably going to play chauffeur
rich-c: did you get a chance to look in at Quebec City?
Pamela: Poor Jeff - he attends once in how many years, and you put him to work
Dr.D.: No hotel-provided shuttle? I hate to get you or Jeff up so early...
FredK: Nada, not at all, full thrust down to NB that was it unfortunately.
BobS: it is good for him Pam
Dr.D.: Sorry I was away, phone call.
Ron: I go to Vancouver twice a year, just to remind myself how much I like living here
Pamela: Rich, read up a bit
rich-c: well, next time take two weeks, and make it leisurely, Fred - but you'll know that anyway now
Ron: Bob, just for your records, I have a cheque from son Jeff for $160 CDN
FredK: I had the same feiling Ron when I came back from NB today!
Ron: he's gonna stay at the house, and will not be able to attend the banquet
Ron: He ran out of holidays and money with the Italian tour and all....has to be back to work Monday
FredK: rich-c, yes, now I know few places would like to stop a while!
BobS: ok
Ron: So at the moment, I'm holding my money, Murray's and Jeff's here
Ron: T-shirts required a deposit of $150 Cdn
FredK: Was so close to the Percé, that would have been nice too...
Ron: and the banner will be $60 CDN
rich-c: got the price to mail Pam's and mine yet, Ron?
Ron: That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it
Dr.D.: Ah yes, I have to send BobS a check for the extra 3 T-shirts. Out in tomorrow's mail.
rich-c: actually, 122 out to Perce is a fairly challenging drive - bit moe than it looks on the map
Pamela: yes, I have to send one too
Ron: Not sure Rich... the XXXL's - I've been told are going to be extra, and he hasn't told me yet how much. Base price is $15.20 ea, but larger sizes are extra
Pamela: let us know Bob
Dr.D.: Banner...thanks for reminding me, I will need to pack it, and the B.A.S.I.C. banner.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: please Dr. D
rich-c: well mine should be $15.20 then plus postage, which if both are together Pam and I will split
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Ron: bring XIII too if you can
Pamela: three Dad - one for Russell too
Dr.D.: I meant the XIII banner and the B.A.S.I.C. banner.
Ron: oh... Hi Pam...didn't see you there
rich-c: right daughter - didn't realize he wanted one
Pamela: gee thanks Ron
Dr.D.: I think they will fit in the suitcase.
Pamela: I asked him and he said yes
Ron: nice to know you're appreciated eh/
Pamela: truly
Pamela: Bob, how come you're on twice?
Ron: aw... Pamela, you know I love ya!
Dr.D.: I think, though, that I won't be able to bring all my ADAMcon T-shirts to wear, just too many of them for only one suitcase.
FredK: brb
Pamela: I know Ron, I'm just pulling your tail
BobS: only here oncst hom
BobS: hon
Pamela: it's so hard to resist
Ron: we better charter an extra flight Dr. D
Pamela: that's not what my screen says
Dr.D.: Pam has a tail? Someone has been practising underage wizardry...
Ron: ouch!
james&case: oh ron, the money order i sent june 30th just arrived at my parents' place all of two days ago. so as the saying goes, the cheque is in the mail. you should have it by early next week
Pamela: invisible, Rich - and everyone still delights in pulling it regularly
Guy B.: Going to wash several of them this weekend and start some packing. Ron, is it warm out there in Comox or should we expect some cool weather?
Ron: works for me James
Dr.D.: I will be travelling so light, you won't recognize me: 1 suitcase, 1 briefcase, no computers.
james&case: sorry to have kept you waiting
Pamela: which derives from a Star Trek novel called "Uhura's Song"
Pamela: I don't believe it Rich
Dr.D.: Not sure I read that one, Pam, though I've heard of the title.
Ron: prudent thing to do Dr. D. The less you carry, the less they can search
Ron: computers we got
Pamela: It's one of the best I've ever read - you have to read it
Dr.D.: I just remember the troubles Ron has had getting computer equipment through the last couple years, extra costs, limitations on carry-ons.
Guy B.: One suitcase, one notebook, a PC network card and cables and 1 floppy disk with an update on Dcopy32 hopefully.
FredK: back
Ron: exactly
Dr.D.: I will bring the digital camera and enough Compact Flash RAM to store a couple hundred photos. Prob. battery charger, too, unless those are verboted these days.
BobS requested to ban BobS
james&case confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Dr.D.: verboten, I meant.
Ron: sure..... do away with Bob...... hit him with your best shot
Guy B.: I'm going to look at a digital camera tomorrow. Officemax has one for $69
Pamela: only the evil twin, Ron
Ron: oh, right
rich-c: long as you just want it as a throwaway, Guy, it should work well
Guy B.: I do have a 35MM. All I need is to buy film.
rich-c: even a 640 x 480 resolution is adequate for website postings
BobS: what is it Guy???????
Ron: sorry Bob. Don't take it personal
BobS: K
Pamela: Film is good - film is important, as I learned to my dismay last year
Guy B.: It's a Visioneer. I have a scanner from this same company. The camera a 8mb memory.
Ron: but Kodak 's profits are down, so there might not be as much film
Pamela: Do you good people realize that I was the only one there last year who had a camera with a remote, and I had no film?
rich-c: If you have a laptop along with USB ports, you can download to your hard disc
BobS: removeable memory??????????
Guy B.: I need a USB card for my notebook. I have Win95 B on it and I did notice on the system that is has USB support.
Dr.D.: Hmm, I didn't think USB came in until Win98.
rich-c: yes, there's all sorts of static RAM for digital cameras and stuff - USB "pens" too of 64MB and up
Guy B.: Built in 8mb memory, but you can add a memory card to it.
BobS: naw you can use it wit 95 rev B
Ron: that's what I thought too.... Win 95 Rev B does it
BobS: win95 rev B
Guy B.: That's what I have on the Compac.
rich-c: from what I've heard, in theory you can, in practice only Bill Gates can make it go
BobS: but win98 does it better
Dr.D.: never heard of rev B.
Dr.D.: learn something new every day.
Dr.D.: Bill Gates...grrrr
Guy B.: I can upgrade it to Win98 if I need to.
BobS: rev B is technically the stand alone version I think
BobS: not an upgrade
rich-c: I had it on my old machine and wastold not to bother trying to make it work with USB
Ron: It took about 200 meg more to install, and was more like Win 98 than Win 95
Pamela: Okay Ron - question for you
Dr.D.: "Coleco ADAM: A computer whose only Gates are AND, NOT, and OR."
Ron: yes....
Guy B.: I have a Win95 with USB support
Pamela: What time will chat be on Con Saturday?
rich-c: it will be after the banquet Sunday, won't it?
Ron: 9 pm PDT....... oh hey....wait a minute.....just realized something...... I'm gonna have to change the sked. We'll have to start the chat earlier
Dr.D.: so B is the clean-install version, the other is upgrade-from-3.1-only?
BobS: 9PM..........that's 12PM EST ????????
Ron: what did we do in Seattle?
BobS: maybe have to make it ealrier
Pamela: see, glad I asked
BobS: what is 7PM wet caost time
Guy B.: Otherwise, most of everyone out east will be asleep.
Ron: absolutely Pam
Pamela: 4:00 pm, Bob
BobS: 7 would be 10PM EST ???????
BobS: now now Pamela
Ron: well now let's see
Dr.D.: Do it at 5:00 PM PDT, that works out to 8:00 PM EDT, the standard chat start time, right?
Pamela: 10 EST would be okay
Guy B.: That would be reasonable for everyone there.
Pamela: no, 9:00 is standard EST time
rich-c: Guy, I got a PCMCIA card with 2 USB ports for my old laptop
Pamela: for chat
Guy B.: You do?
BobS: so make it an hour late and we will back from supper on Sat @ 7PM
rich-c: yes, and it wasn't that expensive - little Chinese hole in the mall in Markham
Dr.D.: Wednesdays...but I thought the ADAMcon chats started at 8 mind is going, Dave.
Guy B.: The camera supports USB.
rich-c: we seem to have about half of Canton here and they're all in the computer business
Ron: sounds right Bob....Haven't got a schedule in my AC11 folder, so I'm not sure, but I think it was 7pm
Pamela: well, lessee - who will be missing at the con? Myself, Dad, Fred, Daniel - who else?
Dr.D.: Wow, you have your AC 11 folder handy...mine is all packed away :-)
BobS changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Dr.D.: Jill?
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Ron: does it matter to you James?
FredK: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Hello Judy.
Pamela: yup
Ron: what time we have the chat I mean?
Dr.D.: Lots of Canadian contingent :-(
Ron: most everyone else, I think, is in the eastern time zone
Judy: is everyone good,I hope!!!
rich-c: booted the old guy off the computer, I see
Ron: Hi Judy
Pamela: agreed, Rich
Pamela: and I desperately wanted to be there
Ron: No Judy....... I couldn't be good if I tried...... perpetually bad
Judy: are you ready, Ron
rich-c: of course it depends on how many non-regulars join in - I assume there will be copious postings to the list?
Judy: not cool
Guy B.: Rich, I have a computer show coming up this Sunday. I'll see if I can get a PCMCIA USB card from there.
Ron: there will have to be Rich
Dr.D.: What you *could* do, Pam, in lieu of attending in person...
Ron: will play it up over the next few weeks
Ron: geez......
Pamela: yes???
Ron: I don't have a few weeks
Ron: PANIC !!!
Judy: I am not up to par either, took a little fall off my bike while we were gone
rich-c: if not Guy try a search on Froogle or something, it'll turn up
Pamela: define "little" Judy
Dr.D.: do what I did for ADAMcon 10, when I had to teach classes and couldn't get away.
Ron: Not good Judy
Pamela: which was?
Dr.D.: I made a videotape at home and sent it to PJ to show at the convention.
Judy: fell on my you-know-what, and the sitter is not great
Guy B.: I do have CompUSA near me.
Pamela: good idea, but I don't have access to a camcorder
Dr.D.: I did an actual session, but you wouldn't have to do that...just send along some message or something.
Judy: no, was a come-downer that is for sure
Ron: That was nicely done Dr. D. I remember that
Dr.D.: None of your circle have one to borrow for 10 minutes?
rich-c: I keep forgetting others don't have the support infrastructure we have in Toronto, Guy
Pamela: would you believe no?
Dr.D.: I still have the original tape...I should digitize it.
Dr.D.: Sigh :-(
Ron: oh.... speaking of sessions...... Dr. D. which one of my page and a half subjects did you choose?
Pamela: times two
Judy: glad to hear that you got your transpertation all set, Guy
Dr.D.: Urrghh...actually, I haven't chosen yet. Meesa bad boy.
Pamela: I'm bummed. the closer we get, the more I want to say the heck with paying my bills
Pamela: and hop on a plane
Dr.D.: If you have a strong preference for anything, let me know. Otherwise, I will pick tomorrow and E-mail you.
Ron: Got you down on the sked for Digital Photo processing for ADAM (ie... your Christmas pics) but that can change if it doesn't work for you
Dr.D.: How many session slots do you need filled?
Judy: we would love to see you Pam, but bills do have to be paid
Ron: just got you down for one at this point, but 2 would work if ya wanna do it
Pamela: yeah, I know Judy - it sucks to be an adult sometimes
Dr.D.: Since I will be Wizard Without Computer at the convention...
Dr.D.: ...does the hotel have a computer LCD projector by chance?
Guy B.: Be Right Back
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: no, computer coming with you, Dr D?
Ron: No, but I's an older one but it should work
Ron: borrowing it from the Community net
Dr.D.: If so, I would make some PowerPoint presentations and hope that you'd have a compatible computer to run them on. That way I just bring a CD.
Ron: yep, we can do that Dr. D
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back
Dr.D.: I hate PowerPoint, but it would be much better for the audience than paper handouts...also less for me to get through customs.
Ron: Have Office XP on my Duron
Dr.D.: Unless they want to see the disk.
Ron: Lord.... ya never know eh? but hopefully not
Dr.D.: I have current Office X, so presumably its PowerPoint would make compatible stuff?
Ron: Oh yea..... willl have Office X on the iMac there you can use that
Dr.D.: If I am very good, I could always mail a copy of the CD...that way if they take mine, we still have a presentation.
Ron: The only problem with the iMac is that it won't feed my LCD, which needs a VGA output
Ron: If you can, format it for Windoze
Pamela: brb
Ron: right
Dr.D.: Okay, I'll use the Win2K machine in the lab to make the presentations...or try a Mac-created one on it and see if it plays on the Win2K machine.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel B
Guy B.: If there is a computer with a 5 1/4 drive available, I'll be able to demo Dcopy32 and the rest of the utilities. Otherwise, I can use my notebook for most of it.
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
FredK: Salut Daniel
Ron: Yes Guy.... we'll have that too.... it's only a 486/20, but it should do the job
Guy B.: Great.
Ron: runs win95
Ron: but not B
Dr.D.: Child interrupt...some kids are getting unruly out of bed. Need to go be peacemaker.
Ron: should be sufficient
Dr.D.: Anything else from anyone before I sign off for tonight?
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Ron: oh oh....... battling daughters
rich-c: long as it has enough memory, Ron
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr.D.: Yes, scrapping loudly.
Ron: it survives on 20 meg......just
Guy B.: That's Ok. Dcopy32 setup can use any version of Windows as long you have the VB400run.dll on it.
rich-c: think I'm clear, Rich - will have to write Big John, tho'
Ron: will make sure I do guy
Ron: Guy
Pamela: go sit on them rich - g'nite
Dr.D.: Floor thumping...okay, that's it, time for some law east of the Cuyahoga...
Judy: yea come back next week
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D. Say Hello to the girls.
Dr.D.: I will, it will be last chance before ADAMcon :-)
Judy changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: Hailing frequencies closing...poof
Dr.D. left chat session
Guy B.: Boy, he's fast.
Ron: gee..... now ya see him
Ron: now ya don't
rich-c: the hackers are out in force here tonight - I'm getting all sorts of pokes - are any of the rest of you?
BobS: speedy gonzales...........remember himk the li'l mexican mouse??????
Ron: got tired of looking a long time ago Rich
Pamela: si, senor
Guy B.: Yea Ha!
Pamela: arriba, arriba, andale
BobS: ariva!!!!!!
Guy B.: Si Senor Pussycat.
BobS: si
Ron: we have done a language change?
Pamela: temporaramente
BobS: si
BobS: to ol mehico
Ron: ?
BobS: anyway...HOW IS THE WEATHER???????
Guy B.: Speedy Gonzale, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico. Yee Ha!
Pamela: Pero, Bob hablas en phonetics
Ron: here?
BobS: gonna plan on cool and take jeans and long sleeve
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Yes, what do we expect there?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Ron: right now, we're in the mid-80's, sunshine wall to wall
FredK: re-Salut Daniel
Ron: supposed to be that way till the end of the week
Daniel Bienvenu: yes! it works!
BobS: go figure
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Pamela: I gather you all haven't been following the heat wave that BC has been experiencing
BobS: so WHAT the heck do we take???????
rich-c: and what will it be in an hour, Ron? Snow?
Daniel Bienvenu: Problem with my computer...
BobS: you westerners.............I*&^^
Daniel Bienvenu: now it's ok!
Guy B.: Been cool here in Chicago
Ron: but 2--3 weeks from now, who knows..... will keep you's updated
Ron: that's about it Rich
BobS: only low 70's here today
Ron: the pool is at 80 deg F. which is unheard of
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich! salut Fred!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Pamela: pool??? (moan)
rich-c: just before you leave, Bob, check the environment canada weather site
Pamela: salut, Daniel
Ron: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron!
BobS: hi Daniel
Pamela: or
Ron: Hey Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour James&Case
Pamela: James went AWOL, Daniel
rich-c: it's
Ron: sounds good Rich
Ron: or if you're looking for an Airport it's the same as the airlines use....... YQQ.... that'll fish you out a weather report to
rich-c: sorry - make that e.html
Ron: too
Pamela: the nice thing about the weather network website is you can check specific cities and get up to the minute forecasts and long-range for up to a week
Pamela: they're very accurate
Pamela: I recommend it
Daniel Bienvenu: what is AWOL?
BobS: PAMELA.......they cannot get tomorrow right much less a week
Ron: absent without leave
Pamela: Absent Without Leave
Ron: if you
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks :)
rich-c: actually, we have found for Toronto that the Environment Canada forecasts are usually more reliable than weather network
Ron: if you're a serviceperson, you don't want to go there
BobS: as in.......away form his comp;uter for a little while
Guy B.: That's the term the military uses if you left the base without permission.
Pamela: they get their forecasts from Environment Canada Dad - how can they be less accurate?
Pamela: I live by the Weather Network
Pamela: and they've been right every day this week
rich-c: Weather Network do their own tweaking, apparently, but they aren't as good guessers when the patterns can shift either way
Ron: weather forecasting is an inexact science requiring a Phd in meteorological at least it's an educated guess
Pamela: how about we agree to disagree, Dad
rich-c: anyway the Star uses EC, the Globe uses WN, and we find the Star forecasts are the most accurate
Pamela: I like that Ron
james&case: bonjour
Ron: :)
james&case: sorry for the delay. was busy with my son
rich-c: but the Globe has the better weather map even though it isnt in colour
Pamela: aha - the wanderer returns
Guy B.: Bye James
FredK: brb
james&case: bye guy!
james&case: i'm afraid i can't stay
Ron: how's Case ?
james&case: case is.. energetic
Pamela: boy, that was diplomatic
Ron: James ...just before you go, a question
rich-c: in that case, go do your thing, james, and see you next week
Ron: We're proposing the Chat at 7pm PDT here.... does that affect you either way?
james&case: sure thing, ron
james&case: 7pm pdt.. uhh.. let me figure that out
rich-c: that's 10 Eastern
james&case: that's.. 10 p.m. edt, right?
Ron: yup
Ron: Saturday Aug 9
james&case: ok, so 13 hours on that would be 11 a.m. here on .. sunday morning aug 10th
Pamela: exactly
Ron: if you say so sir
james&case: that's 7 pm.. edt sat aug 9th evn there, right
Guy B.: That would work out for you James
james&case: so yeah, that should work well
Ron: I lose track beyond Newfoundland
Ron: no 7pm PDT
Ron: Sat Aug 9
james&case: sorry. 7pm pdt
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it's 10pm for me...
james&case: yeah, that's sunday morning at 11. perfect
Ron: I'll send an all points
Ron: good
rich-c: repeat it a couple of times, Ron
james&case: if someone could send an e-mail reminder, because there's a 90% chance that i'll forget
Ron: willco
rich-c: in this era of spam stoppers it may take a while to get through
Ron: only 10% less than me James
james&case: lol.
james&case: i've marked it down using an analogue scripting device
Ron: ah...very reliable.....better than electronic
Ron: methinks
Pamela: shocking - you own one of those???
rich-c: pen, or are you acculturating to brushes now ;-)
james&case: heh heh. ball point pen
james&case: no point in owning a pda where i am
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: il fait encore très chaud chez toi?
Ron: never needed anything like that until I retired
Pamela: I have actually put my PDA aside until the new year
Ron: Purple Denim Attire
BobS: I LIKE that one Ron
Ron: hey... there's what we need.... Purple Denim
Pamela: be careful what you wish for, Ron : )
james&case: ok, i gotta jet. *pouf*
Ron: I know....
BobS: bye james
Pamela: bye James
Ron: wanted purple
Ron: t-shirts
james&case: will see you all next week, and ron, that cheque should still be good by the time you get it ;)
Pamela: but??
BobS: and?????
Ron: but couldn't get the color scheme to work with the design
Ron: would have been way more price wise
james&case left chat session
rich-c: yeah, glaciers are better on blue
Pamela: what colour scheme?
Ron: night James/Case
Ron: the island and the ADAMCON printing, and the flags
Ron: and all
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss again a good chating session...
Daniel Bienvenu: I was too late again
Pamela: so, what colour are the shirts?
Ron: so we're going to be grey again ........
Pamela: oh cool!
rich-c: just got to get the sulks out of your computer, Daniel ;-)
Ron: I said....anything but White
Pamela: Grey is good
Ron: white and I don't get along
Pamela: goes with lots of stuff
Guy B.: Boy, that's been awhile in that color.
Ron: that's what my supplier suggested
rich-c: and FWIW, Daniel, it took me four tries to get on here tonight too
Pamela: I like, I like
Pamela: Russell will like too
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
Ron: good....glad to hear that
rich-c: now that I don't need a pocket for my lighter any more, I can start wearing my Adam t-shorts
Pamela: oh lord, we'll end up matching again
Daniel Bienvenu: you are talking about the adamcon.. this year?
Ron: yes sir..... proposed design and colour of the T-shirts
rich-c: yes, Daniel, seems its Java virtual machine was upsetting one of Windows' virtual machines
Pamela: strange Dad, I had no trouble getting on
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday and I'm starting overtime Monday. So, expect me a little late next week.
Pamela: okay Guy. Don't work too hard
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy
rich-c: OK Guy, good luck with the USB ports, and maybe see you Saturday
Ron: niters Guy
rich-c: well, my machine has a strange gremlin that neither Norton nor the anti-virus can pick up
Guy B.: The reports are piling up. I sure hope I find something there at the show. Ok, see you all. POOOF!!!!
Pamela: just remember to check with me if we're all going to be together Dad so we don't end up dressing alike
Ron: I have to depart as well..... so all of you be good
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: or be careful
Pamela: nite Ron'
Pamela: or?
Ron: you know the rest
BobS: da word is AND
rich-c: well, if I do wear one, Pam, I'll have my choice of 16 so your odds are good
Pamela: ;
Pamela: 0
Ron: poofie !!
rich-c: biters Ron
Pamela: 16? this is only AC15
rich-c: niters, that is
Ron: :)
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
rich-c: sorry, daughter, after so many one loses count
Pamela: how did you do that math?
Pamela: okay
Pamela: is this the first one you'll miss Dad?
rich-c: no, I was also unable to get to 01 in Orlando
Pamela: but you have an 01 T?
rich-c: actually, if I'd been smart I likely could have not only gone, but at Board expense - hindsight is 20/20
Pamela: ain't it always
rich-c: yes, at Adamcon 10 we got replica (version 1.1) 01 t-shirts
Pamela: LOL
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
rich-c: that was a quick in and out
BobS: didn't even seee anone
Pamela: yeah, I wonder who?
rich-c: Pam, it will save postage if Ron sends all our t-shirts in one parcel
Pamela: Bob, are all four of you going?
Pamela: that's okay by me Dad
BobS: yes m'am
BobS: ma'm
BobS: maa'm
BobS: somethin kile that
rich-c: shall we have him send it here since there will likely be someone home to receive it?
Pamela: Actually, if he could manage to get to the Victoria shop, he could send them to me in the shop courier and avoid postage altogether
Pamela: however, since that is probably out of the way, your plan is fine
rich-c: I don't think he's going that far down island but you could send him an email
Pamela: or have him send it to the office
Pamela: where there's always someone to receive the mail
BobS: we couold tkae them home with us and send them, but cross border will prolly cost as much as stright thru CA
Pamela: exactly Bob
rich-c: rather mor and a lot later - we want to be wearing them when we join you-all in the chat!
Pamela: yeah - cool idea!
Pamela: so we really need those final prices Bob so we can pay for the little beasties
rich-c: far as I know we will be paying Ron direct
Pamela: does he take Visa?
rich-c: no, but I can send a cheque covering all three and let you ransom yours when they arrive
Pamela: I might take you up on that Dad but I'm afraid if I do it'll be months before I get around to paying you
BobS: his website doe not have the registration form on it...think he blew it up
BobS: that had the tshirt prices also
BobS: was set @ $10 us so figure out ca
Pamela: Bob, I thought you said that the larger ones were more
rich-c: I'm hoping he'll email me as soon as he knows
BobS: heck I don't remember
Pamela: you JUST said it an hour ago
Pamela: I have two words for you . . .
BobS: he HAd the stuff on the wevbsite, but i just wne there and it only does the header and says "doine"
rich-c: no, Ron said it, and XXXL is more
Pamela: um, hang on while i remember them
Pamela: : )
BobS: got to go here kids
BobS: bedtime and all
BobS: got to save up for late nights at AC15t
rich-c: it is that time, isn't it, Bob?
Pamela: yes, I gues it is that time
rich-c: see you nect week, then
Pamela: sigh
BobS: SO see ya's later
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK, night now, Bob
Pamela: wow, that was fast
Pamela: Dad, how are you feeling?
rich-c: in fact time us old folks got our shuteye, too
rich-c: better today but yesterday was rough, Pam
Pamela: another spell?
rich-c: your mother took a close look and said she wasnt riding to CPL with anyone who looked like that
rich-c: yes, pretty dopey and badly off my feed
Pamela: I guess pasty isn't her favourite colour, huh?
rich-c: not when she's a passenger beside ti, no
rich-c: did manage to get the shopping done today though, and other errands
Pamela: I asked Ally tonite about her reactions post-surgery, and she said that all the symptoms disappeared except the occasional bout of diahrrea
rich-c: and the phsio seems off to a good start
Pamela: that's good
Pamela: Allyson also said that she has problems if she doesn't eat in the morning, but that shouldn't be a problem for you
rich-c: well, now I just need North York General to get back in business, so to speak
Pamela: so no date yet?
rich-c: no, but I'm hoping it will be fairly soon
Pamela: yeah me too for your sake
Pamela: keep me posted, okay?
FredK: back
rich-c: it should make me somewhat easier to live with
FredK: wow lots gone since!
rich-c: anyway, I have to go now
Pamela: okay. I'm for bed too. We're at the trailer this weekend if you need us
Pamela: up Friday, home Sunday evening
FredK: rich-c, bonne nuit, bon sommeil
rich-c: yes, Fred, onze heures seems to be our witching hour
rich-c: OK bonne nuit Fred et Daniel, good night daughter
FredK: Pam, good night!
Pamela: Nite Daddy - feel better
Pamela: Goodnight, mon ami
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
FredK: good night
Pamela: I always wanted to know what colour that was . . . anyway, I'm outta here. Bonsoir Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I suppose we are only 3 now
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... two
Pamela: pouf
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred?
FredK: Dan , quand jetais gone, il en avait 8 a peu pres
FredK: Franglais!
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred, est-ce vrai que tu organises un Adamcon pour l'année prochaine?
FredK: rich-c trouvais ca interressant, parcontre, je vois que cest beaucoup de preparation
Daniel Bienvenu: mais tu as un an pour y penser... c'est pas mal
FredK: Pas mal, parcontre je ne saurais ou commencer de plus, je ne connait rien en info. a comparer a ce que je lis de la plupart de vous
Daniel Bienvenu: d'un autre côté, organiser le adamcon est plus une question de logistique: trouver un lieu approprié par exemple.
FredK: je suis dac, parcontre a tu vu toute la discussion concernant les connextions et articles , et services ...etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: non, j'en ai manqué un grand bout
FredK: Dan, jai comencer apprendre le C depuis Janvier sur Linternet, commencer a lire un peu sur les fenetres windows......
FredK: en Mai, maintenant je cherche comprendre ASM, je ne suis pas du tout avance, jaimerais bien savoir ou commencer en ASM presentement
FredK: As tu fait un grand cours?
Daniel Bienvenu: Tu utilises du visual C++? du VisualBASIC, du Delphi, du borland C++?
FredK: Bloodshed
FredK: DevC++
Daniel Bienvenu: j'ai fait un cours d'assembleur pour PowerPC il y a quelques années
FredK: Universitaire?
Daniel Bienvenu: J'utilisais Metroworks CodeWarrior
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, à l'université
FredK: compilateur ou utilitaire?
Daniel Bienvenu: le problème avec l'assembleur c'est que la mnémonique est basé à la fois sur le CPU utilisé et sur le compilateur assembleur utilisé.
FredK: Ah ok
Daniel Bienvenu: La meilleure preuve c'est que j'ai vu plusieurs syntaxe, mnémoniques différentes pour du Z80.
Daniel Bienvenu: Z80ASM est différent de TASM par exemple
Daniel Bienvenu: et il y a des compilateur assembleur qui acceptes les macros, d'autres non.
FredK: k
FredK: jai eu le Hackers helper de richc
Daniel Bienvenu: L'idée de base de l'assembleur est assez simple dans le fond: il faut penser comme si on était le CPU.
Daniel Bienvenu: on a des registres, des accès mémoire, une pile (stack) et aussi des interruptions... tout plein de choses folement amusantes
Daniel Bienvenu: Je préfère programmer en C car c'est un peu plus près du language naturel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Je me suis acheté le Borland C++ Builder 5 professional pour 50$ la semaine passée
FredK: Non!
FredK: Il me semble que cest tres dispendieux normalement
Daniel Bienvenu: J'ai joué un peu avec les codes BMP2PP et ADAMEM pour tenter de faire un ému coleco pour Windows mais finalement, je me suis arrêté à l'affichage d'une image généré par calcul.
Daniel Bienvenu: Oui, le Borland C++Builder? Oui, assez cher! environ 160$
Daniel Bienvenu: Il y avait une vente au Camelot.
FredK: il a une version gratuite sur linternet, mais je suis sure quil menque des aspects pratiques plus avances pour toi
Daniel Bienvenu: j'ai la version Borland C++ (non builder) v5.02 qui manque effectivement une librairie dont j'ai besoin.
FredK: BMP2PP?
Daniel Bienvenu: BMP2PP par Marcel de Kogel a été fait sur Borland C++ builder
Daniel Bienvenu: C'est pour transformer une image BMP en format PP (PowerPaint) de Adam
FredK: Ah oui, je avoir vu cela dans ton e-mail sem. passee
Daniel Bienvenu: Mais...
Daniel Bienvenu: que comptes-tu faire en ASM?
FredK: Je croyais simplement c'etait le language que tu connaissait, et le meilleur!
Daniel Bienvenu: le ASM pour PC? connais pas.
Daniel Bienvenu: le ASM pour MAC? j'en ai fait un peu.
Daniel Bienvenu: le ASM pour Commodore 64? j'en ai fait
Daniel Bienvenu: le ASM pour Coleco? j'en ai fait mais vraiment très peu
FredK: Donc si je continue a bucher pour apprendre le C approfondit, cela est la suggestion?
Daniel Bienvenu: le ASM pour Atari 2600? c'est le même CPU que le Commodore C64 mais la programmation est plus difficile à cause de la chip graphique
Daniel Bienvenu: et bien, je te dirais que si tu veux programmer un jeu coleco, le mieux serait d'apprendre le C pour commencer et l'ASM pour améliorer
Daniel Bienvenu: pour améliorer dans le sens optimiser.
Daniel Bienvenu: un jeu coleco 32K programmé en C pourait être refait en ASM en 24K-28K
Daniel Bienvenu: tout dépend de ce que tu veux faire
Daniel Bienvenu: la majorité de mes outils et informations sont basés sur la programmation en C
FredK: dac, faut bien savoir ou sen aller, moi si je commence, je vais essayer de voir des exemples sur ton site!! javais commencer un peu...
Daniel Bienvenu: James a fait la même chose... et depuis une semaine déjà, on se parle sur Yahoo Messenger (du support en ligne)
Daniel Bienvenu: James a commencé par modifier l'exemple SSHOW
FredK: Oui, moi javais un probleme!! je me rappel
Daniel Bienvenu: Il s'est servi de BMP2PP pour convertir une photo de Case. Il a ensuite remplacé l'image de l'autopsy par Case.
Daniel Bienvenu: Il a eu une erreur de compilation. J'ai dû lui dire comment faire et il a compris.
Daniel Bienvenu: Il a imprimé ma documentation de programmation coleco et il a appris très rapidement
FredK: documentation programmation coleco? je dois faire de meme, mais Daniel as tu le temps et patience pour un debutant, soyez honete an?
Daniel Bienvenu: Of course! je suis souvent en ligne sur Yahoo Messenger avec le nickname "newcoleco". Si tu as besoin d'une réponse rapide à un problème, vas me parler sur Yahoo!
Daniel Bienvenu: Ces temps-ci, j'ai beaucoup de choses à faire mais je prend le temps de répondre aux questions
FredK: ok dabbord, ref. vite vite ou je trouve doc. program. coleco, estce evident trouver sur ton site?
Daniel Bienvenu: Donne-moi ton e-mail, je vais t'envoyer une version à jour que je n'ai pas eu le temps de mettre sur mon site.
FredK: Daniel, des fois je ne comprends pas vite, due au manque de connaissances, parcontre suffit que je le sache et je suis parti, je suis borner et lache pas prise!
Daniel Bienvenu: Je n'en doute pas! :)
FredK: En remerciant beaucoup pour ton temps, cest ben genereux et apprecie
Daniel Bienvenu: Je t'envoie le compilateur hi-tech c avec les librairies?
FredK: si tu peut, je ne pense pas lavoir downloader
FredK: seulement lautre.....
Daniel Bienvenu: Bon, je t'envoie uine archive zip. Tu n'as qu'à le désarchiver sur ton disque à un endroit assez facile d'accès.
Daniel Bienvenu: En espérant que je puisses t'envoyer ça par e-mail... c'est 1Meg
FredK: ok, Dan,maybe avant de lenvoyer, je vais confirmer, si jai fait le 1er exemple je dois lavoir avec la librairie, svp je vais confirmer.....sec
FredK: Jai le fichier 22Nice avec header files et lib. files, donc je dois tout avoir non?
FredK: dans fichier Z80
Daniel Bienvenu: en théorie oui... as-tu un fichier nommé getput1.lib ?
FredK: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: alors oui... tu as déjà tout ce qu'il te faut.
FredK: oui, quand je
FredK: jai eu lerreur, le compilateur a pris un .Rom du fichier COLECO.ROM
Daniel Bienvenu: Comment? What?
FredK: excuse... je veut dire, quand jai fait la compilation de lexemple la 1ere fois.....
FredK: le fichier result.rom, netais pas reconnu....
FredK: donc il a pris le fichier COLECO.ROM au lieu, je ne sait pas comment....
Daniel Bienvenu: le fichier result.rom devait être de taille 0
FredK: exact
Daniel Bienvenu: la compilation n'avait pas réussi
FredK: non, lordi, ne reconnaissait pas le fichier reslult.ROM comme etant un fichier ROM
Daniel Bienvenu: D'habitude c'est qu'il manquait quelque chose pour transformer les fichiers OBJ en un fichier ROM
FredK: Apres avoir clicker sur o.k. le resultat fut lecran du Coleco.Rom....
FredK: ce quil manque je ne sait pas du tout...
Daniel Bienvenu: Est-ce que tu utilises CCI?
FredK: je crois lexemple lutilisait oui!
FredK: javais cocher GETPUT 1 comme demande
Daniel Bienvenu: hotmail refuse le courrier... Je recommence
FredK: Je vais refaire lexemple et donner plus de nouvelles.... pour mon addresse e-nmail cest
FredK: en cas!
FredK: je peut repliquer a ton e-mail de la derniere fois?
Daniel Bienvenu: minute
Daniel Bienvenu: Yahoo me demande d'attacher à nouveau les fichiers
Daniel Bienvenu: Je crois que le courrier était trop gros
FredK: je vais my faire avec celui sur linternet, ne pas vous importuner, cest correct, merci tout de meme!
Daniel Bienvenu: I think you received my e-mail now
FredK: recu!
FredK: Merci
FredK: Daniel, je dois aller me coucher, cela me permettera de m'avancer demain peut-etre!
Daniel Bienvenu: Pour revenir à SSHOW. Il est possible que tous les fichiers C n'ont pas été compilés... ou bien il y a une erreur qui fait en sorte que le LINKER ne trouver pas un élément nécessaire tel un tableau (une image) ou une routine (librairie).
FredK: dans lexemple il ny avait que 2 fichiers c parcontre je crois!
Daniel Bienvenu: il y aau moins deux fichiers pour les images et un fichier pour le programme d'affichage des images
FredK: music et test.c sont dans le cadre blanc, Getput1 est cocher, faut il autre chose?
Daniel Bienvenu: «Si tu préfères me parler sur Yahoo Messenger, vas-y! Si tu préfères m'écrire tes questions par e-mail, vas-y! "
FredK: ok
FredK: cest bien, bonsoir et merci encore Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! il est possible que le programme test que tu veux compilé utilise getput 2. getput 2 n'est plus supporté
FredK: ok, on se reparle, je dois disparaitre!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
FredK: Salut!
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