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rich-c: bomjpur, Daniel, tu es en avance encore
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
rich-c: (mon dactylographie a besoin de beaucoup d'attention)
Daniel Bienvenu: je croyais que c'était à 14h
rich-c: that's teh trouble with 24-hour clocks
rich-c: also at times the benefit...
rich-c: so how is the weather down in Quebec City today?
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you know well VDP registers
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
Daniel Bienvenu: In quebec? it's raining
rich-c: video registers? no, on that sort of thing I am completely out of it
Daniel Bienvenu: there are clouds and sometime it's raining.
rich-c: we have rain too, just started, after much wind
rich-c: they are thratening us with 29 today
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, your force is about the coleco adam software?
rich-c: I'm trying to think - I believe there was a book or something dealt with the video display
rich-c: essentially yes, Daniel - I am not a "geek"
Daniel Bienvenu: I read somewhere scan and distribute copies of an original coleco programming doc. Why I still don't have a copy?
rich-c: basically, I'm a librarian and sometime journalist
rich-c: I deal with the broad picture, not the depths
rich-c: if you have any idea what the document is, it's possible I have it somewhere
rich-c: I would guess that the documentation for the TI 9918 processor might have something
Daniel Bienvenu: Look at this web page:
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a 20th-generation photocopy of the ColecoVision Programmer's Manual (obtained in 1992 from A.N.N. founder Barry Wilson), which I have restored and made several copies of for interested parties
rich-c: if that's teh big 700-odd page thing with the printout of the OS, I have it too
rich-c: anyway, that doc would be part of Rich's "This week with my Coleco Adam" series
Daniel Bienvenu: guys here in quebec who love coleco programming but wanted to have this kind of documentation ask me at every four months "where is the doc"?
rich-c: well, anything that Rich has on his website is accessible to anyone, and for those who want photocopies of others, they're available often
rich-c: of course anyone who wants the Coleco manual copied is going to find it expensive - about $30 I'd guess
rich-c: test
Daniel Bienvenu: test?
rich-c: you were so quieet, I wondered if one of us had fallen off the board
Daniel Bienvenu: I readed an e-mail
rich-c: oh, when things go quiet on chat I tend to play free cell
Daniel Bienvenu: I answered the email
Daniel Bienvenu: someone who want to do a multicart with a software menu
rich-c: right, you did get that worked out, didn't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I do a gamepack (multigames in one 32K cartridges) but a multicart is many ROM cartridges in a single cartridge.
Daniel Bienvenu: I modify my "loader" (doesn't work properly) and I erase sounds for my menu to avoid too many things in memory.
rich-c: ok, I am used to "multicart" referring to several ROM images (on a tape of disc) accessed thrpough a single master menu
rich-c: yes, with the memory available, it's strictly keep it simple
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rich-c: hello George, we missed you on Wednesday
George: Hi Rich, Daniel
rich-c: BTW, last week when this server booted us, I missed you when I tried the backup
George: i'm having a hard time staying up past 7pm.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi George
rich-c: just general fatigue, or medication, or both?
George: both
rich-c: I know the feeling; when I have one of my episodes I can sleep 20 of 24 hours
George: i even take naps during the day
rich-c: I am hoping that that symptom will go away when I get the gallstones dealt with
rich-c: yes, I usually have a humungous urge to snooze about three hours after I get up
George: ditto
rich-c: at least on my good days I have some level of useful energy
rich-c: have even had a serious appetite the last two or three days
George: i can't even say i get that anymore
rich-c: no, when your body isn't burning much energy it isn't eager for replacement
George: my doctor found a tumor
rich-c: where, and was it active or benign?
George: active in my lower right jaw
rich-c: will it take surgery, chemo, or radiation?
George: not, sure it may take a combination of all three. they want to try to save my lower jaw
George: but it may have to go
George: it's in the bone
rich-c: given the level of supervision you've had for your health of late, it should not be that advanced
rich-c: though it's likely, I'd guess, that a three-way hit may be needed
George: at least the'll have to cut the nerves to my lower jaw
rich-c: if they go in surgically I don't see how that can be avoided
George: it's not a pleasant thought
rich-c: that it isn't - shall we change to thoughts more pleasant?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorry, George. I don't know what to say. A tumor, poor George.
rich-c: I think, Daniel, George is going to end up as poster boy for his hospital
George: and i still have to get approval from insurance
rich-c: he has so many ailments all at once it's unbelievable
rich-c: yes, I'm going to be in a slight insurance go-round myself soon, I suspect
rich-c: you remember how back half-past June my truck was hit in a collision?
George: if i get denied it's because i'm already too far gone
rich-c: doesn't sond like the never give up American medical system to me, George
George: this is the second tumor they found
rich-c: oh, where was the first one?
George: in my bak next to my spine below my shoulder
rich-c: that is a considerably more worrisome location unless it's just a surface carcinoma
George: no
rich-c: what is the story with that, then?
George: please don't let me think about it
rich-c: ok - so how's the weather today in Philly?
George: hazy and HOT
rich-c: like how hot is hot?
Daniel Bienvenu: here it's not hot, there is no sun, only clouds.
George: excessive heat warnings all over
rich-c: ah, Daniel and I both have rain, but his is chilly while we're to get 84 today and staying humid
rich-c: at least it will make Frances' tomatoes grow!
George: 98F
rich-c: ok, that's pretty warm
George: heat index 112F
rich-c: though my cursor crony in Phoenix would call that a cold wave - he had 114 this week
rich-c: of course as he keeps telling me, theirs is a dry heat
George: it's very sticky and humid here
Daniel Bienvenu: it's humid here too. :) it's raining again
George: it feels like being basted in an oven
rich-c: I remember one July on the Ile d'Orleans - we drove the perimeter of the island
rich-c: up in the hills on the shore there was one that was a visible rain generator - clouds streaming out from the top
George: thank GOD for central air
rich-c: actually, we don't even have the air conditioning on at the moment
rich-c: we've had a succession of cool days so the house hasn't heated up yet
Daniel Bienvenu: :) Orleans Isle? it takes one-two hours drive the main road?
rich-c: maybe more, we did the full circuit and wre not in a hurry
George: i also have small fans going
rich-c: I have never figured out why you con't buy Orleans strawberries away from Quebec City
George: 10" personal fans
rich-c: we use a couple of big exhaust fans in the kitchen window to draw through the cooler night air
rich-c: it's fine until someone provokes a skunk under your window...
George: YUK
rich-c: and George, this island we're talking about, the whole thing is nothing but strawberry farms
George: HEAVEN
rich-c: every one is licence and number for pick your own = at good prices
George: i'm hungry
rich-c: that was a year we travelled following the strawberry season, starting in Ontario in mid-June till we got the last in August in Prince Edward Island
George: gimme those berries
rich-c: the day the last strawberries ran out, the first peaches appeared
Daniel Bienvenu: if I remeber well, a part of the strawberries from Orleans Isle are sell to a compagny to do a strawberry jam.
rich-c: ah, they go into commercial canning, then
rich-c: if I weren't such a fan of strawberry jam, I'd say what a pity!
George: on, well
rich-c: Ontario's crop doesn't last long, only about ten days, but it's glorious when available
Daniel Bienvenu: best strwaberries are from St-Nicolas (yeah, the guy who is Santa Clauss in english)
rich-c: is that on the island or on the mainland?
rich-c: I get confused - everywhere in Quebecis St. Something ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: No, St-Nicolas is only at the south river or the St-Laurent, after the birdge.
rich-c: right, just on teh south side of the island, then
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm writing to fast...
rich-c: well, in chat a few typing errors are excusable
George: my eyes are too goofy to notice
rich-c: anyway, you should have seen us trying to cram four quarts or more into a trailer refrigerator
Daniel Bienvenu: No, it's right after the Chaudière falls
Daniel Bienvenu: it's beside Levis
George: they would be in my stomach
rich-c: OK, then that puts it out east along the shore, north side of the river
rich-c: sorry, I was confusing Chaudiere with Montmorency - got it now
George: i always took moms strawberries and ate them before she made the shortcake
rich-c: that would put it close to Ste. Foy, wouldn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes! :)
rich-c: that's my landmark because it's where my cousin lives
Daniel Bienvenu: And sometimes we can buuy strawberries fin Ste-Foy who came from St-Nicola
Daniel Bienvenu: writing too fast again...
George: oops
rich-c: actually, the bridge is sufficiently further upstream that it's a bit of a drive over and back
Daniel Bienvenu: which bridge? there are two birdges between Levis and Quebec, and there is the bridge to go to the Orleans Island, and also a bridge to visit the Chaudières falls.
George: it's after 4pm. where does the time go?
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm still here...
George: test
Daniel Bienvenu: test?
Daniel Bienvenu: \:-S
George: is chat working?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can see your messages George
rich-c: yes, it's still working, no problem
rich-c: though time does pass quickly, doesn't it?
George: ok, Where is Rich?
rich-c: me voici
George: huh?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, everybody is here!
rich-c: that was for Daniel - to you, I'm here
Daniel Bienvenu: :p
George: oh
Daniel Bienvenu: "me voici" it's an expression. You have to use it when you arrive somewhere.. "hey! me voici!"
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I was thinking of the main bridge over the St. Lawrence
George: oh
rich-c: you've got to get used to it, Geroge - Canadians are inclined to talk in Franglais
Daniel Bienvenu: the main bridge? Laporte bridge or Quebec bridge? I suppose it's the most popular one : Quebec bridge
Daniel Bienvenu: They still working on Quebec birdge... they repaint it in gray.
rich-c: oops! have they put in a new bridge since I was last there? hoti!
George: oh, northerly ebonics
rich-c: yes, a mixture of the two languages
rich-c: I suspect it reflects the fact that so many of us are sesquilingual
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: left : it's Quebec bridge. Right: it's Laporte bridge
rich-c: OK, I highlighted it and did a control-C so I can peek at it later
rich-c: don't want to leave chat to look at it now, and Windows can get shirty if I use a new window
George: control-alt-delete?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Quebec bridge is one of the great human things. "La huitième merveille du monde"?
rich-c: now have a utility that keeps a clipboard history
rich-c: given the price paid in blood to construct it, you have a point
rich-c: it dates back, I believe, to before the days of the wide-flange structural beam
rich-c: it took a terrible toll of the Mohawk workers when it fell
rich-c: in fact, that was the project that established the Mohawks as the top workers in high steel world-wide
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, a lot of mohawks, they were not afraid to climb
rich-c: still aren't - their pieds-a-terre in Brookly are still called "downtown Canawauga"
rich-c: Brooklyn
Daniel Bienvenu: Antoher page says that it the Victoria bridge (Montreal) the "huitième merveille du monde".
rich-c: that, I suspect, is a bit of Montreal hubris - with which I'm sure you're familiar!
Daniel Bienvenu: Quebec Quiz for you! :p
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: anyway, the George Washington Bridge in New York (which I watched being built) and the Golden Gate have since eclipsed them
rich-c: dont know when I'll get around to it, but it's bookmarked
Daniel Bienvenu: I know... but fro the time, it was a remarkable construction
Daniel Bienvenu: it = Quebec bridge ;)
rich-c: yes, it surely was, an achievent to be rightly proud of
rich-c: George, did you know high steel rigging is a largely Amerindian trade?
rich-c: ( Daniel would say "autocthones", I would say "First Nations", not sure what Americans say)
George: not today all steel mills closed
Daniel Bienvenu: autochtones.... First Nations can be translate word by word "Premières Nations".
rich-c: they didnt work in the mills, George; they work building the steel skeletons of buildings
George: without U.S. steel no U.S. work
George: labor cheaper overseas, so companies go there anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm still here...
George: U.S. workers now in breadlines
Daniel Bienvenu: About the multicart, before reseting right after the bankswitching, it may be a good idea to clean up the video memory, no?
George: huh?
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rich-c: sorry - I got dropped - you two still here?
George: what happened?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm woring on a software menu to do a multicart (many games and a menu in a big cartridge).
rich-c: who knows? all of a sudden what I typed wasn't appearing
rich-c: don't work too hard on it, Daniel
rich-c: there is already a program called "Multicart backup" that does that for tape or disc
rich-c: and I'd assume once done on a tape or disc it could be burned into a cart
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, bankswitching still a weird thing for me to deal with...
rich-c: doesnt mean you couldnt make the process easier or smoother or more reliable, of course
rich-c: yes, Sol Swift used to be the master of that for Adam
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, there's an Argo game starting at 7
rich-c: and I have much to do before it starts, so I must leave
Daniel Bienvenu: at 7pm for me too?
rich-c: yes, you're eastern time zone; they are playing in Calgary
Daniel Bienvenu: good! :)
George: ok
rich-c: I will irritate the hell out of Frances by watching while we eat dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
rich-c: and Daniel, it's on the CBC so you may be able to get it off-air
Daniel Bienvenu: CBC? yes, I have it
rich-c: well, she chooses when dinner will be, and knows my intentions
rich-c: but I have email and a bulletin board to clear first so I have to get with it
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! see you later!
Daniel Bienvenu: I ahve to go too
rich-c: hope to see both of you next Wednesday
George: bye Rich, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye George!
rich-c: bye for now, gentlemen
rich-c: poof
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Daniel Bienvenu: pouf
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