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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi rich
rich-c: bonjour, Fred, comment ca va?
FredK: How are you doing?
FredK: bien merci
FredK: getting over fever and cold , fever from last week....
rich-c: je vois que vos heros les Alouettes ont vaincu encore hier soir
FredK: Je crois, mais je ne les ai pas beaucoup suivi!
rich-c: c'est dommage
FredK: moi cest plus le Hockey!
rich-c: I have no patience for teh American variety, but like out football
FredK: like lots of ppl i speak to
FredK: they say the same
rich-c: I used to be a real hockey nut, but Harold Ballard cured me of that
FredK: who?
rich-c: Harold Ballard, owner of the Leafs for several years, and general no-good
FredK: where is he now?
rich-c: the guy who, among other things, traded away Lanny MacDonald and then Frank Mahovlich
FredK: ouch, he did that, Lanny went to Flames!
rich-c: I am sure a legion of former Leaf fans would make pungent suggetions about his place in the afterlife
FredK: LOL
rich-c: septieme cercle de l'enfer, peut-etre?
FredK: How do you like the leafs now?
rich-c: but my number one sports interest is single-seater motor racing
rich-c: Leafs now? I never pay any attention even though indirectly I own a piece of them
FredK: dont race drivers drive only themselves? joke..
FredK: what is that?
rich-c: the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan owns a big chunk of Maple Leaf Gardens, the parent club
rich-c: the better the Leafs do at the gate, the easier it is for them to pay my pension - even maybe upgrade it
FredK: really, now all they need is the teaching!
FredK: Actually Montreal needs alot of teaching these years!!
rich-c: a number of teh pension funds are big partners in a lot of top Canadian companies
rich-c: anyway, I thought Montreal was in a bit of a renaissance right now
rich-c: tempered of course by rage over the amalgamation
FredK: we will have to see them in action, then believe it...
rich-c: a propos, I gather that the topiary exhibition down in Old Montreal has been expanded and updated
FredK: Speaking of a Hockey exhibition strickly?
rich-c: no, the topiary - that's the plants trimmed to special shapes
FredK: lol
rich-c: besides, with the Hockey Hall of Fame, we have all teh hockey we need here!
FredK: havent been down there, see from commercials how big they are, seems very nice!
FredK: Yeah , thought you new of another one down here!
rich-c: the topiary, you mean? yes, the first year, we stopped for a day to see them on our way to New Brunswick
FredK: When was the first year?
rich-c: two, three years ago - not sure - at my age, they go by so quickly
FredK: where did you go in NB province?
rich-c: mainly along the Trans-Canada this time but with a fair few side wanderings, especially towards the U.S. border
rich-c: visited teh famous tidal rocks, the Ganong museum, Campobello Island, that sort of thing
FredK: ok , so you went opposite from where i was.
rich-c: yes, you were up in Acadie, the north-east part
FredK: what did you find most facinating?
rich-c: we wre more up and down the St.John valley
rich-c: that would be very hard to say; we just like to poke around everywhere and NB has lots of everywhere
FredK: everywhere and anywere ay!
rich-c: latyer we drifted down through Maine and looped home through Massachusetts over to New York state
FredK: crossed in Boston?
rich-c: no, we stayed well clear of Boston
rich-c: we wre there a summer or so earlier and saw the BIG Dig - we'll wait till it's all finished to visit again
FredK: hiighways and stuff?
rich-c: yes, all of downtown Boston was one immovable traffic tieuwe wre actually camped well out of the city and came in by commuter train
rich-c: sorry, tie-up; we were...
FredK: must be murder for ppl trying to get to work!
rich-c: so right - I cannot imagine why they didnt give up trying
rich-c: we wanted to find the computer museum but it was in the process of moving, and down
rich-c: of course the low-lifes never told us this on their website even though I checked it the day before
FredK: there must be an Adam in a computer museum!
rich-c: we took a taxi from what they said was teh old location to the new
rich-c: well, we never got to fins out - though some collections have them
rich-c: if the Smithsonian has one, though, it's not part of the public exhibits
rich-c: anyway, if some day I get down that way again, maybe I'll go see if Boston shows one
rich-c: check - you still there?
FredK: yes sorry about that, was on the moon there...
rich-c: yes, when it goes dead, we never know if you've been booted or just got quiet
FredK: true
rich-c: speaking of which, wonder where everyone else is tonight?
FredK: 1/2 into chat thats kinda rare ay?
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rich-c: it certainly is
changed username to BobS
BobS: CERTAINLY............
FredK: rich, we have visit
BobS: shat is?????????
rich-c: the only one I know about is Pamela - she is off to dinner with a girl friend
BobS: what
FredK: Hi Bob
BobS: Hiya Fred
BobS: and Richard
rich-c: well, bout time you showed up, Slopsema
BobS: oh for crying out loud !!!!!!! can the woman never show up on time???????
rich-c: you should talk?
FredK: can A women ever show up on time!
BobS: was writing a letter of farewell to my soon to be EX son in law (I hope)
rich-c: Fred and I have been going for over half an hour
BobS: NO Fre,d that is the problem
BobS: hows weather in Quebec????????
rich-c: I trust you are having it vetted by your lawyer?
FredK: that must not be a positive letter then!
BobS: or are yo in Montreal?????
FredK: North of Montreal, its Nice and hot for now!
rich-c: Montreal is in Quebec, just like New York is in New York
BobS: nope, no lawyer paid that sucker too much anyway, just put a disclaimer at the end about how I am not an authority, just passing on what the professionals say
BobS: but there is ALSO a city of Quebec, NO ?????????
rich-c: I appreciate the sentiments behind it, but it could come back to bite you
BobS: Quebec sity.........
FredK: yes
FredK: Daniel is there
BobS: let them try and bite
rich-c: and that's when Daniel hangs out
FredK: Quebec is about 2and half hours from Montreal
rich-c: you could be risking a very high level of damage to yourself and the family down the line
FredK: Bob, you are in DTT aerea I believe ay?
FredK: or DTW if you prefer Detroit Wayne...
BobS: nope Fred...across the state form Detroit about 200 miles due west
BobS: from
rich-c: actually, Grand Rapids is pretty much in the Chicago area, isnt it?
BobS: EAST across Lake Michigan from Chicago and a little north of it
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, before I forget - I am very unlikely to be on next week
BobS: me neither.......will be on an island......and YOU???????
BobS: surgury??????
rich-c: yes- they are taking out my gall bladder at 10.45 next Wednesday marning
FredK: darn just on chat day!
BobS: well, we wish you well and good health and lots of good eats, etcx
rich-c: well, it will be done as day surgery but even if I'm home in time I may not be too talkative :-)
FredK: very understandible
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: right, I told the surgeon I wanted cookjmies and milk in the recovery room ;-)
FredK: truly do wish you best of luck
BobS: hiya Pam
Pamela: wow, where is everyone?
rich-c: hi daughter, how was dinner
FredK: Hi Pam
BobS: milk and cookies.....NO WAY
Pamela: Hi, everybody
rich-c: when you havent been able to eat them for months, Bob, you view changes
Pamela: Don't have milk and cookies Dad, till you know how you react to the anaesthetic
Pamela: dinner, Dad?
FredK: but if he eats cookies, he might not taste it!
rich-c: don't take me too seriously, daughter - and remember the surgeon will have views on the topic anyway
Pamela: strict views, I might add
BobS: probably Fred.....everything will taste blah !!!!
BobS: yucky, bucky, YUCK
Pamela: is that a quote or an original, Bob?
rich-c: I suspect I will have to ease back to a more normal diet gradually
BobS: " "
Pamela: so who are you quoting?
BobS: ME
Pamela: ah
BobS: after surgery, nuthing is good
BobS: but LATER.......YES
Pamela: yeah, I remember - for me it was orange sherbet - still can't eat the stuff
rich-c: well, beyond that, my digestive system will have to get used to operating in a new way
Pamela: tee hee - rumblies in tumblies!
BobS: LUV orange sherbet
BobS: and raspberry....and
Pamela: oh, any other flavour is fine - it's orange I can't eat
rich-c: naw - the raspberry sherbert we had tonight was better
BobS: see?????? thay should have given you a variety
Pamela: in which case I wouldn't have been able to eat any of it now
rich-c: Pam, have you seen any of the coverage from Downsview? it's on the CBC
Pamela: nope Dad, haven't even turned on the radio
Pamela: avoided the whole thing like the plague that it is
rich-c: forget the radio, your mother is fascinated with the crowd shots
Pamela: oh, why?
rich-c: looks like the whole half million did turn up, apparently
Pamela: yippee
Pamela: can you tell I'm not a big fan of the Stones etc?
FredK: Rolling away ay!
rich-c: I'd sort of got that impression - an inherited distaste, no doubt'
Pamela: Russell heard it called "Promotional Rescue"
rich-c: I tend to think more of words like "Con job"
Pamela: don't get me wrong, I like popular music, but the Stones (for the most part) don't appeal
BobS: get your Tshirts yet???????
Pamela: not yet Bob
FredK: me neither
BobS: bummer dudette
BobS: that Mitchell guy
rich-c: no, Ron hasn't given me the price - need to know postage
Pamela: don't worry, we'll have them by the time of the con
BobS: shall I kick his A## when I get ther??????
Pamela: no, kick it now!
BobS: he not here hon
rich-c: put a bug in his ear
FredK: THought you were going on an island
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rich-c: yep, Adamcon is on Vancouver Island
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi judy
FredK: no I ment an exotic one!
BobS: am going to......... to Vancouver Island in the land of BC
Judy: Hi, Rich
BobS: it IS an exotic one
rich-c: to an American, that's exotic ;-)
BobS: it has ADAM's on it
FredK: you think?
Pamela: Dad, about Saturday - what I was thinking is that I'll come by Friday night, dump the extraneous stuff from the van and pick up the keys, and come by Saturday morning and play musical vehicles. Will that be workable?
FredK: lol
BobS: ya mon
FredK: hi Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
BobS: musical vehicles.......sounds.....KINKY
Judy: Hi, Fred and Pam
rich-c: don't see any reason why not - I expect I'll be watching the folltball game
Pamela: okay, good. You were the last link in the chain - I've now got all our ducks lined up
rich-c: where are you moving this furniture to and from and why?
Judy: hear you are having surgery next week, Rich, hope all goes well
rich-c: it should, Judy; it is not a particularly serios procedure
Pamela: Allyson is getting a loveseat sized sofa bed from a co-worker because her old one is unusable so we're moving it from her co-worker's place in Georgetown to her apartment
Judy: that is good!!!
BobS: but
rich-c: and my surgeon is medical director of the critical care unit at the hospital, and a professor of surgery at the U of T
Judy: sounds like you have things under control
rich-c: I think I can have reasonable faith in her competence
FredK: reasuring indeed
BobS: a WOMAN???????
BobS: cuttin on ya???????
Pamela: you know musical vehicles Bob - I pull up in my car, get out, move the van out of the driveway, get out, move my car into the driveway, leave with the van
BobS: ahos
rich-c: quite a decorative blonde, actually, Bob, with quite a sunny personality
FredK: they cut like a knife,,,,,but it feels so right.
BobS: ahso
BobS: thats good !!!!!!
Pamela: Dad appreciates decorative blondes
rich-c: she is reputed to be a dab hand with the laproscope
BobS: in good wives don't like , eh??????????
rich-c: of course women seem to have a genetic advantage when it comes to fine handwork
Pamela: decorative as in good scenery. Just remember, he married a brunette
Pamela: you should know about decorative blondes, Bob - you married one!
BobS: then you will just have some cute stitch marks when you are done !!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: right Judy?
Judy: okay, now we know what decorative in a woman is
FredK: no way out, is there any red heads?
Pamela: ask Erin : )
rich-c: not really - she only makes about a 1/4" incision, then teases it out
FredK: teases, you see it takes a woman
BobS: and takes out the stones??????
Pamela: takes out the gallbladder
rich-c: yes, they come out as part of the package
BobS: roight mate........take the bloody thingy out !!!!!
rich-c: get the job done at 10.45 a.m., go home soon as I can go without puking in the taxi
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rich-c: must be Guy - he always has trouble getting on
(Pamela slaps Pamela playfully)
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changed username to Guy B.
FredK: lol
Pamela: oops, that wasn't how it was supposed to go!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: see, told you so - hi Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy
FredK: Hi Guy
rich-c: you're so late you almost missed your Diet Coke
rich-c: so you'd better make real nice with Pamela
Guy B.: Hey, I had to get some things out of the way, plus I had to cook dinner]
Pamela: cook for whom, Guy?
Guy B.: Me
Pamela: aww
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: next you'll be complaining you're in a different time zone, too :-)
Pamela: I was hoping you had a hot date
Guy B.: Made enough pasta for tomorrow as well.
FredK: instead he made a hot meal.
Judy: had to go check out the fish, they are busy tonight, it is so warm out
Pamela: sheesh, you and Kimberly - always planning ahead
Guy B.: Well Aimee and I went to the computer show on Sunday.
Pamela: good - how did it go?
rich-c: and how did that go?
Pamela: (who says I'm not my father's daughter?)
Guy B.: She bought a new copy of WinXp pro and Office XP. I bought a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card which I'm going to return. Won't work with Win95B. Only Win98 on up.
Pamela: sheesh, Guy, where's the romance in that???
rich-c: I hate to say I told you so - but then you're the one who told me that in the first place!
Guy B.: We did go to lunch after the show.
Pamela: well, okay, it's a start
rich-c: should ruddy well hope so!
Guy B.: Rich, will that card that you have work with the old USB standard?
Guy B.: At least I can return the thing to the company I bought it from.
Pamela: I'm sorry we're teasing Guy, it's just that we're so hopeful that you'll find someone who appreciates you the way they should
rich-c: yes, I don't have the laptop copy of 98SE patched for 2.0 but the card works fine
Guy B.: I have to download a file from Compaq's website on installing Win98 on the Armada before I do anything.
rich-c: I also have an 8 gig external hard disc runs off the PCMCIA port
rich-c: since I had the upgrade edition I just put that over 95 - absolutely no sweat
Guy B.: One thing I did find out is I can buy a replacement floppy drive for the Armada. The one I have now cannot read or write a disk.
rich-c: wasn't going to risk it on my new computer till I'd tried it out so the laptop got volunteered
Guy B.: I don't have the upgrade to Win98. I have the full version, hence it won't work.
BobS: well that is not good
rich-c: oh, you can buy a replacement for anything - it's just that so many replacements cost more than a new laptop
Pamela: Hey Dad, do you have the windows open? I think I can hear the concert from here, and if I can you certainly should be able to
Guy B.: The new drive cost $64. To me that's not bad.
rich-c: yes, they;re open, but I'm not hearing anything
Pamela: okay, I must be hearing someone's stereo then
rich-c: I think we were supposed to have an east wind tonight so that might explain it
BobS: I can belive that it is not ggod unless it is LOUD
Pamela: Bob, if you saw the stack of speakers up there at the park, you would believe you're hearing it yourself
BobS: Guy, when you coming into convention??????
rich-c: frankly I'm surprised we aren't hearing it, as we can usually hear the aircraft up there
FredK: Have to go now, Good night all, take care, Cya next wed.
BobS: tht I CAN believe Pam
Guy B.: Bye Fred
rich-c: nite Fred, see you
BobS: nite Fred
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Pamela: g'nite Fred - see you next week
changed username to AC15
Judy: nite Fred
Guy B.: Thursday afternoon.
Pamela: Hi, Ron
FredK: poof
FredK left chat session
Guy B.: That has to be Ron.
Judy: Hi, Ron
BobS: the wise one....or wise guy, from and island
AC15: sorry bout that...... family has turned up..... and I almost forgot
AC15: yo all
rich-c: hey Ron, where's the price on our T-shirts?
Judy: are you ready for us, Ron?
Pamela: forgot????
BobS: Tshirts ronald me man.....Pam is ANXIOUS
AC15: more or less
Pamela: hmmph
AC15: panic has set in
BobS: calm yourself
Pamela: yeah, I believe that
BobS: we's comiin' and it will happen
AC15: Won't know till I take delivery
rich-c: do it quick - I get my operation next Wednesday
Judy: we are friends, not company so relax, Ron
AC15: been quoted $15.40 plus tax per shirt, but the XXL and up are probably going to be a couple of dollars more
AC15: but I don't know exactly yet
AC15: appreciate that guys.... I needed it
Pamela: please let us know asap - we'd like to have them for Saturday chat
rich-c: OK soon as you do let me know and I'll send the cheque
BobS: well call it $16 and send them the shirts
AC15: especially after the hotel mgr told me today that the broadband won't be ready for us
AC15: Well, I will, as soon as they are ready
BobS: oh well......Compuserve has a dialup and doug has the software with like 75 free hours
Pamela: is that PST and GST Ron?
rich-c: oh, he's going to have to find out the postae, too
AC15: that might be a reach Pam
AC15: yes PST and Great Scary Tax
rich-c: can't hack a deal with
BobS: and we NEED a sales slip too so we can get the taxes back at the border..............
AC15: nah...we can straighten that out later.
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BobS: :-)
AC15: noted Bob
changed username to Daniel Bienvneu
Guy B.: I'll be bringing a 7ft network cable and my Ethernet PCMCIA card and just in case. The modem
BobS: we are computer PEOPLE
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
BobS: we CAN do ti
Daniel Bienvneu: Sorry! I'm late again!
BobS: hi Daniel
Judy: we are almost packed and ready to fly off, can't wait
Daniel Bienvneu: salut Rich! hi Bob!
Guy B.: You're not the only one, Daniel
Judy: Hi, Daniel
BobS: heck, I am off work alreadyk just there in body
Pamela: Salut, Daniel
AC15: yeah, on the broadband, the local cable provider (Shaw) assures me he can hook up the meeting room, and that's ok with the hotel
Daniel Bienvneu: Hi Judy!
Daniel Bienvneu: Salut Pam!
Daniel Bienvneu: Dr.Rich was there?
AC15: but that took a little diplomacy and swearing
Pamela: non
BobS: huh??????? thought you said it would NOT be ready ?????????
rich-c: no, Dr.D is not among us tonight, sorry to say
AC15: yup
Daniel Bienvneu: James was there?
rich-c: no, he's also among the absent tonight
Pamela: so T's with both taxes, regular size will be $17.71 each.
Pamela: non
AC15: sounds about right Pam, but again, there's no need to pay in advance of receipt
Pamela: um sorry, let me recalc that
BobS: can we trust ya?????????
AC15: but of course
BobS: or are you one of them deadbeats????????
Daniel Bienvneu: I wanted to talk to Dr. Rich Drushnell (sorry if I'm spelling wrong).
rich-c: yes, what's the PST rate in BC?
AC15: 7-1/2%
BobS: drop the N Daniel
BobS: and ya got it
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Guy B.: HI Meeka
AC15: that's Drushel, Daniel
Pamela: Sorry, make that 17.63 each - I forgot the tax was 7.5% in BC
rich-c: between the job and the kids, Dr. D. is not oversupplied with free time ;-)
BobS: tis the THIRD Slopsema
Pamela: Hey Meeka
Daniel Bienvneu: I talked again with my friends here and I will need two or three copies of the coleco programming manual he's talking about in his web pages.
rich-c: hello Meeka
AC15: Hi Meeka
Meeka: yup, that;s me :)
Judy: hi, Meeka was just thinking of you, thought I should check on IM to see what you are up to
AC15: Meeka, Judy, are you guys ok with the topic suggested for your session?
BobS: what??????????
BobS: oh aure mon
rich-c: Daniel, if it's the document I suspect it is, I have it and can do it for you
BobS: they both grabbed their of the pants and said OK
rich-c: since it's an awful lot of pages it might be quite advantageour to pay in Canadian funds and ship at Canada Post charges
(BobS groans loudly)
Judy: not me, on the seat of the pants, it is still rather tender
Meeka: ya, its fine with me
Daniel Bienvneu: rich, can you ship me a copy? I will pay of course for the copies and the shiping.
AC15: ok.
AC15: we'll have to get Judy a cushion
Pamela: Judy, no more falling off bikes for you
rich-c: long as I can verify it's what you want, Daniel
Judy: that is for sure, couldn't take that again
Pamela: I get the impression that flying is going to be a bit of a challenge for you Judy
BobS: darn bike is quite in good shape you see
BobS: 'tis the wife taht is not so good
Judy: hope the plane ride isn't too hard on me
Pamela: what about the ferry? Are you doing that standing up?
BobS: hope nobody calls her a sore A........ on the plane they gonna get IT
Daniel Bienvneu: Rich said in his TWW... (I forgot the name) the coleco programming manual he's got it's a 20th generation he restored.
rich-c: Daniel, what I have is the ADAM Technical Reference Manual - is that the document we are talking about?
Judy: I certainly hope not, can't stand forever
rich-c: it is 700 pages long
Daniel Bienvneu: An Adam Technical Reference Manual maybe help one of my friend.
AC15: sounds serious Judy
Pamela: Dad, if you need that copied, let me know and I'll do it at the office
Daniel Bienvneu: he wanted to do coleco games who can works with Adam and also save games, scores and edit game screen.
BobS: it is, although no bruises or oanything
AC15: those are the worst kind
Pamela: probably bruised your tailbone when youfell Judy - that can take a while to heal
rich-c: Pam, I don't think Speedy would be that happy hosting us for 2100 pages
Pamela: I don't think they'd notice, Dad
rich-c: I still think that's coming on a bit strong
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changed username to DougS
BobS: that is what we figured Pam...tailbone
Pamela: believe me, we kill more trees in that place . . .
Pamela: Hi, Doug
Daniel Bienvneu: Steve Begin, a good guy, he's doing a new coleco game in cartridge but detect if it's running with a Coleco Adam to be able to use the tape recorder or the disk drive to extend the possibilities of the game.
AC15: they all come from BC
BobS: and the FOURTH Slopsema
DougS: hello all.
rich-c: unless, Daniel, what he wants is Guy Cousineau's guide to EOS programming
AC15: Hi Douglas
Guy B.: Hi Doug
rich-c: Ron or Bob, can you guess which would be appropriate?
rich-c: hi Doug
Daniel Bienvneu: This way, his game can be played on ColecoVision but can be a more better experience with a Coleco Adam.
BobS: I don't know Richard
Daniel Bienvneu: EOS programming? Again, it will help only Steve Begin.
BobS: probably the original Technical manual from Coleco, unless he is using Basic
Pamela: if you give it to me Dad, I can not only copy it but bind it as well
rich-c: if it's Guy's book then I still have some ANN copies for sale, I think
Judy: Hi, Doug
Daniel Bienvneu: But if the documentation content the full description of the OS7 code, it can help mw and two guys here.
BobS: I don't know what Guy
BobS: s EOS programming is about
rich-c: I imagine the Technical manual would do the job but it might prove excessively complex
BobS: is it bsic???? or machine language?????
AC15: Bob, it described the points in the operating system that can be used to perform various tasks, like
Daniel Bienvneu: EOS is not OS7... they are similar for some points but the goal is not the same and the calls are not the same too.
rich-c: Pam, if you could make one copy (700 pp, but double-sided) we could send that to Daniel
AC15: opening a file, writing to a file, putting a character on the screen..... etc etc
Pamela: By all means Dad
AC15: there are operating system functions that do all of that
AC15: If you know Z80 assembler, you don't need basic
Daniel Bienvneu: I'va to go now... someone he's waiting for me outside...
AC15: see ya Daniel
Pamela: okay Daniel - bonsoir
Daniel Bienvneu: write me an e-mail "Daniel Bienvenu" <>
rich-c: OK, I wont be on next week, maybe Saturday though - we can sort it then
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Daniel Bienvneu: no.. it's <>
BobS: be good Daniel
rich-c: OK night Daniel
Daniel Bienvneu: `rite me the informations about the document and how much it will cost for a copy of the document and the shiping.
AC15: by the way people.....note the time of the ADAMCON Chat.... 6 pm PDT
Daniel Bienvneu: good night everbody
Pamela: 9:00 pm EDT?
Daniel Bienvneu: I really have to go.. bye!
rich-c: if Pam does the copy that's free and the shipping will be what Canada Post charges - likely about $6.00
AC15: yes
Daniel Bienvneu: *pouf*
Daniel Bienvneu left chat session
rich-c: it's not on my calendar - date again please?
Pamela: 08/09/03
AC15: August 9
AC15: Saturday, August 9
AC15: in the year of our Lord 2003
BobS: got it????????
AC15: or is that Before the Common Era
Pamela: I'll remind him, don't worry
AC15: no....doesn't look right
Pamela: I'll just have to pry him away from the football game
BobS: remind him of what????????
BobS: got CRS
rich-c: OK Sat. Aug. 9 @ 9 p.m. local - got it
AC15: Can't remember squat
rich-c: it will be sitting on the wall staring at me to remind me
Pamela: tape it to the TV Dad : )
BobS: we gonna have to eat early !!!!
Pamela: or over the keyboard
AC15: Almost missed this chat right here.... so the way my mind is working these days...... If I'm not at the '
rich-c: right - CBC is running football Saturday nights now
AC15: con, phone me
Pamela: yes, Russell is very pleased about that
AC15: by the way.......I'll send a message to Col-ADAM with the address of the hotel on it. Don't think it's on the web site
AC15: and how to get there
BobS: the hotel IS the Travelodge in Courtenay, yes?????????
rich-c: he's not the only one - I think they're getting good ratings
AC15: and my phone number at home in case y'all get stuck
Pamela: It just seems really strange to see Brian Williams with white hair
AC15: Yes Bob, the address info isn't really critical but....
AC15: There's only one of anything in Courtenay
BobS: ir is to us.......'cause we is going overland
rich-c: and a general message just reminding everyone of teh 'con, a bit in advance
AC15: right.
rich-c: maybe you should even offer t-shirts to order!
AC15: good idea Rich
Pamela: Ron, you're going to post each day's pictures on the website, right?
AC15: would have to get into a second run
AC15: hope so Pam...but it all depends on the local tin can and string
Pamela: I have faith in you - and Rich - and Meeka
BobS: AND the tin can and string
rich-c: and don't forget Dale will be there, digital camera in hand
Pamela: that too
BobS: si senor
AC15: yes
Judy: she is good at that type of thing
AC15: one way or another we'll find a digital path out of the place
Pamela: Meeka, I'm depending on you to get lots of photos
Guy B.: I will have one too.
Meeka: ya, I will have my camera
Pamela: don't forget yourself
DougS: more photos mean longer to post :)
Judy: you don't have to tell her that twice
AC15: heavy tin can and string useage
rich-c: right, Guy, if you can't put them on your own website cut a deal with Ron or Meeka or Dale
Judy: how is the packing coming, Meeka
Pamela: don't discourage her Doug!
Meeka: not bad, have pretty much decided what to bring
AC15: oh yes...... weather
DougS: good thing my connect here is better than 56k :)
Pamela: If I can't be there, pictures are the next best thing
Meeka: now just makin sure its all clean and putting it in
Guy B.: I might do that. Mine has a 8mb built in memory.
AC15: don't like what I'm seeing on the long range 7 day outlook
Judy: that is good, we are about packed
AC15: It's really really good now.....but
BobS: and that is????????
AC15: pictures of clouds with raindrops coming out of them
DougS: can i request warm weather mitch?
AC15: Starting Fri the 8
BobS: that is here!!!!! from Fri thru next thurs
AC15: if you were here this week you could
BobS: thaey can't predict that far out
Pamela: Doug, are you a sun worshipper?
Meeka: how many suitcases did you end up with?
AC15: I know...but they try it, and for our area they are most often wrong
BobS: same here
Meeka: lol, ya right Pam ;)
DougS: no, just don't like the 30 degree f weather we had the last time. when i can see my breath it is a bit too cold.
Pamela: then you have nothing to worry about Ron
Judy: 3and then the carry ons
AC15: I'm with you there Doug
Pamela: I'm with you Doug
AC15: I do not do well in hot weather, as you all know
AC15: but then I have plenty of ADAMCON t-shirts to go thru
Meeka: ya, thats kinda what I am thinking we will to.....I have to be over that way tomorrow, was gonna ask if I could borrow one :)
Judy: Bob doesn't either
Pamela: three suitcases Judy???? And I thought I had a lot of luggage
AC15: at very worst, the temp will be around 65--75 F and it will be raining
Judy: we have a lot more, Pam
AC15: at best it will be like it is now... with temps mid 80's F and blue sky
AC15: this place can be like August in November and November in August
Pamela: that's scary Judy!
DougS: sounds a lot warmer than the last time we were there.
Judy: do I need a raincoat, Ron?
Pamela: I am learning slowly not to overpack for things (like the trailer)
Judy: I do not pack light, Pam
AC15: sec phone's ringing
Pamela: I certainly didn't last year Judy - I had the large suitcase all to myself and still brought my tote - Russell was laughing at me. Good thing my suitcase has wheels.
Judy: I usually have the most luggage of everyone, but I never run out of clothes that way
Pamela: The guys have it easy - shorts or pants, long sleeve shirt or short sleeve times four
Meeka: lol Pam
Pamela: what, you couldn't hear Russell laughing at me when I was bringing in my suitcase last year?
Pamela: Credit where credit is due, he did offer to help (after he got his breath back)
Judy: they all have wheels and conect together, as in a train
Pamela: 'course, that might have something to do with the fact that I couldn't lift the thing myself
AC15: back
AC15: re the raincoat.........
AC15: I'll probably be able to tell you better about Mon or
AC15: tues next
Judy: okay
AC15: The outlooks tend to be a little more reliable within 3 or 4 days
AC15: suffice it to say, that today the started showing a deterioration for the end of next week, and that's the first time
AC15: I've seen that in the past several weeks
DougS: you realize we will be out in your neck of the woods come monday ron?
Pamela: Meeka, can you get a picture of the baggage train? : )
AC15: hmmmmm....
AC15: right
Meeka: lol, sure, just for you
BobS: may hve to hit walmart and get a caot, eh?????
BobS: coat
AC15: no...I had lost track of that
Judy: not around here, ask about an hour before than you may get an accurate report from the weather man
Pamela: thank you
AC15: Well, we're supposed to be status quo through until the 7th or 8th
Judy: we will just hope for the best, Ron
Pamela: Any suggestions for the location for 16 yet?
AC15: right...... actualy, on the west coast, a raincoat is never a completely bad idea
rich-c: you mean there are days when you don't carry one?
AC15: Yeah, like the last 3 weeks
BobS: SO, we may be able to walk on the Victoria "docks" at night without freezing
rich-c: don't get into dangerous habits, Ron
rich-c: carefully contemplate that decision every day
Judy: we don't need rain we have Joli, had a run-in with her today, meeka
Guy B.: Well folks got to run. Maybe Saturday, otherwise next week before the con.
AC15: Should do Bob, but ya never know
Meeka: oh no
Pamela: okay Guy - until then
rich-c: OK Guy nite, see you
BobS: ok guy, be good
DougS: later guy
Judy: she was first watering my windows and then me
AC15: Getting closer Guy
BobS: think the Caddie willhave heat and a/c
Meeka: oh geeze
AC15: we'll do a chat next Wed for those who haven't left yet
Meeka: someone needs to take away her hose
Judy: bye Guy, see you next week
BobS: we may even be on!!!!
Pamela: and those who are left behind : (
rich-c: OK - I won't be on
Guy B. left chat session
AC15: from wherever
Judy: she was mad at me because I moved the thing to get it off my open window
BobS: we WILL feel sorry for ya Pam
Pamela: thanks Bob
Pamela: I
rich-c: but as for Frances and I - well, tough, y' know...
BobS: got to go now also kids.......bedtime and all here onthe eastern shores of the continent
Pamela: m'm just hoping for a lottery win between now and then
AC15: when is the Slopsema clan headin out?
Judy: you bettter be there next year, pam
BobS: Sat AM 7:30AM
Judy: Sat am
rich-c: anyway, nite. Bob
AC15: right.... better get back to my visitors......
AC15: noted Bob
DougS: night all.
Pamela: we're going to do our best, Judy
Pamela: safe trip to all of you
rich-c: time I tossed it in too, folks
DougS left chat session
BobS: bye yall and we WILL think of ya's
AC15: meanwhile Pamela, I'll check with the t-shirt people tomorrow and see when they estimate completion of the job
BobS left chat session
Meeka: ok, night everyone
rich-c: OK, bon voyage, have a safe trip and enjoy
Pamela: okay - even if you can give us an estimate we can send you a cheque and settle up later
Pamela: night, Meeka
AC15: ok... got that
rich-c: nite, Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: thanks Ron
Pamela: Nite Judy
rich-c: and I'm closing down now - nite all
AC15: nite Rich....
Pamela: nite Dad, I'll see you Friday evening
AC15: and I disappear into the western sunset
Pamela: sleep . . .
rich-c: see you in two weeks, or on 'con chat
rich-c: poof
AC15: looking forward to another state of panic in the days to come
rich-c left chat session
AC15: niters
Pamela: you'll be fine, Ron
AC15: I know
Pamela: good. G'nite
AC15: nite
AC15 left chat session
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
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