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rich-c: check
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
George: my notebook computer is sluggish today
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rich-c: sorry George seems I fell off just as you came on
George: Hi Rich again
rich-c: are we connected now?
rich-c: yes, see we are - how's things in Philly?
George: hot and soggy humid
rich-c: oh, we are at about 65 with intermittent torrential rains
rich-c: Pamela was over to borrow the truck this morning and is still here
George: my notebook computer is sluggish today
George: tellPam
rich-c: yes, I've been seeing signs of the sulks too, so it may not be your computer
George: tell Pam I said hi
rich-c: apparently DARPA are seeing signs of massive hacker activity
George: oh, no
rich-c: Pam says telol George she says HI back
rich-c: well, they can't get into my computer but they can screw up the net in general
rich-c: if only they'd get it into their heads to make life miserable for spammers!
George: i think i need to overhaul this computer again
rich-c: that depends - do you have any analytic tools like Norton Untilities?
George: no
George: it's too ful to put anyting else on
rich-c: then overhauls is an exercise in stabbing in the dark - and you're more likely to hit yourself than the troublemaker
rich-c: how big a hard disc does it have, anyway?
George: 4gb hdd
rich-c: and full of MP3 files, right?
George: no, not enough space
rich-c: heavens - that what have you filled it up with?
George: MP3's on CD
George: business plans and other stuff
rich-c: are all of them so active that you can't burn them onto CDs? They'd be safer then anyway
George: no burner here
George: older notebook
rich-c: you don't have a CD burner? well get one, they are really cheap now
rich-c: sorry - you mean your burner is on one of the desktop computers?
George: yes
George: files can't be transfered
rich-c: well, why not use the Direct Cable Connection to transfer the files over, then burn them?
George: because of copy protection
rich-c: huh? I thought you said it was your own files, like business plans?
George: it's called smart busines plan
George: copyrighted material
George: pain in the a**
rich-c: must be a pretty huge program to fill a four gig drive
George: windows itself occupies 1.5 gb
rich-c: you're running XP on an old notebook computer?
rich-c: what processor and memory does it have, anyway?
George: windows98se w/notebook addons
rich-c: 98SE doesnt use any 1.5 gigs even with all the addons - like it fits on a CD of 650 mb
rich-c: how long since you have defragged the hard disc, anyway?
George: pentium II 266 mhz. 32mb ram installed i added 64mb to bring it up to 96mb
George: 1 week
rich-c: OK, 96 should be enough for 98SE, if just barely, though it's a slow processor (I should talk)
rich-c: how long since you've gone through the files with Explorer seeing what you can delete?
George: 2 days
rich-c: have you used add/remove programs to get rid of the parts of 98SE you don't need?
George: yes
rich-c: then I can't figure how your disc can be so full, unless you are quietly holding out on me
George: it's also part of a network
rich-c: I have 98SE and a lot of useful stuff on my laptop and still have space left from about 2 gig
rich-c: then why don't you have stuff like the business plan on a server?
George: i need to have it with me on my notebook to show my caseworker
rich-c: still, the whole thing doesn't make sense - you should have lots of spare space
George: i have a vocational rehabilitation caseworker that inspects my plans
rich-c: sure, that's fine, I just can't see them taking up 2.5 gigs
rich-c: changing the subject - did I tell you I now have a date for my gall bladder surgery?
George: i also have resource references and encyclopedia on my notebook to help me
rich-c: and I suppose you have the whole encyclopedia on it instead of having it on a CD and just the access program on the hard disc
George: yes
rich-c: anyway I go into hospital Wednesday for day surgery
George: that seems soon
rich-c: looks like when my birthday rolls around (about 3 weeks) I'll be able to eat the cake!
rich-c: well, a gall bladder laproscopy is only about a 90-minute operation
George: wiil you be able to make ADAMCON?
rich-c: and that's end-to-end, the surgeon will take about 60 minutes max
rich-c: no, I had to abandon all plns of Adamcon many weeks ago when my hip joint kept geting worse
George: sorry to here
rich-c: the others have known for some time, but you've been missing Wednesdays lately
George: hear
rich-c: in fact the Slopsemas I believe are already on their way there
George: yes can't make up
rich-c: right, and I would have enjoyed the trip so much
rich-c: still, gives me more time to make sure the truck really is right after the accident
George: can't stay up that late anymore
rich-c: ah - an hour after 9 p.m. is too late for you?
George: now it is
George: health problems getting the better of me
rich-c: that's a pity - there will be a chat from Adamcon next Saturday at 9 p.m.
George: i'll try hard to makeit
rich-c: that will be only 6 p.m. Pacific but Ron says he'll try and get the gang online early
rich-c: we shall have to see if you can make it - I do hope so
rich-c: watch your email for further notices
rich-c: anyway there's a break in the rain and I have to go fetch some milk - must go soon
rich-c: one way or other, see you online next week?
George: ok
rich-c: right - I'll close now then - bye for now
George: see you next week
George: bye
rich-c: poof
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