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james: anyone here?
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi James
james: bonjour fred, ca va?
FredK: bien merci et toi
james: pas pire mais bien fatigue
FredK: moi aussi
james: j'aimerais bien dormir pour un autre 8 heures!
FredK: 8heures, tu dois etre bien fatiguer
FredK: combien dheures tu est debout?
james: 3 heures :P
FredK: oh boy!
james: c'est juste que pour les seize mois suivant la naissance de mon fils que je ne dors pas asssez
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FredK: bonne raison
changed username to rich-c
FredK: Hi Rich
rich-c: salut, mes bon amis
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FredK: Salu
rich-c: you are both on early
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hail, Dr. D
FredK: Hi Dr!
Dr.D.: Hello all.
james: 6 ou 7 heures par soiree en lieu des 8 ou 8.5 heures dont je suis habitue
james: test
FredK: oui cest ruff
rich-c: everybody getting in practice for Saturday evening?
FredK: I will be at a wedding!
rich-c: well, as long as it's an IMPORTANT wedding...
FredK: sure if it wasnt I would be part of Con chat for sure rich
Dr.D.: I am still trying to decide whether or not to stay up most of the night working on a PowerPoint presentation...
rich-c: well, it's tough but they are reusable and might be welcomed by those who can't attend
Dr.D.: Main problem is that lab work in the last week, plus outside child shuttle duties with Joan working, has left me little time to actually sit down and make it.
rich-c: yes, real life always keeps intruding on our fun
Dr.D.: I'm not scheduled until Saturday, but I don't own a *laptop* capable of being used to finish it.
Dr.D.: And coming by air, anything else is out of the question...perhaps even a laptop.
rich-c: and no one has one they might loan you either, I asume
Dr.D.: I'm in the robot lab right now, trying to see if I can install MS Office for MacOS 9.x on an ancient Powerbook 5300.
rich-c: what routing did you end up with, Rich?
Dr.D.: Flight is:
Dr.D.: Leave Cleveland 10:45 AM for Chicago, United. Leave Chicago 3:00 PM CDT for Vancouver (Air Canada). Leave Vancouver 9:00 PM PDT for Comox (Air Canada), arrive Comox at 9:35 PM PDT.
FredK: James
rich-c: speaking of robots, Rachel Ross had quite an article on a robot course in the Star this weekend
Dr.D.: 14 hours total counting layovers.
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changed username to james
james: let's try this again
FredK: welcome back
james: none of my messages were getting through
FredK: bummer
rich-c: you might want to see if it's on their website - then click on columnists or use the search
FredK: go ahead James
Dr.D.: Okay, will do.
rich-c: having connection troubles, james?
james: i'm not sure why but whenever i'm the first person on the chat i have troubles
rich-c: Dr. D., I hope you'll be leaving your backup chat site up while you're away
FredK: James, jai fait un download sur le Test et Sshow sur le site de Daniel......
Dr.D.: Yes, I am going to reboot the machine before I go home tonight, just to be sure.
james: as tu essaye de les faire marcher?
Dr.D.: And it has had all the latest Windows security patches applied :-)
FredK: mais quand je fait RUN, le Virtual Coleco "hard reset" apparait seulement
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rich-c: good thought - Dale tends to fiddle with his with results not immediately apparent
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, ready to fly?
FredK: mon computer dit, sshow.rom is not a valid coleco vision cartrage.
Dr.D.: I hadn't rebooted it since the Egg Hunt (first week of May), and only did it last Friday to put in the security update.
james: tu veux dire l'ecran "turn game off before inserting cartridge or expansion module"?
Guy B.: Hi everyone. Just thought I drop by to say Hi. I'm heading out to dinner now. But will try when I get back. I'm rarin to go.
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
rich-c: good of you to do so, Guy
Guy B.: I'll see you all when I get back.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: I hope you'll see on on the special Saturday night!
FredK: james: celui qui dit, Virtual Coleco, all rights reserved, crated by......bla bla...
FredK: cest lecran qui apparait quand tu "click" sur VColeco la premiere fois!
james: a, ok
james: as tu verifie la grosseur du fichier rom? je soupconne que tu retrouveras que ca soit 0 bytes
FredK: exactement!
rich-c: which of Daniel's websites are you two using? I believe he has more than one, doesnt he?
james: ok - avant faire la compilation, as tu declique (selectione) "getput 1"?
FredK: Sur test oui, mais pas sur sshow
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james: essaye le pour sshow aussi
changed username to ADAMCONdelegates
james: gttttttttttttttt
FredK: rich, new coleco vision
ADAMCONdelegates: say WHAAAAT?????
rich-c: ssounds like a Slopsema convention is signing in!
ADAMCONdelegates: howdy ya'll from the sunny warm confines of victoria BC CA
ADAMCONdelegates: YO and how's come you are here?????
FredK: Ok James, mais il disait de ne pas le faire sur son site.
rich-c: james and Fred are discussing Daniel's games in French
ADAMCONdelegates: repeat.......wha haoopen to surgery???????
Dr.D.: Hello Mr. ADAMcon XV Chairman Sir.
ADAMCONdelegates: not me dr d........
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Dr.D.: Oh, it must be BobS.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
ADAMCONdelegates: ]just getting ready to head north tomorrow
Dr.D.: Just looked at the handle, not the text style :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry! it's only me! :)
james: hi dan!
rich-c: oh, that. went off as planned this morning. Pamela brought me hose about 5 p.m.
FredK: Salut Daniel
james: er,e
Daniel Bienvenu: salut! Fred!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Case!
james: fred, as tu essay sshow avec "getput1" selecionne?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich and Rich!
rich-c: salu5t, Daniel
james: ml,m../
FredK: jy vais
ADAMCONdelegates changed username to AC15 -SLOPSEMAs
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: and I take it went REAL WELL !!!!!!
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr.D.: Question BobS:
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: I didn't have any news from your proposale about doing copies of the adam technical document you ahve...
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: what time you flying in Rich ???????
rich-c: yes, she says she winkled out some fine big specimens for her trophy case!
Dr.D.: I will be arriving in Comox 9:35 PM PDT.
Dr.D.: Leaving Cleveland tomorrow 10:45 AM EDT.
rich-c: oh, Pam took it to the office to copy over the weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: HAve a nice trip! :)
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: OUCh all the good dstuff will be done
rich-c: sorry, in preparing for the operation sort of lost track
Dr.D.: Now for my question for Bob:
rich-c: maybe she will be in later and we can ask
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred: you still have problem will sshow?
Dr.D.: Will you be bringing a USB card reader capable of reading camera memory cards?
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: yes........for Smartmedia
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I will check sshow source code. minute
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: got it now and working good
Dr.D.: This camera is Compact Flash.
Dr.D.: I have a reader. that I can bring...just wondering if it will be airport security bait if I put it in my briefcase.
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: Meeka says......"I can do that!!!!'
Daniel Bienvenu: The sshow source code in my web site doesn't need getput1
Dr.D.: I have 2 cards for the camera, 8MB and 32MB.
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: hang on a miniute
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: she is looking
Daniel Bienvenu: I activate my Yahoo Messenger
Dr.D.: A bit over 110 pictures total if I don't dump the cards.
james: ok then maybe you forgot to compile something fred or there is a problem with your source code
Dr.D.: But if I can dump photos out, then someone can put them all on a CD for me to go back home.
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: SHE HAS IT !!!! so count on her to take off your poics
Daniel Bienvenu: for james, the problem was using a key-word for his picture table
Dr.D.: If nobody there already has a reader, I can bring mine (it's USB).
Dr.D.: Yay Meeka!
Dr.D.: One less thing to throw in :-)
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rich-c: depending on how tolrrant your ISP is, you could email batches to yourself
left chat session
Dr.D.: But I *am* bringing the NiMH battery charger and 4 spare AAs for the camer.
Dr.D.: Oops, camera.
Dr.D.: I probably won't be bringing a computer...or if I do, it will not have a modem.
Dr.D.: Ethernet PCMCIA card, though, with CAT5 cable.
rich-c: where will the pictures be? to each his own or one common website?
Dr.D.: So if Ron puts up the mini-network he talked about, I could connect there.
Dr.D.: Where the photos?
Dr.D.: Ultimately I could give them to Dale to put up (like I did most of my last year's photos).
Dr.D.: Or I could put them up.
Dr.D.: If I can get on a computer on the network, I could make a daily webpage for the photos.
rich-c: I expect there wil be a lot of them - digital camera tend to encurage that sort of thing
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Dr.D.: It just depends upon what I bring and what kind of access is available.
changed username to Fury
rich-c: aha - we have a new handle in use
Fury: hi uncle richard
Dr.D.: An article in today's Plain Dealer said that the Homeland Security Boys are making everyone dump out all electronic gear, including cameras, at airports.
rich-c: where be you, Fury?
rich-c: OK Rin, how's life down in Windsor?
Dr.D.: Starting today, said the article.
Fury: bout are you feeling?
Dr.D.: Though maybe they were doing that before.
Dr.D.: Some rumor about terrorist-types putting bombs in cameras.
Dr.D.: Grrrr.
Daniel Bienvenu: At the ADAMCON meeting, can you take a picture with everybody? like a familly picture?
rich-c: I have the expected stiffness and soreness, but I guess my being online tells you something
Dr.D.: I guess the days are gone when Ron could fly east to an ADAMcon with an ADAM CPU and his MiniWini HD in his suitcase...
james: national security and all
Dr.D.: We always take a group picture at the banquet on the last day, Daniel.
Fury: exactly , i wasn't sure you would be on
Daniel Bienvenu: GREAT! :)
james: fred are you still here?
rich-c: well, I may not last the whole evening
FredK: yes James
Dr.D.: When the current Chairman hands the banner off to whoever is going to be Chairman for the next ADAMcon.
james: dan and i would like to know, did you modify the source code of sshow before trying to compile it?
Dr.D.: Richard, are you scheduled for surgery yet?
rich-c: basically they use gass to distend the abdomen in these procedures, and the stretch tires the muscles
rich-c: had it today Rich - in by ten, out by five
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred, if you modified the source code, I need to see your modifications.
FredK: no, I followed the example, cc main.c, autopsy.c and unicorn.c
james: ok.. did you compile autopsy.c and unicorn.c?
Fury: it's good to know that things seemed to go well
FredK: yes
FredK: all in one shot
james: and when you tried to compile sshow, did the compiler give you any messages?
rich-c: well, now the way is cleared for thebig one, Rin, in November
Fury: ???
james: who is rin?
FredK: all 3files copied o.k.
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs: be right back
AC15 -SLOPSEMAs left chat session
rich-c: our niece Erin in Windsor
FredK: then window closed, then I linked
Fury: what big one?
rich-c: still have the hip to do - that will not be fun
Fury: ooohhh yes
james: hmm.. there has to be something..
james: fred, can you zip the folder and e-mail it to me?
Dr.D.: Oh are indeed an ADAM trooper, Rich.
Dr.D.: Thanks for stopping by for a while tonight.
rich-c: meanwhile I can't eat for 24 hours - just sit there thinking of ice-cream waffles ;-)
FredK: sure, hand on need to get a pen
Fury: hehe
FredK: ok
Dr.D.: Think of something broccoli ice cream with cheese sauce.
Fury: lol
rich-c: don't know if Pamela will make it on later or not - she left here late
FredK: what is ur mail
Fury: she said she would be on earlier....but again that was earlier
rich-c: leave out the ice cream an broccoli goes well with cheese sauce
Daniel Bienvenu: BRB!
Daniel Bienvenu: BRB!
rich-c: oh, a hint, Rin - go get Loblaw's President's Choice Chocolate Gelato if you want a real treat
Fury: sounds tempting
rich-c: even your mother can cope with a generous serving as its fat-free
Dr.D.: I forgot to say hi to Ms. Rin.
Fury: i just had chocolate eruption cheesecake
Dr.D.: Hi, Ms. Rin.
Fury: hi Dr. D
rich-c: and it has really serious mega chocolate flavour
Fury: how goes it?
Dr.D.: "Eruption" because of its effect on your complexion?
Fury: perhaps
Dr.D.: A restaurant here (now defunct) used to have a dessert called The Cookie Monster.
Fury: :D
Dr.D.: A chocolate-chip cookie 14" in diameter, covered with chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, and little Hershey's chocolate chips.
Fury: mmmmmmmm
Dr.D.: I could never eat a whole one...I think Joan and I together ate most of one once.
rich-c: how did they ever manage to go out of business serving that?
Fury: hehe
Dr.D.: Dunno...they also had the best House Salad Dressing I've ever had anywhere.
Dr.D.: Something with poppyseeds and celery seeds...a bit sweet, too.
rich-c: maybe they bribed to move it somewhere else
Dr.D.: It got replaced by a pool hall, er, billiards parlor.
rich-c: these days we are seeing much more variety in the salad dressing on our store shelves
rich-c: in fact I had a choice of at least ten fat-free ones - good, too
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changed username to Pamela
Fury: Pammie
rich-c: hi daughter
rich-c: you missed Guy but Rin's here
Pamela: Rin, I thought you were going out?
Pamela: Hi, all
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james: hi pam
Fury: i trying to silence the voices in my head
changed username to AC15-Slopsema's
Pamela: You're home already? some party
AC15-Slopsema's: hiya Pam
james: woohoo! case is alseep. daddy's gonna take a nap too!
rich-c: ah, you're back, Bob - lose your conncection?
Fury: had a great time though.....lots of laughter
AC15-Slopsema's: good job getting dad home from hospital
Dr.D.: Hello Pamela.
james: *pouf*
james left chat session
Pamela: Hi Rich, Hi James
Dr.D.: Bye James.
Pamela: bye james
AC15-Slopsema's: no, am using compuserve to connect and they have the internet sharing all screwed up Judy and Meeka can not piggyback thru my computer to get here
Pamela: why is Dad at the hospital, Doug?
AC15-Slopsema's: gall bladder surgery maybe eh???????
rich-c: ah yes, the foibles of AOL and its pups
Pamela: oh, mine, not yours
Pamela: gotcha
Pamela: I'm so confused!
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AC15-Slopsema's: CIS is the only damn thing we can get h ere that works
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changed username to zonker
Dr.D.: OMG, It's Zonker!
Pamela: Hi Zonker
AC15-Slopsema's: ZONKER man
AC15-Slopsema's: how is?????
zonker: look out mitchell....we are on the way!!!!
rich-c: all hail Zonker!!!!!
AC15-Slopsema's: yep, tomorrow
changed username to tdbear
AC15-Slopsema's: we done bypassed Seattle a few days aback.......
Dr.D.: Are you going to join us, Zonker?
rich-c: how is the Terror of Tacoma these days?
AC15-Slopsema's: like as in Sat
zonker: hey all is well in god's country...not TOO hot.
AC15-Slopsema's: but DRY
zonker: dr. d....are youfalling apart?.
AC15-Slopsema's: no rain is amonth
Dr.D.: Me....the last N months, maybe :-) Work has been unbelievable.
zonker: where you at now, bob?
Dr.D.: Kids are now older and doing stuff that I have to drive them to.
rich-c: oops - who is tdbear, and apologies for not noticing earlier
Pamela: he's coming to the con to get some rest : )
Dr.D.: Oldest should have her driver's license by the end of the month, though.
AC15-Slopsema's: hmmmmmm.....didn't notice wither sorry TDbear
zonker: yeah, that part kinda sucks...but then they get old enough to drive and...
Pamela: oh my , Christina with a license?
tdbear: Sorry to bud in, I've been talking to Guy and he told me to join in this chat if I had problems getting his emulator to work.
zonker: you never see 'em again.
AC15-Slopsema's: LOOK out cleveland !!!!!!!!!1
AC15-Slopsema's: is it "the Bair "????????
Dr.D.: Yes, just has to get in a few more hours to get 50 total, 10 at night, and then practice parallel parking.
Pamela: s'okay, tdbear, we are a very welcoming bunch
rich-c: you came to the right place to talk about any Adam problem
Pamela: However, I hear that you missed Guy
AC15-Slopsema's: no problem TB, you are not interupting anything
Pamela: Fury, where did you go for dinner?
AC15-Slopsema's: so.......what's the problem?????????
tdbear: Thanks. I've gotten to the Smartwriter part, but then I don't know what to do. I'm very DOS challenged.
Fury: Swiss Chalet
zonker: no prob td....we just ramble on any way....
Pamela: ah, the budget is showing again
Fury: had a couple 20ouncers
Pamela: who went?
rich-c: anyone who cares about Adams can't butt in - he's already a part of teh group[
Fury: Marie, Pat and Stacey
Pamela: cool - I hope you told them hi for me
tdbear: Thanks. I'm crazy about colecovision games. I'm showing my age.
zonker: bob!!! i say, Bob!!! where ARE you now? are you out this way???
Fury: i mentioned it
AC15-Slopsema's: do you you have the "front end" program of ADAMEMAM ????? This will put a pic on the main windows screen to click on and start ADAMEM up
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Pamela: tyvm
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: Daniel, you're twins
AC15-Slopsema's: RIOGHT Zonk....doing Victoria and headednorth tomorrow am
zonker: hi danieal there seems to be two of you
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Twin Daniel! :)
rich-c: yeah, grab a bus tonight, Zonk, and hitch a ride up the island with them
zonker: oh cool! i didn't realise you were going out that early.
Pamela: Bob, in answer to your comment, yes the pickup from the hospital went smoothly and Dad professes to be feeling very good all things considered (as you can see)
tdbear: I'm not sure. He told me to go into the directory that has the Adamem files in it, then he said to type Adamem, and it goes into Smartwriter, I think.
AC15-Slopsema's: got an SUV, we put it in 4wheel drive and take ya'll with us
FredK: good night all
Pamela: g'nite Freddy
zonker: whoa! hold on, pam....which operation is this?(pardon me rich while i talk like your not here)
Dr.D.: Good night, Fred.
AC15-Slopsema's: oh boy........TB......and Guy is incognito right now???????
AC15-Slopsema's: nite Fred
Pamela: Dad had a laparoscopy today
rich-c: take care Fred, hope you make the Saturday evening chat
AC15-Slopsema's: don't forget chat on Sat PM @ 9pm EST
FredK: poof
FredK left chat session
zonker: bye fred
Pamela: we have it on very good authority that his stones are going into the surgeon's collection
AC15-Slopsema's: TB, do you have a little pic icon to click on in windows 95??????
zonker: sorry, pam,.put that in english
zonker: instead of latin
Pamela: gall bladder surgery
Pamela: four little holes instead of one big one
zonker: :) i always said rich had big stones.
Pamela: different stones, Zonk
tdbear: I have Windows 98, and I shut down and go into MS DOS mode. Icon?????
AC15-Slopsema's: sleepy Judy says HI to ya'll
Fury: TMI
Pamela: expect the unexpected Rin
zonker: sleepy judy???? it's only 6:54 ya know.
rich-c: if you have the front end you can run the emulator from Windows
Pamela: hi, sleepy Judy
rich-c: hi to Judy from here, too
tdbear: How do you get the front end? Guy didn
tdbear: Guy didn't tell me about that.
Pamela: Bet Judy's still on eastern time
AC15-Slopsema's: TB, need a program called ADAMEMmam from Marcell DeKogels website...this will give you the win98 icon and boots into a simple screen to select which ADAM program you want to use with aDAMEM
rich-c: you download it from the emulator site
AC15-Slopsema's: YUP
AC15-Slopsema's: she thinks it is 10pm right now....and it is only 7pm
rich-c: that's
zonker: hmmmm....maybe that is what i need to get going with the emulator, too.
AC15-Slopsema's: got up at 3:30am the other day and went off to take ashower
Pamela: just remind her that going home is harder Bob
zonker: well, she's married to YOU so she'll believe anything.
AC15-Slopsema's: she is also LEFT HANDED Zonk, that don't help
zonker: :)
zonker: hey, where the heck is mitchell anyway? is he heading outa town with the money?
AC15-Slopsema's: going back is right nice,........flying at night
tdbear: I'll go and try that. Does it say Adamemmam?
AC15-Slopsema's: Pam, she said to tell you that she made the flight all right, sore backside and all
AC15-Slopsema's: YES
rich-c: well, he usually doesn't come on till 7 Pacific or later
zonker: well now i'm confused...did you FLY out and rent an rv? just how rich are you?
rich-c: and he's had a passel of visitors already this month
AC15-Slopsema's: think it is self other the program you download and it should install and put the icon on the front win98 screen
Pamela: that's good to hear. Did she ever get that backside xrayed to ensure she didn't break her tailbone?
zonker: okay, i'll save all the terrible stuff until he logs on.
rich-c: I think that's it, TD
tdbear: You mean the Adamemmam, or the Adamem?
AC15-Slopsema's: filthy.........was supposed to get Cadillac DeVillle........but they didn't have one, so they gave us a trailBlazer instead
zonker: so, the emulator would then just be a mouse click away??
rich-c: in effect of course you end up running in a DOS window
Pamela: poor Bob
rich-c: exit from the program is F10
zonker: i don't think "poor" is the proper word here.
AC15-Slopsema's: po' hoo......
Pamela: yeah, I can tell how upset y'all are
zonker: soooo, fly in to seattle did you?
AC15-Slopsema's: yup
rich-c: I think the front end is -mam, the other is the emulator itself
Pamela: any probs at the border?
Dr.D.: Yes, do tell....
rich-c: if you're into Linux there's a version for that too of Adamem
Dr.D.: I am worried about it.
zonker: well heck why didn't you drop by the house? just take i-405 west bound.....
Daniel Bienvenu: DIGITAL SOUNDS
Daniel Bienvenu: :D
Pamela: Rich, if our experience last year was any indication, you shouldn't have any problems
AC15-Slopsema's: had a half hour wait at CA customs, aksed what doing....VACATION......wanted birth cert's........any meat????....NOPE....get otta my sight !!!!!!
rich-c: TD, Daniel has written a bunch of new Colecovision games
Pamela: see Rich?
AC15-Slopsema's: had to get thru customs Zonk......and you were not home anyway........Linda said so
zonker: its a funny thing, customs...well at least in WA....sometimes they are strict as all get out...other times not....
tdbear: I'll give it a try. I hope it works. Thanks for your help. My Dad and Sister are Coleco fans, too. We used to have about 40+ games, and kept score cards. I love Coleco! I'd love to see any new Coleco games.
AC15-Slopsema's: every ;WED night 9pm EST....we are here
zonker: hey! linda ALWAYS says that, dang her.
Dr.D.: Well, they can look at my birth certificate with my baby footprints and Mom's thumbprints on it and decide if I'm an impostor...
rich-c: well, just gget Daniel to give you the url for his games, and you're in business
Pamela: tdbear, you are always welcome here - we love company
zonker: any questions any time, td....if we don't know the answer, we'll make one up.
rich-c: Daniel, where does TD go to download your games?
AC15-Slopsema's: Rich a STAMPED official certificate.....forget the one with the footprints unless it is the official county one fromthe county clerk
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Rich, TD can find new homebrew Coleco games at my web site:
AC15-Slopsema's: STAMPED and imbossed
Daniel Bienvenu:
zonker: i'm taking my passport, just in case, as i'm flying in/out.
Pamela: boy do I feel deprived - my Ontario birth certificate only has name, place and date on it
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the direct link to the rom
rich-c: there you are, TD - bookmark it and go see the games
Dr.D.: The footprinty one is the only one I've ever had.
Dr.D.: Drivers license was all they ever looked at the past 2 Canadian ADAMcons.
Dr.D.: But those were before 9/11.
Pamela: I'm telling you Rich, sum total of our experience at the border last year - less than a minute in total - both ways
AC15-Slopsema's: yes take the passport, tis just as good ad birth cert
Dr.D.: Okay, I will be hopeful.
Daniel Bienvenu: This remember me that my web page is not updated... Well, it's omething I must do during the ADAMCON :)
AC15-Slopsema's: better be right one or your trip is in vain
tdbear: Thanks so much guys. I just might have to join in again next week. What happens at these conventions by the way?
rich-c: Pam and Bob - what happens when you're on wheels is very different from what happens on wings
zonker: i don't anitcipate any trouble with customs, rich. but i'd rather be safe than sorry.
Pamela: you're not a suspicious looking character Rich, they won't be interested in you
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left chat session
AC15-Slopsema's: do that TB
AC15-Slopsema's: we'd like that
zonker: amen, rich c.! i couldn't believe it at ac02 they asked for passport at airport!
rich-c: TD, there's a complete schedule of the convention at
Pamela: tdbear, we get together and socialize, and hold sessions on the Adam, and socialize some more. If you want more info, try this years website - um, um - help?
zonker: conventions are a bit of a mad house. sessions are given on various topics of interest.
Pamela: there you go
AC15-Slopsema's: and a lot of bs and more.........
tdbear: OOOhhh. It's kind of like a teddy bear convention (hence the chat name). I go to many of those.
zonker: yeah, especially when slopsema and mason get together! :)
Pamela: we're a very small group
AC15-Slopsema's: zonk......the mighty one told us yesterday that HLM is not coming up but GMK is still coming......bummer
Pamela: usually no more than 25 attend
Dr.D.: Passport I don't have...ended up too busy to get away during the workday to appear in person.
rich-c: you can see pictues of past events on (it is not a www.)
Pamela: and that's with relatives
zonker: speak for yourself, pam...i'm well over 6 ft.
Dr.D.: Herman isn't coming? That's too bad...
Pamela: it's not my fault you're horizontally challenged, Zonker : )
AC15-Slopsema's: lst minute decision I guess
zonker: what!?!?!?!?!?!?! no, you have GOT to be kidding me? NO herman?
AC15-Slopsema's: $$$$$ or porblems with granddaughter....who knows yet.....
AC15-Slopsema's: bummer huh
zonker: oh, man.....that's the only reason i come to these gigs, otherewise i have to socialize with YOU. :)
AC15-Slopsema's: that IS a bummer I got to agree
AC15-Slopsema's: but ya'll is stuck wid me it appears
AC15-Slopsema's: who is Fury......ERIN ??????
rich-c: if you care, tdbear, we also talk here about teddy bears, Klingons, the latest Bill Gates debacle, and whatever else tickles our fancy
Pamela: yes, Bob
zonker: well,,,,,i guess i can talk to judy....if she's not too sleepy.
Fury: yup it's me
Fury: hi
AC15-Slopsema's: AHHA...the Rin is back !!!!!
AC15-Slopsema's: Judy had just asked where Rin was lately
tdbear: Well, even more reason to join in. Bye guys!
Fury: i feel loved
Pamela: Also Harry Potter, robots, Girl scouts . . . we have a lot of varied interests
Dr.D.: bye tdbear
rich-c: night TD come back soon
tdbear left chat session
zonker: see ya td...we are having a chat during the con saturday nite...come join us online!
AC15-Slopsema's: she will rest up to carry on an intelligent talk with you Zonk......about ADAMBOMB2
Pamela: bye, tdbear - please come again
Fury: uncle richard mom says hi
zonker: oh-my-god! i haven't thought of abomb 2 in YEARS
Pamela: see Erin, when you don't show up, we miss you
AC15-Slopsema's: wonder where Guy is.......AND the mighty Mitchell
Fury: unfortunately i have been a little anti-social this evening
Fury: as well
AC15-Slopsema's: can't have room until 1pm is not setting up
zonker: i tell ya, mitchell is absconding with the funds.....
AC15-Slopsema's: could be, he WAS in a little hurry last night when we talked
Pamela: Ron is in panic mode
zonker: ya gotta keep an eye on that mitchell character....
AC15-Slopsema's: why????????
rich-c: do tell her hi right back, Rin
Pamela: Rin, you're entitled to anti-social once in a while
zonker: because it's the night before the con, and we ain't all as cool and collected as you were,bob.
Fury: cool....then i don't feel so bad
rich-c: Guy was on earlier, Bob, but had to leave
zonker: besides, i've spent my entire adam owning life being anit-social....
AC15-Slopsema's: why noit????????
Pamela: hey, some people come and never say anything, and that's okay too
Pamela: and we love you anyway Zonk
Fury: hehe
zonker: hmmmm....i've GOT to work harder on that anti-social thing.+
Pamela: I'm just upset that I'm not going to get to meet you in person this year
zonker: naaa, you'd just be dissapointed.
AC15-Slopsema's: oh that's alright, you HAVE met me in person
zonker: btw, has anyone made any noises about next years con?
Pamela: are you kidding? you've achieved mythical proportions by now
AC15-Slopsema's: you can see the zonk's face on Meeka's website
AC15-Slopsema's: just look for the grouchy one
zonker: yes, bob, but i think she's just about over that.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I thought that was you Bob
AC15-Slopsema's: well....maybe in the carribean.........
changed username to tdbear
rich-c: welcome back TD
tdbear: I'm baaaaacck!
Pamela: hey, tdbear, miss us?
AC15-Slopsema's: cool
zonker: well hello td
moved to room Meeting Place
tdbear: I just downloaded Adamemmam, and I'm already having a little difficulty.
changed username to AC15
AC15: well.... someone has to be late
Pamela: Ron, is that you?
rich-c: is that the Mighty Mitchell just came in?
AC15-Slopsema's: "round one"....that name is already taken............
AC15: yay the one, the only
zonker: hey,hey,hey we're on the WAY,mitchell!!!!!
AC15-Slopsema's: COPYCAT
Dr.D.: Hi Ron.
Pamela: 'sabout time
AC15: good man
AC15: Hi Dr. D.
tdbear: I ran Adamemmam, and now I have a screen that is asking for paths. I can figure out a couple of them, but I don't know what they mean by Adamem path, and Startup Directory. ARe they the same place?
Pamela: Rich, you've been awful quiet tonite
zonker: mitch, i understand bob is camping on your doorstep just now.
AC15: So at 5:15 pm. they were just working on young Jeffie's t-shirt
rich-c: td, I think either Dr. D. or Bob can help you with that - I have it and run it but am not as knowledgable
AC15: pretty close Zonk
Pamela: ooo, get a picture of that Ron
Dr.D.: Me?
Pamela: yes, you
zonker: mitch, tdbear is here looking for help withtthe adam emulator,
Dr.D.: I'm trying to see if I can get a Powerpoint-capable laptop computer to bring to the convention.
Pamela: talk about last- minute!
AC15-Slopsema's: ADAMEM path is...............C:\adamem\ADAMEM.EXE
AC15: yes PAM
AC15: will do that fer sure
Dr.D.: Because I shall be up very very late if I have to complete the presentation before I leave town.
tdbear: I download the Adamem and it's all in my Adamem folder.
Pamela: tx, Bob
Pamela: sorry, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: A PowerPoint-capable laptop... interresting
zonker: hey wait a minute...i just noticed that bob has ac15 in front of his name...what's going on here?
Pamela: you never sleep anyway at these things Rich
Dr.D.: I had hoped to hide away in my office today, but too many people had lab stuff they needed help with.
AC15-Slopsema's: EOS rom image is............C:\adamem\Eos.rom WP rom image is.........C:\adamem\Wp.rom
AC15: Probably be the best idea Dr. D. although, both Jeff and I have PowerPoint XP on respective laptops that you'd be welcome to use
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the subject of your presentation , DRD?
AC15-Slopsema's: separate the line from WP on......
tdbear: So is the Startup Directory the same? c:\adamem\adamem.exe?
Dr.D.: Digital document moving hi-res images in and out of ADAM platforms.
AC15-Slopsema's: OS-7 rom image is...............C:\adamem\Os7.rom
AC15: are you using the Windows Front end tdbear?
AC15-Slopsema's: startup dir is............C:\ADAMEM
Daniel Bienvenu: Nice subject, I started one presentation too but about ColecoVision programming
Dr.D.: I had wanted to do it as PowerPoint, since I hadn't planned on bringing a computer or anything to do Show And Tell on.
zonker: he just went and grabbed it,mitch,
tdbear: Yep I'm using the front end? By the way, can I use this if I have Windows 98 and not 95?
Dr.D.: Just bring a CD...but I have to have it done to bring it on the CD :-)
AC15: yes.... I'm using Win 98 2nd edition
rich-c: it is running fine on my Win98SE machine
AC15: works there, also X P
AC15-Slopsema's: then jump to second tab and it is a place to put in whatever you want to boot in drive 1, 2 or 5 (disk drive)...all pretend in ADAMEM
Daniel Bienvenu: But the problem is, I can't be at the ADAMCON
zonker: drd...something about the horse in front of the cart?? :)
Dr.D.: Since I'm not scheduled until Saturday, however, if I can bring a computer along to work on it, then I can work on it tomorrow during long boring travel hours.
AC15-Slopsema's: YES in both win98 and win95
AC15: you and me both Dr. D.
Dr.D.: I already have another PP presentation about robotics that I was going to bring.
AC15: will be working into the night this evening
Dr.D.: Also Ron:
Pamela: I can't believe I'm gonna miss all this stuff
tdbear: Whoa! I looked at the second tab, and I'm lost! what is it asking for exactly? (all these image things).
AC15: Pamela, wish there was a way
Dr.D.: Anything to play a VHS tape on? I found my taped session from ADAMcon 10...I could briing it along. I don't know if I ever actually watched it all the way through after making it.
Pamela: as do I - but believe me, all three of us will be there in spirit, if not in person
AC15: Top of the ADAMEMAM screen tdbear...there's tabs
AC15: yup Dr. D we can arrange that
zonker: hell, bring the tape,drd....surely the hotel has a vcr?
AC15: There's a fair size TV in the meeting room, and I'll bring along my VCR
AC15-Slopsema's: second tab is IMAGES........3rd down is disk A on it and it will go to the ADAMEM directory and you can pick a bootable program to use
zonker: kids i got some "honey-dos" to take care of,so i'll be shuffling off....
tdbear: What do I put when it asks "Cassette A image"? and so on...
AC15-Slopsema's: then click on LAUNCH ADAMEM
AC15: right Zonk... see ya fri night.... what was the time again?
Fury: bye Zonker
AC15: 9:30?
zonker: see youse friday nite,late.
rich-c: Zonk, since I can't come, may I appoint you my official representative?
Pamela: does the running of these things always constitute emptying your residence?
AC15-Slopsema's: forget cassette images for now TD
zonker: damn!! i hope you wrote it down, as i can't find intenerary.
AC15: no
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! all this stuff at the adamcon, I hope you will not forget something. ;)
zonker: ron, i'll call you next day or so and make sure we
tdbear: Which bootable program? Do you mean adamem.exe? I told you I was quite DOS challenged. I'm also not computer programmer either.
AC15: ok
zonker: ve got arrival time down.
zonker: rich clee, i will be happy and PROUD to be your rep!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Okay, I'll bring the tape.
AC15-Slopsema's: no you should have downloaded some image files with extension of .dsk such as SmartBasic
changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Pamela: Hi, Jeff!
zonker: i'm out.....
Daniel Bienvenu: Jeff!
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
AC15: son jeff in the next room
zonker: 3
zonker: 2
rich-c: trust me, TD, a number of us are not computer gurus - though we do have on or two experts
Pamela: by zonke
zonker: 1
AC15-Slopsema's: bootable games..........Spyhunter, Daragon's Lair, etc
Jeff Mitchell: Howdy folks :)
Daniel Bienvenu: zonkey! poof?
zonker: <poof!>
zonker left chat session
Dr.D.: If I brought a laptop with ethernet card and CAT5 cable,. would you have a hub to connect it to, to transfer files to another Mac, say?
rich-c: hello Jeff - got the whole clan out tonight
Dr.D.: This question for Ron.
AC15-Slopsema's: hi Jeff
Dr.D.: Hi Jeff.
AC15: go ahead Dr D
Pamela: wow, the gang's all here
Jeff Mitchell: I'm in the next room on my laptop
AC15-Slopsema's changed username to AC15-Victoria
Dr.D.: "go ahead", I could bring such a computer, or you didn't see me ask the question :-)
tdbear: Image files? I don't think I have any? Where do I get those? Boy this is turning into a bigger problem than first thought.
AC15-Victoria: right now TD, the emulator is looking for disk images that are self booting
AC15: I didn't see you ask the question
Dr.D.: I just verifed that PowerPoint 98 will run my robotics PP presentation.
AC15-Victoria: got an email address for me?????? will send a couple
rich-c: in the download there should have been a file "rom images"
Pamela changed username to Pamela C.
AC15: Ok I got it... yes, we are planning on having a hub there which will serve Mac's and IBM's
Dr.D.: Okay...if I brought a laptop with an ethernet card and CAT5 cable, do you have a hub to connect it to, such that files could be moved to another computer?
AC15: OS X Jag can see both
Dr.D.: Great.
AC15: yes Dr. D... re the hub. We'll have one (or two)
Dr.D.: My desktop Mac is the dual G4, but this laptop is a Powerbook 5300.
AC15: we'll also have cable connection to the outside broadband
AC15: from the meeting room at least
Dr.D.: Good...I am encouraged that I can complete the presentation tomorrow and have hope of moving it off to whatever machine will actually be attached to the LCD projector.
Pamela C.: man, I've got to learn more of this language
Pamela C.: I'm lost
Dr.D.: Okay, I am sold, I will bring this laptop.
tdbear: All I have is OS7. rom, Eos.rom and WP.rom. Are these those?
AC15: LCD will handle VGA or S-video
Dr.D.: LCD=liquid crystal display.
AC15: It's kind of a crappy pic it puts up on the screen, but it'll do... and the price was right
Pamela C.: that much I got Rich
rich-c: have to talk to your tech guys at work, Pam, they deal with networking all the time
Dr.D.: This laptop unfortunately doesn't have a VGA out, otherwise I'd just host it all from it.
AC15: 'tis a castoff from the University of British Columbia
Pamela C.: I can't get them to stand still long enough, Dad
Dr.D.: Or rather, it has the special non-standard 5300 port for VGA out that nobody ever bought the adapter for :-)
Jeff Mitchell: Dr.D> LOL! :)
Dr.D.: I am having hope of being able to buy some flavor of Titanium Powerbook around Christmas time.
AC15-Victoria: NO. emial address....3 ADAM bootable ADAMEM files ready to send to you
AC15-Victoria: need email address
AC15: that's the trouble with standards
AC15: so many to choose from
rich-c: td, there are rom inages of most of the CV games available, some of which it is legal to use
Dr.D.: too many of 'em
tdbear: Thanks. I don't know why I don't have them???
AC15: I'm jealous Dr. D
Dr.D.: This dual G4 has a new mutant monitor out port to connect to the LCD flat panel screen, too.
Pamela C.: tdbear, where are you?
AC15: more jealous
Dr.D.: It is getting a workout with all the video analysis I'm doing of slug feeding this summer.
tdbear: Then where do I put in all these images? Can you maybe include some instruction, too?
rich-c: soundslike you're Canadian, TD
AC15: Good Dr. D I'll send you some primula plants. Slugs love 'em
AC15-Victoria: TD, just sent you SmartBASIC, AdamCALC and SmartLOGO.......sll botable programs to put in the ADMEM directory and then run as disk A
tdbear: I'm Canadian, don't you know. I'm an Albertan. Please no mad cow jokes.
Pamela C.: hey, another Canuck! Yay!
AC15-Victoria: file is at your door RD
AC15: wrong side of the mountains tdbear
AC15: I'm on Vancouver Island
Pamela C.: depends on your point of view, Mr. Left Coast
Pamela C.: I'm in Toronto
AC15: Welcome..... tdbear.... good to have you around
AC15: Hop on a Westjet and come on out to see us.... we're having a convention here tomorrow... an ADAM convention.... Thurs - Sun
rich-c: Fred, Daniel Pam and I, Ron and Jeff and Erin are all Canadians
Pamela C.: tdbear, I'll trade you my SARS joke for your mad cow, okay?
tdbear: My family lives in Ontario.
AC15: Dale and Neil didn't make it out of Toronto till late. Missed their connection.... will hopefully be here tomorrow
rich-c: yes, TD, Westjet even flies direct into Comox from Calgary and also has service from Edmonton
Daniel Bienvenu: tdbear, you have no reason to worry here.
AC15: we only sound crazy
tdbear: I'd love to go, but I've got a family thing. I'm taking my boy to Calaway Park.
AC15: ya can only be in one place at one time
Pamela C.: Jeff, you're based in Edmonton, correct?
rich-c: well, at least you can see what's going on on the 'net
Jeff Mitchell: Pamela>I'm in Vancouver actually.
AC15-Victoria: bummer, the Wick's always like to push the envelope
tdbear: I'll go try it out. Thanks Victoria. Hope I don't have more problems. If there's a problem to be found...I will find it.
rich-c: will be having a real-time live feed, Ron?
AC15: yeah... he phoned here about 4 pm
Jeff Mitchell: Pamela>Took the week off to come over for the 'con...and to visit.
AC15-Victoria: Bob Slopsema TD, and glad to have ya here
Pamela C.: Jeff, I thought it was Edmonton, or have you moved?
AC15: Rich... not unless somebody can figure out how to do it... I will have a webcam there, but it's only a cheapie
Jeff Mitchell: Pamela>Nope, always been in Vancouver
Pamela C.: okay, now I'm confused
AC15: Sister Steph in Edmonton Pam.
Pamela C.: usual state of affairs, don't worry about it
rich-c: what will be the webcam URL, Ron?
Pamela C.: Ahhhh. Okay. (D'oh)
Jeff Mitchell: Pamela>I'm confused for most of each day, it's normal <g>
AC15: She's been here for the past week, but just left here today... that's why I was late... had to take them to the airport... then we went out for supper
AC15: actually we were all here in Comox this past week.
AC15-Victoria: went out for supper........and left us hanging, eh????????
AC15: Had about 10 for supper the other night
AC15: yeah Bob.... I know..... lay on the guilt
Pamela C.: give him a break Bob, he's about to devote the next five days entirely to us
tdbear: Well, I better go for now. How long are you on here for?
tdbear: Usually.
Pamela C.: till about 11:00 eastern, tdbear
AC15: keep in touch tdbear.... we're here to help.... if you can get us focussed enough
rich-c: usually two hours, Wed ( ET, Sat 3 ET - this week only Sat 9 ET
Pamela C.: con chat is Saturday at 9:00 eastern
tdbear: Okay, I might be back again. Not too much partying, eh?
Dr.D.: I think I'm going to sign off for tonight...stop by my office to pick up some stuff, then head home.
Pamela C.: same time, same channel
AC15-Victoria: well kids, gonna wlk on down to the innerharbor fro cappicino tonight, got to change clothes (cool here) and . and
AC15: every wed night
Fury: nite Dr. D
AC15-Victoria: it IS tough being here ya know
Jeff Mitchell: Dr.D>See you tomorrow :)
AC15-Victoria: and CIS is killing me with access charges.
AC15: ya got a beautiful night for it Bob.... enjoy
Pamela C.: Rich, you're STILL AT WORK??
AC15: see you tomorrow
rich-c: right - I think I've pushed my luck enough tonight, so I'll bail too
Daniel Bienvenu: con chat at Sat 9:00pm? I must be there!
AC15-Victoria: so.............see ya tomorrow gang. and the rest of the gANG ON sat
Dr.D.: I was home for supper, came back to get this laptop into shape.
AC15: I have to go panic some more
Dr.D.: I am all packed up to go otherwise.
tdbear: Oops. I think I started something.
AC15-Victoria left chat session
AC15: I'll try to do it quietly
Pamela C.: okayh, night Bob, nite Rich, nite Dad, nite tdbear
rich-c: it's getting near 11 and there's special pressures tonight - fear not, TD
Dr.D.: So, see some of you late (Pacific time) tomorrow night.
tdbear left chat session
Dr.D.: Hope to chat with the rest of you on Saturday.
AC15: yes sir.... either jeff or I will be there to getcha
Jeff Mitchell: I shall sign off too I think. See you Saturday if I don't see you tomorrow :)
rich-c: and to all au revoir till Sat at ( ET
Dr.D.: Thanks...I'll be wearing the blue ADAMcon 13 T-shirt.
Pamela C.: see you all on Saturday. Daddy, call if you need anything, okay?
AC15: right Dr. D.. noted
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: OK Pam but should be OK
rich-c: bye now
Jeff Mitchell left chat session
Pamela C.: just in case, Daddy
Fury: nite uncle richard
rich-c left chat session
AC15: wish you could come Pamela
Pamela C.: I'll tell him Rin
Fury: okie dokie
Pamela C.: oh, youhave no idea how much I wanted to be there Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: good night to everybody...
AC15: I know
Pamela C.: nite, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Fury: nite Daniel
Pamela C.: I was hoping for a lottery win
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Fury!
AC15: be well all..... safe journey for those who are journeying
AC15: nite
Pamela C.: good con, Ron
AC15: :)
AC15 left chat session
Pamela C.: Rin, are you sticking?
Fury: i should probably get some slepp
Pamela C.: okay, I'll try to call tomorrow nite as discussed
Fury: okie dokie
Fury: gnite
Pamela C.: remind me to send copies of the wedding pictures, too
Fury: oh ok
Fury: cool
Pamela C.: love you
Fury: love you too
Pamela C.: hugs to all
Daniel Bienvenu: ;)
Fury: *exiting stage right*
Pamela C.: kerpoof!
Fury left chat session
Pamela C. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm the last one online
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. left chat session
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changed username to <undefined>
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