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james: hello?
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changed username to rich-c
james: morning
rich-c: prompt as usual and more, I see, james
rich-c: and a good morning to you too
james: i try :P
james: not easy when you're chronically underslept
rich-c: wonder how long it will take the conventioneers to get on? 6 p.m. is awfully early
james: i wouldn't be surprised if they run late
rich-c: can't recall a convention when we didn't even with a 9 p.m. time setting
rich-c: gather you and Daniel have been up to things behind our backs
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changed username to tdbear
rich-c: hello jocko and welcome to our big night
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rich-c: how are things doing in Alberta this evening?
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james: yes, dan and i have been quite busy
tdbear: Great! I'm glad I could make it.
changed username to BobSlopsema
rich-c: evening Bob
BobSlopsema: we'uns is here on the island
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rich-c: yes, looks like the gang is actually popping up on time
BobSlopsema: Dale is here and Dr D trying both of them
changed username to Dr.D.-AC15
changed username to George
rich-c: hi Rich
changed username to joan
BobSlopsema: lots of them are in a feeding frenzy at the restaruant yet
james: mmm... food
rich-c: and George - the east coast is heard from
BobSlopsema: MRS D !!!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: Okay, I am here...ran over from the supper restaurant to get logged in, knowing that a bunch of you would be waiting.
BobSlopsema: seafood !!!!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Joanling!
rich-c: great heavens - have we Nurse Joan as well? Fantastic!
George: Hi Everyone
BobSlopsema: and good !!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan, you can have one of the other girls log in at the computer next to the fridge.
rich-c: glad you've made it, George
BobSlopsema: went to the mountains this afternoon so were a little late getting to supper
Dr.D.-AC15: Have them start Netscape and then use the same URL that you used on the Mac.
rich-c: you have us green with envy (except we dont eat saefood)
Dr.D.-AC15: Hello Richard, James, and everyone else.
George: i'm in the hospital
james: good day, dr d
rich-c: so you're on a laptop and have a line out, George?
Dr.D.-AC15: I have lots of photos of mountains.
George: yes
Dr.D.-AC15: Sorry to hear about your hospital stay, George.
rich-c: well do post up a few - but keep the files to a decent size, eh?
BobSlopsema: TOO BAD Richard
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan, are you there, or are you just typing very slowly? :-)
rich-c: what's acting up on you today, George?
BobSlopsema: how you doing for health???????
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George: HR 45
changed username to Dale - AC15
Dale - AC15: Hi all.
james: hi dale
rich-c: hi Dale, welcome aboard
joan: I'm here I just had to run upstairs to help Christina with something.
George: bp 90/60
rich-c: oh, I'm sitting around in my pyjamas, Bob, since I can't stand anything tight, but full of spit and vinegar
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BobSlopsema: that's GOOD mon
james: sazsfd
Dr.D.-AC15: BobS said that it was to help Christina get the car out of the upstairs...student driving and all.
james: bv6 Q
BobSlopsema: case there???????
rich-c: got Case joining in, have we?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: Wa te
james: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
BobSlopsema: TDbear...glad to see ya made it....Guy will be along shortly AFTER he is done chowing down
changed username to Pam at home
james: nna a ,35vgbVB G LK,m
tdbear: Don't hurry on my account.
rich-c: hi daughter
BobSlopsema: PAMELA
George: got those ADAMS fired up?
BobSlopsema: ya made it
james: fd6tg
BobSlopsema: got your shirt right here. AWESOME !!!!!
BobSlopsema: shame on me...... :-(
Pam at home: greetings everyone
Dale - AC15: How ya doing James. Long time no talk.
rich-c: I wanna have my shirt right HERE!
BobSlopsema: anyway, Ron has them to mail out shortly although I don't think it will happen until we leave
Dr.D.-AC15: Hello Pamela.
joan: No, Christina was helping to clean the kitchen. The other three are in the living room watching "Teen Titans".
james: don't ask me how he did it but now all of your messages are centreed
BobSlopsema: will put on some pb&j for ya when we send it Richard
rich-c: right, I can eat that now!
Pam at home: James, that's a clever boy you have there
George: i went off the heart monitor again
Pam at home: Hi, tdbear, Hi Joan!
james: yeah, get this. he can go to the cd player, turn it on and press "play" to listen to a cd
BobSlopsema changed username to BobS-AC15
tdbear: Hey Pam!
james: not bad for 16 months if you ask me
Dr.D.-AC15: Christina cleaning the kitchen? That is amazing.
rich-c: I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it, George - mine currently is all over the place
BobS-AC15: BUT james......can he do windows???????
Pam at home: careful Rich - don't make a big deal out of it or she'll never do it again
rich-c: yesterday I got a reading of 79/53 but today it's 120/65
Pam at home: Bob, how do the T's look?
BobS-AC15: they look GREAT
Pam at home: I can't wait to see them
james: diaper duty. brb
Dr.D.-AC15: haha Pam
BobS-AC15: gray with the island in the centre with ADAMCON 15 and the flags on the sides upper half
George: iv is beeping
Pam at home: Daniel, comment ca va?
james: and if someone knows how to uncentre this text, i'm all ears
rich-c: he3y Daniel, when did you sneak in? Salut!
joan: If you think that's amazing, you should see what Diana and Gretchen did with the basement. Amazingly amazing.
BobS-AC15: YOU Daniel
Dr.D.-AC15: Is this cleaning so that the workmen can do the bathroom?
BobS-AC15: you gonna LUV it
Pam at home: Maybe Rich should go away more often, Joan
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: Je vais très bien!
joan: You got it
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Rich!
Pam at home: George, it's nice to see you - what's this about an IV?
BobS-AC15: Downloaded the games form your website today Daniel.......gonna show them tomorrow !!!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: BobS says "uh-oh" about the basement...given how much stuff I had down there, I hope it wasn't messed up too much worse than it already was.
rich-c: hear you and james have been doing a PP presentation
Dr.D.-AC15: Hello Daniel.
George: it's beeping
Pam at home: whyfor?
BobS-AC15: SMAKC it George
Daniel Bienvenu: If you want more games... I can send a few more roms by emails!
Dr.D.-AC15: So you want that I should go away more, Joan? I would if I could bring you along...
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D!
Pam at home: aww, that's so sweet
Pam at home: can we clone him Joan?
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm looking forward to Daniel's presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: I does my presentation in 3 or 4 days... there is nothing there! I bit too long maybe...
Dr.D.-AC15: It will be the 4th PowerPoint we've had this ADAMcon (Jeff Mitchell, Neil Wick, and me have gone already).
Pam at home: Hey Dale, how are you?
rich-c: are you going to have them posted somewhere for downloads later, Rich?
Dr.D.-AC15: Probably there's more than enough of me already.
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, Richard.
George: vital signs weak
Dr.D.-AC15: The one I gave is only 100K.
Pam at home: oh, but Rich, Erin has such a crush on you and she just broke up with her jerk of a boyfriend
Dr.D.-AC15: I brought along one about robotics as an emergency backup/spare presentation that is 9 MB.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.: my presentation doesn't talk too much about programming... I didn't have time. And I think 80 slides is enough.
Dr.D.-AC15: 80 slides, wow!
Pam at home: so where is our host?
james: back from diaper duty
Dr.D.-AC15: Erin has a crush on me?!?
Pam at home: can't you tell Rich?
Pam at home: she loves the way you treat her
Pam at home: and if you tell her I told you, I'll deny everything
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changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
rich-c: hello Jeff
Jeff Mitchell: Hi all :)
Pam at home: Hey Jeff
rich-c: where's the old man?
Jeff Mitchell: Rich>Still eating fish and chips :)
joan: Hey everyone, Christina has arrived!!!!
Pam at home: I see I've left you speechless, Rich
Jeff Mitchell: Rich>No he's not, he's right here.
Pam at home: Hi, Christina
rich-c: should have known ;-)
Dr.D.-AC15: Ask Dale to destroy the chat logs then, Pam :-)
Pam at home: oh no, they're way too entertaining
Dr.D.-AC15: Christina's on the other computer?
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rich-c: Dale, while you're here - can you shrink the photos you're posting?
joan: no, daddy, I'm just typing for awhile
changed username to zonker
Dr.D.-AC15: If you're not pulling my leg, Pam, then yes, I am speechless...
Pam at home: Hi Zonker
rich-c: hello Zonk!
james left chat session
Pam at home: in truth, she's never said it out loud Rich, but I can tell from the way she responds to you
zonker: hi pam at home
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Daniel Bienvenu: There is a chat log? Great!
changed username to james
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Christina...change your name to "Christina", then. There's an Edit function somewhere in the window.
zonker: hit rich
james: when all else fails, restart the app or reboot
james: how are things pam?
Pam at home: she's never had someone be so complimentary
rich-c: yes, Daniel - have you been getting the latest from the mailing list?
zonker: sorry i meant HI rich
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Zonker...and I won't hit you.
George: fdisk
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joan: (Christina) Daddy, I don't see an edit button
changed username to DougS
Pam at home: they're good James - it's sticky here so I finally gave up the fight and turned on the A/C
Dr.D.-AC15: Gee Pam, I wonder what I ought to do.
james: case is getting sleepy! woo hoo! if he sleeps i'm gonna be right there with him :P
Daniel Bienvenu: No, I'm not in the mailing list... I waited one year and ... no, I'm not in the mailing list.
Pam at home: Hi Doug
DougS: hi all
rich-c: hello Doug, gradually the whole family's getting on
Pam at home: just keep on being the sweet guy that you are Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Doug!
George: i'm freezing
Dale - AC15: Richard, I sent you an email that I'm shrinking the images, but they aren't ready to view quite yet.
tdbear: Was it you, Bob that sent me those files the other night? I'm just not sure what file to open under the Disk A image under the Images tab. Does it matter which one?
rich-c: OK Daniel - Dale has moved the mailing list to and simplified it
Dr.D.-AC15: Christina, try some of the menus from within the chat window. You should see something like"File Edit Rooms Actions Extras About"
rich-c: if you can get him to respond here, maybe he can put you on this evening
Pam at home: the name change is under "edit"
rich-c: yes Rich, Edit has change user name
joan changed username to Christina
james changed username to james&case
Christina: Okay, I found it now
Pam at home: Daddy, how are you feeling?
Pam at home: way to go, Christina
BobS-AC15: TD bear.....NO it does not matter, I think they were all self booting files
rich-c: actually somewhat improved - soreness is lessening, appetite is fine
Pam at home: good to hear
rich-c: my only problem is sleeping
Pam at home: oh?
zonker: george, take it like a man
rich-c: have to stay on my back and can't sleep on my back
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rich-c: doing my snoozing in daytime in the living room chair :-(
Pam at home: ooo, I know that feeling Dad - that's not great
Christina: Oh daddy, I got to play in the varsity scrimmage and I did REALLY well.
james&case: mmmm.. snoozing
Pam at home: Naps are good, Dad
changed username to iMac-AC15
Pam at home: Hi, Ron
rich-c: hello Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on an "updated version" of one of my tools. Sometimes, I can miss your questions.
Pam at home: 'bout time you got here
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron!
iMac-AC15: Hey!
james&case: hi ron
tdbear: I think I tried SmartBasic, then it had some question about formatting rom I think. I just don't know what to do from there.
Christina: Mommy got good things said about me at the parents meeting
iMac-AC15: everybody well
Pam at home: how's it going so far Ron?
james&case: chronically underslept, but doing alright :P
tdbear: I guess I better add that I have no Adam computer background. I'm strictly a Colecovision gal.
Pam at home: and you wonder why we don't have kids, James : )
iMac-AC15: very well thanks Pam.... think we can call it a success
Pam at home: woohoo!
james&case: @pam, i wonder no more. i know exactly why!
zonker changed username to Judy
Pam at home: Hi Judy
rich-c: that's OK, tdbear, Adam is built on the CV after all
Judy: brb gotta go get my other glasses. <sigh>its hell getting old...
rich-c: and I'm sure you've noticed we have some enthusiastic gamers
Judy: that was
BobS-AC15: not a problem what the heck is this about formatting?????
Pam at home: so where is everyone - in their rooms or in the convention room?
rich-c: hi Judy
james&case: @ron, so it seems you've done a good job so far
BobS-AC15: Judy gone now and the zonk back.......
iMac-AC15: meeting room mostly Pam - we got a cable connection here
BobS-AC15: conventino room on wireless and wires w/ router
tdbear: Well, if you want to hang on, I can boot it up again then tell you exactly what it's saying.
BobS-AC15: won't transmit too far
moved to room Meeting Place
iMac-AC15: ton
George: cardiac arrest is so much fun
changed username to Meeka
Pam at home: it must be weird, being all in the same room so you can talk and chat at the same time
Meeka: Hello
George: NOT
Pam at home: HI, Meeka
Judy changed username to zonker
iMac-AC15: n th
Pam at home: well stop it then George
zonker: ahhh,me old self again
rich-c: welcome, Meeka
iMac-AC15: Well James, they didn't leave me up Mt. Washington
BobS-AC15: we are LL wierd pam
BobS-AC15: All
George: got no choice
james&case: tempting as it was, i'm sure :P
DougS changed username to DougS-AC15
BobS-AC15: Mitch, you almost DID NOT make itUP the mountain
moved to room Meeting Place
iMac-AC15: ?
zonker: pam,what makes you think we talk to each other?
rich-c: I've heard coming down mountains is much easier than going up
changed username to Guy B.
moved to room Meeting Place
tdbear: Okay, it says "initialize ramdisk y/n"?
Pam at home: just a hunch, Zonk
Guy B.: Greetings from Courtenay, Canada
BobS-AC15: YES
Pam at home: Hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy - tdbear is here
changed username to Dr.D.-AC15
George: back to ICU
rich-c: hang in there, George
iMac-AC15: The Taurus is still resting
Dr.D.-AC15: All right, I am back after having lost my network connection.
Guy B.: Hi tdbear. You got my message
Dr.D.-AC15: Christina, congrats on playing varsity.
Pam at home: speak harshly to it, Rich
iMac-AC15: just about poisoned my fellow travellers with the
tdbear: Are there any other questions or things that come after that?
iMac-AC15: smell of burning break linings
tdbear: Yep, hi Guy.
zonker: christina, daddy got lost for a while
BobS-AC15: think it just tells youj to hit ENTER or RETURN for menu or catalog
Guy B.: How are you?
BobS-AC15: just a sec
Dr.D.-AC15: (speaking harshly) BE NICE!!!
iMac-AC15: Mighty Mitchell award contest is about to begin
iMac-AC15: round 1
BobS-AC15: Christina he IS LOST all day
rich-c: (ta-da!)
Dr.D.-AC15: No, not the MM brain is too tired now.
iMac-AC15: A test of memory
iMac-AC15: not computer memory
iMac-AC15: your memory
BobS-AC15: remember what????????
iMac-AC15: HuH?
tdbear: What does it say on the menu?
iMac-AC15: Eh?
rich-c: Ron, Frances wants to know if you've checked your emails recently
iMac-AC15: Hi Christina
zonker: not huh? eh?
Christina: HI
iMac-AC15: re e-mail.... no, I have not
Daniel Bienvenu: Be right back...
rich-c: oh, she sent you one yesterday
Pam at home: speak, oh Mighty Mitchell
iMac-AC15: not since Thurs afternoon
james&case: hey ron, was that cheque i sent you worth the paper it was written on?
Dr.D.-AC15: I hope you haven't spent all day cleaning today, Christina.
Guy B.: The Actions give you some things you can send to all of us or to a specific one.
Dr.D.-AC15: Is your Mom still there? She could use the other computer, as I said.
Guy B.: tdbear where are you from.
iMac-AC15: So far as I know James
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale - AC15
Dr.D.-AC15: Spending money? Whose, and how much?
tdbear: I'm from Lethbridge, Alberta.
iMac-AC15: put it in the bank
Pam at home: Dale, you're twins
rich-c: hi Dale, back with us now?
Guy B.: So you're above us then.
tdbear: Boy, it's getting a bit rowdy in here.
iMac-AC15: this has to be a new record
rich-c: Christina hasnt learned to take off the shift lock yet
Pam at home: we're a rowdy bunch, tdbear
Guy B.: Rowdy. We don't get rowdy, we have FUN!!!
Pam at home: exactly
Dale - AC15 requested to ban Dale - AC15
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
james&case confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pam at home confirmed ban
BobS-AC15 confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr.D.-AC15 confirmed ban
DougS-AC15 confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
james&case: fOr SALe: UsED capSLOck KEy
iMac-AC15 confirmed ban
rich-c: Dale - Daniel is not on the mailing list. you add him? Like very soon?
Dr.D.-AC15: rotfl james
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam at home: no takers, James
Guy B.: Hi James, you missed that typhoon?
changed username to Dale - AC15
Christina: i fixed it now
Pam at home: thank you Christina
james&case: yoU'RE miSSinG oUt oN a GReaT DEal
Dale - AC15 left chat session
Guy B.: HI Christina
james&case: yeah, literally by a hairbreadth, guy
Christina: hello
iMac-AC15: we were thinking about you James
james&case: we got rained on but we basically just got brushed by the side of it
Guy B.: Heard you're driving test is coming up.
Dr.D.-AC15: This is funny...usually we chat each in our own hotel rooms...but since we're using a local Internet connection, we're all in the same room.
Christina: yeah, I want to get my license by the end of August
Dr.D.-AC15: So people are typing to each other as well as talking to each other.
Pam at home: so you can hear each other giggling Rich?
rich-c: yes, I can imagine the gossip going back and forth
Guy B.: Wow, glad to hear that. Since the news clips didn't say where it hit.
james&case: thanks, ron
iMac-AC15: :)
Guy B.: Good Luck. You'll do fine.
tdbear: You wanna talk about rain. Try getting hit by a 3 inch flying insect. Yep, it's raining grasshoppers here.
james&case: the thing with these storms is that it's almost impossible to predict with any accuracy the path they'll take
BobS-AC15: TD......ADAMem loads & initializes the ramdisk then asks for a key press to get the menu.......then you can press ENTER to select the one you want by the arrow
rich-c: Christina, just remember having a licence does NOT mean you know how to drive
zonker: giggle? more like gaffawing....
Pam at home: tdbear, what's your name?
james&case: a mouse farts in london and it misses us instead of hitting us..
Guy B.: Rich, glad to hear your surgery went well.
Christina: thanks, then I can take the car and go out with my friends, YEAH!!
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS-AC15: OR you can press ESCAPE and type in CATALOG and you will get the directory of the volume
changed username to Dale - AC15
Dr.D.-AC15: On our away mission to Mt. Washington this afternoon, at the top of the mountain, friendly birds were landing on our outstretched hands looking for food.
Pam at home: Ignore him, Christina - he told me the same thing and I'm accident and ticket free after ten years
Christina: I'm a very good driver
tdbear: Hi Pam, my name's Jen.
rich-c: you've got a grasshopper plague, TD?
james&case: @pam, you're accident free too?
Dr.D.-AC15: I didn't have any food, but the birds were landing on my hand and pecking at my palm.
Pam at home: absolutely James
rich-c: what kind of birds, Rich?
Dr.D.-AC15: It tickled.
Pam at home: Nice to meet you Jen - that's a lot easier to type
tdbear: All the farm trucks you see driving around are all green in the front.
Dr.D.-AC15: Tell Diana that we also saw tiny brown squirrels, about half the size of ours at home, with big ears and short tails.
zonker: whiskey jack was the bird breed....
james&case: woo hoo! case is asleep!
BobS-AC15: HIYA Jen
Pam at home: James, don't you dare take off yet
Dr.D.-AC15: GOOD NIGHT CASE!!!!!!!
Christina: okay, mommy wants to know if there were any skunks???
Pam at home: Meeka, you're so quiet
Guy B.: Jen, did you get a chance to read the Adamem docmentation, or are you like a few of us that are still confused by everything.
james&case: and daddy's gonna grab a nap with him while the grabbing is good
rich-c: hope you didn't leave any valuables (or lunch) in sight - those birds will have them like a shot
Dr.D.-AC15: Skunks, none seen AFAIK.
Meeka: lol, ya, jsut trying to keep up here :)
zonker: only skunks are at the con already
Guy B.: Phew, Zonker
Dr.D.-AC15: I resemble that remark!
james&case: @pam, i'll be back. i don't imagine having the good fortune to sleep more than about 20 mins
tdbear: I looked at the text files. Is that what you mean? I didn't get much out of it.
Christina: HWy were you talking about birds???
Guy B.: Yes.
Pam at home: okay James - we'll hold you to that
james&case: i'll be back.
Dr.D.-AC15: Because they were tame and flew over to us and landed on our hands.
BobS-AC15 changed username to Judy
james&case: birds suck
Meeka: lol
Dr.D.-AC15: Birds are tasty.
Pam at home: Russell says hi, y'all
Dr.D.-AC15: urp
james&case: little birds that wake me up at 4.30 a.m. anyway
Meeka: HI Russell
Dr.D.-AC15: I ate some genuine mountain snow, too.
Judy: I am back, only here when someone else isn't using a computer
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Russell.
George: turkeys
rich-c: those jacks are really bold when they get fed
Christina: daddy you need to stop taking after mr. twit and his bird pies
tdbear: Maybe I'll try and boot it up again and see if I can through it this time. Will I know what selection to make from the menu?
Dr.D.-AC15: I forgot the Sticky Glue.
iMac-AC15 changed username to BobS-AC15
james&case: *poof*
Dr.D.-AC15: But there were plenty of dead Bird Trees.
BobS-AC15: SOWN W/ Mitchell
Guy B.: Jen, have you used any kind of word processor like Wordpad or MS Word?
james&case left chat session
tdbear: I use Word a fair bit.
George: stand clear
rich-c: you still had snow on the mountain? I thought it was only about 3000 ft?
tdbear changed username to Jen
Dr.D.-AC15: What stuff did you clean today, Christina?
BobS-AC15: 6000+ feet Richard
zonker: no 6m ft
Dr.D.-AC15: There was a patch at the very top, about 10 x 20 feet.
Dr.D.-AC15: About 6 inches deep.
rich-c: OK, then it would have elevations high enough to keep smow in August
Dr.D.-AC15: Cold and wet and very good.
zonker: fortunately it wasnt yellow
BobS-AC15: and Ron would NOT take us to the HIGH mountain............
Guy B.: Ok, Smartwriter is a barebones type of word processor. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Word. No spell check, print preview. Just a plain word processor.
(BobS-AC15 groans loudly)
Dr.D.-AC15: Not until Zonker got there, anyway.
Judy: it was high enough for me
(Someone throws a brick at BobS-AC15)
rich-c: yes when we were in Seattle we visited Mt. Ranier and found snow
Pam at home: says she of the Michigan flats : )
Dr.D.-AC15: We took a chair lift up the mountain, Christina. It was fun and scary.
Jen: Smartwriter? Is that the selection that I make from the menu I get in SmartBasic?
Meeka: lol
Christina: i did the kitchen and elanor did the bathrooms, diana and gretchen did their room, living room and the basement and mom did her rom and the basement and the dining room
zonker: uh oh im being adbucted by aliens....
Pam at home: brb, folks - gonna go kiss Russell g'bye
BobS-AC15: just blank the disk A: etc and it will automatically go into SmartWriter
Dr.D.-AC15: I am going to be taken away to compete in a contest in a few minutes.
Christina: lazy Elanor is here to make an appearance
Guy B.: No, Smartbasic is a programming language. Do you have a disk image of it?
rich-c: Dale - are you really ewith us?
Dr.D.-AC15: Lazy?
Meeka: brb
Christina: yeas, Elanor is just like a bump on the log, she just sits there and annoys you
Christina: Bye everyone
Jen: Yep, I have a disk image of Smartbasic. So I don't have to put anything in Disk A image, just press Launch and it will go to Smartwriter?
BobS-AC15: aw be nice Christina
Guy B.: Bye Christina
Dr.D.-AC15: Well, she's not as annoying to me as she is to you...
Judy: bye Christina
Christina changed username to Lazy Elanor
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye 'Stina.
rich-c: night Christina
Jen: Bye Christina.
Judy: sisters can be that way
BobS-AC15: seeya later Chriswtina
George: thanks for the diet coke
BobS-AC15: farn dingers
Dr.D.-AC15: Ham dingers.
Lazy Elanor: I'm a lazzzzy bum!!!
BobS-AC15: and you admit it??????
Guy B.: If you don't put in the Smartbasic image in DiskA, then you get the Electronic Typewriter.
Dr.D.-AC15: Then get off yer bum!
George: drumsticks
Dr.D.-AC15: Be right back...
Lazy Elanor: Yes, I watch tv all day long.
Guy B.: Hey Elanor. How are you doing?
Dale - AC15: Richard, I'm making the thumbnails you asked for.
Judy: Hi, Elanor
Jen: So which should I do then. Put SmartBasic in there? OOhhh. I'm soooo confused.
Judy: you have been missed
rich-c: actualkly Dale not thumbnails, just say 640.480s with fairly strongly compressed jpegs
Lazy Elanor: Good, and I also play video games too.
BobS-AC15: Roight mate!!!!!
rich-c: like, files of maybe 50 - 100 K that download fairly quickly?
BobS-AC15: you got a fast alptop....just get 'em
Dale - AC15: Look at
Lazy Elanor: (Christina) Elanor needed help spelling, she is a little slow, that way
Guy B.: I knew you would be. If you want Smartwriter, then you don't have to enter an image in Disk A. But, if you want to launch Smartbasic, then you enter the Smartbasic image in Disk A.
Dale - AC15: The medium res are the 640x480 versions.
Dale - AC15: About 30k each, instead of 300k each.
rich-c: will go look later, Dale, I will be going to watch the Argo game at 7 and Frances will be taking over
Jen: Which is easier to understand? What do you recommend?
Lazy Elanor: *sniff* She's so mean, I didn't do anything.
Guy B.: Jen, what other images do you have in addition to Smaetbasic?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Neil
rich-c: hello Neil, you've been a stranger of late - welcome back
Neil: Hi
Lazy Elanor: (Christina) Yes you did, you can't spell and you're going into the 8th grade, LOSER
Guy B.: Well, there you are Neil.
Jen: Bob sent me AC10logo.dsk and AdamCalc.dsk.
rich-c: do I detect some sibling rivalry in your establishment, Rich?
BobS-AC15: ya sure
zonker: guy has trouble turning his head to see neil in person
Lazy Elanor: I don't like you nina
Pam at home: Hi Elanor, Hi Neil
Lazy Elanor: (christina) join the club elanor
Guy B.: Ok, AC10logo is Smartlogo and AdamCalc is a spreadsheet. I have some Smartbasic games if you would like some.
Pam at home: what did I miss?
Guy B.: Everything!
Judy: not too much
rich-c: nothing critical, daughter
Pam at home: well there's contradiction for you
BobS-AC15: fif ya kiss Russ for ALL of us Pam?????
George: who took my urinal?
Pam at home: but of course, Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: finally.. I'm back
zonker: oh no weve lost dr d.
Jen: Well okay. But how do I get the Coleco games going? And where's the best place to get all the old Coleco games for the emulator?
Guy B.: Hey, we got kids here.
Pam at home: not here, George
rich-c: Daniel, Dale is back now - maybe you can get him to put you on the mailing list
Lazy Elanor: I went shopping today, and it was kinda fun.
Judy: clean it up George
Daniel Bienvenu: Who downloaded my roms to be showed at the adamcon?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: Add in the mailing list... please!
Pam at home: Hey Elanor - you must be becoming a teenager - shopping is in the genes : )
zonker: or shopping is in the jeans
Dale - AC15: The mailing list ahs moved.
Lazy Elanor: I don't really like shopping, it takes too long.
Daniel Bienvenu: I need an emails to send you other roms you will not find in my web page
rich-c: no, shopping takes stuff out of the jeans - like cash
Dale - AC15: If you didn't get a welcome message, you need to sign up again.
zonker: where ahs it moved to?
BobS-AC15: I DID Daniel
BobS-AC15: wrong??????
Dale - AC15: The URL to sign up is:
Guy B.: I'll send you some Smartbasic games by e-mail as attached files. Just save them to your directory where the emulator is. All you have to do is enter the image in Disk A and launch it. A menu will come up and select the game you want.
BobS-AC15: Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok,
Daniel Bienvenu: I sign in again
Dale - AC15: Or from the AdamCon. org home page, look for "Coleco Adam List
Pam at home: my Dad's making silly puns again El
Daniel Bienvenu: and Bob.... which game did you downloaded?
Meeka: ok, Im back.....I got 8 of 15 :D:D:D:D:D
Pam at home: I know I came by it honestly
Dale - AC15: and click on that link.
George: i'm cold
Pam at home: share, Meeka -what were the questions?
BobS-AC15: think all of tones on geocities but the first one which would not downlaod
Lazy Elanor: I like to do nothing in the sunmmer, but I'll have to go back to school soon. NOOOOO!
Meeka: no questions
Meeka: it is a memory thing
Guy B.: Where are you at George?
Jen: How many games are on that menu?
Pam at home: like Concentration?
Meeka: I am under a gag order from the migthy mitch
Neil: "Kim's game"
Pam at home: ah, okay Neil
George: Frankford Torresdale Hospital
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob: ok! I will send you Amazing Snake, 421, Bejeweled (final version), and a few more roms.
Neil: You get one minute to look at 15 objects, then they're covered
Guy B.: Can be anywhere from 5 to 20. Not quite sure, but enough to get you started.
Judy: do you know what that is, Pam,
Neil: and you have one minute to write a list.
BobS-AC15: ok Daniel
BobS-AC15: gonna try and demo them tomorrow....and since you can't be here.........
Pam at home: yes, it's an old game that we played at Guides among other places
rich-c: do us elders get a senior discount?
Pam at home: snow on the roof is not an excuse, Dad
Lazy Elanor: What's going on?
Judy: Bob can now get a senior meal at home
Jen: Great! I'll give it a try. Can't promise anything, though. If there's a way to mess it can count on me.
rich-c: yes, gotta talk Daniel into hosting AC16 so he can show off his work!
BobS-AC15: we talking about YOU Ekanor
zonker: just cuz there is snow on the roof doesnt mean theres not a fire in the furnance.
BobS-AC15: Elampot
Pam at home: have any locations been put forth for next year yet?
Guy B.: You won't mess up. I'll send them to your address later on tonight.
BobS-AC15: stinkin keyboard.......mac is tiny
Pam at home: exactly Zonker
Lazy Elanor changed username to Elanor the Great
Judy: Bob is having a problem
zonker: who is elampot bob?
Pam at home: how'd you do Rich?
Guy B.: Whoa nelly, A new word.
Elanor the Great: I changed my name!
George: my fire is burnt out
Judy: he is using Rons computer
BobS-AC15: that bette?????? Ron's tiny keyboard sucks
Jen: Well, I better go for now. My son is dying of hunger. I better feed him.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: I signed in... I will answer the "subscrib" email in a few moment
zonker: apparently bob thinks you changed it to elampot
BobS-AC15: Guy will get you workin gonthe ADAMEM Jen
rich-c: great having you with us, Jen - come back soon
Elanor the Great: What??
Guy B.: Glad you came on Jen. Hope to see you again soon.
Pam at home: nice of you to come Jen - come back soon!
BobS-AC15: see ya Jen
Jen: Thanks. Wish me luck. Bye guys.
Pam at home: Good luck : )
Guy B.: Bye Jen.
rich-c: I've had my hour - now it's Frances' turn - night all!
Judy: bye Jen
Pam at home: bye Daddy
Jeff Mitchell: Night Rich, take care :)
Guy B.: Bye Rich.
Elanor the Great: I can sew! I'm soo happy with myself!
Pam at home: I'll call in the a.m.
Jen left chat session
Guy B.: Wow, that's great Elanor.
Dr.D.-AC15: Elanor the Great it is, now...Daddy is back.
zonker: niters rich
rich-c changed username to Frances
Judy: what are you sewing, Elanor
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye Richard!
Pam at home: Hi, Mom
Frances: Hi
Pam at home: way to go, Elanor
Guy B.: Hi Frances.
Dr.D.-AC15: Just got back from my Mighty Mitchell was horrible!
Dr.D.-AC15: I won't be able to sleep tonight.
Pam at home: how'd it go, Rich?
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Frances :)
Judy: hi, Frances
Guy B.: Worse that you thought Dr D?
Frances: Now that I'm here, I've got questions
Dale - AC15: Hi Francis.
zonker: hi frances
Frances: Hi all
Dr.D.-AC15: I had no idea he could be so cruel as to make me look at *that*...
Pam at home: that bad Rich?
zonker: and so oftern!
Dr.D.-AC15: It's terrible. Meeka is taking it better than me.
Frances: Dale, how are Gillian and the baby? and where are they
Elanor the Great: I'm sewing ornaments for the shut-ins at my church. It's for my silver award.
Dr.D.-AC15: I think women are better able to deal with...well, what it is...
zonker: how are you defining that rich
Meeka: it really wasnt that badd
Pam at home: for Scouts?
Dale - AC15: Jill and Jeffrey are supposed to come on.
Dale - AC15: They are doing great!
Guy B.: Send us some if you have any lwft.
Guy B.: left.
Meeka: we play that game all the time at all the dumb showers :D
Dale - AC15: I'll phone them again.
Judy: good for you that sounds like a great thing to do
Dr.D.-AC15: But, I signed up for the Test, and Part 2 is tomorrow.
Frances: Judy, how is Ryan?
Guy B.: Now I sound like Elmer Fudd.
Dale - AC15: Jeffrey and obcessed with pens, and drawing.
Pam at home: ROTFL, Guy
Dr.D.-AC15: If you can't tell that I am having some fun with this...well, I am :-)
Judy: great
Dale - AC15: And has an ever expanding vocabulary of about 40 words.
Elanor the Great: Yah! I say Yah Yah, that's what I say, I say Yah Yah.
Guy B.: Oh Pam, I have something for you.
Dr.D.-AC15: Be vewwy qwiet, we'ww hunting wabbits.
Neil: Rich, you're sounding like a Harry Potter book.
(Guy B. gives Pam at home a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: he is really doing good, Frances
zonker: which is ten more than his dad
Pam at home: Thank you Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Bod: How will you show the rom files? with an emulator? with a colecovision? with a coleco adam?
Dr.D.-AC15: Are you going to start singing Particle Man, Elanor?
Pam at home: we're out , so that's handy
Elanor the Great: Daddy, thats a They Might Be Giants' song.
Guy B.: I owe you that.
Dr.D.-AC15: No, I thought it was Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines...
Pam at home: oh?
Dale - AC15: They couldn't make it here, because Jill just changed to a better job, but couldn't get her vacation time yet.
Frances: And what are you and Meeka stitching up this year?
Pam at home: Where did she move to Dale?
Elanor the Great: Particle Man, Particle man. Doing the things a particle can.
Meeka: lots of things :D I managed to finish something since we have been here
Judy: I am doing a pillow case and Meeka just finished a purse for me
Guy B.: Might as well do the Hokey Pokey.
Meeka: now I am on a x-mas stocking for Doug
Elanor the Great: And every one's my friend in New York City.
Meeka: and you shake it all about :P
zonker: god now guy is forcing us all to do the hokey pokey.
Pam at home: which reminds me, I have to get working on Kimberly's guest cover and finish it, since I didn't get it done for the wedding
zonker: oh the humanity
Dr.D.-AC15: (he holds up sign)
Guy B.: Well, glad I gave you a reminder Pam.
Pam at home: I just haven't made it to Dominion yet today Guy
Dale - AC15: She left Scotiabank, and joined a small software firm called Angoss Software.
Pam at home: did Loblaws but it's cheaper at Dominion
Dr.D.-AC15: meep meep
Frances: IWe were going to go cross country with the trailer to get there despite Richard's bad hip but his darn gallbladder problem scotched that
zonker: or is the mighty mitchell taking us to his room to force us to do the hokey pokey?
zonker: ahhhhhhh!!!they've come to get me....
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam at home: to take you away, away to the funny farm . . .
Elanor the Great: In 1844 the democrats were split.
changed username to Torontonauts
BobS-AC15: back jack
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO BOB! Will you use an emulator to show my roms?
Pam at home: Jillian, is that you?
Torontonauts: Yes. You found me out.
Dr.D.-AC15: I missed stuff about the wedding you were going to, Pam.
Guy B.: Hi Jill.
Pam at home: tee hee - HOW ARE YOU GIRL?
Torontonauts changed username to Jillian & Jeff
Jillian & Jeff: Hot.
Pam at home: Kimberly's wedding was June 28th Rich - I was a bridesmaid
Elanor the Great: Mr. James K. Polk. Napoleon of the stump.
Frances: Hi, Jill.
Jillian & Jeff: We just cam back from doing groceries.
Pam at home: what, no a/c, Jillian?
Dr.D.-AC15: Hello Jillian.
Jillian & Jeff: Hi Frances.
Judy: Hi, Jill and Jeff
Guy B.: How's little Jeffrey?
Dale - AC15: Hi Jill.
Jillian & Jeff: Greetings all!
Pam at home: how's Jeffy?
BobS-AC15: YES Daniel
(Dale - AC15 hugs Jillian & Jeff)
Jillian & Jeff: no a/c and just hauled a big load of groceries up four flights.
BobS-AC15: think that to get a native ADAM to run them we woul dhjave to have them on a cart rom, no???????
Jillian & Jeff: Jeffy is busy.
Guy B.: Whoa!
Pam at home: oh you poor girl
Frances: Kimberley is a former student of Richards and we got told in no uncertain
BobS-AC15: Hi Jilland jeffy
Pam at home: I finally gave up today and turned on the a/c - just too humid for words
Elanor the Great: I've got Adam the Dinosaur.
Judy: is he running, yet?
Jillian & Jeff: He is currently telling the fridge what's what. I'm not sure why.
Jeff Mitchell changed username to Jeff - AC15
Frances: terms that we were to go to the wedding
Guy B.: We should have sent this cool air to you Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: OK BOB! WHICH EMULATOR?
Pam at home: from a couple of sources
Pam at home: : )
Jillian & Jeff: Yes. He runs lots. Mostly when I want him to stay near it seems.
Dr.D.-AC15: You found him while cleaning, Elanor? I had found him but not brought him because I didn't have space in my suitcase.
Judy: it was really cold off and on this afternoon
BobS-AC15: ADAMem form marcell DeKogel
Jillian & Jeff: I'm jealous.
Dr.D.-AC15: He would have been squished too much.
Dale - AC15: Are you holding my Dinosaur hostage?
Jillian & Jeff: He was pretty squishable though.
Pam at home: would those of you in Comox care to trade weather with those of us in humid Toronto?
Jillian & Jeff: brv
Elanor the Great: I've known where he was since last yesr.
Pam at home: we're amenable
Judy: is it that hot there
Frances: It's fairly warm and quite humid here and I also turned on the AC
Guy B.: Send it to Chicago.
Frances: I second Pam
BobS-AC15: about 20-22 here and dry air
Pam at home: thank you Mom
BobS-AC15: and we don't even have a/c to turn on!!!!
Elanor the Great: My own. My Precious!
Daniel Bienvenu: BOB: Adamem... good choice! but my new rom with digital sounds qill not work.
Guy B.: We haven't had a hot day since June. Too much severe weather.
Dr.D.-AC15: Do you want to bring him into your room, gollum!?
Pam at home: I turned on the a/c this morning and the temp has dropped a couple of degrees, but the humidity in here has dropped almost 20 %
BobS-AC15: what does that on need????????
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS-AC15: one
changed username to Neil
Elanor the Great: It's mine, it came to me.
Judy: we have had really great weather here
Dr.D.-AC15: You did win it, that's true.
Frances: Yes, we've had lots of rain, Guy, which keeps the grass green and grows the funfus diseases
Pam at home: he's yours fair and square Elanor
Judy: good thing it isn't too hot, no A/C here
Frances: fungus
Elanor the Great: It wasn't My birthday. It's not today.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob: Well, the coleco emulation in MESS can play digital sounds.
Guy B.: We had too much just for the month of July. The pattern changed and we got hit with a lot of bad weather.
Pam at home: are your growing fuzzy green stuff somewhere Mom?
Frances: Not exactly fuzzy green - have you noticed the crabapple tree lately?
Dr.D.-AC15: January 20th, thenl.
BobS-AC15: only in the fridge Pam
Elanor the Great: What happened to all the blue furry food.
Pam at home: no - is it getting fungus?
Dr.D.-AC15: Are Diana and Gretchen still awake?
Judy: we hope that it isn't too humid at home then our pond will get really green again
George: gas gas gas
Pam at home: you don't understand Bob, my mother's fridge never has anything fuzzy and green (or any other colour) in it
Dr.D.-AC15: Did you find blue furry food in the basement?!?!?!
BobS-AC15: sell it Forge
BobS-AC15: george
Frances: It has got some kind of fungus disease
Guy B.: George, are you bored?
BobS-AC15: call a nurse
BobS-AC15: get a life
Frances: I have green stuff in it
BobS-AC15: watch tv
George: no, fart fart, fart
Pam at home: just not fuzzy
Pam at home: language, George
Frances: and red cherries and mango coloured mangos
George: sorry
(Jillian & Jeff hugs Dale - AC15)
BobS-AC15: we got that Foergew, but we didn't need to know that
Pam at home: is mango a colour?
Guy B.: He's not bored.
Dr.D.-AC15: Let's keep this G-rated, please, my girls are reading from Cleveland.
Guy B.: Amen
Frances: I don't think so but they come in so many different coloursI can't settle on one
Jillian & Jeff: I gave away almost a pound of cherries today so they wouldn't spoil in the fridge while Dale was away.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob! Do you want my bitmap screen test in 120 colors?
Elanor the Great: No we have no blue furry food. What's up with you, George. Yes, mangois a color.
Pam at home: well, it's descriptive anyway Mom
Dr.D.-AC15: While walking this morning I found a stand of blackberry bushes with ripe berries. I ate 3 handfulls before breakfast.
Jillian & Jeff: Anyone know what a pluot tastes like?
BobS-AC15: sure!!! it is an ADAMEcon
Frances: Don't you eat cherries, Jill?
Pam at home: what is that Jillian?
Dr.D.-AC15: Like chicken, only more pluotty.
Elanor the Great: I mean mango is a color. And Manga is a comic strip.
Guy B.: Blueberries are now in season.
Daniel Bienvenu: 120 colors picture on ColecoVision looks almost like adamem emulator result.
Jillian & Jeff: They were in the fruit section at the grocery store. Mango colours but shaped like a plum. I'm not adventerous enough.
Dr.D.-AC15: And mange is what a dog gets.
Dale - AC15: everything thastes like chjicken.
Pam at home: it can't all taste like chicken Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I tested it
Jillian & Jeff: I don't like cherries and Jeffy just likes to chew on the pits and spits the fruit part out.
Dr.D.-AC15: It tastes like lembas, then.
Frances: They were probably Queen Anne cherries and they are perfectly good cherries
Elanor the Great: Grech is still up.
Dr.D.-AC15: Can Gretch type?
Neil: Back from the game. Only got 7 out of 15.
Judy: be careful that he doesn't eat the pit, Jill
Frances: Jeffy is downright perculiar
Jillian & Jeff: he's 6665good .
Jillian & Jeff: +5wit
Jillian & Jeff: h5
Jillian & Jeff: 33
Jillian & Jeff: 5555555555555555555555555555
Pam at home: and obviously likes keyboards : )
Judy: good work Jefff
zonker: i see that jeff CAN type
Jillian & Jeff: pi.ts of olives so I think he's ok with cherries.
Pam at home: we should introduce him to Case
zonker: at least as well as bob
George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Meeka: he types better than dad too :P
Jillian & Jeff: [][']p]l\
Frances: Do we have a translator?
Jillian & Jeff: n0 cvvvvvv
Guy B.: Zonker, I don't whose worse, you or Bob!
Jillian & Jeff: Mostly 0h12
Jillian & Jeff: 0000000he's saying daddy daddy daddy.
Elanor the Great: And Orlando Bloom calls lembas in the movie his own commercial. I've watched the commentary of Lord of the Rings too much.
Meeka: awwww
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes :-)
Elanor the Great: Gretch is here.
Guy B.: He knows he misses his daddy.
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Gretchen!!!
zonker: unfortunately daddys not here to hear it or something like that
Dr.D.-AC15: Daddy misses you!!!
Jillian & Jeff: Yes.0hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh023.000000 lots.
Elanor the Great: Grech says hi.
Dr.D.-AC15: How about Diana?
Guy B.: HI Grechen.
Pam at home: Hi Gretchen
Judy: Hi, Gretchen
Jillian & Jeff: 25 00000 x1k74k252
Elanor the Great: Diana is asleep
Guy B.: Gretchen.
Dr.D.-AC15: How about your Mom, then?
Frances: Jill, what will you be doing at your new job
Neil: Dale ran down to play the game at Ron's room.
Jillian & Jeff: 322222222222222222222222222222222165922222222220023
Dr.D.-AC15: Wow, Planck's constant divided by the square root of e!
Guy B.: Machine code.
George: :-( :-( :-(
Elanor the Great: Good. she's helping me to spell.
zonker: the boys a genius
Dr.D.-AC15: Cast a spell...
Dr.D.-AC15: Expecto patronum!
Frances: Boo
Guy B.: On who?
Pam at home: alohomora
Frances: Try George
Jillian & Jeff: I'm already there. I'm doing customer support, managing the website, managing the beta process and some HR stuff.
Guy B.: I second that.
Elanor the Great: Grech says" Hola daddy"
Frances: What is the beta process
George: right kill me
Dr.D.-AC15: Hola Gretchen...buenos noches.
Elanor the Great: I don't waant to watch Harry Potter any more.
Pam at home: you'll spoil all our fun, Elanor
Dr.D.-AC15: Then don't!
George: nite all
Guy B.: No, we don't that George. We do this.
Jillian & Jeff: before we put out new software, we send out opies for people to test.
(Guy B. slaps George playfully)
Pam at home: bye George
George: bye
Frances: Good night, George
Guy B.: Bye George, see you next week.
George: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: good night George
Judy: night george
Jillian & Jeff: What they test and when they get back to us needs to be tracked.
George left chat session
Frances: What does your software do?
Dale - AC15: i'm back.
Pam at home: I was about to turf him anyway
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye George.
Elanor the Great changed username to Joan
Guy B.: Well, you got your wish.
Jillian & Jeff: It's data mining software.
Meeka: ya, he was a bit anoying tonight
Pam at home: I must admit to having less patience with him these days
zonker: vas is los "turf",bitte?
Jillian & Jeff: Heavy on the math.
Judy: me too
Joan: If you have opies do you have andys and barneys
BobS-AC15 changed username to Murray
Guy B.: I'm beginning to wonder if he really is with us at all.
Murray: Hi
Pam at home: as in remove him, Zonk
Judy: if we want to Dale says we can kick him off
Guy B.: There you Murray.
Pam at home: Hi Murray!
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan is back...beware of falling puns.
zonker: oh you kids and your modern slang.
Frances: Hello, Murray
Pam at home: well he's gone now
Dr.D.-AC15: My brain is pretty Barney tonight.
Judy: hi, Joan
zonker: murry where the hell you been?
Guy B.: Hi Joan.
Murray: Hi Frances How re you?
Joan: Elanor went back upstairs. Maybe Pokemon is on now.
Frances: I'm fine - Richard's a bit dodgy
zonker: hi joan
Guy B.: How are you doing Joan?
Dr.D.-AC15: What's the cleaning status? I hope you guys haven't been killing yourselves.
Murray: I heard that
Pam at home: Rich, this week's People mag has two pics from the Azkaban set of the HP kids
Joan: Guten Abend, wie gehts
Dr.D.-AC15: I wish I were there to help.
Jillian & Jeff: I had some help with htAt Line and this one. :)
Dr.D.-AC15: Es geht mir gut heute abend.
Dr.D.-AC15: Ich bin ziemlich mu"de.
Guy B.: Dr. D. Translate for us.
Frances: Es geht es gut
Jillian & Jeff: something is good.
Pam at home: okay guys, french, english or spanish please
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan says: "Good day, how's it going?"
zonker: ach de leiber
Dr.D.-AC15: Me: "It's going well for me this evening."
Dr.D.-AC15: Me: "I'm a little tired."
Joan: I think we are done. I just didn't want people to walk into early American hurricane
Jillian & Jeff: ich bein berliener is the only german I know, and I don`t think I`m spelling it correctly.
Guy B.: Boy, I could use her at work. I can't even read the handwriting from the Germans.
DougS-AC15 left chat session
Frances: Lord, my German is long in the past and I'm having trouble remembering things
Dr.D.-AC15: Go swimming tomorrow or something.
Dr.D.-AC15: Or go see a movie.
Pam at home: I wondered if you were going to get in on the act Mom
Joan: May I speak Japanese or Elvish
Murray: Goodnight all
zonker: im just plain having trouble remembering things
Dr.D.-AC15: There is of course the world's deadliest joke (in German)...
Jillian & Jeff: Good night Murray.
Judy: night Murray
Pam at home: do come back when you can stay sometime Murray- nice to "see" you
Guy B.: Murray, you're not on that long.
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye Myrray
Guy B.: Bye then.
Dr.D.-AC15: Oops, Murray
Pam at home: Japanese only works with James, Joan
Frances: ich bin ein berliner
Joan: I wanted to get stuff done so we could relax tomorrow
Dr.D.-AC15: Schmekt gut!
Joan: Ohayo Ohio
Neil: "I'm a donut" - JFK
Jillian & Jeff: wataschi wa canada-jin des.
Guy B.: There are some I do know. Achtung, attention. I had a teacher from high school who did this all the time to get our attention and it worked.
Frances: unfortunately, Guy, it sounds so Nazi-ish
Jillian & Jeff: I am a Canadian. :-)
Pam at home: Jillian, have you been hanging out with James?
Joan: Elanor is trying to learn Japanese from watching anime
Jillian & Jeff: That`s all I know how to say.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Guy B.: Well, that was over 25 years ago.
Pam at home: speaking of whom . . .
Frances: Hey, James woke up
Jillian & Jeff: Dale used to know some. and my mom and sister lived there for a while.
james: hello
Judy: hi, again James
Jeff - AC15: Welcome back James :)
Pam at home: did ya snooze James?
Dr.D.-AC15: She can talk to James, he lives in Japan.
james: i won't say i'm refreshed but at least i'm not absurdly bleary eyed and light headed anymore
Joan: I was just letting the girls have their turns, and I was helping Elanor with spelling
Guy B.: I did visit Germany 21 years ago. The people there are very nice and very helpful.
Pam at home: so there's only one of us now, huh?
Dr.D.-AC15: So now it's your are you holding up?
james: i would have been back earlier but case and i were cuddling :P
Joan: I'm groovy
Jillian & Jeff: who is bleary eyed and lightheaded PamÉ
james: then he started picking my nose..
Pam at home: James
Pam at home: lol, James
Dr.D.-AC15: Developmental milestone: provides personal hygeine for parents.
Jillian & Jeff: Tell him you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can`t pick your friend`s nose.
james: heh heh
james: he knows :D
Joan: I had to get up at 6.30 to get Christina to c
Pam at home: the other answer to that Jillian is anyone with children between the ages of 0 - 103
Joan: soccer practice
Dr.D.-AC15: Write that down and use as an embarrassing fact at Sweet 16 party or something.
Dr.D.-AC15: Is Christina done with practices now?
Pam at home: along with the baby in the bathtub pictures
james: if i ever have a kid who's 103 that'll make me pretty damn old
Jillian & Jeff: Jeffy changed the keyboard mapping on my keyboard. Anyone know how to change it back?
Joan: Wher did the message go? I was up at 6.30 to take her to practice
Pam at home: well - since my Mom hasn't slept well since I was born, I'm drawing conclusions
Frances: Daughter, I have a baby in the tub picture of you!
Joan: Where did the message go? I was up at 6.30 to take her to practice
Pam at home: and I am ever so grateful that you never trotted it out for my boyfriends, Mom
Frances: Baby picture
Dr.D.-AC15: I see your typing, Joan.
Dale - AC15: I think it's "left shift+left alt"
Dale - AC15: Not sure though.
Jillian & Jeff: Jeffy says it`s time for bed. I`ll try to be back, but may not make it.
Jillian & Jeff: Thanks, honey.
Pam at home: oh please come back Jillian, it's been so long
Frances: Now, I was always nice to your boyfriends
Dr.D.-AC15: If your window is misbehaving, you can exit the chat and try logging in again.
Guy B.: OK Jill. Glad you made it.
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye Jill.
Pam at home: and I thank you for that
Judy: kisses for Jeffy
Jeff - AC15: 'Night Jill :)
Joan: Then I went to the store, picked her up from practice, then a 2hour soccer parent meeting
Guy B.: Bye Jill
Pam at home: hugs and kisses to you both Jillian
Dr.D.-AC15: I forgot about the parent meeting.
Dale - AC15: Love you Jill
Frances: Bye, Jillian
Dale - AC15: Goodnight Jeffy.
Joan: All three coaches like her
Murray: Mighty Mitchell award contest. round one. officially declared complete
zonker: bye jill
zonker: nite jeff
Murray changed username to Mitch
Joan: Good night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry guys! I was busy with the rom files to send to Bob!
Frances: Okay, who won?
zonker: jeff wick that is
Meeka: no one yet
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm still a quivering blob, Ron...
Meeka: round 2 iis tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Jeff and Jill
zonker: jeff mitchell as far as i can see is still here
Guy B.: The suspense is killingus.
Pam at home: what did you do to him Ron?
Mitch: very close.... another round tomorrow....winner declared after
Mitch: wha?
Dr.D.-AC15: I am sworn to secrecy.
Pam at home: to Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. who is gonna show my presentation tommorow?
zonker: meeka cheated!!!!
Guy B.: Well, now that will make more suspenseful.
Joan: The blob that attacked Vancouver
Dr.D.-AC15: Just about...
zonker: with real swear words
Dr.D.-AC15: ...alien technologies.
Daniel Bienvenu: Without comments, you may find my presentation interresting but not interactive :p
Guy B.: I'm first with the AdamEm utilities review and a program update.
Joan: Manos, the hands of programming
Pam at home: Daniel your English is very good this evening
Mitch: we'll do it anyway Daniel
Dale - AC15: Daniel, I was going to show your presentation. If that's okay.
Dr.D.-AC15: ROTFL!!!!!
Mitch: Thanks for providing it for us
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm feeling like Torgo tonight.
Dr.D.-AC15: Torgo Pizza.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? I know what you can do with Coleco... I'm sure you will find some words to say!
Guy B.: And where's that located?
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you see my presentation?
Joan: Your weapons are useless against me
Dale - AC15: We can have you on chat or something.
Daniel Bienvenu: my PowerPoint file?
Mitch: Torgo spelled backwards is.....
Pam at home: nonsense
Dale - AC15: James sent it to me.
Daniel Bienvenu: When (hour?)
Frances: Jeff, are you still there?
Pam at home: Dale, are there pictures posted somewhere?
Jeff - AC15: Frances>I'm here, just watching the conversation
Dr.D.-AC15: Natures!
Mitch: he's "lurking" Frances
Dale - AC15: presentation2.ppt
Neil: There are some pictures and videos too at
Dale - AC15: Is there an updated version?
Joan: Rich, I found student ratings on you on on-line Rate Your Professor
Dale - AC15: It was before we went up the mountain.
Pam at home: oh good - thank you
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it's the final one... James fix some "bugs" in my text for me! :)
Frances: Saw your photo on the Adamcon site, Jeff.
Dr.D.-AC15: What, joan?
Daniel Bienvenu: fixed
Pam at home: I haven't had time to check yet and wasn't sure whether they were on or on hollowdreams
Dale - AC15: Pam, there are picures.
Jeff - AC15: Frances> :) Probably taken while I was plugging all the equipment in
Dale - AC15: I'll link to more of them shortly.
Dr.D.-AC15: There is a webpage rating me for something?
Meeka: I have a bunch to Pam, but not sure if the will get up before I get home
Pam at home: Neil, I meant to ask you - how did your survey go?
zonker: good god are there pictures,but don't let the kids see.
Joan: There is some web site called Rate Your Professor. Some of your students wrote reviews on you
Dale - AC15: You can peek at them at:
Meeka: if not, they will be up shortly afterwards
Frances: When we last met, I told you that I didn't think that you l;ooked much like for father, but I think you are growing more like him
Dr.D.-AC15: Oh boy.
Guy B.: The images on my new digital camera have turned out better that I expected.
Joan: They liked you
Dr.D.-AC15: Whew!
Dr.D.-AC15: What did they say?
Jeff - AC15: Frances> :)
james: back, again
Guy B.: Welcome Back.
zonker: frances what a horrid thing to say
Frances: I cannot tell a lie, Zonker
Mitch: So now..... you guys from afar who are expecting T-shirts
zonker: hi james
Mitch: They will be mailed Monday
Pam at home: okay folks, short survey here: who do I resemble, Mom or Dad?
james: hi zonker
james: cool! my cheque worked :P
Mitch: cost $15. CDN
Neil: Overall, the survey went fairly well. I have over 500 responses, but not as many as I'd like from the U.S.
Pam at home: how much for ours Ron?
Guy B.: More your dad.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, if we can re-use this chat session tommorow. I think I can be online to chat.
Joan: There were 11 reviews for the robot class and Biol 119. The average was 4.9 of 5, 5 the high score
zonker: igive up pam...who do you resemble?
Frances: Your grandma
Mitch: $15 EACH
Daniel Bienvenu: But I will not be able to see my presentation
Neil: I'm going to try to get some more from south of Lake Ontario in September.
Dale - AC15: Daniel, the chat will be available.
Pam at home: Neil, give them to Rich - perhaps he can get some more US responses
Dale - AC15: The time slot you're scheduled for is ...
Daniel Bienvenu: great... when I have to be online?
Dr.D.-AC15: Wow.
Dr.D.-AC15: Re: Neil's survey, I need to take it.
Joan: Most said stuff like "Legos rock"
Pam at home: well get going, Rich
Dale - AC15: 3pm PST.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale - AC15: Which is noon EST.
changed username to Jen
Dale - AC15: I think.
Pam at home: it'
Dale - AC15: No wait 6pm EST.
Dale - AC15: Right.
james: 3 p.m. pst.. that's .. 6 p.m. est.. 7 a.m. here.. heh heh. count me out
Jillian & Jeff: Back. I put him down, but I don't know if it will stick.
Mitch: but put it back when you're finished Dr. D.
Jillian & Jeff: He had a 4.5 hour nap this afternoon.
Pam at home: s funny Guy, I think I resemble both, but only if you put us all together
Daniel Bienvenu: 6pm... I hope I will be there in time.
Dale - AC15: We'll look for you.
Mitch: to all:
Frances: I see that Jen is back
zonker: use more glue, jill
Neil: Yeah, Rich's help would be good. I'm going to target colleges and universities.
Mitch: especially those who are not here
Mitch: any issues for the ANN meeting?
Pam at home: Hey Jen, did you get your son fed?
Dale - AC15: Daniel can you make sure you send me the final version of the powerpoint file?
Guy B.: Hi Jen. Welcome back.
Jillian & Jeff: When he wants out, epoxy cement wouldn't keep him in his cirb.
Mitch: .
Jillian & Jeff: crib
Mitch: 1 ??
Mitch: 1
Judy: Bob is really lost
Joan: There were some funny bad prof reviews. Mostly engineering and math
Jen: Yep, all fed and ready for a swim. He's having a bath in our two man jacuzzi tub. It's like a swimming pool for him.
Guy B.: Oh wow.
Jillian & Jeff: That's so cute.
Joan: He needs crib notes
Pam at home: Heck, that's a swimming pool for anyone
Guy B.: How old is your son?
Pam at home: colour me green
Judy: how old is your son, Jen
Frances: Groan, Joan. But Rich warned us
Dr.D.-AC15: <gives Neil's name to Homeland Security>
Joan: It's not easy being green
Pam at home: ribbit
Jen: I'm really at a loss, Guy. I went into the Adamemmam, and got to the menu, and it all looks foreign to me. Aren't the games suppose to be listed there? son is 6.
Frances: And really, she looks better sort of pink
Jillian & Jeff: Why are you trying to get Neil in trouble Rich?
Guy B.: I didn't send them yet.
Pam at home: thanks Mom
Joan: Is the menu in Japanese?
Neil: They're warning me that I shouldn't "target universities"
Dr.D.-AC15: He said hewas going to "target colleges and universities".
Dr.D.-AC15: :-)
Jillian & Jeff: ooh. Things are clearer now.
Dr.D.-AC15: Which menu?
Jen: Oh, I knew there was something you told me about sending something. That goes to show ya my mind is a collander. Not much stays in there.
Guy B.: Jen, I'll send them to you right now from Juno's webmail. Be right back gang.
Frances: Rich, I think you need more sleep
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
james: what menu, joan?
Pam at home: rather say that your target audience is colleges and universities
Daniel Bienvenu: James said that you have the final version. I know it's not complet but it's the most complet I have done
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
(Jillian & Jeff quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm having trouble following the chat because so many people are typing and I have only about a 10-line window of text in this chat client.
Daniel Bienvenu: 80 slides in 3 or 4 days... give me a break! :)
james: i'm having trouble too, rich
Joan: I have Heavenly Hash ice cream
Dr.D.-AC15: It scrolls by faster than I can read.
Jillian & Jeff created action SO/Kisses
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem here...
Neil: Pam, yes something like that (but not exactly an "audience")
Judy: that is mean, Joan
Dr.D.-AC15: I had a 3-scoop ice cream cone when we went to Mt. Washington this afternoon.
Jillian & Jeff: Can't you make your window bigger?
Joan: The Dead C scrolls
Frances: Joan, don't. Richard has been off fat for quite some time and I dream if ice cream
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam at home: c'mon over Mom - I'll feed you some (just don't tell Daddy)
changed username to ron
Judy: no, Rich has been complaining about that computer
ron: silly iMac
ron: froze up on me
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan, Frances' husband just had his gall bladder out and can't eat ice cream...
Frances: however, we are working toward it now that the gallbladder has been amputated
Dr.D.-AC15: Not that you could know that.
Joan: Sorry, Mea culpe
zonker: no offense taken joan.
Pam at home: Mom's favourite food: chocolate ice cream
Frances: You got it!
Frances: and Joan, I was teasing
Jen: My favorite food: anything chocolate!
Pam at home: I scream, you scream . . . thought I'd get a great-grandmotherism in there
Jillian & Jeff: My problem is :My favourite: food.
zonker: i'm taking up smoking more to make up for mr. clee.
Pam at home: i'm with you Jen
ron: who said chocolate
Frances: Actually, Dr.D., now that it has gone, the doc says it is okay but we are being cautious
Judy: Bob's too, mostly fudge
ron: stop it you guys
Jen: Enough of chocolate already. I'm craving a Peanut Buster Parfait with lots of chocolate!
zonker: yon ron has a lean and hungry look
Joan: I found some articles in scientific journals about the health benefits of chocolate
Pam at home: Meet me at DQ
Dr.D.-AC15: We don't listen to anyone who doesn't start with a capital letter, ron.
Jillian & Jeff: I've been craving one of those for weeks, Jen.
james: i could go for some chocolate mousse
Guy B.: Ok Jen, two attached files have been sent to your e-mail box.
Pam at home: I'll have an Oreo Blizzard
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.:I hope you take pictures of the chat session like last year! :D
zonker: sorry we gotta go get ice crea m now
Dr.D.-AC15: I have, Daniel!
Guy B.: Who is having the Blizzard?
Pam at home: moi
ron changed username to Ron
Joan: How about answering in the form of a question
Judy: we will be right back going for chocolate
Ron: whatever
Guy B.: Where's mine?
james: ron, do you want my address in ottawa?
Pam at home: I'll bring you one too Guy
Jen: Actually I have a cheesecake wrap to finish off tonight (and it doesn't have any chocolate).
Ron: entire 'con exits for ice cream
Frances: Joan, chocolate is one of the essential foods and has been declared a vegetable
zonker: doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Joan: Oops, sorry about that
Pam at home: I love subliminal thought control.
Guy B.: Oh Boy, Cheesecake.
Guy B.: There goes my weight loss.
Ron: sure James, am I going to need it?? :)
Jen: If it's a veggie, then I'm sure I'm getting enough.
Jillian & Jeff: Jillian exits to read stories to Jeffrey.
Neil: (slight glitch: we haven't located the ice cream store here yet)
zonker: niters jill
Dr.D.-AC15: What stories, Jill?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: Sorry, but I never received the email to confirm my subscription to the adamcon list.
zonker: but not for lack of trying
Pam at home: bye for now Jillian
Ron: Nite Jill
Guy B.: Bye Jill.
Judy: bye Jill
Jeff - AC15: 'Night Jill
Joan: Bye bye bye
Jen: I've got a fun way to work off some of those chocolate pounds. My son's PS2 game--Dance Revolution!
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the web page who said "Confirmation from your email address is required, to prevent anyone from subscribing you without permission. Instructions are being sent to you at Please note your subscription will not start until you confirm your subscription. "
Dr.D.-AC15: Poe's Kiddie Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque
Dale - AC15: I confirmed at test subscription okay yesterday.
Dale - AC15: By Jill.
Guy B.: That should help. Mine's walking with a female dog who wants to greet the neighbors.
Joan: Or tales of the Arabica
Daniel Bienvenu: If I try again, the mailing will reject the same email?
Pam at home: who's taking care of Abby, Guy?
Jen: Do I just copy them into my AdamEm folder then they will be on the FileManager in the AdamEmMam menu, Guy?
Guy B.: Abby is staying with Jeanene.
Dr.D.-AC15: I don't drink coffee as you well know...
Frances: You could try eating with someone who has gallstones
Pam at home: like you need more caffeine, Rich
Dr.D.-AC15: I haven't drunk much caffeinated stuff.
Ron: That's a tough one Frances
Pam at home: I should have had all my meals with you for the last couple of months Mom
Dr.D.-AC15: Iced tea at lunch, some Coke at dinner.
Joan: Dr. D-caff
Meeka: ok, I am gonna sign off and work on creating some order outta this mass of photos I have on this puter :D
Dr.D.-AC15: hahahaha
Guy B.: Put both files in your directory where the emulator is and they will appear when you click the Browse button on the launcher.
Judy: bye Meeka
Dr.D.-AC15: (laughing at Joan not Meeka)
Pam at home: where does he get his energy from, Joan?
Jen: Caffeine...oh boy, now I'm craving chocolate covered coffee beans!!!
Joan: bye, Meeka
Pam at home: nite Meeka
Dr.D.-AC15: My Underdog Super Energy Pill...
Daniel Bienvenu: I subscribed again, with another email address.
Meeka: bye byeeee one and all :D
Pam at home: LOL, Jen
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: I once had them. Weren't that bad.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
zonker: bye meeka
Dr.D.-AC15: Re: energy, I was dragging pretty bad when I finally got into the hotel.
zonker: actually, meeka never went anywhere
Pam at home: since I normally show my cream and sugar a little coffee, I haven't had the courage to try one
Jen: You mean under the Disk A image in the Images tab when you first go into AdamEmMam before you Launch AdamEm?
zonker: quick fred the super sauce
Frances: bye Meeka
Joan: lembas
Guy B.: That's correct.
Dr.D.-AC15: This morning I woke up about an hour before the alarm was set to go off.
Pam at home: you're still on east coast time Rich
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm fatigued but still awake right now.
Ron: I didn't wake up at all
Jen: If you need energy, Dr. D., every tried Jolt Cola?
Ron: Still not awake
Dr.D.-AC15: Never tried Jolt.
Dr.D.-AC15: It sounds scary, 2x caffeine, 2x sugar.
zonker: weve noticed ron
Joan: I'm tires, but I can't fall asleep if I keep moving
Pam at home: lord Jen, don't give the man any more caffeine - he's already wired for sound
Guy B.: That's what ZOnker would drink.
Jen: So I don't bother with SmartBasic?
Dr.D.-AC15: Was that an intentional pun, Jpan?
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan?
Judy: and he was driving up the mountain
zonker: which is why you had the largest cheque at dinner
Joan: no
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm surprised :-)
Jen: It sure keeps ya know, like the energizer bunny.
Judy: rather slowly, though
Ron: Just keeps on going.... and going.....and ....
Joan: The Adamites went over the mountain, the Adamites went over the mountain
Guy B.: He's got to stop sometime.
Dr.D.-AC15: Are you and the girls going to church tomorrow, Joan?
Pam at home: . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz
Jen: Well, I'm wired for something, but it ain't sound.
Ron: On the other side of the mountain..
Joan: Yes , I'm the lay worship,leader
Dr.D.-AC15: Biomedical telemetry?
zonker: to see what they could see
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't subscribe with my Yahoo email but I can with another email... weird, but it's working fine
Ron: there were more mountains and no Adamites
Dr.D.-AC15: Then you better get to sleep soonb.
Dr.D.-AC15: soon.
Pam at home: and all that they could see, and all that they could see . . .
Dale - AC15: Daniel, my log shows that the email was sent to you.
Ron: We have been to the mountain, and we have returned with the word
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the top of the email address list
Dale - AC15: It is possible that it'll end you in your junk mail folder.
Judy: it was really high
Dr.D.-AC15: And the word is:
Joan: bird is the word
Pam at home: I thought it was Grease
Guy B.: Now, where did I hear that before?
Dale - AC15: I had to tune settings on hotmail to get it to show all the messages.
Ron: up on a the top of the mountain....... "Hi Cathy"
Dr.D.-AC15: Zonker is mad, Joan beat him to it.
Guy B.: Oh yeah, Zonker.
zonker: surf nazis must die
Daniel Bienvenu: you are right, It was in the "spam" folder : something I have no control.
Joan: We've got the beat
Dr.D.-AC15: hahaha Zonker
Ron: Meeka fed the whiskeyjacks on the mountain
Pam at home: go . . . go
Daniel Bienvenu: I will keep the other email address.
Ron: they love her up there
Dr.D.-AC15: I said she was like Snow White in the woods, all the birds and squirrels flocking about her.
zonker: i can see why joan married rich
Daniel Bienvenu: too bad for my yahoo mail
Frances: Zonker, what are you doing these days?
Dale - AC15: Daniel, there are settings to make it a allowed mailing list.
Ron: exactly
Pam at home: how can you tell we're children of the eighties, Joan?
Joan: The girls tried to think of a topic I couldn't think of a song for. They couln't
Dr.D.-AC15: We are actually Seventies, Joan and I.
Jen: Oh, I am sooooo eighties! I took the 80s quiz and got a 10 out of 10!
Pam at home: you don't have that many years on me Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: that's fine with the other email. not necessary to use my overloaded yahoo email
Joan: I have eclectic music tastes
Jillian & Jeff changed username to Jillian
Dr.D.-AC15: I have eccentric music tastes.
zonker: frances,not much as i get further away from adam. however, i find windows as baffling as adam so it keeps me busy
Jillian: Hopefully, he's more asleep now. He just wanted more milk.
Ron: I am the one whose pension you are all paying for
Jillian: That boy would drink a cow a day if I let him.
Jen: I like Punk, Heavy Metal, Dance, Ska, Alternative, Classical, Big Band, etc.
Dr.D.-AC15: Taxes well spent, I assure you Ron.
Ron: Ska?
Ron: awww. goorsh
Jeff - AC15: Jen>What are your favourite Metal bands?
Jillian: My favorite band nowadays is the Aarogant Worms.
Frances: I have an Amiga 3000 Zonker and like it fine
Guy B.: Me, oldies, classic rock and early 80's.
Jen: I have strange musical tastes.
Joan: Is a group for people hooked on ska Ala-ska
zonker: a fight breaks out at adamcon 15
Dr.D.-AC15: Urghh
Pam at home: me, eighties, early nineties (pre-rap) and soft rock, classical and musicals
Joan: Hey, you asked me to participate
Jillian: Only in the States, Joan.
Ron: Country and Western
Pam at home: and the occasional dose of Tom Lehrer
Dr.D.-AC15: me, Big Band swing, 20s jazz.
Guy B.: Oh yes, some classical and instrumentals as well.
Ron: Buckwheat Zydeco
Frances: Classical ---and Lehrer
Dr.D.-AC15: Plus Spike Jones and the City Slickers.
zonker: blues,40's pop,show tunes,rhythm and blues.....
Guy B.: Anyone heard of Herb Alpert?
Ron: yes Guy
Jillian: Generally for me it's rap, dance, jazz, pop, blue, R&b, humor, and rock.
Dr.D.-AC15: Yep, and the Tijuana Brass.
Jen: I'm not that into ska. I really like Marilyn Manson, ACDC, Rob Zombie. I also like Madonna, JLo, Christina Aguilera. Then anything 80s.
Ron: And the Tiggiwanna Brass
Guy B.: You have any of his albums from the 60's?
Pam at home: came across the mug I bought at Stratford a couple of years ago - has the words to My Favourite Things on it - spent the rest of the morning singing it
Jen: Country? Don't get me started. Can't stand the stuff.
Frances: and the Tiajauna Brass? How do you spell that?
Guy B.: Tijuana Brass.
Ron: songs.... like....
Pam at home: not even New Country Jen?
Ron: my wife took off with my boyfriend's sister
Jen: My Dad has a lot of Herb Alpert. I listened to it in high school.
Jeff - AC15: Ron>I'll be covering my ears now
Guy B.: Taste of Honey, Tijuana Taxi.
Judy: Bob and I both like country
Jeff - AC15: Ron>...and going "la la la la" :)
Joan: or BIg Yellow Taxi
Jillian: is the first site that comes up when I google. I assume it's correctly spelt there.
Guy B.: My dad bought most of his albums. I now have them and I recorded them to cassette tape to listen when I drive.
Jen: Well, I can handle Faith Hill and Shania Twain. That's about it.
Dr.D.-AC15: Zonker says, please type follow-ups more quickly.
zonker: rim shot
Pam at home: Tim McGraw?
Dr.D.-AC15: Tug McGraw
Joan: Tug McGraw
Guy B.: How about Baja Maremba Band?
Jen: I played a country album backwards once. I got my horse back, my girl back, my house back, and so on.
Dr.D.-AC15: *THAT* is why I married Joan, Zonker.
Pam at home: Lonestar?
Guy B.: I bet most of you don't know them.
Pam at home: Ali McGraw?
Dr.D.-AC15: Ali Baba
Dr.D.-AC15: Baba Wawa
zonker: alli alli ox in free
Jen: Quick Draw McGraw?
Joan: Baba yaga
Jillian: Isn't that Baja Marimba Band Guy?
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at zonker.)
Judy: you guys are sick
Jillian: as in Julius Wechter?
zonker: but quick
Jen: Food fight!
Guy B.: Yep, that's the one Jill.
Dr.D.-AC15: <Dr.D pukes on keyboard>
Pam at home: clean that up Rich
zonker: and he'll clean it up
Jen: Yuck.
Joan: Ther's a cartoon caleed the Fighting Foodons
Dr.D.-AC15: <Dr. D. shakes off laptop over waste basket>
(Jillian hands Dr.D.-AC15 a tissue.)
Judy: I agree,, Jen
zonker: and you ask yourself why you don't attend adamcons
Jen: Yeah, my son watches it. It's Fried Ricer!
Dr.D.-AC15: Thanks, Jill.
Dr.D.-AC15: <drip>
Joan: I'm a nurse. I'm used to it
(Jillian blows kisses at Dale - AC15.)
(Guy B. hugs zonker)
zonker: eeeeewwwwww
Joan: group hug
Pam at home: hug
Guy B.: Gotcha
Dr.D.-AC15: <pat pat pat>
Judy: and they are sitting next to each other
zonker: i repeat eeeewwwww
Dr.D.-AC15: We are getting punchy here at ADAMcon 15.
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Joan: muhammed ali
Pam at home: it's only 8:15 people, wake up
zonker: whats your excuse at hme
Pam at home: mohammed on the mountain
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Dr.D.-AC15: Confined spaces, old computers, and long days have stretched everyone to the breaking point.
Judy: on whos time
Pam at home: yours
zonker: actually guy didnt make a sound
Jillian: That's as good an excuse as any I've heard, Pam.
Jeff - AC15: Dr.D>That combined with the lack of oxygen from being on the mountain and the brake fumes...not good :)
Guy B.: Of course, Zonker does that for me.
Dr.D.-AC15: <Dr.D.'s brain snaps>
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D. you were able to present your robotic presentation? or it's tommorow?
Joan: does anyone really know what time it is, does anyone really care
(S enjoys the flowers.)
Dr.D.-AC15: I haven't given it yet, Daniel. I will if a slot opens up, I'll gladly give it.
Pam at home: just who is S anyway?
Jen: I know I should go to bed sometime before...Monday.
zonker: about time? i cant imagine why...
Dr.D.-AC15: Who is S?
Dr.D.-AC15: Slytherin?
Jillian: S is a remnant from an incorrectly created action.
Guy B.: Must be a bug from Zonker.
Pam at home: well I had a nap this afternoon so I'm awake ( for the first time in five days)
Daniel Bienvenu: Somebody try to show something wil a computer today? I hope the PowerPoint files can be showed tommorow, otherwise no presentation
zonker: help me my typing skills are deteriorating.....
Joan: help, I need somebody
Jen: Guy, if I move the other Coleco games I have to the AdamEm folder, can I run them, too? They are all .rom.
Pam at home: ask Bob, Zonker : )
Judy: I am finally getting used to this time
zonker: not just anybody
Neil: PowerPoints have gone through fine so far.
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan, you'll have to wait until I get back to Cleveland.
zonker: no thats emplot to you
Joan: get back to where you once belonged
Dr.D.-AC15: Unless you need other help.
Pam at home: Cleveland Rocks
Guy B.: You can move the files to another folder. When you want to run one of the rom files. Click the browse button to the new folder and choose the one you want.
zonker: at least rich HOPES joan will wait until he gets back....
zonker: pam--ian hunter????
Pam at home: (dead silence ensues)
Pam at home: nope, Drew Carey
Frances: You'all sound punch drunk and I know that I am and I still have dishes to wash so I am leaving, with great reluctance
Guy B.: Oh uh!
zonker: it is oxygen deprivation
Dr.D.-AC15: We're having fun and missing you and Richard, Frances.
zonker: i repeat ewwwwwww
Judy: night Frances
Dr.D.-AC15: It's either laugh or cry.
Pam at home: aw Mom the dishes aren't going anywhere (believe me , I know)
zonker: nite nite frances
Guy B.: Bye Frances.
Jeff - AC15: 'Night Frances
Joan: bye
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye Frances.
zonker: do or die
Frances: Damn, I didn't know that I would miss AdamCon so much
Ron: Frances - missed not seeing you here
Joan: live and let b
Joan: die
Dr.D.-AC15: Do, or do not; there is no try.
Judy: we miss you also
Pam at home: beat me Joan
Guy B.: We will see you both next year.
zonker: there is one other
Pam at home: Nite, Mom - sleep tight
Jen: Boy, everyone's fading fast! Am I the only night owl?
Frances: We hope, Guy. Goodnight all and as James say "poof"
Frances left chat session
Pam at home: nope, I'm in for a while yet Jen
Joan: will you turn to pumpkins at midnight
zonker: frances that's MY line
Pam at home: sorry, Zonker, we've co-opted it
Guy B.: Most of us are still here at the con Jen.
Dale - AC15: See you later Francis.
Joan: What's you LIne
Dr.D.-AC15: My pumpkinification occurred yesterday.
Dr.D.-AC15: I am now awaiting pieification.
Joan: 3.14
Pam at home: speaking of ewwwww
zonker: i was so angry i started shouting "im the poof"
Dr.D.-AC15: To be followed by consumption.
Jen: Ewwwwww
Dr.D.-AC15: Ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision.
Pam at home: the new lexicon
Joan: Speaking of which, next week here is the Feast of the Consumption
zonker: by the way let it be remembered that *I* started "eeewwww"
Dr.D.-AC15: Blame the last one on C.L. Dodgeson.
Guy B.: And that where it ends.
Dr.D.-AC15: Stay out of Little Italy for sure, then.
zonker: i just test drove the new lexicon
Joan: you got it, babe
Dr.D.-AC15: I got you, babe.
zonker: stop it!!!!!
Ron: what is this?
zonker: this instant
Guy B.: We are driving Zonker nuts.
Pam at home: you two are so cute
Jen: Hey, who let Sonny Bono in here? He's back from the dead!
Dr.D.-AC15: Rich and Joan flirting from afar.
zonker: granted its a short drive
Ron: good.... as long as you're giving Zonk a hard time you're leaving nice people alone
Joan: Christina dressed as Cher once for Halloween
Dr.D.-AC15: Better than the bleeding head of John Denver...
(Guy B. reboots zonker's computer remotely.)
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, Christina as Cher was scary.
Joan: A friend dressed as Sonny
Dr.D.-AC15: And he was scary too.
Joan: He was shorter than her
Jen: My husband is dressing up as a Mad Cow for this Halloween. He works for the government.
zonker changed username to George K
Pam at home: I like his sense of humour, Jen
Jen: He's actually part of the Mad Cow study group.
Guy B.: Oh uh, be careful.
Pam at home: HI, George!
George K: Hello all
Pam at home: where have you been Mr. K?
Guy B.: Well, wondering where you were GK.
Joan: Hello, again
Jen: He dressed up as the Government Fairy last year!
Dr.D.-AC15: There was a delay in my post...
Joan: Or is that GQ
Pam at home: I would have liked a picture of that Jen
George K: On the phone to my spouse
Dr.D.-AC15: That's George K.
Guy B.: You have any photos Jen?
Dr.D.-AC15: I doubt that GK would be caught dead in GQ.
Pam at home: boy we're a lovey bunch
Jen: What kind of photos? I have a ton!
Judy changed username to Bobs-AC15
Joan: bunch of cocnuts
Bobs-AC15: Back gang
Guy B.: Of your husband in those costumes.
Bobs-AC15: kicked Judy off the thing
Dr.D.-AC15: I'm feeling lovely...
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey! I realized that my Gamepack games was sold today at the CGE :D
Daniel Bienvenu: in Las Vegas
Dr.D.-AC15: Jen, you can see me and Joan in our Starfleet uniforms at Halloween:
Guy B.: Good going Daniel.
Joan: viva Las Vegas
Jen: Unfortunately, not many. I think I have one of him as a woman. I did his makeup. He looked like an seventies hooker!
Guy B.: Oh this I got to see sometime.
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent gamepack rom to Bob... you will see it tommorow.
Joan: Imade them
Dr.D.-AC15: Go look now!
Pam at home: Joan, you're a wizard with your sewing machine
Jen: Starfleet? Great. Maybe I can dig up one of me as a witch. My husband would say, I don't have to dress up as one...but I won't go there.
Joan: I could make Hogwart's robes
Dr.D.-AC15: <rim shot>
Jillian: I'm falling asleep at the keyboard people.
Pam at home: is there a spell for that?
Jillian: I miss being there and hope everyone has a great time for the rest of the weekend.
Pam at home: Jillian go to bed before your son wakes up and wants attention
Jillian: Next year. :)
Guy B.: I bet you look scary in that. My ex-wife once dressed up as a witch and really startled the kids on Halloween serveral years ago.
Pam at home: next year for sure
Jillian: night all.
Pam at home: nite Jillian
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye Jill and Jeffery too.
Jeff - AC15: 'Night Jillian
Guy B.: Night Jill. Hope to see you next week.
Joan: Good night
Dr.D.-AC15: So what are you going to do tomorrow for fun, Joan?
Joan: and Toto too
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Jillian
Dr.D.-AC15: Take the girls swimming?
Bobs-AC15: night Jill
Joan: not sure, but not cleaning
Dr.D.-AC15: I haven't managed yet to get into the pool here.
Jen: I have one last day of freedom before I have to go back to work on Monday.
Dr.D.-AC15: Well, do something fun.
Jillian left chat session
Joan: I'll see what the weather is like
Pam at home: I have Monday off
Pam at home: we're taking Kimberly's godchildren to Wonderland
Guy B.: I have two more vacation days. Then I return Wednesday. Probably got a ton of work waiting for me.
Pam at home: I can sleep in!
Jen: You should get a house cleaner, Joan. I wouldn't recommend her, though. I'm going to end up canning her. She's a slacker.
Joan: Is you gochild Alice
Pam at home: adult to child ratio: 4 to 3
Jen: I went to Wonderland once with my sister. We did a video of Paula Abduls Forever Your Girl. Very funny. I got lots of comments on my cool dance moves.
Pam at home: it's become an annual event but it's mostly for the kids
Pam at home: it's good practice for Kimberly and Art, for when teh kids start coming
Pam at home: when were you in T.O. Jen?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Jen: I go there every year or so to visit my family.
Pam at home: sheeee's back!
Meeka: yup
Meeka: I am :D
Ron: rehi Meeka
Guy B.: Welcome Back Meeka.
Bobs-AC15: got the stuff you send
Pam at home: you have family here Jen? What part of the city?
Bobs-AC15: daniel.....have not looked at it yet
Joan: Wecome back, my friend to the show that never ends
Bobs-AC15: but will maybe tonight
Guy B.: Jen, what's your son's name?
Jen: I have a sister in downtown Toronto, and my Mum and Dad have an acreage outside of Trenton.
Daniel Bienvenu: bob: great
Bobs-AC15: daniel
Pam at home: so are you from Toronto originally?
Jen: My son is Johnny.
Daniel Bienvenu: bob: it's for the adamcon, bob! a special coleco event! :)
Joan: Johnny be good?
Guy B.: Good name and he's 6 now?
Bobs-AC15: COOL, we will do it!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: Behaven Sie Joanling!
Jen: I was born there, but moved to England for 5 years after I was born, then moved here to Alberta.
Pam at home: where in Alberta?
Jen: Well sometimes, Joan.
Joan: i can think of these even better(or worse) when I'm tired
Guy B.: My late grandmother was from England and my mom was born in Guelph.
Jen: Lethbridge.
Joan: Brig General Lethbridge-Stewart
Dr.D.-AC15: You oughta be tired from what it sounds like you guys did today...and it's almost midnight there.
Pam at home: I hear it's a nice place - my girlfriend Kimberly (she of the godchildren) has a friend in Lethbridge and was up there a few years ago for her wedding - enjoyed herself alot
Jen: I've got several relatives in England. I'm of British, Irish, and Scottish descent. (did I spell that right?)
Dr.D.-AC15: Not sure how many people know of Dr. Who around here, Joan.
Joan: Das ist schade
Dr.D.-AC15: Ja gewiss.
Jen: It's pretty nice here. Yep, nice and windy!
Ron: you mean the dude with the scarf in the phone booth?
Pam at home: ah, my kingdom for a good drying breeze
Jen: Dr. Who? Loved that show.
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, that was one of the Doctor's regenerations.
Jeff - AC15: Ron>That was one of the Doctors, forget which one now
Dr.D.-AC15: Tom Baker, #4.
Ron: only one I knew
Joan: I liked Jon pertwee
Ron: but then I don't get out much
Dr.D.-AC15: Me too, he's my fave.
Jen: More like a hurricane. They don't issue wind warnings here unless it is over 100 km per hour!
Pam at home: a good Celt you are. Me too. Scottish on one side, Welsh on the other, with a bit of British, Native American and Finnish thrown in
Dr.D.-AC15: Finnish?
Dr.D.-AC15: I have had a penpal/chat pal every week from Finland, since May 1993.
Bobs-AC15: a fight to the finnish?
Pam at home: yes, one of my great grandfathers married a Finnish woman
Jen: are we finnished?
Dr.D.-AC15: Jyri-Pekka Ja"rvinen is his name.
Pam at home: bless you
Pam at home: brb, gotta get some food
Dr.D.-AC15: We call in J-P (yee-pay in good Finnish pronunciation)
Joan: cause we ate our spinach
Dr.D.-AC15: call him, I meant.
Guy B.: Looks like we are international tonight.
Jen: I need a cuppa--as my Grandpa would say. We are very into tea time.
Dr.D.-AC15: Zonker's having a caow at your puns, Joan.
Dr.D.-AC15: I think he's gonna die laughing.
Dr.D.-AC15: Cow my fingers meant to type.
Bobs-AC15: test
Guy B.: That's what exactly is happening.
Jen: Call the paramedics!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob: test
Guy B.: Done
Joan: Don't have a cow, man
Dr.D.-AC15: test received, Daniel.
Bobs-AC15 changed username to zonker
Daniel Bienvenu: :D
Dr.D.-AC15: Moo.
Jen: Okay, who let Bart Simpson in here.
zonker: testing testing
Dr.D.-AC15: Moof.
Guy B.: Aye Caremba
Joan: WEll, I said I'm eclectic
james: i am about 10 minutes away from finishing my powerpoint presentation too
Daniel Bienvenu: Give me a challenge: one picture plus a wav sound to add in a Colecovision rom.
Jen: That's my sisters nickname...Moo. Her friends in Toronto thought that when she lived in Alberta she rode a cow to school.
zonker: j sing the body eclectic
Ron: tomorrow afternoon 3 pm James
Dr.D.-AC15: Alberta isn't that rustic, is it?
Joan: on eclectic avenue
zonker: i think im having an eclectic fit
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to prouve that it'a possible to a a simple demo rom in ten minutes
Jen: But Ontario people seem to think so. Sorry, Pam.
(Guy B. kicks zonker)
Ron: Ok....Joan ..... must know.... who did that song?
Jen: Watch out for that eclectic eel.
zonker: ouch!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I used the word "prouve" because I didn't remember the exact word in english
Ron: Electric ave
Guy B.: Could have been worse.
Dr.D.-AC15: ELO?
Joan: I have to say I can't remember
Ron: Thank You
zonker: a slippery character indeed
Guy B.: All right. ELO
Ron: must have it
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Joan: I don't it was ELO, but they did do Telephone LIne
Guy B.: It was Joan.
Jen: Eddie Grant sang that song.
Ron: Going to walk up to....
Ron: Electric Avenue
zonker: but did mr. grant have any other hits
Dr.D.-AC15: I just was free-associating on "electric"...heavy, man.
Guy B.: It's part of the Face the Music album.
Jen: Well, I've gotta get my little bather into bed. Goodnight everyone. Nice talking to you.
Ron: Electric heavy man?
Dr.D.-AC15: Good night, Jen.
zonker: niters tdbear
Jeff - AC15: 'Night Jen
Guy B.: Oh wait a minute. Wrong one. It was a New World Record. That's where Telephone Line is.
Jeff - AC15: Ron>My favourite :)
zonker: look up in the sky....its electric heavy man
Ron: g'nite Jen
Guy B.: Night Jen. Hope to see you again soon.
Joan: I think I should say Good Night too.
zonker: then by all jmeans do
Guy B.: Night Joan.
Dr.D.-AC15: Or you won't get up for church tomorrow.
Jen left chat session
Dr.D.-AC15: There is more to ZOnker's comment than you realize :-)
Joan: A final note, with a day like today, baby we born to run
zonker: tramps like us
Dr.D.-AC15: Run silent, run deep.
Dr.D.-AC15: Run away! (Monty Python)
Joan: run away, run away
Ron: Burt Lancaster
Joan: jinx
Dr.D.-AC15: Joan is now being seen.
Joan: personal jinx
Dr.D.-AC15: <BOOM>
zonker: oh you kids
Joan: I will now dis apparate
Pam at home: i'm back
Ron: I have absolutely no idea what's going on here
Dr.D.-AC15: We'd have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those darned kids!
zonker: typing three words
zonker: hard to do
zonker: hiku?
Joan left chat session
Dr.D.-AC15: Mysterious meat
Dr.D.-AC15: Lying on my Wonder Bread
Dr.D.-AC15: I will not eat you
james: hi ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.: I saw your web page and I want to reuse you "star trek" picture to be in a rom. you agree or not?
Pam at home: ah poetry for the ages
zonker: im so confused
Dr.D.-AC15: I agree, Daniel.
Pam at home: did Joan and Jen take off?
Guy B.: No you're not. You never were.
zonker: not for masses
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: Which Start Trek series you liked most?
Guy B.: Yes, both are off.
Pam at home: : (
james: i liked next gen until the last movie
james: bastards
Dr.D.-AC15: Original Season, also most of Next Generation.
Pam at home: everyone is panning Nemesis - was it that bad?
zonker: have not seen
Dr.D.-AC15: You Paramount bastards, you killed my franchise!
Pam at home: TNG, Voyageurk, Enterprise
Pam at home: what about y ou Daniel?
Pam at home: yuck, I just got smashed potatoes on the keyboard
Dr.D.-AC15: Have not seen Nemesis.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't see enough "episodes"... but I think I prefer the new generation but not the first serie.
Pam at home: me either Rich
Dr.D.-AC15: Since I am almost 41 years old, Daniel, the Original Series is part of my childhood; there was nothing else like it.
zonker: put it in the sink Pam and use the sprayer on it
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.: If I can use the Star Trek theme song, do you think a speech by captain kirk or Spock or .... will be ok?
Guy B.: How bad is it Pam?
Dr.D.-AC15: Younger people who started with NextGen (naturally) think that TOS is stupid and cheesy.
Pam at home: just a little bit - I wiped it off
zonker: WATER IT
Daniel Bienvenu: If I can't use...
Pam at home: better than an entire can of Coke - I did that one at work
Dr.D.-AC15: Either would work fine, Daniel, I think.
Guy B.: The keyboard should be Ok.
Pam at home: oh yeah - that's nothing compared to some of the stuff that Russell has dripped into it
Pam at home: substances which shall remain nameless
Pam at home: I got the "k" key
Dr.D.-AC15: Sneezed on the keyboard?
Dr.D.-AC15: I did that once...
Pam at home: oh I hope not
Guy B.: Pam, have you seen what my dog looks like?
Dr.D.-AC15: Or toxic stuff from work?
Pam at home: don't think so Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to russell
Guy B.: I'll take a shot with my digital camera and I'll send one to you when I get back home.
Pam at home: Hi Dear, you made it
Pam at home: email it to me guy -
james: pam, you still haven't seen nemesis?
Guy B.: Hi Russell. Glad you made it.
russell: yes indeed
Pam at home: no, take that back - send it to work at
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to find the theme song... where I can find it.
Pam at home: what's it like out Russell?
zonker: HI Russel !!!!!!
russell: hot , sticky, occasionaly raining, a bit of breeze.
Pam at home: depends which theme song - original series?
Pam at home: yuck. Sorry about that dear
Dr.D.-AC15: Hello, Russel.
Dr.D.-AC15: Russell.
Guy B.: Which one Pam?
Pam at home: use work Guy, I have a better 'puter at work (
Dr.D.-AC15: Note to all: Ron says he wants to convene an A.N.N. meeting in 5-10 minutes.
Guy B.: Ok, will do then.
Pam at home: thank you
Dr.D.-AC15: So presumably we will be closing down then.
Pam at home: I've asked this a number of times but never get an answer - do we have a location for next year yet?
zonker: 10n MINUTES
Guy B.: I think it might be back in the USA.
zonker: is that eastern or western time.................
Dr.D.-AC15: I've heard that this will be a topic of discussion at some point today or tomorrow.
zonker: nope
Dr.D.-AC15: I am confident that there will be an ADAMcon 16 *somewhere* next year.
Guy B.: We will find out soon Pam.
Pam at home: okay
zonker: okay that werent zonker that were bob but now im me
zonker: see?
Pam at home: I see
Pam at home: I think
Dr.D.-AC15: If you are you, and I am me...
zonker: and we are all together
Dr.D.-AC15: It's all quite clear, you see.
james: ok, to anyone and everyone interested, my powerpoint presentation is also done and should complement somewhat what dan has done
Dr.D.-AC15: Except on Tuesday.
Dr.D.-AC15: When it's dark.
Guy B.: Looking forward to that James.
zonker: everyone is interested james
james: to whom should it be sent? is dale still around?
zonker: yes.
zonker: james send it to dale. you have his address,no?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, my presentation is like an introduction and james a tutorial :)
Dale - AC15: Hi.
Pam at home: cooperation from around the globe
zonker: and up your street
Dale - AC15: I just published the photo galleries for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Dale - AC15: With thumbs and medium versions of the images.
Pam at home: thank you dale
james: yeah, somewhere in my e-mail
james: dale can you type your addy? i can't find it.
Guy B.: I will have some up when I get back home.
Pam at home: Meeka, will you post pictures of your projects?
Dale - AC15: should work.
Meeka: Pam, I do have a bunch posted already. :D
Dr.D.-AC15: Pam is collecting all photos, including mine. I've shot almost 200 so far myself.
Pam at home: oh my . . .
Meeka: just a sec, I will get the addy
zonker: dr d on a shooting spree
Dale - AC15: Look at them at
Dr.D.-AC15: The only ones she won't get are what I take on my way home./
Pam at home: it's the next best thing to being there : )
Dr.D.-AC15: Report me to Homeland Security.
Jeff - AC15: I'm going to sign off...night all :)
Pam at home: nite Jeff
zonker: dr d on a shooting spree...isn't that a hip hop song
Guy B.: Bye Jeff, you were quiet tonight.
zonker: bye jeff
james: ok, the file is being sent as we speak
Jeff - AC15 left chat session
Meeka: Pam.... look under completed items :D
zonker: as a friend of mnine used to say we wait with abated breath
Pam at home: okay, I dusted off my notepad and got all of that - thanks
Meeka: your welcome
Dr.D.-AC15: I will close hailing frequencies for tonight also.
Dr.D.-AC15: Nice to talk to you all.
Pam at home: g'nite Rich - miss you all
Dr.D.-AC15: Will chat again on Wednesday.
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
Dr.D.-AC15: Miss you too, Pam.
Pam at home: I wish we were there
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam at home: <sigh>
zonker: looks like ann meeting about to start so i'm on my way out
russell: me too
Meeka: next year Pam
Guy B.: We will see again next year Pam.
Dr.D.-AC15: There will be enough multimedia coverage to give you a good idea of what happened.
Pam at home: I'm counting on that Meeka
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
zonker: 3
IS this really an adam meet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at the pictures :D
zonker: 2
zonker: 1
Pam at home: by zonk
Dr.D.-AC15: The most complete coverage ever I think.
zonker: <poof>
Bart lynch???
Dr.D.-AC15: Good night, all.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye zonker
Alan Neeley?
Pam at home: night
Guy B.: He's gone.
Steve Major?
zonker left chat session
Herman mason?
Dale - AC15: James, I got it.
Guy B.: Who is that mysterious
Dale - AC15: It looks good.
james: thanks dale
Ans the most infamous....SOL SWIFT!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Dr.D!
Pam at home: hi Sol
Pam at home: none of the oldtimers are here
u guyz r awqesome
Dale - AC15: Daniel, I'll see you on tomorrow.
Pam Harrington?
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope so
Pam at home: nope, Pam C - Rich C's daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: but not in person :p
Pam at home: unfortunately, PJ (Pat) Harrington is no longer with us in body
Dale - AC15: As close as we can get though.
Pam at home: who is this?
Sorry to here that..
Daniel Bienvenu: 6hpm you said... I can be online.
I was Coleco Kid running the Coleco Depot back in the days
Guy B.: But in spirit.
Daniel. hello,
Pam at home: I don't recognize the name, I'm sorry. But welcome anyway
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS-AC15
Pam at home: Pat died earlier this year of cancer
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!... err... Hello undefined!
ADAMITRES still uniting I see
Dr.D.-AC15: I recognize the handle Coleco Kid, but I don't think we ever met.
Rich Drushell?
james: coleco kid.. who was that..
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, it's me, Rich Drushel.
Meeka: he is here. but he just signed off
U sold me a powermate a lomg time ago
Dr.D.-AC15: I didn't hit the exit button yet, so I am still here.
Pam at home: unto the next generation, CK
Dr.D.-AC15: A Powermate? SmartBASIC 1.x, maybe, but I never dealt in hardware.
Dr.D.-AC15: Herman and George, did.
BobS-AC15: did Rich Clee sell it to you???????
Amazing you guys are still into ADAM.....Guys like Daniel have moved it to new levels, and that guy with the new space invader release....awesome1
BobS-AC15: should have been only Mark gordon as he wanted to sell only as a setup he put together
right!!! mark gordon!!!
Dr.D.-AC15: We still meet every year at an ADAMeon. We're in British Columbia this weekend.\
BobS-AC15: w/ 40m m hd, a 3 1/2" disk drive and 5 1/4" drive????
Dr.D.-AC15: How'd you hear about the chat/convention?
BobS-AC15: ya mon dat's nme
You bought my powermate dont you rememnber?
Darryl Quinn
BobS-AC15: and I can almost grasp your name and location but I have CRS now
BobS-AC15: THAT'S IT !!!!!!
russell: things are getting busy here, got ot go. will check out pictures later if I get the chance.
Guy B.: Bye Russell.
james: ok, all, daddy has to eat lunch and do some yard work. i'm outta here. enjoy the presentations dan and i made. i won't be up at 7 a.m. tomorrow to join you :P
Pam at home: see in the morning, I'll call when I get up.
Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't know what is going on....
russell left chat session
Pam at home: Nite James
Daniell hello
Guy B.: Bye James, see you Wednesday.
BobS-AC15: "your powermatre"???????? go tit from Steve Major I thought
james: nite all
BobS-AC15: nite james
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye James.
BobS-AC15: hmmmmmm..........
Daniel Bienvenu: bye James
Nope u got it from me...
james: bye all. *pouf*
BobS-AC15: OK it is STILL working away.......
james left chat session
BobS-AC15: seems alittle fussy once in awhile bvooting inot the hd, but still works good
Pam at home: Darryl, go into edit and change your name
Guy B.: We sure are.
Pam at home: go into edit, then change user name
BobS-AC15: Edit; change User Name; delete the box and type in your name
changed username to Coleco Kid
Coleco Kid: k
Pam at home: there we go
Coleco Kid: Have any of the old unreleasaed Coleco Games vere surviced?
Guy B.: Some are in the PD like Super Donkey Kong Jr, Jeopardy.
BobS-AC15: ALL of the Coleco stuff and proabbly almost ALL of the stuff form 3rd party developers have survived and are in our hands
Coleco Kid: Quick question...what r we alll doing in a chat room on a saturday night?
George K left chat session
Meeka: ok, gonna go agian
Meeka: nighty night
Meeka left chat session
Pam at home: night Meeka
Guy B.: We have 15 of us at Adamcon 15.
Daniel Bienvenu: Meeka: bonne nuit!
Coleco Kid: Datw wick r u here?
BobS-AC15: because we are at convention
Pam at home: Dale, who's in the picture on the website front page? I don't recognize either person
Coleco Kid: Did that AIM board ever come out for ADAM?
Guy B.: Well, folks have to get off time for ANN meeting.
Guy B.: Bye All
Pam at home: g'nite Guy
BobS-AC15: think one or two survived. Dale has one i believe
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit, Guy!
Coleco Kid: Daniell!!!!!!
Coleco Kid: Love your work!
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you!
Coleco Kid: Was sol swift ever a real person?
Coleco Kid: Still owes me dough
Coleco Kid: Anyone interested in some boxed cartridges?
Coleco Kid: I guess everone left?
Pam at home: I think eveyrone went to the meeting, Darryl
Coleco Kid: An Admcon meeting?
Pam at home: 'cept Daniel and myself
Pam at home: yes, most people are at Adamcon 15 this weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: Yep, I'm at home...
Coleco Kid: Guess we can chat?
Pam at home: that's why we're on today - usually chat is Saturday night
Pam at home: sorry, Wednesday night
Coleco Kid: Ok Pam how long..and what is your function in the ADAM Comunitty?
Coleco Kid: I know Danieells!!
Pam at home: involved since just after AC12
Pam at home: I'm Richard Clee's daughter
Coleco Kid: Programming? PR, ??
Pam at home: I'm more into the community side of things
Pam at home: I don't speak ADAM very well : )
Coleco Kid: Very cute...!
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry if I'm quiet but I'm still surrprise to see soneome (I can't remember) who knows my name.
Pam at home: I was at the house one night when Dad was chatting and got involved, so I got online the following week and have been hooked ever since
Pam at home: my husband and I went to AC 13 and 14
Coleco Kid: Dont u remember me asking you about programming Coleco Games??? I sent u a Mike tyson picture I did for ADAM?
Pam at home: couldn't manage it this year
Daniel Bienvenu: by emails?
Coleco Kid: is dskillz1@hot,
Coleco Kid: you compiled it for me and put it in a rom format
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check it out... I can't remember well
Coleco Kid: u forget the little peele hu?
Coleco Kid: Your alright ho!
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't remember every emails I received.
Pam at home: I think he just dropped off Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Coleco Kid
Coleco Kid: sorry im bak
Pam at home: there we go - what happened?
Coleco Kid: hit the X button....
Pam at home: oops
Pam at home: well much as I hate to abandon you, it's way past time I should be in bed
Coleco Kid: daniel still here?
Pam at home: yes he is
Daniel Bienvenu: What is your name again?
Coleco Kid: Darryl
Pam at home: nice to meet you Darryl
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I'm here
Pam at home: Daniel, bonsoir - bonne chance demain
Coleco Kid: Your programming skillz are seriously something...Im dying for your knowledge!
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! now I remember
Coleco Kid: gnie pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: Bonne nuit! et merci!
Coleco Kid: U french d?
Pam at home: g'nite, Darryl - come again on Wednesday at 9:00 est
Pam at home: de rien, Daniel. Bonne nuit. Kerpoof!
Pam at home left chat session
Coleco Kid: Daniel you gone?
Daniel Bienvenu: no...
Coleco Kid: how long u been programming Coleco games?
Daniel Bienvenu: how long? I started in feb 1999.
Coleco Kid: Im dying to understand the whole thing......I guess i can dream
Daniel Bienvenu: you didn't be able to do s little something?
Coleco Kid: When is that guy comeing out with the donkey kong release?
Coleco Kid: No too much to take in Bro.....
Coleco Kid: Was good with the SmartBASIC thing but after that the Machine language killed me
Daniel Bienvenu: you didn'T try programming in C like me?
Coleco Kid: My C hasnt been good since College, like 6 years ago....
Coleco Kid: I have sooo many ideas but no foundation!
Daniel Bienvenu: did you see my coleco programming documentation?
Coleco Kid: I know every coleco game pixel for pixel....but no push?
Coleco Kid: yes....but like I said my C is ssoooooo rusty
Coleco Kid: I would love to hang out with you for like 3 weeks and learn it all!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: You must start learning C if you don't like using ASM because they are the only two ways to do ColecoVision games
Daniel Bienvenu: teaching C language is not my force
Coleco Kid: How did original Coleco programmers do there code? ASM?
Daniel Bienvenu: mostly ASM, yes. A rumor said that a PASCAL compiler existed but it's only a rumor
Coleco Kid: Do you think they really used that PNBL vart to produce screens?
Daniel Bienvenu: This is the kind of question someelse here may answer
Daniel Bienvenu: personnaly, I think each compagny used his "toolkit"
Coleco Kid: Why dont you guys try to produce the unreleased games from catalog seeing as you have the skillz to do so...people would go crazy for em...
Daniel Bienvenu: Like Spectar, RipeCord?
Coleco Kid: Tunnels and Trolls....Mr Turtle...etc..
Coleco Kid: YES!
Coleco Kid: Instead of games that we have all seen already....
Coleco Kid: whos that cat with the space invader releae?
Daniel Bienvenu: The problem is... we have absolutly no clue if any proto exist and what the game supposed to be. I see some arcade version of Exidy's games but it's hard to see what it can be done for the colecovision.
Daniel Bienvenu: s'cuse my english but.. you mean "who is doing Space Invaders Collection"?
Coleco Kid: Thats the beauty!!!! Just go by the screens and create the rest by your self.... As long as the screens resemble what was in the catalog....Have you seen the new ADVENTURE for Atari 5200?
Daniel Bienvenu: pardon me but his name is : Eduardo Mello.
Coleco Kid: Yes
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't see Adventure for the atari 5200
Coleco Kid: Thats waht im talking about..... Yes Edward Hes amazing with that pacman and donkiey kong thing...are those real screens he shows?
Coleco Kid: hard to beleif...
Neil left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: knowing Eduardo... i will say "yes! but some screens need flickering"
Coleco Kid: You live in france?
Daniel Bienvenu: No, otherwise I will sleep
Coleco Kid: Where are u located?
Daniel Bienvenu: Canada
Coleco Kid: How old r u?
Daniel Bienvenu: about 28 years old
Coleco Kid: You have an ADAM right?
Daniel Bienvenu: and I'm single
Daniel Bienvenu: I have an Adam, right
Coleco Kid: You like House music??
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't listen music... except when I went to super market
Coleco Kid: You arent like a slow kid r u?
Daniel Bienvenu: what s "slow kid" mean?
Coleco Kid: forget it...So what r u doing home on a sat night? Dont they got clubz in canada?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a special event now. the Adamcon. I think it's normal to be online chating during the chating session of the adamcon, right?
Coleco Kid: no dought, sorry just asking.....
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem
Coleco Kid: For what its worth I think you have done a fine job with the whole Coleco thing, and I would love to do what u do! It would keep me out of clubz and keep me off the X!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: It's up to you.... I can't learn C language for you.
Coleco Kid: SO regular C, if i master that then I should be ready?
Coleco Kid: the whole NMI interupt confuzes the hell out of me
Coleco Kid: how do i talk to the rest of the people in the adamcon chatroom?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you know at least, what is "#include" "#define" variables types", "if statment" "do while" "while" swicth case" "for" etc... then you can start . but you will need to read my coleco programming document about the getput library
BobS-AC15: some of us are still watching the chat.
Daniel Bienvenu: the nmi... if you don't like it, don't use it
Coleco Kid: Slopesema!!! Gotta luiv ya
Daniel Bienvenu: the nmi is perfect to update sound
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have to go now.. It's late!
Coleco Kid: gnite daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Coleco Kid left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jen
Jen left chat session
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changed username to dogbot
dogbot: hmmmm
dogbot left chat session
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changed username to Unicorn
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changed username to Daniel Bienvneu
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changed username to Dr.D.-AC15 > chat > Sat 2003-08-09
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