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Dr.D.-AC15: Da Dokter is her.
Dr.D.-AC15: Here, rather.
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Dr.D.-AC15: BobS is here, too.
Dr.D.-AC15: But no Daniel...
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BobS: testing
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: 1..2.. testing!
Dr.D.-AC15: Hi Daniel!
Dr.D.-AC15: Dale is giving your presentation!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi. Dr.D!
Daniel Bienvenu: Great!
BobS: hi Danile
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
BobS: we are her !!!!!!
BobS: here
BobS: are using your presentation and it is GREAT
Dr.D.-AC15: He is on the Program Structure slide. We got that far and took a brief break.
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, it is a super presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you
Dr.D.-AC15: So if you can bring up your own copy of the presentation, you can follow along with us.
Dr.D.-AC15: Dale has started presenting again.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't had time to write it...
Dr.D.-AC15: It seems well-written to me.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can follow the presentation! yes!
Dr.D.-AC15: I will type here whenever there is a change of slide.
Daniel Bienvenu: perfect
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like a new experience
Dr.D.-AC15: Next slide, How to organise your program.
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact, the following slides will show you one or two method on "how to organize your idea to be a code".
Dr.D.-AC15: now Storyboard.
Dr.D.-AC15: now Videogame parts.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope Dale gives some example of videogames
Dr.D.-AC15: He's talking about them now.
Dr.D.-AC15: Neil is recording the audio and the presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: great! I will be able to listen the presentation too! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: This gonna be a loooong presentation.
Dr.D.-AC15: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: if there is a question I can answer, write it to me.
Dr.D.-AC15: Yes, that is why I am here.
Dr.D.-AC15: now Screens.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale may want to give his own opinion here
Dr.D.-AC15: now Important screens.
Dr.D.-AC15: now Modules
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Dr.D.-AC15: now Modules sample diagram.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! ... Sorry, my internet provider disconnect me
Dr.D.-AC15: no showing Modules sample diagram.
Daniel Bienvenu: That's a good slide
Dr.D.-AC15: Now Flow charts
Dr.D.-AC15: paused for questions
Daniel Bienvenu: Flow charts... it cam from my childhood memories
Dr.D.-AC15: no questions so far, everyone is happy
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow charts 2
Daniel Bienvenu: I scanned this stencil from my old programming book I received with my Commodore VIC-20
BobS: the flow chart VERY closely followed the dice game a few of us just ran thru.....made it clear......and obvious to see
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow charts 3
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols 2
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols 3
Daniel Bienvenu: he he! yes, i described the symbols
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols 4
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols 5
Dr.D.-AC15: Flow chart symbols 5
Dr.D.-AC15: oops 6
Daniel Bienvenu: Note: You may not need to do a "flow chart"... if you already know I to program your project, but it's a good think to make a PLAN.
Dr.D.-AC15: List of variables
Daniel Bienvenu: List of variables is important... mostly when you stop a project and you came back months later.
Dr.D.-AC15: I just announced your comment.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry Dale to interrupt you
Dr.D.-AC15: Do you know the character limit for names of variables in Hi-Tech C?
Daniel Bienvenu: right now... no!
Daniel Bienvenu: I never reeach the limit
Dr.D.-AC15: We are guessing 8 or 32.
Daniel Bienvenu: more than 8 is possible
Dr.D.-AC15: The number of characters in the name, we meant.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Dr.D.-AC15: now Algorithm
Daniel Bienvenu: you may laught after the slide "What is an algorithm"
Dr.D.-AC15: now What is an algorithm?
Dr.D.-AC15: now Algorithm 2
Dr.D.-AC15: we all are laughing: Dale suggests that one of my LEGO robots is buying the apples.
Dr.D.-AC15: now Pseudo-code
Daniel Bienvenu: heh heh
Dr.D.-AC15: now Programming in C
Daniel Bienvenu: That's the part I had no time to write...
Dr.D.-AC15: now Warning!
Daniel Bienvenu: "I have no book to suggest"
Dr.D.-AC15: K&R "The C Programming Language" is good.
Dr.D.-AC15: C programming
Daniel Bienvenu: I learned with the reference guide for the Borland turbo C
Dr.D.-AC15: That's a good one, too. Turbo C 3.0 for MS DOS is the one I used.
Daniel Bienvenu: me too! :)
Dr.D.-AC15: C programming 2
Daniel Bienvenu: but I lost it when I changed my computer
Daniel Bienvenu: Before someone ask "no, you can't declare two array of bytes with the same name"
Daniel Bienvenu: ... in the same project
Daniel Bienvenu: the difference between ROM and RAM is important here
Daniel Bienvenu: newbies do the error of trying updating a table in ROM
Dr.D.-AC15: I told them. They were wondering about it. Thanks for the clarification.
Daniel Bienvenu: you can use memcpy to copy data from a ROM table to a RAM table
Daniel Bienvenu: but you already know that
Dr.D.-AC15: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: "data types" Note: "byte" is defined in the coleco library.
Dr.D.-AC15: now Data types
Dr.D.-AC15: noted.
Daniel Bienvenu: otherwise, hi-tech c doesn't what is a byte
Daniel Bienvenu: doesn't know what..
Dr.D.-AC15: now Operators
Daniel Bienvenu: taken from the reference guide....
Daniel Bienvenu: talking about bitwise operator is not easy.
Daniel Bienvenu: we must use a table
Daniel Bienvenu: to understand
Dr.D.-AC15: Dale gave a presentation about these at ADAMcon 13.
Dr.D.-AC15: So we have seen them.
Daniel Bienvenu: Great!
Dr.D.-AC15: Operators
Dr.D.-AC15: If statement
Dr.D.-AC15: Loops
Dr.D.-AC15: Functions
Daniel Bienvenu: This part is difficult to learn for a newbie.
Dr.D.-AC15: Functions 2
Daniel Bienvenu: Note: Yes, a local variable is in ram, whatever its initialized (byte k=0;) or not (byte k;) in the function
Dr.D.-AC15: Function sample
Daniel Bienvenu: If someone ask for "an alternative" if we don't want to use Hi-tech C compiler for CP/M. The answer is yes, but I never tested it personnaly.
Dr.D.-AC15: Dale mentioned this.
Dr.D.-AC15: now I know...
Dr.D.-AC15: Coleco programming in C
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, but the hard part is, the coleco library by marcel de kogel must be rewrited/recompiled to be compiled by another compiler.
Dr.D.-AC15: He also mentioned this.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: About "The execution steps ", I updated sounds by using the NMI routine and the update_sounds(); function from Coleco library.
Daniel Bienvenu: if someone ask for "when we play sounds"
Dr.D.-AC15: Coleco programming in C 2
Dr.D.-AC15: Libraries
Dr.D.-AC15: Compile and test
Dr.D.-AC15: Step by step
Dr.D.-AC15: (we did James' tutorial for this in the morning)
Daniel Bienvenu: ok!
Dr.D.-AC15: Example
Daniel Bienvenu: you may need to slowdown a bit to remark the lines added each time
Dr.D.-AC15: Sample code: Hello World
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Daniel Bienvenu: what happend?
Dr.D.-AC15: People are still typing it in.
Daniel Bienvenu: they are typing the code?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the best way to learn! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: which slide now?
Dr.D.-AC15: Everyone has the first small sample code typed now
Dr.D.-AC15: It won't do anything, because it has 2 empty functions :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly
Dr.D.-AC15: Question: which files from the cci directory need to be copied into the ac15 directory?
Dr.D.-AC15: Just cci.exe?
Dr.D.-AC15: In order to compile the project.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, only cci.exe copied in your project directory
Dr.D.-AC15: Thanks.
Dr.D.-AC15: Oops, we have had a power outage...
Daniel Bienvenu: power outage?
Dr.D.-AC15: Someone tripped over an extension cord and unplugged the video projector we were using for the presentation.
Dr.D.-AC15: We are now restarting the computers. There will be a short delay.
Daniel Bienvenu: LOL
Dr.D.-AC15: BobS says ""Shut up!" :-) :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Dr.D.-AC15: (It was Dale who turned off the power)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's nervous... LOL
Dr.D.-AC15: Projector is back up now. Neil is restarting his video recording.
Dr.D.-AC15: Neil is helping people get their stuff compiled. Some people are done already.
Daniel Bienvenu: great!
Dr.D.-AC15: BobS just got his compiled.
Dr.D.-AC15: Guy Bona is still working.
Daniel Bienvenu: You must not try to add colors in your code. :)
Dr.D.-AC15: Someone actually asked how to do that :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I used colors to let you see the different part of the code.
Daniel Bienvenu: but there are software who color the code for us. ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: still have problem?
Dr.D.-AC15: okay, I think everyone has it compiled and linked now
Daniel Bienvenu: good
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! that's the most animated presentation I never see. :D
Dr.D.-AC15: We're doing the best we can to get you here as a virtual participant.
Dr.D.-AC15: Next year you'll have to tell us in person :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I can be as good as Dale :) I'm really impressed!
Dr.D.-AC15: Daniel, your presentation is very thorough and very well done. I think it's a great elementary introduction to the entire task of writing C code for ColecoVision.
Daniel Bienvenu: :")
Dr.D.-AC15: I just hope we can get to the end in the next 30 minutes, because that is when we have to stop and get ready for the banquet.
Daniel Bienvenu: if you not compile each time you add a line... yes
Daniel Bienvenu: because the rest is almost the same thing you probably see in James presentation
Daniel Bienvenu: but i describe each file created
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone asked about the word "BOLD"?
Dr.D.-AC15: I have passed along your they are going to add all the code lines at once.
Daniel Bienvenu: great
Dr.D.-AC15: How many more slides are there in the presentation?
Daniel Bienvenu: about 10
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe 14
Daniel Bienvenu: depends where you are now
Dr.D.-AC15: People are still typing.
Daniel Bienvenu: If someone ask about the word "BOLD" for the upload_default_ascii(); function. Suggest to open the coleco.h file and to look at the end.
Dr.D.-AC15: We are now on the slide about using an infinite loop.
Daniel Bienvenu: There are 3 more keywords you can use
Dr.D.-AC15: Nobody has asked about "BOLD" yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: This slide is the last one for "typing" code
Daniel Bienvenu: after is compiling
Daniel Bienvenu: If the CCI screeshot doesn't look like the CCI you have... it's probably because I used an updated version ;-)
Dr.D.-AC15: About half have theirs compiled and running.
Daniel Bienvenu: and you?
Dr.D.-AC15: Doug Slopsema modified his program to say BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
Dr.D.-AC15: I don't have a Windows laptop here; I am typing from a Mac Powerbook 5300.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: describe the faces expression you see when they realize they can program a colecovision rom file?
Daniel Bienvenu: everyone were able to compile the code?
Daniel Bienvenu: Tell Doug S this:
Daniel Bienvenu: "Add the following line just before cls();"
Daniel Bienvenu: fill_color(0,0xf4,255);
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, you have a blue screen of death! ;)
Dr.D.-AC15: Thanks.
Daniel Bienvenu: you're welcome
Dr.D.-AC15: We are now closing down the meeting we will have to get through the last couple of slides off-line.
Dr.D.-AC15: I am being disconnected in 30 seconds!
Daniel Bienvenu: oh...
Dr.D.-AC15: So thanks for everything today, Daniel!
Dr.D.-AC15: See you Wednesday in chat.
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a great pleasure for me
Daniel Bienvenu: of course
Dr.D.-AC15: Bye!
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Daniel Bienvenu: I have a surprise for everybody
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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