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james: boo
Daniel Bienvenu: AAAaaahhh....
james: heh heh
Dr.D.-back soon changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel and James.
james: welcome back
Dr.D.: I had to take Christina on some errands. I just got back home.
Dr.D.: I was afraid that I would be late for the chat, so I logged in as (back soon) just to let you know that I was around.
james: well you've still managed to be early
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james: so you can leave for a few minutes if you like :P
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Dr.D.: I must complement both of you very much on the way that your presentations turned out at ADAMcon 15.
changed username to Ron
changed username to rich-c
Ron: Hi Guys
Dr.D.: And it's the Mighty hour early for his wont, yes?
rich-c: aha! I have discovered teh early chatters!
Ron: Well yes, but .... no...
james: hi ron, hear you did a smash up job
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
james: hi rich
Ron: Just dropped by to tell you that my company and I are on our way out for supper. Back later, but perhaps not in time
Ron: for the end
rich-c: hi all, including Ron - that was quick
Dr.D.: We'll tell everyone that you were here.
Dr.D.: And yes, Ron did a smash-up job.
rich-c: OK Ron, enjoy, see you later we hope
Ron: Works for me Dr. D
Ron: ok.... later all
Dr.D.: Bye Ron.
Ron left chat session
rich-c: so what did I miss?
Dr.D.: I just got here myself.
james: dan are you still here?
james: everyone just got on
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
rich-c: just james and Daniel (salut, Dan) tyhen?
Dr.D.: As I was telling Daniel and James, I had some errands to run earlier in the evening, and I wasn't sure I'd be back in time, so I logged into the chat as "Dr.D.-back soon" to let everyone know I was around.
Daniel Bienvenu: tommorow it's "le jour des vidanges" (trash)
Dr.D.: I just sat down here about 4 minutes ago.
rich-c: not sure how long I'll last5 - teh hackers are really hammering my firewall tonight
Dr.D.: What do you have that they want to hack, Richard?
rich-c: I was on two hours this afternoon and logged 38 attacks
Daniel Bienvenu: problem with the lovsan worm virus?
rich-c: probably, Daniel - the hackers just scout around looking for any vulnerable port anywhere
rich-c: just about everything that has hit me last few days has been a Remote Procedure Call
james: you'd think they could find something better to do with their time. instead of hacking average people, i think it'd be more fun to nail a spammer or five
rich-c: I will have to get the nw MS updates, I'm a few weeks behind on them
Dr.D.: Keep your Windows Updates current.
Dr.D.: One advantage to Macs, nobody is bothering them.
rich-c: as a matter of policy I do, though most do not apply to me
james: also, anyone running grisoft's avg antivirus, they have an update that covers it
Dr.D.: MacOS 9.x is pretty invulnerable.
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changed username to Judy
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rich-c: well, the hackers go whre the odds are best; Mac and Linux are pretty rare
Dr.D.: Hi Judy, from the land of Michigan!
changed username to A bunch of Wicks
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr.D.: And a brace of Wicks.
A bunch of Wicks: hi all.
rich-c: hi Judy, beat the old man in tonight I see
rich-c: and welcome the the Wicks (assorted)
Judy: no it is his computer he will be here shortly
Judy: hi, Rich
A bunch of Wicks: only one of us gets to type because Jeffy is sugared up and raring to wiggle.
Judy: and James and Daniel
Judy: and the bunch of Wicks
Dr.D.: Give him the AC15 bear and let him wiggle with it :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
rich-c: btw, Dr.D, would you believe we are getting Cleveland Museum of Art radio ads here?
james: heh heh
Dr.D.: Spiffy!
james: how old is jefft?
A bunch of Wicks: 19 months
rich-c: gather you have such a great exhibit they figure it's worth the trip
james: 19 months.. case will be 17 months next week. pretty close
Judy: we are very tired that flying in the middle of the night is the pits
A bunch of Wicks: He's trying to repeat every word we say and doing pretty good at it.
james: case doesn't talk yet. just babbles
A bunch of Wicks: It's a great age.
rich-c: guess I misread Bob's email - I had teh impression you left Seattle this morning
james: at risk of getting smacked by pam the next time i see her, he's much like his mother that way :P
Judy: the trouble with that is you have to be carefull what you say
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw video files... is it a lot of fun at each adamcon?
james: yes, i had a dream the other night his first word was the f word
A bunch of Wicks: Jeffy still babbles lots but gets a clear word in about one in three.
Dr.D.: If we come back to Cleveland, I'd be glad to schedule an away mission at the museum.
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Judy: well, yes 1 this morning
changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: Daniel, it is a very fun time at ADAMcon.
rich-c: hi Guy
A bunch of Wicks: That would be great Dr. D.
Guy B.: Greetings. Back from Seattle
Judy: as in 1 AM
Dr.D.: Hi Guy!
rich-c: it sure sounded like you had a really neat one
james: he's currently loading floppies into the laser printer
Judy: entered GR at 9:20 AM
Dr.D.: Not sure that a museum trip would be the universal draw that the Mt. Washington climb was this summer, though.
Judy: hi, Guy
A bunch of Wicks: oh my. I find I've censored my language so much that even when I'm with my friends the strongest language you hear is 'Piffle'
rich-c: by the way, what's with the ElPaso bit?
Dr.D.: I can't imagine Herman and George ogling Mondrians.
Guy B.: Daniel, just wanted to say that your Powerpoint presentation was excellent.
Daniel Bienvenu: *shy*
Dr.D.: That's where we're going for ADAMcon 16, Richard.
james: let's just say that when case starts to talk, grandma in canada may not be impressed with what he says :P
A bunch of Wicks: hmm.
rich-c: I assume the Stones are behind that - are they up to it?
Dr.D.: We decided to put an ADAMcon in Jean and Jack Stone's back yard.
james: so the next con is in texas, did i read that right?
Dr.D.: "The Usual Gang of Idiots" is going to actually run it, though.
rich-c: I'm a little dubious about Texas in September - the weather doesnt break till after mid-October
Dr.D.: We decided that enough people had laptops with ADAMem that we could have an ADAMcon anywhere, without a home base of tons of genuine ADAM hardware.
Guy B.: Let's hope when we go down there next year, that it won't be hot. But, you know how Texas is.
Dr.D.: No I don't know, I've never been there.
A bunch of Wicks: They'll have airconditioning I'm sure.
james: ok, so texas it is. where in texas?
Dr.D.: But as George K. said, that's what air conditioning is for.
A bunch of Wicks: At least it will be dry.
Dr.D.: El Paso.
rich-c: in September, you may not be happy finding out, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: someone has the adamem source code? the one I found is not complet.
james: oh crap. next year is out too.
james: sec while i cover case's ears
Dr.D.: It can't be worse than London or Madrid right now.
Judy: that is what AC is for
A bunch of Wicks: How come James?
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Daniel Bienvenu: it most be interresting to add digital sound support for adamem.
james: well this year i couldn't go because my best friend is getting married
rich-c: yes, did you see London broke 100 for teh first time ever recorded?
james: next year it's my brother
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
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A bunch of Wicks: The latest health crisis in London is actually frost bite.
Dr.D.: We have not picked a date, only something after US Labor Day.
changed username to Meeka
Dr.D.: Hello Pamela!
rich-c: you owe james a smack upside the head - he's been dissing his wife
Guy B.: Hi Pam
james: hi pam *ducks*
Meeka: Hello
Pamela: Hello, everyone
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
A bunch of Wicks: The brit don't realize that you can get too close to an air conditioner.
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: James, why are you ducking?
A bunch of Wicks: Greetings Pam.
james: oh, nothing, nothing :p
Pamela: is there something I should know?
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Hello, Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam!
rich-c: see above, daughter
james: i think we got all of france's rain. it's been miserable here all summer
Judy: hi, meeka
Dr.D.: Yes Pam, HP 6 is out already on the net.
james: i think we've had a total of about a week of sun since the beginning of june
Pamela: how far above - as in dissing his wife?
rich-c: they'll be happy to have it back, james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
rich-c: yes
Dr.D.: :-)
james: i would imagine so
Daniel Bienvenu: hi A.B.O.W.!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi me! :)
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dr.D!
james: @pam, i just said case babbles constant nonsense, not unlike his mother :P
Daniel Bienvenu: hi rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi meeka!
changed username to zonker
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Guy B.: You got everyone at once Daniel. Very good.
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi zonker!
rich-c: ZONKER1
zonker: so when's the next session?
Meeka: Hello Daniel
Dr.D.: How about "Hi *.*" :-)
Guy B.: Zonker, you made it.
(Everyone welcomes zonker)
left chat session
Dr.D.: And Zonker, even...good evening, sir.
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Pamela: Rich, you mean the new book is out?
Meeka: hello Zonker :D
zonker: "a bunch of wicks"? tee-hee
Meeka: hi Guy
james: new book?
Pamela: HP
A bunch of Wicks: Jeffy's comment this evening is 'Daddy doggie Daddy doggie Daddy. aw we ah we. dis.
rich-c: yep, Dale, Jill and Jeffy, it appears
Dr.D.: Yeah we wish...
rich-c: they dont say if Neil is visiting too
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Pamela: Rich just said HP 6 was out on the net - what do you mean Rich?
changed username to Dale and Jeff
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale! and Jeff!
Dr.D.: It was a asked if there was something going on that you should know about.
Dale and Jeff: Hi
moved to room Meeting Place
A bunch of Wicks: No Neil headed home to catch up on work and school I think.
changed username to BobS
zonker: obviously, no one here is harmed by the new virus
Dr.D.: <me>lame</me>
rich-c: hi Bob
Dale and Jeff: Jeff says "doggie", when 7he sees the spaniel.
Pamela: oh, okay. Sorry, bit slow on the uptake. Dad mentioned something about smacking James
Pamela: that's where I got lost
Guy B.: So far, no. I have WIndows 98
james: what is hp6?
Dr.D.: Good man!
BobS: howdy
rich-c: well, not that we know about yet - but I need to update my anti-virus and Windows
Pamela: WIN98SE here
Dr.D.: "Harry Potter" book 6.
Meeka: it hit Dougs work while he was gone
A bunch of Wicks: We had one computer hit by it at work because he didn't have virus protection active.
Pamela: Harry Potter number six, James
A bunch of Wicks: Other than that we're fine.
zonker: hello, roberto
Dr.D.: Nobody had any travel problems, I hope.
Guy B.: My e-mail at work was down for two days. Found out it was a hardware failure and any e-mail that was sent over the weekend was lost.
Dr.D.: Other than jet lag.
Pamela: Hey Bob
zonker: i see the slopsemas seem to have made it home.
rich-c: apparently there are some parts of the update apply to Win98
james: #6.. wow
Pamela: so what's this about after Labour Day?
Guy B.: Goes double for me on the jet lag.
zonker: drd/ was the early flight? <shudder>
Dr.D.: If Dale is reading...please remember to remind me of the coladam admin password.
Dr.D.: I can't remember it.
Guy B.: Hi Bob, just happened to notice you now.
(Everyone welcomes BobS)
Pamela: BTW Hi Zonker
Dr.D.: And I wanted to be able to intervene for list complaints, as I've been getting bounce status messages.
rich-c: you mean you didn't write it down, Rich? for shame
zonker: i'll remind dale to remind drd to rmind dale,etc,etc,etc
Dr.D.: I had no writing implements at the time he told me.
zonker: howdy,pam.(tipping his hat)
Dr.D.: And hello to BobS.
Pamela: no jet lag for you Zonker?
rich-c: oh - he sent mine in an email
A bunch of Wicks: tsk tsk tsk .
Meeka: llol
Meeka: zonker lives in seattle
rich-c: Guy, meaning to ask - how do you like chopper flight?
Dr.D.: That's my regular user password...not the same as the God Access password for administering the list.
zonker: i'm in a perpetual state of jet lag,dear....i never notice the difference.
Pamela: I know that - I just like pulling his tail. Is there such a thing as con - lag?
Dr.D.: Zonker Daylight Time.
Dale and Jeff: I could email it to you Rich.
zonker: "a bunch of wicks"-are you all speaking in unison? :)
rich-c: you mean you didn't notice?
A bunch of Wicks: I think so Pam. I'm exhausted and I wasn't there.
Dr.D.: There is definitely con lag, but I haven't had it for the last couple of cons.
Pamela: good, I'm not the only one
A bunch of Wicks: We were previously, Zonker. I guess I should change that.
Dr.D.: Yes please, Dale.
Pamela: I want to know where you keep your power plant, Rich : )
Guy B.: Boy Pam. You really missed out on the fun this year.
A bunch of Wicks changed username to Ruby Yukon
Pamela: Don't rub it in Guy
Pamela: I'm really bummed we couldn't be there
Dr.D.: Well, since we had to close down the meeting room at 11:00 PM every night, people were in bed at decent hours.
Guy B.: Well, did you view the pics yet?
Pamela: oh, that was a big help, Jillian : )
Dr.D.: And breakfast was no earlier than 8:00 AM.
zonker: bummer,pam is the only one who can call rich rich without confusing the other rich. ain't that rich?
Pamela: some of them Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw all the pictures...
Ruby Yukon: If we'd been smart we would have had a mini-con here in T.O.
rich-c: we seem to have a new guest - hello, Ruby Yukon
Daniel Bienvenu: of the adamcon
Daniel Bienvenu: 15
Ruby Yukon: That's my regular net name.
Pamela: that's Jillian, Dad
Ruby Yukon changed username to Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: no choice... I looked for pictures for the special ac15.rom coleco rom file
Dr.D.: <dockets fact for future reference>
rich-c: I'd guessed from the TO remark - the options were limited
Jillian: Dale brought me ruby earrings back as a present.
Guy B.: I wish you did come up this year Pam. It wasn't the same without you.
Pamela: which reminds me, I didn't make the switch to the new list either Dale
zonker: hey,no fair changing to names i don't know. i'm hving enough trouble with 2 riches here.
Dr.D.: 2/4 girls wore their AC15 T-shirts today.
Pamela: aw, that's so sweet, Guy
Pamela: it'
Guy B.: Make plans for next year, Ok!
zonker: sorry,seemed like the same con without pam!:)
Pamela: s easier to view the pics at work (DSL) and I haven't had a lot of time recently
rich-c: that's why Rich uses the Dr.D. handle, and I specify Rich-c, Zonk
Pamela: we'll fix that for you Zonker
Dr.D.: I have on occasion used other handles to try to confuse people.
zonker: it's too late to try to straighten me out now, rich!
Meeka: lol, nope, she was missed ;)
rich-c: Pam, while Daniel's on, hows the photocopying coming?
Pamela: we usually find you out though, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe it's because I don't listen english shows but I was unable to understand everything in video clips.
Guy B.: I've put myself on the waiting list for DSL when it becomes available.
Pamela: book's at work Dad but I haven't started yet - see note above about pictures
Dr.D.: I played a newbie girl once for about 30 minutes and asked legit questions and got legit help before I was found out.
Dr.D.: It was good to see that everyone was on their toes to provide good ADAM advice.
Jillian: He was taking advantage of our trusting natures.
Guy B.: Dr. D. what time did you finally make it home?
Dr.D.: We all know our stuff.
james: dan, maybe we could add subtitles :P
Dr.D.: A tale of woe and intrigue...
Pamela: oh dear - tell all
Dr.D.: No border problems, though.
Jillian: That part's good.
Pamela: Daddy, I should be able to start on the copying this week now that my busy day is over
Dr.D.: They all liked my birth certificate with baby feet and mommy thumbprints.
rich-c: still trying to find out if Guy ever got on his helicopter
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron with his "welcome" text... I don't understand the first words but I understand "you are there and this it's important."
Pamela: I thought they'd get a kick out of that Rich
Jillian: Dale is having problems staying on becuase Jeffy is being helpful.
Guy B.: No, it was a turboprop plane Rich
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moved to room Meeting Place
james: lol
changed username to Dale
rich-c: aw, spoiled all your fun. A DASH-*?
Dale left chat session
james: case often "helps" me by pressing the power button
rich-c: DASH-8?
Jillian: Yes he's done that once or twice to me too.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
Dr.D.: One ticket agent, when confronted with the need to put in some number, said "There is no number on this, so let me just try entering all zeroes...00000000000" and it went right through.
Jillian: Mostly when I'm working from home.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel B
<undefined> changed username to Dale
Dr.D.: As for the woe tale, it is centered on bad weather around Chicago.
Pamela: have you considered tying him to his chair Dale?
james: heh heh
Dale: I'm back.
Jillian: Right now he's trying to disconnect the speakers and know the mouse off the table.
james: i keep case in a sling on my back
zonker: had a dash 8 to/from van but the smaller one was a "sport" something???
Jillian: The noise isn't worth it Pam.
Pamela: and people wonder why I don't have kids : )
Jillian: I swear he's caused permanent hearing damage in my left ear.
Guy B.: My flight was delayed coming into O'Hare. Heavy rain hit the area there. My flight came in a half hour late.
rich-c: the DASH-8s are neat aircraft - we are on their test run flight path
Dr.D.: My Chicago-->Cleveland leg was delayed first because the preceding Des Moines-->Chicago flight was late.
Dale: Well, when we went for ice cream, he needed to be strapped in, but he wasn't pleased either direction.
Dr.D.: So the Comox-->Vancouver and Vancouver-->Chicago legs were fine, just the last one very late.
Jillian: We have a really good back pack that can be used as a high chair but usually he walks every where now.
Pamela: sheesh Rich, how did you get home? Via Timbuktu?
Dale: He has lots of energy -- especially after ice cream.
Guy B.: Dr. D, seems both our flights home were delayed. Just the Helijet flight went off on time.
Dr.D.: The plane was 90 minutes late from Des Moines, then we sat for another 65 minutes on the runway waiting to go out.
zonker: i like smaller birds,when them suckers come in for a landing,thre is no screwi ng around
Dale: Pam, to sign onto the mailing list again, you need to go to:
Pamela: oh, Snugli's are the most useful pieces of baby equipment !
Meeka: our flights were all on time, jsut some of us didnt sleep through them so they thought it was a long night
Pamela: go ahead Dale
Daniel B: Dale! will you do more updates? I don't see james ppt file?
Dr.D.: I finally was in the air at 7:40 PM Cleveland time, arrived about 8:45 PM.
Jillian: We had a Snugli and could only use it for about 10 weeks. After he started holding his head up, he'd bump it on my chin and that turned annoying quickly.
Jillian: For both of us.
Dale: About half way down the page it invites you to put in your email address.
Dr.D.: Another hour's ride on the Red Line train from the Airport to University Circle, where Joan picked me up.
Pamela: okay, got it all Dale - thanks
rich-c: I assume you went into the main airport then, not Burke
Dr.D.: I got home after 10:00 PM Cleveland time, having left the hotel at the equivalent of 8:30 AM Cleveland time.
Jillian: Dale told me his plane was landing today at 6:30 pm and then phoned me at 4:30 to say he was at the airport.
Dr.D.: I don't think Burke has any passenger service other than tiny private-type planes.
Dale: Dainel, I've been home for only a couple of hours. Haven't even turned on my laptop yet.
Pamela: Dale, what route and airline did you take?
Dale: But we have the ppt files, and a real vido of your presentation too.
Dr.D.: I used part of the Chicago layover time to take lots of photos in the terminal, and start to write an AC15 report.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
zonker: ac15 was a very good con,far better than i expected.
Dale: I will try and post them tonight, if I can stay awake. Otherwise, until the weekend.
Dr.D.: Meeka has all my photos except the 20-odd I shot on Monday.
Pamela: Do I take it from the photos that we're back in GR next year?
rich-c: sorry - I fell off for some reason
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: I have to make a webpage.
rich-c: anyway I'm back
changed username to Jen
zonker: weeelllll we COULD be back in gr next year....
Dr.D.: No Pam, we're in El Paso, TX...BobS accepted the banner on behalf of A.N.N.
Daniel B: hi Jen!...
Pamela: Hi Jen
Guy B.: My photos will be uploaded to my Dell, once I install Windows 98 in that system.
rich-c: hell9o Jen - how's the teddy girl?
Guy B.: Hi Jen. Did you get the files?
Meeka: I havent even started on photos yet
Jillian: He flew West jet both ways, Pam.
Dr.D.: The whole lot of us are going to organize AC16 and have it in Jean Stone's back yard.
Jen: I'm feeling teddyish tonite!
Meeka: I will work on them in the next few days
Dr.D.: Hello Jen, good to see you tonight.
Jillian: Why didn't you expect it to be a good con, Zonker?
rich-c: Dale flew Westjet? how was the trip?
Dr.D.: If we get too insular talking about ADAMcon 15, from which most of us have just returned, please stop us and ask questions.
BobS: Meeka........Doug feeling better and up to aquestoin or two??
Jen: Yeah, I did get the files, Guy. But I'm still having a problem. What else is new.
Meeka: sure, he is on instant messanger right now I believe
Guy B.: What other trouble are you having?
rich-c: well, now you know where to look for answers, Jen ;-)
Pamela: Meeka, speaking of websites, I tried to get to see your finished projects and the page came up but the photos didn't - something about an illegal something?
Jillian: Ok, he lied to me. He's now saying that he flew on West Jet.
Dr.D.: Zonker and I had a good talk on that topic. I hope that he can write it up as a nice little essay sometime.
zonker: size,lack of topics....first was just silly, second proved wrong.
Jen: You guys are awesome.
Jillian: sorry that he didn't fly West Jet.
Dr.D.: You are a good conscience for us, Zonker.
Jen: I can get the game (e.g. Gorf), but when I'm in it, I can't Fire. You use the spacebar, don't you? It won't work.
Dale: AdamEm uses Alt
Dale: Left Alt (I think)
Meeka: hmmm...try agian in a day or so and let me know if it still doesnt, I know that the servers were doing some funky rhings this weekend
Dale: VirtualCoelcoVision uses space.
Pamela: okay, I'll let you know
BobS: AH HA......must use ALT or CNTRL keys for fire buyttons I think
Jen: So the Alt button should fire?
Jillian: It's a good thing nothing happend this week end, I had no idea where he was or how he was getting there.
rich-c: Pam, do you have Meeka bookmarked or do you type it in?
Pamela: I typed it in Dad why?
Guy B.: No, the games uses the fire buttons. They are the right Ctrl and Alt buttons. When the game menu appears. Press the F9 key first. That will change the mode from keyboard to joystick.
rich-c: did you remember that hollowdreams is not a www. address?
zonker: btw,i found out at adamcon 15 that meeka is handy to have around!:)
Meeka: :)
Pamela: yes - I got on the site, but couldn't see the pics themselves on that screen
Daniel B: i think it's ann
Pamela: and why is that, Zonker?
Pamela: not that I disagree . . .
Jen: I'm just using the keyboard for the games. We have a joystick, but my husband just can't seem to get it working.
Daniel B: ... but I'm not 100% sure
zonker: if you leave something laying about,she hits you over the head with it.:)
Pamela: no, Rich
Meeka: lol
zonker: also, she is great at organizing pics of past cons. :)
Pamela: good for her
Meeka: someone has to keep you boys in line
Dr.D.: Have scanner, will travel.
Pamela: you go, girl
zonker: you'll get no arguements from ME, meeka.
rich-c: yes, I think she still has the most complete collection of Con photos overall
Jen: What do you all do for a living?
Guy B.: Well now it's my turn to put up my pics.
zonker: bum spare change
Guy B.: I'm a Data Assistant, Jen.
rich-c: I am retired - so is my wife Frances who sometimes fills in here
Pamela: which of us, Jen? Or all of us?
Meeka: or a flower sewater (winking at zonker)
Meeka: sweater
zonker: she said "you all"
Jen: All of you.
Meeka: man, I cant type tonight
Dr.D.: I teach and do research at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a Ph.D. in Biology, hence my handle.
rich-c: Pam is the one to talk to about a nw muffler - she works for Speedy
Pamela: I'm the claims administrator for Speedy Auto Service
Guy B.: Guess all the traveling has worn us out.
zonker: :O telling meeka,though neil DID get it on video.
Dr.D.: In Cleveland it's "y'uns".
Jillian: Technical Support, web design, and HR for a small software company.
Meeka: lol
Pamela: also, Admin Asst to the Manager of Internal Audit and Insurance; banking clerk, WC claims administrator; former receptionist
Meeka: I work in accounts recievables for a small company
zonker: in el paso, "y'all" so best get used to that. :)
Daniel B:
Daniel B: this the url I found
Jillian: Jeffrey mostly seems to be a professional mess maker.
Pamela: it's hard wired at this age Jillian
Dr.D.: "Entropy maximizer", my dear Jill.
james: @jillian, i'll send case over. he likes to put stuff away
zonker: you mean you pay him to make messes? :)
Jen: I work for a school board submitting student information to the government. I also design our district's web site. I'm the webmaster.
Jillian: Pay hmm. Fee and clothe.
rich-c: Daniel, it isn't www., and may be .net not .com
Jillian: feed
james: m ,, ,,,,,
Guy B.: What's the website Jen?
Dr.D.: Must be Case at the keyboard again.
james changed username to james&case
Daniel B: but the url i gave works fine
james&case: ims h xzxzeeeeeee
Guy B.: How long have you been doing it?
Daniel B: zeeeeeeeee to you too , Case!
james&case: t..;;fvct 6t
zonker: hello case....that makes perfect a grandpa!
Jillian: Jeffy is actually pretty good at putting stuff in the garbage. I just have to remind him to put the lid down after wards.
rich-c: zonk, are you still with Sony?
Jen: I've been working on the website for about 6 years. I taught myself html in a day and a half! I've been teaching myself as I go along.
zonker: no,rich,we parted ways....they shut down ALL service ctrs across u.s.....nothing but 3 regional service ctrs.
Pamela: brb
Meeka: ok
james&case: izassossisnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Dr.D.: So Sony doesn't service anything?
james&case: saqwweqwewqe?,?,
rich-c: tough, Zonk, but not surprising
Dr.D.: You're just supposed to buy a new one if it doesn't work?
james&case: z23?3???nnccxvnfd fdmh fdj jfdu
zonker: welllll, they do, IF you want to SHIP it to some other area. not sure how they are handling it at all.
Daniel B: you're right, Case!
Jillian: or ship it at your own expense.
Dr.D.: Or is this more out-countried tech support?
Guy B.: That's great. But, you're having trouble with the launching the games on the emulator.
james&case: i think most tech support is done in india now
james&case: /z4zxw7 n
Jillian: Unfortunatly it's much more cost effective.
zonker: not sure at all how repairs are done,let alone tech support.
zonker: it's particularly silly as sony doesn't like 3rd parties doing repairs on their units.
rich-c: they don't repair, they just toss it and give you a new one
james&case: i am case
zonker: unless that has changed now.
Jen: I don't know...I guess the way that I learn is that I have to know the whole picture first. I have to know what everything does, and how everthing works in relation to each other.
Dr.D.: If we're going to keep having a truly global economy, living standards in this continent are going to go way down.
james&case: i like cooki es
zonker: depends on the unit, rich. some of them suckers are too expensive to toss.
Dr.D.: Unless 200 million people just disappear.
Jillian: Cookies are yummy, Case.
james&case: 8wweewR j f d nk,k
moved to room Meeting Place
james&case: 9?z988
james&case: he wo ';t 6y 6
rich-c: good, case, I know a website that just loves to hand them out ;-)
changed username to AC16early
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Well James, Case has learned to PGP-sign E-mail :-)
zonker: and prices for petrol will go WAY up.
changed username to FredKą
Guy B.: Well, I use to program and run a mainframe computer back in the 80's. I have a college degree. But, I taught myself Windows and learned some html.
FredKą: Hi All
rich-c: I suspect they still take them back then refurbish at their leisure
Guy B.: Hi Fred
Dr.D.: Hello, Fred.
(Everyone welcomes FredKą)
Meeka: hello
Daniel B:
Daniel B: this one works too
james&case: anything it is going to new delhi
rich-c: salut, Fred, wsas afraid you would miss it tonight
Pamela: Hi, Fred
Pamela: Hi, Ron
FredKą: No was checking clip and pics from con, as I was at Marriage unfor. missed all
james&case: it's far cheaper to outsource an indian programmer at $6k per year than pay what an american or european would get
zonker: rich, that was part of policy when i was working there,particularly on monitors.
Jillian: I'm close to shutting down for the night. I've got to catch up all the work I sloughed off while Dale was away.
Dr.D.: AC16early...that's cute.
Dr.D.: Go sleep, Jillian.
Guy B.: Ok, Jill, will see you next time then, bye.
Jillian: yes. sir. later all.
Jen: What does everyone do for hobbies? Or is that a dangerous question to ask?
Pamela: we're glad you came Jillian
AC16early: like that, eh ????
Meeka: nighty Jillian
zonker: see ya jillian.
Jen: Bye Jillian.
Daniel B: Jen: my hooby is coleco programming
james&case: change diapers
Guy B.: Dangerous! Computers for me.
rich-c: you're right, Daniel, I have the main page as
james&case: 6b Z,kq KJQN ???? ?
Meeka: I cross stitch and take pictures
rich-c: nite Jill
Dale: Nature photography, and Adam stuff.
Pamela: and read, and other crafts
zonker: my current hobby is Old Time Radio.
rich-c: play with cars and computers, travel when I can
james&case: SKA ?, ;?? ?K???L?
Dr.D.: Hobbies...ADAM programming...Tolkien...tinkering with stuff (my office door reads "Healer of Appliances").
zonker: oh yeah and lots of reading.
james&case left chat session
FredKą: lol
Pamela: don't let him fool you Jen, my Dad is a retired librarian - he likes nothing better than to read anything - even the cereal box
Dr.D.: I can draw and paint, though I've only done technical illustration-type stuff for my research recently.
zonker: i'm with rich, pam.....words in a row.....
Daniel B: hehe ska is an old song/dance here. from '60 years
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: And I play jazz alto saxophone.
Dale: And SciFi with a little fantasy.
Pamela: authors Dale?
Jen: I sell things on Ebay. I'm also a shop-o-holic, and I like to download all 80s music. I'm trying to replace all the songs on my extensive cassette tape collection. I'm also a crazy teddy bear collector!
zonker: really? linda(mine wifey)plays tenor sax.
Dr.D.: Did you see the ADAMcon 15 Bear?
Meeka: ya, I collect teddy bears too Jen
Jen: There's an AdamCon Bear???
Dr.D.: Maybe we can jam sometime.
Meeka: there was this year
Daniel B: I saw the nice bear in pictures (ron with a teddy bear)
Pamela: I'm selectively collecting Beanie babies - not selectively enough, though - they're taking over
Jillian left chat session
Guy B.: You can always make copies to a new tape from the original. I've done that.
Dr.D.: The fraternity I'm faculty advisor for has a jazz combo, I have arranged some stuff for them and sit in when I can.
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: its kinda hard to tell the difference between ron and a teddy bear.:)
changed username to rich-c
Jen: I neeeeeeed that bear!!!
changed username to james
Pamela: Daddy, you're triplets now
james: someone collects beanie babies?
Dr.D.: You'll have to prise him out of Jeffy's hands.
rich-c: sorry - got dumped by my ISP
Pamela: Moi, James
AC16early changed username to Judy
james: really pam? then i have something for you
Dale: Especially: Issac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Gregory Bear, Heinlen, Spider Robinson, and a new author called J.K.R.
Jen: I want to have all my tapes on CD. Tapes wear out so easy.
james: i got dumped by case. i also need to figure out how to take my computer out of korean ime mode
Dale: Oh yeah, and Ray Bradbury too.
zonker: j.k.r.? i'm not familiar....
rich-c: sorry, this favourite authors, Dale?
Dr.D.: J.K. Rowling.
james: if you're interested pam..
Pamela: have you tried Mercedes Lackey, Dale?
Dale: I've also read alot of Piers Anthony stuff.
Guy B.: I have a CD burner. But, I have to upgrade the software in order for me to burn CD's from tape.
zonker: name sounds familiar but can't place it.
zonker: spider robinson!! we shoulda asked him to the con.:)
Pamela: jkr? Author of the Harry Potter books Zonker
rich-c: if you like Heinlein and Spider, you should dig up some of Eric Frank Russell's stuff
zonker: i have,rich, i have....
zonker: oh!!! (slaps self in head) thanks,pam
Dale: No, I haven't tried Mercedies Lackey.
Pamela: how's Terry Pratchett? A very prolific author and they look interesting but Ihave yet to try them
zonker: i can't get thru piers anthony.
rich-c: you seem to prefer the older classic science fiction, Dale
Dr.D.: Perry Rodan :-)
zonker: and isn't mercedes the one that writes future war stuff?
Pamela: if you're not particular about your magic systems Dale, she's an excellent read
Jen: Sorry about that Pam...I have several Beanie Bears. I also have a collectors kit which has a bear, a special coin, and a Ty Card.
james: pam - i have a sakura beanie buddy, nipponia beanie baby and beanie buddy
Dr.D.: Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint
zonker: drd! shame on you!! :)
james: anyone interested, i have three sets of these things
james: i'll sell them at cost
Dale: I'll look for Eric Frank Russell.
Guy B.: I have a Holiday beanie baby.
Pamela: No, Mercedes Lackey writes the Valdemar series, the Bardic voices, the SERRAted Edge series and a host of others
rich-c: he's an old-time Brit with a sly sense of humour, good on short stories too
Guy B. left chat session
zonker: all my favorite sci-fi authors keep dying off on me, i need to find younger writers.....of interest.
Judy: Meeka has several of the bears
Dr.D.: I haven't looked at P.R. since I was a young lad.
Meeka: yup
moved to room Meeting Place
james: no one interested.. bummer
rich-c: ever read Earth abides, Zonk?
changed username to Guy B.
Jen: I must have at least three hundred bears or more. I've lost count.
Pamela: I don't have many of the bears - I've only gotten the ones of particular interest, such as Pierre and Kanaata
Judy: how is Doug doing tonight, Meeka
Guy B.: Lost the rest of the log
zonker: can't say as i have, rich.
Meeka: good
Dale: Well, in high school, they only seemed to have older authors (mostly 50s and pre 50's stuff). I think that influenced me.
Pamela: James, hang on to the beanie baby for me
zonker: pam--i'm not very keen on fantasy.
Meeka: he is on his puter tonight
rich-c: then dig it up, Zonk, it's an oldie (late 50s) but one of teh best ever
Pamela: that's too bad Zonker
zonker: what is wrong with doug? besides the usual i mean. :)
Judy: dad can't get the connection working but he just went to sleep
james: ok pam, i have 3
Pamela: she writes a very absorbing book
rich-c: written by George R. Stewart who did "Storm" and "Fire"
Dr.D.: I liked Asimov when I was younger, but now only his robot short stories interest me.
Dr.D.: Foundation trilogy doesn't wear well for me, YMMV.
rich-c: almost only book I know of that was reissued in hardcover after years in paperback, to meet demand
Pamela: HI, Judy
Meeka: he was tired and outta sorts by the time we got home
Judy: hi, Pam
zonker: orson scott card is as close to fantasy as i get.....
james: i mean 3 x one of each (sakura buddy, nipponia beanie and buddy)
rich-c: yes, I like his Alvin Maker series
Pamela: Dale, you might want to try Robert Jordan too - Russell loves his Wheel of Time series
Judy: he didn't look so good by the time we got home this morning
Dale: Terry Pratchett is quite good Pam. I'd recommend starting with the 3-in-1 book of nigh watch (including "Guards! Guards!").
zonker: hi judy
Meeka: ya, he went straight to bed till about 4pm
Dale: He's written about 30 or so Discworld novels.
Judy: hi, Zonk
rich-c: and, Zonk, I hope you've got Gordon Dickson's Dorsai series memorized!
zonker: i had the good fortune to read the first 3 alvin makers in succession....really blew me away, to coin a phrase.
Pamela: I've seen a lot of his stuff - I have a friend with a good collection - I'll have to see if I can raid her library for them
zonker: aaahhh,poor baby.
rich-c: any other fans of Guy Gavriel Kay out there?
Pamela: I tried his books Dad, but couldn't get into them
Dale: Zonk, Jill just read a book called "The Fifth Horseman" by Richard Sherbanuik. A new author. She highly recommends it.
james: i like orson scott card
Pamela: What about Tanya Huff?
james: and that's about as close to fantasy as i get too
Dr.D.: He helped Christopher Tolkien sort out rough spots in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Silmarillion" manuscripts, but I haven't read anything actually by him.
zonker: thanks dale just made a note of it.
rich-c: I've found Kay just seems to get better with every book, but they are like Tolkein, take some launching
Dale: I just bought a bunch of books on tape of Roger Zalazney's 10 book Amber series. I'd read some of them, and bought 6 of the 10 on tape.
Pamela: can't get into Tolkien, either (Sorry, Dr. D)
Dr.D.: No prob.
Dale: I'm on book 4 on tape. I listen mostly on road trips.
zonker: give me hard science fiction any day.
Dr.D.: Joan and I still do all of our correspondence in tengwar, however.
Pamela: I find I have to read them or I don't absorb them
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moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
changed username to Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
changed username to <undefined>
Guy B.: We all crashed.
Dale: Sorry about that.
Meeka: ya, looks like it
<undefined> changed username to Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Dale: A room full of people, and it seems like it died. So I reset it.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to zonker
rich-c: OK are we back in business?
zonker: were back!!!!
zonker: damned viruses anyway.
rich-c: now, will someone go over to the backup site and tell them we're up again?
Dale: Sorry about that.
zonker: um,just so i know,where is the backup again?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: I reset it when I noticed it didn'tr get my last comment.
changed username to Dr.D.
zonker: <sigh> now we have to start the chat over from the beginning. :)
Meeka: thats ok
Meeka: lol
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
zonker: no prob dale,i figured something wrong when it didn't take mine either.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm on twice. King me.
zonker: ah, they are all drifting in now.
rich-c: bookmark it, Zonker!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jen
Dale: I'm on from two computers to make sure it is working again.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D. left chat session
changed username to Judy
Jen: Did everyone else have the same problem...the chat froze up?
zonker: naaa, i'll just right it down,which i did. thanks,rich.
rich-c: Jen, please record this bookmark:
Dale: Tengwar is the elvish[sp] language?
Judy: yes, I did
Jen: What's the bookmark for? Is the chat changing?
zonker: no just you jen. :)
rich-c: then you'll know where to go when Jeff pulls the plug on Dale's server here
Dale: It seems so Jen. I reset it, and it disconnected evberyone, then I restarted it, and people came back.
rich-c: that's the backup chat page, Jen; it's on Dr. D's computer
Jen: It figures, Zonker. Computers don't like me.
zonker: you have to have absolute mastery over your computer, jen. uh,yeah....
rich-c: absolutely, all the time, Zonk ;-)
Dale: Zonker, who is yuor favorite hard scifi author?
zonker: or at least enough so you don't panic as often as *I* do. :)
zonker: without question, robert anson heinlein.
Jen: I'll get out the whip, Zonker. My computer gives me a lot of back-talk.
rich-c: Heinlein's a titan, but Gordon Dickson is an awful good read
zonker: i just wish spider robinson scientific background, cuz he do have his chops down.
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: jen, it's particularly annoying when the back talk is a language you don't understand! :)
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: this time Zone Alarm knocked me off - second time tonight
Judy: how did Bandit like coming home, Meeka/
Jen: Well, enough excitement for one day. I have to go put my son to bed. He's had a hard day. He went to golf lessons earlier.
Meeka: he was haappy
zonker: bandit?
Jen: Amen, Zonker. Beeep, beep, beep, buzzzzz. blip.
zonker: niter jen. kiss the kid good night fer us.
Dale: Jeffrey was very happy to see me.
Meeka: my dog
Guy B.: Oh boy, the next Tiger Woods. Night Jen. Let me know if you still have some trouble with the emulator.
rich-c: night for now, Jen - see you next chat I hope
Dale: He was all grins.
zonker: wha' kinda dog?
Meeka: shih tzu
zonker: (dang,i'm slipping into zonkerisms)
Judy: Ryan was happy to see us, also
Dale: See you later Jen.
zonker: god bless you. but what kind of dog do you have? :)
Jen: Oh, I'll let you know, Guy. Don't worry about that. My son's also a Karate and Judo kid.
Meeka: a shiih tzu :P
Guy B.: You never asked about my dog Zonker.
rich-c: we've lost Pam and Bob and Dr.D - are they on the other site?
zonker: i thought YOU were the dog, guy.
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at zonker.)
zonker: they are over there talking about US. :)
rich-c: bet on it, Zonk!
Judy: Bob was sleeping, just woke up and we can't get the connection going to have us both on
zonker: actually, i think judy reported bob falling asleep,which is why she is here.
Judy: need Doug's help
Dale: Rich D did make a comment or two earlier, I thought.
Guy B.: Well, looks like most of us are off since we crashed.
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: rich, you are twins.
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: well, he's not on the list of users now
Meeka: MOM, doug is still up, turn on your Instant messanger if you need puter help
Daniel B: :)
zonker: think i'll shuffle off,'specially if a certain someone here is throwing taters at me. :)
Meeka: ok, nighty night ZAonker
Meeka: Zonker
(Guy B. gives zonker a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: that's likely from when ZA acted up, Zonk, and I had to re-enter
Jen: At least it's not mashed, Zonker.
zonker: see y'all next time. OH! i've been hit by a coke can....
Guy B.: You're thirsty Zonker. Drink up.
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
zonker: 3
zonker: 2
zonker: 1
Judy: night Zonk
zonker: <ppof>
Guy B.: Bye Zonker
Dale: Hi Daniel. Sorry,m but everone was bumped.
zonker: er, <poof>
rich-c: nite Zonk
zonker left chat session
Jen: Bye.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
rich-c: we all wre knocked off, Daniel
james: well that took forever
rich-c: you know about the backup chat, Daniel, don't you?
Guy B.: Now, everyone is disappearing.
james: where's dale. let's give him heck :P
Dale: Daniel, the talk went quite well. I really loved your slides.
james: oh, hi dale :D
james: heh heh
Daniel B: *shy*, thank you!
Dale: James, I'm right here (twice -- oncve on my computer, and once on Jill's)
james: cool
james: i'm here physically. mentally is anyone's guess
Guy B.: He did a great presentation.
Daniel B: knocked off... that means you didn't finish the presentation?
Daniel B: the backup chat?
Dale: And I did Jame's presentation in the morning. So not therte are 7 more people who have used Dainel's build environment.
rich-c: Daniel, I wasn't at Comox
rich-c: and yes, there is a backup chat room if this ne isnt working
Guy B.: The backup is on Dr D's server at CWRU.
Dale: But on Daniel's slides there are lots more build checkboxes than in the download mentioned in Jame's slides.
rich-c: Dr.D. runs it at
Daniel B: I looked the backup chat session between 2002-2003 and I was unable to find ME
Dale: Why is that Daniel? Unreleased code? There are check boxes for things like DSound in your slides.
james: thanks for doing my "presentation" dale. can't say it was much, all of 12 slides.
Dale: Daniel, I stopped at the slide about 15 from the end, and we worked thorugh the rest of the steps building on what we learned in Jamne's p[resentation.
Daniel B: I think you talked about CCI checkboxes
Dale: The I realized whgat was on the last fgew slides, and we'd already done all them.
Daniel B: no dsound is not an unreleased code. it's my new library to add digital sounds in coleco projects
Dale: James, it was a hands on session, and took us about 1.5 hours.
Daniel B: my new CCI software detect all *.lib files in compiler directory and add them as checkboxes.
Dale: We had to get everone's laptiop up to speed.
james: dale - i meant to mention the game i'm going to be working on in my presentation but it totally slipped my mind
Daniel B: I used dsound library in startrek.rom file and ac15.rom file I sent to Dale
Dale: It didn't play properly on my laptop. What was it supposed to sound like? Maybe I should try again with Virtual ColecoVision. I used AdamEm to show them.
james: dale, i made a japanese character set and a crude function accompanied by a table to help in constructing strings.
Daniel B: only MESS or MEKA can play them
Dale: Daniel, where is your new CCI software? I James' link out of date?
Guy B.: I used AdamEm since I didn't have the Virtual Colecovision on my notebook.
james: dan - i'm curious - if we compile a rom with a digital sound, will it work on a real colecovision?
Daniel B: my new CCI is in the packadge in the "getting started" link
rich-c: what's Virtual Colecovision and whre is it found?
Daniel B: james: that's the question everyone asked to me
Daniel B: james: the dsound library I do is a modified version of the digital sounds routine from Sewer Sam
Daniel B: and Sewer Sam works great on ColecoVision
Dale: I wrote my own for MIC, and it works great on a real Adam, but I haven't tried it on any emulators.
Dale: It depends on precise CPU timing in a tight loop.
Daniel B: startrek.rom file: PRESS FIRE to hear to digital sound... it's the startrek intro who said "these are the voyagers of the starship entreprise"
Dale: Where can we download MESS or MEKA?
james: ah, ok. because i'm considering adding pronunciations to my game (for learning japanese) if the quality is sufficicient
james: i'll have to grab mess or meka to see how they sound
Daniel B: AC15.rom one sound per picture
Daniel B: first digital sound is "WELCOME TO ADAMCON 15"
Daniel B: from videoclip
Dale: So maybe I just didn't advise the group to download the dsound library file and extract it there. That makes sense.
Daniel B: second is the first words RON says in the clip (in the adamcon web site)
Daniel B: third digital sound is "NO FAIR! YOU GOT ALL ONEs"
Daniel B: all sounds from clips
Daniel B:
Dale: I didn't know, and so didn't transfer them over to the Adam to play. Maybe I'll get a chance on the weekend.
rich-c: seems this is my problem night - think I will pack it in
Daniel B: james: try the wav2cvds software to create the HEX codes for the Dsound library
rich-c: so goodnight all and see you, Sat. or next week as applicable
james: good night rich
Guy B.: I'm going to go as well. I'll see how Saturday looks. Otherwise next week.
Dale: Good night Richard.
rich-c: going
rich-c: going
Daniel B: good night rich, and i hope you will try to hear the digital sound in startrek.rom
rich-c: gone
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
Dale: There is a loader for game ROMs in CPM, that copies them into expansion RAM. I could use that to launch the ROM, but I didn't have tio ahndy at the 'Con.
Guy B.: Bye All
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Right now my Adam is dscidedly disassembled, as all interesting parts were taken with me to the 'Con.
Daniel B: bye guy!
Daniel B: Dale: all I know is there is a way to do a bootdisk to load rom swap to OS7 and start rom.
Daniel B: but, I still don't know how it sould be done
Daniel B: because EOS memory address ais E000-FFFF
Dale: Well, my supergame tutorial Mayan Adventure does this for sure.
Meeka: ok, I am going
Meeka: night all
Daniel B: Dale, if you want the asm code for dsound library, you will be able to add sigital sounds in Mayan
Meeka left chat session
Dale: The recommended way is to have the game load into 0100h, then relocate into a 64k RAM expander.
Dale: I saw that Daniel.
Dale: Mayan was really just a sample.
Daniel B: if someone has the adamem source code, i think it could be modified to support digital sounds.
Daniel B: but the adamem source code I found is not complet
Dale: I think that I'll try using your system for doing my SimCity type game I talk about 2 AC's ago titled "Death and Taxes". I already have a FSM (finite state machine) debugged in C for it anyway.
Dale: The AdamEm source is published with the binaries.
Daniel B: Dale, you use windows? then you may try using wav2cvds... to create digital sounds (in HEX codes)
Daniel B: the adamem source code at the adamem web site is not complet
Dale: It compiles for Linux for sure.
Dale: To compile it for windows, you need a specific DOS compiler.
Dale: It is DJGCC if I'm not m,istaken.
Daniel B: I saw the MESS source code and I think the sound generator in adamem could be modifed
Dale: Doug Slopsema did it successfully.
Daniel B: yes, it's djgcc...
Daniel B: with allegro library if i remember well
Dale: I don't believe in DOS or Windows 3.1, so I write all of my programs for Linux, Win32 or Java recently...except for Adam programming that I do in C, Pascal, Assembly, LOGO or Basic.
Dale: Traditionally I use Manx C for CP/M on an Adam.
Dale: But I've tried lots of other things. Even cross compiling using the tools you posted.
Daniel B: I looked in the hi-tech c document and i didn't find an answer about "how long ca be a variable name?"
Dale: I perfer Linux on my desktop, but for work I do a lot of Windows C++ programming.
Daniel B: a name variable
Dale: It is pased on to the ASM program you supply.
Dale: I think it is 32.
Daniel B: i know is not 8
Dale: Manx C is 12 I think, which is a bit short for my taste.
Dale: Z80MR is 8 I think.
Dale: I've used it lots because it's freeware and can be shared more easily.
Daniel B: hitech c for cp/m is free too.... just because hi-tech doesn't support it anymore
Dale: I also have spent a fair amount of time using Z80asm+ which is the assembler used by the TDOS developers.
Daniel B: except the cross-compiler version
Dale: It wasn't at the time.
Dale: I've been programming the Adam since I got mine in '85.
Dale: So at the time, if it could be commercial, I had to choose how I spent my cash.
Dale: I paid $350 for the Manx compiler in 87.
Dale: I paid $199US for the Z80asm+ compiler in 92.
Daniel B: today , the cross-compiler is almost the same price
Dale: And I paid $125US for the Turbo Pascal compiler I bought in '89.
Dale: So I made all of the libraries you made/need for all of those compilers and MacAdam too.
Daniel B: Marcel de Kogel used hitech c compiler to do his coleco library... i continued to develop my libraries
Dale: MacAdam is EOS based, but has 6 character label length limit.
Daniel B: ouch
Dale: So Marcel made his library, and I tried it about 5 years ago, but couldn't get it to work properly under TDOS. I didn't run DOS, only Linux and OS/2 at the time.
Dale: I made the equivilant to BMP2PP and PP2C or PP2TASM in 91 or 92 but for Unix and Amiga. Not a big audience for that then.
Daniel B: 22nice for dos is the best CP/M emulator for DOS to use I think... but need a little transform for all the com files
Dale: So I did everything the hard way.
Daniel B: So you do and I do almost the same "path" to contribute to the coleco scene
Dale: Also when I tried Marcel's libraries, I thought that the license was too strict. It doesn't mater to me as much now though.
Dale: I've done most of it from the Adam on TDOS for EOS.
Dale: But I constantly experiment on using other tools and techniques.
Dale: I've used Amiga based and Unix/Linux based stuff a lot.
james: i have to go to my other job. i look forward to chatting again soon.
Dale: I wrote some (but not as many as I should) articles on how each of my routines work. And I'm always trying to demo or teach them at AdamCon's.
Dale: TTYL james.
Daniel B: james: bye james!
Daniel B: see you next week... or sooner
Dale: 22nice was too expensive for me when I first tried it. But it's free now too.
Daniel B: Dale: is not free now... it's the shareware version I use.
Dale: I guess I just had to wait lon enough ;-)
Dale: long
james: ttys soon. wish i were as technical as you two :P
Dale: I heard that 22disk and 22nice were not registerable shareware anymore.
Daniel B: but someelse is trying to do his won coleco library for SDCC (a free GNU liscence C compiler)
Dale: James, you are pretty technical.
Daniel B: yeah, the address to contact them is not valid
Daniel B: james: talk about your kana charset... it's technical for us.
james: i try :D i'll talk to you soon. dale, if you're interested, i'm working on a game to learn japanese which will probably integrate a lot of the work dan has done
Dale: I understand that Sybex took the Shareware versions and removed the restyrictions on them, but just did'nt relabel them.
james: especially if i can get digital sounds to work
james: bye!
james: *poof*
Daniel B: bye!
Daniel B: and rich? is there?
Dale: I think he said that he was leaving about an hour ago maybe.
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changed username to Ron
Dale: Bye ajmes.
Dale: I've seen patched for GCC for Z80 output but they are not official, and were never properly assigned to FSF, so will never make it into the main tree.
Ron: still here all
Ron: ?
Ron: Hi James.... bye James
Ron: your T-shirt is on the way
Dale left chat session
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron: went back to Joey's Only for supper.....
Dale: We didn't make it back from Victoria until 2:30 am.
Dale: But they were waiting with they key at the travelodge and we slept until 5am.
Dale: Just long enough to recharge our camera's batteries.
Ron: Lord!
Ron: Did you return the car to the airport
Ron: ??
Ron: .
Ron: 5:30
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Ron: or the airport
Dale: Yup. We returned the car to the airport.
changed username to james
Dale: They knew to expect it there.
james: hi ron, i saw your messages just as i was leaving but nothing was getting through from this end
Dale: We made it to:
Ron: Was sort of half expecting you to phone here for a ride
james: got your e-mail about the shirt! looking forward to getting it
Ron: aha....James, there you are now
james: yes, but not for long, unfortunately
Ron: good..... sent it by Air, so hopefully it won't take too long
Dale: Macmillian Park,
Dale: Ladysmith,
james: and without further ado, i must bid thee adieu :P
Dale: Coombes
Dale: Victoria
Ron: Ok James...tks for coming back on
Ron: Just wanted to make sure you knew the goods are on their way
james: see you next week with any luck. *poof*
Dale: Butchart Gardens and Victoria Butterfly World...
james left chat session
Dale: and the parlament buildings
Ron: good. Sounds like you got around to see a few things
Dale: as well as a brief stop at Future Shop for a new memory card for my camera.
Ron: aha..... the famous Futile Shop
Ron: every time I go there I buy something. Resistance is futile
Dale: I filled my 32 MB card twice on Tuesday -- once at Butchard and once at Buterfly world.
Dale: Then I bought a 256 MB card in the evening.
Ron: right. time for something bigger
Dale: I think it'll be harder to fill -- holes 600 images versus 70.
Ron: wow - 256 now you have infinite storage
Ron: yup
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changed username to neil
Dale: I'll post my pictures of all of the sights along the way in a couple of days.
Dale: I'
Dale: It's tiring going ewverywhere.
Dale: HiNeil./
Ron: Really appreciate your posting the pictures up on the web Dale.. It made tha whole thing very professional
Dale: Most other have come and gone by now.
Ron: Neil...... welcome home eh?
neil: hi. I just got home an hour ago. I'm pretty tired after driving 2-1/2 hours from Victoria and only getting 4 hours sleep.
Dale: This is the first year I've posted links to the high res versions.
Ron: Yeah, you guys must be pretty wiped
neil: I just thought I'd check in here for a minute before going to bed.
Ron: I missed most of the chat tonight because at 6 pm (our time) we decided to go out for supper
Ron: so I got on here and told all that I would probably not be back in time
Dale: I've got to get a copy of Daniel's presentation. I want to share it with him.
Dale: Any chance you'll be able to do it beofre Sunday?
neil: The problem is downsampling the first section.
Dale: Well, it was a great 'Con. I really like the session you organized.
Ron: Could I get a copy of that too somewhere?
neil: I'll have a look tomorrow for easy solutions.
Dale: k
Ron: you'll both be happy to know that my network card worked perfectly...... once I got it home
Dale: Ron, I'm tring to post any audio or vido that Neil can share.
Ron: ok
Dale: I think it was the netowrk cable.
Dale: I tried a white one Sun night and it didn't work for me either.
Ron: could be you know, because the iMac was on ok, and it was connected to the same hub
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Dale: I had to switch to my green one to post Sunday's picures.
changed username to Daniel B
neil: I can't waste too much time on it because I have a major essay due Friday.
Ron: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: hi!
Daniel B: I was kicked off
neil: HI
Ron: Any chance I could get a copy of your tutorial?
Dale: I figured. Maybe we can work something out on Sunday though.
Ron: my net setup wasn't working at the con, so I missed out on it
Daniel B: I think Dale will add the "tutorial" on adamcon web site soon
Ron: good
Ron: want to work through that one
Ron: you did a very good job sir
Dale: Definately.
Daniel B: *shy* I think my head is all red now
neil: Yes, it turned out very well.
Ron: :)
Dale: Any chance you can swing a trip to El Paso TX next Spetemvber Daniel?
neil: (Dale did a good job of presenting it, too.)
Ron: Dale, did anyone ever tell you you should have been an instructor?
Daniel B: I don't know exactly what was going on but the presentation didn't finish?
Ron: yes, Neil, agreed
Ron: Oh? There was more?
Dale: I have been honing my skill at monthly MTAG user group meetings since I was a wee lad. It was fun.
Dale: It did finish. Almost all 7 people who were following along got it to work.
Daniel B: I'm sure Dale is a bettre instructor than me... maybe not in french
Ron: so we need you both
Daniel B: and James could be the japanese instructor :P
Dale: And Daniel's slides were superb. I wish I'd had time to make them.
Ron: Hey.... a multi-language capability
Dale: I ahve other years, but you're were really polished.
Ron: fer sure eh?
Daniel B: my slides? i did them in three or four days... just before you received them
Daniel B: and it was my second contact with powerpoint
Ron: For me, the convention was a little strange. Must have come across that I wasn't interested in the sessions, but
Ron: I was more concerned with how things were going organizationally
Dale: But you urged me to speed up when we had only a half hour left, so I jsut made sure everyone got to the end and put up the last program slide and worked through their problems.
Ron: and when the laptop refused to play, I started behind, and never caught up
Dale: Murray had a problem I didn't figure out.
Dale: Neil's worked and his started from Neil's copy.
Dale: WEhat happeded was a link error.
Ron: that'll do it
Daniel B: Murray had a problem you didn't figure out... I'm sure with more time, the problem can be fixed
Dale: Something like: _musicp symbol not found in test.c
Ron: I am familiar with the process of compiling source code to object code, what I need now is some C training
Daniel B: normally it's a mistaped word
Ron: Ever since Tony Morehen gave me the Manx C compiler that runs on the ADAM, it's been on my "roundtuit" list
Ron: next life maybe
Dale: It was a symbol not listed in the C source. I was wondering if you have anything like that in the header files?
Ron: or whatever is left of this one
Daniel B: musicp? no i don't see
Dale: I didn't have time to look, because I wanted everyone else to finish.
Dale: It was _musicxxx (where I don't remember what xxx is exactly)
Dale: Maybe I'll have to wait for Murray to stumble onto a chat.
Ron: Next time Dale, when you ask for 3 hours - or 2 x 3 hours.... we better make sure you get it
Dale: :-)
Dale: Hands on stuff takes several times longer than theory.
Ron: yes, but it's way more interesting
Daniel B: the only musicxxx i remember is in the demo program (from cci zip files) suggested in james presentation.
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changed username to russell
russell left chat session
Ron: hello russell
Ron: nope? he left
Dale: I was thinking that. Maybe Murray saved the file with a different name than he thought, and the test.c was copied from the sample folder instead.
Ron: Anyway gents, I shall bid you all good night. be well all
Dale: Goodnight Ron.
Daniel B: ok, he saved the new empty code in the same directory as the TEST program
Ron: try get some sleep eh?
Dale: And I'll tutor you on the slides later if you like.
Ron: Thank you sir, I'd like that
Dale: I never got to hear the SmartBASIC 1.x programs you nevber wrote.
Dale: I was curious.
Daniel B: goodnight Ron!
Ron: Well, that's a Powerpoint pres. on my laptop.... for another time maybe
Ron: hopefully, by then I might have written one
Dale: I'll look for it then.
Ron: see ya
Dale: bye for now,.
neil: Well, I have to go to bed. Good night.
Daniel B: good night neil
Dale:'s late here too.
Ron left chat session
Daniel B: it's close to midnight here
neil left chat session
Dale: But I'll talk to you soon Daniel. Thanks again for the powerpoint slides.
Dale: I'll show your carts at the next MTAG meeting.
Daniel B: I think I will re-use this presentation to add a tutorial section in my web site.
Daniel B: MTAG?
Dale: I'll be posting it and James' to the AdamCon 15 site.
Dale: (on
Daniel B: what MTAG means
Dale: But next year we've got to get some screen shots and music into the tutorial.
Daniel B: I think I have time now to do a more important presentation
Dale: MTAG is the Metro Toronto Adam Group. We meet on the 4th Staurday of each month. We have 3 or 4 members.
Dale: We do Adam stuff at Peter Searle's apartment each month.
Daniel B: I can cooperate with James, he has a good idea to add videos with the presentation
Dale: Well, I'll post the video of my presentation of your presentation as soon as Neil reprocesses it for the web.
Daniel B: Dale, if you show the rom files, you may need MESS emulator.
Dale: It won't work on a real Adam?
Daniel B: or a way to tranfer to a real coleco
Dale: I have such a way.
Daniel B: you have all the roms I sent to Bob?
Dale: Are they on your site?
Daniel B: not all
Dale: I didn't get to look them over for the most part.
Dale: It was a very busy weekend.
Dale: Send them to and I'll look them over before next week's chat.
Dale: good night.
Daniel B: good night!
Daniel B: you will receive an email from me in ten minutes
Dale: poof
Daniel B: with the rom files
Daniel B: *poff*
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