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rich-c: hello, nemesis
Nemesis: hi uncle richard
rich-c: ah,it's you, Rin
Nemesis: .......doing a little surfing
Nemesis: :)
Nemesis: yup just me
rich-c: well, it takes till 9 for teh gang to arrive, then they straggle in
rich-c: Pamela is still here, in fact
Nemesis: oh wow
rich-c: how did you folks do in the blackout?
Nemesis: we were out for about 22 hours
rich-c: ok - Pam was out for about 10 and we were down for 25
Nemesis: i gather my father was only out for 4 hours
rich-c: Frances' cousin Liz was out about 25 hours then very soon went down for another 12 or more with a local failure
Nemesis: that's rough
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Nemesis: how are you feeling?
rich-c: Pamela got here late tonight when the subway had a 30-minute delay which may have been power
rich-c: recovering rapidly from my surgery
rich-c: and able to eat anything I please so far
changed username to Dr.D.
Nemesis: excellent
rich-c: greetings, Rich
Nemesis: hi Dr. D.
rich-c: any further problems with your wibbly volts?
Dr.D.: No more electron deficiencies.
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
Dr.D.: Nemesis....wonder who that is....
Dr.D.: Mr. Rin?
rich-c: that's encouraging - First Energy is now denying everything - someone else's fault
Dr.D.: Ms. Rin I meant.
rich-c: Erin, Rich
Dr.D.: Hit r instead of s.
Nemesis: mr!!!!!!
Dr.D.: I submit myself for punishment, O Truly Tremendous One!
Dr.D.: <bows head>
Nemesis: LOLOL
Nemesis: well since you so humbly and swiftly submitted I will hold off punishment.......for now
Dr.D.: Actually I think it was a double typo, as my fingers were typing Mrs. and just forgot the s.
rich-c: we are still told to restrict power use - they're having problems getting a couple of the nukes back on line
Dr.D.: It's been a long day...
rich-c: oh, how did your slugs survive?
Dr.D.: Glad to see you hear tonight, Erin; we missed you last week.
Nemesis: well thank you *blush*
Dr.D.: Slugs managed fine, if my status report E-mail got through to the coladam list.
rich-c: didnt see anything in the mail today
Dr.D.: Emergency power lasted for at least 4 hours, then a 9-amp fuse blew because we had jerry-rigged a power coupling down 2 floors to supply a colleague's aquarium.
Dr.D.: This was several days sure you're subscribed to the new list?
rich-c: but I only came on a bit before 9 - saving power by not using the computer
Dr.D.: Or maybe your ISP just dropped it during the outage.
Dr.D.: I got called in at 11:30 PM when a student in the other lab stopped in and found it all out.
rich-c: don't know if my ISP has backup or not, and if so how much
Dr.D.: I went through Security and Plant Services to get 2 electricians over pronto...but it took them 1 hour to find the tiny hidden fuse box.
Dr.D.: Fortunately there was a spare fuse in the box. Changed the fuse, back up it all came.
rich-c: obviously it was a real fun trip
Dr.D.: I cut our load by piling all the slugs into one tank and shutting down the other 3.
rich-c: btw I am well installed on the new list - no problems
Dr.D.: This improved the emergency power voltage from 97 to 114.5 volts.
Dr.D.: Everything was a lot happier after that.
Dr.D.: Did you survive okay, Erin?
Nemesis: yeah we were ok......22hours out
Dr.D.: Ouch.
rich-c: Rich, I am getting incredible numbers of pings, I assume from this new worm
Dr.D.: My mailbox got 700+ spams today, all the same 3 subjects.
Nemesis: too many people were in such a panic though.....gotta lean to relax
Dr.D.: Fortunately Macs are immune.
rich-c: had 324 attacks yesterday afternoon and another 121 in an hour or two of evening use
Dr.D.: Driving home, I got home faster with no traffic lights than with them.
Dr.D.: Every intersection a 4-way stop, people were courteous, it went like clockwork.
rich-c: spams - same senders or different?
Dr.D.: I think maybe we should yank some of these lights...they don't work the way people think.
Dr.D.: Spams, all different.
Dr.D.: senders, that is.
rich-c: yes, I am getting spams with duplicate texts from different senders
Dr.D.: The hospital Joan works at had complete emergency power throughout.
Dr.D.: And they got their main power back on in about 14 hours.
Dr.D.: CWRU came back up at the same time.
rich-c: yes, all our hospitals have backup power too
Dr.D.: We didn't get power back at home for just under 18 hours.
Dr.D.: Though there was a rolling blackout later in the morning, about 2 hours long.
Dr.D.: It's been up since then.
rich-c: they hit an issue when the generator fuel runs low and suppliers can't pump more into their delivery trucks
Dr.D.: Our fridges and freezer are all in the basement, which stayed cool, and the girls had been warned right away to not open them for any reason.
Dr.D.: So, we didn't lose any food.
Nemesis: we had to empty the fridge and freezer
Dr.D.: Phones never went out, so at +30 minutes (after we got reports of downtown being out and New York being out), I called home and had them lay in a potable water supply, plus fill a laundry tub and bucket for toilet flushing.
rich-c: since we were out for 25 hours and did have to open the fridge a little, we are writing off one or two things on a precautionary basis
Nemesis: haven't decided whether to fully stock up yet
Dr.D.: Even with 6 of us, properly rationed, we probably had 5 days of drinking water.
rich-c: we didnt lose anything in the freezer, though 25 hours is pushing the safe limit
Dr.D.: And the laundry tub was cleaned out well before filling it up, and covered, so it would have been clean enough to drink, too.
Dr.D.: Maybe stock up on non-perishable canned or dried foods.
Nemesis: our local Zehrs was open the next day.....ran out of ice but water was ok until the afternoon.....but they gat a new shipment the next morning
rich-c: our stores are fairly well restocked now, but Frances couldnt find any raisin bread anywhere today
Dr.D.: We had used up most of our fresh foods anyway, except for fruit, so even if we had lost what was in the fridge, it wouldn't have been much.
Dr.D.: We waited a few days to go to the grocery store.
rich-c: well, most fruit doesnt have to live in the firdge anyway, it just may taste better if it does
Dr.D.: Not sure under what conditions the perishables had been stored.
Dr.D.: Maybe not better, but I like cold fruit better than warm for some reason.
Dr.D.: Watermelon especially...slurp.
rich-c: our local Board of Health was out inspecting with great missionary zeal
Dr.D.: It probably ripens better at room temperature, though.
rich-c: but it seems even the usual suspects were getting lawsuit-shy and more scrupulous than usual
Dr.D.: Well, Erin, I hope you didn't starve or anything.
Dr.D.: Friday night we even went out for supper...Italian, so everything *had* to be boiled :-)
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Nemesis: me starve....never........
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: Pamela says hi, she';s leaving now to go home, and should join us in about 40 minutes
Nemesis: i'm resourceful :)
rich-c: hello Guy
Nemesis: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Dr.D.: The folks in the lab decided that I should become Warlord of Cleveland after the way they saw me improvise the dual-extension-cord power feed for the crab lab aquarium emergency power.
Dr.D.: I told 'em, nahh, it's always the smart people who are first against the wall when WW3 or revolution come.
Guy B.: Anyone get the heat and humidity yet?
rich-c: right on
Dr.D.: Hello, Guy.
Nemesis: that's a safe bet
Guy B.: Hi Dr D.
rich-c: btw just checked, now up to 131 attacks on my computer since I came online at 8.50
Dr.D.: But I think I'm the guy you want if you have to survive on Gilligan's Island with stone knives, bear skins, and coconut cream pies.
Dr.D.: I can make most anything out of most anything.
Guy B.: You've been getting hit by that worm Rich
rich-c: Guy, we wre in the upper 80s today, now have the fans drawing in 68 degree air
rich-c: no - they're trying, but they aren't getting in
rich-c: between Zone Alarm and Anti-Vir, I seem to be safe
Guy B.: My air conditioner wouldn't go on. The knob kept turning. The thing broke, so I used a pair of pliers to turn it on. So, now I have to find a replacement knob.
rich-c: we havent used the air conditioning since the blackout
rich-c: havent needed it - we get enough overnight cooling to hold during the day
Guy B.: This only the third time this year I've used the A/C. It's not been that hot here this year. Stormy, but not very hot.
rich-c: yes, right now you're in a warm air mass but have a cold front on the way - should be there tomorrow I think
Dr.D.: Just checked my CWRU E-mail...77 of those dumb spams in the last 30 minutes.
Guy B.: I'm in the progress of updating my webpages, which will include the new batch files that Doug and Bob did at the con. I hope to have it up this weekend.
Dr.D.: Ms. Nemesis, are you available to smite some spammers?
rich-c: Frances woke up just before dawn Tuesday morning and our thermometer was reading 11C (52F)
Guy B.: That's my kind of temps there.
Nemesis: i'll do my best.....but sometimes revenge includes annoying others
Dr.D.: Very hot here at our Starbase.
Dr.D.: I'll try to stay out of your way :-)
Dr.D.: The girls were playing with the garden hose yesterday.
Guy B.: Very warm and humid here in Chicago. We are expecting storms tomorrow before things cool off for Friday. My company picnic that day.
Dr.D.: Joan is working evening shift this week, she might be able to take them to the public pool for an hour before she goes to work.
Dr.D.: But the hose will work okay for cooling, too.
rich-c: just got an email from Fred, seems he can't get on here
Guy B.: Not very many of us here tonight.
Dr.D.: I had some problems last week.
Dr.D.: didn't work, but did.
Dr.D.: George had some problems, too.
Guy B.: The website was down on Monday. It came back up on Tuesday.
Dr.D.: In fact, that's how Pam and I ended up at the coleco backup chat site...until 12:30 AM.
rich-c: I'll go back to Fred and suggest he leave out the www.
rich-c: brb
Dr.D.: I could peek in at coleco and see if anybody is there.
Guy B.: See if anyone is there Dr. D
Dr.D.: Nobody there right now...I'll keep the window open.
rich-c: yes, there's always the chance that someone will go there in desperation
Dr.D.: I s'pose if Fred can get in there, I could play relay like I did between Daniel and Dale while the latter was giving the former's PowerPoint presentation at ADAMcon 15.
Guy B.: Especially after what happened last week.
rich-c: he doesnt know the URL; I didnt give it to him since we are here
rich-c: soon ass he gets my emails he should be OK; they aren't neccessarily transmitted instantly
Dr.D.: There isn't a link from to the backup chat server. I should bug Dale to put one in.
Dr.D.: I'd thought there was one, but I guess we were just relying on someone to remember it and then E-mail the list to switch over.
rich-c: yes, might be worth having that on his entry page
Guy B.: Maybe I should put it on my website, so everyone who visits knows where it's at.
rich-c: it can't hurt, Guy
Dr.D.: coleco has a pointer back to
rich-c: I suspect most of us have the chat bookmarked so we never see Dasle's entry page
Dr.D.: So have you all looked at my ADAMcon 15 photo webpage?
Guy B.: I have the backup chat bookmarked.
Dr.D.: I just need to finish Saturday and Sunday; the rest have all got captions written.
Dr.D.: All the photos are there, of course.
rich-c: Frances and I took quick looks but need to spend more time
Guy B.: I still have to get mine organized yet. I'm planning to install Win98 on the Dell, so I can use USB ports on it.
Dr.D.: I wrote Monday's tonight before the chat.
rich-c: during the day if we're online at all we use teh laptop to save power drain
Dr.D.: BobS thinks I like airports too much :-)
Guy B.: Why does he think that?
Dr.D.: 'Cause I have lots of photos from O'Hare and Vancouver South Terminal.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Dr.D.: Hello Fred, here at last.
FredK: Thank you Rish-c
Guy B.: HI Fred, you made it.
moved to room Meeting Place
FredK: gees, its all in my FAVORITES, but finally the "without www" worked
changed username to Jen
Guy B.: What airline did you fly back home Dr. D?
FredK: Rich-c i meant
rich-c: I donwelcome Jen and Fred, see you did make it
Guy B.: Hi Jen
Dr.D.: It was Pacific Coastal from Comox to Vancouver South Terminal, then United from Vancouver Main to O'Hare to Cleveland Hopkins.
Jen: Hi.
Dr.D.: Hello Jen.
Guy B.: Did you get the fire buttons to work with Gorf?
Jen: It works great! About time, eh?
Guy B.: Did you get delayed going into O'Hare?
Guy B.: All right, Great to hear that.
Dr.D.: Got into it fine, but waited there for almost 4 hours.
rich-c: what happened, delay on the connecting flight?
Dr.D.: 1 hour scheduled layover, 2 hours more due to delays of my incoming connector from Des Moines, then an hour on the tarmac waiting for the backlog to clear.
Guy B.: I got in a half hour late at O'Hare due to heavy rains that hit Chicago. We just left the terminal and sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes.
rich-c: in short, typical OHare day, from what I hear
Guy B.: You're right about that Rich.
Dr.D.: It wasn't raining when I got in (about 3:00 PM CDT), but there was water lying on the ground.
Jen: I won't be typing a whole lot tonight. I had an allergic reaction to a bee sting, and my whole left forearm is covered in rash, and bruise. It looks pretty bad. That's what I get for going to an airshow.
Guy B.: Jeanene picked me up at O'Hare and she said it rained in the morning, but then it drizzled all day.
Dr.D.: Jen, if you want to know some of what happend at ADAMcon 15, take a look at my photo webpage at
Dr.D.: I'm going to the Cleveland Air Show in 2 weeks!
rich-c: you're still sensitized to beestings? have you always had a bad reaction?
Guy B.: Hope you're all right Jen. Keep an eye on that rash.
Dr.D.: There's been a B-17 Flying Fortress buzzing around for the last week.
Jen: Great, I'll take a look.
Dr.D.: Rides $300...wish I could justify it.
Guy B.: We had the Air and Water show last weekend here in Chicago with the Air Force Thunderbirds.
rich-c: got yourself one of teh surviving B-17s? that's neat - I've seen it once or twice
rich-c: do you know if the Lancaster is coming over from Canadian Warplane Heritagee?
Jen: I've never had a reaction before. But I'm well known for having weird reactions to things. I hear that the second sting is the worst.
rich-c: I assume you know enough about such things to have a serious chat with your doctor
Dr.D.: DougS is over at coleco, he says he can't get in here.
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Guy B.: I got stung twice by a wasp. And I didn't even know that one hit me.
Dr.D.: Hmmm...there's a website for the airshow, someone showed it to me, lists the tentative appearances of aircraft.
rich-c: wow, if Doug is getting balked, that's really a challenge
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Dr.D.: Doug says that is "defunct".
rich-c: hello Bob, seems you son is having trouble getting in
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: It worked for me....
changed username to DougS
Dr.D.: Here he comes.
Guy B.: There he is.
rich-c: oh, here he is now
Jen: Our airshow was pretty good. We had the Snowbirds. It was much too hot, though.
rich-c: that's the spirit, Doug: persistencve breeds success
BobS: me too
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: you still choking on the forest fire smoke, Jen?
BobS: finally got in by not using the WWW part
Dr.D.: Ron just showed up at coleco, too.
left chat session
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: maybe you should post a notice or something
Dr.D.: Ron is now trying naked
rich-c: hi Dale
Jen: It hasn't been too bad the last day or so.
Guy B.: HI Dale, some of us are having trouble getting in.
Dale: Just go back from the b
Dr.D.: Dale, we are finding that is an invalid name, but is okay.
Dale: each.
Dale: J2effy had
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Which is the prefered name?
Dale: to have a bath before we could come online.
changed username to Ron
Dr.D.: Welcome Ron.
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ron: hi hi
Dale: Too much sand in his hair and kkk
Dale: all that.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Hope he didn't eat too much sand :-)
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Dr.D.: Hello Meeka, did you grab my Monday photos yet?
rich-c: I know hollowdreams is on the 'net but not the web; is that true for too?
moved to room Meeting Place
Meeka: no, I havent had a chance to do any picture stuff yet
Ron: so what's with the "www" ?
changed username to JudyS
Dr.D.: DNS problem somewhere most likely.
Ron: something else I have to learn, no doubt
rich-c: hello Judy, see the whole clan is here now
Guy B.: HI Judy, now we have a full house tonight.
JudyS: hi, Guy
Ron: Mr Clee.... did you get the parcel yet?
Jen: Hi Judy.
BobS: richard.......whatchu talkin bout??????????
JudyS: and Rich and Dr D
Dr.D.: So Ron and BobS, did the convention finances come out okay? Do we need to have a bake sale or something?
rich-c: no, it has yet to turn up - Canada Post is not noted for speed of delivery
Dale: I must ha ve made a mistake when I set up my emergency backup DNS server.
Ron: All in the hands of the treasurer
Dr.D.: Mr. Bair...
Ron: No. Mr. Slopsema
BobS: Heck mr Vair don't even have it yet
Ron: Bob.... S.... got the bill from the cable co.
Dr.D.: I got lots of cookies in Netscape...which ones ya want?
BobS: AND??????
Ron: $112.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: @Bob - you can't get onto Meeka's site if you prefix it "www."
Ron: So will be using Dave Cobley's donation to cover that
BobS: will get ya a check sit
BobS: dir
changed username to Queen Bee
Meeka: YES you can Rich!!!
BobS: need the $12 or you want it as a downpayment for next conventihno?????
Meeka: Doug fixed all those now, so that doesnt matter anymore
Ron: And the Clee's - once they get their Tshirts still need to pay for them
Dr.D.: Queen Bee, hello.
Queen Bee: hell there
Ron: nah.... Bob, we won't worry about it.
FredK: Jen, I think someone knows about your sting
BobS: wsy what???????
Dr.D.: It's been 40 minutes...wonder if this is Pam.
Nemesis: chickpea???
Guy B.: I wonder Jen.
BobS: CHRISTINA.......put down that keyboard
Jen: Har Har Har.
Dr.D.: Nope, Christina isn't on the other computer.
Ron: No parcel yet Rich?
Dr.D.: Though I admit, that's a good guess.
BobS: good thought thought eh???
rich-c: no Ron, but you only mailed it Monday, didn't you?
Guy B.: Then who would Queen Bee be???
Ron: Monday a week ago
Ron: James has his already, and I mailed them on the same day
Dr.D.: Praps she will sit and chat with us a bitsy.
rich-c: well, Pamela is due about now, but it could be Jill
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Dr.D.: Hadn't considered that possibility.
Nemesis: Queen Bee is my best friend
Jen: She can let us know all the latest buzzzzzzz.
rich-c: this is someone from Windsor?
Guy B.: Yep
Nemesis: it's Marie
BobS: Pammy and Erinny
Dr.D.: She can do some stinging for you, Nemesis.
rich-c: hi Marie, havent seen you since the wedding
Nemesis: she's one of my mafia
Ron: Actually, it was Tuesday Aug 12 they were mailed
BobS: Richard, you got any MI drives anymore??????
Dr.D.: Hello Marie, not sure we've met.
Queen Bee: how r u???
rich-c: yes I have one new and a couple of used for sale
Dr.D.: But glad to have you here.
BobS: for how or ca ??????
rich-c: essentiall the original MI price, a slight discount if used
Dr.D.: BRB
BobS: tell me do......can't remember taht long
Ron: Chuckle for the night for Doug Slopsema.........
rich-c: I think around $200 US plus shipping
BobS: what size and how much
BobS: for a 1.44????
Ron: The laptop floppy drive is making strange noises
rich-c: most 320, may have a used 720
Ron: Lord help me is there nothing in this world that doesn't like being dropped on cement?
Meeka: did you drop thaat too Ron????
JudyS: did you drop it again?
Ron: YES.... Doug was there when it happened
Dale: The problem will be fixed now. But it may not help you for an hour or so.
Meeka: I ment since then
Dale: Did Daniel drop by?
BobS: You NEED a nerf protected laptop my man
Meeka: I was there when you droped it to
Nemesis: Marie this is everyone.....everyone this is Marie
Ron: no.... that was it
JudyS: rubber balls, Ron
Ron: oh
DougS: You know if you drop it off the roof you can probably guarentee to kill it?
Queen Bee: hi every1
Ron: I will have to look inside
Ron: haven't had a chance yet
rich-c: no, Daniel isnt here yet - I'm waiting for him too
BobS: when you get a chance Richard, check what drives you have and leave me an
JudyS: hi, Queen Bee
Queen Bee: hi judy
Nemesis: you see Marie everyone here talks computer....i mostly remain quiet
BobS: look inside ???????? NO !!!!! don't dissassemble THAT
Ron: no?
Ron: oh ok.... will bring it with me next year
Queen Bee: i will do the same i think
Queen Bee: i like to observe
Dr.D.: We haf vays of makink you talk...
Nemesis: hehehehehe
BobS: BTW, then it prolly won't work at all.....IF you drop it again! :-)
Queen Bee: u do, so ya?
Meeka: ya, it wont be an adamcon if you dont bring something that needs fixin :D
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
(BobS reboots Ron's computer remotely.)
Ron: Ronald (Dropsy) Mitchell
Dr.D.: If you're here in an ADAM you at least know what an ADAM is, Marie?
JudyS: or Dropsy for short
Ron: yeah
DougS: you know if we surround it by bubblewrap it would make it awkward to use.
(A dog howls in the distance)
BobS: called Jean and Jack last night.....they are OVERJOYED that we are coming......
Ron: I'm lucky the laptop still works-
BobS: true
Ron: and the port
Dr.D.: That's so good to hear.
Dr.D.: I hope they don't think it an imposition.
Ron: super Bob
Ron: we are all looking forward to it
JudyS: she wants to know what she needs to do to get things started
Queen Bee: computer
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
BobS: Jean said... I will take off the whole week !!!!!!
Dr.D.: Do you have an ADAM, QB?
BobS: we told jean to start saving "cookies"
Guy B.: So it looks like we are heading to El Paso next year then. Now, we need the dates.
JudyS: or longer if we are there longer than a week
Queen Bee: u tell me
BobS: Sept is the plan......around the 15th
Ron: Suspect I'll take a couple extra days
Dr.D.: Dunno, maybe you got one from Pam, or Erin...
Queen Bee: mope
Ron: just to look around.... the West Texas Town of El Paso
Nemesis: Dr. D. I don't even know what i have
Ron: and Rose's Cantina
Queen Bee: llololo
Dale changed username to Jill
Guy B.: That will help me alot with work. We usually get caught up with the workload then and hardly anyone takes vacations in September.
rich-c: I worry the September date will be still in the very hot spell
Queen Bee: i have the same thing erin has
Dr.D.: I'd say you at least have a computer :-)
(Jill quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Nemesis: i'm just here to chat with the nice people
Guy B.: HI Jill
Jill changed username to Dale
DougS: jean says they have LOTS of air conditioning
Dr.D.: Then you shouldn't talk to kids all tell me I'm not nice.
(Dale gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Nemesis: hehehe
Queen Bee: lol
Guy B.: Thanks Dale.
Ron: please throw a can of Diet Coke a long way westwards..... Beyond the mountains....... to the Island
rich-c: maybe so but they have lots of all outdoors too and it isn't air conditioned
Ron: and into the Valley
Dr.D.: You never know what twisted people are at the other end of these anonymous chats...
Guy B.: By Airmail to Ron.
Ron: any way you can
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Ron: that is no joking matter eh?
rich-c: what, agagin? ;-)
(Guy B. gives Jen a can of Diet Coke.)
Nemesis: well no one has cornered me in any of the private i feel pretty safe
Queen Bee: lol
BobS: that's why we don't go outside/............
Dr.D.: I don't think I've ever been in any of the other rooms...
Queen Bee: i'll coarner you nemesis
BobS: you got a/c in the van now..........
Jen: Thanks there, Guy. Do I have to drink it, or can I throw it at someone?
Dr.D.: My chat client shows, under Rooms:
rich-c: @Fred - I now have 4 emails from you; since you're here I assume they aren't important any more
Guy B.: Why not send it to Ron.
JudyS: she said that was as good a time to go as Oct, and she has so;me ideas of day trips
Dr.D.: Standard Rooms--Meeting Place, The Garden, The Lounge, The Kitchen, The Hallway
Jen: Here Ron...catch!
JudyS: the pool
BobS: the butler in the hall ????????
Dr.D.: something called "emme"
FredK: Rich-c, last one been a while, yes they can be trashed!
Ron: we will need, a knife, a wrench, a revolver
Queen Bee: revolver?
Ron: and... and... gee... I forgot what else
Dr.D.: not here--not at my desk, diaper change
rich-c: for Mustard
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: and Tartarus!
Nemesis: i think Tartarus is the place for me Dr. D.
Ron: Oh... thought we were playing Clue
Queen Bee: lol
changed username to whiskeyjack
Jen: I love mysteries.
rich-c: oh dear, who's got the convention hangover now?
whiskeyjack: hi kids
BobS: hey Zonk !!!!
BobS: how is? ??????
JudyS: hi, whisk
whiskeyjack: shhh,i'm incognito.
Dr.D.: No, Tartarus is too unpleasant a place for a nice gal like you.
Ron: a cute little bird at the top of Mt. Washington
rich-c: oh, you went up the mountain with the mob too, did you?
Guy B.: Yep, it's him.
Ron: Beyond the mountains..... on the Island
Meeka: Hello Zonker
Dr.D.: Will you sit on my hand and eat bread crumbs, whiskeyjack? :-)
whiskeyjack: was just looking at con pics and said i could talk to these folk, eh?
JudyS: Meeka is good she knew right away how you were
Ron: pretty sharp our Meeka
Nemesis: are you sure i'm almost in that zone
Guy B.: Very clever there.
whiskeyjack: just how strong ARE you, drd? :)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: thanks (bowing)
JudyS: hi, Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam, hang on.
rich-c: hi daughter, took you a while I see
whiskeyjack: meeka is handy to have around, which i can attest to anyone
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Meeka: hello pam
Jen: Hey, Pam.
Dr.D.: I ahm beeg ahng strong.
Dr.D.: ahnd stong, I meant to say.
Pamela: mmmbmlembm
Dr.D.: mxylpyx
Pamela: sorry, mouth full
Dr.D.: plugh
Nemesis: hi Pammie
whiskeyjack: easy for you to say, pam
rich-c: you been watching the California election, Rich?
Pamela: Hi Rin
Queen Bee: hi pammie
Ron: Boy have we got a room full or what?
Pamela: Marie???
Dr.D.: No, California is a foreign Texas and Florida.
whiskeyjack: mr clee, we don't like to mention ca elections
Queen Bee: u got it
Dale: I'm back.
Dale: I think Jeffy is properly in bed.
Ron: We got Queen Bees and Whiskeyjacks.... Doctors
Pamela: wow have we ever got a room full
Ron: cabages and kings
Dale: Or maybe not...we'll see.
whiskeyjack: hmmmm,i'm out of it. who be the bee and nemisis.
Dr.D.: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Pamela: shoes and ships and sealing wax
Ron: :)
Pamela: so who's whiskey jack?
rich-c: who's next, Clark's nutcracker?
whiskeyjack: you have to guess,pam
Ron: big tall dude from Seattle
Queen Bee: brb
Ron: well actually, Kent
Dr.D.: Mock turtle soup, 50 cents per 500 half liter.
Pamela: Zonker
Ron: Wash
Meeka: wiskey is Zonker
Dr.D.: 500 mL (half liter) I meant
whiskeyjack: Pamela
Dr.D.: fingers are misbehaving so badly tonight!
Pamela: Okay, I've id'd everyone now
Dr.D.: I should send the fingers at least to Tartarus...
rich-c: you can call him Bart if you want to hurt his feelings
whiskeyjack: well, *I* haven't. who is queen bee and nemisis
BobS: Nemesis is Erin.......Queen Bee is Marie...........
Pamela: Queen Bee is Marie, and Nemesis is Erin
whiskeyjack: or mr lynch if you REALLY want to p*ss me off
Dr.D.: One has a sting, the other an avenging sword...
Pamela: Marie is Erin's friend (and mine)
Nemesis: hi whiskey Jack
whiskeyjack: any friend of pams is a friend of mine.(bows)
Queen Bee: back
Nemesis: thank you Dr. D.
BobS: HA HA......the last person that called him "MR LYNCH" was a telemarketer
Dale: Maybe Jeffy needs more attention...brb
Jen: And keep that stinger away from me. I'm very bitter right now.
rich-c: well, I don't think anyone in this company would get that shirty, Zonk
JudyS: we have our own convention in the family room here, all four of us are sitting here
Guy B.: They are known to disguise themselves like you did Zonker.
whiskeyjack: how do,nemisis.
Dr.D.: Anyone who calls you Mr. Lynch, you should say "Please, call me Merrill"...
Pamela: thank you, Zonker
Nemesis: oooo bitterness my specialty
Ron: Hell... that's 25% of the attendance of ADAMCON 15
Ron: or more
Pamela: why are you bitter Jen? I know why you are, Rin
whiskeyjack: dang kids anyway...just give him a shot of codene.(sp)
Nemesis: not too bad Guy and you
Pamela: codeine
Dr.D.: Jen got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction.
Ron: pill that works on headaches
whiskeyjack: @drd boooo!
Dr.D.: She is having problems typing IIRC.
Pamela: anaphylaxic reaction Jen?
BobS: BRB gang, got to try another laptop w/ router
Dr.D.: So we have to be entertaining and make her laugh to forget her discomfort.
BobS left chat session
Nemesis: my bitterness rules the earth and will destroy all who bring evil and pain
JudyS: not cool, they hurt
whiskeyjack: thanks pam
Queen Bee: i'm done then
Pamela: yvw
Jen: I'm not up to par on my typing. My arm is throbbing!
Pamela: Rie, I just got here, you can't leave
Dr.D.: So far I am not having much luck in the entertainment department.
whiskeyjack: come back bob
Ron: So there.... Ya don't mess with Nemesis, pilgrim.
Queen Bee: i'm not
Pamela: this is so weird, a bug just crawled across my glasses
whiskeyjack: nemisis i'm not sure that is proper bitterness.
Queen Bee: lol
Nemesis: Ron is on the good list
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at whiskeyjack.)
Dr.D.: Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story about that, Pam...
Ron: :)
JudyS: he is getting another computer hooked up
Nemesis: (i feel like Santa)
Pamela: she's only bitter about certain things Zonk
Pamela: Oh, Rich?
Dr.D.: Santa with a sword: "You *#@% well better like that present, brat!"
whiskeyjack: will someone PLEASE take the hot potatoes away from guy?
Ron: Meanwhile.... nothing is allowed in the snakepit that hasn't been dropped
Ron: at least once
Nemesis: Dr. D. is now on the list
Jen: I need to see the doc. It's said that the second sting is the worst. My son has an Epipen. I guess I need one too.
Guy B.: Got to keep you on your toes.
Pamela: which list?
rich-c: Jen, have you tried an antihistamine for the swelling?
whiskeyjack: the short list
Dr.D.: Lots of screen scrolling...which list, Nemesis?
Nemesis: hehehe...the good list
Queen Bee: what bout me?
Pamela: are you good Rie?
Dr.D.: Whew, thought I was being readied for Charon's boat.
whiskeyjack: isn't that a song lyric
Nemesis: i think this room comprises the good list
Pamela: aw, that's so sweet Rin
Queen Bee: i'm always good
Pamela: thank you
Ron: not up on my mythological references
Jen: I'm hopped up on antihistamines (2 kinds), anti-biotics, and steroids that are suppose to make me moody.
rich-c: good list of what, we aren't sure
Ron: told you... I'm a sloooowwww reader
Dr.D.: (Ferryman across the River Styx to the underworld)
Nemesis: well i have to have some sort of balance
Ron: ah
Dr.D.: I left my obols at home, too, so I can't pay the fare.
rich-c: wow, Jen, guess you're in for higher level treatment, then
Jen: I'm not moody, am I? Just bitter.
Dr.D.: Guess old Fluffy will get me, then.
FredK: words drop to fast ay Ron?
Pamela: don[t pay the ferryman till you get to the other side
whiskeyjack: @meeka,thanks for the pics,its interesting to see what others like to take pics of.
whiskeyjack: or of what others like to take pics.
Ron: Hey..... Bob S....
Pamela: definitely a song lyric in that
Nemesis: hehehe
Ron: you know you got my MIB3 card eh?
Ron: and My main ADAM is dead without it
Dr.D.: Sounds like a theme for a girlie magazine...
Ron: no rush, no panic, just so as you know
Pamela: ??? Rich
Dr.D.: ...of course Zonker would never be acquainted with those.
whiskeyjack: ron, bob is changing computers now,so he can't "hear" you.
Ron: oh
Ron: not even if I SHOUT
JudyS: Dr we looked at your pics the other night, good job
Meeka: lol, Doug is reasing it to him :P
Dr.D.: Thanks. I wrote some more captions tonight.
whiskeyjack: ron, go out on the back deck and shout REAL LOUD
Meeka: reading
Pamela: pics Rich? Where?
Ron: EH?
Dr.D.: Still have to finish Saturday and do all of Sunday.
whiskeyjack: HUH?
Queen Bee: hi erin
Dr.D.: Enjoy, Pam.
Ron: Neil's T-shirt
Nemesis: hi Marie
Meeka: I havent even touched mine yet. that will have to be a project for the weekend I thinkk
JudyS: maybe if you shout
Pamela: TYVM
Queen Bee: tyvm?
Dr.D.: Maybe they will be sufficiently interesting that they might coax Nemesis down to El Paso...or to some future ADAMcon.
Meeka: tyvm = thank you very much
Pamela: think about it Rie
whiskeyjack: thank you very much=tyvm
Ron: unlike ryfm
Queen Bee: listen pma
Queen Bee: i don't want oo
Ron: which stands for
Nemesis: hmmm I might be inclined
Queen Bee: lol
JudyS: he is saying nasty things at that computer
whiskeyjack: ryfm=read your FINE manual
Ron: oh
Dr.D.: usually that's RTFM, zonker.
whiskeyjack: SOMEbody has to read the messages to bob.
Ron: yer a good man master Jack
rich-c: of course Guy Cousineau seemed to pronounce it with a certain accent...
Dr.D.: Pam will tell you that we're even better in the flesh, Nemesis.
Ron: yes
Ron: Now.... if a being from outer space was to try to follow this conversation.....
Nemesis: oh she has already
Ron: we would probably have a lot of cosmic screaming
FredK: LOL
whiskeyjack: sorry,drd...i learned it from guy cousineau and thats the abbreviation he used. the devil.
rich-c: he or she would feel right at home
Nemesis: hopefully at some point i will get to meet the gang
Pamela: okay, I'm lost - in the flesh for what?
Dr.D.: ...he would have Mr. Chekov lock photon torpedoes and fire when ready.
Dr.D.: In person. At an ADAMcon. Meeting actual people.
Pamela: AC17 will be in T.O. Erin
whiskeyjack: yea mr. clee, i seem to remember that fine came out as a two syllable word! :)
FredK: LOL
Nemesis: cool
Pamela: ahh, much better - tummy much happier
Queen Bee: T.O. what????????
Dr.D.: Toronto, Ontario.
Ron: Toronto the Good
Dale: Well, I took abotu 150 pictures on Tuesday after the 'Con at Butchard Gardens and Victoria Butterfly World. I just haven't figured out what to do with them all.
Dr.D.: B.T., A.
Queen Bee: i know what T.O is
Pamela: Toronto the Dark : )
rich-c: who told you that, daughter?
Ron: yeah, :) right
Pamela: about AC17? rich did last week
Ron: Rich... now if we're going to be there in two years, we must have light
Pamela: light is not necessary, but power is >
Jen: Yeah, will they have the lights working by then?
whiskeyjack: yes, please get the electrical situation in toronto cleaned up afore we get there,eh
rich-c: depends on how long it takes us to change governments - and which replacement we get
JudyS: ask Meeka she has about the same amount, Dale
whiskeyjack: @rich c. LOL
rich-c: only one of the three will promise power, and they have some funny ideas too
Ron: Meeka, kick that husband of yours and have him say something eh?
Ron: he's too quiet
Pamela: amke sure he's still breathing
DougS: say what sir?
Jen: Everyone could bring their Coleman stoves, and have a camp out on the 401. Bring lots of candles.
Meeka: cant...he is to far away from me
Ron: oh you're there
Meeka: I would have to get up
Guy B.: He speaks
DougS: trying to help dad get online with the other laptop via wireless router.
Ron: nah
whiskeyjack: doug is busy reading messages to his poo' dad bob who i can now reveal doesn't know how to read.
Pamela: nope, not the 401 - the people up there are nuts!
Dr.D.: We could set up a solar collector for power.
Dr.D.: Or a windmill.
Ron: oh..... well, I wish you luck.
Meeka: lmao
FredK: windmill LOL
Ron: Think my laptop will never go wireless..... or ever have a battery
Nemesis: or both
Guy B.: My faithful dog is watching by the patio door.
Dr.D.: I think I also have a flux capacitor in the robot lab.
whiskeyjack: windmill....we have PLENTY of hot air.
Pamela: we can camp out at Downsview Park
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: And a "Mr. Fusion" I got from a guy with wild white hair.
Ron: it's not playing with a full deck..... several sandwiches short of a picnic
Ron: fits right in around here
whiskeyjack: ron, what powers it now, peddling?
rich-c: yeah, they still wont have done anything useful there by then
FredK: i think thats Powedownsviewpark
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: so I know that this got discussed before I arrived, but who had power and who didn't?
Ron: have to plug it in
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: It kills batteries
Guy B.: I'm Back
Pamela: @Fred, LOL
Ron: Bob and Doug brought a fresh one up here, and my laptop killed it
Queen Bee: eeerrriiinnn
JudyS: we never lost any even though the tv said that most of Mi was out
Queen Bee: pppaaammm
Pamela: what Rie
Ron: all that started a year ago, when I dopped it for the first time
Dr.D.: No power in Starbase Cleveland.
Nemesis: yes Marie
Queen Bee: i don't know
Pamela: Marie, I can hear you whining from here
Dr.D.: Is that a whine, Queen Bee?
whiskeyjack: oh, DID that go for you,drd?
FredK: Mars will be as big as moon this month.
rich-c: yes, I noticed on the map Grand Rapids seemed to have escaped
Nemesis: LOLOL
Queen Bee: i wanted to some1 to say my name
Queen Bee: i'm not whinning
Pamela: that was definitely a whine!
whiskeyjack: fred, i saw mars at adamcon and it was big then
Dr.D.: Didn't you get my summary that I mailed out to the coladam list?
FredK: lol
Queen Bee: no way
Dr.D.: I got my copy back.
Pamela: tee hee
Queen Bee: hee tee
JudyS: Lansing was out and so was south of us in Kalamazoo
Dr.D.: I saw a Mars Bar at ADAMcon.
Jen: All this talk about whine...I'm getting thirsty.
FredK: patato potato
whiskeyjack: drd, i'm hopeless about logging on my e-mail,but i'll catch it eventually.
Pamela: want some cheese with that Jen?
Ron: A can of Diet Coke has been replicated
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: It's easier to replicate artificial things, Ron.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: and he's back!
Jen: tomato, tomato.
whiskeyjack: is that where those strange aliens were playing music? the mars bar
Ron: oh
JudyS: he did it!!!
FredK: nite all
rich-c: finally back on, Bob
BobS: I's back jack !!!!!!
Pamela: lord, where's Joan when you need her?
Jen: Yes, thanks.
Dr.D.: <rim shot>
JudyS: nite Fred
BobS: nite Fred
Dr.D.: Bye Fred.
Ron: nite Fred
Meeka: night
rich-c: nite Fred
whiskeyjack: niters fred
Pamela: into the shot glass?
FredK: *poof*
FredK left chat session
Pamela: Nite Freddy
rich-c: a la prochaine
Nemesis: he's gone now Queen Bee
Dr.D.: My quiver of retorts is empty :-(
BobS: yes Ronald....I have your MIB3, found a poug on, now have to solder on a pin and plug in mem sipps
Queen Bee: who??
Queen Bee: ohh i know
Ron: what, no push pins?
BobS: plug
Jen: My son just got home. I have to put him to bed. Better go for now. Bye guys.
Nemesis: nite Fred
Dr.D.: No bolts for my crossbow.
BobS: pushpins got to GO
whiskeyjack: damn it,drd,we were depening on you! :)
Pamela: well how do you re-tort?
Dr.D.: Nite Jen, hope you feel better.
Dale: Bye Jenb
rich-c: nite Jen, take care of that sting
Ron: well.... if you say
JudyS: bye Jen
Pamela: Night Jen
whiskeyjack: niters,jen
Dr.D.: You have another slice of Schwartzwalder Kirchtorte?
BobS: bye Jen
Pamela: want one!
Meeka: night
Jen left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
Nemesis: the bug
whiskeyjack: dont you have to tort first
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Ron: So.... @Rch Clee
Dr.D.: One leaves, one enters.
Pamela: allo Daniel
Dale: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: email me one, Rich, my birthday is soon
Dr.D.: The law of conservation of ADAMites.
Ron: when you get the parcel (soon I hope)....
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale!
Ron: send the money to Bob Slopsema eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: allo Pamela ;)
rich-c: I'm a big fan of Black Forest Cherry ckaes
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Ron: 3 times $15 Canadian... or equivalent.... and $8. postage
Dr.D.: I had a slice of one at lunch today.
rich-c: Daniel - salut! tu es ici!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Pamela: a good one Rich?
Dr.D.: <slurp>
Pamela: I'll take that as a yeas
Pamela: yes
whiskeyjack: no
BobS: hi Daniel
Dr.D.: Let's say that it didn't stay very long on the plate...
Queen Bee left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't go to Speedy... something yet
rich-c: Daniel, Pamela has your copy done - where do I send it?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
Pamela: did you say Canadian Ron?
Nemesis: hi Daniel
Ron: Well.... unless Bob wants US
rich-c: seems Quebec City doesnt have a Speedy any more
JudyS: we are eating carmel corn, not bad
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Nemesis
BobS: we don't care Pam.....hanged banks here just so's I could get a good rate on turning in ca $$$$$$$
Dale: Daniel and I have be discussing this getput library and related items. I've been writing a game to try and learn how it all works.
BobS: my banks pissedme oof so I LEFT
Daniel Bienvenu: Let me take a look at YellowPages
whiskeyjack: send bob canadian tire money!O)
BobS: off
Pamela: No more Speedy's in Quebec City, Daniel.
BobS: NO!!!!! got my tire money, don't need more, postage would KILL me
JudyS: no canadian tire money
Ron: the moment our money crosses the border, it loses all its colour
Meeka: lol, yup, I got mine too
Dr.D.: Did they have to rename them to something more French, Pam?
Nemesis: hey Pam sign on MSN if you like
whiskeyjack: @bob well then how about a subway card?
Pamela: I may Rin
BobS: threw that sucker away too Zonk
Ron: I want one of those
Pamela: les Silenciex Speedy, Rich
Dr.D.: Not trying to ignore you, Nemesis...
Pamela: sorry, Silencieux
Dr.D.: What is "Speedy" in French?
whiskeyjack: no were trying to ignore drd,but it doesnt work
Ron: pleine de vitesse
Pamela: c'est le meme chose
rich-c: Ron, if you are needing a payment anyway, why dont I send the t-shirt price to you and let you do some cross-entry bookkeeping?
Ron: crudely translated
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. I won't be here this Saturday, but I'll see you all next week.
whiskeyjack: what? bob thru away free stuff!! i dont believe me ears
BobS: ee ya Guy
Dr.D.: "la haste" in Pepe Le Pew-speak :-)
Ron: Bob now has all the money Rich.... and the books
JudyS: night Guy
Pamela: nite Guy
Ron: you know... delegate and disappear
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
BobS: we tapped Ronald out of cash
rich-c: OK Guy take care, see you next week
whiskeyjack: i'll throwa potato at ya next time,guy
Pamela: I knew there was a method to your madness Ron
Dale: Bye Guy.
Ron: but you can do that if you like. I am in no blinding rush. Would rather be assurred that you've received the product
Ron: first
whiskeyjack: @drd hahahahahahaha!
Guy B.: I'll be waiting.
BobS: don't make any difference what currency Richard
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: It's purely up to you my son
Dr.D.: More Pepe Le Pew-speak:
rich-c: well, let's say here Canadian currency is stable, US wanders all over the map
BobS: told 2 banks to bite my........and changed to one that worked WITH me.......
Dr.D.: What's a good French name for a dog?
whiskeyjack: lets hope rich c doesnt have any spare dubloons laying about.
Nemesis: no it's ok....but my info to you guys is excrutiatingly slow
Pamela: we'll let you take the hit on the exchange, Bob
Ron: Mauvais Chien
Dr.D.: Phydeaux.
BobS: that's ok.......ANN can stand it
Pamela: grooooaaaann, Rich
whiskeyjack: @drd yikes!!!
Dr.D.: Blame that one on my 9th-grade biology teacher.
Dale: Pitou is a good name.
whiskeyjack: and then there is pierre,the dehydrated frenchman
JudyS: maybe we found a good bank now
Daniel Bienvenu: it's another compagny now... no more Speedy Muffler in Quebec city
Dale: Or Roi
Dr.D.: ROTFL zonker
Daniel Bienvenu: a good french name for a dog?
Dr.D.: It's a bad joke, Daniel.
whiskeyjack: drd,you won't believe how many folks dont get that.
rich-c: yes, what would that be, Daniel?
Dr.D.: "Fractured French", not real French.
whiskeyjack: how long is a chinaman
Dr.D.: They have to say it slowly, "with feelin'" as Arlo Guthrie says.
whiskeyjack: stop me,i'm getting giddy.
Dr.D.: How long is he, Mr. Bones?
Pamela: Zonk, have you been drinking the water again?
whiskeyjack: no the answer to how long is a chinaman is,yes.
JudyS: up in the mountain, the air is thin
rich-c: naw, gotta remember he's on the Left Coast - they're all that way
Daniel Bienvenu: Pamela: About the document, how much for the "copies" and the shiping to Quebec?
Dale: Daniel, did you read that music table decoder I sent?
Ron: depends.
Ron: whether you're in the mountain or on the mountain
Pamela: nothing for the copy or the binder - speak to Dad about shipping costs
Dr.D.: My favorite joke phone number (not sure it will appear well in this font):
whiskeyjack: okay,drd,hit it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: Yes, and I don't fully understand it. I think I need to test the 4X and 6X "key" codes.
Dr.D.: 1-800-I81-U812 (say it out loud, note the difference between letter I and numeral 1)
rich-c: you'll see the postage on the box, Daniel, and can send that amount to me (plus GST, of course ;-))
whiskeyjack: funny thing is, i read that the way you meant it. sick minds think alike!
Nemesis: by all...the computer is too slow for this
whiskeyjack: kids i gotta shuffle off.
Dale: Well, I ran out of steam just before the 4x and 6x esem,antic were worked out.
Pamela: nite Rin - will call soon
Nemesis left chat session
whiskeyjack: got honey-do's to take care of before wife person returns on the morrow.
Dr.D.: They're dropping like flies now...
Dale: I only got as far with them to know that they are Frequency sweep, and Attenuation sweeps.
rich-c: OK Zonk, come back soon, we've been missing you
Ron: @Dale..... can I get James's tutorial?
Pamela: nite Zonker
Dr.D.: Bye Nemesis, keep your sword sharp.
whiskeyjack: 5
whiskeyjack: 4
whiskeyjack: 3
Dale: The means a glissando, and cresendo in music terminology.
whiskeyjack: built in hold
rich-c: nite Rin
whiskeyjack: count down resumes
Daniel Bienvenu: If I understand well, one is for volume variation and one is for frequency variation
whiskeyjack: 3
whiskeyjack: 2
whiskeyjack: 1
Ron: Whiskey jack can't count
whiskeyjack: 0
Dr.D.: -1
whiskeyjack: -1
JudyS: bye Zonk, remember again next week
whiskeyjack: <poog!>
Pamela: -2
Daniel Bienvenu: -3
Dr.D.: -3.14159
whiskeyjack left chat session
BobS: bye onk
BobS: durn guy
Daniel Bienvenu: i think he's gone
Ron: n squared
Pamela: blast off?
Dale: Ron, yes. I'll post it by the weekend.
rich-c: thought you were offering cake not Pi, Rich
Ron: Tks dale
Dr.D.: Good one, Richard!
Ron: yer a good man sir
Dale: So a falling or rising note is a frequency sweep.
Ron: I have a whole year to learn what you tried to teach in less than 3 hours
Dr.D.: Pam, did your Dad give you the business about the length of our chat last week?
rich-c: anyway Daniel I will pack and mail in a day or two but need the address
Dale: A sound that gets progressively softer or louder is a attenuation sweep.
Pamela: nope
Ron: but quickly will that year pass onwards
DougS left chat session
Pamela: I don't think he knew
rich-c: send me an email if you like
Dr.D.: He gave me a few words :-)
Pamela: I certainly didn't tell him!
Dr.D.: in chat Sunday.
Dr.D.: or rather Saturday.
Dale: Some examples of attenuation sweeps are bells which start loud and get soft quickly.
Daniel Bienvenu: my postal address? ... I don't want to write it here.
Pamela: well he hasn't had a chance to chew me out yet
Dr.D.: Well, it was a good talk, and I wasn't a zombie the next day :-)
Dale: And trombones are really fond of frequency sweeps, with a rising or lowering pitch.
BobS: we won't hurtya Daniel
BobS: we just have ot look it up on YAHOO
Pamela: I was, but didn't care : )
Dr.D.: Well, tonight we'll be good and go to sleep at 11:00.,
Pamela: oh sure
Pamela: liek that will actually happen
Dr.D.: I have 2 new books to read.
Ron: how does that work out Dr. D.. Never tried it
rich-c: Daniel's right, Bob - remember these chats are rchived and open to anyone
Pamela: Ron, I keep telling you - sleep is good
Ron: I know.... I know
rich-c: better he should send me a private email
Dr.D.: One a history of flight, the other a history of Schliemann's excavations of Troy.
Daniel Bienvenu: what is your e-mail rich? I only have the one for Dale, Dr.D, Ron and James.
Pamela: Heinrich Schliemann?
Ron: sounds like good bedtime reading Dr. D.
Dr.D.: The same, Pam.
Pamela: now you definitely have to read "Uhura's Song"
rich-c: sorry folks, have a visitor - must go - night all
rich-c left chat session
Dr.D.: Bye Richard.
Pamela: Night Dad
Ron: nite Rich
BobS: later rich
JudyS: I don't know if I will ever get on Mi time agian
Dr.D.: That's the one Trek bio I haven't read.
Pamela: visitor, at thist time of night?
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I have to look at the adamcon mailing list...
Dr.D.: Better not be Charon...
Pamela: it's not a bio Rich, it's a novel
JudyS: night Rich
Dale: Judy, I just made it back to Toronto time today.
Pamela: an excellent one
Dr.D.: Novel? I thought Nichelle Nichols had an autobiography of that title? I must be confused.
BobS: Dale...we are STILL trying
Dr.D.: Is it a Trek novel?
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: she does have a bio but not by that name
Ron: glad to know I'm not the only one
BobS: lost that night on the redeye flight home
JudyS: I am still taking naps to try to c
Ron: always found travel west to east harder that travel east to west
Pamela: doesn't help when you lose three hours
Dale: A week seemed like a long time to take, but the blackout really threw my progress to Eastern way off.
JudyS: get myself back
Ron: well yeah, for you guys, the week hasn't been exactly routine
Pamela: we got Friday off!
Dale: Power for me came back on at 3:30 am, and I spent 2 hours trying to figure out which servers were workinmg and which weren't.
Daniel Bienvenu: drushel+at+apk+dot+net ... it's your email Dr.d?
Pamela: woohoo, it was a three day week for me
Dr.D.: I didn't have any problems at all...went to bed Monday night after we got back from snacks/supper at the 24-hour diner, got up at 7:00 AM next morning.
Dr.D.: Yes, Daniel.
JudyS: how long were you off, Dale/
Dale: Mostly my name servers were all unavailable. The others were all working fine.
Dale: That meant that some could get to them, but new people were out of luck.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I send you my postal address... you will be able to send it to Rich...
Dale: Power was off for about 11 hours for me.
Dale: Neil said 25 hours for him.
Dr.D.: So I don't know why I'm not jet-lagged and the rest of you are.
Pamela: yeah, we had power back about 2:45 am on Friday
Dr.D.: I approved Neil's post to the list BTW, Dale.
Dale: I must live in just the right spot.
BobS: St Rose ??????
Pamela: Mom and Dad didn't get power back until 4:45 pm on Friday
Dale: I saw that Rich.
Ron: I did not suffer from jet lag
Dale: I read his post then saw the apporval message.
BobS: we were on the west edge ofit and didn't lose power ata ll
Dale: Odd that, Ron.
JudyS: did you fly all night
Pamela: Rich, did you lose power?
Ron: could be
Dr.D.: Me, Judy? Nope.
Ron: I don't remember
Dr.D.: Power, yes, 16 hours.
Pamela: from 4:15?
Ron: seems there was a bunch of people I knew from somewhere here in the basement, then everyone left
Dr.D.: 4:07 PM Thursday to 7:55 AM Friday.
Pamela: wasn't me Ron
Dr.D.: EDT.
Dale: Judy, we stayed in Victoria until 11:45pm, then drove back to Courtnay for the "night", then lef tfor the airport for our 6:30am flight.
Dale: We were in our room for less than 4 hours.
JudyS: we did left at 1 AM and arrived in Mi at 9: 30 AM Mi time
Dr.D.: I have photographic proof that we invaded your basement, Ron.
BobS: that late night stuff will kill ya Dale
Ron: yes.... I know..... you were definately here
Pamela: yeah, I saw pictues of the snake pit!
Dr.D.: Flying at night probably would mess anyone up.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: if there is a way to download the PDF someday, let me know!
Dale: Well, we had to see as much of the island as we could in two days.
JudyS: did not sleep at all
Dale: I took 350 pictures from Monday morning to Tuesday late at night.
Ron: Daniel, just for the record
Dr.D.: I have been scanning in Dale's copy of the ATM that he lent me. I have gotten 50+ pages done already.
JudyS: it is a beautiful island, you need to see it
Ron: I appreciate the stuff you sent for the convention.... very well done
Dale: Excellent Raich.
Dr.D.: It is really a different version than mine, Dale.
Ron: and Thank you sir
Dale: Rich.
Dale: That was because my memory card kept filling. Eventually I went to FutureShop and bought a larger memory card.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? you experiment GETPUT? I hope you find some usefull things in it.
BobS: don't know IF I would like to fly at night again....BUT it was nice having the day in Seattle
Pamela: did you folks spend some time with Zonker?
Dale: My old one was 32MB holding about 75 pictures. My new one is 256MB holding about 600 pictures.
Dale: I have yet to fill it.
BobS: the space needle. underground city and night falling as the night fell
Ron: I really gotta get myself one of those jobbies
JudyS: just at convention
Dale: Daniel, I have much of the first level done in IVCGM, and I did a title screen with BMP2PP + PP2C...
Dr.D.: trying to count how many photos I shot...
Pamela: you'll scare yourself, Rich
Dale: but I got stuck on making sound effects for the actions for the game.
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! it's very fast!
Dale: I just have to finish documenting the sweep effects and the noise channel, and I can move on to tuning the levels.
Pamela: was Squishem Sam a Coleco game?
Ron: yes Pamela
Dale: I talked through 4 levels with some friends at work.
BobS: gotta go kids........
Daniel Bienvenu: Sewer Sam too
Dale: I think I have a plan.
Pamela: nite bob
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob!
BobS: see ya next week eh????????
Ron: yes... me too.... onward and upward........through the land of push pins.... see ya next week
Pamela: yup
Ron: be well all
BobS left chat session
Dr.D.: 12+83+119+135+18
JudyS: yes, night all
Pamela: oh, nope - hair appointment next week
Dr.D.: Bye those leaving.
Pamela: hike
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale: a plan? which plan? about a music tool?
JudyS left chat session
Pamela: nite Judy
Ron left chat session
Dr.D.: 367 if I added correctly.
Dale: Plan about how the game play will work.
Pamela: and the point Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's 367
Dr.D.: I just wondered.
Dr.D.: I never would have shot that many on real film.
Dale: The sound effects will be easy as soon as I finish documenting the background sound player.
Dr.D.: Maybe 2 24-exposure rolls.
Pamela: ah, number of pictures - gotcha
Dr.D.: I think past ADAMcons, I shot maybe 1 roll.
Dale: At AdamCons I used to shoot abnout 4 or 5 rolls.
Pamela: I still find it highly ironic that at AC14 I was the only one with a camera with remote control, and I didn't have any film
Dr.D.: We got plenty of shots of everyone with the banner this year, I think every camera had a timer.
Dale: That's 125 pictures. But this year I took 600 pictures in 8 days (200 on the last day, in Victoria).
Pamela: good thing you have lots of 'puter space, Dale
Dale: Yup.
Dale: That's for sure.
Dr.D.: At some point, I am going to have to put a junk machine on the net with a bunch of junk external CD drives, burn CDs with my stuff, and make them available.
Pamela: I was shooting the last of my roll at Wonderland last week, and the guy on the diving platform in Arthur's Bay saw me and mugged for the camera
Pamela: I hope it came out
Dale: At work I showed them all 150 of my butterfly and flower pictures. I takes a while.
Dr.D.: I have a whole box of SCSI CD drives, 2X and 4X speed.
Dr.D.: Transfer might be slow, though.
Dr.D.: Pam, could I have a brief word with you in The Garden?
Dale: Daniel, I've written games lots of ways for the Adam in the past. But your getput1 functions + other tools translate into a rapid development system for me.
Dale: What could be easier.
Pamela: sure Rich. I'm going to depart from there, so I'll say goodnight to the rest of you now
Dr.D.: I'll be back, though.
Dr.D.: moving...
Dr.D. moved to room The Garden
Pamela: bonsoir, mes amis - I go.
Dale: Marcel's functions were a little more low level than even the assembly language libraries I've written.
Pamela moved to room The Garden
Dale: So not to my taste.
Pamela: wow, it's blue
Dr.D.: Ouch, nasty...wanna try a different room?
Pamela: naw, this is fine
Dr.D.: It's black on dark blue here, ugh.
Dale: Do you take feature requests for your VisualBasic tools?
Dr.D.: Anyway...
Pamela: oh, i'ts white writing on dark blue for me - can you change it?
Dale: I never got into VB. I'm assembly or C++ on Windows.
Dr.D.: entry window is white on blue, but the scroll window is black on blue.
Pamela: wanna try the lounge?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Twin
Dale: The IVCGM tool is really quite nice for building sprite sets.
Dr.D.: Okay, lounge...
Dr.D. moved to room The Lounge
Pamela moved to room The Lounge
Pamela: I go . . .
Dr.D.: Okay, this one is black on grey.
Pamela: yup for me too.
Dr.D.: Now I can read it :-)
Pamela: this is good : )
Dr.D.: The Garden should be called Davey Jones' Locker!
Daniel Twin: Dale: what could be easier? A big devlopment kit in one software... like VisualBASIC but to do coleco games.
Pamela: why am I hearing Davy Crockett in my head????
Pamela: must be tired
Dale: But I'd also like to do character animation for my current project, and it doesn't seem like there are any tools to help with that.
Dr.D.: Okay, just wanted to have a brief word about Erin...
Pamela: shoot
Dr.D.: Nemesis...she must really be hurting.
Pamela: did you get the background on the name? I didn't get the reference
Daniel Twin: I didn't too enough tools... I'm sorry Dale :(
Dale: (5x6 character table, in 3 to 5 views for a walk cycle)
Dr.D.: Nemesis is something that was a kind of avenging spirit with a sword in Greek mythology.
Daniel Twin: too?.. do
Pamela: okay, just wanted to make sure it didn't refer to teh ST movie which I haven't seen
Pamela: I haven't spoken with her this week
Dr.D.: I haven't seen it either.
Pamela: was hoping to call her tomorrow
Pamela: but yes, she'll be hurting
Dale: C is really easy for me. I've been programming in C for about 15 years.
Dr.D.: I hope she isn
Dr.D.: 'oops
Daniel Twin requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Daniel Twin changed username to Daniel B.
Dr.D.: isn't really readying a sword (or figurative equivalent) for someone...
Pamela: I don't think it
Pamela: 's avoidable
Dale: Well, there is a good set of tools, but I'd like a couple of them tweaked.
Daniel B.: about 8 or 9 years for me... but I really start programming games in C in 1999
Dr.D.: Well, we all tried to chat her up a bit tonight.
Pamela: well I don't thnink she's up for physical damage
Daniel B.: before, I programmed in BASIC
Dale: I wouldn't mind a flood fill in CVPaint for example. I ended up using MSPaint and BMP2PP for a faster result.
Pamela: but I wouldn't put it past her to take her revenge some other way
Dr.D.: There were lots of stinging metaphors in the chat tonight. And ironic that Jen was actually stung by a bee :-)
Dale: I can do tuning using CVPaint, when I'm ready for that.
Pamela: I'm sorry I missed those - it might have given me a clue to what's going on in her head
Dr.D.: I only know her through what she types...but I saw pain and anger.
Daniel B.: I do CVPaint to be able to respect the 2 colors per 8 pixels and also to import other image files format like the ones for ZX Spectrum.
Dr.D.: So, since you know her better, take a read on her.
Pamela: quite frankly, although I'm not one to advocate revenge, if she gets her own back I'll be happy
Pamela: he was such an a**hole
Daniel B.: CVPaint, it's fun to use for the last touch... a small pixel here, another pixel there...
Dale: But what I'd really like is to choose a name or prefix for the wav2cv and ICVGM output. I guess it doesn't matter, it's just nicer.
Pamela: problem is, all of us saw how he was treating her and we couldn't say anything
Dr.D.: If she has lost property, maybe there is legal recourse?
Dale: I did a program like CVPaint for the Amiga, and for the X Window System, but not Windows.
Pamela: no it's not property, unless you count her heart
Dr.D.: Well, in that case...
Pamela: or more to the point we couldn't say anything she would listen to
Dale: I'm not a big Windows user. I write a lot of Windows C++ code for work lately though.
Pamela: she'll be bitter for a while and I hope (although this sounds callous) that she learned something from it
Pamela: I hope that she won't let the next guy treat her like dirt
Dr.D.: I guess she needs some room to be angry and get over it, but maybe a bit of a leash, or rather at least the knowledge that others are watching out for her.
Dale: I started programming in Basic when I was quite young. By the time I got my Adam in '85 I had written stuff in assembler and Basic for almost 5 years.
Daniel B.: I programmed about ten years on Commodore computers (vic-20 + c64) and ten years on PC (BASICA, GWBASIC,QBASIC, QUICKBASIC, VISUALBASIC)
Dr.D.: On the other hand, I hope she doesn't become permanently angry or callous.
Pamela: I hope she does know that we're all watching out for her - my aunt, her brothers, Marie, Kimberly, myself, all her friends
Dale: Sometime I wish I'd picked up VB. I know that Dr.D has done some amazing hing in it.
Dr.D.: That would be unfortunate, she always seemed so happy in the chats.
Dr.D.: But you folks know her best.
Dale: things.
Pamela: she won't always be like this - she just needs a little time to recover
Daniel B.: All my Windows software (except one) are in VB.
Dale: Rich are you actually still online?
Pamela: took me a year and a half to get over the guy who broke my heart before I met Russell
Daniel B.: I think he's sleeping
Dr.D.: :-(
Dale: I guess so.
Daniel B.: Pam and Dr.D are in another room
Pamela: you know, it was the best thing I could have done for myself
Dr.D.: Depending on how bad it's broken, you may not ever really get over it.
Dale: I see now.
Pamela: well it taught me a few things
Daniel B.: We are alone
Dr.D.: I married Joan, but there is one other that I would have married.
Dale: Well, that seems to happen when I get deep into programming discussions.
Daniel B.: HEHEHE!
Dr.D.: Not sure that it would have been sensible, but that was how I felt.
Pamela: like being true to myself, and not compromising on things I really believed in just for the sake of harmony
Daniel B.: it's like ... "programing" ... and eveyone leaves
Daniel B.: Which game you are doing with GETPUT??
Pamela: both at the same time Rich?
Dale: LOL exactly right.
Dale: I call it Duck Bomb!
Dr.D.: both what at the same time?
Daniel B.: Nice name!
Pamela: Joan and this other woman were around at the same time, or consecutive?
Daniel B.: A teacher tells me something true about computer science.
Dr.D.: Not at the same time.
Dale: You are a duck, and live in a park, you need to eat bread from a woman who visits...
Dale: which give you fuel to bomb the guy who visits.
Pamela: does Joan know this?
Dr.D.: I think I've said before that I've only ever dated thrice, of those I'd have married 2, and of those I did marry one.
Dr.D.: She knows.
Daniel B.: "The world will see you as an extra-terrestrial each time you talk about programming"
Pamela: so what's the history there?
Dr.D.: The girl was the first girl I ever dated (usually a bad sign except in story books).
Pamela: by dating do you mean steady relationship?
Dale: I was at a show, exibiting in a booth, and I was conversing with a potiential customer. I mentioned I was a programmer, and they made a big deal.
Dale: Like they me the little hamster running in a wheel inside the computer making it work.
Dr.D.: I mean any relationship at all. I don't have many relationships of any kind, but the ones I do are all pretty serious.
Dale: met
Pamela: I kinda got that impression. Where were you when I was 17?
Dale: They introduced me as a programmer to the rest of her group, in amazment that I would be jsut standing there at a computer show. :-)
Dr.D.: This girl, her name was Kathy, she was a couple months younger than me, but a grade behind (November vs. January).
Dr.D.: I had never noticed girls at all, nor they me, until about March of senior year in high school.
Pamela: in high school?
Dale: I drew a title slide, but I was getting a little tired, so it could use some work. But I got your ShowPicture function to work.
Pamela: I'll bet they noticed you
Daniel B.: I didn't have this kind of reation here.
Dale: And the Wipe Off one,...
Dr.D.: We were in some classes together, and in the band, and on some academic teams that went to other schools to take tests etc.
Dale: and the mode_2_bitmap and mode_2_text to both work too,
Daniel B.: wipe off... a simple but nice effect
Pamela: so how long were you dating her?
Dr.D.: We just hit it off. She was very much like me, smart, not socially skilled, a bit of a loner.
Dr.D.: We had a glorious 5 months before I went off to CWRU.
Pamela: btw, where did you go to high school?
Daniel B.: Well, in one week you will be a GETPUT master! =D
Dr.D.: Just at home in Ohio, little township school north of Youngstown.
Dale: It's just the sounds I couldn't get to work to my satisfaction. I was suprised that there was so little documented about them.
Pamela: okay, not in Cleveland then.
Dale: Well, I did just teach a seminar on it, right?
Dr.D.: Not in the Cleveland area, I didn't come here until college.
Pamela: go on . . but hold that thought a second, i need juice
Dale: Maybe I'll email you what I did so far.
Dr.D.: Juice break hold :-)
Daniel B.: yes! but it doesn't talk too much about GETPUT!
Dale: It promised to develop a smash game, I figured I just ran out of time. <big grin>
Daniel B.: and about sound documentation... I survived with my tools
Dale: I told everyone that we'd continue next year.
Dale: Well, something simple with just a hypothesis of what works would have helped me get started.
Daniel B.: At the end of the PowerPoint... I wrote something like "be ready for the next presentation"
Pamela: juice and juice on a stick - I'm back
Dale: Exactly.
Dr.D.: yummy!
Pamela: please go on
Dale: Do you have Real Player?
Dale: I sent you a URL for a real player version of the seminar.
Dr.D.: We kept in touch fall of my freshman year, Mom and Dad even brought her up to visit one weekend that I went home. Christmas was fine.
Pamela: but . . .
Daniel B.: I imagine the second presentation with COLECO and GETPUT libraries first, then the smash game example
Dr.D.: Her birthday in Jan. 1981 was the same day as the Super Bowl.
Daniel B.: I didn't download them... but I still have a RealPlayer somewhere
Pamela: why does that sound like trouble?
Dr.D.: I wanted to call her to say happy birthday, but there had been phone problems in the dorm during the day.
Dale: It is set up to stream to you.
Daniel B.: in fact the second presentation will probably looks more like what I already write in my document
Dr.D.: And once the phones came back on, there was a long wait (only one phone per suite of 6 rooms).
Dr.D.: We watched the game, of course.
Dale: That way you can hear how your presentation went.
Dr.D.: I can't remember who won it, but I do remember who lost it, Philadelphia.
Pamela: so did you ever get thru to her?
Dr.D.: The game wasn't over yet, but only a minute or so left, it was clear who was going to win...and then the phone was free.
Dale: MAybe jsut play it in the background while you work on something else.
Dr.D.: So I called...and I got chewed out for interrupting the game to wish her happy birthday...and she wasn't even rooting for Philadelphia.
Pamela: you can't see it but i'm sitting here with verrrry raised eyebrows
Dale: I'll email you what I have so far. Just a sec...
Dr.D.: I still have no clue what happened between Christmas break and then...but it was over then. Oh, it took about another 6 months, but something had changed.
Dr.D.: She stopped writing, didn't have much to say on the phone.
Pamela: she chewed you out??
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: Astounding, isn't it? (Daffy Duck voice)
Pamela: what a . . . no, I won't complete that sentence
Daniel B.: ok! I find the links
Dr.D.: When I got back home after classes were over, I think I made some "courtesy" visits to say hi to her folks (they always liked me).
Pamela: If someone I loved who was far away from me called long distance to wish me happy birthday, you can bet I'd rather take the call than watch tv, and be glad of it
Dr.D.: But I didn't go to her graduation, we didn't do anything over the summer, she shipped out of town to work for the Youth Conservation Corps.
Dr.D.: By fall of sophomore year I called an end to it, as it was all totally one-sided from me, and she just wasn't interested any more.
Dr.D.: I don't think I was all that different, but she very much was.
Dr.D.: So...
Pamela: sometimes you have to be brave enough to say enough already
Dr.D.: what she was those 5 months, who wouldn't love that? I can't describe just how sympatico everything was.
Pamela: it's the honeymoon stage for any relationship
Dr.D.: And for me being no kind of social person, it was just I guess like dope right into my brain.
Dale: Sent.
Dale: How fast do you get emails with attachments?
Dr.D.: And it was all so innocent.
Daniel B.: if you are talking about the time to see if I have new emails... a few seconds,
Dale: Should I post it somewhere in the web instead?
Daniel B.: if you are talking about the time to download, it's about 3K/s
Pamela: the first one always is
Dr.D.: I can remember standing in the sun at a park for 4 hours one day, just holding her and looking at her. *Looking* at her and smiling.
Daniel B.: I'm downloading the RM files
Pamela: with a goofy grin?
Daniel B.: about 1h30m each RM files.
Dr.D.: Probably (no mirror to see myself), but Kathy, she had a squinty goofy grin.
Daniel B.: the small one has 7 RM files
Pamela: yeah, you were in love : )
Dr.D.: Hardly any words, just telepathy, I guess.
Daniel B.: 7 * 1h30 ... about a day!
Dale: You should be able to put the URL for the .ram file into Real Player, and I is designed to do them at 33.6k modem.
Dr.D.: The biologist in me says it was all biology.
Dr.D.: But the me in me knows better.
Pamela: listen to your inner dreamer
Pamela: he knows
Dale: in real time.
Dale: Check for my duckbomb email maybe?
Daniel B.: yes, but I want to keep it ... SOUVENIR
Pamela: Just ask Russell, he'll tell you we don't communicate with words half the time - drives our friends nuts
Dr.D.: From what I heard over the years, she ended up marrying a really u"ber-Catholic guy, and divorcing him in a year.
Dale: True. I'll be posting a link on this weekend.
Dale: I was busy doing duckbomb last weekenbd.
Dr.D.: I actually ran across a Usenet post by her in 1998 in a newsgroup on gardening that I was looking through out of boredom, and it had a valid E-mail address.
Pamela: no comment (since I can't say anything good)
Dr.D.: I wrote, and we traded some news.
Dr.D.: She had remarried, a guy about as totally removed from anything I would have expected she'd have married:
Pamela: was she surprised by your four kids?
Dr.D.: Didn't seem to be.
Pamela: or was it 3.5 at that point?
Daniel B.: a weekend to do a game... i think it's fast, isn't it?
Dr.D.: She married a guy who was little more than a janitor and groundskeeper at Youngstown State University, where she had gone to college.
Dr.D.: About 15 years older than her, too.
Dale: Well, it's about 1/3 done.
Dr.D.: They were expecting a child, and they had a little boy.
Daniel B.: and even if you only write a few lines each night, you will finish your game in less than a month.
Dr.D.: I know I am not doing exactly what I said I'd be doing when I was back in high school, but I think I am at least somewhere close to the same trajectory :-)
Dale: Check out
Dr.D.: So, either people change, or people weren't who you thought they were.
Dr.D.: Or a little of both.
Pamela: If you asked me 20 years ago if I thought I'd be where I am today, I'd have said you were crazy
Daniel B.: I'm downloading my emails... it's a big file!
Dale: A very simple game.
Pamela: I was very marriage and kids minded then
Dr.D.: But for the first time, someone was actually interested in *me*, not because of what I could do, but just for what I was.
Dale: The one I emailed you has some .WAV files you don't need.
Dale: I posted a 29k one on my web site.
Dr.D.: And that was just addictively attractive to someone like me, who is never really sure that I'm much a much.
Daniel B.: More simple, more easy to learn and use... more fun! this is the classic way of doing video games.
Pamela: I can see why
Dr.D.: Joan was (and is) also interested in me as me.
Dale: So far you can fly the duck around, and test some sound effects.
Dr.D.: But for all we have shared, we never had anything really like those 5 months with Kathy.
Dale: It flys fast if you hold the left button.
Dr.D.: So I guess that I am different from when I was 17.5, too.
Pamela: no two relationships are the same, and they evolve in different ways
Dale: It makes the sound effect if you hit the right fire button.
Pamela: my first two long term relationships were tempestuous
Dr.D.: However, my insides still remember what those 5 months felt like...and I guess to justify those feelings, I can only do so by being prepared to marry someone who evokes them.
Dr.D.: Some have called me square because of that :-)
Daniel B.: :D I like it! Nice game!
Dale: The big one has 2 small RM files (only audio) about 700k each.
Dr.D.: I haven't had anything that I could call "tempestuous".
Dr.D.: That actually would be a scary sign to me that I was out of my league.
Pamela: I would never have called you square
Dale: If you look at the .dat, you'll see I made some swimming duck sprites too.
Dale: Thanks. :-)
Pamela: you're that rare breed, a guy with sensitivity
Dr.D.: I can't have "disposable" relationships :-)
Dr.D.: So that's why I am N=3 with girls :-)
Dale: I think I only use Marcel's lobrary for the sounds. Everything else is all in getput1.
Pamela: no, i never have either - the first was three years, the second was four years, the third is fifteen and still counting
Daniel B.: hehe I see the swiming duck sprites =)
Dr.D.: Well, that's over all the hurdles that I know about.
Daniel B.: The sprite number 10 is... a duck swimming down?
Dale: The character 8 is the bread that'll be thrown by the woman.
Pamela: R and I were friends for about six months before the relationship developed
Dale: sprite 10 is a diving sprite. I drew it, but haven't used it yet.
Pamela: it was easy to tell that our friends were trying to push us together
Dale: But you see that the sounds don't yet fit the game.
Dale: They need work.
Pamela: friends introduced us and we spent a lot of group time together after that
Daniel B.: but the graphics are ... what is the word?... like cartoon, but it's not the word I'm thinking.
Dale: The right fire button should probably be a falling note.
Dale: So I need the frequency sweep for that.
Pamela: toward the latter part of that time, wheneve we went somewhere as a group and i was late arriving, the only seat left would be beside Russell
Dale: It is the bomb (the white blotch) dropping.
Dr.D.: hehe
Pamela: I was one of the only ones who called to wishhim happy birthday
Pamela: November 15 by the way, when is yours?
Dale: Kinda crayon. The sprites are okay.
Dr.D.: November 3rd.
Pamela: and what year?
Dale: But I'd like to refine the look of the people at least.
Dr.D.: 1962.
Dale: I was getting impatient, and wanted to try them out.
Pamela: so you're two years younger than him. Okay. Just getting that straight
Dr.D.: You are what, 1968?
Daniel B.: yeah... it's like child drawing. it's an interresthing look.
Dale: I can always refine them later.
Pamela: 1965
Pamela: June 26th
Pamela: six months and one day after Christmas : )
Dr.D.: Belated HB :-)
Pamela: thank you
Pamela: I just turned 38
Dr.D.: I thought he was younger than me, I wouldn't have pegged him as older.
Dale: Well, my son is 19 months old, and obsessed with drawing.
Daniel B.: ok! I see why the email was so big, you added the exe files in the zip file =)
Dale: Right now he only draws scratches, but
Dr.D.: Re: only seat left, that's how I met Joan:
Pamela: he's deceptive that way
Dale: in a year or two he'll draw like that probably.
Pamela: remind me when we actually talk next and I'll tell you the whole story
Dr.D.: We were both late to first day of organic chemistry lab, for different reasons, and all the lab bench spots were taken except 2 adjacent in the back corner of the lab.
Dale: The two .WAV files are really big.
Daniel B.: do you think in two years he will say the word "programming"? =)
Dr.D.: So we ended up as lab partners.
Dale: Yes, I hastily grabbed that whole directory.
Dr.D.: My experiments worked, hers never did.
Dale: I could have been more careful.
Dr.D.: I of course tried to help...
Pamela: being the nice guy that you are . . .
Dale: Well he now says "paper", "pen" and "computer".
Dale: He like typing beside me.
Dr.D.: Once I actually did a gobbldy-gook incantation over one of her reaction flasks while the teaching assistant was started to bubble, he ran off...
Dale: I think he'll learn programming as fast as he learns to spell.
Pamela: rotfl
Daniel B.: like James child, isn't it?
Dale: So I think so,
Dr.D.: The girls have heard it told so much that they roll their eyes...
Dr.D.: But it's true.
Pamela: oh that's wonderful
Daniel B.: Case always want to type on the keyboard.
Dr.D.: I even remember what I said"
Dr.D.: "Glarn hiro hrish-nakh echorbathaid!"
Dale: Imitation, the sincerest form of flattery.
Dr.D.: Don't ask me what it means, it's pseudo-Klingon noise I wrote for a comic strip.
Pamela: bless you!
Daniel B.: what is the word James used ... sometimes, he said that about Case... i think it's FUZZY
Dale: I maybe will end up making the game more 3d, with a shadow from the duck, etc.
Dr.D.: It can be both blessing and a curse, so it has universal application.
Dr.D.: Makes water boil, causes enemies to get the picture.
Pamela: and what did Joan do? Or was she laughing too hard to do anyting?
Dr.D.: She was just glad the thing was bubbling so she could try to go onto the next part of the assignment.
Dale: My goal was to try out your library. I think I tried a lot of the functions.
Pamela: Rich Drushel - enemy of lab flasks
Dr.D.: Since we were both bio majors, we ended up in the same classes, so we started to sit together.
Pamela: or should I say uncooperative lab flasks
Dr.D.: And do dumb things, like both wear deely-boppers to physics class, sitting in the front row to razz the teacher.
Dale: Anyway, now you know why I sent you 15 emails this week.
Dale: I've been busy.
Dr.D.: Who was a hippie from Berkeley and thus unflappable.
Daniel B.: I think GETPUT need a function to put characters on screen in a specified space like writing 4x4 characters.
Pamela: the best kind : )
Dr.D.: He wore his own pair one day.
Dale: There's one in OS7.
Dr.D.: Of course the rest of the stolid pre-meds thought we were nuts.
Pamela: sounds like the English teacher I had in grade 13
Dale: Called PUT_FRAME and GET_FRAME is available too.
Daniel B.: I heard someone telling that my ICVGM did not do tiles graphics (he said his tiles are 2x2 characters)
Dale: It is documented in my Mayan Adventure web site.
Dr.D.: So that kind of stuff formed the basis of my relationship with Joan.
Pamela: told us all that if we all passed a particular test with more than 70, that he'd teach the next class in his underwear
Dr.D.: Kathy and I never did stuff like that. We sort've just communicated by glorious osmosis.
Dr.D.: haha
Dale: Well, I drew some time graphics for the people.
Dr.D.: Did he keep his word?
Pamela: we did, and he did - a white union suit with bright blue yeses and noes all over it
Daniel B.: If so, then I could add a put_fram and get_frame easily
Dr.D.: double haha
Pamela: would you believe, no one had a camera that day
Dale: It isn't optiomized for animating them though.
Dr.D.: And you thought you'd get him in his BVDs...
Pamela: well, some of the girls were hoping : )
Daniel B.: in this case, I will reused another asm code to do at least the put_frame
Pamela: he was one of the better looking teachers, in reasonable shape
Dale: Do you have the .DAT format documented? I might whip up a tool in Java that allows me to make animated frames.
Dr.D.: Take a look at for the crazy stuff I've done for charity...
Pamela: oh, I will
Daniel B.: The DAT file? this format came from the DAT files I see in CVEDITOR (by John Dondzila). I simply reused the same format... except for the sprites part.
Dale: I was thinking it would probably work. I'll have to check out what the PUT_FRAME's dependencies are.
Pamela: well our relationship just sort of bloomed slowly out of the friendship
Dr.D.: So even though I had one bad end to a serious relationship, I can't say that I moped around for weeks and weeks and went into the dustbin.
Dale: He didn't do sprites?
Daniel B.: no
Dale: Is that DOS based?
Dr.D.: But I have seen people who go off the deep end, serious depression, serious anger...
Daniel B.: and his tool was writen in QuickBASIC without mouse support.
Dr.D.: And seeing Rin's handle "Nemesis" tonight made me think of those people...
Dale: I see.
Daniel B.: My first version of ICVGM was in QuickBASIC too but with mouse support
Pamela: it was bad at the end, but it sounds like you healed and learned from it
Dr.D.: I don't know what I've learned.
Dale: I avoid the 16 bit DOS based tools. I find they don't work well on my laptop.
Daniel B.: I re-writed my tool in VB in year 2000-2001
Dale: I've been meaning to port AdamEm to DirectX. Don't know if I'll ever get to it though.
Daniel B.: with more flexibilities
Dr.D.: I guess the ultimate temptation for me would be to somehow be exposed to that situation again.
Pamela: maybe you just learned that you can be serious about someone
Daniel B.: I wanted to do something like this too... but I don't use directX
Dr.D.: I would probably talk myself out of it...
Dale: You're file save dialog is a little strange. But it works.
Pamela: know what? I don't think you'd be tempted at all
Daniel B.: I simply re-compiled the Coleco emulation from MESS to be able to use the debuger.
Dr.D.: Nobody have ever really thrown themselves at me, in the stereotyped sense.
Pamela: it's only ever that way once
Dale: I've been doing some DirectX programming lately. I've been trying to make a 3d screensaver based on an idea from a friend.
Dr.D.: Nobody has, that should say.
Dr.D.: That's true, first time all bets are off.
Pamela: are all the girls in Ohio blind?
Dale: It involves penguins and cows.
Dr.D.: I do know a couple people who are happily married to their high-school sweethearts.
Dale: I've got some drawn un in a 3d modeller, but I'm slowed down with getting the animation worked out.
Pamela: actually I only know of one
Dale: There's always a tough part.
Dr.D.: They must have been...unless I was so clueless not to see. Which is possible.
Pamela: I say again, where were you when I was 17?
Daniel B.: The only 3D thing I do one time was a simple translation
Dr.D.: Getting over Kathy, across from you on the other side of Lake Erie :-)
Pamela: : (
Dale: At work I do 2D, but I have a long standing interest in animation and in 3D.
Dale: It all takes time, and I don't do it enough to get fast at it.
Daniel B.: The only 2D I do right now is... Coleco projects =)
Dr.D.: I can't say I know Russell very well at all, or even a little. But knowing you, he has to be a pretty special guy.
Pamela: I get the sense though that if someone had thrown themselves at you, you would have run the other way
Dr.D.: I wouldn't have known what to do.
Dale: The duck wings are just mirror images, but I added a bobbing of the body for a sense of real motion in the duckbmomb bird.
Dr.D.: Now I might have some ideas...but unless the person doing the throwing is Joan, I am sorta sworn to ignore it.
Pamela: Know what? He is pretty special. Drives me nuts sometimes, but I never forget that he loves me
Daniel B.: Dr.D and Pam still awake? they are supposed to sleepbefore midnight isn't?
Dale: Me too really. I just got back on proper Toronto time finally.
Pamela: you weren't and aren't the type to be attracted to someone who would be that blatant
Dale: Anyway, if I fogure out the rest of the sound, I'll email you.
Daniel B.: LOL
Daniel B.: LOL
Dale: And maybe by the weekend I'll work on my "SoundDraw" program to add in the CV export.
Pamela: you're obviously the type of guy that got overlooked in highschool by most of the girls - shy, quiet, intellectual and with feelings
Daniel B.: I listen the WAV files twice... LOL
Dr.D.: Square, like I said :-)
Dale: LOL.
Pamela: oh no, no quadrangles in this room
Dale: I just sang what I wanted the WAV2CV to do.
Daniel B.: it's your voice! tut tudu tut tudu paw!
Dale: There was too much noise in the background to diditize well.
Dr.D.: I see bits of me in the girls, but I don't think any of them are as shy as I was/am.
Dr.D.: Elanor and Gretchen are about as extroverted as you can get.
Dale: And the 3 channel kept spinning on the longer sound sample.
Pamela: Since I only know the older two well, it's hard to say
Dr.D.: Gretchen will either be the 1st woman president or an evil genius in a subterranean realm trying to take over the world.
Pamela: I didn't get to spend enough time with Gretchen and
Pamela: Diana
Dale: Yup. I hooked up my microphone to see what would happen.
Daniel B.: WAV2CV didn'T use Polyphonic routines... only a FFT and it extracts the frequencies
Dale: Isn't that what you'd exepct? :-)
Pamela: can I tell her that at her inaugeration ball?
Dr.D.: Christina might be the most like how I was.
Daniel B.: with a polyphonic engine, your "tut tudu pawa!" song may be converted in notes.
Dale: So then why would it take longer to do 3 channel vs 1 channel?
Pamela: she's so outgoing now though
Dr.D.: Diana is very much like Joan, can tend to wilt under anything resembling criticism.
Daniel B.: I need to listen your song again. LOL
Pamela: there's a study in nature vs nurture for you
Dr.D.: Elanor sometimes is oblivious to the fact that she's driving people bonkers.
Dale: I was hoping the average frequency of the dominant frequency would be what I want.
Pamela: do you find yourself trying to find different ways to express things to her?
Dale: That should theoretically be findable with an FFT.
Pamela: Diana I mean
Dr.D.: Yes. You have to pick your words very carefully.
Pamela: Elanor is very comfortable with adults, I've noticed
Dr.D.: Humor and wordplay are lost on Diana. Tell a pun and she gives a blank stare.
Daniel B.: Well, if your project is going to be only 16K size... you can use WAV2CVSD to add a digitalized intro song! LOL
Daniel B.: to fill up to 32K
Pamela: give her some time, she'll grow into it. How can she not, with the two of you as parents?
Dr.D.: Christina will groan. Elanor will laugh and make variations of the same pun. Gretchen will grin evilly and make some totally different off-the-wall comment.
Dr.D.: I got interviewed today by the Associate Editor for _CWRU Magazine_.
Pamela: how was it?
Dr.D.: Some student employees had told her about my activities with campus groups, so they wanted to write a story for the October issue or thereabouts.
Dale: I actually though he quack sound converted fairly well.
Dale: I jsut need to decode ti to eliminate the background buzz.
Dr.D.: So, I spent an hour with her.
Pamela: have you been interviewed before?
Dr.D.: Yes, but not professionally about so much stuff with personal and philosophical overtones.
Pamela: really made you think about your words?
Dale: Well, I'll consider the hummed intro. <grin>
Dr.D.: One question was, what did I think was the most important thing for a student to learn from a teacher.
Dale: But it was just an experiment.
Dr.D.: Yes, hard thinking, no pat answers :-)
Pamela: and what was the answer to that?
Dr.D.: Or rather, what thing should a student most see in/get out of a teacher.
Dale: My Java SoudnDraw outputs sine wave frequencies in a .WAV file. So it should capture perfectly.
Daniel B.: I eliminate the buzz sound with a sound tool here.
Dr.D.: I said that it was personal honesty, in style, behavior, actions.
Dale: (sorry I meant to say earlier: I thought the quack sound converted fairly well).
Dr.D.: That is, be the person that you really are. Let them see that.
Dr.D.: Some may like it, some may hate it, but they will know where you stand.
Pamela: since you've been on both sides, did that help you or hinder you in your answers?
Dr.D.: Students have sensitive insincerity detectors.
Dr.D.: I'm a straight shooter, I tell you what I think :-)
Pamela: I think that the one trait I appreciated most in my best teachers was respect
Dr.D.: So, even though I am now 20 years out of style compared to current students, I neither apologize for it, nor rub their noses in it.
Dr.D.: Different is not bad, just different.
Dale: I should have such a tool, but I just upgraded my computer recently, and haven't reinstalled enough stuff. And I can't remember which program I used to use for that.
Pamela: they respected the students and didn't treat them as if they were clueless just because of their age
Dr.D.: Older people consciously trying to be hip are pitiful sights IMHO.
Pamela: oh yes
Daniel B.: Personnaly, I use an old version of "cool edit pro"
Pamela: that's an HO I can agree with
Dale: I'll keep it in mind.
Dr.D.: The hardest thing to teach, I answered in response to a question, is your own insights from experience.
Dale: I guess I should really go to bed.
Pamela: age is a state of mind
Dale: I'll talk toyou on email.
Daniel B.: me too...
Daniel B.: but before, I want to listen your song again .. "tut tudu tut tudu tut tudu daa!"
Dr.D.: You can tell people that a certain thing will happen if certain other things continue, but they won't believe you until they do the things themselves, and *then* have to learn from their own experience.
Daniel B.: LOL
Dr.D.: We see this in the robot course all the time.
Dale: LOL. Well, maybe I'll have to try asnd fit it into the game then.
Dr.D.: I don't have all the answers, but I do have some general rules of thumb about what is likely to work and what not.
Pamela: you know, I told my Dad that about 20 years ago - you have to let me make my own mistakes
Dale: It is a pretty silly game. So the theme song should reflect that.
Dr.D.: Most people won't really believe you until they do it their own way and then fail.
Pamela: exactly
Dr.D.: I even have a 25-page book "Rich's Hints And Kinks" that writes this stuff all down. It's required reading.
Dr.D.: But we still get questions from people who won't read it, or see failures caused by people not heeding the advice they read.
Dale: good night.
Pamela: I've said a zillion times - when I was sixteen, I knew everything and my parents knew nothing. At 21, my parents had gotten a *lot* smarter
Daniel B.: bonne nuit!
Dale: poof
Dr.D.: So, part of what we try to do is provide an environment where such failures are not immediately fatal.
Dale left chat session
Dr.D.: I never had any fights with my parents, never had an attitude. I wasn't happy, of course, with my sister Karen's antics, or, after I learned about it, my Dad's running around.
Pamela: if you fail to take the experience of the person teaching into account when trying something, you are bound to fail
Dr.D.: But home was never a place I wanted to escape from.
Pamela: Don't ask my Mom about the time between 15 and 18 - you'll get an earfull
Dr.D.: My sisters most definitely wanted OUT. Home and family were not things they wanted...and they are not things that they tried to achieve in their lives.
Dr.D.: Me, home and family are important things, so I have made choices to favor those items over others (e.g., leaving med school to trade future $$$ for present family life).
Dr.D.: But you have at least not made being "prodigal" your entire lifestyle :-)
Pamela: : )
Dr.D.: I have to say, I can see how someone could have problems getting along with your Dad :-)
Pamela: Dad has very fixed ideas about some things
Dr.D.: And some sparks might have flown from me if your Dad were my Dad...
Pamela: not even blatant evidence can change his mind sometimes
Dr.D.: Well, some day I'll find out what the girls really thinkg about me.
Pamela: sparks flew in all directions at home, but then they still do and I'm not there anymore
Pamela: haven't you ever heard my parents arguing about something?
Dr.D.: I can't say I've heard yelling.
Pamela: I'd like to think that they'll say their father is a cool person
Dr.D.: Maybe :-)
Pamela: It's fun as long as you're not in the line of fire. Dad will say something and Mom will say "oh Richard, that's just bullsh**" and off they'll go
Dr.D.: ?!?! I can't imagine your Mom saying that.
Pamela: neither could I until the morning when I was about 18 when she told me to . . . well I won't repeat it here
Dr.D.: Shows how observant I am, then.
Dr.D.: Ouch.
Pamela: needless to say, I got out of the way for a while
Dr.D.: Well, there ain't no cussin' in our house, so nobody has to worry about that. None of us talk that way anyplace.
Pamela: Looking back on it, I think Mom was in the middle of a major hormonal upheaval, and she wasn't sleeping well
Dr.D.: So if I ever laid into someone, they would know that it wasn't just idle talk.
Pamela: I came up from the basement (where I was living) and didn't even get out good morning before she started in on me.
Dr.D.: I hope it's all patched up now.
Pamela: I tried to ask if she was okay and that was when sshe said "oh why don't you just . . . ". After I picked my jaw off the floor, I took myself out of the line of fire for awhile
Pamela: I look back on it now and laugh
Dr.D.: Ouch. That's something that could make certain people run away from home...
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Pamela: well, it's a fact that when Mom doesn't get enough sleep, she's a real bear.
Daniel B.: good night
Pamela: nite Daniel :)
Dr.D.: Good night, Daniel. I hope you and Dale got a lot accomplished.
Dr.D.: We have lost track of time again.
Pamela: yeah, I noticed that
Pamela: isn't this where we were last week?
Daniel B.: I sent my postal address to you Dr.D. So, if someone needed, you have ti.
Dr.D.: thanks, Daniel.
Dr.D.: No Pam, we are worse than last week, by about 15 minutes.
Daniel B.: Dale show me his work he did during the weekend with my GETPUT library and my tools
Pamela: d'you think we should attempt that elusive thing called sleep?
Dr.D.: I want to write something with them too, Daniel, if I get time...
Daniel B.: he does a "cute" and "weird" game
Dr.D.: is a human concept.
Daniel B.: not playable yet but it's looking good
Dr.D.: It could be fascinating.
Dr.D.: If you need testers for it Daniel, be sure to ask.
Pamela: oh dear, jaw cracking yawn
Daniel B.: He told me he add his project in web site.
Dr.D.: So I think I will take Daniel's hint and sign off for tonight.
Daniel B.: he's trying to test everything I do
Dr.D.: Watch out for Rin, keep her coming back here.
Pamela: sounds like a good idea. I'll try to get on on Saturday because I'll be absent next week
Dr.D.: Dale is a good tester.
Pamela: it's haircut night on Wednesday
Dr.D.: I'll try Saturday, too...not sure where I'll be.
Dr.D.: My haircut was yesterday.
Daniel B.: his project stoped because they are some missing info about sounds...
Pamela: I'm going to try to call her tomorrow night and hopefully will help her vent some more
Daniel B.: but I'm sure he will find a way to continue his project =)
Pamela: oh hair cut night is a big social event
Daniel B.: well, good night!
Daniel B.: bonne nuit!
Daniel B.: la prochaine!
Dr.D.: Better to vent than ventilate someone with a sharp object :-)
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
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Pamela: ventilation not good?
Daniel B. left chat session
Pamela: hmm
Dr.D.: "ventilate" we often used as a euphemism for "cut someone open"
Dr.D.: Enough holes to let the air through, so they would be well-ventilated.
Pamela: now there's a dated phrase - started in the '20's, didn't it? Something to do with machine guns?
Dr.D.: Yes, I think it is Chicago gangster-talk.
Pamela: then Erin's in the wrong city : )
Pamela: so, no ventilation
Dr.D.: Every town has a mob, they probably have some equivalent bit of argot.
Dr.D.: Well, off to put my head down and feet up...
Pamela: if I know her, she'll talk about him for a while, thenthe subject will be taboo for a while as she does some thinkng
Dr.D.: thanks again for your time this evening.
Pamela: you have no idea how much I enjoy these talks Rich
Dr.D.: I hope Ms Rin comes though okay.
Dr.D.: I hope you have even more enjoyable ones with Russell :-)
Pamela: she will come through the other side, older and wiser (with a littlehelp from her friends and family)
Pamela: lots of them : )
Dr.D.: Excellent.
Dr.D.: I think Joan is asleep now, so no more talking for me.
Pamela: go to sleep Rich - I'll hopefully see you Saturday
Dr.D.: Good night, and I'll try to be online Saturday.
Dr.D.: <ppof>
Pamela: g'nite
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