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Ron: Is there life?
Dr.D.: Hi Ron, just popped in early, then minimized the window.
Ron: aha.
Ron: How goes it
Dr.D.: Digging out from under E-mail spam.
Ron: I hear ya.
Dr.D.: Not that any of my computers are vulnerable to the viruses in them...
Ron: Spent an hour yesterday cleaning out my in-box
Dr.D.: but still, yesterday I had to have received over 700 E-mails to
Ron: lordie
Dr.D.: Too many infected computers at CWRU.
Dr.D.: Too much Windows...
Ron: yeah, it's pretty bad this time
Ron: so far (touch wood) I've been spared, but using the iMac mostly for internet and e-mail
Ron: I've been called to two of my friends so far who got the worm
Dr.D.: None of my personla Windows machines are infected, but none of them have any kind of E-mail client.
Dr.D.: oops, personal
Ron: right
Ron: The forces of evil are at work
Dr.D.: I read E-mail through an ssh shell to a Unix machine.
Ron: probably just as well.
Dr.D.: Course-related E-mail I sent 3 days ago still hasn't arrived...
Dr.D.: Classes start here on Monday, my robot class Tuesday.
Ron: bogged in the spam
Ron: yup.... it's that time of year
Ron: so you get a whole bunch of new names to remember
Dr.D.: An IT person here said that 3.2 million E-mails were in the system on Friday...normal daily load is 200K.
Dr.D.: I think it's about time that the chickens came home to roost in Redmond...
Ron: Does CWRU have automated course registration?
Dr.D.: if this were cars or planes or baby cribs, there would be legal action.
Dr.D.: Yes, there is a web-based registration client.
Ron: exactly - one wonders how they get away with it
Dr.D.: I'm supposed to have 30 students, but only 27 are currently registered.
Ron: so how do you know about the other 3?
Dr.D.: I was trying to find out about the other 3, so if they have dropped, I can try to recruit to fill the vacancies from my waiting list.
Dr.D.: But none of my class-list E-mails has been delivered.
Dr.D.: So far, anyway.
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changed username to rich-c
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
Ron: from the sounds of it
rich-c: good day, gentlemen
Dr.D.: Pamela said she was going to come today, too.
Ron: you've certainly got eager takers if the 3 don't show
Ron: Mr. Clee I presume
rich-c: the one and only, Ron
Dr.D.: *IF* I can remind them that they can show up on the first day and hope for a spot.
rich-c: p.s. - youtr cheque's in the mail ;-)
Dr.D.: Hard to do if the reminder E-mail is lost in transit.
Ron: right.... at that point it would be first come first served I suppose
Dr.D.: Yes.
rich-c: did I miss so ething by late arrival?
Ron: no....just discussing the state of Dr. D's preps for the oncoming student rush
rich-c: ah yes, it is getting 5owards that time of year again
Ron: yep
rich-c: ron, did you get the score from the Liions game last night?
Ron: 48-18 (give or take)
Ron: Never seen Ron Lancaster looking so resigned to his fate
rich-c: wondered how long it would take to become a blowout
Dr.D.: CFL is in season now?
Ron: I didn't actually see it all - just the last bit
Ron: Yes Dr. D. they're at it.
rich-c: oh well, the Argos andStamps had long evenings too
Ron: Two bankrupt teams being operated by the league, and then the others who might be bankrupt soon
rich-c: yep, halfway through, Rich
Ron: We start - What, Rich- second week of June?
Dr.D.: Only football talk in town here is the which-guy-will-be-the-quarterback controversy, won by the underdog.
rich-c: exhibition games, yes, Ron, I think
Ron: right
Dr.D.: Amazingly, the guy paid 10% of what the 1st-round draft pick is making, actually was named the starter.
rich-c: there is some hope the financial disasters can be r3ecovered
Dr.D.: Is the league in danger of folding?
Ron: survival of the fittest
Dr.D.: I can't believe that our football here is a threat to yours, is it?
rich-c: no, it's expected new ownership will be found for the two troubled teams
Ron: It's been in danger of folding now for about 20 years, but somehow manages to find a way each year
Dr.D.: I hardly can stand our NFL, guys are too big, too slow, too overpaid.
Ron: Hadn't heard that Rich.... but then I'm no authority
Dr.D.: Probably haven't watched an entire NFL game for 5 years now.
rich-c: you're right Rich, but as you know our tv networks buy a lot of coverage from yours
Dr.D.: Goodness, keep your own interests and culture alive! Don't take stuff from us :-)
rich-c: besides, the CFL winds up in November, so there's a hiatus
Ron: Just before I left Ottawa I went to a Roughriders game at Landsdowne Park... paid $48. (CDN) to get in.... 40 rows up on the 20 yard line.... was searched like a common criminal prior to entry.... and the Roughriders lost
Ron: so I haven't been back
rich-c: I'm afraid our Great Unwashed is as easily diverted as yours - and your networks can affod more glossy dreck
rich-c: I have never been to the Skydome for any event
Ron: mind you- it's a little more difficult now, but one of these years I should go to a Lions game under the dome
Ron: have never been there
Ron: could go down and freeload off Jeff. Course then I'd have to pay for his ticket I suppose
rich-c: well, maybe if Jeff's a fan you can arrange a "family outing"
Dr.D.: haha
Ron: yeah....that's the plan..... one of these years
Dr.D.: Is Jeff all recovered from the rigors of ADAMcon?
Ron: oh yes.... actually, he said with the delay at the ferry on Sunday night, he may as well have come to the banquet
Ron: He ran into George Koczwara apparently - on the boat
Dr.D.: Yep, he could have come, then.
Ron: indeed
Dr.D.: Did George K get home all right? I haven't heard anything.
Ron: well, I know he got at least as far as the ferry. No word after that
Ron: will have to ask him
Dr.D.: It's been a very long time since he or Herman have been to these chats, right?
Dr.D.: (I had some spotty attendance last year, so I can't be certain)
Ron: Guys... I'm gonna disappear for a moment..... off to make a lunch.... will be back in a few min (re your last) yes...quite a while
rich-c: think I've only ever sen George on here once
Ron: brb
rich-c: Herman has been only but not often or lately
Dr.D.: Enjoy your lunch, Ron.
rich-c: enjoy, Ron
rich-c: Did you say you were expecting Pam on, Ron?
rich-c: sorry, Rioch?
Dr.D.: I said it.
Dr.D.: That's what she told me Wednesday.
Dr.D.: This coming Wednesday is apparently "hair cut night", and she will be away.
rich-c: OK - Frances was talking to her this morning and she apparently didnt say anything about it
Dr.D.: So she said she would stop by today to make up for it.
Dr.D.: She may have forgotten :-)
rich-c: yes, her choice of hair cutter has only very restricted hours, most of which are in Pam's working time
rich-c: quite possible, it does happen
rich-c: anyway she will be by here tomorrow morning
Dr.D.: I don't have such travails with my barber :-)
rich-c: Frances got word from CPL yesterday that her mother has stopped eating
Dr.D.: Coming to visit you?
rich-c: so the two of them are going over to CPL about noon
Dr.D.: To try to get her to eat?
Dr.D.: Or is this getting near the end...
rich-c: that's likely hopeless - she's 100 years old and used up
rich-c: part may be an inability to get her to wake up long enough to eat
Dr.D.: She sleeps all the time?
rich-c: for all practical purposes, yes
rich-c: may have been affected by some side effects of the blackout
rich-c: don't know what CPL's backup resources are, especially re a/c
Dr.D.: Ah, temperature control.
rich-c: yes. could have got overheated, or dehydrated, or whatever
rich-c: wouldnt know to ask for relief or what to ask for
Dr.D.: Do you have any kind of do-not-resuscitate arrangements in place?
rich-c: no, but I don't think any such question would rise anyway
Dr.D.: I was going to say, if you don't by now, it is probably too late, as it sounds like Frances' mother is no longer capable of any kind of informed consent.
rich-c: Canadians are less likely to enrich doctors with exercises in futility
rich-c: she's been beyond that for yers - fortunately Frances has power of attorney, again for years
Dr.D.: Well, I'm sure it will be a sad sight for Frances and Pam tomorrow.
rich-c: Frances is used to it; I take her over there every Tuesday
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rich-c: Pamela has been by too in the last few months so knows the score
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Dr.D.: Hello George.
rich-c: how are things down in Philly?
George: Hi Everyone
George: warm
rich-c: really? we had a cold fron and now it's about 65 here (eat your heart out)
rich-c: I
rich-c: ve actually used a blanket on my bed last few nights
Dr.D.: We spent an hour at the public pool today, it is so hot.
rich-c: haven't had the a/c on for more than a week, even when it heats up it cools down overnight
rich-c: really, Rich? though you'd be in the same air nass we have
Dr.D.: Probably do, but we felt hot today :-)
rich-c: we are out of the emergency status now so don';t have to cut back electricity use anyway
George: just got some Canadian products from my local walmart
Dr.D.: I'm glad the lawn doesn't need to be mowed today, I would not want to be outside with the mower right now.
rich-c: they are telling us it could get up to about 86 tomorrow, but something like 56 overnight
Dr.D.: Also, the Greek Orthodox church across the street is having their annual festival, so there are all kinds of cars parked along the street.
Dr.D.: We ate our supper there last night..mmmm.
rich-c: what did you buy that was Canadian, George?
George: some dvd's
rich-c: OK. right, Cinar is a huge DVD maker and is Canadian
rich-c: sorry - is it Cinar or Cinram - can never keep them straight
George: they had three stooges and beverly hillbillies titles
rich-c: not quite my kind of thing, but to each his own
Dr.D.: Love dem Stooges!
rich-c: but then I haven't found any incentive to even buy a dvd player yet
George: some i never seen before
rich-c: now a burner for the computer, that I might consider now prices are down
Dr.D.: There are a couple of WW2-era ones where Moe dresses up as Hitler...priceless.
rich-c: sort of like Chralie Chaplin's Great Dictator?
Dr.D.: "You Nazty Spy" is one of them, the Film Society here showed it last September as part of a short-subjects night.
George: i have three stooges cartoon playing now
rich-c: I gave up going to movies when they started showing commercials in theatres
Dr.D.: Curly is Goering, and Larry is Goebels. Funny stuff.
rich-c: figured I'd paid my money, if I had to see ads I wanted the entertainment for free
Ron: re-hi all
Dr.D.: It's the studio stranglehold on ticket revenues:
George: that must be 1910
rich-c: welcome back, Ron
Ron: (munch munch)
Dr.D.: They get *everything* for the first 2 weeks. So the theatres have to make it up on food and anything else they can find.
rich-c: I have never seen a three stooges picture
Dr.D.: We'll be dining on roast beef at our starbase pretty soon.
Dr.D.: Amazing, Richard.
Ron: replicated or real, Dr D.?
George: goto dollar store and sneak in candy
rich-c: oh, this is a belated birthday for me - steak, ice cream, and all the trimmings tonight
Dr.D.: Not sure which one I would recommend, if I could only pick one.
Dr.D.: Now, this is a real bully beef roast, Ron.
Dr.D.: No replicators here tonight :-)
Ron: right
Dr.D.: Eat hearty, RIchard.
rich-c: trust me, that is the plan
Dr.D.: just don't get a bellyache.
Ron: I was out last week at a rodeo. Bulls won 5 - 0
Dr.D.: Smith & Wesson beats anything :-)
Ron: for that they should be permitted to live
rich-c: that'sa pretty good average, Ron
rich-c: if they can buck that weell, they likely will be kept
Dr.D.: I wouldn't have thought there would be a rodeo out your way, Ron.
rich-c: hey, it's western Canada, Rich
Ron: what I didn't realize is that the judges also grade the bull's performance
Dr.D.: It doesn't seem like cowboy country.
Ron: first time I'd ever been to such an event
Ron: well it's not really, but we have a local agricultural component that like to think they are
Dr.D.: Just so they don't talk like RKO movie cowboys :-)
Ron: So they invite all the rodeo circuit to come (from the BC interior and from Alberta)
rich-c: and I suppose the lumberjacks are more or less sympathetic
Ron: yup exactly...... the basic skill thing
Dr.D.: "Oh, I'm a lumber jack and I'm okay..."
Dr.D.: Don't sing that around there, I bet :-)
rich-c: an aside - I have had 30-odd pings at my computer since signing on here
Ron: I work all night and I sleep all day
rich-c: guess the works are active today
rich-c: sorry, worms
Dr.D.: Worms in the works.
Ron: So far my firewall has held up
Dr.D.: Our paper had a photo of an MS keyboard with an earthworm crawling out of a hole burned in it.
rich-c: I gather the latest Sobig was just generating traffic for a porn site
Ron: good representation
Dr.D.: Of course to illustrate an article about worms.
George: good day to be spaced out
rich-c: whether it was an ad or ODS attack isn't clear
Dr.D.: Well, ya know...if we all went back to dialup BBSes, we could get our mail with no worms or viruses :-)
rich-c: oops again - DOS
Dr.D.: If ADAM folk want to trade messages...maybe I should put up a BBS.
rich-c: Zone Alarm and Anti-Vir have held up well for me so far
Dr.D.: Or hack ADAMem to run one.
George: i'm ready for ADAM II
rich-c: did you see Saturday's Dilbert about the porn site?
Ron: We could run PBBS under TDOS
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: I'm just not sure if ADAMem emulates an Orphanware serial port out to a PC serial port.
rich-c: I thought it was hilarious - mind you, Dilbert usually is
Dr.D.: Haven't seen a paper today yet.
Ron: good point Dr. D.
Dr.D.: Some day I need to look at the source for ADAMem!
George: restart ADAMnet
Dr.D.: What would work would be an ADAM on the net.
Ron: mmmmm Look at it I could; underatand it would I not
Dr.D.: With some port you could telnet to that would establish communication with an ADAM.
rich-c: yes, Marcel has the binaries posted, and also teh source, doesn't he?
Dr.D.: Apparently someone has a CP/M machine on the net that way.
Ron: aha
rich-c: hey, Adam can run CP/M; just figure out how to do it
Dr.D.: You telnet to the net.machine, and the CP/M box is hooked to it via serial port.
Dr.D.: Whatever *nix OS on the net.machine opens a connection to the serial port and lets the remote user talk to it.
Ron: how secure is telnet?
Dr.D.: Not so much anymore...but you could do it via ssh, I imagine.
Ron: right
rich-c: who cares? doubt a worm could do much in CP/M or OS7
Dr.D.: Not for the ADAM...but it could compromise the *nix host machine.
Dr.D.: So probably you would want people to ssh into a shell, then run the program to talk to the ADAM.
Ron: Still it would be interesting to try as a projectg
rich-c: relatively few worms or viruses try to target *nix flavours
Dr.D.: No, but any exploit that gives you root access on a net-connected *nix box can do mischief.
Dr.D.: Certainly it would allow you to send out E-mail spam or launch a DOS attack.
rich-c: more fun to target Windows; there's so many more targets
Dr.D.: And so easy to target them.
Dr.D.: Windows has no security.
rich-c: yes, though I'm immune to most of the latest since I'm still on 98SE
George: me too
rich-c: still, have to check into Windows Update soon
rich-c: Big Fix says there's a new version of Sirect-X out I should have
rich-c: but it's a ten meg download or so - I'm wondering
George: i'm falling in love with my laptop more and more
Dr.D.: 10 MB over 56K dialup, ouch, that will take a few hours.
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rich-c: no denying they're handy - but mine is slow with a small screen
Dr.D.: Laptops are probably all that will be there at ADAMcon 16.
changed username to other Ron
Dr.D.: "other Ron"?
other Ron: OS X has gone to la-la land
rich-c: now what are you up to, Ron?
other Ron: I don't know what it is about Jag... but avery so often the cursor starts spinning
other Ron: and ya can't talk to it
rich-c: fascinating
Dr.D.: I have found that OS X does not like (1) any flavor of iMovie, it keeps locking up; and (2) my Lexmark USB printer.
other Ron: aha...
other Ron: iMovie I have, but have not as yet tried.... no compatible cam
Dr.D.: (1) is a real problem, since my job is video analysis.
other Ron: well yeah eh??
rich-c: maybe they put that in so migrants from Windows would feel more at home...
George: has anyone seen longhorn?
Dr.D.: (2) is just annoying, but I have to reboot it to get the function back.
Dr.D.: And the Mac version of ColEm doesn't work very well, not even on this dual-G4 1.43 GHz machine.
other Ron: Well.....some days I get the idea that OS X - especially 10.2 doesn't really like processors under 500 Mhz
other Ron: although most of the time it's just fine
other Ron: but right now, iMac is lock and spiralling
Dr.D.: Everything works except the sound.
rich-c: you have the option of switching back to 9.2, don't you, Ron?
Dr.D.: Tryy Option-Shift-Escape
George: test
other Ron: yes.... if could get out of X
rich-c: you are with us, George
other Ron: which I can... but I just want to see how long this goes on
Dr.D.: Speaking of's now 4:00 PM EDT and I need to go start cooking supper.
other Ron: apple-option-escape
rich-c: I would expect the entertainment value of spiralling cursors would be limited
other Ron: forced Safari to quit
Dr.D.: I can never remember the keys.
Dr.D.: My hands know where they are on the keyboard.
other Ron: ok.... let's retry
George: i'm gettin addicted to Hyper Bowl
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Dr.D.: So, I'm going to close for today...say hi to Pam for me, Richard.
rich-c: what is Hyper-Bowl, George? 15-pin?
rich-c: will do, Rich - see you Wed
changed username to Ron
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Ron: so how now brown cow
George: a bowling game included with Plus! XP
other Ron left chat session
rich-c: oh - as you know, anything beyond Free Cell is too complicated for me
Ron: marvels of modern technology
rich-c: what freebie games come with an iMac, Ron?
Ron: I even have trouble with Free Cell
George: it has classic alley and pins of Rome
Ron: So Rich, now tell me.....
rich-c: go
George: you just use your mouse
Ron: did you decide who you were going to pay for the T-shirts... (assume Pam and Hubby are going to pay you)
rich-c: yes, I just mailed the cheque to you - went out yesterday afternoon
Ron: aha you're a good man sir
Ron: then I'll settle up with Bob
rich-c: right - I think it's likely most economical to keep currency exchanges to a minimum
Ron: true
rich-c: every time you switch the bank wants its vigorish
Ron: they do, yes
rich-c: and small-town Yankee banks are notoriously rapaciaous
George: it's 84f here. Feels warmer
Ron: just saw the question re iMac...... and freebie games
Ron: would you believe - Chess? and that's it
rich-c: we're not that far from it but the air mass is dry and wind from teh north so we feel cool
Ron: mind you, it's a good chess
rich-c: does that say something about the difference between Windows and Mac buyers?
George: i have battle chesss
Ron: could be
George: chess
Ron: mind you there are plenty of mac freebies available for download..... some well done, some not
Ron: lots of solitaire games
rich-c: 98SE has Free Cell, Minesweeper, and a couple of ther games I forget
Ron: hearts
rich-c: yes, and Klondike Solitaire
George: don't know mac
rich-c: the hearts game runs so fast you can't see what's going on - it's useless
George: pity
Ron: Gave a P133 to my brother's girlfriend before they left here, and got hell for not installing the games
rich-c: of coursse the available freebie games from 3d parties for Windows is endless
Ron: turns out my brother is addicted to solitaire
Ron: yes.... millions upon millions
George: sim city 3000
rich-c: hey, if it has a modem. give him a few urls and let him download his own
Ron: Jeff bought me Sim Golf for Christmas. Have so far only tried it once.
Ron: It sits there awaiting my attention
rich-c: again, other than Free Cell, I havent the time or patience for games
Ron: Oh he's got a 1.3 meg screamer... it's his girlfriend that's going to use this one. It'll live at her place
George: i have solitaires for free and big Pat
Ron: or was that 1.3 gig
Ron: senior'
Ron: s moment
Ron: what is the speed of processors rated in?
rich-c: gig, these days, though there was a time...
Ron: thank you
rich-c: Adam is, I believe, just under 4 meg
George: 3.08 ghz
Ron: yup, that's it
Ron: and my 1 year old Duron is now much less than half of what is out there
George: pentium 4 HT
rich-c: I notice the new Pentium M Centrino is only 1.3 gig, but hugely fast
Ron: Well.... depends on bus speed and configuration too
rich-c: I assume it's full 64-bit and maybe the Hyper-Threading has an effect
Ron: so you wouldn't need the lightning proc. speed
rich-c: yes, my Athlon is only 1.4 gig true but 1.6 gig equivalent performance
Ron: to achieve the same work
Ron: Any way gents..... think I shall sign off... see ya Wed...good Lord willin
George: i have regular pentium 4 2.0 ghz
rich-c: OK Ron, take care, look for you then
George: bye Ron
Ron: ok..... bye Rich... George
Ron left chat session
rich-c: that's an awful lot more processor than you need, George
George: that's my main desktop
George: it drives the train
rich-c: so what? it's still like having a Ferrari Enzo and never driving out of the city
rich-c: my Athlon is so ludicrously overspec'd for my needs it's - well, ludicarous
George: 512mb of pc 2700 ddr
rich-c: great for bragging rights but no real use
rich-c: I bought the "sweet spot" processor - top of the just down-priced group when I bought mine
George: oh, it's really needed on those 3gb. downloads
rich-c: got the 256 meg of memory simply because it was so bloody cheap
rich-c: and the same, no difference between 20 and 40 gig hard disc
George: and the newest games
rich-c: well, I do not undertake 3 gig downloads so couldn't care less
George: they have some new really nice games that won't run on anything less
rich-c: I know, every time there's a new processor or video chip, someone figures they have to write a game for which it's the minimum requirement
rich-c: I see no point in upgrading my CPU or video card every time a new game comes out
George: i know makes me mad
rich-c: then make a policy, if it won't run on a Pentium I - 66 mhz with l6 meg or ram, don't buy it
rich-c: anything worth having will run there anyway
rich-c: anything fancier is just bling bling
George: age of mythology won't
rich-c: so then lie without it
George: and impossible creatures
rich-c: the web's full of stuff that will - you don't need the 'latest and greatest"
George: Hyper Bowl falls apart below 750mhz
rich-c: 18 months down the road it will be too yesterday to look at anyway
George: and pentium 66 is forgotten
rich-c: forgotten, but not gone - some folx still do have them
George: i have an XT i don't use it
George: an old beltron
rich-c: well there's a rather significant generation gap from an 8086 to a Pentium, you know
rich-c: and it would still be a great server for Adam Connection
George: a 486 DX2 50 and a pentium 100
rich-c: both OK for word processing and routine office stuff, simple games, internet
rich-c: can't run graphics-intensive stuff but who cares?
rich-c: how much photo or video editing have you done this month?
George: the slowest on my net is pentium overdrive 180mmx
rich-c: why not? yu don
rich-c: t need a piledriver to srive every nail
George: huh?
rich-c: you don't use a shotgun to down flies
George: kodak easyshare camera
George: Jed Clampet did
rich-c: you don't even need a computedr to use that if you have the accessories
George: so did momma
rich-c: the Clampets are not my lifestyle role models
George: it's the only thing that gave her a challenge
rich-c: or not that I'm prepared to admit, anyway ;-)
George: she said damn targets are way too big made for the blind
rich-c: again, I've never see a Beverly Hillbillies show
rich-c: but that does sound consistent with what I know of them
George: my own mother was that way
rich-c: good shot, you mean?
George: yes
rich-c: it's a vanishing talent these days
George: i know i won't go near a gun
rich-c: I'm more a dont than wont type - just have no occasion to but would if I did
rich-c: not into killing what I won't eat so fish are safe and I'm not into field-dressing deer
George: i would have to starve to use a gun even to go hunting
rich-c: pretty much teh same, though I'd have no cojmpunctions about defending myself if that were the issue
George: i do fish and release
rich-c: I tend to have other uses for my time so no fishing for me
George: i'd rather make a freightening appearance
rich-c: what do you mean?
George: people don't like to tangle with big shaggy people
rich-c: I'm afraid that's not an option for me
George: with bushy hair
rich-c: short thin 73 year olds leaning on a cane arent very intimidating
George: the grizzly adams type sends em running
rich-c: whatever - though Bacon had it right when he said gunpowder makes all men tall
George: till rpg comes out
George: and it goes on and on
rich-c: depends on what you're up to
rich-c: notice the Iraqis and Palestinians are showing the proff of Bacon's thought
George: maybe an H-Bomb
George: that would take care of the irqi and palestinian problem
rich-c: maybe, but it would be awfully hard on the oil supply, and that's what they went to war ofr in the first place
rich-c: also remember, they have friends who have their own H-bombs and might get vengeful ideas
George: Bush don't care
rich-c: true - it's ordinary Americans who will pay the price
George: we already do
rich-c: yes, but you ain't seen nothing yet
George: this war ain't on the cheap
rich-c: like, just how do you think America is going to get out of Iraq now?
rich-c: right -and you'll go on pahing a billion bucks a week to keep the troops there forever
George: we're not
George: Iraq 51st State
rich-c: with a strong and bloody-minded secessionist movement
George: you got it
rich-c: all the world (except Australia and some Brits) knew it was stupid mistake and said so
George: seems it's all over that part of the world
rich-c: yep - like stirring up a nest of rattlesnakes
George: since the start of time
rich-c: you might be able to trample them but some are going to get in their bites - maybe more than you can stand
George: war in the beginning, war without end
rich-c: anyway, something about teh chair today is bothering my hip
rich-c: I am going to have to go put some heat on it or something
George: i need to take a break too
rich-c: OK, see you Wednesday then if we both can make it
George: see you later
rich-c: bye now
George: ok, if i can
George: bye
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moved to room Meeting Place
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