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rich-c: salut, Daniel, when you get here
rich-c: I am still waiting for your address to send you the documents
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
james: good morning
james: how are you?
rich-c: and how is tomorrow shaping up?
james: rainy. looks like i'll have to wait another 60,000 years to get that peek at mars
rich-c: oh, it will be almost as good the next few nights
james: of course i figure if i wait a few decades i might be able to get a *much* closer look..
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changed username to Fredk
Fredk: Hi All
james: it's been cloudy and rainy all summer here
rich-c: unfortunately, I dont think I have that long to wait
rich-c: salut, Fred, comment ca va?
Fredk: ca va bien et vous?
rich-c: \assez bien, merci
james: knock on wood, but you just never know, but yes, statistically speaking i should be around a little while after you
rich-c: yes, you're well behind on that long march
james: hi fred
james: there's a gremlin under my chari
james: chair
rich-c: and he keeps hitting the wrong keys, right?
Fredk: theres a carpet under mine
james: he's pointing at a bunch of cookies and whining. i can't imagine what he wants :P
rich-c: think hard, james, maybe you'll get a clue ;-)
james: i assume he'll be back when he's eaten that one. he's like a bear
rich-c: yes, whre is he - crawling, cruising, walking?
james: walking, cruising, climbing
james: no talking yet. i think he'll talk a little later than most because he's absorbing two languages and he's a boy
rich-c: ah so, that is the very entertaining time - just be AWFUL careful!
james: oh yeah. he's into everything
james: and as we all know, (checking over my shoulder) women are practically born talking
rich-c: when Pamela was that age we just fenced off everything breakable in the living room with big sheets of cardboard and let her cruise
rich-c: what's this "practically" qualification?
james: lol
james: case babbles a lot. i think it won't be long until he says something coherent
rich-c: hey, Daniel has wandered off on us
james: he has
rich-c: problem is, it will likely be a mixture of English and Japanese
james: for awhile yes. takes them a few years to sort things out
rich-c: oh well, if French-Canadian kids can manage it, he should have no problem
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rich-c: his whole environment will be Japanese - no English to distract him
changed username to Lucky
james: the cookie monster has returned
rich-c: yes, and we have a new visitor - or at least a new name - hi Lucky
Lucky: hi
james: i'll have to keep his english active
rich-c: care to introduce yourself?
james: someone new?
Lucky: Meesa lucky to be here
Lucky: 'cause my jazz band rehearsal got cancelled.
james: hi rich
Lucky changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: well, yes, we all feel that way ;-)
Dr.D.: Just put Diana to bed after eating her birthday cake.
Fredk: Hi Rick
james: nil.k,mm
rich-c: aha, welcome then , Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Fred.
james: mmm ,lkl
Dr.D.: The bandleader got sick today, and told everyone to stay home.
rich-c: we had Daniel here earlier but he seems to have fallen off somewhere
james changed username to james&case
Dr.D.: Case must be eating something good...
rich-c: nc i[q0839534=-]hjbszeo[pt
james&case: ;lk,
rich-c: that means hi case
Dr.D.: And now is posting a public PGP key.
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james&case: rich, did you get a peek at mars?
james&case: lol
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Dr.D.: Not enough bits to keep it secure from the NSA, though.
james&case: nn .,mm,
Dr.D.: Haven't had my 6" reflector out yet...but it looks big and bright with the naked eye.
rich-c: oh, how many bits does it take to defy NSA?
james&case: i need something that can puncture clouds :P
Dr.D.: Yeah, cloudy and rainy today.
james&case: it's been rainy and cloudy here all summer, this week unfortunately, no different
rich-c: really? we had sunny and pleasantly but not oppressively warm, about 24
rich-c: we have a warm wet air mass due for the weekend, though
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Dr.D.: Just in time for the Cleveland Air Show...
Dr.D.: and for a trip I have to make to Toledo Saturday for a wedding of a former student in our lab.
james&case: well maybe by the time i'm rich's age there'll be flyby tours
rich-c: right, I'd forgotten that - do they run it from Burke?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Dr.D.: Yes, from Burke.
rich-c: greetings to you, Guy!
Fredk: HiGuy
Dr.D.: Hello Guy, my rehearsal tonight was cancelled, so I'm here.
Guy B.: It was, how come?
Dr.D.: Band leader was sick.
rich-c: means they can make dramatic low passes 'cause they'll be over the lake
Guy B.: So, it will be rescheduled for another time then?
Dr.D.: I'm more interested in the flying B-17 and B-24 that will be there.
Dr.D.: Rescheduled for Saturday.
rich-c: didn't know there was still a Liberator up and running
rich-c: lots and lots of restored Forts, but the Liberators are rare
Dr.D.: Yep, just a few left of each in flying condition.
Dr.D.: I've seen/heard them buzzing around.
rich-c: we have a Lancaster flyable in Hamilton and one they're trying to resore in Toronto
Guy B.: I'll be working this Saturday. My supervisor has told us that we all should come in. Even though it will be the Labor Day Weekend.
rich-c: bummer, Guy
james&case: i'd tell your supervisor where to go
Dr.D.: It's only a holiday for union workers...
james&case: yeah, and government "workers"
Dr.D.: ...who are becoming extinct in the USA.
rich-c: Guy would too, except he's addicted to eating ;-)
james&case: lol
Guy B.: Well, look at it this way. I get paid the overtime for it.
james&case: that's a plus
Dr.D.: Only so much that the $$$ can buy back.
rich-c: at least there's a concolation prize, which helps
Fredk: time is precious!
rich-c: yes, you only get so much of it, then that's it
Dr.D.: I had this discussion with a student a few days ago, who thought I was nuts for having walked away from med school after 2 years because of the family/time tradeoff that, for me, wasn't going to be worth it.
Guy B.: I'm just about ready to get the Dell ready for installing Windows 98. I've finally got the hardware figured out in the system and downloaded the drivers.
james&case: you reach a point where additional income doesn't significantly improve your quality of life
rich-c: sorry - what's the spec on the Dell again, Guy?
james&case: unfortunately most people have bought into the north american adage "because you deserve it" and are buying things they can't afford
Dr.D.: I made that decision while I was still a poor student.
Guy B.: It's a Dimension 400, Pentium II
james&case: or don't need
Fredk: Rich , you were focussed on what really counts in life.
Dr.D.: So I am still relatively poor compared to my peers who stayed professional.
rich-c: should live quite happily with 98SE then; that was contemporary when it was built, I think
Dr.D.: But I have 3 more kids now than I did then, and the same wife...which some of my peers can't say.
Guy B.: That's what it's designed for and I have Win98SE.
Fredk: They have perhaps lost over work and burnt aswell
rich-c: so you're a scientific doctor instead of a medical doctor - big deal
Dr.D.: Only one decimal place difference in salary :-)
rich-c: another of my Ph.D. buddies always gets irate - insists he's a REAL doctor, not like those scalpel jockeys
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rich-c: rates MDs only slightly above plumbers and mechanics
Dr.D.: Well, the "scalpel jockeys" are really descended from medieval "barber-surgeons", tell 'em that :-)
changed username to No Name
Fredk: lol
Guy B.: No Name, could that be Zonker?
rich-c: hey, our first No Name entrant!
No Name: guess again
rich-c: are you Canadian?
Dr.D.: Probably not Ms. Rin, who I'd bet is out with Pam tonight.
No Name: I AM
Guy B.: Anyone else take a shot at this.
rich-c: are you a westerner?
No Name: very good Dr. D
No Name: it is I, Ms. Rin
rich-c: no, Pam is out getting her hair cut - besides, Rin is in Windsor
Dr.D.: I am too good at this game, I've spoilt the game.
Guy B.: Hi Erin, how are you?
No Name: LOL
No Name: r u Guy?
Dr.D.: Rin didn't see me login as "Lucky" tonight, though.
Fredk: where the streets have no name
Guy B.: I'm good.
No Name: .........Lucky? hmmmm
rich-c: getting pressure from the upcoming provincial election, Rin?
Dr.D.: I was lucky to be in the chat tonight, because my prior engagement (jazz band practice) got cancelled due to illness of the bandleader.
No Name: i'm not paying too much attention to be honest
Dr.D.: Any good choices in your election, Rin?
Dr.D.: Or all bad ones?
rich-c: all bad ones, Dr. D.
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Guy B.: Dr. D, has Christina taken her driver's test yet?
No Name: well there are good choices....but they are all politicians
rich-c: it's even hard to decide which is the less dangerous
Dr.D.: Not yet, she is supposed to schedule it for sometime in late September.
Fredk: lol
Dr.D.: So the roads on the North Coast are still safe for travellers.
Guy B.: She has a month left of driving instruction then.
Dr.D.: When Christina hits the streets, I'll give you all plenty of notice.
No Name: a politician lies.......and being "politically correct" means you lie legally
Fredk: lol
Dr.D.: No, her instruction is all's the backlog of scheduling the test.
Dr.D.: You can't just walk in any more to BMV and ask to take the test.
rich-c: yes, I think we have a backlog here too
Dr.D.: Plus she needs to see how school schedules are going to work out.
Guy B.: Whoa, that much of a backlog for the test. Is she still doing some driving with you?
Dr.D.: She is all done except for about 5 hours of night driving. Long summer days have hampered that.
rich-c: I got real lucky on the licencing - my birthday was lst week
Guy B.: There's still time for that.
Dr.D.: Plus practicing parallel parking in a minivan, as opposed to the Yugo-class vehicle used by the driving school.
rich-c: we have to get new photos taken every fifth year for licence renewal
Guy B.: That will present a good challenge for her.
Dr.D.: Did they take a nice photo, Richard?
rich-c: and I was up for mine this year - had to be done by birthday
rich-c: got to the licence shop the day before the blackout
Dr.D.: My current one is better than the previous one, but still not the greatest.
rich-c: then until this Monday, all the licence shops wre closed
rich-c: re the other, don't know, Rich, they mail it to you months later
Dr.D.: Really? They make our licenses right in the BMV while you wait.
Dr.D.: You walk out with it in your hot little hand (hot because the laminator is so hot).
rich-c: well, we used to have that too, till we got the current bunch of incompetents in government
rich-c: bunch of dogmatic neo-cons who dont know their ers from their elbows (or something)
No Name: hehehe
Dr.D.: When we were first married and Joan surrendered her New Jersey drivers license (1986), the Ohio BMV didn't believe it was real: NJ didn't have photo ids then, nor lamination: it was just a hand-typed name/stats on a colored paper form.
rich-c: don't laugh, the opposition leader makes them look like geniuses
Dr.D.: I'm sure every state in the Union now has photo IDs.
rich-c: sounds like NJ; they don't have pocket dups of birth certificates either
Dr.D.: Ohio didn't like our NJ marriage license, either.
Dr.D.: It was just the pink carbon copy layer of an n-part form./
No Name: uncle Richard they are all just a bunch of over-glorified, self-promoting idiots
rich-c: oh great! what happened to the original?
Dr.D.: Filed somewhere, I suppose.
No Name: perhaps i have become somewhat bitter
james&case: i'm back
Fredk: caution, idiots rule the world!!
Dr.D.: I'd like to say things would be happier on the Detroit side, Rin, but I don't think they would be...
rich-c: more likely just seen what goes on, Rin - it's pretty stomach-turning
No Name: i know idiots rule the world......if only i had the ability to change that
Dr.D.: " they are all just a bunch of over-glorified, self-promoting idiots"--describes all politicians :-)
rich-c: doesnt help, I gather, Rin, that your boss is entagled in a family feud with the Martin clan
No Name: as for Detroit...........i don't think so.......
james&case: well don't vote republican. that's a good start :P
Dr.D.: Alas, we have but one vote.
No Name: yeah the feud with the dead man......too much time and energy wasted on that ridiculous absurdity
rich-c: well, try to pick the least dangerous, and if that doesn't work, pick the ones who most need voting against
Dr.D.: I suppose there's always moving to Baffin Island or some other place up north, nobody will bother anyone up there.
No Name: in the states.....i say Bill Maher for Prez.
rich-c: oh, my buddies on the Autoweek chats are quite heavy for Dean
No Name: in Canada well.......the governing party needs to be kicked out so that some actually policy and democracy could at least have some hope
Dr.D.: I don't know *who* I'd want for president...maybe Colin Powell, if he would just stand up and tell Bush to stick it, he's not going to be a token black cabinet member any more.
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changed username to Daniel B
james&case: colin powell is black?!
Daniel B: Where?
Dr.D.: By all generally-accepted ethnic criteria, yes.
rich-c: yes, but the Alliance are hopeless, the Tories don't know who they are or what they want, and Layton is a Hitler looking to hittle
Daniel B: hello Dr.D, Guy, James & Case, Fred, Rich and ... No Name?
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
james&case: i'd say politics are screwed on both sides of the border right now
No Name: i totally agree too bad we can't just trash them all and start from scratch
Fredk: rich-c LOL
Fredk: Salut Dan
james&case: though at least we seem to have a gov't of sorts not determined to spend us to death, excepting that lame sheila copps
Dr.D.: No more more New Worlds to run to to escape the idiots at home.
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: hi Dan, the anonymous one is Erin in Windsor
Daniel B: Je suis surpris... Dale Wick is no there?
No Name: hi Daniel
james&case: hi rin
Dr.D.: I thought she was Anne of Cleves....
james&case: erin
No Name: hi James & Case
james&case: sec, i'm going to check on the "case" part of "james&case"
rich-c: non, il n'est pas ici maintenant
No Name: i don't recognize the reference Dr. D
Daniel B: Erin... Windsor... I'm not sure I know Erin.
rich-c: she is my niece and Pamela's cousin
Dr.D.: Richard called you "Erin of Windsor"..."Anne of Cleves" is another name from history.
james&case: he has a predilection to all things electric and electronic
No Name: ahhhhh
james&case: can't imagine where he gets that from
rich-c: Daniel, you have not told me whre to mail your book
No Name: Lord of the Rings
Dr.D.: One of Henry VIII's wives, who lived, I think.
Daniel B: ho! I sent my postal address to Dr.D.
No Name: all the same i got ya
No Name: LOL
No Name: at least that gives me hope for survival
rich-c: sorry Dan, I have to have it here - I'm a fair piece from Cleveland ;-)
Dr.D.: I think your head is too valuable to leave on the block :-)
No Name: well thank you kindly
Dr.D.: I can mail it to you, Richard. I hadn't realized that this was what Daniel wanted me to do.
Dr.D.: Not that I am the Headsman of Cleveland or anything :-)
rich-c: I think we have wires croosed, RicI already have a photocopy of the ADAM TEchnical Manual sitting on a chair ready to mail to him
Dr.D.: Got it...I will send Daniel's address along right now...BRB.
rich-c: all I need is to know whre in Quebec City to send it
No Name: i'll BRB
rich-c: Daniel, Pam got the copy done lasst week, been waiting for your address ever since
Daniel B: Sorry, I replied to an e-mail from the ADAMCON list and it was not your e-mail.
Daniel B: So, I said to Dr.D to send my postal address to those who need it.
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Dr.D.: Address just mailed to you, Richard.
rich-c: do you have my address, Daniel? it's:
Fredk: Nite All
Dr.D.: You should receive it directly.
Dr.D.: Bye Fred.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Fred
rich-c: so soon, Fred? a la prochaine, then
Guy B.: Bye Fred
Fredk: *poof*
Fredk left chat session
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka, when did you slip in?
Guy B.: Hi Meeka, where is everyone else from Slopsema clan tonight?
Dr.D.: When she stepped on the banana peel?
Daniel B: hi Meeka
rich-c: @Dr.D. - colour that one and save it for Easter
Dr.D.: It can't be any rottener by then than it was right now :-)
rich-c: amen
Dr.D.: Well, someone has to keep up Joan's writing style around here :-)
Meeka: camping
rich-c: oh, where have they taken off to this time? up north?
Guy B.: Except you and Doug.
Meeka: yup
Meeka: we are headin out on friday
Dr.D.: It's not camping unless you are in a tent with no running water...
Guy B.: Where are you heading to?
rich-c: braving the Mackinaw bridge
Meeka: nope, just out to the beach in holand
rich-c: hey, you want hardship, fill a motorhome at today's gas prices!!!
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changed username to Mighty Mitch
Guy B.: Weather should be excellent for it. Finally cooled off here.
Mighty Mitch: 'lo all
rich-c: ahoy, Ron
Guy B.: There he is, the Mighty Mitchell. Hi Ron
Mighty Mitch: hi Guy, Rich
rich-c: did you finally get your rain out there as promised?
Meeka: hello
Mighty Mitch: no rain - only blue sky
Mighty Mitch: we are dry with a capital D
rich-c: bummer - you really need a good soaking over the whole province
No Name: i'm back
Guy B.: No rain at all! Can you see the wildfires from there?
Dr.D.: We missed you, Ms. Rin.
(No Name smiles)
rich-c: Guy, they're so big you should be able to see them from Chicago
Mighty Mitch: No not from here Guy. We are something like 300-400 miles (as the crow flies) from Kelowna
Dr.D.: Smiling is good :-)
No Name: kinda needed it too....thx
rich-c: every once in a while we can smell them here
Mighty Mitch: but the woods on the Island are very dry, and those in charge are warning campers
Dr.D.: I take it that your job has something to do with the local politics, Rin?
Mighty Mitch: Unless you're having a Canadian passport photo taken - no smiling allowed
Dr.D.: And those being contentious right now, is making work an unpleasant place?
rich-c: there's something about the idea of Vancouver Island being dry that's really jarring
Mighty Mitch: You cannot smile, you cannot frown
No Name: had......i used to work for the Minister for International Cooperation
Guy B.: Oh, we had a big one yesterday. A truck lost control on IL-394 and smashed into some townhouses in Sauk Village. The smoke can be seen for miles.
Mighty Mitch: that's right Rich. most uncharacteristic
Daniel B: no smile... we looks like we will do a bad thing
rich-c: used to, Rin? this requires explanation
Dr.D.: You weren't sacked for for political reasons, were you?
Dr.D.: Or did you get fed up and quit?
No Name: i was sacked for political reasons
Dr.D.: Arrgh!
rich-c: office politics or leadership politics?
Dr.D.: I think I put my foot in something...sorry about that :-(
No Name: leadership....i remained neutral......i don't like John Manley.....silly me for thinking my I had a right to an opinion
Mighty Mitch: not good to hear, No Name
rich-c: not really Rich - we are metaphorically, sometimes literally family
No Name: No prob Dr. D............I am glad for it
No Name: i will not compromise my beliefs to the short-sighted will of matter what the cost
rich-c: I have always found Mr. Manley very easy to dislike
No Name: he's just a yes man with no passion
Dr.D.: Well, I have heard bits and pieces through a little birdie that things have been kinda rough for you lately, Rin...and I don't want to make anything worse...
No Name: no vision
Dr.D.: Are you now completely without situation, as they say?
No Name: you heard the other stuff i'm guessing.....the real reason i needed the smile
No Name: i'm back at my old job cleaning floors at Zehrs
Dr.D.: It sounds like a come-down...
Dr.D.: Sigh.
rich-c: perhaps, Rich, but at least it's honest work
Dr.D.: No doubt.
No Name: i suppose it is but at least there i know i am appreciated
Dr.D.: Well, you are quite appreciated here, too :-)
Dr.D.: Though it's certainly not the same thing.
Mighty Mitch: I'll second that
(No Name smiles)
No Name: no it's not the's better
Mighty Mitch: No Name, were you appointed "at the pleasure of Her Majesty" ??
Mighty Mitch: Like - is there any chance of a unjust dismissal appeal?
Dr.D.: It doesn't sound like it was HM who did the sacking.
Mighty Mitch: Well..... no, that's a phrase which usually indicates a political appointment in this country
rich-c: patronage appointment, I think, Ron - right, Rin?
No Name: there is a chance for wrongful dismissal .......but I am waiting and seeing at the moment
Mighty Mitch: Mostly political staff will tell HM when she's not having fun any more
Dr.D.: I was going to ask the same thing as Ron...surely not all "civil service" jobs in Canada are patronage?
No Name: I was volunteering with HM for about 5 years
rich-c: no, but jobs in a Member's office are at the Member's pleasure
Dr.D.: Here there are complaints that there is no longer *enough* patronage, that civil jobs are too resistant to changes in administration.
Mighty Mitch: most are not Dr D. We have bargaining and appeal rights - not that anyone at that level ever exercises them
Mighty Mitch: Parliament Hill is a hotbed of intrigue. Most Public Service bargaining agents don't want to go near the place
Dr.D.: Sigh. There are always hidden limits to freedom of speech, expression, and thought.
Mighty Mitch: exactly Dr. D
Dr.D.: I myself am wondering if some day soon I'll be getting a little phone call from CWRU's president.
No Name: maybe i should become a political activist......start some change happening
Dr.D.: CWRU decided that they wanted to change their name to "Case" (dropping the "Western Reserve" part) and adopt a new logo.
Mighty Mitch: There ya go
rich-c: while there are some pros who are making a cushy living at it, Rin, I doubt you're the type
No Name: .....perhaps a militant wing
(No Name laughs heartily)
Dr.D.: The logo is universally reviled, it's absurd-looking, and the CWRU home page has links to a whole marketroid description of what it's supposed to symbolize.
rich-c: unless they still are getting a lot of tractor money, I'd be more inclined to close the CAse
Dr.D.: I made a parody of it (and the marketroid symbolism) and put it on my personal webpage.
No Name: I have to go look at MARS ....BRB
Dr.D.: Plus put the original on my door.
rich-c: that does not win popularity contests, Rich
Guy B.: This morning. Mars was it's closest point to Earth.
Dr.D.: With one post to an internal CWRU newsgroup, word has spread about it...all favorable and approving from students and faculty.
rich-c: closest being still a relative term
Dr.D.: They see straight through the official BS.
rich-c: in terms of planetary orbits, such terms are VERY relative
Dr.D.: Today at the CWRU bookstore, a cashier I've never met before AFAIK told me she loved my logo and wanted a T-shirt of it.
Dr.D.: How she knew me, I was too flabbergasted to ask.
rich-c: I suggest you resist the temptation, Rich, until you get tenure
Dr.D.: Oh, no tenure for me here, I'm not in the track.
rich-c: I know - my point exactly
Daniel B: A very little tiny small question... Do you think the powerpoint files by James and I will be available online at the ADAMCON web site in the SUNDAY section?
Mighty Mitch: Looking at the logo now
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: But whether they hear dissent from me, or hear it from others, the Administration is going to be hearing dissent about this stupid logo and "rebranding" of the university.
rich-c: that's no small question, Daniel - I think everyone will be interested
changed username to Tor.Stargazers
Mighty Mitch: They seem to be making the case for CASE (arrrrghhh!)
Dr.D.: My version is at
Mighty Mitch: going there
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Dr.D.: Read the text description of the CASE logo and try not to gag...then read my version of it :-)
rich-c: now, which TO Stargazers have we here?
Tor.Stargazers: There. Now we can see Mars better.
No Name: i'm back
Tor.Stargazers: Hi y'all
Mighty Mitch: Actually Dr. D, I think yours looks better
Dr.D.: Anyone on Mars say hi, Rin?
rich-c: why, does your apartment face south?
Mighty Mitch: Was out last night looking at Mars
Mighty Mitch: waved
Dr.D.: That's what everyone tells me, Ron...and that mine is more honest and accurate about university history since the merger in 1967.
No Name: yes.......Zemorph says hi by the way and looks forward to Saturday
Meeka left chat session
Dr.D.: It certainly is based on my 23 years at CWRU :-)
Tor.Stargazers: Yes it does, but we were just in the parking lot of the ontario science centre where lots of star geeks are out.
Mighty Mitch: exactly Dr. D
Dr.D.: Alas, I will be away from a computer at 3:00 PM EDT Saturday, so I will miss talking to Z.
rich-c: right, city lights problems but a fairly clear southern horizon
Mighty Mitch: Wonder if you could get the Microsoft Office Assistant to assume that shape?
Mighty Mitch: and then wink
Tor.Stargazers: no lights in the osc parking lot, which made a big difference
Dr.D.: ROTFL, never thought of dear old Clippy....
Dr.D.: Yes, he could be the new mascot!
(No Name winks)
Mighty Mitch: watch it no-name....we westerners take that as a cue
rich-c: true but there would be glare up from the DVP and the light around the downtown office towers
Tor.Stargazers: I was surprised at how easy it was to get a good look.
Mighty Mitch: so get your animation boys to work Dr D.
Dr.D.: haha may do it :-)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dr.D.: zipping out now to peek at the Red Planet myself...BRB.
Mighty Mitch: alas.... I must wait till it is dark
rich-c: Dale, do you have that Celestia astronomy program?
Mighty Mitch: sure can't miss it here. I don't have the city light problem to the same extent as most of you
Tor.Stargazers: No, never downloaded it.
No Name: you're 7:30, right Mitch?
Mighty Mitch: yes
No Name: i can do math
Mighty Mitch: won't be dark here for another hour and a half or so
No Name: hehe
Mighty Mitch: last night was close to midnight when I did my star gazing
Mighty Mitch: I know.....sorry about that
Tor.Stargazers: As per the gurus this mornig at 6:10 am was the closest that we'll actually get to Mars, but tomorrow is even better viewing...
Tor.Stargazers: because Mars is closest to the sun tomorrow.
No Name: i wish i had a telescope
Tor.Stargazers: Some real beauties out tonight.
Tor.Stargazers: The biggest one I saw was about 20 inches.
Mighty Mitch: so in a parallel universe, Martians gather to observe the night time sky and catch a glimpse of a little blue planet
Mighty Mitch: 3rd from the sun
Dr.D.: Mars is bright, but he isn't far enough above the local trees yet.
rich-c: just went out to look - unfortunately can't hold the field glasses steady
Guy B.: I found a tape drive from an old computer. Looks like it was never used. It's 3 1/2 drive and it will act as Drive B. It's a Conner. Anyone know if Conner has a website?
No Name: exactly Mitch
Mighty Mitch: Then they allow their dogs to take them for a walk
Tor.Stargazers: Are binoculars enough rich-c?
rich-c: Rich, explain to Dale why he should download Celestia
(No Name laughs heartily)
Dr.D.: If it gets high enough in the sky, it may be worth dragging out the 6" Edmund reflector.
Tor.Stargazers: Conner does not have a website, they went out of business, but the drivers might be around.
rich-c: Terence Dickinson is a big fan of binoculars - me, I have my doubts
Dr.D.: Last time I had it out was for Hale-Bopp.
Tor.Stargazers: afaik
Mighty Mitch: What year was that Dr. D
No Name: i remember Hale Bopp........nearly froze
Tor.Stargazers: I missed HB completely
Dr.D.: Our trees have grown so much since then! The part of the sky where H-B was is no longer visible from our back yard.
Dr.D.: 1998 I want to say.
No Name: i was out for the Perseid's (sp?)
Mighty Mitch: was trying to think the other night...... the first computer I had here capable of displaying pics...... was a 486/dx4/120
Mighty Mitch: and that was a background I had
Guy B.: Oh, they did. It looks like a QIC tape drive. I'll for the drivers.
Dr.D.: I was at ADAMcon just before the Perseids, and when I got back to Cleveland on the 11th, it was all overcast.
james&case left chat session
Dr.D.: Same on the 12th.
Tor.Stargazers: I want to go back to Yosemite park and do more gazing there. first time I ever saw a sattelite or the Milky way clearly.
Dr.D.: 2 years running for me here that it was too cloudy to see any.
Dr.D.: The night of the blackout I saw the MW super-clearly here in Cleveland.
Dr.D.: First time since I was a kid out in the country.
No Name: last year at Pam's trailer was the first time i ever saw a Sattelite....i ended up counting abot 18
Mighty Mitch: wonder what the Hubbel telescope has for pics of Mars
Dr.D.: I wish we would turn out our lights more often...
rich-c: I'm told Manitoulan Island is a favoured spot, Dale, and it's a lot closer
Mighty Mitch: careful what you ask for Dr D.
Tor.Stargazers: I wonder if it's pointing in that direction, Mitch.
Tor.Stargazers: I just wish more people had smarter light fixtures.
Dr.D.: Street lights could be cut off without hurting interior house lights.
Mighty Mitch: not sure. There was something on the news last night - but I was otherwise occupied. Suppose there's only 1 way to find out
Guy B.: It's bad enough that the blackout is being blamed for the big jump in gas prices.
Daniel B: Are you talking about Mars?
No Name: sad really
Dr.D.: Stupid outside private mercury vapor lights are the big polluters in the country any more, though.
Daniel B: We are missing Mars isn' it?
Tor.Stargazers: That's just greed. Otherwise how could some places still be at 78 cents a litre?
rich-c: actually, a number of cities have experiemnted with anti-glare lighting and found it good
Tor.Stargazers: Yes Daniel, It's out now.
Dr.D.: I've been watching Perseids (or trying to watch them) since about 1973, when I got an ancient astronomy textbook from my Great Uncle Raymond.
No Name: some of us have already stepped out to take a peek
Tor.Stargazers: It would be alot better if we just didn't have lights that pointed into the sky for no reason.
No Name: that sounds cool Dr. D
Dr.D.: Almost never find anybody else around here interested, though.
Guy B.: Here in Chicago, especially there. It's over US$2 a gallon, but they said the prices will come back down beginning next week. Out by me, It's around $1.82 for regular and $2.02 for premium.
Tor.Stargazers: We saw some of the Metzner meteor shower when we were in Yosemite.
Dr.D.: Christina carries "The Mark of the Perseids" on her forehead, though:
Tor.Stargazers: ??
No Name: ?
Dr.D.: When she was about 4, we were at my Dad's in the country on August 11th.
Dr.D.: Lights out, it was dark.
rich-c: Daniel, how open is your view of the sky to the south?
Dr.D.: Christina went running up the driveway and ran head-first into the trunk of our car.
No Name: ouch!
Tor.Stargazers: Lately Jeffy carries the mark of Wendy's on his forehead.
Mighty Mitch: Is she ok?
Dr.D.: 1" gash in her forhead, blood everywhere.
Tor.Stargazers: but I don't think it will scar.
Dr.D.: She got stitches, but it left a scar.
Dr.D.: She is 16 now.
Dr.D.: The trunk lid of the 1974 Ford Maverick still has a little dent from the impact.
No Name: how'd the car fare?
Tor.Stargazers: Jeffy faceplanted onto a tile floor at Wendy's and had a big purple spot and a 1inch tall bump in the centre of his forehead.
rich-c: if it's a 74 and still around, pretty well
Guy B.: Ouch
Tor.Stargazers: He looked a little like a Cardassian.
No Name: ooo
rich-c: don't build 'em that way any more ;-)
Dr.D.: haha Re: Cardassian
rich-c: poor Jeffy!
Dr.D.: I have a mark on my forehead in about the same place as Christina, also from a fall at age 4, down some carpeted stairs (no injury) onto a carpet nail whose head had worked out of the floor (ouch).
Tor.Stargazers: Once he'd calmed down he was in a good mood again within about half an hour so I didn't take him to the docs.
Dr.D.: No stitches for me back then.
Tor.Stargazers: I expect it's just the first big bump of many.
No Name: ouch
Dr.D.: But I have never used the accident as an excuse for my subsequent eccentric behavior.
Tor.Stargazers: I thought stiches almost always scarred.
rich-c: well, if it's that size, maybe a medical peek is warranted
(No Name laughs heartily)
Mighty Mitch: Yup... Hubble is doing Mars.....
Mighty Mitch: check out
Tor.Stargazers: The bmp only stayed for overnight. It's gone now.
Mighty Mitch: http://hubblesite.o0rg/
Mighty Mitch: that should be .org
Dr.D.: Ought to be able to see "Kilroy was here" from Hubble :-)
No Name: LOL
Mighty Mitch: you'd think so eh?
Dr.D.: Or "Yeoman Rand loves J.T.K."
Mighty Mitch: The face of Elvis carved on a martian mountain range
Tor.Stargazers: Wanted to ask you if the third clip symbolized underfunded projects or just unfinished ones, Dr. D.?
Dr.D.: Both, Ron.
Mighty Mitch: ya
Dr.D.: No, the face of "BOB".
Mighty Mitch: oh right
Dr.D.: Better him than Dubya...
Mighty Mitch: ice caps are very clear
Tor.Stargazers: Somehow the hubble site is very busy tonight, Mitch.
Daniel B:
Dr.D.: I'm going to see if Mars is above the trees yet here...BRB.
rich-c: for us it's behind a tree but we can move around it
rich-c: it should be higher in the sky for you, Daniel
Daniel B: I will take a look outside
rich-c: you are a good way east of us in the time zone
Tor.Stargazers: It's best in South America and Austrailia apparently.
rich-c: of course you are also further north which may bring it down again
Tor.Stargazers: Good view from our balcony, if you can get around the trees.
Mighty Mitch: wonder what you have to do to get a geographical place named after you on Mars
Mighty Mitch: like.... be the first to discover it?
Tor.Stargazers: I'd rather have a place I could visit named after me.
Mighty Mitch: see they actually have the place mapped to some extent
Tor.Stargazers: Like on the moon. :)
No Name: hehe
Mighty Mitch: agreed
rich-c: guess once you can put a satellite around to chart it, the rest is "easy"
Dr.D.: I'm back.
Tor.Stargazers: I'm looking forward to when tourist trips to the moon and zero grav are possible.
Mighty Mitch: suppose so
Mighty Mitch: what did you see Dr D
Dr.D.: Mars is above the trees as viewed from our back porch.
Dr.D.: Binoculars don't show anything except a big red-orange light.
Dr.D.: So, I think I will dig out the telescope.
No Name: still kinda cool though
rich-c: sounds like a plan, Rich
Mighty Mitch: didn't get much with my binoculars last night either
Mighty Mitch: What we need now is the little guy with the brush on his head: "The kaboom.! There was supposed to be an earth-shattering Kaboom:!"
rich-c: diversion - are any of you checking attacks on your computers tonight?
No Name: well Gentlemaen....i think i am going to hit the hay........
Dr.D.: Do you mind if I adjourn now to set up the telescope? The sky is intermittently cloudy here.
Daniel B: back...
rich-c: I have had 308 and counting since chat started
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel B: I miss everything
No Name: it's been a pleasure
Daniel B: clouds
Mighty Mitch: night No Name
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Mighty Mitch: y'all come back now ya hear!
changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: Good night Rin...thanks for stopping by.
rich-c: night, Erin
(Mighty Mitch's head explodes!)
No Name: Sweet Dreams all
Dr.D.: (Dr.D. wipes off monitor)
(No Name winks)
Mighty Mitch: kaboom
No Name: had to get that in for Mighty M
Tor.Stargazers: There's your kaboom Mitch.
Dr.D.: Okay, it's too messy to play with my telescope.
Dr.D.: Good night, all.
Mighty Mitch: You are making me very very angry
rich-c: what was the problem, Daniel?
No Name left chat session
Dr.D. left chat session
Tor.Stargazers: lol
Daniel B: many clouds in the sky... I can only see a couple of stars...
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll see you all next week.
Tor.Stargazers: Nite Guy.
rich-c: are the clouds moving around or fairly static?
rich-c: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Tor.Stargazers changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi everone.
Dale: Jill just gave me the computer.
rich-c: see you've taken over, Dale
rich-c: Dale, is the IDE interface project for the Adam going anywhere?
Dale: I am now suprime ruler of the solar system!
Dale: <grin>
Mighty Mitch: so it is written...
Mighty Mitch: so let it be done
rich-c: cant be if you havent downloaded Celestia yet!
Mighty Mitch: Celestia is cool
Mighty Mitch: but the iMac won't run it
Dale: Richard, ANN decided to buy some IDE controlers from Adam's House.
Mighty Mitch: on the problem
rich-c: OK does that mean Bob will have them in stock for sale then?
Dale: Yes.
Dale: I think that he has at least one ready to go.
rich-c: will they work with CD drives or hard drives?
Dale: And he is going to get some more.
Dale: They will theoretically work with CD drives, but the TDOS/EOS support is for IDE hard drives.
Mighty Mitch: neat
Daniel B: ho Dale! how are you?
rich-c: in effect, you're saying the drivers aren't there - which certainly figures
Daniel B: I was looking at the hubble pictures
Dale: I have some prototype code for reading CD-ROMs, but it isn't very useful.
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Dale: We've been exchanging lots of emails this week eh?
rich-c: I hope you will some day get around to making it work
Dale: I got the new verison of CCI, and got the Run button to work by write a RUN.BAT that said:
Dale: start result.rom
Daniel B: good
Dale: Then it uses the .ROM launch association to run it.
Dale: Richard, I'd like to, but there are only abut 3 CDs that are interesting on the Adam, so it is mostly for personal understanding.
Dale: The code I've written would also work on DVD-ROMs. But the Adam can't play DVD movies. It's just a touch too slow. ;-)
Mighty Mitch: Gents - have a newsletter to get out for my retirement group. So I shall bid you adieu
Dale: I think that we worked out the sound encoding. But I haven't worked on verifying the encoding of sounds.
Mighty Mitch: Be well
Dale: (noise effects I mean)
Mighty Mitch: Oh... Rich forgot to your cheque....thanks
Dale: I should have time this weekend to make a visual notation editor for Marcel's CV format sound tracks this weekend.
Mighty Mitch: nite all
Mighty Mitch left chat session
Dale: I just have to adapt my "SoundDraw" program a little to output .c source files.
Dale: Then everyone can make the Adam play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in their game cartridges, etc.
Dale: This weekend at
Dale: MTAG, we didn't get to the carts, but did look at the pictures from ACon.
rich-c: time for me to go too - have fun, gentlemen
rich-c: see you Sat, or next week
Daniel B: bye Rich
Dale: Richard, would you be interested in attending? It is really just Peter Searle, Ralph Veecock and I that meet now.
rich-c: nite now
rich-c left chat session
Dale: We usually meet at Peter's place.
Dale: I guess I'm too slow asking him.
Daniel B: I think so
Dale: I've been working on some music for the game, and the throwing of the bread. I've also finished the art for the crocodile.
Daniel B: how is going your "duck" game?
Daniel B: a crocodile?
Dale: So , I still have to finish the woman's throwing of the bread...
Dale: animate the crocodile.
Dale: Get the hawk bird animation working.
Daniel B: you started this project two weeks ago?
Dale: Get the woman and man to walk around a little...
Dale: and then I'll be in good shape.
Dale: Yup. I was just trying to learn a little about your tools the weekend after AdamCon.
Dale: It is really increased my productivity a lot.
Daniel B: It's the goal of these tools. =)
Dale: I was trying to the get_char and put_char routines to work two nights ago, but either I have my coordinates wrong, or I don't understand them.
Daniel B: Are you tring to work on a "tutorial"?
Dale: Mostly my duck game was slowed down by the fact that I needed to document the sound routines.
Dale: I plan on posting source. And I'll reteach anything I learn.
Dale: I drew some random artwork in ICVGM, and decided to add a game to it.
Daniel B: Sorry to not have already doccument this important part of this kind of doccument but I didn't understand it well until we exchange e-mails.
Dale: I'm a really fast C pseudo code tends to be mostly compilable C.
Dale: Traditionally I convert it into assembly by hand.
Dale: But here I'm able to just compile the C code instead.
Daniel B: I have to admit that the last time I draw a flow chart I was 13 years old.
Dale: Well, if it was documented I didn't want to do it again. But since it wasn't I didn't mind decoding Marcel's routine.
Dale: Well, I do draw flow charts still, but they have about 30 boxes at most for a 1000 line program.
Dale: Just the broad strokes of a difficult algorithm.
Dale: Pseudo code is more attractive technique generally speaking.
Dale: I looked carefully at all of your library of sounds before I committed to decoding the sound routines.
Dale: Do you do assembly or just C?
Daniel B: I was surprise to not see YOU in the "presentation" video clips.
Daniel B: I do a little bit of ASM coding... no choice to do the DSOUND library
Dale: Well for the presentation of your slides, we hooked my computer up to the recorder, and I was wearing a mike.
Dale: That seemed to give the best results.
Dale: There are pictures of my presenting on Dr. D's site.
Dale: Did you listen to the whole presentation?
Daniel B: yes, I downloaded all the Real files
Dale: Did it go how oyu thought?
Dale: Do you understand now why I finished the presentation the way I did?
Daniel B: when you said something about what could be in the next presentation?
Dale: No, I meant the hand on tutorial. You were on the chat, and I was guiding the class through the tutorial.
Dale: I skipped a bunch of slides, then got stuck on a slide, and basically skipped over the last slides.
Daniel B: I think this part of the presentation was done to do that
Dale: It is because the last slides covered similar material to Jame's powerpoint.
Daniel B: I'm surprise to not see or heard about the James presentation
Dale: We had done James' slides in the morning.
Dale: Well it was unscheduled. But I presented it.
Dale: I hope to post a real audio file of it this weekend.
Dale: I've been working on updating the AC15 pages, but sort of want to post them in a batch.
Dale: That is probably a bad idea for my part. But that's what I'm doing.
Dale: I have a fair amount of content to post still.
Daniel B: you prepare then a really big update
Dale: I figured you had read James' slides, so knew what sort of material it covered.
Dale: If I don't have it all ready, I'll try and talk myself into posting a little at a time.
Daniel B: I had the ppt file from James... I saw screenshot of my web site
Dale: I would have posted it tonight, but I just had to see Mars.
Daniel B: yes, the proximity of Mars is rare... but there are clouds outside for me
Dale: Did you think anymore about the get_frame and put_frame for puting and getting a rectangle of chars for animation purposes?
Dale: Maybe tomorrow night for you then.
Daniel B: I hope so
Daniel B: I miss last night... and tonight too
Dale: You often get my weather a day later. So there is a good chance that it'll be clear for you tomorrow.
Dale: Has James posted any carts?
Dale: I was a little disappointed that your presentation said that we'd get a breakout game,but we only got as far as a welcome screen.
Dale: But that took lots of time as it was.
Dale: I guess next year, I'll just have to get them farther.
Dale: Any chance you could come to El Paso TX in Sept next year?
Daniel B: two hours is not enough to talk about theory , tools, and a complex sample
Daniel B: The next presentation will include the "breakout"-like game
Dale: I agree.
Daniel B: a more tutorial presentation... less theory
Dale: That works for me. The theory is an important basis though.
Daniel B: I think the first presentation do the job... for the thoery part
Daniel B: I add the table I sent to you in my cv prog doccument
Dale: Great.
Dale: What is the URL for James' web sire?
Dale: site?
Daniel B:
Daniel B: I think
Dale: Yup.
Dale: Did you try the type in programs from the Saturday presentation?
Daniel B: type in programs?
Dale: At the bottom of:
Dale: Anyway, I'd better go.
Dale: Think about get_frame(byte *buffer,int x,int y,int width,int height) and put_frame(byte *buffer,int x,int y,int width, int height)
Daniel B: oh! get_frame... I think about it but it's difficult to adapt it to the compile
Dale: I need it for my game. I'll probably write it custom myself if it isn't available elsewhere.
Dale: put_frame could be written as a loop doing print_at() calls.
Dale: Not sure about get frame though.
Daniel B: but you can't acces directly to the get_frame and put_frame code by using one of the JMP code at the end of the Coleco bios...
Daniel B: this mean that it can be not working on another coleco compatible system like Diny 2-in-1
Dale: right.
Dale: But I need the utility more than to use the ROM call in the Mayan Adventure example.
Daniel B: the ideal solution is to do a put_frame and get_frame based on the ASM code from Coleco library (refer to put_vram and get_vram)
Daniel B: or something similar
Dale: That'll do it, but I was hoping for something more high level. Not that it really maters.
Dale: It is more like print_at() than get_vram().
Dale: Good night. O
Dale: I'll figure it out later.
Dale: Maybe Monday night I'll get the animation done.
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Dale: poof
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