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Ron: well...wherever two or three are gathered together
Ron: Anyone home?
rich-c: and not onl;y that, I'm wearing my AC15 t-shirt
rich-c: sorry - didnt see you come in at first
rich-c: too busy beating a game of Free Cell
Ron: oh no..... I'm improperly dressed--- I'm in a Apple Mac T-shirt from the local store
Ron: Really must try that some day
rich-c: well - as long as you're using one of your Macs to get on line...
Ron: Never used the games on these machines
Ron: Well no, I'm on the Duron
Ron: Nothing ever matches around here
rich-c: as you know I am not a game enthusiast but I do use Free Cell (it's a form of solitaire) while waiting for the gang to show up
Ron: right
rich-c: OK then, go change into your "Defenestrate Windows" t-shirt!
Ron: Know a couple of devotees here in town
Ron: I have a button that says that
rich-c: I keep trying to jack my win percentage over 82%
Ron: aha
Ron: but no Joy?
rich-c: not right now though I have a streak of 8 wins going
rich-c: my totals are W 1520 L329
Ron: well, that's not bad
rich-c: I think my record is 29 straight wins and I keep trying to break that
Ron: Over at the Extended Care Unit at the local hospital we have a computer club for the residents
Ron: And they have solitaire tournaments
Ron: This morning one of them won a Panda Bear for her efforts during August
rich-c: really? which flavour of solitaire?
Ron: the stock Windows game
Ron: Klondike
rich-c: on 98SE Free Cell is also Windows stock, though it may not be installed automatically
Ron: Between the slot machine game and the solitaire, you'd swear it was a gambling casino over there
rich-c: Klondike farv as I can see is strictly a random chance, no skill game
Ron: my kind of game
Ron: I'm trying to mix things up over there.... this morning I installed pinball on a couple of the Macs
rich-c: gets wearing after a while - I do have a fw other freebie games I've brought down from the net
Ron: just to see if they'd take to anything different
rich-c: there's a mini-golf game I take a bash at occasionally
Ron: oh now that would be fun
Ron: the trick is with some of our residents .... that they don't like anything too complicateed
Ron: complicated
rich-c: yes, maybe you should take a prowl around the net
Ron: It has to be simple.... a couple of mouse keypresses, and that's about all they can follow
rich-c: trust me, when I game I'm generally looking for the idiot level
Ron: I have done... but every time I go, there's something out there that I find new
Ron: some of these people come to us for some hand-eye co-ordination exercise
Ron: me too.... idiot level, I mean
rich-c: try and as a start
Ron: sec gotta write those down
Ron: 'em
rich-c: I've given up writing down - now I set up a blank notepad sheet minimized at the start of each session
Ron: Always on the hunt for something different
Ron: hey now there's an idea
Ron: like it's not exactly like I'm short of computers to keep a notepad open on
rich-c: then whenever someone gives me a url I highlight it, give it the old control-c
Ron: indeed
rich-c: bring up the minimized notepad, position the cursor and control-v it
Ron: Guy Cousineau always used to tell me that I'm not lazy enough
Ron: go to more steps than necessary
rich-c: nowadays I have a file in "My Documents" called "urls from chat"
Ron: right
rich-c: I just start and minimize it then bring it up as needed when I have to copy something new
rich-c: that's how I got the Hubble addresses Wednesday
Ron: right
rich-c: Guy was actually talking about how to write elegant software but teh principle applies generally
Ron: yup
rich-c: if you want to find out how to to a job most efficiently, assign it to the laziest guy in the shop
Ron: with me, he'd always get on my case for not using shortcuts
Ron: I still don't
Ron: yup
rich-c: I tend to learn them from necessity
rich-c: that's how I got the url list stunt - couldnt keep up with our gurus
Ron: well.... in my case, mostly I find that by the time I remember the shortuct, I could type the real line at least twice
Ron: but some days, I'm not so sure if that's really true
rich-c: depends on what your up to
Ron: exactly
rich-c: just like I tend to cut and paste addresses when responding to emails - otherwise my erratic typing betrays me
Ron: let the approach fit the situation
rich-c: anyhow I think maybe I can get you a couple more useful game sites - wait a second
Ron: Like... I didn't realize until recently that there are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything on the menu
Ron: ok
Ron: I have my notepad at the ready ....(the Windows one that is)
rich-c: sorry - can't find them on my favourites list right now (now ain't that stoopid?)
rich-c: forget which folder to look in, I guess
Ron: It has been known to happen
rich-c: of course almost all the freeware sites have big game sections
Ron: yep.... I have a couple of favourites.....usually TUCOWS or CNET..... and then "This Old Mac" for the Apples
rich-c: OK - try bored.c0m,
Ron: so... now tell me.... what are the shortcuts for copy and paste?
rich-c: also,
rich-c: OK - control-c copy, control-v paste
rich-c: relics from the late great days of CP/M ;-)
rich-c: next:;, (which is Canadian)
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rich-c: hi George, figured it was you
George: Hi Rich, Ron
rich-c: just telling Ron some places whre he could find freebie simple games for some unskilled users
Ron: em
Ron: although control-v and control-c didn't work
rich-c: there are lots more, Ron, but those have links and they're easy to come by
Ron: had to type them from the Spaniel Screen to my Notepad window
George: we have severe T-storms here
Ron: the Good Lord is bowling, George
rich-c: right, George, you must be getting th cold front that went through here yesterday noon
George: it went from 90 to 75
rich-c: sure you didn't get 'em backwrds, Ron? they do work for me
Ron: Are either of you tennis fans?
Ron: got Agassi and Kafelnikov playing now
rich-c: sorry - for me it ranks well behind watching paint dry or grass grow
Ron: right.... would for me too if I hadn't actually played it a few years ago
rich-c: hey, were you bust cheering for Ottawa last night?
Ron: Always enjoy people doing things well that I've tried to to myself
Ron: oh yes Oh YEs
rich-c: I suspect that slight earth tremor I felt might be you jumping up and down with glee
Ron: yup... that was I
rich-c: that, sir, were one sumpin' game
Ron: indeed
George: BOY, that was a loud crash
rich-c: was it very close, George, or just loud?
Ron: storm must be close eh George?
George: it is very close and violent. it shook me up
rich-c: for every second between the time you see the lightning and hear the thunder, the lightning strike was 1000 ft. away
rich-c: so if you saw teh flash and got the bang one second later, it hit about 1000 ft. from you
George: doppler has storm overhead
rich-c: if you're still on during a thunderstorm, I assume that means you have full surge protector
George: i'm on note book
George: wifi
rich-c: even so you need your phone line surge protected, unless the smell of frying modems turns you on
George: no modem wifi
Ron: Tony Morehen lost one that way in Ottawa once
rich-c: then your wireless interface would be what needs the surge protection
rich-c: yes, I gather insurance companies in the US get over a million claims a year for fried computers
Ron: imagine so
Ron: we don't have much of a problem out here, although every now and then
rich-c: I have whole house central surge protection - industrial strangth, and computer on UPS
George: that has full surge $50,000.00 garenteed
Ron: right
rich-c: I didnt get crashed in the great blackout, just closed down normally
Ron: PJ during the old compuserve days used to leave in mid-sentence somethimes...... she' shut down at the first hint
Ron: she told us once....not to take it personally
rich-c: couple of years back a local columnist who has surge protectors on everything in his house was talking about them
George: now i need backup power too
rich-c: seems on his block a car hit a tulitity pole and falling and shorting power lines fried evreything for blocks around
Ron: oh oh
rich-c: except his house of course where the only things damaged wre the surge protectors themselves
Ron: ah...killed off in the line of duty
rich-c: George, there is an outfit in Buffalo that has refurbished UPSs at good pricves
George: My father is missing
rich-c: I think their price has shipping included
George: i'll pick up fresh soon
rich-c: what do you mean, missing?
George: family hasn't heard from him since yesterday, He never came home
rich-c: anyway, George, make a note of:
rich-c: is that unusual? - it was obviously unexpected
George: yes
rich-c: do you have any specific cause to be worried?
George: he has severe memory problems
Ron: brb
rich-c: OK - so you are more worried about something like spontaneous amnesia or a TIA than foul play
George: at times he doesn't know me anymore
rich-c: was he using his car or public transit?
George: his car
rich-c: if his memory is that bad, having teh car is worrisome
George: he has slow reaction time
rich-c: I assume that you have been checking with the police
George: not yet
George: need at least 24 hours
rich-c: don't you think that perhaps it is time that you did?
rich-c: although I suppose if he was in an accident you would hear quite promptly
George: police won't do anything till at least 24 hours
rich-c: older folk with a history of impaired emntal function tend to be a special case
rich-c: I can't figure why they havent lifted his drivers licence
George: me too
rich-c: aren't your doctors required to report such things?
George: it's like riding with Mr. Magoo
rich-c: I understand teh relationship problems in trying to take away his keys - better let the doctor or statev examiner do it
rich-c: what is the PA age for mandatory testing to start?
George: none set
rich-c: none at all? here it's 80
Ron: BC Gov't is just about as lax
Ron: just prior to dad's passing away in 1995
George: they had a woman on the news driving at 103
rich-c: right now we've had a number of pretty nasty senior accidents of late so there's quite a buzz
Ron: his Doctor said he really shouldn't be driving, but somebody else had to initiate action
Ron: We had to write to Dept of Motor Vehicles to ask for a test
rich-c: no reason why a 103 year old shouldnt drivw so long as she is competent
Ron: by the time the got to it, Dad had departed this world
rich-c: here doctors are required to report worries - it's not an option
Ron: registered letter arrived two weeks after the funeral
Ron: yes....and so it should be
rich-c: I am hoping I have sense enough to hang up the keys on my own when it's time
Ron: So far, all we have here is ICBC doing a study on seniors and driving
Ron: think they know there's a problem....but the politics in this province tends to lead to studies first
rich-c: so far, as AARP and CARP will insist, figures suggest seniors can drive competently at any age
rich-c: but they quickly add that not ALL seniors are competent forever
Ron: I suspect so
rich-c: they also note us elders tend to reduce our high-hazard driving voluntarily
Ron: Anyway gents, i'm going to leave you both
Ron: see ya Wed the Good Lord Willin
rich-c: I think I'm an overly aggressive driver in the city here
George: my father forgets oneway streets
rich-c: simply because I want to prove not all seniors have forgotten where the loud pedal lives
rich-c: and the disability sign doesn't refer to my mental powers (so many act as if it does)
Ron: later guys
George: bye Ron
rich-c: OK Ron. take care, send some rain to the interior, and DV see you Wed
Ron: fer sure eh?
rich-c: 10-4
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rich-c: maybe it's time you made some (carefully anonymous?) inquiries to the DMV, George
George: boy, did it get dark
rich-c: yes, thunderstorms are like that
rich-c: we sometimes have ones that turn the streetlights on
George: it's like midnight
rich-c: don't worry - "this too shall pass away"
rich-c: notice we're getting some lag time on this server - wonder if it is planning to dump us?
George: i noticed that
rich-c: anyway, George, if you aer interested in a UPS at a good price, try
George: ok
rich-c: they offer quite and extensive line of refurbs with new batteries and guarantees
rich-c: they also have a toll-free inquiry and order line and I think offer free shipping
rich-c: I bought onw from their Toronto operation and it seems to be fully satisfactory
George: i have one but as i have a network it's not enough
rich-c: well, won't cost you anything to look at their website, so why not give it a peek?
George: ok
rich-c: in fact, if Dale's server is planning to crash out from under us anyway, maybe we should call it an afternoon
George: ok
rich-c: right - good luck then in finding your father, and hope you'll have good news for us Wednesday
George: yes
George: i'll try
rich-c: see you then - bye now
George: bye now
rich-c: poof
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