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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi rich-c
rich-c: hi there Fred - et bonjour
FredK: coment tu va?
rich-c: comment ca va aujourd'hui?
rich-c: je vaid tres bien, merci
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FredK: ca va moi aussi, merci
rich-c: see we have someone else coming in
changed username to DerDoktor\
DerDoktor\ changed username to DerDoktor
rich-c: heil, Herr Doktor
FredK: this one is more evident to guess!
rich-c: Toronto folks don't talk to Clevelanders these days
rich-c: we're too embarrassed
FredK: guten abend
DerDoktor: Ich habe gehšrt, dass wir heute abend auf dem Coleco-ADAM sprechen kšnnen.
DerDoktor: Verdammt, es hat meine Umlauten gegessen.
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FredK: abbe gut gehert
DerDoktor: (I heard, that tonight we can talk about the Coleco ADAM)
changed username to BobS
DerDoktor: (Rats, it ate my umlauts)
rich-c: hello Bob, you're almost on time tonoght
BobS: HELLO Canada & US !!!!!!!
DerDoktor: What was that about Toronto not talking to Cleveland?
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BobS: was on vacation again last week sorry
changed username to Judy
FredK: ohne vorte!
rich-c: you look at the weekend baseball results?
rich-c: trust me, 'round here we'd rather not
FredK: Hi Bob
Judy: hello, everyone
BobS: hiya Fred
rich-c: hello Judy, see you slipped in while I was checking some mail
DerDoktor: Didn't look, sorry...
Judy: I just got here
rich-c: shall w4e say teh Blue Jays did not cover themselves with glory?
DerDoktor: Sat. I was at a wedding in Toledo, Sun. I hung around home, Mon. we went to see Spy Kids 3D.
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Judy: we were camping at the beach
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: we had one football game Sunday and a doubleheader Monday - kept me watching
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: Hello! Yes it's me! Daniel Bienvenu! =)
FredK: Salut toi!
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: hi Daniel
Daniel B: salut Fred!
Daniel B: salut Rich!
Daniel B: hi Judy!
BobS: 'tis I.....Daniel say
Daniel B: hi Bob!
rich-c: before you assk, Daniel, have had some distractions of late but will mail the book a.s.a.p.
Daniel B: hi "DerDoktor" :P
Daniel B: no rush for the document
DerDoktor: Hi French is not good enough to initiate any conversation :-)
rich-c: speaking for yourself or your buddy, Daniel? ;-)
DerDoktor: I know some colors, and can count to 39.
DerDoktor: And sing a bit of (bad spelling) Sur La Pont D'Avignon...
FredK: brb
Daniel B: You know "Frère Jacques" and "Au clair de la lune"?
rich-c: don't even know Aupres de ma blonde???
DerDoktor: I know Frere Jacques. Not the words to Clair de la Lune.
DerDoktor: And I never heard of what Richard just mentioned.
DerDoktor: I am a poor global citizen.
DerDoktor: I am lucky to know the words to O, Canada!
rich-c: heavens! at lasst we have found a gap in your erudition!
rich-c: emind us to teach you the real and original versioin - it's in French
DerDoktor: Nor do I know the words to (more bad spelling) La Marseilles.
DerDoktor: But I can play the tune in marching band.
rich-c: much easier to remember than teh English version, the words to which change with evry political fad
DerDoktor: Other bits of bad French that I know...
DerDoktor: Honi soit que mal y pense.
DerDoktor: But that's medieval IIRC.
rich-c: that is actually quite archaic French
DerDoktor: Normal probably.
Daniel B: "Auprès de ma blonde" ! hehehe!
DerDoktor: But some Normal-descended royalty use it for a motto...Order of the Garter?
Daniel B: "Qu'il fait bon, fait bon, fait bon... Au près de ma blonde qu'il fait bon... dormir" :p
DerDoktor: oops, Norman-descended
rich-c: "fait bon" ou "fait beau", Daniel?
DerDoktor: And I know enough to muddle through Edgar Allan Poe's Auguste Dupin detective stories.
Daniel B: normally it's "fait bon" because it means "it's good"
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DerDoktor: Something good about a blonde, eh?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: but the other would mean "it's beautiful"
DerDoktor: Too bad all mine are brunettes.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel B: Yeah! this song said how good is to not be alone.
BobS: Hi Duy
DerDoktor: And one sorta-redhead.
BobS: Guy
rich-c: to the English mind (if any) that might make even more sense
rich-c: hello Guy, welcome abaord
Daniel B: Hi Guy!
rich-c: actually, Daniel, the song dates back to the wars with teh Netherlands
FredK: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Despite continuing working overtime. I'm here
Judy: hi, Guy
DerDoktor: I will be leaving (temporarily) at 9:30 for a change of venue:
rich-c: why, are you at teh University now?
DerDoktor: I have to run an extra session in the robot lab from 10:00 to midnight tonight.
DerDoktor: I'm at home, and have to go down to campus, ugh.
rich-c: that's a wild hour - thought Guy had overtime troubles
DerDoktor: My staff have deserted me and not been able to offer anything.
Judy: bummer, Dr D
DerDoktor: Well, 3 grad students have assignments due tomorrow, that can't be due unless they get into the lab to finish them.
Daniel B: me too... I have to go at 21h30.
Guy B.: My website will be updated hopefully, by the weekend. Will have some new additions to the Qbasic and VB webpages.
DerDoktor: Joan won't get off work tonight until 12:30, so I will just wait in the lab for her to call, then meet her.
Daniel B: QBasic and VB... :) I used them many times.
rich-c: who's minding the kids?
DerDoktor: Younger 2 are in bed already, older 2 can mind the store.
rich-c: keep forgetting they're getting old enough to drive!
Guy B.: Even balance there Dr.D.
DerDoktor: The reason the session is starting at 10:00 is because I had to wait for Christina to get home from a soccer game (about 15 minutes ago).
BobS: Christina and Elanor ????????? they fight like sisters don't they ???????
rich-c: are you contributing or just doing the heavy looking on?
DerDoktor: Only Christina is driving age yet (still must take final test later this month).
Judy: nice they are getting older, do not have to have a babysitter anymore
DerDoktor: They mostly stay out of each other's way.
BobS: she WILL equates to FREEDOM !!!!!!
DerDoktor: Still has to learn to parallel park a minivan.
Guy B.: I think she will do great on her test. She's got the best instructor, her dad.
DerDoktor: (Joan can barely do that...bumpers have the scuffs to prove it)
DerDoktor: Well, I haven't had to do much instructing, she is pretty stable on the road.
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rich-c: yes, parking vans is easy when you use the Braille system
DerDoktor: Elanor is the one I worry about.
DerDoktor: But still 3 years from now...
changed username to james
Guy B.: You got to admit Dr. D, that she is doing very well to this point, right?
DerDoktor: Hello James.
rich-c: good morning, james
james: good morning
Guy B.: Hi James
DerDoktor: Of course I admit it.
james: admit what, rich?
FredK: Hi James
BobS: good morning JAMES
Judy: hi, James
BobS: and ALL of Japan !!!!!!!
DerDoktor: Admit that my 16-year-old is a good driver.
james: hi bob, fredk, richc
james: heh heh
DerDoktor: Better than her mom (ducks)
james: i've been driving since i was 16
FredK: lol
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
rich-c: actually when I started you could get a learners permit at 15 and I did
james: my students find that hard to believe
Guy B.: I got my license when I was 16, but I didn't get to drive until 2 years later. Especially when I started college.
james: in japan, you can't drive until you're 18 and if you're still in high school, you're not allowed
rich-c: so I have now been driving for 58 years
DerDoktor: I was almost 17, I had to do it in the summer between junior and senior year.
FredK: afraid of crash course!
DerDoktor: 15.5 for learner's permit here too.
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
DerDoktor: I just couldn't schedule the 9-week high school driver's ed course because of other classes, so I had to go to a school.
james: do they have anything like ontario's graduated licencing system in any of the u.s. states?
Meeka: hello
Judy: hi, again, meeka
DerDoktor: I don't know what the Ontario system is...
james: bonjour dan!
rich-c: I believe that they do in some, james
DerDoktor: Hola Meeka.
rich-c: some of the guys wre talking about it on the Autoweek chat
Daniel B: bonjour James
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Daniel B: hi Meeka
james: @doc, basically you acquire levels of licencing in phases. when you start out, you can't drive on the freeway or after dark etc
rich-c: btw, james, you know the election's been called?
DerDoktor: Now's when I have to take back in about 30 minutes.
james: you mean for ontario? yeah, i was reading about that
rich-c: c u ltr, Rich
DerDoktor: Off to the robot lab...poof.
DerDoktor left chat session
rich-c: right, we get our shot at these clowns Oct. 2
Guy B.: He disappears fast.
james: i've grown more cynical and jaded than i used to be. i really think it makes little difference who you vote for
rich-c: I'm not voting for anybody, I'm voting against them
james: pardon my apathy, unlike people your age, my generation doesn't have a point of reference when it comes to politicians following through on what they say in an election campaign
rich-c: it's easy - take teh threats as promises and the promises as threats
BobS: you only get to vote in the least of all evils James.........HOPEFULLY
BobS: I like that analogy Richard
james: i'm told by historians that there was a time when they had a modicum of decency and integrity.
rich-c: if you don't like it, if it's totally dippy, they're gonna do it
james: and half a functionning brain
james: heh. yeah, like sheila copps. i read what her platform was. no thanks.
rich-c: there was - in fact just a week or two Bill Davis was carving teh current party up and down teh back - and front - and sides
james: whoa.. something smells not good. brb.
rich-c: he does not approve of what they have done to teh party he built
rich-c: btw, fred and Daniel - you just had an elelction; seen any change yet?
FredK: Too early to judge for me, but dont feel any change though
rich-c: do you think Charest actually will "un-amalgamate" Montreal?
james: back
james: i just changed case's politician
james: i mean diaper.
Daniel B: Personnaly, i don't like talking politic.
james: easy mistake since they're usually full of the same thing
FredK: Well, I am not sure that the population will back the project due to costs involved....but who knows
rich-c: right, Fred - unscrambling an omelet is not easy
rich-c: wish it wre feasible for Toronto but there's just no way
FredK: yeah and I am like Daniel, dont really like politics
FredK: Yes they said YYZ was a problem so they copied here, why make it simple when it could be done difficult
rich-c: I am in agreement with you two basically, it's just that the pols are so meddlesome you cant get away from them
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FredK: true
james: wonder if that's ron
changed username to Ron
Ron: Yo
james: heh heh
rich-c: you're right, Ron it is - welcome
Meeka: hello
Ron: Well, wonder no more
Judy: hello, Ron
Daniel B: hi Ron
BobS: ya made it !!!!!!!
FredK: Hi Ron
james: hi ron
Ron: parcel arrived, my good man Bob
Daniel B: Sorry... but I have to go now
Ron: Hi y'all
james: bye dan!
BobS: Question ron !!!!! get the package yet??????
Meeka: ok, ngiht Daniel
FredK: Bonsoir Dan, a+
rich-c: OK Daniel, take it easy, a la prochaine
Ron: yup
Daniel B: be right back in about one hour. ... Good night!
Ron: arrived today
BobS: nite Daniel
Ron: Was it something I said Daniel?
BobS: intact I presume ??????
rich-c: my cheque get there yet, Ron?
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Judy: nite
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: TO BOB.... yes sir. Have not yet installed it...... will do so tonite
Ron: yes Rich....didn't I e-mail you on that?
Ron: some time ago
rich-c: may have - things have been a tad busy around here, for various reasons
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
Ron: ah
rich-c: tend to have trouble keeping all my ducks in a row
rich-c: go for my post-surgical exam tomorrow afternoon
Ron: me too...... best I can do is shoot the suckers
BobS: To Ron.........shipping insured was ungodly cost prohibitive, so let it go Air Letter post.....and prayed !!!!!
Ron: Well the Gods were listening Bob.
BobS: so, Richard......feeling good ???????
Judy: when is surgery, Rich
FredK: lol
rich-c: yes, seem to be back on my feed and all
rich-c: the physio did seem to undo the extra hurt on my hip from the accident
BobS: installed sipps and ran memery test on it by filing it up with files (big ones) and it went right on up to the top
rich-c: so now I can go get clerance for the operation from the internist on Sept. 15th
Judy: missed the post, Rich
BobS: and then surgury when??????????
BobS: maybe before Christmas???????
rich-c: I think once I'm cleared it should be sometime in November
Ron: right Bob, I notice I now have a full Meg of Ram on it
BobS: ya mon
Meeka: lol
Ron: neat little plug for the Mem expander
rich-c: Ron: then it may work but it will never keep working!
Ron: hey..... what do I do with that???
rich-c: push pins forever!
Judy: yes, no more push pins!!!
Ron: :)
Ron: right on Rich
Meeka: waht about the aligator clips, I seem to recall some of those in use ;)
Ron: you must have seen my other ADAM Meeka. It has aligators in there
Judy: they are history
Ron: actually, yes... as I recall there was an aligator clip too
BobS: forgot to send the alligator system in the package.....wil have to get it in El Paso nex year
rich-c: no, Judy, likely still current events - though with historic roots
Ron: I am not worried
Ron: much
Ron: I'll have to send ya some coin for labour costs
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moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: thought you woould not cry too hard
james: back
changed username to Colecoguy
Meeka: wb
changed username to Dr.D.-lab
james: thanks :D
rich-c: hello Michael, havent seen you for a while
Judy: not on his board any more
BobS: just pay off the cable bill for conventinoa nd we are set
BobS: yo Michaela
BobS: lor somethin like that
Ron: James...... with a touch of luck, your parcel will be in the mail tomorrow
rich-c: and Rich, didnt take you long to make the trip
Colecoguy: Hey Everyone How are you all, see the con' was a sucess THanks to Ron M
Guy B.: HI Mike, long time no see.
Ron: to Ottawa
Dr.D.-lab: No traffic, I am amazed.
james: perfect
Ron: More to everyone else than me, Mike
james: it'll likely get there before i do
BobS: yo DOC
Colecoguy: Hey so good to see you all
Colecoguy: I have been busy too
Dr.D.-lab: Is that Michael Hurst as Colecoguy?
Judy: welcome back, Dr D
james: maybe. this is afterall canada post we're talking about
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Ron: Bob, did you get my unending report?
Dr.D.-lab: Hello Ron.
Colecoguy: yes it is Dr. D
Ron: aha Dr. D.... greetings
changed username to E fever
Dr.D.-lab: Hi Michael.
BobS: got the report sir.......THANKS
Judy: hi, Michael
Ron: good
rich-c: now who id E fever - that's a new one
BobS: Erin......and where is Pamela???????
Judy: hello, E
Dr.D.-lab: I started to write a report during my return layover in Chicago...on the laptop...need to finish it.
Guy B.: Welcom Back Dr. D.
E fever: hi Bob
E fever: lol
BobS: need input Dr D.........finish it
E fever: election fever is a brewin'
Dr.D.-lab: E fever must be some hot chick.
rich-c: don't know whre Pamela is tonight
moved to room Meeting Place
E fever: *blush*
Dr.D.-lab: Or else someone crazed about Elections.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: but then not sure whre she is - maybe at the trailer?
Ron: somebody fax Dr. D a roundtuit
BobS: bout time girl !!!!!!!
Meeka: hello Pam
Judy: hi, Pam
Colecoguy: Yes I can hardly wait to ge t rid of them Hurry up
E fever: Pam asked me earlier if i would be on and said she looked forward to chatting
E fever: hi Pam
Pamela: I'm here
rich-c: oh hi Pam. about time you showed up ;-)
Colecoguy: hey Pam
Pamela: sorry - better late than never
Colecoguy: good to see you
Dr.D.-lab: Hello Pamela.
E fever: hi Judy....sorry a little slow tonight
Colecoguy: I haven't been here in so long I almost forgot how it works
E fever: and thank you Dr. D
Pamela: Sorry Rin, was nagging you and then was late myself
Judy: no, problem, Erin
rich-c: you just type and hit return, Michael ;-)
Guy B.: Hi Pam
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.D.-lab: Very welcome, E fever.
Pamela: Hey Michael - how are you darling?
Colecoguy: Yes I know Rich, Say hello to Francis
Pamela: thanks Guy
Dr.D.-lab: All we need is Frances to have the whole Clee clan here.
Colecoguy: Very good sweety Been at the trailer since May 12th
rich-c: yes, she's checking over my shoulder evry once in a while
Dr.D.-lab: Unless she is peering over Richard's shoulder...
Ron: Hi Frances
Colecoguy: Oh thats good
Pamela: Hi, Mom
E fever: hi Aunt Frances
Colecoguy: I have had the best summer yet Pam
Colecoguy: I am in Keene Ontario
Pamela: good to know Michael
Judy: hi, Frances
Pamela: where's that?
Colecoguy: In a Park called Shady Acres
Pamela: sounds like a rest home!
Ron: Where the hell is Keene?
Colecoguy: Near Peterborough
BobS: Hi Frances
Ron: ah
rich-c: Frances says to tell you hi all around
FredK: cover with forest!
Colecoguy: hey Fran
Colecoguy: no none at all
Colecoguy: mostly lake
Pamela: Rich, you're still at work?
Colecoguy: Rice Lake that is
Dr.D.-lab: Newly returned, Pam.
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Pamela: as in home and then back?
Dr.D.-lab: I was at home ab out 20 minutes ago, chatting away.
changed username to zonker
Pamela: HI zonker
rich-c: hello Zonker! the gangs all here!
Meeka: hello Zonker :)
zonker: greetings earthlings
Colecoguy: Hey Zonk
BobS: CRAZY is???????
Ron: so Dr. D. has CASE shuddered to a successful opening?
Dr.D.-lab: But I had to run an extra session in the robot lab tonight for the benefit of 3 slow students with lab reports due tomorrow.
Judy: hi, Zonk
Colecoguy: oh oh
Dr.D.-lab: CASE...pah, it sickens me.
E fever: hi Zonker
Ron: oh oh
Colecoguy: Its a Job
Pamela: yeah, that's part of the reason I'm late - didn't leave the office till nearly 7:00
Dr.D.-lab: They now have a Flash animation on the main webpage shilling for contributions.
Ron: be that my fellow west coaster?
Dr.D.-lab: Es ist der Zonker...
Guy B.: Zonker, you made it.
rich-c: there are people with teh patience to sit through a Flash load for an ad pitch?
Colecoguy: so what else is new most of the schools here do the same now too
BobS: oh jeez, now he is being shy........ Oh Zonker........
zonker: yowsah...hows the weather up your way, ron? tis bloody hot here.
Ron: same, my son. not a cloud in the sky
Guy B.: Hold on, I got something for you.
(Guy B. gives zonker a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.D.-lab: They try to spin it as "you too can help reinvent CASE". A big turnoff to any grad of Western Reserve University.
zonker: uh oh....guys gonna throw a potato at me. stop him!!
Colecoguy: We wish it was warm here, have closed the door and windows and started up the furnce just before I joined you here
Dr.D.-lab: <spud gun, fooom!>
Pamela: keep this up and you'll run out, Guy
rich-c: ah c/
zonker: oh, fault,thanks for the coke. yeah, thats what i meant to say.
Dr.D.-lab: <potato enters jet stream>
Judy: we had the rain this week-end that you need up there
Guy B.: I've got a full 24 can case.
rich-c: ah c'mon, Michael, it got up to 74 for a bit today
Dr.D.-lab: <homing in on SEATAC>
E fever: plenty to go around
Ron: trouble with potatoes travelling the jet stream east to west is that they can't do it
Colecoguy: yea but its going down to 9 up here to night
Ron: they's have to fly into a headwind
Guy B.: Steer that past Boeing Field then to Kent
Dr.D.-lab: <engaging potato warp drive>
Dr.D.-lab: <tells earth's rotation to stick it>
E fever: LOLOLOL
zonker: over 50 consectutive days at 70 or above....a record here!! :)
Pamela: tee he
Ron: well.... if you put it that way..... bring on the potato
Colecoguy: BTW PJ says hi Richard he is under the table snoring
Dr.D.-lab: <Seattle meteorologist observe what they think is snow>
rich-c: the weather radio just said we'll get a low of 14 tonight, Michael
Pamela: just how is PJ now Michael?
Ron: PJ has been re-incarnated?
zonker: dr d HAHAHAHA!!
Pamela: sorry, I meant how old?
Colecoguy: I am close to the lake so take 5 degress off
rich-c: for our US friends, that's 57 in your skinny degrees
Dr.D.-lab: <potato became Potato Buds during atmospheric reentry>
Judy: they said 58 on the news here this morning,Zonk
Colecoguy: 18 at the end of June
Pamela: boy, he's an old man
Guy B.: HI Erin, just noticed you now.
Dr.D.-lab: <zonker is saved>
E fever: hi Guy
Colecoguy: I can't beleive how well hes doing
BobS: get any rain to speak of yet Zonik.....or Ron?????????
rich-c: any pooch still around at 18 is doing great if he's breathing
Colecoguy: its a 4 block walk to the boat and he does it regularly
zonker: nope, none since y
Ron: about 12 drops a week ago, not much more for weeks
Dr.D.-lab: A dog at age 18?!?!
zonker: er none since y'all were up this way.
Dr.D.-lab: Hope he/she can still see and walk.
Ron: supposed to fall apart this coming weekend- Rain for Sat and Sun
zonker: oh yeah,dr. d. ....mine lived to be almost 19.
Ron: but they've said that before
rich-c: they'll be happy to see that in the interior, Ron
Dr.D.-lab: <Potato Buds turn to Potato Soup>
Pamela: PJ is a big attention suck too - he's living on love
Pamela: ick, Rich
Colecoguy: well the other day I was digging a hole to plant an anntena and was so busy that he poped open the door and took a stroll down to the boat by himself
zonker: ron, keep that stuff NORTH of the border, please.
Dr.D.-lab: I've never personally seen a dog older than 11.
Judy: we would have given you our rain, it rained on our party this week-end
Colecoguy: it was only when a neighbour down by the dck calle dthat I noted he was gone
Pamela: our cats are 14
BobS: bummer dude....say on tv that the big fire near Kamloops was taking off again and out of control
Dr.D.-lab: All varieties of mongrel...all usually blind or nearly so, and bad hind legs.
zonker: yeah, i didn't watch the news IS the fire in bc?
Colecoguy: dock
rich-c: we can smell the smoke here in Toronto every once in a while
Dr.D.-lab: So if you got a healthy dog to 18-19, that's great.
Pamela: so the dog walks himself - you have to love it
zonker: mine was a norwegian elkhound. and she got pretty lame near the end there.
Colecoguy: he was down there sitting by the boat cryng cause he wanted a boat ride
Colecoguy: he knew the way thought
rich-c: that's PJ all teh way
Pamela: <in interview> So, Michael, would you say your dog is just a bit spoiled?
Colecoguy: for sure I am really surprised by this behavoiur as he usually is stuck to me like clue on paper
rich-c: (naw, just a bit smarter than his owner ;-0)
Dr.D.-lab: <rim shot>
Colecoguy: noooooo not at all Pam
zonker: judy,.i'm not complaining re: lack of rain, we get enough of that in the winter.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: LOL
Colecoguy: and PJ appears
Judy: that is better than snow!!!
zonker: suddenly a shot rang out
Dr.D.-lab: Colonel Mustard falls to the floor of the Conservatory!
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: handing over to Frances for a minute
zonker: ah-HA. guy is trying to deceive me by throwin' taters at bob.
Colecoguy: hey Francis
E fever: no lights out anymore thanks
Colecoguy: hope life is treating you good
Pamela: what, you no like the dark?
rich-c: Michael, that's Frances
Dr.D.-lab: Well, it's 10:04 and none of the 3 guys who said that they needed to complete their work in the lab have shown up.
Colecoguy: Thanks
E fever: depends.....
Colecoguy: sorry
BobS: get it right Mike
rich-c changed username to frances
(Everyone laughs mockingly at BobS)
Pamela: HI, Mom
zonker: uh, dr. d? i dont think they is gonna show up....
Judy: is better to loose the lights now than in the winter
E fever: hi Aunt Frances!!!!
Colecoguy: awasted trip eh Nice of those folks to ask for help ey Rich
(Guy B. smiles)
frances: Hi, you-all. I would like your indulgence to make a brief report to Pam and Erin
zonker: zonker is very confused by the relationship amongst folk in this chat.
(Guy B. hands zonker a tissue.)
Colecoguy: no prob
Dr.D.-lab: a knock at the student is here.
E fever: okie dokie
Colecoguy: go aheasd
zonker: go ahead francEs.
BobS: GIVE 'EM AN "F" for failing to show
Pamela: do you want to repair to another room Mom?
Judy: I would think that would not be cool for there grades, Dr D
Colecoguy: for sure Bob
zonker: why is the one your in broken? hahhahahahahahhahaha
frances: Kids, went to see Grammie yesterday. Her breathing is very jerky and I think it is shallower.
Pamela: That was to be expected Mom
E fever: Mom's here too
zonker: then again, i keep thinking bob is my uncle, so what do *I* know.
frances: Crisencia says that she is not eating anything, just drinks a little and doesn't open her eyes.
E fever: has the Dr. seen her?
Judy: how old is she now, Frances?
BobS: watch it zonk........
frances: I'm sure he has, Erin, but there is nothing to be done
Pamela: 100 Judy
zonker: not eating is not a good sign.
E fever: i was just curious as to whether or not the Dr. had an opinion
zonker: are there instructions to feed her? or just let her be?
james: 100? wow.. is this your grandmother, pam?
BobS: my 93 1/2 yr old aunt just went that way.........
Pamela: how long has it been since she's eaten anything?
frances: no it is not Zonker, but she is not going to live forever and, as Pam said, she is 100.
Pamela: Yes, James
BobS: so Pam is stilll a babe, eh James????????
james: wow
E fever: mine toooooo James
james: given what life expectancy was 100 years ago, that's a long life
frances: About a week, Pam
Judy: that is something!!!
zonker: my heart goes out to you all.
Dr.D.-lab: oops, a student interrupt...
Pamela: so, shortly after we were there then
frances: Erin, would you report to your mother?
Dr.D.-lab: E, what did you want my opinion of?
zonker: student interruptus?
BobS: so we have TWO babes right here............ and a LONG life ahead
Pamela: thanks, Zonker - its not unexpected
E fever: just did don't worry
E fever: not you Dr. Grammy's Doctor
james: ok, so erin, just so i follow you are pam's sister or cousin?
Colecoguy: my thoughts are with the family
zonker: speaking of long life....BOB!! did you go visit your doctor?
FredK: trophy!
Colecoguy: I hope all goes well and that she does not suffer
Dr.D.-lab: Ahh, scrolled back to see.
E fever: cousin
BobS: not yet week Tues
Pamela: Erin is my cousin, James
frances: Erin is my sister's daughter, my neice
Dr.D.-lab: And Pam is my semicousin.
james: lol
frances: niece
Judy: he goes to the doctor next Tuesday
BobS: heck Dr D, you are just friends with Pammie
zonker: thats good, bob. JUDY! make sure he GOES.
Colecoguy: and I think shes the sister I always wanted
Pamela: Mom, do we have any idea how much longer she might hold out?
Judy: I am going with him!!!
Pamela: oh, you guys are so sweet <sniff>
Dr.D.-lab: At least James has read HHGTTG :-)
BobS: Michael, ya can't pick your sisters or brothersd, they jsut happen
james: i take a towel with me anywhere i go :D
frances: No, I thought she would not last this long
Dr.D.-lab: Frances, your Mom has not eaten for a week?!?
zonker: good job, judy.
Pamela: well, if she follows Grampy's example, it may be a while
Guy B.: My dog saw another dog out there and was driving me nuts.
frances: Probably not, Rich - but you realize that she is 100
Colecoguy: I know I got one siste r I talk to and one I don't want to hear from and one who's here and I haven't talked to in a long time
E fever: and if she follows Grampy's example it will be an ood day
E fever: odd
zonker: dont blame the dog,guy, you were nuts a long time ago.
james: lol
Pamela: like Halloween : )
james: good one
Colecoguy: lllololool
Colecoguy: :-)
frances: old people often stop eating
james: i'm told all the fruits and nuts live in l.a. :P
Pamela: FYI my grandfather died on February 29th
E fever: go figure
frances: Anyway, I wanted to report while I have them both together
E fever: well thanks for the update
Pamela: thanks Mom
zonker: no porblem, frances...heck thats why we is here.
frances: Yes he did and because of that he lost a month's pension
james: are you serious? that's absurd
zonker: can anyone here give me the definition of "porblem"?
frances: !
Pamela: well, speak sharply to him the next time you see him : )
frances: Anyway, back to Richard. See you-all
james: bye frances
Pamela: Mom, will call tomorrow
Colecoguy: bye Frances
BobS: that is lkke a problem only NOT, kinda like a NOT problem.......
Judy: bye Frances
E fever: i think porblem speaks for itself
zonker: bye bye frances.
Pamela: night night
zonker: and hello richard.
Colecoguy: taake care of yourself
E fever: bye Aunt Frances
frances changed username to rich-c
Pamela: porblem - a type of acne?
Judy: some people here are sick
BobS: I am sick..........
zonker: MOST of the people here are sick.
BobS: or Zonk thinks so
Judy: that is true
james: i'm tired. his majesty had me up far too early today
zonker: unka bob! you behave yerself
rich-c: some sort of dys-digititis?
zonker: the little tyrant had you up and going at the crack of dawn, eh?
Pamela: another name for fimble ningers perhaps?
rich-c: that's the layman's term
E fever: Pam watch you language
james: well, the crack of 7.30 which is plenty early enough
Judy: they are good at that, James
Colecoguy: well I just wanted to come in for a few and let you all know I am still alive and thinking of you all stay in touch through the adam list and we will talk soon
zonker: english, watch yours?
rich-c: OK Michael, now that you are back
james: considering he's been getting up closer to 9 or 9.30 the last couple weeks, it was a bit of a jerk on my schedule
E fever: lol
Pamela: Michael, when you come home give me a call and we'll do lunch, okay?
zonker: does anyone know if mike is still alive and well? :)
Pamela: there's a rumour, Zonk
Colecoguy: Everyone take care and we'll be in touch soon
Pamela: don't forget to call me!
zonker: niters, mike
james: we will :P
rich-c: right, Michael - you know about teh new mailing list?
E fever: bye bye
Dr.D.-lab: Bye Michael.
Colecoguy: Pam I will be home next week will call you at work in am for lunch date
Dr.D.-lab: (I am back from student interrupts.)
Judy: night, Michael
Colecoguy: bye all take care
Pamela: I'm on vacation next week Michael, make it after the 16th
rich-c: night Michael
Colecoguy: night all take care
zonker: doesn't take long for you to edjikate 'em, dr. d.
Pamela: night
Dr.D.-lab: Wish I got a vacation :-(
Colecoguy: ok sounds good Pam
Guy B.: Bye Michael
Colecoguy: bbye all :-)
BobS: vacation.....AGAIN ????????????????????????
Colecoguy left chat session
zonker: so? you were WORKING at adamcon? :)
Pamela: says the king of cruises!
Dr.D.-lab: I have never been to an ADAMcon as a simple delegate/spectator.
FredK: Tom?
zonker: bob works 4 weeks a year and takes 48 weeks of vacation.
E fever: Pam......
Dr.D.-lab: Even my first, ADAMcon IV, I was running around doing stuff to help B.A.S.I.C. run the convention.
BobS: that's an idea...had not thought of it that way
james: what a slacker
Pamela: quick Fred, very quick
Judy: he wishes that is for sure
zonker: hmmm....i think dr. d. is giving me a slippery answer.
Pamela: yes Rin?
E fever: when are you coming to "the centre of the universe"?
Pamela: soon, baby . . .soon
james: morphologically "Rin" looks like a slimmed down version of "Ron"
zonker: oh, man! good one fred i missed it.
Dr.D.-lab: Well, ADAMcon as a "vacation" for me would mean that I just show up and go to sessions, not have to prepare a presentation etc.
E fever: hehehe
FredK: Sorry I just do that!
Pamela: probably after we close the trailer
zonker: say wha' happen to ron? he fall asleep at the keyboard?
rich-c: when are you shutting down teh trailer, Pam?
Dr.D.-lab: I've never seen Ms Rin, but I'd hope she'd be cuter than a slim Ron :-)
Dr.D.-lab: No offense to Ron, of course.
E fever: LOLOLOL
Pamela: hang on Dad
Dr.D.-lab: I think Ron makes a better guy than gal.
zonker: yeah dad hang on.
Dr.D.-lab: Hang on Sloopy
E fever: i look like a sprite
zonker: oh! got ya drd....yeah, i gave that up long ago.
Dr.D.-lab: Sprite...hmmm
zonker: sloopy hang on
Pamela: Thanksgiving weekend, Dad
Pamela: do sprites have freckles?
rich-c: easy there Erin, we have your photo on file here, you know..... ;-0
zonker: when is ca thanksgiving?
FredK: I am thursty all of a sudden
Pamela: 2nd Monday of October
Dr.D.-lab: Trying to think if Sprite is greenish or brownish.
E fever: oh dear gad
zonker: gad zooks
Dr.D.-lab: Leafy tree sprite vs. earthy wood sprite.
E fever: i am not photogenic
rich-c: to Rin: Gotcha!
Pamela: go for the latter, Rich
Pamela: what horse manure, Erin
E fever: earthy wood sprite ....."red" wood
zonker: but don't walk under the latter, bad luck,
Dr.D.-lab: Yes, I remembered the redhead part :-)
Pamela: she's "cute"
Pamela: and she hates that
Dr.D.-lab: Well, wood sprites are valuable parts of the forest ecosystem.
E fever: sorry....i always seem to associate myself with the red flames......habit
FredK: gots to get going gang good gite!
Ron: got tied up on the fone
zonker: why the quotation marks around cute?
rich-c: pity we cant post graphics in teh chat window
BobS: well slap her pic up on Meeka's site..........
zonker: niters fred
Pamela: nite Freddy
Dr.D.-lab: Bye Fred.
E fever: nite Fred
BobS: nite Fred
Ron: somebody mistook me for one who knows something
Pamela: Ron, there's this thing called an answering machine . . .
Ron: about scanners
Judy: nite Fred
james: fred are you still here?
zonker: yeah, i's a curse being good looking. <sigh>
rich-c: nite Fred
Meeka: ok, i just missed somethin....who;s pic dad?
BobS: how's come the phone works when yoa re onnline?????????? computer should tie upthe phone for sure..........
Dr.D.-lab: E fever's
james: fred, how do you say "driveway" in french?
BobS: rin's.........
Pamela: Meeka, wake up
BobS: then we would know what she looks lie'
BobS: like
Meeka: lol
Ron: sometimes it would be nice.... but this ADSL rig...does both at the same time
FredK: Entrée
Meeka: ok
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: see......modern stuff is NOT good
zonker: meeka only pays attention when she sees her own name.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: right
changed username to Guy B.
james: thanks fred!
Meeka: lol, do not
zonker: so we can talk about her but NEVER mention her name.
Guy B.: I have returned.
zonker: shell never know
Meeka: wb
FredK: no prob bob!! hehe c ya James!
Meeka: :P
E fever: LOL
E fever: nice
james: bye!
BobS: touche !!!!!!! guy is back jack........
Pamela: Erin, we should send meeka the "biker" picture
rich-c: you snuck out so quietly, Guym the applet never even noticed you were gone
Guy B.: Lost the rest of the messages.
E fever: i don't even know if i still have that
Pamela: I might
FredK: *poof*
FredK left chat session
Pamela: somewhere . . .
zonker: anybody know where guy is?
E fever: now that was a good shot
Pamela: yes it was
E fever: but i was like 15
Ron: Chicago guy or Ottawa guy or Coleco guy
BobS: think he went to see his junk emails Zonk
E fever: i'm going to swoon that was almost 10 years ago
Pamela: no, you were older than that, were'nt you?
rich-c: it's OK Guy, Dale is keeping an archive now reasonably up to date
zonker: i think he went to check the porn sites myself.
E fever: it was b4 Marie
zonker: sorry ron just messing with guy b. for a change.
BobS: could be........he does disappear a lot lately
Ron: i c
Pamela: was it REALLY?
BobS: why is Ron feeling un picked on ??????
Pamela: he answered the phone
Ron: not likely
E fever: yuppers
Ron: nothing ever changes in that regard
zonker: i try to be nice to past adamcon chair people, with the exception of YOU unka bob.
Meeka: lol
Ron: Thank ya Zonk
Pamela: you haven't changed that much Erin
zonker: btw, have "we" had any further conversation with the stones re: adamcon?
BobS: WATCH that bud....
Ron: You'll all be happy to know that I haven't dropped anything this week
zonker: yes, that's right kids the rolling stones at the next con!!
E fever: i just got cuter
Judy: yes, we did call them
(E fever groans loudly)
Pamela: and more modest : )
Meeka: good fir you ron
(E fever winks)
Ron: an achievement to be sure
(Guy B. gives Meeka a can of Diet Coke.)
zonker: he only drops things at adamcons.
Pamela: I thought that was a prerequisite to things working right, Ron
Meeka: ty Guy
Dr.D.-lab: Where is this swoon-inducing photo of Ms Rin?
Guy B.: Might as well pass the Diet Cokes around.
Ron: Will have to acquire myself another floppy drive for the Toshiba I fear
rich-c: still, I'm going to be watching how temperatures go in El Paso later this month
Dr.D.-lab: I could use a good swoon right now, lab is boring.
Pamela: I have it Rich
james: someone's being fussy
BobS: use TWO hands Ron and you won't drop near so many things
Pamela: but no scanner
Ron: right Bob
Dr.D.-lab: Hmmm.
zonker: not ME, james
james: so i will see you all next week
james: lol
Dr.D.-lab: Bye James.
Pamela: I'll have to give it to Dad to scan and e-mail to Meeka
Ron: James... when are you going to Ottawa?
E fever: this just means I will have to go to the next convention
rich-c: OK james, take care and see you next round
james: awww.. does zonker need a bottle and change?
zonker: nite nite james
E fever: bye James
Pamela: okay James - hugs to you both
Guy B.: Bye James
Judy: they said it would be a good time to come, she will take time off of work
rich-c: I think we may have a pic of our own, Pam
BobS: nite James
james: thanks. time for lunch methinks. bye!
zonker: pam, just how far from mum and dad do you live?
Ron: nite James.... nite Case
Pamela: about 15 minutes by car, Zonker
james: *poof* smaller *poof*
Judy: night , James
zonker: i didn't know jean worked. cool!
james left chat session
rich-c: 25 minutess in snow, two hours in rush hour ;-)
Judy: two jobs
Pamela: heck, I could walk it in two hours
zonker: jeez, i can see living near yer mum, but that old guy she married.....:)
Guy B.: SNOW, don't mention that word yet.
Ron: time for doing Christmas cards soon
Dr.D.-lab: Yes, Christmas cards in PowerPaint.
Pamela: well, they come as a matched set, Zonker
zonker: oh yeah another advantage to living in god's country ....VERY little snow. he-he-he
Ron: yup
rich-c: oh, the old fart is rooted to his computer, barely notice he's around
Ron: ya got that right Zonker
E fever: LOL
Dr.D.-lab: I could make a PowerPaint card of Rin's photo.
Pamela: don't laugh - just try calling them some night
zonker: does she come in and chuck a sandwhich at you now and then, rich?
Dr.D.-lab: If photo and desired message are provided.
BobS: there ya go !!!!! then she will be famous
Ron: maybe this year I'll get a format that Bob can actually read
E fever: i doubt everyone wants to see my face for X mas
Dr.D.-lab: Have you seen the ones I did last Christmas of my girls?
rich-c: naw, have to slap my own togehter, Zonk
zonker: no we've already established that bob can't read.
E fever: i haven't no
Guy B.: Getting a little cooler here in the Windy City.
Pamela: that's what we should use the biker photo for !
Judy: be nice, Zonk
Dr.D.-lab: Hmm...guess I need to put them up as JPEGs so people with web browsers can see them.
Ron: now this is a family Christmas card eh?
Pamela: the ADAM's family?
Dr.D.-lab: I started with digital photos, so it will work with a scan.
E fever: LOLOL
Meeka: ok, I am off, talk to you all next week
Pamela: night Meeka
zonker: tish, you spoke french!
Judy: it is getting cooler here too, Guy
Dr.D.-lab: I have dibs on Uncle Fester...
Ron: niters Meeka. Go straight home now
zonker: niters meeka
rich-c: see you Meeka - take care
E fever: night Meeka
Meeka: I am home :)
Ron: oh
Judy: nite, Meeka see you soon
Dr.D.-lab: Bye Meeka.
BobS: hey Ron......mum recover from our visit yet??????????
zonker: now how far away does meeka live from bob and judy?
zonker: (my i'm full of questions tonite)
Meeka: 15 minutes or so
Ron: oh yes.... she thought you guys were so cool
Dr.D.-lab: The procedure for making a PowerPaint Christmas card out of a photo is pretty straightforward.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
BobS: bout 15 minutes by automobile
Dr.D.-lab: You have to use non-ADAM computers to make it, though.
zonker: hey, meeka can't answer,she's not here. and we can talk about her now.
rich-c: the younger generation has found out about tactful distances ;-)
Judy: about 15 minutes or so
Meeka: :P ha ha Zonk
Dr.D.-lab: But most folks have the requisite computers nowadays, so it's not a limitation.
E fever: i've never seen a PowerPaint production b4...that i know of
Dr.D.-lab: A whopping 256 x 192 pixel image :-)
Ron: All I need is one to tie around my neck so I wont drop it
Dr.D.-lab: In only 16 colors.
Meeka left chat session
Dr.D.-lab: Specially dithered to display on an ADAM.
rich-c: I'm not sure a 32-bit computer will go that low
Ron: Dr. D..... a favour if you can....
Dr.D.-lab: Yes?
Ron: put your powerpoint presentation up on your FTP site?
Pamela: ask Mom to show them to you the next time you're here, Erin
E fever: okie dokie
Dr.D.-lab: Sure. Didn't I give it to Dale to put up? I thought I had...
Pamela: which may be sooner than we think, given circumstances
Dr.D.-lab: It's only 100-odd K.
zonker: i thought if it wasn't in logo, frances couldn't do it.:)
Ron: Don't see it yet, but then maybe I'm not looking in the right place
Ron: can you attach it to an e-mail?
Dr.D.-lab: I hadn't seen it up there the last time I looked, either.
Pamela: Mom can load a program with the best of them Zonker
rich-c: oh, Frances is doing all her pictures on the Amiga now
zonker: good woman, that frances.
Pamela: she's a wiz with the Amiga
Dr.D.-lab: I could, but it's a bit 'gainst my religion to send binary files in E-mail :-)
E fever: very possibly....Darcy in Bruce's office is hooking me up with some websites for Headhunters and HR offices.....she knows quite a few people looking for room mates
Ron: no problem.. let me know where I can go get it....(I tend to agree with you on that)
Dr.D.-lab: Are you still looking for a new situation, Rin?
Pamela: do me a favour and forward those HR / headhunter sites to me at work
E fever: i'm looking toward the lights and culture of the big city
E fever: will do
Pamela: (shhh, don't disillusion her)
E fever: and with this election I may be there shortly
Dr.D.-lab: I guess that means Cleveland is out, then.
Ron: News that is totally unrelated.......
rich-c: you can relax, Pam, Speedy is making a profit these days
Ron: I have been summoned for jury duty
Ron: first time in my life
Pamela: that doesn't have much to do with my interest in getting out Dad
Ron: anybody ever been thru that?\
Judy: bummer, Ron
Dr.D.-lab: Me.
zonker: oh! it's a rather interesting situation, ron. have been called twice. i liked it.
rich-c: will the judicial system survive this?
Ron: ok
Dr.D.-lab: Not sure how it will compare to the drill in Canada, though.
E fever: i was summoned
Dr.D.-lab: Never sat on a jury, though.
Guy B.: Well folks got to check the e-mail. Maybe Saturday if I'm not working. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
Dr.D.-lab: Bye Guy.
Ron: well, first they form a panel of jurors, then the lawyers it might not go any further than that
E fever: bye bye Guy
zonker: would be interesting to see the simularaties/differences twixt us and ca
rich-c: OK Guy, Saturday maybe, Wed for sure - take care
Pamela: okay Guy - good nite - I'll see you in two weeks (vacation next week)
Judy: my name came up when Doug was in pre-school, they let me off because I was driving him every day
Guy B.: I have and I was excused.
Dr.D.-lab: I spent my week waiting to get picked, they never wanted me.
zonker: bye bye guy
Dr.D.-lab: This was 10 years ago.
Guy B.: Enjoy your vacation Pam.
Ron: right Judy.....that sounds like a reasonable thing
E fever: i was excused on account of my hearing
Pamela: thank you - I'm looking forward to it
zonker: i've served on two juries. very educational.
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.-lab: Last spring I got called, but I was excused because it conflicted with the classes I was Chairman wrote a letter of support.
Ron: just saw your question Rich...... I am not sure
Dr.D.-lab: It was grand jury duty, too, so I would have been tied up for 3 months.
Dr.D.-lab: It would have been very interesting, but no way I had the time.
rich-c: I never got called for jury duty - maybe they avoided teachers who wre automatically exempt
Ron: yeah that would have been a bit much
Judy: we have been in too many court rooms were nothing gets done
Ron: oh well... we shall see what it's all about
rich-c: they don't usually want you if you're retired, either
Ron: Sept 23 I am to present myself
zonker: i didn't realize teacher were excempt. but i suppose that makes sense.
rich-c: too much patience (a.k.a. time on the hands?) for an assembly-line process
Ron: wonder which ADAMCON t-shirt I should wear?
Pamela: Russell got called a couple of years ago but was excused because he was covering an ill coworkers position for three months and they couldn't do without him
Dr.D.-lab: My week in the barrel, they kept looking for jurors for medical malpractice nobody wanted a Ph.D. in biology with 2 years of med school.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
Pamela: Hi, Dale
Dale: Hi all.
zonker: ron! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
E fever: hi Dale
Ron: Hey
Dr.D.-lab: Dale, did you get a copy of my ADAMcon PowerPoint presentation?
Judy: hi, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
BobS: hi Dale
Pamela: by the way, thanks for the tees Ron - they fit great
Dr.D.-lab: I thought you had for the webpage, but I am not sure.
Dr.D.-lab: Ron was asking me about it.
zonker: greetings dale
Ron: good Pam. Glad to hear it
Dr.D.-lab: So Pam can be properly attired at ADAMcon 16!
BobS: wear AC-01
rich-c: btw, Pam, you jnbow you are entitled to your own web page
Ron: I don't have an 01
BobS: then the next day wear AC-10 and see if anyone notices
Ron: missed 1 and 6
Dale: Rich, I think so...
E fever: so where is the ADAMCON next year?
Pamela: what the heck would I do with a web page, Dad?
Ron: ok... I get cha
Dr.D.-lab: You have PJ's, but not sure it's the right size.
BobS: wear the oldest one and then move up by day
Pamela: El Paso, Texas
zonker: el paso texas
Dale: Yes, it is in my "almost posted" directory.
Dr.D.-lab: Catch flies, Pam?
Ron: don't think that one would fit..... by the way...... I am remiss bigtime
rich-c: just a place to put up files (photos, etc. ) for friends and family
BobS: didn't you get an 01 @ AC10 as a reprint????????
BobS: that's where I got mine
Ron: I had pJ 's tshirt ready to bring to the banquet...and I forgot it
E fever: Uncle wants to know approximately when you hip thing started?
Ron: yup...that one I got Bob
Pamela: I'm not that organized Dad
BobS: so....back to plan one
rich-c: good for those who don't like email attachments, especially big ones
zonker: oh richard has been hip for YEARS
Ron: ok
Pamela: if I did that Rich, I'd disappoint the cats
Dr.D.-lab: E-mail attachments are EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL.
E fever: lol
rich-c: let's see - I think it was early in 2002
Ron: agreed Dr. D
Dr.D.-lab: Cat hacking up a flyball, ewww.
Judy: I agree,` Dr D
zonker: do NOT open attachements
E fever: ok
Ron: spam
zonker: kids i have to shuffle off....
Dr.D.-lab: Especially ones that say Sobig...
Ron: and more spam
Pamela: any word on the surgery yet Dad?
Dr.D.-lab: Buffalo?
zonker: so i will type slowly....
Ron: these days.... I get spam....nothing important, just spam
E fever: CHEERS Zonker!!!
Judy: night, Zonk
zonker: so that everyone can say good bye to me....
Pamela: g'nite Zonker
rich-c: don't be chicken, Zonk - a good firewall, a good antivirus, set up Windows right and attachemnts are perfectly safe
zonker: and i can revel in the attention....:)
BobS: see ya Zonk....say HI to Linda
Dr.D.-lab: G O O D N I G H T , Z O N K E R
Ron: By zonker...... you to eh? go straight home
zonker: so i guess i best be going....
rich-c: night Zonk
Dr.D.-lab: So why don't you get going? :-)
Dale: Richard, I don't know about perfectly, but certainly much safer.
zonker: i'll drive right home now....
E fever: hehe
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
zonker: 3
zonker: 2
zonker: 1
Ron: since we've all said goodnight, yes
zonker: <poof>
rich-c: Pam, I see the internist on the 15th, date set after that
zonker left chat session
rich-c: current guessing is sometime in November
Pamela: how long in recovery?
Dale: Virus software is usually an after affair. That is it protects against know virsuses.
rich-c: some also look for patterns and/or monitor for suspicious activity, Dale - not that I should be telling you!
Dr.D.-lab: The best protection against viruses is to read your E-mail on a computer species that is immune to the virus.
Dale: BTW, Jill says hi to everyone, but she has already gone to bed, since she has an early morning meeting.
Dr.D.-lab: All the viruses since about 1988 have been targeted against DOS/Windows machines.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Greetings back to her, Dale
left chat session
Ron: Hi Jillian, Nite Jillian
Dr.D.-lab: Hi/Bye Jill.
rich-c: couple weeks on my back, couple more wheelchair, few more two canes, few months I'm doing Olympic sprints
Judy: tell her hi in the morning than
Dr.D.-lab moved to room The Garden
Pamela: I want tickets
Dr.D.-lab moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: to the Olympic sprints, that is
rich-c: just as long as it doesnt interfere with the Grey CUp
Dr.D.-lab: Pam, a brief word in The Garden? (promise brief)
Dale: Richard, the porctection I read about only proctect against known virus strategies, not innovative ones.
Pamela: we can always get that on tape, Dad
Pamela: sure Rich
Pamela: I'm going now
Dr.D.-lab: thanks...transferring
Dr.D.-lab moved to room The Garden
Dale: Our email server at work scans out .pif, .com, .scr, .vbs and .js attachments.
Pamela moved to room The Garden
rich-c: Dale, I think some of the independents like AVG and Anti-Vir are more ambitious
Dr.D.-lab: Oops, thought it would be blue on white again.
Pamela: I'm here
Pamela: tis for me
Dale: It makes most email viruses inert.
Dr.D.-lab: Since this is brief....
Dr.D.-lab: I get black on blue, but I can live.
Dr.D.-lab: Anyway...about your Dad's surgery...
Pamela: are you sure, we can go to the loungd
Dale: I really hate false positives.
Dr.D.-lab: I was thinking...
Pamela: what about?
Dr.D.-lab: He's seemed really down about the whole prospect.
rich-c: that's teh fancy way; I just have Windows show all suffixes and weed them manually
Dr.D.-lab: And I was wondering, after the surgery sometime...
Pamela: ?
Dr.D.-lab: ...if I/anyone else from here were to come up and visit him, if it would cheer him up any.
rich-c: I have never had a false positive, but then I have few viruses
Dale: Well I set up the server for users who aren't quite so alert. :-(
Pamela: he'd be thrilled, Rich - and so would I
Dr.D.-lab: Whenever enough time had passed for it not to be painful or a hassle (couple months, whatever).
rich-c: that's the advantage of a personal computer under one's exclusive control
Dale: I like to disect ones I get, but I also refuse to run Outlook ever.
Dr.D.-lab: I've talked to him a fair amount 1-on-1 in the Saturday chats, it's been sucking the vigor out of him.
Dale: It seems to be like painting a big target sign on your forehead.
Dr.D.-lab: And missing ADAMcon was a sore blow./
rich-c: agreed - I've been on Eudora for years, though I have Pegasus on the laptop, just for nark
Dr.D.-lab: Just trying to think of something to tide him (and your Mom) over until the next ADAMcon.
Pamela: yes, I know - we all look forward to it
Dr.D.-lab: So tell me if I'm crazy or not.
Ron: My e-mail comes in on my iMac first. Doesn't make me completely immune, but at least that way I know what's coming to the Duron Box
Pamela: it's more the pain than anything else that's affecting him - he may actually be looking forward to getting this overwith
Ron: virus dudes don't seem to bother Mac much
Judy: it is that time again, so nite all talk at you next week
rich-c: also use a couple of webmail addresses to hand out to sites I'm suspicious of
Pamela: I know that he's been very unhappy wiht not being able to travel
E fever: good nite Judy
Dr.D.-lab: Schedule-wise, early January would be the time I would most likely be able to get away to visit (I would need 3 days).
Pamela: it's been two years since they were able to get away in the trailer
Ron: be well Judy
rich-c: goodnight Judy
Dale: See you later Judy.
E fever: have a good one
Judy left chat session
BobS: so you all now what that hoo......
Pamela: they (we) would love to see you anytime
BobS: I gotta go too and help the invalid wife go up the stairs.........
Pamela: would you fly or drive?
rich-c: right -go join your bride, Bob ;-)
E fever: nite nite Bob
Dr.D.-lab: Drive, especially if I brought anyone along.
Ron: so I shall go install my mib3 and new pushpinless memory expander
Dale: Bye Bob.
BobS: so see ya's next week cept for pam.........bummer.......but have fun dear
Dr.D.-lab: Too costly to fly.
Dr.D.-lab: It's only 5 hours, assuming no snowdrifts :-)
Pamela: are you comfortable with travelling the corridor at that time of year?
rich-c: she's off chatting with Dr. D. elsewhere
Dale: Did Daniel come tonight?
BobS: say nite to jill and Jeffy
Ron: may the force be with you all
Dr.D.-lab: I've not driven it in winter before, but I am not afraid of driving in winter weather.
Dale: Will do Bob.
rich-c: yes, he was on for some time earlier but had to leave at 9.30
Dr.D.-lab: Who knows, we might get another mild winter.
Pamela: what's nice is that we wouldn't need a lot of notice
BobS: sa-right!!!!!! ralph viedersehen
BobS left chat session
Dale: Too bad. I was hoping I'd get a chance to talk to him more tonight..
Dr.D.-lab: Well, it would be minimally intrusive: drive up one day, be there the next day, leave the 3rd day.
Ron: (mitchell disappears toward the western sunset)
Pamela: I'm all for the idea Rich
Dr.D.-lab: Stay at motel, only show up when convenient for you and your Dad/.
rich-c: he was on very promptly at 9, I guess because his time was short
Dr.D.-lab: Plenty of other stuff to do in Canada :-)
Ron left chat session
rich-c: nite Ron
Dale: Busy time for me. I have 4 new people starting this month. 3 returning co-ops, and a new full timer.
Pamela: true . . .
Dr.D.-lab: So, if you think that this is at least a reasonable thing to think about , I will keep thinking about it.
Pamela: absolutely, it's a wonderful idea
rich-c: that should be keeping you hopping
Dale: Hi E fever. I missed the introduction.
rich-c: I didnt get the job gossip at Adamcon; you'll have to fill me in
Pamela: let's wait till we get a surgery date, then talk about it some more so we have a better idea of timing
E fever: Hi Dale
Dr.D.-lab: It could be as little as stop off at your Dad's house for an afternoon, bringing in a cold supper, or Chinese food, etc., and leaving before it got too tiring.
rich-c: Rin has election fever
Dr.D.-lab: Schedule would be contingent on your Dad's recovery etc.
Pamela: that's a long way to come for one afternoon, my friend
Dale: Well, we've now got 4 customers in production.
E fever: i've become a Jack (or Jill) of all trades
Pamela: besides, they'll want to see more of you than that
Dr.D.-lab: Yeah, but your Dad is worth it :-) And you are, too :-)
Pamela: I think I'm blushing
Dale: And so have expanded from 6 full time employees to 12 (including co-ops)
Dr.D.-lab: Who knows, maybe BobS could converge on the same day.
rich-c: still seeking a more favourable situtaion though, I gather, Rin
Dr.D.-lab: (I haven't asked or even suggested it)
Pamela: a mini convention, I love it. Maybe we could swing Erin at the same time
Dr.D.-lab: So, let's keep this mum and on the back burner, and see what happens.
E fever: well I like Bruce....he's mellow
Pamela: works for me - I'm all for this.
Dr.D.-lab: There you go, might cheer up Rin too.
rich-c: that's always a help. Rin
E fever: TO is closer in my sights now
Dr.D.-lab: Shall we go back to Meeting Place before everyone else leaves? :-)
Pamela: she is good in groups - she'll revel in it
rich-c: so are you doing web design or graphics, Dale?
Pamela: yes, lets - I'm away
Dr.D.-lab: Bye
Dr.D.-lab moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: Both.
Dr.D.-lab: We are back. See, it was short.
Pamela: HI, we're back
E fever: were you talking about me again
rich-c: but the enphasis is on creating software packages, isnt it?
E fever: ;)
Dale: I do for Bell Mobility a web site that lets you personalize your phone with a personal photo as a screensaver.
Pamela: no baby
Dr.D.-lab: Yes, and all good things, I assure you.
Pamela: well, not really
E fever: ooooo contradiction
Pamela: your name did come up briefly
Dale: And for Future Shop the largest photo sharing site in Canada.
E fever: better get you stories straight
Dr.D.-lab: The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea, and needed Dr. Seuss to bounce it off of.
E fever: lol
rich-c: we're at war with Ma Bell - my computer is on a strict no-cookie diet
Dr.D.-lab: Don't worry, we won't be in the headlines in tomorrow's paper.
rich-c: that's a relief
Pamela: Dr. Seuss thinks it's wonderful
E fever: ok......huh?
E fever: lol
Dr.D.-lab: And the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day...
Dale: And I have a mail order retailer in the US that does digital prints thorugh our servers in Toronto, and the same for a wholesaler in New Zealand.
E fever: one fish, two fish
Pamela: red fish, blue fish
E fever: hehehehe
Dr.D.-lab: old fish, new fish
rich-c: seems you're building up quite a clientele, Dale
Dr.D.-lab: this one has a little star
Dr.D.-lab: this one has a little car
Pamela: lots fish, few fish
Dr.D.-lab: say, what a lot of fish there are!
Pamela: do you like green eggs and ham?
(E fever laughs heartily)
Dr.D.-lab: not in a house, not with a mouse
Dr.D.-lab: I do not like them here or there
Dr.D.-lab: I do not like them anywhere
E fever: not with a fox, not in a box
Dr.D.-lab: can you tell I have 4 kids?
E fever: ....depends on the fox though
Pamela: never match Dr. Seuss wits with a man with four children
rich-c: why I think that we saw them on Mulberry St.
Dr.D.-lab: if, sir, you, sir, choose to chew, sir, new blue goo then you, sir, do, sir!
Dale: New Socks.
Dale: Two Socks.
Dale: Who's socks?
Dale: Sue's socks.
Dale: Who sees who sew who's new socks?
Dr.D.-lab: Mr. Fox, sir, I won't do it. I can't say it. I won't chew it.
E fever: <ladies and getlemen the regression process is now in effect.....let's take a closer look>
Dale: You see Sue sew Sue's new socks now.
Pamela: the time has come
Pamela: the walrus said
Pamela: to talk of many things
Pamela: of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Dr.D.-lab: The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. -- Poe's Kiddie Komix
Pamela: and cabbages and kings
Pamela: and if the sea is boiling hot
Pamela: and whether pigs have wings
Pamela: Here's onefor you Dad
Pamela: Alligator pie, alligator pie
E fever: you have now enetered the Twilight Zone
E fever: LOL
rich-c: oh dear - don't do that, it dates me
Pamela: If I don't get some, I think I'm gonna die
Dr.D.-lab: In Khazad-dum did Mithrandir a stately Balrog-foe defeat, where wings the Flame of Udun fanned, through caverns delved by Dwarvish hand, down to a lode elite.
Pamela: give away the green grass, give away the sky
Pamela: but don't give away my alligator pie
E fever: i finally read the last book of that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dale: Twas brilig and the slity toves did gyre and gimble ine the wabe.
Dr.D.-lab: Congratulations, and welcome to the Secret Society! Ms. Pamela will instruct you in the Secret Handshake.
rich-c: speaking of which, Pam, gonna loan me Harry for the operation?
Pamela: sure Dad - before that if you want
Dr.D.-lab: Harry Potter and the Mysterious Meat.
E fever: LOL
Dale: All mimsy were the borogoves and the momwraths out grabe.
Pamela: which became mysterious after the great blackout of 2003
Dr.D.-lab: Harry Potter and the Vicar of St. Catharine's
Pamela: and why the ham and eggs were green
rich-c: especially around Aylmer (local allusion, ich)
Dr.D.-lab: Harry Potter and the Anti-Gravity Paint
E fever: lol
Dale: E fever, you now know what happens in book seven !?
Dale: Wow.
Pamela: I am rereading the Valdemar series
rich-c: Pam, LOTR/1 - your copy is on dvd, right?
E fever: oh that's right Dr. D. you're Harry Potter was the Socerer's Stone, not Philosopher's
Pamela: yes it is Dad
Dale: Should I ask you to fill me in, or just wait.
Dr.D.-lab: Alas, yes, our retarded American publishers don't know about alchemy.
Dale: It'll be 8 years by my recconing before the seventh comes out.
Pamela: However, I think we could arrange to loan you the DVD player if you were so inclined
Dr.D.-lab: The Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life, Paracelsus, and all that.
E fever: LOL
rich-c: I may yet give in to teh urge to add a dvd burner to my computer
Dr.D.-lab: When all 7 books have been written, and all of JKR's typos and plot blunders have been rectified, *then* I will buy the entire British edition in hardcover.
rich-c: god knows what I'd do with something that could take a 4.7 gig file, but the idea is fascinating
Pamela: not only could you have LOTR1 (and 2, when we get it), but you could watch the two HP movies too
E fever: I actually haven'tread the Harry Potter books
Dr.D.-lab: Wait for the extended edition DVD of LOTR2.
Pamela: you HAVEN'T???
rich-c: I see LG now have a burned that handles five formats
Dr.D.-lab: I think you would like them, Rin. Pam will correct me, of course.
Pamela: Erin, I'm ashamed of you
Dr.D.-lab: I haven't seen anything in your writing that suggests you wouldn't like them, Rin.
E fever: no I've mover to James Clemens series........The Banned and the Banished
rich-c: since as far as I know there are only three forats, I assume they are treating write and rewite as two different ones
Dr.D.-lab: I have been reading a pile of non-fiction lately.
E fever: i haven't read in about 2 years so I have a lot of osmosis to take care of
Dr.D.-lab: The HP books sweep you right along.
rich-c: anyway a dvd burner that handles all formats for $200 is looking pretty attractive
Dr.D.-lab: I'd not be surprised if over a long weekend you could polish off a whole book.
Pamela: we shall have to fix that Erin - but Dad has first dibs on book five
Dale: You need to handle DVD+R, DVD-R DVD+RW DVD-RW as special cases. :-(
Dr.D.-lab: Depending on how fast your read.
Dr.D.-lab: You read, that is.
Dr.D.-lab: I have read them all the first time straight through with practically no breaks.
rich-c: I think the LG drive claims to handle those four and DVD RAM, Dale
E fever: takes me less than 2 evening to finish the 500 pagers ........hopefully wouldn'e need a whole w/e
Dr.D.-lab: Book 5 in 6 hours, all night the first night we had it.
Pamela: I got the first one some time after Goblet of Fire came out - read it, and went straight out and bought the other three
E fever: i took about 10 total on the last LOTR
Pamela: then reread them
Pamela: then wrestled Russell for them
rich-c: anyhow, all, time for me to say adieu
Dr.D.-lab: No harm in not liking them, though, I know some folks who don't. Surprisingly, twenty-somethings, they think it vapid and unreal.
Dr.D.-lab: Good night, Richard.
rich-c: so long, and thanks for all the fish
Dale: Well DVD-RAM is totally and completely different from all of the above.
E fever: G'nite uncle Richard
Pamela: Nite Daddy - will call tomorrow
Pamela: sleep tight
Dr.D.-lab: Appropriate since we recited "One Fish Two Fish..."
rich-c: right. Dale - I'll have to investigate further
rich-c: maybe that's why their drive is about $200 and the others around $130
Dale: Gnight Richard.
rich-c: anyhow - time to go - night now
Dale: I'm just reading the Salmon of Doubt by Dougals Adam
Dale: (Adams)
Pamela: have you read the others Dale?
rich-c: *poof*
rich-c left chat session
Dale: I even have an autographed copy of A Last Chance To See.
Dale: Never got into the Meaning of Liff and sequal though.
Pamela: I haven't read them but Russell has - and he quotes them at me endlessly. Makes me want to read them in self defense
Pamela: Who was it who recommended Terry Pratchett to me?
Dale: I quite like the hitch hikers series
Pamela: Rich, was that you?
Dale: That was me. Did it work out?
Pamela: Actually, I'm going to see Emily tomorrow night and will ask her if she has the ones you recommended I start with
E fever: (I'm at a loss now)
Dr.D.-lab: Not me, never read Mr. Pratchett.
(Dale gives E fever a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: (note to self: take note with me to work)
Dr.D.-lab: People on the Tolkien and HP newsgroups rail endlessly about how bad he is after his 1st book.
E fever: Slurrrrrp
Pamela: it must be a love it or hate it thing
Dr.D.-lab: But I can't judge myself...but those negative reviews have sort of motivated me not to look them up.
Dale: Well, I've read more than twenty of his novels and keep coming back for more.
Dr.D.-lab: The complaint is that it's the same book over and over and over, and longer each time to sell more books.
Dr.D.-lab: Dunno if that's fair or not.
Pamela: I'm definitely a Mercedes Lackey fan, but she's not writing fast enough for me
Pamela: gotta get another addiction and give that one a rest
Dale: I've wondered if critics would complain about that. But it really isn't my experience.
Dale: There are lots of disjoint characters in a wide world, with 5 major locales.
Pamela: Hopefully Dale, I'll be able to get Night Watch and read them over vacation and let you know
Dale: There are some recurring jokes, but they are really built in personna character traits, and are progressively mentioned more and more in passing.
Dale: What can I say, I'm also a BIG Asterix and Obelix fan. And their jokes are reused a lot.
Dr.D.-lab: The last 3 books I've read are (1) a 1967 pdp-8 computer manual, (2) a book about Schliemann excavating Troy, and (3) a book about the discovery of the planet Neptune by how it perturbed the orbit of Uranus.
Pamela: any hidden info, ie things that get mentioned in passing that turn out to be major revelations later on?
Dale: And they make fun of themselves for it.
Dr.D.-lab: And I'm waiting for my copy of the Columbia Accident Investigation Report, Volume I, to arrive (though I have looked at the PDF version already released online).
Pamela: Oh, I used to read Asterix and Obelix all the time
E fever: i've been hooked on Fantasy novels as of late
Pamela: such as Erin?
Dr.D.-lab: Can you recommend some good ones, Rin?
E fever: well....i enjoy the series i started....easy read.....Wit'ch Fire is the first
E fever: James Clemens
Pamela: Author?
Pamela: ah
E fever: just picked it up out of the blue
Dale: Pamela, I think you and I could get along at a book store. :-)
E fever: I'm almost done Wit'ch Storm
Pamela: oh no doubt, Dale
Dr.D.-lab: interesting spelling Wit'ch ?
Pamela: but it's dangerous to set me loose in one
Pamela: $100 later
Pamela: after discount
Dale: I spent a lot of time at a half price books store. But they moved.
Pamela: which ones?
Dale: Note much selection but lots of stock rotation and great prices.
E fever: it's quite interesting it's about an old magick that abandons it's mages....all men......and then in the future 5 ceturies later a women is granted the power as a 14 year old girl and has to travel to a far off land to harness and learn about her power to defeat the Dark Lord
Dale: It's called "Half Price Books and Less", and it's in Oshawa, but there is another location on Yong just a little way north of Eaton's Centre if I remember fcorrectly.
E fever: line from the first book........Men see only degrees of power, while women see the warp and weave of strength's tapestry
Pamela: I knew of htat one - the other ones I knew of were Handy Book Exchange on Avenue Road at Melrose, the place and Yonge and Cummer, and the one on Mt. Pleasant above Eglinton
E fever: AND
Pamela: Also, on Eglinton between Mt. Pleasant and Bayview on the north side
E fever: the Wit'ch is a red head
E fever: : D
Pamela: that figures, Rin
Dale: I mush have watched every Buffy th4e Vampire episode on TV. But I tried a book, and it just seemed so vapid that I couldn't get into it.
Dr.D.-lab: Are you practicing your spell-casting, Rin?
Pamela: Russell's gotten into Buffy too - just as the series ended
E fever: ; )
Pamela: what magic system Erin?
E fever: only positive comes back on you 3-fold either way
Dale: Well I'm not too far from Eg and Bayview. I'll have to look around there.
Pamela: this was quite a while ago Dale, so I don't know if they're still there, but it was on the north side, closer to Bayview in a small plaza-like building
Pamela: the one on mt. pleasant was on the west side, not too far north of Eglinton
Dr.D.-lab: I am laughing...last night we watched the DVD of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and I am thinking about the proof-that-she's-a-witch scene.
Dale: LOL
E fever: LOLOLOL
Pamela: I don't remember it - but it has to be ten years since I saw it
Dale: I got to see it in a theatre when they rereleased it about 2 years ago.
Pamela: I think I'm running out of steam here
E fever: i think i am going to study the philosophy of seems interesting
Dr.D.-lab: If she weighs as much as a duck...then she's made of wood...and therefore....A WITCH!!!!!!!!!!
E fever: LOL
Pamela: ah, right
Dr.D.-lab: "Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?"
Pamela: I have an encyclopedia of white magic here Erin, if you want to borrow it
E fever: that would be AWESOME
Pamela: just remind me the next time I see you (or am coming to see you)
Dr.D.-lab: What's in it, Pam?
E fever: i hope i remember
Pamela: hmm, let me see . . .
Pamela: spell casting, making a talisman, rites and rituals, love and money spells, weather lore, healing magic, blessings and protections
Pamela: it's a seasonal guide
E fever: i'm intrigued
Dr.D.-lab: I confess I know nothing of the ground rules of serious magic, worldview, etc.
Pamela: starts with samhaine and goes right through the year to Michaelmas and back to samhaine
Pamela: it depends on which magic system you subscribe to Rich - Wicca is spell casting
Dr.D.-lab: AFAIK, I don't subscribe to any :-)
Dr.D.-lab: I may use a HP spell in jest, though.
Dr.D.-lab: Accio! and Expelliarmus! get used a lot at home.
E fever: hey Pam you have anything on fine-tuning one's own intuition
Pamela: I don't Erin, but Lindsay might - I can check
E fever: i keep having premonitions and am curious to see if I can focus it
Pamela: actually erin, premonitions are often a sign of high psi factor
Dr.D.-lab: Hopefully good premonitions...
Pamela: you realize our parents would be aghast at such nonsense
Dr.D.-lab: I am a scientist, so I am "from Missouri" on it (i.e., "show me").
Dr.D.-lab: So far, no proofs have crossed my radar.
Pamela: re psi ability or magic, Rich?
Dr.D.-lab: Either.
Dr.D.-lab: But I am content to stay out of belief systems unless someone's gun barrel is imposing them on me :-)
Dale: Rich, I've seen scientifically convincing techniques to study Psi levels.
Pamela: a good philosophy, I would say
Dale: But I haven't looked into studies that use the techniques.
Dr.D.-lab: I wouldn't be surprised if our brains can do more than we imagine.
Dr.D.-lab: But until I get a clear message from Joan or something, I will not bother much about it personally.
Pamela: I've seen nothing to disprove it either way and I'm inclined to believe
Pamela: Rin, no comment?
Dr.D.-lab: I'm thinking of a hamburger...
Dale: <grin>
Dr.D.-lab: My stomach sees it in its mind's eye...
Pamela: cheese, pickles and onions, right?
Dale: I'm thinking of Fries ;-)
Dr.D.-lab: Lettuce and tomato and ketchup, actually :-)
Dr.D.-lab: I might just try to twist Joan's arm to hit the 24-hour diner after she gets off work tonight.
Pamela: you're not broadcasting loudly enough . . .
Dr.D.-lab: Hahaha
Dr.D.-lab: Tummy is actually rumbling audibly :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: and I thought that was thunder
Dr.D.-lab: Sound isn't travelling over the net, though.
Dr.D.-lab: hahaha
changed username to Erin
Pamela: Rin, what happened?
Erin: I have no clue what just happened
Pamela: did you get dumped?
Dr.D.-lab: A twain of very afraid, we are outnumbered.
Erin: bad bad bad choice of words
Pamela: and twins run in her family : )
Dr.D.-lab: Hope I haven't stepped in something through ignorance...
Pamela: sorry
Pamela: no the dumped part, Rich
Erin: no prob....i'm good
Erin: i'm in contact with the Leader's bus daily
Pamela: through whom?
Erin: his A**holiness
Pamela: okay - why?
Erin: b/c we are supposed to be friends
Pamela: pitch him off the bus : )
Erin: lol
Dr.D.-lab: That's a new title I haven't heard for someone of the (ig)nobility.
Pamela: I like it - rather inventive
Erin: yeah that's the nice one the other is POSCS
Dr.D.-lab: I can guess about the POS part...
Pamela: I don't think i want the translation for that
Erin: C*ck sucker
Erin: sorry
Erin: very un ladylike
Pamela: Erin - I'm shocked!
Erin: *rolling eyes*
Dr.D.-lab: Must be real vermin, that one...
Erin: well
Pamela: I thought I taught you to be more inventive than that
Erin: time will tell....he has indicated more than he had probably hoped through discussion and emails
Pamela: my version was a little milder - I just think he's pond scum
Erin: i have him figured out
Erin: but for now i am choosing to rise above the situation
Dr.D.-lab: I take it you're stuck riding the bus with some unpleasant person who shares the same route/schedule you do every day?
Erin: our Provincial election he is riding on the bus with the leader of the party that i want to win
Erin: when there's no election he's the leader's driver
Erin: and personal aide
Erin: i'm also unfortunately in love with the Jack a**
Dr.D.-lab: Ouch.
Pamela: Erin, you'll only get more hurt if you stay in contact with him
Pamela: that one is no friend of yours
Erin: i have my reservations
Pamela: let me see if I can find the appropriate transformation spell - to get his exterior to match the interior
Dr.D.-lab: Everto!
Erin: or vice versa....that may be more pleasant
Erin: spells for good not evil
Erin: it will come back 3-fold
Dr.D.-lab: All we can offer here is a 3-fold safe place...
Pamela: how about a good old fashioned curse or two?
Erin: same problem
Erin: que sera sera
Erin: i have premonitions.....i'd like to see if they're right
Pamela: and a few extra ears to listen
Dr.D.-lab: And a hamburger.
Pamela: oh good, now I'm hungry too
Dale: And fries.
Dr.D.-lab: I think I'm getting one, whether Joan wants to come or not.
Erin: I feel better having reemed him out in an email
Dr.D.-lab: Onion rings for me...
Dale: good nite all.
Erin: ....chocolate shake
Pamela: I can't sleep on a full tummy - stop it
Erin: g'nite Dale
Dr.D.-lab: Good night, Dale. I am up to page 80 of scanning your ATM.
Pamela: g'nite Dale -hugs to you all
Pamela: is that the same one I just copied for Daniel, Rich?
Dale: Great Rich. Can't wait to have that info on my laptop.
Dale: Lighter than the tome.
Pamela: too true Dale
Pamela: it's amazing how much tree parts weigh
Dr.D.-lab: Not sure if it's the same document, Pam. Dale's copy is *very* different from the 2-volume set I bought at ADAMcon IV.
Dr.D.-lab: I think mine is an earlier version, but I'm not sure.
Dale: I have two other editions still.
Erin: oh look i disappeared
Dale: I haven't done detailed comparisons.
Dr.D.-lab: Dale's copy has lots of stuff mine doesn't, and vice versa.
Pamela: lots of programming, some of it info from Coleco dating back to '82 or so?
Dr.D.-lab: Yes.
Pamela: 698 pages?
Dr.D.-lab: I haven't counted :-) probably close to that
Pamela: sounds like the same one then
Pamela: it's still all greek to me
Dale: There are very different editions but all are about the same length.
Dr.D.-lab: I will be scanning for a while...but I want to get it done so I can ship the original back to Dale.
Dr.D.-lab: It's spell-casting for the to invoke the Deep Magic to get it to do what you want it to.
Erin: lol
Pamela: sounds like dark magic to me : )
Dr.D.-lab: Deep, dark, it's all semantics :-)
Erin: :-)
Dale: Next Rich I should figure out how to get you my large schematic drawings of the Adam.
Dr.D.-lab: There is EEEVIL in the ADAM operating systems, though.
Pamela: and push pins
Dr.D.-lab: Re: schematics, have you looked at my PDF scans from Richard's full-size set?
Dale: I have but not recently.
Dr.D.-lab: If any of yours are better, I'd be glad to scan them, but if they are the same, there isn't much point.
Dr.D.-lab: Hmm, I never thought of doing sympathetic magic with an ADAM.
Dale: Others have said that mine are pretty clean.
Dr.D.-lab: Well, look at my PDFs and use your judgement.
Dr.D.-lab: Stick some pushpins in the CPU, indeed :-)
Pamela: chewing gum and baling wire anyone? Oh I forgot, those are for cars
Dr.D.-lab: Stone knives and bearskins.
Erin: i just hit it...that works for tv's
Dr.D.-lab: haha
Dr.D.-lab: Some folks do that for computers, too, Rin.
Pamela: so why not for monitors?
Erin: i haven't had to.......yet
Dr.D.-lab: You should see Herman Mason bang on a misbehaving hard drive sometime...
Pamela: a fearsome sight : )
Dale: I had a monitor wit5h sa loose wire.
Dr.D.-lab: And his partner George Koczwara cringe...
Dale: Hitting often did the trick.
Dr.D.-lab: Usually hitting a monitor to fix it means that the flyback transformer is about to blow.
Pamela: didn't work on ours
Erin: when in doubt
Pamela: the what?
Dr.D.-lab: It's an expensive part inside a monitor.
Erin: it's never the cheap parts
Dr.D.-lab: Replacing it usually costs more than buying another monitor.
Pamela: well, that's probably what it was - if it's expensive around here, it will break
Dr.D.-lab:, in the lab, some equipment failed.
Pamela: just ask my car
Dr.D.-lab: We have a water filtration system for the slug aquaria.
Dr.D.-lab: 4 cartridges, sorta like a fancy water softener.
Dale: Have you been showing them Finding Nemo?
Dr.D.-lab: The last cartridge got clogged and water was pouring out.
Dr.D.-lab: The last cartridge must be replaced...and it's the one that costs $900.
Erin: yikes
Pamela: no way to unclog it, huh?
Dr.D.-lab: No slugs in Finding Nemo! I was disappointed.
Dale: It is part of an elaborate scheme for the slugs to escape.
Dr.D.-lab: But otherwise loved the film.
Dale: (you know)
Erin: Little Mermaid had slugs
Dr.D.-lab: haha
Erin: i think
Dr.D.-lab: No way to unclog it, Rin, alas...
Dr.D.-lab: It was probably damaged during the blackout, when the distilled water input failed and got tap-grade water instead.
Erin: Little Mermaid DOES have slugs
Dr.D.-lab: You're right, Rin.
Erin: they're even mentioned in the Under the Sea song
Dr.D.-lab: The water that comes out of this filter is super-clean.
Pamela: they don't live in the water do they Rich?
Dr.D.-lab: They do, after we then add special sea salts to it.
Pamela: completely submerged?
Dr.D.-lab: Have I ever sung our family's version of "Under the Sea" for you, Pam?
Dr.D.-lab: Completely submerged...they are fully aquatic.
Pamela: I don't think so Rich
Dr.D.-lab: Prepare to groan...
Pamela: I didn't realize that
Dr.D.-lab: Under the sea
Dr.D.-lab: Under the sea
Dr.D.-lab: All of the people
Dr.D.-lab: On the "Titanic"
Dr.D.-lab: Under the sea!
Dr.D.-lab: <fin>
(Erin laughs heartily)
Pamela: groan!
Dr.D.-lab: We sang that in a theatre once, and got bad stares.
Dr.D.-lab: We didn't care :-)
Dale: IT was sad when the great ship went down...
Dale: to the bottom of the.........
Pamela: oh it was sad
Pamela: so sad
Dr.D.-lab: We have "bad" versions of several Disney songs.
Pamela: it was sad when the great ship went down
Erin: now that's something to look forward to Dr.D
Pamela: husbands and wives, little children lost their lives
Pamela: it was sad when the great ship went down
Dr.D.-lab: I know, Pam :-(
Pamela: Old camp song - good for harmony
Dr.D.-lab: Here's one from "Pinocchio":
Dr.D.-lab: When you wish upon a fish
Erin: yay
Dr.D.-lab: Makes no difference what you wish
Dr.D.-lab: If you wish upon a fish
Dr.D.-lab: It won't come true!
Dale: Well, I left Star Wars Ep II saying "I can't believe they destryed the Enterprise!"
Dr.D.-lab: If your heart is in your spleen
Pamela: LOL
Dr.D.-lab: Viscera are too extreme
Dr.D.-lab: When you wish upon a fish
Pamela: Rin, do you remember your old Guide camp songs?
Erin: I remember Rose
Erin: that's 'bout it
Erin: I'm still laughing at Dale
Pamela: if we practice, we can probably amaze and astound
Dr.D.-lab: Were you both Girl Guides?
Pamela: yes we were, although Erin was much more successful
Erin: youngest in SW On to get all round cord
Erin: at the time
Pamela: just about every badge in the book
Dale: Erin, I couldn't say that coming out of a Star Trek movie, because they do that like every one.
Erin: i know Dale but that was great
Erin: lol
Pamela: I got too old for guides too fast
Erin: i got bored with guides
Dr.D.-lab: The mother of one girl in a Brownie troop that Joan ran was originally Canadian, had been a Girl Guide, and felt that it had been too militant.
Pamela: well, where was the challenge?
Dr.D.-lab: Lots of marching and drilling, she said.
Erin: militant.........oh please
Dr.D.-lab: She didn't want her girls to do that.
Pamela: not in our companies
Dr.D.-lab: Joan had to work hard to reassure her that there was no drilling or marching..
Erin: must have been the leader of that particular group
Dr.D.-lab: I never heard of marching and drilling except at the very very origins of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.
Pamela: me either
Erin: ditto
Pamela: where was she from?
Dr.D.-lab: I guess it died out in the US, but stayed around elsewhere.
Dr.D.-lab: Hmmm...not sure where in Canada she comes from.
Dale: There is the odd leader herre and there that believes in it, but not many.
Erin: yeah.....our militant wing in Canada plans to over take the world through the use of Viagra
Dr.D.-lab: My sisters were in Girl Scouts, there was never anything like it then.
Pamela: that's interesting - Erin's and my experiences were about 15 years apart, and neither of us went through that
Dr.D.-lab: So it must have been the wacko troop leader, then.
Dale: I've met scouts from hundreds of troups, and probably only two or three were big on drilling.
Dr.D.-lab: Joan just phoned, she is ready to go home...and I am ready to lobby for a late-night hamburger :-)
Dale: It all comes from ex-military I think, who carry it over to everything.
Erin: hehe
Dale: Soccer too, sometimes.
Pamela: Are you going to pick her up?
Dr.D.-lab: Yes, I will walk 100 meters from here to the hospital.
Pamela: OH yes, I forgot you're at the lab
Dr.D.-lab: She drove, as did I, but I will walk her to the car.
Erin: awwww
Pamela: such a gentleman
Dr.D.-lab: It will be about the most I've seen of her this week, since she has been evening shift.
Dr.D.-lab: We overlap about 10 minutes.
Pamela: I know that feeling
Dale: Well I've already said goodbye long ago.
Dale: So poof!
Dr.D.-lab: haha
Dr.D.-lab: Bye Dale.
Pamela: shift works sucks
Erin: bye D
Pamela: bye Dale
Dr.D.-lab: At least she was off the 3-day weekend here, for the first time in n years.
Erin: i think this chicks gonna fly
Dale left chat session
Dr.D.-lab: cheep cheep
Pamela: Russell worked the weekend
Pamela: so it's bedtime, I guess
Dr.D.-lab: Thanks for stopping by tonight, Rin.
Erin: i'm a chick but i 'ain't cheep
Erin: ;)
Pamela: no comment
Dr.D.-lab: No ma'am, didn't mean to imply that.
Dr.D.-lab: Missus seems to be a high-class lady.
Erin: poor Rich...i swear i have tramautized you the past couple of chats
Dr.D.-lab: Mah Southern accent doesn't carry well in typing...Ah was bein' a Gentleman.
Erin: much obliged
Dr.D.-lab: G'Night to y'all.
Pamela: nite, Rich
Dr.D.-lab: <poof>
Pamela: see you in two
Dr.D.-lab left chat session
Pamela: well Sweetie
Pamela: time for bed, I think
Erin: i tink so
Pamela: 6:30 comes verrrry early
Erin: i'm gonna read
Pamela: ick
Erin: i start at 1...then to the campaign office
Pamela: this is me, sticking my tongue out at you
Pamela: I have to be at work early
Erin: sawwie
Erin: sleep well, sweet dreams, etc.
Erin: love you
Pamela: and if I believe that, have you a bridge to sell me?
Erin: lol
Pamela: Love you too
Erin: nitey nite
Pamela: have a good night
Pamela: g'nite
Pamela: kerpoof
Erin: splat
Pamela: tee hee
Erin left chat session
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