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Dr.D.: 3:20 PM and all is well.
Dr.D.: 3:32 PM and all is well.
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(Dr.D. throws a hot potato at Dr.D..)
(Dr.D. quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
(Dr.D. winks)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(Dr.D. is thrown out of the window.)
Dr.D.: 3:41 PM and all is well.
Dr.D.: 3:49 and nobody else is here...meesa bored.
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Guy B.: HI Dr.D
Dr.D.: Hello Guy, I was just camping here while doing other work.
Dr.D.: You are the first person I'
Guy B.: What else are you doing?
Dr.D.: I've seen, but I didn't log in until 3:20 PM.
Guy B.: I just came back from lunch.
Dr.D.: Reading news and mail...trying to stay awake (I feel sleepy this afternoon).
Guy B.: And my dog bugging me to take her out again after I took her out two hours ago.
Dr.D.: I had been sitting outside reading, but the sunshine was too bright and I was falling asleep out there.
Dr.D.: So I came in here where the basement is cool.
Guy B.: It's beautful out there today.
Dr.D.: Same here, sunny and warm in the sun, but cold in the shade.
Dr.D.: After the rain we had this week, the grass is green again.
Dr.D.: So I took our guinea pig outside to munch on the grass.
Guy B.: Basements are always cooler in the summer. But, I bet it gets really cold during the winter.
Dr.D.: Some nights I have to wear a coat down here in the winter.
Guy B.: Don't have any heat ducts down there?
Dr.D.: There are, but somehow the heat just leaches out of them before coming out cold.
Dr.D.: The computers help to heat things, though :-)
Guy B.: That helps. How many are down there?
Dr.D.: Currently 2 are powered up 24/7, but there are others that can be pressed into service.
Guy B.: Are the ones that are on all the time servers?
Dr.D.: No, they are just the family computers. And they all are running the Seti@home screensaver, so they are doing some productive stuff.
Guy B.: Ok, so anyone in the family can go on right away without waiting for the system to boot up.
Dr.D.: Yes.
Guy B.: Has Christina started driving the van yet?
Dr.D.: She's been driving it all along, just needs to learn how to paralell-park it.
Dr.D.: Oops, parallel.
Guy B.: So that's the only thing she needs to work on. Vans are always tough to parrallel park.
Dr.D.: Yes, we don't have anything smaller to drive.
Guy B.: Has she tried parallel parking just on an empty street without any cars parked yet?
Dr.D.: Mostly working with cones in the driveway or a vacant parking lot at the local shopping center.
Guy B.: That was my next idea. That's a good start.
Dr.D.: No banged fenders or bumpers that way :-)
Guy B.: That's a good start. Has she driven on the expressway already?
Dr.D.: Oh, lots. She has more than 50 hours total driving logged.
Guy B.: That's great. Night driving too?
Dr.D.: She needs a few more hours to get the 10-hour minimum at night.
Dr.D.: It was hard over the summer with it not getting to be dark until 10:30 PM or so.
Dr.D.: But now the days are getting short, so it's easier to have night driving time.
Guy B.: Looks like she is doing quite well. Looks like she will do fine on her test later.
Dr.D.: I think so. We will see later this month.
Guy B.: Are you teaching her or you and Joan splitting the time?
Dr.D.: Not really any "teaching" going on anymore, she just drives whenever we are going somewhere.
Dr.D.: We haven't restricted her to "just with me or Joan".
Dr.D.: After the first few hours of practice, that is.
Dr.D.: Once she was doing okay, she drove with whoever else needed to go along.
Guy B.: When she gets her license. What car will she be driving the most?
Dr.D.: She's driven the whole family on interstates to my Dad's house and back (about an hour each way).
Dr.D.: We have 2 minivans, and they get driven equally. Whichever one is free.
Guy B.: That's good. I'm assuming they are both different model vans?
Dr.D.: 1989 Dodge Caravan, 1998 Plymouth Voyager. Except for gingerbread, they are about the same car.
Guy B.: How many miles on the '89?
Dr.D.: 103K or thereabouts. 38K on the Voyager.
Guy B.: Wow, and the van still runs good. You certainly have taken good care of it.
Dr.D.: Runs fine. Body is more Cleveland winter and it will be pretty bad in a few spots.
Dr.D.: Rear hatch lip and driver's door bottom are getting crumbly.
Guy B.: Rust always run havoc. Were just about the same here when it comes to that.
Dr.D.: We are hoping to replace it within a year.
Guy B.: Are getting another one from Chrysler or you might look at a different one when the time comes?
Dr.D.: They have about doubled in price over 14 years, though.
Dr.D.: I'm happy with Chrysler, we'd probably start with some flavor of Caravan.
Dr.D.: The '89 was $13.5K. Current equivalents are about $25K.
Guy B.: They were the first to bring out the minivans. And look what happens, everyone else has one too.
Dr.D.: Cars and college tuition are increasing at more than the rate of inflation :-(
Guy B.: Oh, I know. Every time you turn around, the schools are raising the tuition rates.
Dr.D.: CWRU certainly is not worth the full-rate tuition.
Guy B.: How come?
Dr.D.: Especially when you see what the money gets spent on...
Dr.D.: Silly sculptures, new buildings that have less usable space than the buildings that they replaced...
Dr.D.: $72M buildings with melted steel roofs that shed ice in winter and are a hazard to pedestrians...
Dr.D.: It is a huge financial hole to pay $25K per year to go here and major in humanities and then go teach public school.
Dr.D.: And IT jobs are being shipped to India where labor rates are 20% of those here.
Dr.D.: So coming here for CompSci is not a smart financial move, either.
Dr.D.: Before the dotcom bubble burst, there was hope that you could get a job that would pay off your loans in 3-5 years. No more.
Guy B.: You are kidding me. The university should get those repairs done before someone gets hurt and it could cost them big later.
Dr.D.: No kidding...but the building is a Grand Artistic Statement by a certified Great Architect, and His Handiwork is not to be touched.
Guy B.: That's happening to a lot of the manufacturing jobs. Doing then elsewhere for cheap labor.
Dr.D.: They closed the sidewalk last winter...cheaper than fixing the roof--which the architect swore would not have this problem.
Guy B.: So, they cannot do much of anything on that then?
Dr.D.: A truly liquid and global economy means that everything will equilibrate at about the 18th-century peasant level.
Guy B.: That's not good.
Dr.D.: Our entire continent is too expensive compared to large areas of the rest of the world.
Dr.D.: So if there are no barriers to movement of jobs and capital...our living standard must go down.
Dr.D.: Or else we reduce our population by 80%.
Guy B.: Whoa!
Dr.D.: There are too many of us, and not enough "good jobs".
Guy B.: That puts many in a tight spot.
Dr.D.: Supper is coming soon here, Guy, so I think I am going to go.
Dr.D.: Talk to you on Wednesday.
Guy B.: Ok, Dr D. I'll see you Wednesday night then.
Guy B.: Bye
Dr.D.: <poof>
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