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Rickzzy: is anybody there???
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Ophelia
Ophelia: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: hi Rin, figured it might be you
rich-c: why the Shakepearean allusion?
Ophelia: :-)
Ophelia: i'm not sure
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rich-c: you can tell your mom that we wre checking into shipping the secretary today
Ophelia: just felt like an Ophelia.....must be the weather
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: the first quote was for $900 - don't think she wants it that badly
rich-c: hi Rich
Ophelia: ok.....Mom wants to know how Aunt Frances is doing
Dr.D.: The Mad Ophelia! Beware!
Ophelia: hi Dr. D
rich-c: oh, Frances is tired (unsurprisingly) so she's taking a small snooze right now
Ophelia: she wasn't mad.......just misunderstood
Ophelia: how's her spirits
Dr.D.: Hope you're not planning on Ophelia's end...
rich-c: a bit on the bewildered side -after 13 years on duty, she hasnt adjusted to the fact that it's over
Ophelia: understandable
Dr.D.: ? Richard, has Francis' mother died?
Dr.D.: Frances', I mean.
rich-c: besides, she's had to go through your grandmother's effects, get the room cleared, that sort of thing
Ophelia: yes Dr. D
Ophelia: on Thursday
rich-c: yes Rich, we lost her last Thursday - Rin and her paert of the family wre up for the funeral Saturday
Dr.D.: I am sorry to hear...I presume this was the Clee unavailability for chat Saturday.
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Ophelia: yeah we were taking up their chat time
Ophelia: :-)
rich-c: yes - didn't say so directly but figured the more perceptive would guess
Dr.D.: I think only Guy and I showed up.
Dr.D.: And we didn't even talk about you folks.
rich-c: well, I hope you two managed to have a satisfactory session
Dr.D.: (what *did* we talk about, I can't remember!)
Dr.D.: I know that Frances' mom was very old and not very with it...but I am very sorry for her.
rich-c: I know often the limited attendance can give an opportunity for some very construcive results
Dr.D.: I hope that you are all holding up okay.
Ophelia: my mother seems to be totally lost
rich-c: yes, she passed her 100th birthday in April, but wss far gone by then
Dr.D.: She was not expecting this, Rin?
rich-c: basically hadn't opened her eyes for a year
Ophelia: oh Uncle Richard mom wanted me to tell you she is planning a trip up there in October
Ophelia: well, it was very expected .....but it has hit her pretty hard
rich-c: really? what for, Rin?
Ophelia: just to visit
Dr.D.: Good enough reason.
rich-c: OK, I don't know when my hip operation will be but the guessing is November
Ophelia: ok....she will likely be up in November too....but that's for the convention
Dr.D.: Still waiting on the exact date from your orthopaedist?
rich-c: btw, Rich, Pam is at the trailer so wont be on tonight
rich-c: more or less, Rich - I have to get vetted by the internist on Monday - certified fit
Dr.D.: So that means I can spar with Rin without competition :-)
Ophelia: precisely :-)
Dr.D.: <bows to opponent>
rich-c: they'll never admit it but I suspect the internist's report may have some bearing on where I end up in the queue
Dr.D.: Have you completely recovered from the cholecystectomy?
rich-c: long as I get my chance to vote first (Oct. 2)
Ophelia: LOL
Dr.D.: There's always absentee, right?
Ophelia: and advanced poll
rich-c: oh yes, but I want the satisfaction of doing it in person
Dr.D.: I expect Rin to cut me to ribbons, since she more than holds her own against me and Pam combined.
rich-c: anyway, far as I can tell, I'm pretty well healed, yes
Ophelia: well thank you
Dr.D.: That's good, Richard.
rich-c: did I tell you they found stones up to 5CM in me?!!
Dr.D.: I spent 1.5 hours in a seminar today learning about how conflict is good for learning in the classroom.
Dr.D.: 5 cm, wow...did they let you keep them? (did you want them?)
Ophelia: defensive logic
rich-c: depends on teh conflict - some can be a learning experience
rich-c: no, the pathology lab has first dibs - even the surgeon can't have the trophy
Dr.D.: Actually, the thesis of the moderator was that learning could not take place unless there was some kind of tension between teacher and student.
rich-c: and getting that out with a laparascope must have been a treat
Dr.D.: I was selected to participate in a semester-long Learning Fellowship Program here, weekly seminars with 19 other faculty plus 3 moderators.
Ophelia: what kind of tension?
Dr.D.: The tension between the student not quite believing what the teacher is saying...and the teacher not being quite sure that he understands it well enough to be taught.
rich-c: yes, there's a difference between a chess match and a shouting match
Ophelia: depending on the degree of tension would have to be a variable
Dr.D.: If both teacher and student are a bit wary, or chary, then they are more attentive.
Dr.D.: Of course, knock-down drag-out fighting is right out.
Ophelia: LOL
Dr.D.: Well, they're paying me $4K minus taxes to participate.
rich-c: I see a certain amount of both on my bulletin board, but the moderators clamp down hard and fast on bad behaviour
Dr.D.: On top of existing salary, too, so it's not a zero-sum game.
Ophelia: so you're not just doing it in the name of science
Dr.D.: I'm hoping to get a modern laptop computer out of the proceeds...but I have to hope that nothing more important comes up.
Ophelia: ; -)
rich-c: I gather they're hoping you-all wil come up with a new theoretical construct of some sort, then
Dr.D.: Like yesterday, when a leak developed in the gas tank of our 1989 Dodge Caravan...
Dr.D.: $620 to replace the entire gas tank, the original was rusted and not salvagable :-(
Ophelia: that sucks
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Dr.D.: Re: new construct for learning,
changed username to Guy B.
Ophelia: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: don't you have any companies around there that rebuild gas tanks?
rich-c: greetings, Guy
Dr.D.: 5 CWRU presidents ago, the president said "Learning is suffering".
Ophelia: and vice versa
Dr.D.: A poster appeared subsequently on campus, my freshman year, which fortunately I have saved a copy of:
Dr.D.: A photo of said president with graffiti goatee like Lenin, and the quote.
Guy B.: Only 4 of us here!
rich-c: I gather CWRU goes through presidents in a hurry
Ophelia: lol
Dr.D.: Below his photo, a photo of Charleton Heston as a galley slave from "Ben Hur".
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
(Ophelia laughs heartily)
Dr.D.: The president was identified only as "Top Dog, Emeritus" because he had retired.
Guy B.: Thanks Rich
Ophelia: sir, yes sir
Dr.D.: Yes Richard, we've gone through presidents...Toepfer about 1970-1979, the quote guy; Ragone, lasted 5 years; Pytte, lasted 12 years;
rich-c: Pam's at teh trailer, Guy, so I had to look after the family obligations ;-)
Dr.D.: Auston, lasted 1 year and quit in a fit of pique; Wagner, interim for 1 year; and now Hundert.
rich-c: seems they wear out quickly in these latter days
Dr.D.: Wagner just became president of Emory University in Atlanta; he was runner-up for the latest permanent job here at CWRU.
Dr.D.: Many of us wish that he had been kept.
Dr.D.: The current guy is the one behind the school "rebranding" and new paperclip logo.
Dr.D.: BTW, hi Guy.
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D. How's the weather by you? Got to 80 here today.
rich-c: "If it ain't bust, don't fix it" - but some folks never can figure that out
Dr.D.: Cold at night, hot in the daytime.
Dr.D.: Leaves are falling in earnest now...fall is here.
Ophelia: my memory sucks.....Guy where are you situated?
rich-c: I'm not sure we got much over 68 today though we wre supposed to get higer 70s
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Guy B.: I live in a subuirb of Chicago, IL.
changed username to Fredk
Fredk: Hi all
Guy B.: Hi Fred
Dr.D.: Hello Fred.
Ophelia: ahhh Chicago
Ophelia: hi Fred
rich-c: he's in Chicago, Rin, so his weather tonight is yours tomorrow
rich-c: bonjour, Fred - comment ca va?
Fredk: tres bien merci et vous?
rich-c: comee ci, comme ca -
Fredk: pas plus que ca?
Guy B.: We have been warm the last couple of days. But a change is coming this weekend.
Dr.D.: Say Rin, does "Ophelia" mean you're blonde now? I always see a blonde when I read "Hamlet"...
Guy B.: My dog Abby is going into the vet this Saturday. Her annual shots and her urinary tract infection is back, again!
rich-c: ma belle-mere est mort; elee avait plus de cent ans, mais c'est dommage
Ophelia: do they acyually say blonde or golden?
Dr.D.: Hmmm...
Fredk: wow, cest extraordinaire mais triste en meme temps, mes sinceres condoleances.
Ophelia: golden actually refers to red, so I've heard -- flaxen = blonde
rich-c: nous vous remerci, de FGrances et moi; et Rin
Ophelia: (The Red head Encyclopedia)
rich-c: at any rate, Fred, certainly no surprise, but a landmark has been lost, so to speak
Guy B.: What color is your hair, Rin?
Ophelia: red
Ophelia: *blush*
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Guy B.: Natural red?
Ophelia: yuppers
Dr.D.: Just trying to Google up a quick plaintext of Hamlet to search...
rich-c: it runs in her family, Guy
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Wow.
rich-c: hello Judy, where's the old man?
Guy B.: Hi Judy, where the Grand Poopah?
Ophelia: hi Judy
Fredk: Hi Judy
Ophelia: ...thanks Guy
Judy: hi, everyone
Judy: right here, I thought he was already on
Dr.D.: Found one...
rich-c: probably still fiddling with the network connection, I guess
Ophelia: lol
Guy B.: Not yet. Probably cussing the laptop again.
Dr.D.: "golden" appears 3 times in "Hamlet".
Ophelia: thus the fair Ophelia is a red-head
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Ophelia: :D
Dr.D.: Never in connexion with Ophelia, though.
changed username to BobS
Ophelia: i didn't think they actually referred to her hair colour
Guy B.: There is is. The Grand Poopah. Hi Bob
rich-c: ah, there he is now - guess Judy showed him how to work the computer ;-)
BobS: hiya Guy
Judy: don't know what he is up to, has been working on a laptop for my parents neighbor
Ophelia: any depictions of her always have red hair
Ophelia: that I've seen anyway
Guy B.: Rin, do you any siblings and how many?
Ophelia: 2 brothers
BobS: c.o.m.p.u.t.e.r.??????????
Guy B.: Younger or older than you?
Ophelia: one is blonde the other a redhead
Ophelia: both younger
Ophelia: one married
Ophelia: 2 kids
Dr.D.: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
rich-c: it's a thingy that's starting to replace the abacus, Bob
Ophelia: LOL
BobS: ahso.........
BobS: cornfUshius say..........
Guy B.: Wow, an aunt already. That's great.
rich-c: these days, ae computers worth fixing any more?
BobS: sure, don't give in to the throwaway mentality
Ophelia: i know it's shocking
Guy B.: Guess you guys heard. More flaws in WinXP.
Dr.D.: Better than grandmother at 30 like some of the women Joan sees at the hospital...
rich-c: yeah, but upgrades are so cheap, there comes a time when the difference isn't, so to speak
Dr.D.: The existence of WinXP is a flaw...
BobS: and like WHY don
rich-c: just more reason to stick with 98SE, for all its warts
BobS: does that surprise you Guy???????????????????????
Dr.D.: Hi Bob and Judy (just getting around to greetings)
Guy B.: I already heard about over 60 flaws just for this OS alone. Makes you want to puke in Billy boy's face and say I told you so.
Guy B.: That's why I'm staying with 98SE.
Judy: Hello, Dr D
rich-c: actually, it depends on how serious the flaws really are - there are degrees
rich-c: but then it can also depend on your feelings about the complication of operating systems
BobS: Hi rich
BobS: ONLY upgrade when you have to for reason's of new hardware, etc
rich-c: I mean, it's nice to have a browser and word processor and all that stuff included, but at what price?
BobS: righto
Guy B.: It's all with security leaks. Now Microsoft says Service Pack 2 will come out next year with all the fiexes that are out or being released now.
rich-c: agreed, Bob - but for instance when my monitor blows I'll likely dump it for an LCD screen
Dr.D.: Upgrade to ADAM :-)
rich-c: and as I was saying last week, DVD read-writers are now coming down to the level of why do without them?
Dr.D.: BTW, the annual Beloit College list of things that incoming freshman know/don't know mentioned the ADAM.
BobS: and so why wait until next year????? If the patches are there now and you need them do it NOW and forget next year
rich-c: scarey that some3 of them wouldn't have been born when the Adam was discontinued
BobS: tesyting
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: But those DVD disks are still high.
rich-c: youse is here, Bob
Guy B.: Lost Bob
rich-c: the single format re-writers are about $130 now, multi-format $200 (Canadian)
Dr.D.: Here is the exact quote:
Dr.D.: 30. Adam and PC Junior computers had vanished from the market before this generation went online.
Ophelia: and Judy
Dr.D.: Full list is at
Dr.D.: Guy, I just bought a box of 10 DVD-Rs for $22.
rich-c: scarey how young kids are when they start university - but twas ever thus
Dr.D.: Actually, bought 4 boxes at that price.
Guy B.: So I guess they are coming down in price then.
Dr.D.: I used them to burn all the DVDs of the video from my summer robot course, to mail out to the participants.
rich-c: my litmus test for age is - can you remember when bread and milk wre delivered to your door from a horse-drawn cart?
Dr.D.: Nope.
Ophelia: sorry
Dr.D.: But we did have the Isaly's Dairy milkman until 1976.
rich-c: as it happens I can - so 23 skidoo, kid ;-)
Dr.D.: Your Uncle's the bee's knees, ain't he, Rin?
Ophelia: so I'm learning
rich-c: on DVDs - when they're rewritable and hold 4.7 gig each, is $2.50 so exorbitant?
Dr.D.: Not rewritable yet AFAIK.
Dr.D.: I don't think that there'
Dr.D.: there's *any* rewritable DVD media.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: WHA hoppen??????
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rich-c: I dunno - you just suddenly finked out on us, Bob
changed username to judy
BobS: ya mon. got lost in space
BobS: and is everyone else alright?????
rich-c: and it looks like you took Judy with you, tho' she's now back
judy: I am back
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changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning james
BobS: all of audden everyting stopped
judy: hi, James
BobS: hi james
Dr.D.: It was James who knocked you out...
Fredk: Hi James
BobS: THAS it
Guy B.: Hi James
james: how is everyone?
Ophelia: hi James
james: oh sure, blame me :P
james: so what's everyone up to?
judy: someone has to take the blame
rich-c: we're all dumping on Bob
Dr.D.: "James" and "blame" have the same vowel.
BobS: boo hoo
Dr.D.: And the same consonant after the vowel.
Dr.D.: Correlation is causation. Q.E.D.
james: in otherwords they rhyme :P
Dr.D.: You may now count the angels sitting on the head of your pin.
rich-c: I'm still working on that post hoc fallacy
BobS: say WHAT??????
james: of course if correlation were in fact causation, we could assume that the reason 100% of people eventually die is because 100% of them drink water
Dr.D.: This lesson in logic has been brought to you by the Ministry of Addled Brains and Silly Thoughts.
Fredk: lol
BobS: how' the bod richard....gonna make it???????
Dr.D.: And remember, 62.4% of all statistics are made up.
Ophelia: hehehe
rich-c: well, the gall bladder seems to be healing nicely - I can certainly eat what I please - indeed, unwisely
Dr.D.: That's why 3 out of 4 British housewives can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a dead crab.
BobS: that's good, now onto the HIP
judy: that is great, Rich
james: and 54.8% of people are more likely to believe something with a statistic attached to it
rich-c: no, Rich, it's 42.6% - you got the numbers reversed
judy: most people are really dumb
rich-c: of course, that's for those done on the spot
rich-c: yes Bob, I go to see the internist Monday, he's the one who gives the nihil obstat on that
james: so things are going better, rich?
Fredk: I am not supprised we only use like 3% of our brain capacity
judy: Monday Bob will be in the hospital
james: i'd be surprised if we use that much some days
rich-c: well, the main obstacle is out of the way, now it's a matter of scheduling
Dr.D.: Oh, it's all being used...just in the background where you aren't conscious of it.
Dr.D.: Bob in hospital?!?!
Ophelia: that's where dreams come in
james: autonomic functions etc. imagine if we actually had to think about digestion and breathing. we'd never get anything done
Dr.D.: Is that a threat, Judy? :-) :-) :-)
rich-c: oh no - more heart trouble, Bob, or something else?
judy: yes, he is going to be shocked
Dr.D.: Frying pan to head :-)
james: @ophelia, have we met?
Dr.D.: Oh, serious stuff, ouch...
rich-c: is that a day procedure or will he be in for a while?
judy: yes, it is
Dr.D.: In English lit, James :-)
BobS: I am fibbing and they will DEfibralate me
Ophelia: @james......not in person....that I'm aware of
BobS: hopefully 2-4 hours
Dr.D.: Let's try that out on Geo. W. first and see if it works.
judy: in and out will take a couple of hours
james: lol
james: can't make things any worse
rich-c: it won't - no heart
Ophelia: lol
Dr.D.: <eeevil grin>
judy: he will only be put out for about 5 minutes
james: just give him another pretzel
Dr.D.: Guess the Wizard didn't have anything in his little bag for Georgie...
Dr.D.: Are you a candidate for a pacemaker, Bob?
judy: he hasn't been on for a while, has he?
Dr.D.: I meant Georgie W. Bush, not our usual curmudgeon.
judy: no, the doctor said not
rich-c: our George isnt a curmudgeon, just a bit of a whiner
Dr.D.: So jumper cables instead.
rich-c: I am the curmudgeon
Dr.D.: He seems awful cranky and crabby to me.
rich-c: on the chat board I'm described as "Curmudgeon, Cluster class"
Dr.D.: Your typing doesn't seem curmudgeonly to me, Richard.
rich-c: you haven't seen me holding forth on the politcal scene - well not much, anyway
Ophelia: what's a curmudgeon?
rich-c: grumpy old man
Ophelia: ahhhh
Dr.D.: A crabby old guy who is very set in his ways.
Fredk: thank you Rin
judy: then later he has to have a heart cath
Ophelia: no prob
Ophelia: i was almost embarassed to ask....but what the heck.....i didn't know
rich-c: what's the heart catheterization for, Judy?
Dr.D.: I shall endeavor in future to avoid superfluous flummery in my vocabularification, Ms. Rin. :-)
Fredk: Rin, its dangerous out there....but somebody has to come out sometimes!
judy: he does have some heart damage, wants to look for possible blockages
Ophelia: how magnamimous of you
Dr.D.: "Quite sporting of the little black duck, isn't it?" -- Daffy
rich-c: are they thinking stent or something?
Ophelia: thanks for the support Fred!!
Fredk: Suffering suckatash!
judy: don't know, just talking of looking in to see what is going on
rich-c: pleath, Fred, that'th thuffering thuccotash!
Ophelia: hehehe
Dr.D.: I have a silly poem for Ophelia, sent to me by a friend in E-mail:
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Dr.D.: A fractured Mother Goose rhyme.
changed username to Daniel B
Fredk: thanks thats thbetter!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Ophelia: ok
rich-c: salut, Daniel, ca va?
Daniel B: hi Guy!
Dr.D.: Here goes:
Fredk: Salut Daniel
judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel B: salut Rich! oui ca va! et toi?
Daniel B: Salut Fred!
Dr.D.: Hickory pickory poo,
Daniel B: hi Judy!
Dr.D.: The mouse ran in your shoe.
Dr.D.: Your foot went in,
rich-c: assez bien, merci
Dr.D.: The mouse was then
Dr.D.: Ickory stickory goo.
Daniel B: Rich: Dr.D. chante une contine?
Dr.D.: <finis>
(Ophelia groans loudly)
rich-c: rich, that's SICK!
Ophelia: LOL
Fredk: better than the old lady in a shue!
Dr.D.: I thought it was clever...but then, you know me...
Fredk: or Andy dice clay!.....maybe not
judy: you are one sick puppy, Dr D
Dr.D.: No ADC for me.
Dr.D.: woof woof, Judy :-)
Ophelia: *giggles"
james: lol
Dr.D.: Here's another one:
Ophelia: ready
Dr.D.: Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard
Dr.D.: To get her poor daugher a dress.
Dr.D.: When she got there,
Dr.D.: The cupboard was bare,
Dr.D.: And so was her daughter, I guess!
Dr.D.: <finis>
BobS: porno!!!!!
BobS: and on the ADAM chatline
Fredk: did the old mother survive?
judy: the other one was better
Ophelia: my kinda quality
(Ophelia winks)
Dr.D.: Okay, no more Fractured Fairy Tales in this Bullwinkle & Rocky Hour...
james: reminds of a list "children's books we'll never see"
james: bi-curious george
Dr.D.: The Film Society here is going to run its own Gong Show when they show Chuck Barris' autobiography movie "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind".
Dr.D.: I am going to be a "ringer" act in case they need to fill some time, or someone doesn't show up.
Dr.D.: I have many gongable talents.
rich-c: and if in doubt, bring along one of your robots
rich-c: they bring down the house every time
Dr.D.: I could get gonged straight off by bringing an ADAM and writing a SmartBASIC program...
Dr.D.: But I have decided to do musical comedy instead.
Dr.D.: Most of you know what "The Gong Show" was, I hope?
Dr.D.: Maybe not Daniel or Fred.
Fredk: nada
james: the gong show.. i've heard historical anecdotes..
judy: yes, we do, Dr
Guy B.: Boy, how could I forget about that one. Chuck Barris, he stunk at that show.
rich-c: I heard of it but never looked at it
Dr.D.: Okay, basic premise is a twisted talent show: variety acts, 3 judges, with a big metal gong behind them. If the act is bad, the judges can cut it short by ringing the gong.
Ophelia: i've been well edu-macated in the fine arts (not seen it though)
Daniel B: I never see the gong show... but I know it exists.
rich-c: let's see - you'll be doing a supporting part from Finian's Rainbow?
Dr.D.: If the act survives to completion, it is scored by the judges. Best score wins some stupid prize.
Daniel B: there was one gong show at my university
Dr.D.: The acts were almost always stupid and bizzare.
Guy B.: Or you get Gonged.
james: his highness has fallen asleep on my back. i shall return momentarily
Dr.D.: No Richard, I will be "Nature Boy".
Ophelia: hehehe
rich-c: which musical is that from?
Dr.D.: I will play a lilting sylvan tune on my recorder, dressed as Tarzan.
Fredk: thats why!
(Ophelia laughs heartily)
Dr.D.: Except that I play the recorder through my nose :-)
Ophelia: truly a Kodak moment
judy: bong, bong, bong
rich-c: if you do that, you're supposed to have one for each nostril
Dr.D.: That's why I'm a "ringer", guaranteed laughs (and gong).
rich-c: and play two-part harmony
Fredk: lol
james: bong
Dr.D.: I don't know how to play the Greek double recorder, or I would.
rich-c: hmm - how are you on the Pan pipes, then?
Dr.D.: My inspiration was the Monty Python sketch about the man with a tape recorder up his nose.
Dr.D.: Pan pipes, Zamvir I am not :-)
rich-c: ah, all these programs I've heard of but never seen
Dr.D.: I can play pretty good serious recorder.
BobS: I can't play NAYTHING
Fredk: Well consider me gong for the night, chiao , arigato,bonsoir, bye, gute nacht,dobranots!
Dr.D.: But the object of this Gong Show isn't talent, but weird talent (or funny no-talent).
Daniel B: Bye fred!
Ophelia: ciao Fred
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, a la prochaine
Guy B.: Bye Fred
Dr.D.: Bye Fred.
Fredk: *poof*
Fredk left chat session
judy: isn't anyone talking
judy left chat session
Dr.D.: I am talking too much...
Dr.D.: <mmmffllllmmfmmflllffllmmmfll>
rich-c: hardly, Rich, as long as you're getting a response
rich-c: Bob, Judy just fell off
Guy B.: I've been quiet. I found a free spyware program that I'm downloading right now. From I've installed the free Popup Stopper and that works.
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changed username to BobS
james left chat session
Guy B.: We got twins.
BobS requested to ban BobS
Dr.D.:, that is a funny name.
Dr.D. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Ophelia confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
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rich-c: yes, is geting lazy about updating, though Spybot seems to work fairly well
changed username to BobS
BobS requested to ban BobS
Dr.D. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ophelia confirmed ban
Guy B.: They have free and retail programs.
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changed username to Bobs
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Bobs: can't get rid of the other one OR I get dumped
changed username to Judy
rich-c: I have popup stoppers in both Naviscope and Internet Organizer Pro
Ophelia: must be the full moon Bob
Guy B.: Popup Stopper works with both browsers and there is an update feature.
Judy: something isn't liking us
Dr.D.: We like you, Judy!!!!
rich-c: I'm using IE 6.0 only - got fed up with Netscape and found Opera a bit clunky, if fast
Bobs: it is something.........
Judy: thanks, Dr D, but the computer doesn't tonight
Bobs: all of a sudeden we lose the network connection
(Ophelia gives Bobs a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.D.: <Dr.D. gives Bob & Judy a subspace internet relay satellite connection>
Bobs: TANKS, I needed taht
Ophelia: gifts not good enough Dr. D?
Judy: this one is working so good
Guy B.: I stayed with Netscape 4.79. Haven't downloaded the newest version. But word has it, that Netscape is ready to throw in the towel.
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Bobs: wouldn't surprise me
Dr.D.: The subspace internet relay satellite requires Diet Coke as a battery electrolyte.
rich-c: yes, the code apparently hass been declared Open Source
Dr.D.: So your gift is not only good, it's necessary.
changed username to bair
Ophelia: ohhhh.......ok then...hehehe
Bobs: the way that microsoft treats them
Bobs: Mr BAIR
Dr.D.: Gotta love the phosphoric acid.
Bobs: how is mon???????
Guy B.: It's the Bair. Hi Bob
rich-c: I have heard the Mozilla 1.0 (Netscape less the AOL crap) is pretty good
Judy: hi, Mr Bair
Dr.D.: Hello Bob Bair, long time, no type.
rich-c: all hail the Bair!
Guy B.: Actually, some websites show Netscape as Mozilla. Yes, I heard that it's very good. I think the website is
bair: it still hard this is his birthday
rich-c: I think you're right, Guy. I may try it some time
Guy B.: Well, Happy Birthday!
Bobs: oh man.........
Bobs: no guy, it was son Tim's bday
Bobs: BAD day
rich-c: that makes it especially hard, Bob - condolences
Guy B.: Oh man. Wrong one. Didn't know that.
Bobs: we missed you and Virginia in Vancouver bob
Dr.D.: I hadn't heard about Tim until this past ADAMcon, Bob...I am so very sorry for you and Virginia.
Dr.D.: Second BobS about missing you both.
Judy: say hi to Virginia, Bob
Guy B.: Sorry to hear about that Bob. How's Virginia?
Bobs: heck Bob.......give here HUG for all of us :-)
Bobs: still hard ata work and spending time on Covil Defense after hours??????
Bobs: spelling sucks eh???
bair: is there a chance to fine paddles for four players for atri warlords
Bobs: don't look my way Bob, I don't know
Guy B.: You mean the game paddles, Bob B?
Dr.D.: Tonight at a restaurant me and the girls played 2-player Mr. Do, on an original tabletop console.
Dr.D.: One play, 25 cents, 2-player, 50 cents.
bair: it is emergency management now
bair: yes
Dr.D.: The restaurant owners say that they get $50/week from it. It is very popular.
Bobs: forgot......
rich-c: you folks at lesst escaped teh big blackoput, didn't you, Bob?
Dr.D.: And it's almost exactly like the ColecoVision version of Mr. Do.
Dr.D.: So the girls were pretty good at playing it.
bair: yes
Guy B.: I don't know if I have an extra set or not. I'll have to see.
rich-c: you're lucky - we wre out for 25 hours
Bobs: so you FIND extra paddles OR use 4 paddles to play the game ????
bair: we gave all of the games to my newhew
rich-c: what do the paddles look like, Bob?
Ophelia: i'm officially tramautized....had to kill really REALLY BIG SPIDER
bair: each has two paddles a piece
Judy: oh, yuk!!!!
Dr.D.: Why, it probably would eat REALLY BIG FLIES.
rich-c: huh - our Official Window Spider hasn't moved from his place for three days
Bobs: take it easy "george" it will get better....and all the spiders will be gone
rich-c: we have no shortage of fruit flies, but surely he must have to move to catch them
Ophelia: if i wasn't freaking out so badly.....
Ophelia: thanks Bobs
Dr.D.: "Come into my parlor" said the Spider to the Fly...
Guy B.: You hate spiders Rin?
Ophelia: and i gave you a diet coke and everything
Dr.D.: DC would probably kill spiders.
Dr.D.: (It'll probably kill people)
Ophelia: terrified......i have only just recently learned to kill them
Judy: spiders are the worse, right up there with bees
Guy B.: Yep, no don't about that.
rich-c: bair, wht do Atari paddles look like?
Guy B.: How about wasps. I got stung by them.
rich-c: I like spiders - at least I like them better than the things they eat
Dr.D.: I leave them alone, they leave me alone. I think the last time I got stung by a bee was when I had to mow the grass next to a beekeeper's hives.
bair: they have a knob that turns
Dr.D.: About 20 years ago.
Guy B.: The paddles look like a small controller with a knob.
bair: yes
Ophelia: well the spider began running toward me.......that just won't do
Judy: I got stung Labor Day at the beach
rich-c: OK, maybe I have some, maybe they work - I have a box of weird old joysticks and stuff downstairs
Dr.D.: An alumnus of my fraternity had some hives in the back yard of the fraternity house, and one of the house details I had over the summer I lived at the house was mowing the lawn.
bair: I think they have a picture of tennis paddles
Dr.D.: Usually they would leave you alone to mow around the hives, but one afternoon one bee got mad at me and stung my back.
Ophelia: oh nice
Dr.D.: Since I am not allergic to beestings, it only hurt for a little while.
Judy: we found a large hive when we were taking the motor home out the last time
Dr.D.: Naturally, I would be more careful were I known to be allergic to their stings.
Judy: same with me, Dr D
rich-c: bees are reluctant to sting, since stinging is usually fatal to them
Guy B.: There two of the same ones. One has a sticker of paddles, the other is a steering one for the Indy 500 game.
bair: there are two paddles to each plug and two plugs let four play
Dr.D.: It *is* fatal to bees---there are barbs on the stinger that let it go in, but resist going out (like a fishook).
Dr.D.: When the bee pulls away, the stinger (plus an autonomous poison gland) remain behind. The bee dies.
bair: yes guy
Dr.D.: BIOL 101 for today :-)
Ophelia: : -)
rich-c: well, I may have a pair, Bob, just can't say for sure now
Judy: we were having trouble with bees at the pond but not anymore maybe Bob killed them all in the hive
Dr.D.: "The mother kangaroo protects her young by carring them in her pouch. You too can protect your family with insurance from Mutual of Omaha--the People Who Pay" -- Marlin Perkins
Ophelia: LOL
bair: my number is 1 260 347 1394 or
Guy B.: Well gang. Got to go check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week. I'm working this Saturday and the dog has a vet appt.
rich-c: Guy, is there any way to make an image of an Adam disc that can be read for transmission in DOS (IE, etc.?)
Ophelia: bye Guy
bair: that is so you can get back to me either way
Judy: night Guy
Dr.D.: My number is also I am going to adjourn for this week.
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Guy B. left chat session
changed username to Jillian
Ophelia: bye bye Dr. D
Judy: night Dr D
Jillian: Greetings all.
Dr.D.: Good to see you all tonight, especially Ophelia and Mr. Bair.
Bobs: Hi Jill
Judy: hi, Jillian
Bobs: bye Dr
Ophelia: *blush*
rich-c: nite, Guy and Rich
Dr.D.: And bye to Jill before I poof out of here.
rich-c: and hello Jillian'
Dr.D.: <poof>
Jillian: I just popped in to say that Dale {Bye Dr. D} is still working but would rather be chatting.
Judy: how is Jeffy, Jill?
Dr.D. left chat session
Jillian: He is great.
Bobs: say Hi to Dale AND Jeffy
Jillian: He had a cold over the weekend.
Bobs: aw.....bummer
Judy: getting big, I bet
Jillian: which he very generously shared with his parents.
Ophelia: i think it's time to fly myself
Ophelia: hope you all have a great night
Judy: they tend to do that
Ophelia: see you next week
rich-c: nite Rin, talk at you soon
bair: I don't think I have ever met ophelia
Jillian: He is getting tall. and using a lot more words too.
rich-c: keep us posted on your mother's plans
Ophelia: I'm Rich-c's niece
Ophelia: will do
Judy: you are teaching him to share, aren't you?
Bobs: ACTUALLy Erin by birth name.......
Jillian: If he's in the right mood he'll repeat anything we say.
bair: you never share food
Ophelia: yes sorry.....i'nm incognito
Bobs: rin SO soon you leaving>>>>====??????
Judy: night Erin
Ophelia: yuppers.........the full moon calls
Jillian: Yes we are teaching him to share. He's good at sharing most things. except Pens and quarters.
Bobs: now it is time....."ti watcha you mouf" as 2 yr old Ryan says
Jillian: He's best at sharing sneezes though.
Judy: so you have to watch your what you say
Jillian: oh yes.
Ophelia: (fades to black)
Ophelia left chat session
Jillian: I was playing a game{losing} and a curse word slipped out while he was beside me. and he popped right up and repeated it.
bair: how did the Adam con. go
Judy: that is what I taught Ryan, when Bob says something Ryan should not
Jillian: Well enough that I was totally jealous about not being there, BobB.
Judy: Bob has had that with Ryan, several times
rich-c: did you not make it to the 'con, Jill? I didnt know that
Bobs: ADAMCON went greaat Bob.......a long distance away, but a great vacation also with extra days there........
Judy: and you were missed
Bobs: visit and 'see' and read the daily reports
Jillian: Is he still with you? I thought his mom{Mandy?} was up on her feet again?
Jillian: I couldn't get the time off work, since I only started in March.
bair: ok
Judy: yes, she is but I watch him two days a week and more
rich-c: that's a pity - oh well, wait till next year when we can all make it again
Judy: daycare is so high, she can't afford it unless she gets some help
Jillian: Dale spent an two days on the island. Went to the buchart gardens and took a zillion pictures.
Jillian: We pay more in daycare than we do in rent.
rich-c: they have lots of pictures on the various websites, Bob
Jillian: Next year, we're going to switch to adopting a livein grandmother. It will be cheaper.
Judy: hers isn't that much but it is really too much for her
Bobs: gooing to El Paso Tx to visit the Stone's for ADAMCON ya'll GOT to come
rich-c: still wish it wre half past October instead of September
Judy: next week I will have Ryan two days and Josh and Michael one
Judy: busy week
Jillian: It started at 60$ a day and has dropped to 48$ but still can't imagine doing it on my own.
Jillian: I imagine they keep you hopping.
Jillian: Jeffy keeps me plenty busy with only one.
Judy: Mandy is paying 160 for three days
Jillian: Ours went down at 18 months.
Bobs: 2 is even better, then they can fight !!!!!!!
Jillian: That sounds like such a positive... not!
Judy: hers is going up as he gets older, rate increases
Jillian: What do they fight over?
Jillian: Is that usual in your area?
Judy: anything, everything
Jillian: Here they have to have so many staff per child at different ages, so they have to price it higher for younger.
Judy: don't know, that is where she started and we don't want to change him, he has been though enough
Jillian: Yes. I can understand that. I'm not looking forward to taking Jeffy out when the time comes.
Judy: I thought that was the way here too, but they are having staff problems and then the price went up
Bobs: daycare sucks!!!!!!
bair: bob didyou need any money
Judy: they do a lot of things with the kids
Jillian: Well if he's happy then it's worth it.
Judy: he is, but needs to rest up on the days he is here
Jillian: I think staying home and going insane would suck more, Bobs.
Jillian: Jeffy does that too.
Bobs: naw, you'd have more time and you wouldn't GO insane
Jillian: They tell us he sleeps for about 30 minutes at daycare, once a day only.
bair: hey bob did you go to sleep
Bobs: nope am here
Jillian: On the weekend, he will have a 3 or 4 hour nap if we let him.
Jillian: You mean I'm already there, Bobs?
Judy: Ryan sleeps about 3 hours here
bair: did you need any money for the con.
Bobs: gotta get asome $$$$ from you soon.....looks like AC16 will be alright, but am buying parts to have on hand for ADAM users to have before they disappear into never never land
Jillian: Do you know how much he sleeps at night?
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bair: do you know how much
changed username to Daniel B
Jillian: Hey Daniel.
Daniel B: problem with my computer
Daniel B: hey!
rich-c: welcome back Daniel
Bobs: hi Daniel
(Everyone welcomes Daniel B)
Judy: from 8:30 until about 8 in the morning
Jillian: About the same as Jeffy.
rich-c: wanted to tell you, Daniel, still havent shipped the book
Bobs: not yet bob, but soon........just is charged on my charge card, so I am not worrying until it comes and i total it up
Judy: he has needed a lot of sleep
rich-c: Frances lost her mother thursday and we have had other duties
Jillian: If I need to take him to daycare, he gets up at 7:30 and he is dressed and out the door by 8:00. Day care feeds him breakfast then.
Judy: tell her we are thinking of her, Rich
Daniel B: rich: I see...
Jillian: Many condolences, Rich.
rich-c: thank you, all
rich-c: as you know it was not unexpected
Bobs: our sympathy Richard......even though it was expected and hoped for (with her condition)
bair: both of you take care it is hard
Bobs: she was.......100????
rich-c: you're right Bob - in many ways a relief to all
rich-c: yes, she had her 100th birthday back in April
Judy: how is Frances doing?
Bobs: but still a shock of sorts when it does happen
rich-c: loaded with the associated duties so hasnt had much time to think
Bobs: like Judy was still mom
Judy: give her a hug from me, Rich
Jillian: Me too, Rich.
rich-c: yes - Frances' sister (Erin's mom) is also taking it badly
Bobs: ya know, no matter how big you and dad still worry and you are still the child........
bair: will phone is ringing by all
Bobs: no matter HOW old ya are
Jillian: by Bobb.
Bobs: bye Bob
Judy: bye Bair
Daniel B: I feel like someone who has no rights to be here...
rich-c: yes, although when you're feeling intimations of mortality yourself, it makes it a little easier
Bobs: why Daniel ???????
Judy: why, Daniel?
Bobs: like it or not...ya'll is ONE OF US
rich-c: why, Daniel? you are an active and important membeer of the community now
Jillian: Daniel, you have the right to be here.
rich-c: you have already made some very major contributions
Jillian: As Rich says, you are an important member of the community.
Bobs: heck, if ya are BREATHING and here, you have the right to be here
Bobs: in a even were at the convention !!!!!!!
Daniel B: Each time, the discussion is about family... and I'm not a member of our family.
Jillian: More than I was.
rich-c: well, you havent been around as long
Daniel B: it 's more like a private discussion
Bobs: but we don't discriminate !!!!!
rich-c: but then, you havent been around your wife's folks that long, but you;re still family there
(Bobs smiles)
Jillian: no. it's not private, it's community.
Jillian: you are a member.
Bobs: that is how ya learn Daniel
Judy: stick around and you will be one too, that is how it works
(Jillian quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Bobs: heck, we took Jilllian in UNSEEN a few years back and she didn't want us to leave and go home!!!!
Bobs: and that worked out, eh Jill ??????
Jillian: exactly. I agreed to organize AC7 before I'd met anyone but Dale.
Daniel B: I suppose you are right. but i feel like this.
Jillian: or maybe I'd met the Clees.
Bobs: so you see...........we are easy to ive with
Bobs: live
Daniel B: I'm sure you are good persons, that's not the problem.
Bobs: oh but of COURSE, we are really GREAT persons.........
rich-c: we are always finding new friends, Daniel - like Fred and George
(Bobs winks)
rich-c: and for tht matter Scott is really a newcomer
Bobs: let's not get into the George thing
Jillian: I still consider myself a newcomer.
Bobs: why Jill ????????
Bobs: heck, that was like........8 years ago
Jillian: Maybe when I finish that game it will be different, but I don't have a lot of expecerience with the ADAM yet.
Jillian: and Dr. D has said in the past that he still feels like a newbie.
Jillian: because there is so much to learn.
Daniel B: I never really use an Adam computer but I have one. I'm not a member of Rich's family and I never remember who is who here.
Judy: that is okay Jill, I don't do much on the Adam, never did
Daniel B: except for some of you
Jillian: That's ok. That's what name tags are for.
rich-c: and these days many of us do not do a great deal on the Adam
Judy: just ask questions we will cue you in on anything yoou want to know
Bobs changed username to EL Magnifico
EL Magnifico: so now you know MY name.......
Jillian: or tell us about your family or work or city or whatever you want.
EL Magnifico: and I am NOT conceited...........
Jillian: We're great listeners.
rich-c: I thinbk someone just got a little swelling north of the neck...
EL Magnifico changed username to Roberto
Jillian: and Bob is just a little over the top, but very lovable.
Roberto: hallo.........
Roberto: see
(Jillian slaps Roberto playfully)
Roberto: OUCH
Judy: and I live with hime
Daniel B: ok, there is any genealogy information about the adamcon active members? Who maried who and who is the father of who? It's like a puzzle each time I came here and the discussion start about familly.
Jillian: Can't help you there, Judy.
Roberto: and on the 'wet' coast...Ron says.........Bob
Jillian: Well, I married Dale and we had Jeffy.
Judy: Bob and I are married, Doug is our son and married to Meeka
Roberto: Pam is Rich Clee's daughter......Erin is his niece
Roberto: Jill is dale Wick's bride and Jeffy is their son
Jillian: James is a canadian living in Japan.
Roberto: with his wife Myuki and son Case
Roberto: and some guy named Daniel B lives in Quebec City............
Daniel B: :)
Jillian: Neil is Dale's brother.
rich-c: So our Canadians are you, Fred, Dale & Jill, Frances & Rich (and Pam & Erin) and Ron
Roberto: Guy Bona from chicago.........Ron Mitchell on Vancouver Island
Roberto: now a QUIZ !!!!!!!!
Jillian: Zonker is in Seattle.
rich-c: his ral name is Bart Lynch
Judy: Bob Bair is from Ind and wife is Virginia
Jillian: Judy takes care of Ryan who is thier{Judy and Bob's} grandson. His mother is Mandy.
rich-c: Scott lives ner Denver
Roberto: and the sweetest 80 year old couple you could ever meet are Jack and Jean Stone.....hosts for next years convention
Jillian: Jeff is Ron's son.
Roberto: NOW you are confusedm eh?????
Jillian: I wonder if this should be posted on a page somewhere.
Judy: hope that will help you a little!!!!
Jillian: Did all that help Daniel or is it just too much?
rich-c: remember you can see photos with names on a number of websites including adamcon,org (this one)
Roberto: too much.........
Roberto: we still here
Daniel B: I take some notes
Roberto: Pam is at the trailer???????
Roberto: that's good Daniel
Daniel B: I feel like having too many information at the same time.
rich-c: yes, she and Russell went up lasst night, for a week
Roberto: ok
rich-c: she may or may not be back for chat next week
Roberto: kinda like computer overload, Daniel
Judy: and if in doubt just ask
Jillian: I think I'll try and get all that on a web page on soon.
rich-c: yes, and you ahve the language obstacle too - we recognize that
Daniel B: Jack and Jean Stone... next convention is in Texas so they are living in Texas?
Jillian: El Paso texas.
rich-c: yes, they live in El Paso
Roberto: yup.....El Paso......right on west end bordering on Mexico
Jillian: I can't wait. I love Texas.
Jillian: I've only been once, but wanted to stay soo much.
rich-c: It's one of the six states we havent visited yet and we are looking forward to it
Daniel B: The part i don't fully understand is : Frances & Rich (and Pam & Erin)
Judy: well, better call it a night, have to watch Ryan tomorrow , so talk at you next week
Roberto: start priming the vacation well then Jillian.......proabably mid Sept
Jillian: Nite Judy. Good luck.
Roberto: pam is daughter.....Erin is niece to Rich and Frances
Judy left chat session
Daniel B: bye Judy
Jillian: Pam is Frances & Rich Clee's daughter.
rich-c: OK - my wife is Frances, our daughter is Pam. Erin is the child of Frances' sister thus my niece and Pam's cousin
Jillian: It may not help that Dr. D is a Rich as well.
Jillian: That's who we forgot in our spew.
Jillian: I knew there was someone.
Jillian: Probably more than one.
rich-c: in fact that's why he signs on as Dr.D., to avoid confusion
Roberto: well, kids........Judy is gone now,,,battery died and she was leaving anyway...... and NOW i am going too......
Roberto: you know what they say.....OBEY your wife...........
rich-c: night then Robert, and same to Judy since we missed her
Jillian: Dr. D is Rich Drushell, his wife is??, his daughters are Christine, and three others that I can't remember.
Roberto: or she will make life miserable for ya
Daniel B: and you Roberto... where are you in all this familly?
Roberto: or something like taht !!!!
Roberto: nite ALL
Jillian: Night Bobs.
Daniel B: Bob = Robert...
Roberto: sitting in Michigan...nno relation.......jsut Judy and I and son Doug and his wife Meeka
rich-c: Robert and Judy Slopsema live in Michigan, Doug is their son and Meeka his wife so their daughter-in-law
Roberto: just friends with EVERYONE
Roberto: nite
Roberto left chat session
Daniel B: bonne nuit
Jillian: Rich do you remember Dr. D's family names better than I do?
rich-c: well, his wife is Joan, Elanor is another daughter, and Gretchen - can't remember the fourth offhand
Daniel B: Elanor... this name remember someting... she talked here somtimes, isn't it?
Jillian: Yes she has.
rich-c: yes, both she and Christine have been on a few times when you havbe been here, Daniel
rich-c: they are all very chrming young girls - Rich is bringing them up well
Jillian: I've just been corrected. It's Christina.
rich-c: you're right, Jill - sorry 'bout that
Jillian: It's not my name, I'm not offended.
rich-c: Joan as a nurse at the University hospital, and a Ph.D. in pediatric nursing (one of the very few in the U.S.)
Jillian: I feel bad that we can't remember the third girls name.
rich-c: yes - us old folks have an excuse, but you're young ;-)
Daniel B: So, there is not connection between Rich (you) and Dr. Rich D. when was the first time you meet Dr. D?
Jillian: Sometimes I seem to be ageing faster than most others.
rich-c: Rich is a post-doctoral researcher at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland
rich-c: he is a professor by courtesy , the Doctor comes from his Ph.D.
rich-c: he was associated with the B.A.S.I.C. group (Best Adam Support in Cleveland) when they hosted Adamcon 4
rich-c: he had just discovered the a few months previously
Daniel B: and I have a big question. I don't know if it's mentioned somewhere but who was the first to start ADAMCON?
rich-c: Patricia Herrintgton organized Adamcom I in Orlando, Fla.
rich-c: With Ken Batcher and Dave Hill (and others) I organized Adamcon II
Daniel B: so, you were at every ADAMCON meeting?
Jillian: Dale says that #1 was hosted by Monty Neice. Pat was a member of the user group called MOAUG but not actively involved in planning.
rich-c: no, I was still working and could not attend Adamcon I
Jillian: MOAUG is Metro Orlando Adam User's Group.
Jillian: Dale was there.
rich-c: and as you know I missed 15 this year because of my health problems
Jillian: Are those the only two you've missed?
Jillian: Dale hasn't missed one yet. Although this year was a tight squeeze.
rich-c: yes, Dale is the only one with perfect attendance now that Pat has gone
Daniel B: It's the only one... Dale. How many Dale there are?
rich-c: As Jill will tell you, there is only one Dale ;-) (sory, Daniel, anglo joke)
Jillian: Only the one that I married. but there is noone else who has attended all of the conventions.
Daniel B: I think I catch the joke
rich-c: even Dale's brother Neil has missed a couple
Jillian: Neil has missed lots in recent years.
Jillian: I think that he has missed 4 of the last 5.
Daniel B: The only Dale I knoe id Dale Wick... So, it's Dale Wick who participated to every ADAMCON meeting?
Jillian: Yes.
rich-c: I thought he had turned up, albeit briefly, for a couple of thosbut then us old folks' memories play tricks
Jillian: He is president of the MTAG user group, who meet monthly and have 3 active members.
Jillian: I could be wrong too.
Daniel B: My Coleco programming presentation was presented by the "master of the adamcon". That's an honnor.
Daniel B: :D
Jillian: I don't think he thinks of himself that way. :)
Jillian: MTAG is Metro Toronto Adam Group.
Jillian: I go to the meetings once in a while, but mostly I babysitt. so I don't consider myself active.
Daniel B: I didn't received any news from Dale until last week. just before, he writed some messages about my tools and the sound format. and now... nothing. Do you think he finish analyzing my coleco programming document and tools?
Jillian: I'd better sign off now. Staying up late and missing sleep won't help my cold any.
Jillian: He has been ULTRA busy at work recently.
rich-c: take care, Jill, and goodnight
Daniel B: ok
Daniel B: good night Jillian
Daniel B: good night Rich too
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Jillian: He has mentioned the power points slides to me, but I don't think he'll get to them this weekend
Jillian: Good night all.
Jillian: [poof]
rich-c: goodnight et bonne nuit a vous, Daniel
Jillian left chat session
Daniel B: *pif * *paf* *pouf*
Daniel B: hehe
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2003-09-10
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