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rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Just woke up and remembered about the chat.
rich-c: for shame -bet you got to bed by 4 a.m. too ;-)
Dr.D.: No, I was in bed by 11:00 PM.
Dr.D.: The problem was having to get up to take Joan to work this morning at 6:45 AM.
rich-c: oh - then teh nap was your body in shock over such strange hours?
rich-c: OK -right - though doesn't Joan drive? or is it a street safety issue?
Dr.D.: Yes, never really got a good sleep.
Dr.D.: Driving issue is that one of the cars is in the shop.
Dr.D.: And I had to do lots of shuttle duty for kids to activities this morning.
rich-c: that is an issue with which I'm somewhat familiar, so to speak
Dr.D.: So it's been run-run-run.
rich-c: yes - four jids can do that to you - I recall having troubles enough with one
Dr.D.: It was the can't-do-it-with-one-trip problem this morning.
rich-c: btw, noticed Ron wasnt on W3ed. then his emails were from his old dialup address
rich-c: wonder if he is having problems with his cable supplier?
Dr.D.: Drive Joan to work at 6:45. Get back home around 7:20--but Diana had to get up at 8. No sleep there.
rich-c: and of course each kid goes off in a different compass direction
Dr.D.: Take her at 8:45...but then Elanor had to go somewhere by 10:00.
Dr.D.: And had to get them both at noon, from places 20 minutes apart.
Dr.D.: Bleh.
rich-c: or perhaps, yeecchh
Dr.D.: As for Ron, yeah, dunno what's up with his E-mail; I had to use my moderator powers to allow his posts to the list.
Dr.D.: Since they were from a non-subscribed E-mail address.
rich-c: right - Mailwasher had them listed as spam
Dr.D.: But that's why I asked Dale to be an adminstrator for it, 'cause I knew he wouldn't get around to fixing it :-)
rich-c: I do monitor mailwasher for things like that so caught the error and corrected it
rich-c: regrettable, but you are right
rich-c: mailwasher is helpful but it uses Spamcop as one database and that program (it's commercial) is a fraud
Dr.D.: I guess I can send him mail and see what's up.
rich-c: or maybe he will choose to turn up here at some point - not everyone is prompt
Dr.D.: But hopefully he'll pop in to one of the chats and we can find out directly.
rich-c: yes, he is busy but usually he does turn up
Dr.D.: I am not so prompt.
rich-c: the early birds besides me tend to be Daniel, james and Scott
rich-c: Ron is on Wet Coast time so it's a strain for him to come on even an hour after we start
Dr.D.: Scott, I haven't seen him on Wednesday for a while.
Dr.D.: Believe me, I know about time differences.
rich-c: no, he tends to be highly erratic, some of which is his school schedule
Dr.D.: It has been a pain scheduling around my friend J-P's 7-hour difference from Helsinki.
rich-c: yes - I'll get a taste of it tomorrow morning
rich-c: the Italians will be unhappy to have the Monza race start at 2 p.m. so I can see it at 8 a.m.
rich-c: but the California Autoweek chat board posters will be complaining about getting their fix of Formula One at 5 a.m.
Dr.D.: I can remember watching the 1972 Winter Olympics in the middle of the night, live via satellite for the first time, in glorious black and white.
Dr.D.: My mom and I were the only ones who could stay up that late.
rich-c: meanwhile, there's a football game tonight in B.C. that doesn't start till 10.30 my time
Dr.D.: But at least the game is in natural daylight, right?
rich-c: I will tape teh second half of teh football game and also teh race in case I don't wake up in time
rich-c: don't think so; we're nearing the equinox and it will be 7.30 p.m. starting there
Dr.D.: I can't remember the last time I bothered to tape anything to watch it later.
Dr.D.: Heck, I don't even know what's on TV anymore.
rich-c: well, I watch my real football and selected motor racing and that's it
Dr.D.: I didn't find out about Gene Kranz's "Failure is Not an Option" show until after it had finished about 5 days of reruns.
rich-c: sort of gave up watching the news or feture stuff though
Dr.D.: GK being a famous NASA mission control guy.
rich-c: ah, the space program. which network was that on?
Dr.D.: IIRC it was cable, The History Channel, though maybe for you folks it will percolate over to regular broadcast TV.
Dr.D.: I had read his book several years ago, but I wanted to see the interviews.
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Dr.D.: PBS had a show about Apollo 13 way back when Ron Howard's movie came out, and I saw some interviews of him then.
changed username to Ron
rich-c: we don't subscribe to teh history channel, just mandatory basic plus sports
Dr.D.: It is Ron.
Ron: From the west -- greetings
rich-c: well Ron, we were wondering what was with you
Ron: large as life....twice as ugly
Dr.D.: We noticed that you were using again.
Ron: yeah.... switch from cable to ADSL
rich-c: yeah, has Shaw got your dander up?
Dr.D.: I had to use my coladam admin powers to approve your recent posts to the lists.
Ron: no..... our local ISP has a deal on ADSL.... and it's now available in our area
Ron: save me $10 to $15 a month
rich-c: and my Mailwasher nearly rejected you as spam till I caught it
Ron: didn't know me eh?
rich-c: really? what's teh going price on the Island then?
Ron: $24.95 mo
Ron: A friend donated a ADSL modem he was no longer using
Dr.D.: Total, or on top of your existing access?
Ron: total
rich-c: neat - those modems cost about $200 new, don't htey?
Dr.D.: Very good, as my ADSL is $52/month, US even.
Ron: depends on who you talk to.
rich-c: how long is that price guaranteed for, Ron?
Ron: I've heard anywhere between $60 and $200
Dr.D.: But I got an ADSL router, not a modem.
Ron: 1 year rich.... there's the catch
Ron: it will go to 32.95 in 12 months.... but even then that's 10 bux a month less than cable
rich-c: sort of like Ma Bell - $24.95 first 3 months then 34.95 plus $10 extra if you dont buy their overpriced long distance
Ron: yeah... ya gotta read the fine print
Ron: however....there is one other compelling reason
Ron: the company I now deal with also provides freebie web hosting for our Mac club,
Ron: so it felt like the right thing to do
Dr.D.: I just left long-distance on Bell System/AT&T and left it alone.
Ron: and they have a local office where I can go and scream and shout and jump up and down
Dr.D.: I just left local service on Ohio Bell/Ameritech/SBC and left it alone.
rich-c: yes, if you are getting web hosting for free, that's value added
Dr.D.: I never bothered with the jump-around-for-savings stuff.
Ron: When I first took up with Shaw Cable, ADSL was not available in my area
rich-c: we are still taking our basic phone service from Ma Bell
Dr.D.: And no cell phone, no fancy extra services, so they have no bait I want to bite on.
Dr.D.: I am an antediluvian customer.
rich-c: but we are using a 10-10 dial-around for long distance at 5 cents a minute
Ron: right
Ron: that's pretty good Rich
rich-c: yes, among other things you don't have that phony monthly "connection charge" even if you don't use long distance
Ron: indeed
rich-c: that's what blew Frances' fuses and persuaded her to change
Dr.D.: If it weren't for having the teenagers in the house, we would still be on the measured service for local calls: 30 local calls/month, 25 cents each call thereafter.
Ron: would be enough to boil the accountant's blood all right
rich-c: I have a flyer here from 3WebXS offering ADSL at $24.95 if you take their long distance service
Dr.D.: We did that until about 1995.
rich-c: the gimmick is their long distance service is 4.5 cents a minute 24/7 in North America
Dr.D.: By then Christina was doing too many things in school and church that we needed to make more than the 30 calls.
Ron: Those who endeavour to sell long distance service on the telephone should be shot
Ron: For them, the word "no" doesn't exits
rich-c: we still have Bell basic home service - even pulse not tone dial
Ron: I too have a telephone with a Strowger switch
Ron: most reliable phone in the house
rich-c: my cellphone is a basic connection charge monthly, but it's pennies - every calling minute is charged but so what?
rich-c: and of course my internet is independent dial-up
rich-c: but then I throw quarters around like they wre manhole covers ;-)
Ron: we on the island have only just graduated from the tin can and string era
rich-c: well Bell desperately wants to get rid of pulse dialling but the CRTC won't let them
Ron: damn rights
Ron: and so they shouldn't
rich-c: the gimmick is that tone dialling is still an added service and not subject to price regulation
rich-c: so as soon as they get you on tone dial, they can really stick it to you all they want
Ron: most people probably wouldn't know that
rich-c: the CRTC really boobed when they did let Bell make all new installations mandatory tone dial
Dr.D.: Sorry, I was called away for a while.
rich-c: so if we ever move, we're toast
Ron: yep..... grandfathered have you been
Ron: so don't move, don't die
Dr.D.: It won't even understand pulse?
rich-c: well, if we're going to have regulation, there should not be that loophole for Bell
Dr.D.: Well, Richard can move where he likes, but of course, don't die!!!
Ron: but if he moves, he loses his pulse
Ron: that didn't sound right
rich-c: oh, I've got to dial pulse when on the Bell system but as soon as the connection answers I can just hit star and it switched to tone for voice mail
Ron: aha
Ron: not a true purist then
rich-c: well, every once in a while I do get bloody-minded with some outfit and just block their line till they answer, then explain I have a rotary phone
Ron: following which there's dead silence at the other end
Ron: a what?
Dr.D.: I got a beautiful red rotary phone from a flea market at the Greek festival last year.
rich-c: yes, despite the fact that there are apparently a couple hundred thousand of us old mossbacks out there
Dr.D.: Original red connect cord ending in a beige plastic 4-prong connector.
Ron: One of my Mac buddies collects 'em..... his apartment is crawling with dead telephones
Ron: 'course.... I can't talk about that sort of thing
Dr.D.: Build by Western Electric in 1974. Pristine condition.
Dr.D.: I donated it to Theta Chi Fraternity at CWRU (my fraternity), whose colors are Military Red and White.
Ron: they'll be worth money some day Dr. D,,,, if they aren't already
rich-c: we have a Nortel phone we bought at the Bell shop some years ago
Dr.D.: They put it in their study lounge, nicknamed the War Room.
rich-c: interesting that they sold a pulse phone with the convert to tone switch
Ron: ha ha ha..... cool!
Dr.D.: It has a great ring.
Dr.D.: The only thing it doesn't do is flash the case like Commissioner Gordon's Bat Phone.
rich-c: we got a big button phone for Frances' mother and may now use that
Dr.D.: It really looks like a hotline to the Kremlin.
Ron: :)
Dr.D.: And the white dial label is also pristine, nobody ever wrote anything on it.
Ron: now that's unusual
Dr.D.: I have an equally pristine Bell DataPhone with 300 bps Bell 103A modem in it.
rich-c: yes, that really is quite rare
rich-c: maybe it came from the local bordello where anonymity was desired?
Dr.D.: It's rotary, of course...but there are illuminated push buttons to select for voice or data.
Ron: about the only thing I've got left around here is a 300 baud acoustic coupler
Ron: phones don't even fit it any more
Dr.D.: Haha, if it were a cathouse phone, it would've been all beat up, methinks.
Ron: yup
rich-c: yes, I guess if it were styled for use in a public area, it would be rather useed
Dr.D.: I think someone bought it and never installed it.
Ron: sounds like that was the case
Dr.D.: Or rather it was installed and then never reclaimed by Ohio Bell.
rich-c: that is, surprisingly, not an unusual event
Dr.D.: The phone is stamped on the receiver "Property of Ohio Bell", molded in the plastic.
Ron: Back in those days telco owned the equipment right down to the telephone, right?
rich-c: no doubt some guy brought it home and his wife wouldn't have it - made the place look like a cathouse ;-)
Dr.D.: Yep, it was illegal to install any non-Bell equipment.
Ron: yes
rich-c: yes, on my chronology the change to allow us to own our own phones is relatively recent
Dr.D.: We had one such "illegal" phone in our house when I was a boy, a big black desktop from about 1960 that my mom spray-painted Harvest Gold to match the decor in the basement, where it was bestowed.
Dr.D.: Our "legit" phone was a wall-mount rotary.
rich-c: coloured, no doubt, avacado green?
Ron: The original here is newer than that, but still has the rotary dial
Dr.D.: I have an ITT beige desktop and white Genuine Bell wall-mount, both rotary.
Ron: It's the only one in the house that will work in a power failure
Dr.D.: Haha, that was a bug that bit many people during the blackout here, all they had was a cordless phone.
Ron: exactly
rich-c: reeally? your phone service goes out in tone mode when you have a power outage?
rich-c: Ithough cordless phones just worked on rechargable batteries
Ron: Could be we have older switching equipment still (the island, you know)
rich-c: or is it a matter that the base needs power on to function?
Dr.D.: The base station broadcaster is powered.
Ron: the latter Rich
Dr.D.: Only batteries are in the receiver.
Ron: base station needs juice
rich-c: I guess my Luddite attitudes have their redeeming features after all
Ron: Don't knock it Rich....... we may all one day have to return to older methods.
rich-c: I have never had the urge to invest in a cordless phone
Dr.D.: Christina harped endlessly for one so she could hide in her room and talk.
rich-c: though you should see our cable reel - we can get teh wire clear to the back doort
Ron: yeah, for the young ones, it must have been tough
Dr.D.: It has been useful for me once or twice when calling Joan to reboot some computer or tell me exactly what was wrong with some washing machine part while I was at work.
Ron: a little mobility
Dr.D.: But I don't mind talking from the kitchen.
Dr.D.: Phone ringing...I bet it's Joan ready to be picked up from work.
Dr.D.: Yep.
rich-c: house small as ours, a long cord is pretty well adequate
Ron: cordless phones for some reason, do not like the snake pit herre
Ron: to much EMI
Ron: nor does am radio
Dr.D.: Okay, I'm off to get Joan.
rich-c: you get places like that
Dr.D.: Nice to chat with you both, see you Wednesday.
Ron: Ok Dr. D... say hello for u
Ron: i mean say hello for us
rich-c: my van radio doesnt like stereo FM when parked in fromnt of my garage
Dr.D.: Will do.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Ron: I must away too... think mother wants to go downtown
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: see you Rich
rich-c: OK Ron, catch you then on Wednesday
Ron: so we'll see ya Wed Rich
Ron: yup
rich-c: take care
Ron: bye
rich-c: bye
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