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Lillibet: hi Uncle Richard
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changed username to rich-c
Lillibet: hi uncle Richard
rich-c: well, who have we here?
rich-c: or more to the point, what's the Lillibet about, Rin?
Lillibet: middle name also a screen name i was given
Lillibet: sans the Princess
Lillibet: usually I am Princess Lillibet
rich-c: oh, I see
Lillibet: *shrug*
rich-c: I was always more sympathetic to Margaret Rose, since we were born only about 24 hours apart
Lillibet: hehe
rich-c: of course being the eldest, I wasn't quite as sympathetic to her big sister problems
Lillibet: exactly
Lillibet: and in this case I am the big sister
Lillibet: so ditto
rich-c: right - you would know about that problem too
rich-c: so how come you arent out campaigning?
rich-c: figure you've got it won already?
Lillibet: I took the day off.....usually done by 9 though
Lillibet: mom was earlier
rich-c: well, the polls are looking good for you - how is teh NDP in your riding?
Lillibet: have a federal association vote on Friday
Lillibet: he's a former member
Lillibet: but the Liberal is doing very well
rich-c: maybe you will have a race on your hands, then, though there hasnt been an NDP resurgence yet
Lillibet: we've actually swayed a lot of votes........people know the NDP will not form the next gov't and don't want the Tories
Lillibet: so only one choice
rich-c: I suspect as things go on the Tories will drop more but some Liberal support will go (back?) to the NDP
Lillibet: maybe maybe not.....but that's part of the adventure of politics
rich-c: there is unlikely to be much enthusiasm for a Liberal-NDP coalition
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Lillibet: the teacher's unions down here have thrown their full support behind the Liberals
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robert, how's life in Michigan?
BobS: Lillibet.................
BobS: warm
Lillibet: hi Bob
rich-c: sounds like your medical adventures went well?
Lillibet: warm?
BobS: nice..........did I mentionwarnm
BobS: and this is who??????/
Lillibet: Rin
BobS: Dr D was f\gonna be late
Lillibet: hi Bob
BobS: medical adventure was a success.....I am CONVERTED
Lillibet: yeah I heard elementary school stuff
rich-c: so again - what's the medical report?
BobS: stopped heart twice but got it back in rythme
rich-c: like your ticker's ticking like it ought'er?
BobS: yup. still going good
Lillibet: i'm glad everything went well
rich-c: and whats the prognosis - trouble stopped this time?
BobS: i am i\kinda liek a robot,,,,,,Jufy listens to my chest and pronounces me ticking
Lillibet: lol
BobS: dfon't know yet, but it looks good because it is staying in beat so far
Lillibet: Danger Wil Robinson, Danger
rich-c: internist Monday said he'd clear me for the hip surgery - quite happy with my condition
BobS: siyying in yhe fark here by the pond so my typing is \unseen by me...and you gonna have to put up with it
BobS: GREAT....and that will be when?????
BobS: dark by pond
Lillibet: i can tell
Lillibet: lol
(BobS reboots Lillibet's computer remotely.)
rich-c: don't know - still have to get word from the surgeon - November, maybe?
Lillibet: thanks Bob knew it had to be me
BobS: tis prolly about 18 C here.....tonight
rich-c: what's the word for your area on Isabel - are you out of the trajectory?
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, ca va?
Lillibet: hi Fred
FredK: oui merci et vous?
BobS: awful long ways away form it........hopefully it doesn't effect us too much
BobS: HI Fred
rich-c: tres bien, merci
rich-c: we are apparently squarely in the path
BobS: We we.........
BobS: you can have the rain pardner
rich-c: they are conjuring up visions of Hazel 50 years ago
BobS: but it is now down to a catagory 2 storm..........
BobS: they said ont he news tonight
rich-c: say we should have high winds and two to three inches of rain starting tomorrow night
FredK: Isabel!
BobS: not here......little like 39% chance on Fri is all
rich-c: yes, Fred, you may be on the eastern edge, I think
BobS: just watch it go by Fred
BobS: and WAVE
FredK: haha, from far I think
rich-c: some opinion it may regain strength as it crosses the Gulf Stream
BobS: gonna hit the outer banks of N Carolina tomorrow
BobS: and then who knows where
BobS: maybe TORONTO
BobS: AND Windsor
(BobS winks)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: yes, it's supposed to come north through Pennsylvania and New York state then up through Ontario to Hudson Bay
FredK: I wonder who gives the names for these storms, like was it a list of people someone hated!
BobS: battan down the hatches, me boys !!!!!!!
rich-c: but the uncertainty of the track runs from Windsor to Montreal
Lillibet: ...and Lass
BobS: all alphacetical Fred
BobS: like as in A-Z
rich-c: as it happens, Fred, the idea of naming storms came from a novel published in 1940 - damn good story, too
Lillibet: there once was a Hurricane Erin........ahhhh....good times
BobS: so THAT is where ya;'ll came form eh??????
FredK: she still destroys doesnt she?
BobS: yu[
rich-c: for years storms wre named for women (maybe I should say given female names)
Lillibet: ;)
rich-c: but then they got politically correct and gave the males a chance too
rich-c: now it's female names in odd years and male names in even
Lillibet changed username to Hurricane Rin
FredK: lol
FredK: inspired
Hurricane Rin: :-)
rich-c: in fact I just got an email from my brother in Orlando giving advice on coping with hurricanes
FredK: common Bob im waiting for the list of names from a-z
rich-c: they are different every year, Fred
FredK: any good pointers Rich-c
BobS: and they never try to use the name twice, so they are grabbing at any names they haven't used
rich-c: maybe the Environment Canada weather site will have a list somewhere
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: prolly used Fred already anyway
Hurricane Rin: hi Pammie!!
Pamela: Sheeee's back!
FredK: they have problems telling the weather!
rich-c: hi daughter, got home safely I see
BobS: yo Pamela!!!!!
FredK: Hi Pam
Pamela: greetings all
Pamela: I've forgotten how to type
Hurricane Rin: lol
Hurricane Rin: how was the vaca?
BobS: our weatherpersons have trouble trying to say "weather"
rich-c: grow web feet up there yesterday, Pam?
Pamela: not long enough : )
FredK: look down Pamela , take your time
Pamela: our wet day was Monday, Dad
Pamela: actually Fred, if I look down it's worse
rich-c: sorry - right - I have trouble keeping track these days
Pamela: plus, I need to file my nails
FredK: lol
BobS: do it at work later
rich-c: we wre just discussing preparations for Isabel
FredK: do you file them by month?
BobS: have to go back this week????
Pamela: depends on when they break, Fred
Pamela: yup, tomorrow
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BobS: work sucks............
rich-c: expect a call from Michael - he wants to set up a lunch
Pamela: ah well, I'm fond of eating
BobS: and I'm stickin to it
Hurricane Rin: rock on Bob!!
changed username to George
rich-c: but you're right, Bob
rich-c: hello George, how are you doing?
Pamela: hi George
Hurricane Rin: hi George
FredK: Hi George
BobS: allo G
George: Hi Everyone
BobS: srill breathin eh??????
Pamela: re prep for the hurricane, we put away all the furniture etc at the trailer and rolled up the awning
rich-c: getting ready for Isabel's visit, or is that further cross-state?
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BobS: pammie, ya'll must excuse my dingers tonight,,,,,,,,I am typing in the dark......'
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: nothin new there, but.......
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
George: i'm having a very hard time
Hurricane Rin: hi Guy
Pamela: why are you typing in the dark Bob
Guy B.: Greetings!
FredK: Hi Guy
BobS: outside enjoying the pond and the warm night
BobS: not too many more ya know
Guy B.: Hey Rin, are you taking a que from Isabel?
Pamela: ah, I can see where that would cause typing difficulties
Hurricane Rin: don't forget the mosquitos Bob
BobS: si senorita
BobS: frogs eat them all
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Hurricane Rin: there was a Hurricane Erin within the last 10 years
Hurricane Rin: :-D
BobS: AND watched a frog gullp down a wasp tonight
Guy B.: Your camping out Bob? Where are you at?
BobS: hope it didn't sting the little guy
Hurricane Rin: YUCK
Pamela: luckily, they very seldom get to the "P"s
BobS: on the back deck
left chat session
George: i'm in hospital
BobS: bummer dude
Guy B.: Oh, right in the neck of the woods, eh!
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rich-c: what is wrong this time, George?
BobS: yup[
left chat session
Pamela: looks like I started something with my arrival
BobS: Pam,,,,,nex' year they are going to start with N for names...........
Guy B.: What happen this time, George?
Pamela: someone's having trouble getting on
George: left side went
rich-c: TIA?
FredK: what Pam?
Pamela: they start over every year Bob
BobS: then right side pooped out, then the center....SHEES
George: CVA
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rich-c: oh, those are bad news, George
changed username to Dr.D.
Hurricane Rin: Rich!!!!
George: tell me
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: Hey Rich, you finally made it
rich-c: aha, Dr. D. is here
Pamela: brr, I'm going to get something with longer sleeves
FredK: Hi Dr.D
Dr.D.: Y'uns all got my E-mail that I'd be late, didn't you?
Guy B.: Is it cold up there by you Pam?
BobS: Docktor D, I prersume?????
Dr.D.: In the digital flesh...
BobS: YO
rich-c: that we did, Rich. doesnt mean we havent been awaiting your arrival
Dr.D.: Hi everyone...
BobS: with bait filled breath
Dr.D.: So, has Hurricane Rin blasted everyone clear up to the Yukon?
George: they are sending me to a nursing home
Dr.D.: Baited breath, ick.
Guy B.: Well, I finally got word that DSL is now available for my phone line. I'm thinking about it and will decide by the weekend.
BobS: nope
BobS: Guy and I will watch it pass to the east
Pamela: not that cold yet Guy, but i have the window open and the ceiling fan on
Hurricane Rin: ha ha
Dr.D.: No bad weather here at Starbase Cleveland, yet.
Guy B.: Just keep it from here.
Dr.D.: Not sure if any is expected.
BobS: but coming, yes?????
Dr.D.: Your weather is useless against me!
BobS: oh ya mon....gonn hit ya
Hurricane Rin: lol
rich-c: yeah, George may see local flooding and we may get a heavy dose, Fred or Rin may see an edge
Guy B.: Warm here, but by the weekend, probably the upper 60's, low 70's.
Pamela: but not till Friday
Dr.D.: Got my rubber duckie and yellow slicker all set just in case, though.
Dr.D.: And all the girls have umbrellas for carrying when walking home from school.
rich-c: actually you could see a fairly close brush, Rich
Pamela: I want pictures Rich
BobS: thas good
George: i'm now on 28.8k dialup
rich-c: depends on how closely it follows the projected track
BobS: bummer the rest of us are ya????
Dr.D.: Sorry to hear about your health, George.
Dr.D.: Pictures...hmm...
Dr.D.: Might crack your monitor.
Guy B.: They said the Carolinas could see a foot of rain from this hurricane.
Hurricane Rin: LOL
rich-c: well, as long as the nursing home has a modem connection, George
BobS: a that flat on the fround or standing up stright???????
Dr.D.: Wait until after our "Gong Show" next Friday...I should look pretty fetching in my costume.
George: some gotta win i gotta lose
Pamela: Rich, can you give me the URL for your "ugly" pictures again?
Guy B.: Dr. D, the east coast really got a lot of rain this summer. So, it could be big problems for them.
Pamela: tyvm
BobS: and ya admit it Rich??????
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.D.: Less ugly photos of me can be seen on the Film Society webpage at
George: we are going to get hit hard
Dr.D.: So Rin, how was your political activism night?
Pamela: I'll check them out tomorrow
rich-c: depends, Goerge, on most projections you just get sideswiped
(BobS hands Guy B. a tissue.)
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Hurricane Rin: it was great!!!!!
rich-c: but it might be awful uncomfortable around Harrisburg
Hurricane Rin: wonderful turn out
Dr.D.: Your guy gonna win?
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Dr.D.: Or gal?
Guy B.: Thanks Bob. Been having sinus problems again.
George: 80 mph. winds and torrential rains
Dr.D.: (I don't know the political situation)
Hurricane Rin: not according to Uncle Richard
BobS: ya mon
Hurricane Rin: and guy yes....both riding and leader
George: i'm here
rich-c: the political situation is very fluid, but Rin's party has a heavy lead
Pamela: Dad, how did your appointment on MOnday go? Anything settled?
BobS: that's OLD news Pam
Pamela: remember, I haven't talked to him since last Tuesday
rich-c: the interist will tell the surgeon I'm good to go - then it's set a date
BobS: gonna live
Dr.D.: My party is the Wood Party (OB Monty Python ref)
Guy B.: Well, it's official. My CD-burner is kaput. Got to get a new one.
Hurricane Rin: hehehe
BobS: bummer, don't use it so much
rich-c: any idea why it turned up its toes, Guy/
BobS: Bill Gates, it hates..........
Guy B.: Only for backing up once or every other week.
Dr.D.: I could build you a bionic leg controlled by an ADAM, Richard...sounds like a good BME senior project.
rich-c: like if it were George's, I'd expect it to wear out from over-use - every week ;-)
Pamela: made of lego, Rich?
Dr.D.: Yes, high-impact Danish polystyrene.
George: CODE 6 just called
Guy B.: Wouldn't recognize a either a Read only CD or any of my CD-RW's.
Dr.D.: Available in several stylin' colors.
BobS: ooohhh, wil GIANT wheels on it?????
Dr.D.: Hehe, you took the robot course 2 years too soon, Bob: we got big 6-inch diameter wheels now.
Dr.D.: Put those Mars Rover tires to shame.
BobS: we comin BACK
rich-c: you mean it wouldn't recognize a commercial CD, Guy?
Dr.D.: Yeah, I figure ADAMcon 18.
Pamela: monster truck robots are comin to CWRU
Guy B.: That's right. Wouldn't even recognize that.
Dr.D.: Or no, 19.
BobS: tell you what Guy....we can sell it packag3d with my ink jet printer
Dr.D.: *is* 18.
Guy B.: What kind of a printer?
BobS: darn thing bit the bullet me thinks
Pamela: are you sure Rich?
rich-c: guess that's pretty definitive, Guy
Dr.D.: Jean...Dale...then probably me again.
BobS: Canon 60000 no worky anymore
Dr.D.: Either me or I duke it out with BobS.
BobS: 6000
rich-c: but if you have to replace why don't you get a DVD burner?
George: TRAUMA ALERT ETA 8 min.
Dr.D.: George, did you fall?!?!?!
Guy B.: I even tried uninstalling Easy Cd Creator and reinstalling it. No dice, even with updates.
Pamela: you're getting a whole new vocabulary there George
Guy B.: Don't need a broken printer.
BobS: but it could ALL be yours for FREE
George: oh, boy
Pamela: free junk is still junk, Bob
rich-c: I am not all that impressed with Easy CD
BobS: just got some new cartridges for ti too
George: i have a rolling walker
BobS: well geez, see how ya's are??????
Dr.D.: Rin, have you got an eye in your hurricane schedule, in the next few days?
rich-c: Think Tank series, Bob?
Guy B.: Probably will just stick to another CD-burner. Have no use for a DVD burner.
BobS: yu[
Hurricane Rin: nope haven't been paying much attention to it
BobS: Meeka has one like it, I can give her the ink crts
Hurricane Rin: i hear lots of rain
Hurricane Rin: that's about it
Pamela: anyone wanna bet I have a bank run on Friday?
rich-c: DVD burners will burn CDs too, and you will want one in the future - 4.7 gigs are great for backups!
BobS: tha woudl suck dear
Guy B.: But, the discs are not that cheap as the CD-RW's and CD-R's are.
Pamela: it would be typical, Bob
Dr.D.: Wow, I was too obscure for you, Rin...
Pamela: if the weather sucks, I have to go out in it
rich-c: depends on the wind direction - the buildings there are so big, the right wind and she stays dry
Hurricane Rin: guess who mosps the front entrance if it rains (all day)
Dr.D.: When did you want to reschedule?
BobS: dwe are to attend a wedding on the beach.......and foresast is 30% rain
BobS: and cool
Hurricane Rin: oh sorry
Hurricane Rin: *blush*
Hurricane Rin: i'm off my game tonight
Hurricane Rin: hehe
rich-c: yeah, the blank CDs are about 30 cents and the DVDs around $1.50
George: FRANKFORD HOSPITAL welcome to ADAM chat
BobS: HIYA Frank
Pamela: that's not too bad Bob - that's 70% chance it'll be clear
Dr.D.: Still flushed with the thrill of politics :-)
BobS: whas up?????
Hurricane Rin: .....something like that....*blush*
FredK: Frank drove a Ford and is now in hospital.
BobS: hopefully, it is NOT my wedding so WHO cares??????
Hurricane Rin: I have a campaign meeting tomorrow night should be home by about 9
BobS: right mate Fred!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: If I had some videotapes then I can see getting a DVD burner to transfer. But, I don't even own a camcorder. So, I'm sticking just to the CD-burner.
Dr.D.: If your guy wins, are you employed again?
rich-c: whatever, though I suspect you'll regret it down the line
BobS: like as in rin is UNemplyed at the present??????
Hurricane Rin: it's a possibility bordering on probability
BobS: gollowed by a "maybeA"
FredK: buzz words!
rich-c: DVD burners are now in the realm of sane pricing, with some format flexibility
Hurricane Rin: I sweep floors currently, Bob, literally
BobS: can I get one for my ADAM????
Guy B.: I don't even know if Win98SE will support one.
Hurricane Rin: i work at the local Zehrs
George: another percocet PLEASE!
BobS: and if ya win, you gonna own the Zwhts, yes?????
rich-c: far as I know they just use an ATAPI interface, same as a CD
rich-c: might get some better software with it too, like Nero
Hurricane Rin: ummmm....not quite
Dr.D.: Well, then I'm rooting for your guy! I hope he's not pal-sy with our President Shrub, though.
Guy B.: I'll probably stick to the cd-burner for the time being.
Hurricane Rin: hope to move to TO to work in the Provincial Gov't
FredK: read carefully
BobS: keep kissin up Rin
Dr.D.: That would be nice.
rich-c: up here the Dubya fans are mostly shy about admitting it
Hurricane Rin: in the words of a great man "politics is filth"
George: i had a cd burner. it got burned
rich-c: it's their party Rin and friends are trying to kick out - and should succeed
Guy B.: And how did you do that?
Dr.D.: When is the election?
Hurricane Rin: October 2
rich-c: well you likely just wore it out George - how many discs did you burn with it?
Pamela: October 2nd - not soon enough
rich-c: well, you can vote in the advance poll
George: 200-300
Pamela: I'm already sick of the commercials
Hurricane Rin: there's so much happening in politics right now I can barely keep it all straight
Guy B.: Whoa, that's a lot of CD burning there.
Pamela: not to mention, the candidates in this riding don't care about the apartment dwellers
rich-c: I've only seen two, and those were on tape so I fst-forwarded thru
Hurricane Rin: I have an association vote on Friday for the leadership
Dr.D.: Can you translate that for me, Rin?
Hurricane Rin: i am on this ballot as a delegate for the convention in November
rich-c: that's federal though, Rin, right?
moved to room Meeting Place
Hurricane Rin: right
George: worst than floppys
rich-c: well, as long as you're committed for Martin, you have a chance
Pamela: sure you don't want Copps Erin?
Hurricane Rin: the vote on Friday is a vote for leadership of the Liberal party who is currently in power and for those who will attend the convention to make it official
George: Martian?
Guy B.: No aliens allowed!
Pamela: no, Martin
changed username to Ronix
Hurricane Rin: I got fired over the man.......i'd better be at that convention
Pamela: Hi Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ronix: hey!
FredK: not Ricky either
George: oh, my eyes
BobS: Ronald !!!!!!!
FredK: Hi Ron
Dr.D.: So this election is indirect.
Ronix: all are well?
rich-c: ah, Rin's hero is an evil, reptilian, kitten-eating alien from another planet - the competition says so
Pamela: oh, we're "livin la vida loca" anyway, Ricky or no
Dr.D.: Sorta like our (stupid) Electoral College system for presidential election.
BobS: ya
BobS: sort of
BobS: kindfa like
George: what about this erection?
Hurricane Rin: this one is federal - party-related - and the one in October is Provincial
Dr.D.: The election is to elect electors who actually elect the real guy.
FredK: read carefully
BobS: duh
rich-c: well, actually, more limited than that, Rich
FredK: or spell carefully
BobS: careful ther Geo
Dr.D.: And you can get to be one of the electors, Rin...power...POWER....BWAHAHA!!!!
Dr.D.: Sorry.
rich-c: this is for delegates to the nomination convention for the party leadership
BobS: ya might get what ya ask for
Hurricane Rin: LOL
Hurricane Rin: pretty much
FredK: raise some momentum
rich-c: btw, hi Ron
Hurricane Rin: and on top of all this I have been enlisted to help with a municipal campaign
Pamela: whose, Erin?
Dr.D.: Hurricane Rin for MP!!
Hurricane Rin: John Tedesco
Ronix: Hi Rich
Dr.D.: Ronix....hmmm....
Dr.D.: Shouldn't that be R*nix?
Pamela: Erin for PM!
FredK: I have one for that Dr D, silence
Ronix: should actually be Ronux
Hurricane Rin: the current mayor of LaSalle is running as Deputy and the Deputy is running for mayor trying to block John from being the Deputy mayor
Dr.D.: Ronucks?
Ronix: Gentoo
George: zzxcv
George: asxxz
Hurricane Rin: i'm glad I have your votes
Dr.D.: xyzzy
rich-c: George is being the strong silent type ;-)
Dr.D.: plugh
Dr.D.: y2
Hurricane Rin: (Ms. Rin bows graciously)
Ronix: as in
Pamela: better you than me, hon
George: sorry i had to clean the keyboard
Dr.D.: My vote won't count...but here it is: (X) Erin MacLean
Hurricane Rin: hehehehe
Dr.D.: Write-in ballot...
George: Goerge W.
Ronix: what I have trouble understanding is California politics
Pamela: Ms. Rin falls over and hits her head on the floor
Ronix: Suspect the
Dr.D.: Me, too.
Ronix: californians feel the same
rich-c: you could end that sentence after the state name, Ron
George: thats George W.
Ronix: true
Hurricane Rin: "Ms. MacLean what will you do tonight...........RESPONSE: Same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!!!"
Pamela: first stop?
Dr.D.: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
George: RECALL
Hurricane Rin: I think so Brain.....but the President would look kinda funny riding a pony
Ronix: as in TOTAL RECALL
Dr.D.: I think so, Brain...but do you really think that there's a market for an edible anti-persipirant?
rich-c: well, that depends on what the next court says, George
Ronix: and Hasta-la-Vista
Hurricane Rin: i had to clean up what i was going to say
BobS: California is "different" Ron,just like Florida
Ronix: ah yes
rich-c: excellent idea, George - how do you propose to go about it?
Dr.D.: Now now, Rin, if you're gonna be a public official, you have to speak properly.
Dr.D.: With decorum.
George: RECALL BUSH in "2003"
Dr.D.: And measured deliberation.
Pamela: California: where actors become politicians and get elected on the strength of their last movie
BobS: kinda liek the whole election ballot problem was planned eh?????
rich-c: is that a relative of coconut-rum?
Dr.D.: Some old California humor:
Hurricane Rin: you mean nice to the face while stabbing them in the back.......not my style
Hurricane Rin: i'm out
Dr.D.: Question: Why is California like a bowl of granola?
Dr.D.: Answer: Because what isn't fruits and nuts is flakes.
George: 38 special
Guy B.: The presidential election is next year. Let's vote him out then.
Pamela: take away the fruits and nuts, and you have nothing but flakes
rich-c: take out teh fruits and nuts and all's left is the flakes
Dr.D.: Yep, you all know the joke!
(Hurricane Rin laughs heartily)
Hurricane Rin: i didn't.....i like that
Dr.D.: Common cultural reference, between countries...neat anthropological finding!
Pamela: oops, your generation gap is showing Erin
Dr.D.: (Rin blushes modestly)
Ronix: (west coast Laughter heard beyond the mountains)
Hurricane Rin:'s rough being 24
George: N. Korean takeover
Dr.D.: It's not easy being green,either.
Dr.D.: Ribbet.
Hurricane Rin: KERMIT!!!!!!!
Pamela: quick, send your findings to Neil
Dr.D.: Yes, Neil *would* be interested.
Pamela: Kermie, Kermie, Kermie!
Ronix: British Columbia never gets taken seriously either
Dr.D.: So I presume, Ron, that you are joining us tonight courtesy of some *nix operating system?
Ronix: nor would we wish to be
rich-c: this is a surprise, Ron?
Ronix: yes
BobS: how's the fire situation out ther Ron???????
Ronix: Gentoo Linux
Dr.D.: You're not gonna Hiiiiii-YAH! me, are you, Pam?
George: annex Russia
Hurricane Rin: LOLOLOL
Pamela: nope, not tonite Rich
Dr.D.: I must admit, I've ne'er heard of Gentoo.
Dr.D.: GENeration 2, I presume it means?
Ronix: better - they got cooler temps a nd rain i Kelowna
BobS: ahelp anyway
Dr.D.: Uh-oh, now I gotta watch out next time I see you...
Pamela: Ron, Bob is typing in the dark - what's your excuse?
BobS: nope came into the house now
Dr.D.: In the dark??? No electricity?
rich-c: running the 'nix on the Apple or Intel?
Ronix: it's an install that compiles on the fly. You down load just enough
Pamela: just stay out of snowbanks : )
BobS: Judy came home and hauled me in..........\
George: windows nixxed
Ronix: to get your computer onto the net, the rest is downloaded and compiled from source
Dr.D.: Muppets on the brain, now...
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: nope was outside on the deck watchin the pond lights
Pamela: meme, memememe
Ronix: Means you've got a fully optimized setup
BobS: ANd typing
changed username to Judy
Hurricane Rin: BEAKER
Pamela: Hey Judy
Hurricane Rin: (or John Manley)
rich-c: I dont think I'm ready for that level of Unix yet
Dr.D.: Meeer vor schmeeer veee hoooo maniskiboooo.....meeer vor deee schmeeer deee vor hooom BORK BORK BORK!
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: hello Judy
Pamela: the former, PLEASE
Hurricane Rin: hi Judy
Ronix: you need at least 1.2 gig processor
Ronix: even then, it's an all nighter
George: 6.6 gig
Dr.D.: Hello Judy, can you read Mock Swedish?
Dr.D.: :-)
Judy: you really have to be on the ball to know who is on
Ronix: evening Judy
Dr.D.: There's a program called The Encheferizer that converts English text into Swedish Chef-speak.
Judy: no
Pamela: mememe, me memememe!
George: got 3.2 ghz
Dr.D.: Today from Muppet Labs, the ADAM computer.
Judy: did Bob tell you his good news?
rich-c: oh, had a free Adam offered today
Dr.D.: No beaker, you can't listen to a datapack tape in your boom box, Beaker...
rich-c: told him to send a note around the list
Pamela: mememe : (
Dr.D.: However, there is an extended 6-month warranty on all Muppet Labs computer systems.
Ronix: what is the good news Bob
George: can you put an mp3 on a datapack?
Dr.D.: He got a Golden Ticket in his Wonka Bar today!
Ronix: about 1/20 if it george
Pamela: memememe boom!
George: i had a boom boom
Dr.D.: Let's not tell Consumer Reports about *that* one, Beaker...
Judy: that the shock worked Monday. his heart is working right now
rich-c: I doubt there's an mp3 codec for the Adam as yet
Dr.D.: That's great news, Judy.
Ronix: Hey that is good news
(Pamela's head explodes!)
BobS: so far it is holding good
BobS: and dot going screwy
Ronix: a little jolt never hurt anyone
Dr.D.: And the Mighty Cardiologist said "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!"
George: call bell just fell
Ronix: :)
Judy: yes, the doctor and the nurse did not think it would work, but it did after two tries
BobS: the heck it didn't !!!!!!!
Ronix: (laughing uncontrollably)
Dr.D.: And lo, the sinus rhythm did return, and there was a great multitude of heavenly host praising the great Defibrillator.
FredK: Good night dear fellows and fellowettes! c ya!
Dr.D.: Bye Fred.
Pamela: g'nite Fred
Judy: that is about it
rich-c: night Fred, see you next round
George: ding ding ding
Judy: nite Fred
Ronix: let 's hear it for electricity
BobS: flet like a horse kiced me
rich-c: public electricity!!!!!
Pamela: did you kick back?
Hurricane Rin: nite fred
FredK: *poof*
FredK left chat session
George: nite Fred
BobS: but it felt better today
Dr.D.: That was the feeling of electron donation.
Ronix: Of course Rich - is there any other kind?
BobS: c ya Fred
Dr.D.: It's such a good...feeling...
Judy: his hair stood up on end, not really
George: HELP!
rich-c: we are busy turfing out the nut cases who think so, Ron
Pamela: George, that won't get the nurse
BobS: doc said he "lit up my life"
Ronix: being hotly debated here in lotusland
Dr.D.: I thought that was Debbie Boone's song...
rich-c: pproblem is, the guy likeliest to replace them is too soft on the subject for my taste
Judy: yes it was
Pamela: well - heart start and reflex check in one
Ronix: an electrofying experience
Judy: now he has to stay very calm
Pamela: yank on the cord George
rich-c: I expect to have to swallow my qualms and vote NDP
Ronix: calm is good
Pamela: that should get it back
Dr.D.: Well, if it worked for Frankenstein, it'll work for Bob.
George: NO CORD
Ronix: rotfl
Dr.D.: The galvanic battery, that is.
Dr.D.: Or Voltaic pile.
Dr.D.: Pick your favorite 19th-century gothic technology.
Judy: we were pleasantly surprised
Pamela: a cordless call bell? Nice place
rich-c: not ewven a neat Tesla jar?
George: I left a big pile
Ronix: what's the name of the device that generates the spark
Pamela: could you make a death ray out of it?
Ronix: from two brass balls
George: STINKS
Judy: don't know, Ron
rich-c: well, actually, from brushes on two rotating glass discs, Ron
Dr.D.: Van de Graff generator.
Ronix: thank you sir- that's it
Pamela: that didn't work Erin
Ronix: 'cause
Ronix: van de
George: NURSE!
Ronix: graff was the first to get hit by it
Judy: it was a new thing anyway, just got it was not supposed to burn anymore
Hurricane Rin: @Dr. D - 9:30 sounds good
BobS: NURSE.......can't get good help nowadays...........
Pamela: send them an email, George
BobS: y asure
rich-c: I think he's trying
Ronix: well glad to hear that it produced the intended result
Hurricane Rin: sounds good to me
Judy: Bob had a great one Monday, we found out more from him than any of the doctors have ever told us
Ronix: is this something that must be done periodically, or just a one time thing?
Dr.D.: George, what can we do?
Dr.D.: If you are truly in an emergency, call 911.
rich-c: He's in hospital and has dropped the call bell
George: i'm in hospital
Ronix: All I can boast for the day is a clobbered right thumb
Judy: we don't know yet, Ron, no one thought that it would work the first time, going back to the doc in Oct then we shoould know more
Guy B.: Call the nurse.
Dr.D.: Can you call out? Is your door closed?
Ronix: Had an ingrown fingernail removed
Ronix: hard to type with the bandage on
Ronix: but I shall live
George: hallway is empty
Dr.D.: Is it one of the fingers you use for Ctrl-Alt-Del? :-)
rich-c: just holler louder
Guy B.: What about the phone?
Pamela: send paper airplanes
Ronix: wish
Dr.D.: A funny story from Curriculum Night tonight:
BobS: hopedully a one time thing Ron........wil have to see later
George: nurse just walked pass and kept going
Dr.D.: Gretchen's 2nd-grade teacher was talking about a little reward system she has in place.
BobS: ZAP.....zap....zap
Dr.D.: Each kid has an index card taped to the top of his desk.
Ronix: yes..
Dr.D.: If he does something good, the teacher can stamp it.
rich-c: and?
Dr.D.: Stamps are worth points, which can be redeemed for goodies.
Dr.D.: She was telling how this teaches people to count, and to learn to save.
Pamela: air miles for 7 year olds
Hurricane Rin: lol
Ronix: truly, there is nothing new under the sun
Judy: they have used that around here in schools, Doug had a teacher that did it. Worked really well in that class
Dr.D.: The example was, someone with 8 points wants something worth 10 points...and is told that 8 is less than 10, so you need to save some more. "Then they really grasp the idea of quantity!"
Dr.D.: The funny thing was:
Ronix: in a galaxy far far away, my cub pack had a system of coloured beads
George: oh, GOD take me tonight
Ronix: beads for this, beads for that...
Dr.D.: On the wall, behind the teacher, right over her shoulder from where I was sitting, was a signed photo of:
Ronix: beads for air miles
Dr.D.: George W. Bush!
Dr.D.: I am thinking, Oh My God, how ironic....
Ronix: :)
Dr.D.: What do we do if we want something that costs 10 billion and we only have 8 billion...
rich-c: yeah, Dubya traded air miles for marks, didn't he?
Dr.D.: We get it anyway!
Ronix: Really?
Hurricane Rin: teacher....can i get credit for that?
Ronix: that's worth a thousand hanging chads to know that
Dr.D.: Maybe you had to be there...but this teacher has a life-sized signed photo of him, framed.
rich-c: I am told his educational documentation was not the result of academic merit
Pamela: tee hee
Dr.D.: And he was grinning right over her shoulder...
Dr.D.: It's like the Tom Lehrer song about New Math, only with economics.
Pamela: poor kids, she's gonna warp their little minds
Dr.D.: Yeah, they'll think you actually have to have enough money/resources to do something.
Dr.D.: But credit cards will change that.
Judy: the kids really liked it when he was in the class, they learned a lot, great teacher
Pamela: "its so simple, so very simple, that only a child can do it!"
rich-c: yes, it's a harsh lesson to find you're max'ed out
Dr.D.: Said Dr. McCoy as he put Spock'
Ronix: Well know, I'll trade you my index card for yours - if you'll give me the sandwich from your lunch box
Dr.D.: s brain back into his head.
Ronix: But really, you can't blame the dear teacher for trying
Dr.D.: Well, I've been to 4 curriculum nights in the last week, and they are singularly depressing.
Pamela: why Rich?
Dr.D.: *Everything* is to pass a proficiency test.
Dr.D.: There is no flexibility at all.
Ronix: results.....dammit, we will have results...
Dr.D.: And "no child left behind" is an impossible task.
George: it hurts
Dr.D.: And the "consequences" can be selectively enforced to punish any desired school system, because someone will always be left behind.
rich-c: if you dont have to answer for the resulsts you can promise anything
Dr.D.: Nothing can guarantee success...but Our Shrub has just mandated it.
Dr.D.: He who couldn't pass his own college courses.
Ronix: However.... then we have son Jeff (he knows I say this) with Masters degree i n engineering...can't add a column of
rich-c: besides, the way to make the schools better is to cut their funding, isnt it?
George: please kill me
Ronix: figures without a calculator
Dr.D.: But that's the cognitive disconnect: teachers tell students to study, stay in school, be honest...but all the visible people who succeed cheated, lied, were stupid.
Pamela: George are you on a ward?
Ronix: keep that east of the Rockies would you's already beginning to spread
George: huh?
Dr.D.: Who you gonna believe?
rich-c: we're working hard at it, Ron
Ronix: there's the rub
Pamela: are you in a room with other people or a single room?
George: single
Dr.D.: Why be a scientist when it's so hard to study and you make a pittance? Be an athlete or a manager and buy a geek to think for you.
rich-c: start a garage band and never need to learn anything
Dr.D.: That's the real message of society to poor black urban kids.
(Hurricane Rin gives Dr.D. a can of Diet Coke.)
George: i'm in a bed alone
Dr.D.: (slurp...thanks Rin)
Dr.D.: Yeah, I'm getting a bit hot, sorry.
rich-c: well, we would hope so, George
BobS: wel hopefully you are in bed alone.......
Hurricane Rin: no speak the truth
Ronix: with reason DrD
Judy: that comes from home, Dr D, you have to teach them the basics of being the best person you can be
Hurricane Rin: how can that be a bad thing
Pamela: it's everyone's soap box, Rich
Judy: they do not get that at school
Dr.D.: I'm in a semester-long weekly seminar series with 19 other educators on campus to discuss stuff like this.
rich-c: the truth and a buck will get you a cup of coffee - sometimes
George: just flies buzzing around
Dr.D.: It is very disheartening...because we at the college level are getting the students too late to do anything for them, really.
rich-c: don't worry till you see the vultures out the window, George
Dr.D.: My robot course is too little, too late.
Dr.D.: Kids need education like that from kindergarten up.
Pamela: Every little bit helps, Rich
George: a dead one out the window
Dr.D.: If they don't grow up thinking openly and creatively, they are damaged.
Ronix: what's getting lost here is respect on the part of youth for any kind of authority
rich-c: or Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski as a mentor
Ronix: Had a dust up a little while ago in the local high school parking lot
Ronix: Mounties got attacked
Ronix: this kind of thing is across Canada now
rich-c: yes, it's the local teenage outdoor sport
Dr.D.: My knee-jerk assessment is: the hippies from the 1960s rebelled against their parents' standards, like all kids do. But when *they* became the Establishment, their standards were *NO STANDARDS*.
Ronix: yup
rich-c: rioting in malls is also fashioinable
Dr.D.: And now the hippies have kids raised under no standards, for fear of stamping out their little creative urges...
Dr.D.: They got what they asked for, but it's not what they wanted...
Ronix: we would not want to repress them eh?
George: poop
Dr.D.: Everything is broken, because there are no societal "universals" here any more.
George: poop poop
Dr.D.: And yet now we have the DMCA, Patriot Act, etc., etc. So much for "freedom".
Ronix: yeah
rich-c: fwiw, Rich, there are lots of Americans who share your feelings
Dr.D.: My parents had flaws, I try to do better; I have flaws, I hope my kids try to do better.
George: cancel bill of rights
rich-c: they're on it hot and havy every day on the Autoweek chat
Dr.D.: It's already cancelled, George.
Dr.D.: I really despair that there is any peaceful machanism within the system that can effect meaningful change.
George: cancel constitution
Pamela: all you can do is raise them to think for themselves and give them a good foundation
Dr.D.: I think it will take a horde of Chinese or United-Europe "barbarians" at the gates to overthrow the American Imperium...
Ronix: history repeats itself
rich-c: no, I think there will be an internal movement
Dr.D.: Read Suetonius' "Twelve Caesars"...change the names and dates, it describes lots of the last 50 years of US history.
George: poo poo
Dr.D.: Bread and circuses are here, at T1 speeds on the Internet and satellite TV...
rich-c: the interesting part is Bush is a "zero year" president - and there's time yet
George: pow
Dr.D.: Nah, Reagan broke that pattern.
Dr.D.: And an assassination would plunge us way into fascism.
rich-c: well, more or less - he survived, but he was hit and wounded
Ronix: what's it about zero year? 2000?
Ronix: oh i see
Dr.D.: US presidents elected in a year ending in zero have been killed or otherwise died in office.
Ronix: right
rich-c: you may be right, Rich - Cheyney is not democratic presidential material
Dr.D.: Reagan was shot, would have died at any point earlier in history, but modern medicine saved him.
George: no, he was too nasty to die
rich-c: been that way at least since Lincoln in 1860 - not sure about before
Ronix: interesting
Dr.D.: Believers in the "prophesy" explain away Bush as having survived 9/11 when the White House-bound plane was re-hijacked by passengers and crashed into Pennsylvania.
Dr.D.: 1840, William Henry Harrison died after 1 month of office of pneumonia, gotten while giving a 2-hour inaugural address in the rain.
rich-c: OK, wasn't sure about him
Pamela: where do you get this info, Rich?
Dr.D.: I used to know them all, admittedly haven't read this history for a while.
Dr.D.: I had a great book of short biographies of presidents when I was a boy, up through Nixon's 1st term.
rich-c: the zero-year phenomenon is in any website on the presidents, Pam
Dr.D.: I read it, like I read everything else.
Dr.D.: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias.
Pamela: cereal boxes . . .
Dr.D.: Them, too.
Pamela: and i thought I was bad
Hurricane Rin: Trivial Pursuit
Dr.D.: "BHA and BHT added to preserve freshness. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping and handling."
George: match books
Hurricane Rin: place mats
Dr.D.: I still remember that.
George: welcome mats
Dr.D.: Yep, place mats, too, especially Chinese zodiac in restaurants.
Guy B. left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Rich is a dull boy.
Judy: have grandkids that restores your hole outlook
changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: So he is told.
Hurricane Rin: I'm a ram
Hurricane Rin: according to those place mays
Hurricane Rin: mats
rich-c: I see Guy has rejoined us
Dr.D.: Hmmm...I wanna say I'm a tiger (1962), but I could be misremembering.
Pamela: I used to know but have forgotten
Dr.D.: The "marry X and shun Y" dicta are just fixed offsets from your current spot on the zodiac.
rich-c: I have troubles enough with the western zodiac
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll probably might make it this Saturday if I'm not working. Will know tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll see you all.
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Hurricane Rin: bye Guy
Judy: nite, Guy
rich-c: night Guy, hope for Sat then
Ronix: be well Guy
BobS: niute Guy
Guy B. left chat session
George: i'm going to die
Pamela: not tonite George
George: yes
Ronix: not an option George
rich-c: we all are, George, the issue is just when
BobS: well don't do it here
BobS: too messy
George: yes
Ronix: besides, I want some sympathy formy sore finger
(Hurricane Rin gives Ronix a can of Diet Coke.)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Ronix: Awww Gee Hurricane......gawsh
Pamela: poor Ron
rich-c: well gee, if you're going to do dub things like hammer on it... ;-)
Ronix: ;(
Judy: the boys would just say you need to kiss it , Ron
Dr.D.: Looking up zodiac stuff...
(Hurricane Rin smiles)
Dr.D.: Tiger people are sensitive, given to deep thinking, capable of great sympathy. They can be extremely short-tempered, however. Other people have great respect for them, but sometimes tiger people come into conflict with older people or those in authority. sometimes Tiger people cannot make up their minds, which can result in a poor, hasty decision or a sound decision arrived at too late. They are suspicious of others, but they are courageous and powerful. Tigers are most compatible with Horses, Dragons, and Dogs
Pamela: okay Rich, check 1965
George: :-{
Ronix: And then we have Aries marriages....which aren't supposed to last
Ronix: and didn't
Dr.D.: Here is Ram for Rin first:
Dr.D.: People born in the Year of Ram are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts. They seem to be, at first glance, better off than those born in the zodiac's other years. But ram year people are often shy, pessimistic, and puzzled about life. They are usually deeply religious, yet timid by nature. Sometimes clumsy in speech, they are always passionate about what they do and what they believe in. Ram people never have to worry about having the best in life for their abilities make money for them, and they are able to enjoy the creature comforts that they like. Ram people are wise, gentle, and compassionate. They are compatible with Rabbits, Pigs, and Horses.
George: :-[
Ronix: puzzled about life....that's me
Pamela: I like the moustache better George
Dr.D.: And 1965 makes Pam a snake:
Dr.D.: People born in the Year of the Snake are deep. They say little and possess great wisdom. They never have to worry about money; they are financially fortunate. Snake people are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. Yet they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail. Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have martial problems because they are fickle. They are most compatible with the Ox and Rooster.
Hurricane Rin: *blush*..
Ronix: 1944
Dr.D.: This and more from
George: :.-(
rich-c: and what nice things do they say abput 1930?
Pamela: thank you Rich
Pamela: although I must say it doesn't sound much like me
Dr.D.: 1944 makes Ron a Monkey:
Dr.D.: People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. There are few fields in which Monkey people wouldn't be successful but they have a disconcerting habit of being too agreeable. They want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, they become discouraged and sometimes leave their projects. Although good at making decisions, they tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly. They are most compatible with the Dragon and Rat.
rich-c: they go for push-pins, too
George: voodo
Dr.D.: 1930 is Horse:
Dr.D.: People born in the Year of the Horse are popular. They are cheerful, skillful with money, and perceptive, although they sometimes talk too much. The are wise, talented, good with their hands, and sometimes have a weakness for members of the opposite sex. They are impatient and hot-blooded about everything except their daily work. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are very independent and rarely listen to advice. They are most compatible with Tigers, Dogs, and Sheep.
George: voodoo
Dr.D.: So who knows...could be voodoo.
Dr.D.: It's fun to read and talk about while waiting for the Won-Ton Soup to arrive! :-)
George: i eat fortune cookies
Dr.D.: So far, none of these are things that I (Tiger) should avoid :-)
Hurricane Rin: i love fortune cookies
Dr.D.: "You will soon meet many people with many blunt instruments"
Ronix: my Lord
Judy: I like plum wine
Hurricane Rin: lol
rich-c: I prefer Presidents Choice chocolate chip
Dr.D.: That is my stock stupid fortune.
Dr.D.: Some people like "Help, I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory!"
George: they give me too much prune juice
Ronix: here's one piece of useless anecdotal data
Dr.D.: I like plums and prunes.
Hurricane Rin: i had one my last week at the office "you are politically independant"
Ronix: for people wearin g bandages on their thumbs
Dr.D.: Sounds like it's accurate, Rin.
rich-c: weell, you did end up politically independent
George: poop poop poop
Ronix: mac keyboard is more difficult to type on than an ibm keyboard
Pamela: thank you for the trivia of the day Ron
BobS: tiny thing that one
Hurricane Rin: very timely
BobS: a "wee bit of a keyboard" it is
George: ah, a big one
Dr.D.: George, not to be rude...ruder than you...but can you please stop defecating on my screen?!?!?!?
Ronix: thought you might like that - took me 3 tries to correctly type Dr.D's Zodiac site
Dr.D.: Cut and paste doesn't work? I just tried it okay.
Dr.D.: Right from the chat log window.
Judy: yes, i was working on potty training all day so I have had enough of that stuff, George
Ronix: nope no cut and paste
George: ok
BobS: and I am NOT trained yet.........
Dr.D.: Hmmm..Exploder 5.1 MacOS 9.1.
(BobS smiles)
Pamela: can't get the scissors to go through the glass Ron?
George: sorry
Dr.D.: We'll sicc Hurricane Rin on you.
Judy: was working with Michael today and tomorrow it will be Ryan
Ronix: now that I have it.... the Zodiac.... will bookmark it......much here to ponder
rich-c: Explorer 6 is worth the hassle in getting the upgrade
Dr.D.: Potty training has been done here for about 4 years.
Judy: did it finally work
Dr.D.: Still one odd lot of diapers lying about in the bathroom closet, though.
George: nite all
BobS: nite Geo
rich-c: nite George
Judy: nite George
Dr.D.: I think it did, at least according to laundry :-)
Pamela: nite George
Hurricane Rin: nite George
Dr.D.: Bye George.
Ronix: Pamela !!
Pamela: yes Ron
George: poof
George left chat session
Pamela: ??
Ronix: just 'cause I use push pins.....ohyeah....speaking of which
Dr.D.: Oh My God I Am Going To Scream!!!!!
BobS: "thank god and greyhound he's gone........"
BobS: screen was gettign dirty
Ronix: Bob...what did you do with my pushpin?
Ronix: s
Pamela: is there any way to block him?
BobS: got it here,.......or maybe tossed it........
BobS: why?????
Dr.D.: No, the chat is totally open...if you know the URL, you can get in.
Judy: do you need it already Ron
BobS: found another use for it?????
Ronix: naw..... just wanted to give you a hard time
Pamela: I came sooo close to tossing him off tonite
Ronix: by the way....that ADAM has never worked so well
Dr.D.: Only option would be to (1) unsubscribe him from ColAdam list, (2) change the chat URL, (3) re-Email ColAdam list with the new URL, (4) remove public notice of URL from website.
(BobS reboots Ronix's computer remotely.)
Ronix: think it night just have been bad connections
(Ronix is thrown out of the window.)
Judy: Dale can keep him off, he told me that at convention
Dr.D.: But then it would be a totally private chat.
Dr.D.: I must have missed that mechanism in the docs...I run the same chat server at (the backup one).
Dr.D.: Honestly, my patience with G. is exhausted!
Pamela: maybe we should all mosey over to yours for a few weeks Rich
Dr.D.: Calgon, take me away!!!!!
Ronix: initially I thought it was for real
Pamela: if he can't find us . . .
Dr.D.: Nah, he knows that URL, too.
Pamela: darn
Dr.D.: (Elanor says good night.)
Judy: I wonder if there is even anything wrong with him exept in the head
Pamela: good nite, Elanor
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: nite Elanor
Judy: nite Elanor
Dr.D.: (Elanor exits)
rich-c: nite Elanor
changed username to queen bee
Pamela: Hi Rie
Hurricane Rin: hey chickpea
queen bee: hi pam
BobS: ok queen bee
queen bee: hi doodlebug
Ronix: (Monkey Ron wants a banana)
Dr.D.: Bugs...
Pamela: can't eat a banana with a damaged thumb, Ron
Judy: hi, Queen
BobS: a gren one or a red one?????
queen bee: hi
Ronix: evening Queen
rich-c: gather Marie has joined us
Dr.D.: Greetings, Your Majesty :-)
queen bee: hello dr. d
Ronix: oh
Hurricane Rin changed username to Doodle Bug
Ronix: yeller
Dr.D.: Rin and Rie...both are novel nicknames.
queen bee: lol
Doodle Bug: :-)
Pamela: Derivative of Erin and Marie and child hood nicknames
Dr.D.: I've heard of "Mare" for Mary and Marie, but not "Rie".
Dr.D.: But my daughter Christina has some odd nicknames...Gretchen, too.
queen bee: rie is prob the only short form of my name i'll take
Dr.D.: Gretchen couldn't say Christina, so it came out "Steena".
Pamela: Graeme and Garth had a hard time with Erin so they dropped the E
Dr.D.: I use that one from time to time.
Dr.D.: Gretchen is "Gretch".
Ronix: my my - Electric Bob
Dr.D.: And "to gretch" has become a verb.
Ronix: that's so cool
Dr.D.: Usually means "gripe, complain, whine".
queen bee: where's eirn?
Pamela: I thought that was kvetch
Ronix: Poor Gretch
Doodle Bug: i'm here
queen bee: ok
Dr.D.: But Christina's friends call her El Nin~a.
BobS: I don't glow anymolre thought ron
queen bee: i thought i had lost you
Ronix: would expect that Gretchen has to be in this world with her elbows up
Doodle Bug: nope
queen bee: lol
Dr.D.: Looks like the Hurricane has dissipated.
Pamela: we were forever calling the two of them together and Marie took too long
Doodle Bug: i'm just a bug now
Ronix: Stamp out bugs
BobS: getting weaker isn't it.........
queen bee: i took too long???
queen bee: doodle u dead
Dr.D.: Re: Gretchen, we learned tonight that just today she and a friend's adjacent desks had been separated for undue conversation :-)
Pamela: "undue conversation" - I like that one Rich
rich-c: took someone a while to catch on
Dr.D.: The teacher thought it was funny and was slightly apologetic; we were like, "Not surprising, don't sweat it."
Ronix: Dr. D. Do you have 4 daughters or 5?
rich-c: teacher should have spotted that in September
Pamela: it is September Dad
Dr.D.: "Excess conversation breaks up the monopoly of talking"--Popeye.
Ronix: aha
Dr.D.: I have 4 daughters.
Ronix: ok.... An animated place....Starbase Drushel
BobS: Dr D is neck deep in women over there in cleveland
Dr.D.: Christina (16.5), Elanor (13.5), Diana (10), and Gretchen (7.5).
Judy: and girls like to talk
Pamela: Estrogen rules!
Ronix: indeed that he is
Dr.D.: If I get breast cancer, I'll blame it on airborne estrogen concentration.
Pamela: and have you figured out women by now Rich?
queen bee: doodel does cat got ur tongue??
Dr.D.: Figured out women?
Ronix: But they are good kids all.... I have met them
Doodle Bug: naaa the sand man
queen bee: oic
queen bee: he's trying to find me to i think
Dr.D.: Well, go doodle yourself to bed, Rin.
queen bee: lol
Pamela: Marie don't you have to work tomorrow?
queen bee: yes
(Doodle Bug smiles)
queen bee: yes i do
Pamela: BTW, how's Jason?
queen bee: i'm on afternoons tomorrow
queen bee: greta
queen bee: great
Judy: do you have any pets, Rich, girls
Dr.D.: If I claimed I understood women, I think at least Rin and Pam would do something that surpasseth understanding within about 2 minutes of said claim.
Pamela: inscrutable, that's us
Doodle Bug: LOL
Dr.D.: We have one guinea pig. The only other representative of the noble yet endangered male gender at this starbase.
Ronix: I'm hardly an expert on the topic
Pamela: Rie, did you get ahold of Mark?
Dr.D.: His name is Mike.
Dr.D.: Full name actually Michael J. Rodent.
Judy: at least than you are not totally alone as male
Ronix: Ah Mike the RAT
queen bee: no
(Doodle Bug laughs heartily)
Dr.D.: Hard to take a guinea pig out for a night on the town with the boys!
queen bee: was i supposed too?
Ronix: you and he must share interesting times
Dr.D.: Mike is no rat.
Pamela: no, since you were asking about sending him an email thru the smk system, I wondered if you'd gotten thru
Dr.D.: Guinea pigs are rodents, but not closely related to rats.
queen bee: i don't have a way too get a hold of him
Ronix: ok... stand corrected
Judy: would be hard to have a rat in a house full of girls
Dr.D.: Maybe, maybe not, Judy.
queen bee: no b/c i don't have the address and i didn't know what i should put in the subjstc box
Dr.D.: I've been accused :-)
Ronix: yes- Judy that is true
Doodle Bug: I think it's time for me to exit stage right
queen bee: noooooooooooooo
Dr.D.: You don't sound like a right-winger to me, Rin.
queen bee: lol
Judy: is everyone havin g the beatiful weather that we are?
queen bee: she's more of the left
Pamela: only way to do it Rie, is to send one to me and I'll pass it on to the store - but remember that anyone at the shop can read it so mark it "personal and confidential"
Ronix: nite to the doodle bug
Dr.D.: Warm and beautiful today, alas I was cooped up indoors.
Doodle Bug: well exiting centre stage would be kinda difficult
Ronix: We have reverted to our normal weather pattern
Judy: nite Doodle bug
Pamela: yeah, you tend to fall into the orchestra pit
rich-c: quite sunhy and pleasant here too, Rich
Ronix: 0ne Pacific storm after another
Doodle Bug: nite Ron
Doodle Bug: nite all
Pamela: Gnite Erin
Ronix: go straight home now
Dr.D.: Good night Rin, talk to you later.
queen bee: do i put p ands c with marks name?
Pamela: hugs and kisses to all
rich-c: they'll like it in the interior, Ron
queen bee: bye doodole
Dr.D.: Doodole...ROTFL.
Pamela: yes, that will do Rie
rich-c: though I doubt Calgary appreciated their 4 inches of snow yesterday
Judy: Sher forgot to bring the boys shoes
BobS: nite rie
Ronix: yes they have been wanting that for some time
queen bee: coo
Judy: nite rie
BobS: nite anyone leaving........
rich-c: nite rie, rin
Dr.D.: Good night John-Boy.
Ronix: must contact brother Dave in Calgary and see how he made out
Doodle Bug: ditto
queen bee: pam i'm going to e-mail this week sometime
Pamela: Okay, I'll look for it
Judy: better go too and rest up for tomorrow, night
queen bee: ok well night all
Pamela: gnite Rie
BobS: see ya
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: take it easy, Judy, then - note
Dr.D.: I meant to ask you sometime, Ron...what did your brother think of us ADAMites?
BobS: later guys and gals
Ronix: I'm going away to feel sorry for myself
Dr.D.: Bye Bob.
Pamela: nite Bob
rich-c: nite Bob, be easy on the ticker for a bit
Judy left chat session
BobS: will do
Ronix: Oh he's been following this group for some time.....
queen bee left chat session
BobS: gotta retire......gotta retire........gotta.......
Ronix: Was very happy to have finally met you all
BobS left chat session
Ronix: He's also mad at me (sorta) for not inviting him up the mountain with us
Doodle Bug left chat session
Ronix: Nite Bob
Dr.D.: He certainly would've been welcome.
Ronix: Yes... I know..... oversight on my part
Pamela: Ron - I wore my t-shirt yesterday for the first time -it's very comfy
Ronix: the way, the brake job cost $500.
Pamela: what brake job?
Dr.D.: Ouch.
Ronix: Good Pam...glad it works for nya
Ronix: ya
Dr.D.: Sounds like my new gas tank for $580.
Dr.D.: The one he needed after braking very heavily all the way down the mountain.
Ronix: My car, Pamela, just about gave up the ghost on the trip up Mt. Washington
Ronix: Then coming back down there was a strong odour of burningn brake fluid
Dr.D.: It was Eau d'Asbestos for anyone driving behind us.
Pamela: that's not good Ron
Ronix: turns out the rear brakes were seized
rich-c: brake fade on a downgrade is Not Fun
Ronix: myTaurus does not like mountain.. had a similar episode before
Ronix: well... you descend 5200 feet in about 15 miles.... there's a 12% grade at one point
Pamela: well next time remember - brake job first, then the mountain trip
rich-c: trouble with front wheel drive cars - very nose-heavy and overwork front brakes
Dr.D.: Or take the bus :-)
Ronix: yes....this is true
Pamela: or rent a car
Ronix: ya got that right pilgrims
Pamela: Ron, repaeat after me
rich-c: actually, just gearing down in advance can be surprisingly effective
Pamela: I love my Taurus
Ronix: my automatic don't gear down so good
rich-c: that needs attention, then
Dr.D.: Put her in 1st or 2nd and let the engine brake it.
Ronix: I LOVE Rosie the Bull
Pamela: that's my Ron
Dr.D.: Your car is named Rosie?
Dr.D.: My Maverick is named Maude.
Ronix: we will simply stay off the Mount I think
Ronix: Right on
Ronix: yup Rosie..... she's sort of Red and Rosy
Pamela: and she's a Taurus
Dr.D.: Bet the brake shoes were red and rosy, too :-)
Ronix: yup
Ronix: indeed they were.
Pamela: my kinda car
Pamela: Dad has a Meteor named Behemoth
Dr.D.: My dream car is a red 1932 Model A Ford roadster.
rich-c: whoops - sorry folks, my time to go
rich-c: see you Satureday if anyone turns up
Pamela: you okay Dad?
Dr.D.: Or maybe a red 1969 Dodge Dart 2-door.
Pamela: Nite, Daddy
Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
rich-c: sure, but I've been online mostly since 4.30
Ronix: have really enjoyed this car..... most of 'em are just wheels
Ronix: but not my Rosie
Pamela: okay then - sleep tight
rich-c: so nite all - till the next one
Dr.D.: Treat her nice, then :-)
Ronix: probably Sat Rich...ifn' the memory cells are serviceable
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
Dr.D.: Wow, 4:30...
Dr.D.: Even I can't sit that long.
Ronix: so I wish you all a fond g'nite
Pamela: yeah, I tried to call him at 4:45 and got a busy signal
Dr.D.: Though it's coming up on 2 hours.
Dr.D.: Okay Ronix, try not to rm -rf *.* or anything like that.
Pamela: Gnite Ron - keep your Rosie running
Ronix: :)
Ronix: we don't do that
Ronix: system does nnot respond well
Dr.D.: or /etc/reboot
Ronix: niters
Pamela: ciao
Dr.D.: 3s and 8s
Ronix: ker poofnik
Pamela: Rich, stick for a sec
Ronix left chat session
Dr.D.: Adhering...
Pamela: big (BIG) secret
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: hell
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hi!
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel
Daniel B: I know... I'm very very late tonight
Dr.D.: You just missed almost everyone, about 5 minutes ago.
Pamela: yeah, we were just about to exit
Dr.D.: Ron and Richard just left.
Pamela: we're the last two
Dr.D.: And drawing straws to see who would be the sole survivor.
Pamela: I'll take $100K - I'm not greedy
Daniel B: did you idscuss about the big update to do for the adamcon web site? (sunday)
Dr.D.: Not while I was logged in, but it may have been talked about earlier?
Dr.D.: I was late tonight, too.
Pamela: not unless it happened before I arrived
Daniel B: did you talk about coleco documentation?
Pamela: nope
Dr.D.: No, it was mostly Windsor politics.
Pamela: not even sure ADAM came into the conversation tonite
Dr.D.: I think Windsor, right?
Pamela: among others Rich
Daniel B: Dale Wick wasn't online?
Pamela: nope
Dr.D.: Neither he nor Jillian.
Dr.D.: Were you expecting him?
Daniel B: Well, I suppose didn't miss coleco things finaly
Dr.D.: Tonight was all social, I think.
Pamela: it was mostly politics and zodiacs Daniel
Daniel B: zodiacs... like "gemini", "virgo"?
Pamela: trashing M. Bush and M. Martin
Pamela: oui
Dr.D.: Chinese zodiac, actually.
Pamela: FYI, while I don't appear to resemble my snake, I am a Cancer through and through
Dr.D.: You don't seem crabby to me.
Dr.D.: And you are not toxic to this environment :-)
Pamela: (answer not consumable on prime time)
Daniel B: last time, I talked about the big gang you are... like a big "adam family". And I asked for more information about the members because I never remember who is maried with who
Pamela: so who did you get answers on Daniel?
Dr.D.: Unlike a TV soap opera, the family, while large, has stable relationships :-)
Daniel B: Because it's almost "social" talking here... I'm quickly lost in the dicussion
Pamela: we'll have to give you a list Daniel so you can keep us all straight
Dr.D.: That's mostly because the majority of the people who come here lack almost all the technical knowledge about ADAMs that you and I have.
Daniel B: I have an idea who is who now
Pamela: so do you have any more questions?
Dr.D.: Ron is my father, Pam and I are married, and Erin is our kid :-) :-) :-) :-)
Daniel B: not really, except ... it's not really important but Rich wasn't able to remember well your familly Dr.D.
Pamela: Rich, you bigamist you
Dr.D.: I guess we need a family tree to post to
Daniel B: This is what is missing.
Daniel B: Dr. Rich Drushnell and Joan are maried, child: Christina, Elanor, Gretchen, (another girl, but her name is ??)
Pamela: Diana
Dr.D.: Dr. Rich Drushel (note spelling), wife Joan, daughters Christina, Elanor, Diana, and Gretchen.
Dr.D.: But you can call me Rich or Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Ages of the above people are, in order, 41, 41, 16.5, 13.5, 10, 7.5
Dr.D.: (I really won't be 41 until November, but rounding up)
Pamela: closer to that than to 40 Rich
Dr.D.: And Joan is really almost 42.
Daniel B: err... I didn't asked for ages. But maybe birthday could be a good idea
Dr.D.: You don't have to get me a present :-)
Pamela: November what Rich?
Dr.D.: 3rd.
Daniel B: I always can do a coleco project and send you a ROM file. It's not expensive for me.
Pamela: ty
Dr.D.: 1962
Dr.D.: And I can't remember your birthday in 1965, Pam, though I know you told me once.
Pamela: 06/26
Dr.D.: Yes, 26 June.
Dr.D.: 5 days after my Dad's birthday.
Pamela: six months and one day after Christmas - Mom timed it well
Dr.D.: Equal spacing of presents.
Pamela: you betcha
Dr.D.: Too calculating for my tastes :-)
Dr.D.: If you tell me that you were induced, I will scream...
Pamela: Mom forgot one of my stocking stuffers one year and gave it to me on Boxing Day - wished me happy Half Birthday
Dr.D.: hahaha
Daniel B: Well, I'm almost 10 years younger than Pamela
Pamela: no, good old fashioned labour for my mom
Dr.D.: It would have seemed cruel to just arrange it for some calendar symmetry.
Daniel B: my birthday is in June too
Pamela: my timing was just good luck
Pamela: I like June - my flower is a rose, and my birthstone is a pearl
Daniel B: I'm 28 years old... and my birthday is in June... 18th
Dr.D.: You're younger than Dale, even.
Pamela: Erin's still the "baby"
Dr.D.: 24 is too young to be a baby :-)
Pamela: BTW Rich, did Dad tell you we lost my Grandmother on September 4th?
Dr.D.: Yes, I surmised as much from his cryptic E-mail about not attending the Saturday chat a few weeks ago.
Daniel B: This is what I know about you Pamela
Daniel B: Frances and Rich-C are maried, child: Pam. niece: Erin (child of Frances' sister)
Pamela: correct Daniel
Dr.D.: I'm very sorry for you.
Pamela: thank you Rich
Dr.D.: I lost my last grandparent in 1988.
Pamela: what was weird was Mom called the morning after coming onto chat to let us know her condition - and I knew as soon as I saw their number on the call display
Pamela: I asked her "are you calling to tell me what I think you going to tell me?"
Pamela: Daniel - add to your list Russell - Pam's husband
Dr.D.: From your Dad's description of her deteriorating condition, it didn't sound like it was going to last much longer.
Pamela: just overnight - it was weird
Dr.D.: Pam, I hate to dump Daniel...but I would l
Dr.D.: I was just starting to tell Pam that I am falling asleep at my keyboard, Daniel...
Dr.D.: and I hate to dump you after you finally showed up...
Dr.D.: but I am going to have to go soon...I have to get up for work in about 5 hours.
Daniel B: don't stay online because of me...
Dr.D.: Well, you waited so long for us :-)
Dr.D.: And we are family, so we look out for each other.
Daniel B: I'm also waiting for a coleco documentation but it's another story.
Dr.D.: Richard still hasn't sent it to you? I gave him your postal address.
Pamela: I'll remind him Daniel
Dr.D.: He confirmed that he received it.
Dr.D.: Arrgghh.
Pamela: he may have had some trouble getting out to mail it
Dr.D.: I suppose recent events have distracted him a little.
Daniel B: I'm not 100% sure but maybe he didn't post it yet
Pamela: I'll remind him tomorrow Daniel - Ihave to call him anyway
Dr.D.: I can send him a reminder E-mail.
Dr.D.: If he was online all day today, likely he will be tomorrow as well, so he's bound to see my message.
Pamela: Lordy, he'll have square eyes
Pamela: now?
Daniel B: I'm prepared... I have money in my pockets to pay to receive the document.
Dr.D.: He's not mailing it with postage due or something, is he?
Pamela: I don't know if this will work, but I think the former is a good suggestion
Dr.D.: It shouldn't have a duty on it or anything just to go from Toronto to you in Montreal, should it?
Daniel B: I'm not exactly in Montreal... I'm in Quebec city
Dr.D.: Sorry Daniel, I forgot.
Daniel B: no problem.. I forget many things too like... who is who. 8-P
Dr.D.: I think attending an ADAMcon would help you to learn who everyone is :-)
Dr.D.: It is hard to get to know someone only through typing.
Dr.D.: Although I typed weekly to a penpal in Finland for 8 years before I met him in person.
Dr.D.: We have now been having weekly chats since May 1993.
Daniel B: And I chat with you for about... one year only.
Dr.D.: And except for the very first session, every one of them has been logged.
Dr.D.: Neither of us thought to keep a log of our very first chat.
Dr.D.: Some day I plan to print them all out nicely and bind them into books, one for each year.
Pamela: it would make for interesting reading Rich
Dr.D.: And then mail my friend a set.
Dr.D.: It's very interesting reading.
Pamela: Anyway gents, I'm for bed
Dr.D.: Yes, I've been here since 9:30 PM...
Pamela: it's way past my bedtime and I have an alarm to listen to in the morning
Dr.D.: And the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM.
Pamela: ick, that's even worse than mine Rich
Dr.D.: So I will send a reminder E-mail to Richard about your documentation.
Daniel B: oops... capslock! :)
Dr.D.: Good night, Daniel.
Pamela: good night Daniel
Pamela: kerpoof
Dr.D.: Hey, if you shout, I will stay awake :-)
Dr.D.: Good-bye until next week.
Pamela left chat session
Dr.D.: Bye Pam.
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
Dr.D.: (dissolves in Star Trek transporter effect)
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ms. Rin
Ms. Rin left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel B > chat > Wed 2003-09-17
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