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Daniel B: test
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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
rich-c: has th parcel got there yet?
Daniel B: hi Rich!
Daniel B: I received the document
Daniel B: I was surprise to not have to pay anything.
rich-c: you did? great!
Daniel B: How can I pay for this?
rich-c: werll, you do owe me the postage + tax ;-)
rich-c: send me a cheque some day - it was 6.76 total I think
Daniel B: but... for the document? the paper and and the time to copy...?
rich-c: the copying and paper are courtesy of Speedy
rich-c: Pam did it at her office
Daniel B: wow... thanks! Well, I will have to pay her for the time passed to copy the document
rich-c: btw I am watching the game CFL) at the moment
rich-c: no, it's OK, she'd be insulted if you offered
rich-c: mentioned the game because it should be good
rich-c: but strangely, the crowd seems small
rich-c: mind you, the weather in Winnipeg is not encouraging
Daniel B: here , it's cloudy
rich-c: wondering where you had got to
rich-c: beautiful day here now
rich-c: yesterday was very wet and windy
Daniel B: I was surprise to not see (in the document) more details about the i/o ports. And in the source code of the OS, it says "look at the user manual"
rich-c: Winnipeg just has a cold front go through, with rain and cold behind
rich-c: ah, I was wondering how useful the book would be
Daniel B: Do you think the "user document" is in the version Dr.D had?
rich-c: you also have a friend who needs it, don't you?
Daniel B: I laugh when I saw the starting date of the ColecoVision bios.
rich-c: I think he will have to tell you what that means - I don't know
Daniel B: I also have a friend who needs this information about ports, yes.
Daniel B: he need to know what is port 50h
rich-c: I hope that it will prove useful to both of yu, then
Daniel B: starting date "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away..." it's the influence of star wars, isn' it?
rich-c: yes, I do detect an echo there :-)
Daniel B: But i'm not 100% sure on which system they write the source code for the coleco and adam bios. It looks like a code for a VM/CMS computer. And at some place there are comments who said "PASCAL CALLS" and I remember one course I had in Pascal with a VM/CMS (access by telnet).
rich-c: oh dear - Bobmbers just got picked for a BC touchdown
rich-c: anyway, anything that technical Rich or Dale will have to tell you
Daniel B: Well, I have to go now. see you next week.
Daniel B: I hope Dr.D. and Dale will be online wednesday
Daniel B: bye
rich-c: OK, glad to hear from you and knopw the book got there
rich-c: enjoy and see you nect week
Daniel B: I have to visit my friend who wants to look at the document :)
rich-c: good show - encourGE HIM!
Daniel B: sure
Daniel B: * poof*
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Guy B.: HI Rich
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rich-c: hi
rich-c: guy
Guy B.: Hi Rich,
Guy B.: Cool up by you?
rich-c: sorry had my attention on the football game
Guy B.: Who's playing?
rich-c: yes, it's sunny but about 65
rich-c: BC at Winnipeg for fuirst place in the west
Guy B.: We're in the low 70's. Yesterday, it was in the upper 60's. Must be a good game, who's winning?
rich-c: tied 7 - 7 early 2d qtr
rich-c: these guys play tough
rich-c: BC scored first in a pick for 68 yard return
rich-c: then Winnipeg came back with a fast march
Guy B.: Unlike our Chicago Bears, who are 0-2 right now. They are on a bye week, so they will be playing next Monday night at the new Soldier Field. That will be on Monday Night Football.
rich-c: I dont like NFL football
rich-c: did you know that NFL is a derivative modification of the Canadian game?
Guy B.: Oh, didn't know that. So, I take it, your not a fan of American football.
Guy B.: Or just the NFL.
rich-c: no, I think that the changes they made have spoiled it
Guy B.: You mean like the return of instant replay?
rich-c: no, I mean shrinking the field, changing the scoring, making the teams smaller
Guy B.: I think the field size hasn't changed, at least I'm not aware of it. I know each team has to have a number of players. I know quite of few were released before the season started.
rich-c: our field is longer, wider, has bigger end zones, and 12 players per side on the field
rich-c: in fact even our balls are bigger
Guy B.: So, they have more of an advantage then.
rich-c: it makes ofr a moe open, more skill-demanding, higher-scotring game
Guy B.: Does the league have instant replay if calls are disputed?
rich-c: no, they decided not to
rich-c: interestingly, the tv commentators often cant agree on aa call even with the replay
Guy B.: So, whatever the officials call, stands. The NFL did for one year stopped instant replay, but it was brought back. But, with a twist. If a team challenges a call by the officials. Then the play is reviewed. If the call stands, that team loses a time out. Otherwise, it's reversed and no time out is charged.
rich-c: yes, you have to prevent abuse - that seems fair
Guy B.: Before, it took so long to even review a play, it delayed the game quite a bit. Now, with the new changes, the officials are allowed two minutes to review the play.
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Guy B.: Lost you there, eh!
rich-c: sorry - hit a wrong key
rich-c: mea culpa
Guy B.: It happens. When is your hip replacement surgery scheduled for?
rich-c: don't know yet, have to hear from the surgeon
rich-c: with luck it will be November
Guy B.: November. Jeanene's having her surgery to re-construct her eardrum on October 2nd.
rich-c: now back to basck field goals
Guy B.: SO, the game is still tied. Our Chicago Cubs are trying to still get into the postseason.
rich-c: well, the Blue Jays are out of the race though doing well lATELY
rich-c: anyway htis is starting to get exciting
Guy B.: I know Toronto hasn't done well this year. The White Sox seem to be out of it this year.
rich-c: right - but for now I think I will have to leave
rich-c: splitting my attention seems an excessive challenge
rich-c: catch you Wednesday?
Guy B.: The Cubs played two yesterday and they split. They are 1 1/2 out, so they are still in it.
Guy B.: Ok, Rich I'll see you then.
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rich-c: right - bye till then
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