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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi Dad
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: decided to tape my shows and come on early
rich-c: gather you decided to tape the show
Pamela: great minds
Pamela: I'm hoping to get to bed at a decent hour
rich-c: OK - before I forget - the lights w4re on, the door was open, and a window sign said "sale"
Pamela: oooo - did you say sale???
rich-c: no, the sign did ;-)
Pamela: tee hee hee hee
Pamela: thanks for checking - I'll have to go over there soon
rich-c: and oh yes, I got the chair, yesterday
Pamela: oh good - in black?
rich-c: natch - the red just wouldn't do in our room
Pamela: wouldn't match the carpet?
rich-c: no, it's a very different shade of red - they would clash horribly
Pamela: is it reasonably comfortable?
rich-c: yes, I seem to be finding it quite sittable and it should work after my operation
Pamela: good - I was a bit worried about that
Pamela: any word from the surgeon?
rich-c: put the old one out at the curb a bit after 4 p.m. - it was gone by 6
Pamela: quel surprise
rich-c: phone Dr. S's office yesterday; he hadn't reviewed the internist's report yet, his secretary said
rich-c: gather he wil call me in for paperwork about 4 weeks before he's ready to proceed
Pamela: that's Dr. Santo for you
rich-c: what's Dr. Santo got to do with it?
Pamela: isn't that the Dr. S?
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rich-c: no - the surgeon is Dr. Schatzker, the one who did Jospeh
Pamela: okay, I'm a little less confused now
changed username to BobS
Pamela: HI Bob
rich-c: hello Roberto
BobS: allo guys and gals
Pamela: no deck tonite Bob?
rich-c: just discussing medical matters - speculation still is my hip should get done early November
BobS: got a date for the repalcement?????
BobS: nope
BobS: kinda chilly here
BobS: and rainy
Pamela: icky wet
rich-c: still have to hear from the surgeon though
Pamela: no rain here yet, but it was threatened earlier
Pamela: which reminds me - Dad, did you see the cloud formations about 6:45ish?
rich-c: yes, we're supposed to have 65-70 days, sunny when it isnt showering, about 50 at night
rich-c: yes, Pam, and your mother was quite intrigued with them
BobS: went wouth today to Shipshewans auction in Indiana.......rained on way down this morning a little bit, then a LOT on the way home about 4pm
Pamela: they were so cool - I've never seen anything like them
BobS: supposed to rain off an on through MOnday
rich-c: they seemed familiar to me - your mother said they looked like something out of a Group of 7 painting
Pamela: we got lots of rain on Monday last, Bob - more than on Friday from the remnants if Isabel
BobS: made 69 degrees todayt and then went down a little
Pamela: I thought they looked sketched, Dad - that's why they were so interesting
rich-c: yes, we're supposed to be alternating sun and rain all through the weekend
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
rich-c: come to join the old man, I see
Judy: hi, Pam and Rich
Pamela: I had a dentist appt on Monday evening - by the time I got from the subway to my car at the parking lot, I was soaked from head to toe
Judy: yes he said that he was talking to you
rich-c: anyway, Bob, one week on, how's the ticker?
BobS: good I think...........
Judy: that sounds like a bummer pam
Pamela: the hygenist thought I'd been standing under a shower
BobS: got alittle odd spacing between beats, once in a while which may be normal
rich-c: you think? course if it isn't, you might not be in shape to notice...
Judy: he doesn't go back to the doctor until Oct 9
BobS: that's true
Judy: it was sounding perfect but now it seems to be a little different
rich-c: isn't there some condition where a bit of arrythmia is normal?
BobS: since i dont even know when it is out of rythmn, it may be out or not.......but i have NOT been sweating like I was, so that would be a good sign
Judy: the doctors don't tell you anything
rich-c: well, they do, but sometimes you have to push them pretty hard
Pamela: I thought you found this doctor more informative, Judy
rich-c: let's say a lot of them don't burden you with any excess information
Judy: Pam you are not watching West Wing?
Pamela: I'm getting it on tape Judy - will watch it this weekend
Judy: we are trying to watch and I don't know who anyone is, but it is supposed to be one of the best programs on, so we thought we should try agin
Pamela: tonite is the season premiere Judy - events are picking up where they left off so it may be a little confusing, but stick with it
Judy: no, Pam the nurse was the one who told us so much
rich-c: from what I have seen, the program does seem to be very well thought of
BobS: I know (kind of) who peopke are but Judy is lost
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: HIya Daniel
Judy: and there is nothing else on on Wed night
Daniel Bienvenu: allo tout le monde!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
BobS: guten abend..........
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: ca va bien?
Pamela: Martin Sheen is the president (Bartlet), his wife is played by Stockard Channing, the chief of staff is Leo (played by John Spencer)
Daniel Bienvenu: oui! ca va!
Pamela: allo Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
rich-c: something has worked out well for you, Daniel?
Pamela: Bradley Whitford plays Josh,
Daniel Bienvenu: not really, I applied for a job but I didn't have it. reason: not enough experience
Judy: who is the heavy set guy?
Pamela: who, John Goodman?
BobS: and he is?????
rich-c: they didn't state teh experience required?
BobS: vice president????
Judy: that is who he is, I told Bob it was John something
Pamela: the speaker of the House, and acting President during the kidnapping crisis of the President's daughter
Pamela: it's a special guest appearance
BobS: that is what is one tonight.....ya seen it. eh?????
Judy: that helps a lot, thanks
Pamela: haven't been watching it, but this is the continuation from last season
Daniel Bienvenu: they didn't specified anything... even the job description was not clear
Pamela: I'm dying to know whats happening so don't spoil it for me
BobS: only been on for 15 minutes, can't spoil it
rich-c: maybe it's just as well they didn't take you - that vagueness sounds suspicious
Daniel Bienvenu: Guten Abend Bob... Bonsoir Bob... Good evening Bob :)
rich-c: when someone is on a fishing expedition, he usually tries to hide the hook
Pamela: the vice president resigned in the third to last episode of last season, hence the reason the speaker of the house has come in as acting president
BobS: NICE Daniel !!!!
BobS: multi lingual
rich-c: buenos noches?
BobS: nachos............with or without cheese??????
rich-c: salsa, preferably ;-)
Pamela: silly Daddy!
rich-c: but con queso will do
Daniel Bienvenu: buona sera ... tant qu'à y être! :)
BobS: that works too
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changed username to Ms. Rin
BobS: eating habits back to normal Richard??????? after surgery
rich-c: hi Rin
BobS: RIN !!!!!!
BobS: how is??????
Pamela: buenos noches, cousin
Judy: hi, Rin
Ms. Rin: howdy y'all
rich-c: yes thanks Bob - I may need another enforced fast to control matters!
Pamela: Erin, no more political stuff okay?
Judy: you made it easy tonight, no guessing who you are
Ms. Rin: i sent out my message........i'm done
Pamela: tyvm
Ms. Rin: i know.......not incognito
Ms. Rin: tyvm?
Pamela: thank you . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I told you that I received the adam technical document las week?
rich-c: problem is the OntLibs got my email address somewhere and now I'm getting spammed
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Pamela: glad to hear it Daniel
BobS: OUCH Ricrd
rich-c: you told me, Daniel, but I hadn't mentioned it to Pam yet - and she did all the work
Ms. Rin: hmmmm
changed username to i-Ron
Pamela: h i-ron!
i-Ron: Hey!
rich-c: greetings Ron, back to the Mac I gather
Daniel Bienvenu: big thanks to you Pam!
Judy: hi, Ron
i-Ron: the one, the only
Pamela: avec mon plaisir, mon ami
Judy: how is the island life?
BobS: YO Ronald
i-Ron: unfortunately, I have only about 20 minutes thes eve
i-Ron: away to a Macintosh exec meeting at 7 pm
rich-c: what are you up to?
Pamela: did you volunteer for something again Ron?
Judy: and you are retired???
i-Ron: cleaning up mess in the snake pit
rich-c: yeah, these retirees never have any time
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: 8-D hehe! ... non non non! tout le plaisir fut pour moi! merci beaucoup!
Judy: I see!!!
BobS: trying to put things back still ???????
rich-c: hiding the Dosboxes so they won't offend tender eyeballs? ;-)
Pamela: de rien, Daniel
BobS: maybe the ADAM's cry when they see dosboxes
Pamela: Ron, you have to get that volunteer reflex removed
rich-c: no, but Mac-heads tend to swear
rich-c: by the way, havee you heard about the latest Linux gimmick?
i-Ron: damn phone
BobS: and that is????
BobS: mum will get it
i-Ron: No, this is a club I've been a member of for 5 years...... pres for the last 2
rich-c: now you can buy a new Seagate hard disc with full Lindows package installed for the price of the empty disc
BobS: ah ha, and they won't let you be, eh????????
Pamela: Ron, there's this new thing called an answering machine - maybe you've heard of them?
i-Ron: small word in the English language "NO"
i-Ron: not in my vocab
rich-c: right, Daniel
BobS: Doug is not having the time of his life wiht Linux.........
Ms. Rin changed username to X LIBERAL
i-Ron: I gathered that when he was here
i-Ron: He knows more about it than I do
BobS: showed, eh????
i-Ron: ya
Pamela: Erin, your Liberal is showing
BobS: rhink the problem is the software for vusiness that he is tryin to make it work with
rich-c: she is very actively working in the election, Daniel
X LIBERAL: i have no idea what you're talking about Pamel
i-Ron: trouble with Linux is that it's not quite user friendly yet
BobS: yes
i-Ron: they're trying, but thay have a way to go
rich-c: she and her mother will also be delegates to to leadership convention in November
Pamela: denial is the first sign . . .
BobS: and I NEED all the user friendly I can GET
i-Ron: Ya got that right pilgrim
i-Ron: Me too....... I know just enough to be dangerous
i-Ron: denial is a river in Egypt
BobS: I stilll can't figure out WHY the ibm machine can't be as forgiving a the ADAM......plug it in and it works
rich-c: that's what Lindows is trying to cope with - seems these new Seagate drives will auto-configure themselves to whatever they find themselves in
i-Ron: then their entire support structure would have diddly squat to do
Pamela: <groan>
i-Ron: terrible eh Pamela?
rich-c: my sister-in-law (belle-soeur), Daniel
Pamela: worthy of Russell, Ron
Pamela: Why is Daniel not showing up, Dad?
i-Ron: aha.... he does that eh?
rich-c: he's on private to me
Pamela: ah, okay
Pamela: who Russell? Yes - it's how he wooed me
Daniel Bienvenu: I asked quesiton about your familly, Pam!
rich-c: guess I should make my returns private, if I knew how
i-Ron: you poor kid
Pamela: oh, it was fun - we spent the first three hours of our first date punning
Pamela: click on Daniel, then on send private message Dad
i-Ron: Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that
Pamela: ask the rest of our friends - they were there
Pamela: they stopped trying to keep up with us after the first hour
BobS: oh, a first date with friends????????? bummer
i-Ron: safer
rich-c: ah, ok, it's down at the bottom - I was looking at the menus
Pamela: well, my date for the night wasn't Russell
i-Ron: uh oh
Pamela: but there was a conspiracy and he ended up being my date
Daniel Bienvenu: BobS.... I'm not sure I have information about you.
BobS: what you need Daniel??????
Pamela: we weren't officially a couple yet - that didn't happen for about two months afterward
Daniel Bienvenu: Your full name
i-Ron: the joys of young love
BobS: Bob Slopsema
Pamela: it's been a wonderful ride Ron - all fifteen years
BobS: bullshitter of ADAM NEWS NETWORK and parts beyond
i-Ron: Bob (the Man) Slopsema
rich-c: short for big stubborn Dutchman, right, Bob? ;-)
BobS: ya mon
i-Ron: as in "You the Man!!"
BobS: si senor
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I see... Bob and Judy are maried ...
BobS: ya mon
BobS: sitting right here next ot each other tonight here
Judy: yes, for a long time!!!
i-Ron: awww
Pamela: Bob, how long have you two been married?
BobS: 34 yrs
rich-c: gotta keep him in line, you know - can't let him out of her sight
BobS: and a half
i-Ron: wow
Daniel Bienvenu: excuse me... your child(s) is Doug and ....?
Pamela: Mom and Dad are coming up on 48!
BobS: Doug and Meeka (wife)
BobS: gotta hit 50 and then they are taking ALL on a cruise for ADAMCON
i-Ron: And a finer 4 you'll never meet
Pamela: .I'm in
Pamela: but I thought Rich had dibs on that one
i-Ron: very difficult to lose father and son in a crowd I tell ya
i-Ron: just look up
BobS: good, then it is settled, all we need to do is talkl them into it
Pamela: too true, Ron
i-Ron: Kept with 'em at Disneyland in Orlando that way.... worked very well
rich-c: especially since with any luck we'll be off somewhere in the trailer
Daniel Bienvenu: i-Ron is Ron Mitchell from Vancouver?
Pamela: Well I can try Bob, but I've never been very good at getting $ out of them : )
BobS: SI
Judy: that was a fun time wasn't it, Ron?
i-Ron: Nope Daniel... Comox -- on Vancouver Island
Pamela: of course, that might have had something to do with my allowance . . .
BobS: yes Pam, but they will want to go and pay for their friends as a celebration of 50 years of marriage
Pamela: Disney World in Orlando Ron
BobS: had 2 days there eh roN?????
BobS: Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry if I bother you with my questions. when you talked about familly, I lost. So, I writed a little text file with "basic" information.
Pamela: we'll getcha somehow Dad
BobS: alligatorsd almost ate Ron though
BobS: that's fine Daniel
BobS: remember the alligators across the street form the hotel???????
Pamela: hmm, Ron as alligator bait. Hmmmmmmm.
Judy: no problem, we are a little confusing, Daniel
rich-c: and good for you for setting up your own database!
BobS: they were lickin their lips.....chops......teeth over the thought of Ron for dinner
Pamela: what, no comment Ron?
Judy: he is gone, Pam
BobS: he's GONE
Pamela: oh, when did he go?
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe a problem with is connection?
Judy: don't know , we just saw he was not here
rich-c: likely looked at his watch and discovered he was late
Pamela: snuck out, he did
BobS: had that meeting to go to you know
Judy: should have said good bye
rich-c: he always does - must have hit teh wrong key or got dumped
rich-c: I've exited rather ungraciously a few times that way
Pamela: speaking of g'bye, I'm gonna go say goodnight to Russell - BRB
BobS: probably was using the infernal Imac
rich-c: yes, I think he did say he was
Judy: say hi and bye for us, Pam
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: aha, he's back
Ron: send a boy to do a man's job
BobS: he is BACK
rich-c: we were just acting hurt 'cause you didnt say bye!
BobS: hit the wrong key eh?????
Ron: I mac goes off into la-la land... think it needs a purge
BobS: told ya's it was the Imac
Ron: yup
Ron: the one, the only
rich-c: yeah, I've found a good dose of defrag does wonders for most computers
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe someone can help me with that one: "Doug and Meeka are maried, no child? : Ryan?"
Ron: exactly, and it has been a while
rich-c: Judy, that's for you to explain
Ron: Anyway people, hate to cut and run..... but
rich-c: I scan and defrag every Friday - well, every Friday I remember :-(
BobS: be good Ron say HI for us to the group
Judy: Ryan is grandson, son of Mandy our youngest child
Pamela: didn't think you'd leave without saying goodnite Ron, so Goodnite!
X LIBERAL: bye Ron
rich-c: 'nite Ron
Ron: yep..... thanks.... see ya's next week
Ron: niters PAM... XLIB
Ron: all
Judy: nite Ron
Ron left chat session
Pamela: wonder where Rich and Guy are this evening
rich-c: darn - wanted to see if he'd be on Saturday
X LIBERAL: Rich had a meeting
rich-c: there's a football game on just at chat time
X LIBERAL: last minute thing
Daniel Bienvenu: and Judy takes care of Ryan.... that's what I have here.
rich-c: gather you havent checked your email, Pam
Pamela: about 8:40, why?
Pamela: did he email?
BobS: takes care of him 2 days a week
rich-c: Rich sent a note that he wouldn't be here
BobS: ws living here with us and Mandy (mom) for a long time, but they have their own apt now
Pamela: okay, living proof that i'm not on the new list - I didn't get the email
BobS: welll get on it!!!!!!!
Pamela: better get that fixed. How do I do that again?
rich-c: not sure off teh top of my head - Bob?
BobS: sec
rich-c: Pam, if worst comes to worst, send an email to Rich asking him to add you
rich-c: Dale has given him administratior privileges on the list
rich-c: Pam or Erin - what is Graham's street address?
rich-c: yes Pam
BobS: ok listen up !!!! goto and sign up
X LIBERAL: and Graeme
BobS: you do it your own self this time around
Pamela: thanks Bob
rich-c: that's the hard way, Bob, even if it's faster
Pamela: do you have the rest of G's address Dad?
rich-c: yes
Pamela: 'kay
BobS: you put in your email address, pick a password and sign up
rich-c: assuming the postal code is the same
X LIBERAL: it is
Pamela: yup
Pamela: Erin, is Graeme working Saturday?
X LIBERAL: i dunno
X LIBERAL: probably
Pamela: okay, I'll call the shop and ask Harry
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changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I'm lost...
Pamela: gonna send his and mini-G's card in the courier
X LIBERAL left chat session
Judy: hi, Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka!
Pamela: lost how, DAniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no "Harry" in my text file :p
Meeka: hello everyone
BobS: just family to Pam I think Daniel
Pamela: okay, follow this - Graeme is Erin's younger brother, and Graeme works for Speedy part time - Harry is his boss at the shop
Judy: I didn''t know who they were talking about either, Daniel
rich-c: Graeme works for teh same company as Pamela
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: she can send things in intra-company mail
Pamela: saves on postage : )
rich-c: the shop owner whre Graeme works is Harry
Pamela: manager Dad, manager
Pamela: all our stores are company-owned
rich-c: sorry 'bout that
Pamela: after ten years, you'd think I'd mentioned that
rich-c: you likely did, but most chains these days are franchises so one forgets
Pamela: we are NOT most chains!
Pamela: sorry, little company pride coming through there
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, if i don't remember who is Harry, it's not a big problem because his not part of your familly.
Pamela: exactly Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good
rich-c: did Rin bail or get bumped?
Pamela: bumped, I think
Meeka: I dont think this week will ever end :(
Pamela: it's almost Friday, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: why everyone say "Rin" and not "Erin"?
rich-c: been a bit of a tough one, has it, Meeka?
Pamela: It's a nickname, Daniel - from when she was very small
Meeka: ya, been workin full time since the 12th and I am sick of it
rich-c: just like everyone calls me "Rich" not Richard
Meeka: I dont seem to get anything done
Pamela: poor Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: Like ... Bob (Robert)
Meeka: yup
BobS: si Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: And you Pam (Pamela)
Pamela: oui, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Pamela: Pamela on paper, Pam if you're talking to me
BobS: I'm not sending you paper
rich-c: do you answer to Daniel or Dan?
Pamela: only if you're using my full name, Bob
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I don't like the way Pam Clee looks or sounds
Judy: thanks for not writing my full name, Daniel
BobS: Suzzane not back yet Meeka?????
BobS: or just too busy ????
Pamela: @Judy - and that is?
Meeka: nope, she is still gone
Daniel Bienvenu: Judy: I think I didn't know your fullname yet.
Judy: is here dad in town or out, Meeka?
Meeka: we arent sure yet when she will be back
BobS: Judith
Meeka: so for now, it is work work work
Meeka: souix city Iowa
Judy: that is okay don't go by it anyway
BobS: jsut, money, money !!!!!!!
Pamela: for some reason, every time my full name gets used at work, they use Pam instead of Pamela
Meeka: lol, ya I know, but I want my stress free days back
rich-c: yes, the good thing about overtime is that it adds up
Pamela: I'm still trying to get that changed
rich-c: that's also teh bad thing, of course
BobS: that.....need to retire Richard and Ron
rich-c: we keep telling you, Bob...
Pamela: problem is, it ain't overtime Dad
Meeka: nope, it isnt, but at least the checkbook likes it
Daniel Bienvenu: Can I ask a question about the Adam technical document?
Meeka: sure
Meeka: ask away
Meeka: I wont know the answer, but they proubly will
rich-c: go ahead
Meeka: pointing at dad and rich
Judy: yes, I won't answer
Pamela: don't ask me, I'm strictly clerical : )
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, in the "source code" listing, there is a comment about "User's manual". Somebody knows what is exactly this "user's manual"?
BobS: probably the SmartBASIC manual I would assume
rich-c: no - Dr. D. might be able to tell you, though
BobS: Dr Richard Drushel
rich-c: depending on context it could just refer to the instruction books that came with each Adam
rich-c: there was a SMARTBASIC perogramming instruction book came with it
Meeka: brb, I gotta do the laundry shuffle so doug has clothes to wear in the morning
Daniel Bienvenu: the comment I see here is in the sound routine for the OS7 bios.
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changed username to BobSined>
BobSined>: helo
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
BobSined> requested to ban BobSined>
Judy confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
BobS requested to ban BobS
Judy confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban Judy
Judy confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
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Meeka: what happened to everyone
changed username to JUDY
BobS requested to ban Judy
JUDY confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS: I think eneryone got dumped
Meeka: I see
BobS: thought it was jsut us
JUDY: don't know we got dumped
JUDY: I think everyone else did too
BobS: so you working 40 hours?
BobS: and no w=end in sight?
Meeka: yup,
Meeka: I want my short simple days back though
Meeka: I miss being able to run my errands when everyone else isnt
BobS: true.......
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hey you three
Pamela: we went over to Dr. D's site
BobS: but that is the way of the workng world
JUDY: hi, again, Pam
BobS: why?????
BobS: we's here
Pamela: it was up?
BobS: ya sure
BobS: but you was gone
Pamela: hang on, let's see if they'll come back
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: I am hangin
Daniel Bienvenu: Allo?
Meeka: hello
BobS: ya omn
BobS: mon
BobS: we is here
JUDY: hi, Daniel
Pamela: together again
BobS: we got throwed OUT
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Pamela: dad's coming
BobS: but got back on right awasy
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: tada!
JUDY: he's back
rich-c: hi - how come we got turfed and you didn't?
BobS: neighborhood was getting junked up so it got cleared out......... :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: someone knows what was the problem tonight?
Meeka: I never got thrown, you all just left and came back agian
BobS: we did but got right bacvk on
JUDY: we did
Pamela: I got disconnected and couldn't reconnect for a while
rich-c: I got a 404 when I tried to refresh
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BobS: hmmmm and you ar right in Toronto
changed username to Rin
Pamela: Erin, where'd you go?
rich-c: I see Rin has rejoined
BobS: RIN......behave your own self
JUDY: wel come back Erin
Rin: people needed the phone
Rin: sorry and thx
Pamela: that's what cell phones are for!
BobS: chat is use is second
Pamela: I took off to call Lindsay, and when I came back, I had been dumped
rich-c: btw, Daniel, did you ever solve your internet connection problems, find a better ISP?
Rin: i know but some people won't answer their line if they don't recognize the #
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I didn't find a better ISP. The best solution for me will be the high speed connection in a near futur.
rich-c: I have an ad here offering a VERY nice proce on DSL - outfit seems to be across Canada
Pamela: whose ad, Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: right now, I pay 21$ for one month illimited connection ... still use a 56K connection
rich-c: look at and see if they serve Ste. Foy - you're in the Quebec City local calling area, aren't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: unlimited download
rich-c: Pamela and I have unlimited upload/download plus 10 meg web space for $200/yr (16.66/mo)
Pamela: better price for DSL than Tamco Dad?
rich-c: but 3web is offering v.92 dialup for $10, extra privileges $15/mo, DSL $25/mo with long distance agreement
rich-c: I'll scan the flyer and send it to you if you like, Pam
Pamela: no, just hang on to it, I'll look at it the next time I'm over
Pamela: what is v.92?
rich-c: much better price, but how long will it last?
rich-c: it's the latest dialup modem protocol - lets you know about incoming voice calls
BobS: tha is the question rich
rich-c: believe you need a new modem to use it, still 56K but new protocol
Pamela: well that's out, I have no space for a new modem at the moment : )
rich-c: 3web says you don't even have to sign a contract to get their prices - but without a contract, how do you keep them?
Meeka: ok, I am outta here, time to put my tired bones to bed
Pamela: okay Meeka - g'nite
Daniel Bienvenu: I can do v.92 ... with a winmodem because I just need to update the "firmware" by dowloading an install file.
BobS: nite
Meeka: nightynight
Rin: nite Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
JUDY: nite Meeka
Pamela: don't work too hard
Pamela: what the heck did I just do? the room designations just disappeared
rich-c: really? I insisted on a hardware modem, but obviously the "tied" ones have something going for them
rich-c: I don't know - they still show on my panel
BobS: Pam, click on the box above ther right hand side of the typing bar users in ALL rooms
BobS: and they will reappear
Pamela: no, I hit a combo of keys and they disappeared
Pamela: okay, I did that - thanks Bob
BobS: should be a check mark in the box
Pamela: how did I uncheck it though?
BobS: like WHO CARES, wew are all n here anyway
rich-c: hey, that's two new tricks we've learned tonight
BobS: Only Bill Gates knows for sure
rich-c: if your mouse is as sensitive as mine, it's ral easy, Pam
Pamela: great - I just wish I knew what I did
Pamela: didn't have a finger on the mouse though - I started to use an exclamation mark and hit a key other than shift, I think
rich-c: well, control plus another key is often used as a keyboardd command
Pamela: nope, wasn;'t control either - I just tried that
rich-c: or maybe you hit the Alt key
Pamela: another great mystery
BobS: well don't blow anything up trying to recreate the situation
BobS: contrl alt del........BAM
Pamela: Alt plus the 1 key gets you into the file drop down menu
BobS: not here Pam......nothing happens
rich-c: first around, control-alt-delete should get you Task Manager
JUDY: you have to be careful hitting the keys sometimes gets you in trouble
rich-c: yes, the strangest things can happen
BobS: and "be careful what you ask for; you might just get it !!!! "
Pamela: yes, it's caused the blue screen of death a couple of times
Pamela: only at work though
rich-c: however, I've had my BSOD for today so maybe I can avoid another
Pamela: the IT department loves me
BobS: bsod???????
Pamela: blue screen of death Bob
BobS: ah
JUDY: and what did you do, Rich to cause that?
rich-c: anyway, the BSOD may not have any relevance to anything that you did
rich-c: I didn't do anything, Bob, it's a gremlin that keeps wandering around my machine
BobS: that's called a 'gates error'
Pamela: the BSOD seems to be irrelevant most of the time
Pamela: is that the same gremlin in your satellite receiver Dad?
rich-c: no, the satellite receiver is something else - the serviceman comes tomorrow afternoon
rich-c: God knows what I'll tell him - the thing has been working perfectly since Sunday
Pamela: ah, different gremlin then
BobS: maybe you are giving off electrical signals Rich
Pamela: that's my dad, the human power plant
BobS: that is the trouble with electronics........never broken when the repair man comes
rich-c: yes, the satellite gremilin is one of the hairy ones with purple eyes
BobS: that sounds UGLY'
Pamela: ick, Daddy
rich-c: not as bad as teh green guy with the extra arms in the computer
BobS: man, you GOT know a guy named George?????? he has those kinds of problems too
rich-c: he runs his little cycle - mysterious disconnect, BSOD, change modem setting, change Zone Alarm setting...
Pamela: didn't we have this conversation last week?
BobS: don't recall.........that was 7 long days ago
BobS: do you know how many seconds that is???????
rich-c: neither Norton nor the anti-virus can find where he is hiding
rich-c: and the registry recorder doesnt pick up the changes
BobS: whack the HD and start over.......
Pamela: hmm, 7 times 24 times 60 times 60 - lots?
rich-c: 604800
Pamela: like I said - lots
rich-c: I have a neat little utility program on my task bar - ME Tool Kit
rich-c: it has all sorts of handy things including a calculator
BobS: THAT is th culprit !!!!!
rich-c: no - actually I suspect Naviscope may be the villain
BobS: what is that?
BobS: line in Netscape???
BobS: like
rich-c: it's an internet utility that does a lot of useful things when you are online
rich-c: it syncs you with the atomic clock, blocks popups, maintains connections (well, mostly :-( ) and lots of neat stuff
BobS: sounds complicated
JUDY: good night everyone, have to rest up to keep up with Ryan tomorrow
BobS: we just cruise on in and if we hae problems, cruise on out......maybe kill the hd and reformat
rich-c: night, Judy
Pamela: Gnite Judy
Rin: nite Judy
BobS: SO, that is also my que I guess
JUDY left chat session
BobS: got to get the poor unhealthy woman up to bed
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: yes, time marches on, Bob - nite to you
BobS: sec
Pamela: g'nite Bob
BobS: mite be Dr D
BobS: or not
Rin: nite Bob
rich-c: or could be Guy
BobS: yah
rich-c: or maybe George?
BobS: ??????
BobS: or Bair
Pamela: I doubt George this late
rich-c: Guy is the one who seems to have the most trouble getting in
Daniel Bienvenu: who is he (or she)?
rich-c: Guy is Guy Bona, in Chicago
Pamela: well whoever it is, they're shy
rich-c: Bob Bair lives in Indiana, recently lost his son in a tragic auto crash
BobS: maybe a lost Judy as she logged off
changed username to <cpu30>
rich-c: yes that could also be
BobS: welcome cpu30
BobS: whoever you are
Daniel Bienvenu: cpu30?
rich-c: now it's cpu30 - who dat?
Pamela: cpu 30? Hello
BobS: don't know
<cpu30>: Hi, pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like a game?
BobS: Dr D in disguise?????
Daniel Bienvenu: guessing who you are?
BobS: tisn't Rin.........
BobS: Marie??????
rich-c: likely Dr. D.
Rin: nope i'm just me
Daniel Bienvenu: give us some clues
rich-c: no, Marie wouldnt use a pseud like that
<cpu30>: Pamela, do you wanna talk?
BobS: how's come you are here twice????
Daniel Bienvenu: that's sounds like Dr.D. isn't it?
BobS: ok gott to go...see you nex week
rich-c: see you Bob
Pamela: who is this?
BobS left chat session
<cpu30>: ?? what do you mean, pamela?
Pamela: Rich, is that you?
<cpu30>: WHO's Rich?
<cpu30>: Yah, im rich...
rich-c: think it's Dr.D. putting us on, Pam
<cpu30>: Hows it goin pam!!
Pamela: Good but I'm mystified
Rin: hmmm
Daniel Bienvenu: I feel like talking to a man with a big black bar on his face.
rich-c: I don't think it's any of your crew, Rin
<cpu30>: wait, if im rich than whos that guy named rich-c?!?!?!?!?!?!
Rin: not in this house and Marie's not on MSN
Pamela: another Rich - we have two
Rin: and i don't think she knows how to use those types of brackets
Pamela: rotfl, Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: well, that's sounds not like rich finaly.
(Rin laughs heartily)
<cpu30>: well, ive had a crush on you for a while, and ive been thinking pamela...
rich-c: given Marie's computer knowledge, Rin may be right
Pamela: go on . . .
Rin: does Russell have access?
Pamela: yes, but he's not at work yet, not for another hour
<cpu30>: well ive been thinking, pamela, will you take me out on a date?
Daniel Bienvenu: hey! am I the only one lost here now?
Pamela: absolutely - where do you want to go?
Rin: nope Daniel, not at all
rich-c: no, Daniel, we're all working on it
<cpu30>: I dont know, YOU pick pamela!
Pamela: nope, you asked, you pick
rich-c: suggest an Indians or Browns game, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: <cpu30>: Excuse me, can you identify yourself?
<cpu30>: well than, ill pick
rich-c: or maybe the R&R Hall
<cpu30>: umm lemme see...
Pamela: how about the Space needle?
<cpu30>: The space needle?
<cpu30>: well,,
Pamela: yup
<cpu30>: Are you sure?
Pamela: well, I'd have to travel but yeah
<cpu30>: well ok b ut what time?
Pamela: hang on, let me check . . .
rich-c: Daniel, before I go - I did get out the Coleco SmartBASIC Programming Manual
rich-c: at first glance there doesnt seem to be anything about using the sound chip in it
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich! If you talked about the "silver" book, I have one.
<cpu30>: me or rich-c
rich-c: yes, that's the one I mean, Daniel
Pamela: okay, how about AC19?
Daniel Bienvenu: <cpu30>: I'm talking to Rich-C because I still don't know who you are.
<cpu30>: nah, i want later!
Pamela: well, which one?
Daniel Bienvenu: mais qui c'est ce mec?
<cpu30>: Space needle
Pamela: AC20?
rich-c: it's odd, Daniel, there doesn't seem to be anything in BASIC even though Logo has its "toot" command
<cpu30>: Just a sec, ill be back soon, lets continue this in a littlw while, ok?
Pamela: Okay
rich-c: and I'm sure I've seen something about sound routines in BASIC somewhere
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich-c: I have no choice then... I will write to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: about the "user's manual" reference in the source code
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
Daniel Bienvenu: well... I still don't know what is going on here
<undefined> left chat session
Rin: je ne sais pas
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I'm still guessing too, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: who is trying to be online with us?
changed username to bair
Pamela: Hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Bair? Bob Bair?
bair: hi
Daniel Bienvenu: hi!
Rin: hi
bair: is bobs around
rich-c: greetings to the Great Bair
Pamela: no, he left about 11, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Bobs was online earlier tonight
rich-c: no, the Slopsemas feel 11 p.m. is their bedtime, Bob
bair: does any one know if he got the check ok
rich-c: he didnt say but then he wouldnt anyway - I'd say assume yes unless you hear otherwise
bair: I just got home from my meeting
rich-c: what was going on, Bob?
bair: we have a drill in two weeks for a shooting in a factory
Pamela: I'm sure you didn't mean that the way it sounded, Bob
rich-c: yes, your groups have to deal with any sort of emergency, don't they?
bair: yes EMA is now under the home land secrutiy i can't spell
rich-c: thopugh now you should be looking at a Quebec-style ice storm - now that is an EMERGENCY
rich-c: you and 22 other agencies, no doubt "Benefitting" from the new layer of mismanagement
bair: does canada have ema
rich-c: yes, though teh way it's organized I suspect is quite different
Daniel Bienvenu: The guessing game tonight is tough... snif.
rich-c: fundamentally I believe it's a liason unit between firefighters, police, armed services if required, ambulance services, lots more
bair: yes
rich-c: Pam, would you know anything about EMO? would Russell have talked about it?
bair: I am deputy director for Noble county
Pamela: No Dad, not a thing
rich-c: I doubt they would have much to do with private security, but one never knows
rich-c: that must keep you hopping, Bob
bair: it is different
bair: yes I hve close to 5 meetings each month
rich-c: yes, all that training, must have it but hope you never have to use it
bair: you are right there
rich-c: anyway, has anyone looked at the time lately?
rich-c: well into time when I have to pack it in
Pamela: I've been trying to avoid the clock
Pamela: besides, I'm waiting for my secret admirer to return
bair: rich did you check for those paddles
rich-c: me too but now it's caught up with me
rich-c: so bon soir, Daniel; nite, Bob, nite, Rich, nite am and Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich!
Pamela: Nite Daddy, sleep tight
bair: good night
Pamela: Dad, w'ere at the trailer this weekend
rich-c: OK, see those who turn up Saturday
rich-c: noted, Pam
Pamela: ok
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I stoped the guessing game... and I will go sleep in my bed now. Bye!
bair: good night
Pamela: good nite Daniel - if I get any clues, will let you know
Daniel Bienvenu: it's your secret admirer... and you still don't know who he is... sounds strange for me.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Rin: i know i pressed the wrong button
Pamela: well, I'm up for a little romance Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Rin: good night
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: Well Bob - are you going to bed too?
bair: I will go soon
Pamela: yes, it's getting to be that time. I'm going to wait for my secret admirer for a little while yet.
bair: I can't type or spell
Pamela: so what, neither can Bob S and we understand him just fine : )
<cpu30>: im back pamela!!!
Pamela: welcome back, s.a.
Pamela: where did you go?
bair: didn't have to wait to long
<cpu30>: had to answer a phone call...
Pamela: oh, but the waiting is fun : )
<cpu30>: :)
Pamela: so who called at this time of night?
bair: may be it is time for a date
<cpu30>: Ah, just a friend i haven't talked to in a while,...
Pamela: what time is it, anyway?
bair: 10:40
Pamela: Bob ,you're in IN right?
bair: thats USA time
Pamela: Must be a good friend to be calling this late
Pamela: hello?
<cpu30>: Oh, he is he was a guy i met in grade 1 THAT LONG AGO! he kept in touch, and he just got in town so, pamela we were talking about where we wanted to go on our date, right?
Pamela: right. Unless you'd like to change the venue
<cpu30>: nah,
Pamela: so, how do I get there?
<cpu30>: Well, i was gonna ask the same question to YOU! :)
Pamela: any suggestions?
Pamela: btw, you're not afraid of heights, are you?
Rin left chat session
bair: well I think it is time for bed
<cpu30>: actually, i sorta am, butt, not if thats a problem
Pamela: okay Bob - nice to talk to you
bair left chat session
Pamela: well, are you going to do a reveal now that we're alone?
<cpu30>: Well, ummm...
Pamela: well that was definitive!
<cpu30>: haha! Uh, what do you mean by "reveal"?
Pamela: reveal your identity
<cpu30>: Well, my name you mean?
Pamela: that would be nice
<cpu30>: Ok! my name is Ryan !
Pamela: is that first or middle?
<cpu30>: First.
Pamela: what's your middle name?
<cpu30>: Robert
Pamela: very nice
Pamela: so, where are you?
<cpu30>: Country city prov/state?
<cpu30>: you mean?
Pamela: yes
<cpu30>: Canada, Vancouver, B.C.
<cpu30>: you?
Pamela: Toronto
<cpu30>: REALLY?!?!
Pamela: yes, why?
<cpu30>: I visit there during my summer buissness trips!
<cpu30>: I even have family i stay with there!
Pamela: where's your family?
<cpu30>: Newmarket , Ontario, Toronto,
<cpu30>: 289 carlile street
<cpu30>: but, they are moving there to another place now so,
Pamela: another place in Newmarket?
<cpu30>: Thhey are moving to 346 Young street
<cpu30>: in newmarket.
<cpu30>: So, whats YOUR name? i think itd be Pamela, but , just checking
Pamela: it is
<cpu30>: oh.
Pamela: sure you have the right person?
<cpu30>: ??
Pamela: well it's about the crush thing . . .
<cpu30>: DEFINATELY!
Pamela: so how did you come to have this crush?
<cpu30>: just thought you were charming the way you talked
Pamela: and when have you heard / seen me talking before?
<cpu30>: gotta go, im a 11 year old invan and tricked you HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
<cpu30>: BYE SUCKER!
Pamela: not so much, my friend - I'm 38
Pamela: nice to meet you Ryan
<cpu30>: you too bye!
Pamela: do you really have to leave?
<cpu30>: yes bye!
Pamela: come back again soon
<cpu30> left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> left chat session
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2003-09-24
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