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james: good morning
rich-c: good morning to you, james
rich-c: we missed you lasst week
james: was busy with family. i think i've missed a couple weeks actually. so how are things with you?
rich-c: oh, hanging in there, waiting to hear from the surgeon about the hip
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rich-c: did you know we have an election in Ontario tomorrow?
james: have you got an operation scheduled?
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rich-c: hi Rin
You-Know-Who: Hello.
rich-c: no, waiting for the date now
james: yes, i've heard. as long as it's not the ndp that wins things should be ok
rich-c: actually, we would be best off if the NDP did win this round
rich-c: we need someone more determined about repairing the damage of the last eight years
You-Know-Who: Actually, it's Dr.D., Richard :-)
rich-c: the big question now is how many cabinet ministers will lose their ridings
You-Know-Who: Who is going to win tomorrow?
You-Know-Who: Any early polling data?
james: well the ndp would put my parents out of business
rich-c: the Liberals in a landslide - the Conservatives will get wiped
You-Know-Who: Conservatives=Tories?
rich-c: the NDP may come in with a surprising total
You-Know-Who: I haven't heard that term except in British politics...or our Revolutionary War stuff.
james: and we saw what happened the last time they formed the majority
rich-c: yep, and Tories is more appropriate since teh neo-cons hijacked the once-respectable Conservative party
rich-c: why, what business are your parents in, james?
james: insurance
james: specifically auto and life
rich-c: oh, you're thinking about the auto insurance bit - there will still be room for insurance brokers
You-Know-Who: How would NDP put them out of business?
You-Know-Who: Nationalizing it all?
rich-c: the NDP wouldn't even think of touching life and are talking only the mandatory part of auto
rich-c: they're talking about setting up government auto insurance to cover the mandatory coverage
james: anyway, i'm not too concerned with the ndp winning
rich-c: unless the polls are way wrong, the Liberals will have a majority but the NDP could become the Official Opposition
james: really? are the conservatives that far down?
rich-c: james, on their record they deserve to be totally wiped out - and a lot of voters realize it
rich-c: do not be surprised if the Premier himself goes down to defeat
james: oh, i don't disagree
james: test
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rich-c: I guess we both got bounced
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james: welcome back
You-Know-Who: Vershlugginer chat client died.
You-Know-Who: Now there are two of me, not sure which one is the zombie.
rich-c: anyway, james, did you know Harris still needs armed bodyguardds 24/7 over a year after he resigned?
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james: that popular, eh?
Not-Zombie: Okay, let's kill the old You-Know-Who...
Not-Zombie requested to ban You-Know-Who
james confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Not-Zombie: Thank you.
rich-c: yes, any other ex-premier gets cheered wherever he goes
james: lol
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james: and i think the country will breathe a collective sigh of relief in februrary when chretien is gone
You-Know-Who: Wait a minute, I wasn't threatening any ex-prime ministers!!!
james: there's one guy who wore out the welcome mat a long time ago
rich-c: but Eves suddenly took a total Harris campaign platform for the election - talk about buying trouble
james: did he by any chance ever sell used cars?
rich-c: it's not so much Chretien is bad as Martin is seen as extremely good
james: well personally i've had enough of chretien
You-Know-Who: Is Chretien from Quebec?
rich-c: well, no, but he spent some time on Bay St. - same thing
rich-c: yes, Chretien is from Shawinigan, P.Q.
You-Know-Who: Will voting him out alienate the Quebecois, is what I was getting at...
rich-c: no, the Quebecois hate Chretien and love Martin
james: i don't think so, since he doesn't really speak french
james: :P
You-Know-Who: His name sure looks French :-)
james: he doesn't speak english either for that matter
You-Know-Who: My Canadian politics are veryu bad.
You-Know-Who: Not that Our Shrub does, either...
james: where are you from, you-know-who ?
rich-c: Chretien is described as being unable to speak either official language ;-)
You-Know-Who: I am Dr.D. waiting to get gawking remarks from Pam and/or Rin if they show up.
rich-c: sorry, james, that's Dr.D
You-Know-Who: So I'm in scenic Cleveland, Ohio :-)
You-Know-Who: Where it looks like it's going to snow tonight...
rich-c: what do you think are Shrub's chances of getting a second term?
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