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BobS: hello der
BobS: and yo would be who?????
BobS: mr drushel????
BobS: or Rin????
BobS: or?????
Aaahnuld: Allo, Bob.
Aaahnuld: I aahm here celebrating.
BobS: or..........Maria's hubby????
BobS: ya right
Aaahnuld: ADAMs aaahre less complicated than California politics.
Aaahnuld: (It's Dr. D., Bob)
BobS: i
BobS: ok
Aaahnuld: Not sure where the rest of the gang are.
BobS: ya was wondering that too
Aaahnuld: The Canadian contingent may still be celebrating, too.
Aaahnuld: Since they bounced their old guard in Ontario.
BobS: why??????
BobS: how did their election go????
Aaahnuld: Rin's candidates won.
Aaahnuld: The Tories (sorta like our Republicans) got dumped.
BobS: ah........ah she is going to get a gov job eh???
Aaahnuld: Not sure what the official party names are.
Aaahnuld: She is hopeful.
Aaahnuld: Her beau (ex beau?) is working for the new head of Ontario.
Aaahnuld: Equivalent to our governors.
Aaahnuld: So I think she's hoping she can land a patronage job and move from Windsor to Toronto.
Aaahnuld: She's tired of being a charwoman.
BobS: gott do what ya gotta do
BobS: how's the family??????
BobS: were you here last week????
BobS: I missed as wee were at Judy's folks
Aaahnuld: I was until died.
BobS: opps
BobS: oops
Aaahnuld: Then we all migrated to
Aaahnuld: Me, Richard, James, Pam, Rin, Guy late for just a bit, Ron.
BobS: that's not baad
BobS: bad
BobS: have been looking into hotels in El Paso and pricing looks ggod
BobS: goo
BobS: good
Aaahnuld: Looking forward to it.
BobS: bout what we had in Mich with comfort inss, etc
Aaahnuld: If it can come in cheaper than Vancouver Island, that will be a plus :-)
BobS: trouble was, can't get much info yet, too early
BobS: yes but this will be REAL money !!!! :-)
Aaahnuld: If I could spend the same as Vancouver Island except for 2 people, I might consider bringing one of the girls, or even Joan.
Aaahnuld: It cost me a little more than $800 real money for airfare plus delegate cost.
BobS: price will have to be the same as past years, but flights may be a lot cheaper
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Aaahnuld: Airfare was $515 round-trip.
changed username to Princess
BobS: we went out for $300 but then had to rent a car and get to the island
BobS: as princess
BobS: ah
BobS: farn dingers
Princess: hi peeps
BobS: got to be the one and only Erin
Princess: hehehe
Princess: 'tis me
BobS: yes????
BobS: so, you are all happy as ya WON ??????
Princess: thrilled beyond belief
Aaahnuld: Don't believe whaaaaht they say about me in the papers, Princess.
Princess: hehehe
Aaahnuld: My fingers are only groping the keyboard tonight :-)
Princess: LOLOLOL
Princess: darn....i was looking for some interesting action
BobS: watcha you mouf !!!!
Aaahnuld: Your Uncle is trapped at can't seem to login here.
BobS: sat what??????
Aaahnuld: Sorry, Princess, but Maria is watching...
Princess: oh.....i was wondering
Aaahnuld: I am logged in at both places.
Aaahnuld: Since nobody showed up here until about 10 minutes after I did.
Princess: i'll be a perfect angel
Aaahnuld: Richard says he's getting a Java runtime error and refuses to reboot.
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Aaahnuld: It took him 40 redials to connect to his ISP tonight.
changed username to james
james: good morning
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Princess: wow...that's odd
BobS: hiya James
changed username to Chickpea
Princess: hi james
Princess: hi chickpea
james: how is everyone?
Chickpea: hello everyone
Aaahnuld: California will soon be annexing Japan under my leadership, James.
Chickpea: hello princess
Aaahnuld: Allo Chickpea, greetings from Sacramento.
james: that's a good thing
Princess: hehe
BobS: chicken????????
Chickpea: wazzzz up?
james: california may be a circus but at least it isn't completely corrupt
Princess: will Pamela be online tonight
Princess: ?
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james: i'm buying a new car
Aaahnuld: I aaahm very corrupt, I assure you.
changed username to rich-c
Aaahnuld: And there is Der Cleemeister.
rich-c: what can I say? it's a computer
BobS: a japanese import??????
Princess: hi Uncle Richard
james: well where i am, they're not imports :P
rich-c: greetings all - finally managed to get on
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changed username to Perry
rich-c: anyway hi Rin, Bob, james and - is that Marie?
james: hi rich
Chickpea: yes it is
Chickpea: hi uncle richard
rich-c: and we now have Perry - that's a new name - how about that?
Perry: hi, is this the Coleco ADAM forum?
Aaahnuld: Nicer name than GarbanzoBean :-)
rich-c: whoever you are, Perry, welcome
Perry: thanks :)
Princess: LOLOLOL
Aaahnuld: Yes, Perry, we regulars are just playing around.
rich-c: you have come to the right place, Perry
rich-c: be warned, most of us are oldtimers so there is personal chitchat - but Adam questions take priority
Perry: there seems to be a lot of broken ADAM links on the web, hard to find info on the ADAM
Aaahnuld: Some longtime pages are no longer active.
james: you've come to the right place for info
rich-c: sorry to hear so many have been retired - I haven't checked mine of late
Aaahnuld: I think that there are many references to Norm Sippel's old site.
Perry: is Dale Wick here?
james: mine's up :P my whole website is in sad need of an update. it's ancient by web standards now
Aaahnuld: If you're lucky, he'll drop by :-)
rich-c: not yet; Dale runs this site, though, and may appear later
Perry: cool :)
Aaahnuld: But if you have serious tech questions, I can try to answer them.
Aaahnuld: (I'm really Dr. Rich Drushel under this silly name tonight)
rich-c: gather you're Adam people, Perry - care to tell us more (we do reciprocate)
Perry: tech question: can one modify a high quality regular cassette for use in ADAM?
james: yup
james: i have a hello kitty adam cassette if you'd like it :P
Chickpea: princess
BobS: absolutely
Princess: yes chickpea
rich-c: that's a matter for debate - some say yes but they are more prone to data loss
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BobS: you got a tape dupicator?????
Aaahnuld: Yes, just gotta drill the right holes in the case.
Chickpea: i just thought
changed username to Judy
Aaahnuld: Audio cassettes lack holes where ADAM tape shells need them.
rich-c: hi Judy
Chickpea: Princess and the Chickpea
Perry: I'm primarily Tandy CoCo and Apple II, but my ColecoVision hobby got me into the ADAM :)
BobS: naw have a GREAT uck doing it BUT only use Sony 60 minute tapes
james: and a standard dual tape deck recorder will do the trick
Chickpea: like the book
(Princess laughs heartily)
Judy: hi, Rich
Princess: hi Judy
Aaahnuld: And to make a dupe in an audio tape deck, you need to drill some holes in an ADAM tape shell so it will fit the ones in an audio tape shell.
Judy: hi, Erin
james: yeah, was about to mention that. the governator here beat me to it :P
BobS: well sounds like yo are into A lot of the older cmputers Perry
james: hey rich, did you hear that i'm going to have a second?
Aaahnuld: Or you can buy the fancy screw-together kind of audio tapes, take one apart, unscrew an ADAM tape, and put the ADAM tape guts into the audio tape shell for duplicating.
BobS: congrats James!!!!!!
james: i'm pretty sure that was my birthday present ;)
rich-c: yes, james, you told us last week - those that were left - congratulations
Perry: bobs: yes :) and now I'm adding ADAM to my list :)
Aaahnuld: But there is no escaping drilling some holes to get the tapes to fit into the drives.
rich-c: p.s. Frances was delighted to hear, too
james: we're hoping for the non-boy type.. what are those called again..?
Perry: do most ADAM people have disk drives?
Judy: congratulation James
james: they're good to have if you can get one, perry
Aaahnuld: Most of the ones we hang around with, yes.
james: thanks judy
rich-c: the survivors do, Perry - we are not that numerous, but stubborn
Aaahnuld: Most people who just have an old ADAM in the attic don't, though.
Perry: what model number was the drive that Coleco sold?
BobS: ys sure disk drives speed things up greatly
james: whoa.. that smells unpleasant. brb.
rich-c: no model number, Coleco themselves only ever offered teh one
BobS: hmmmm....don't know offhand, but it is the ony one with the Coleco logo on it and is a 160k 5 1/4"
Aaahnuld: Single-sided drive.
rich-c: the third party disc drives were from MicroInnovations and classed by capacity
Aaahnuld: 8 sectors per track, 40 tracks.
Perry: i got the complete ADAM (exp. module #3), but no manuals (did get the boxes though)
Aaahnuld: You can format one in MS-DOS with FORMAT /1/8
BobS: manuals don't mean much.......
rich-c: don't worry, all that stuff is available at a reasonable price
Perry: eBay?
Chickpea: princess does the cat have ur tongue?
rich-c: both Bob S and I do a certain amount of Adam sales
Aaahnuld: Assuming you have a true-blue DOS machine with true-blue 5.25" 360K floppy drives.
Princess: i'm tired
Chickpea: did u get too nape?
Princess: uncle richard will pam be online tonight
BobS: even the 1.2 mg drives work, you just have to make sure it ralizes the disk if the low density
Aaahnuld: Yes, do tell: I can only stay until 10:00 PM EDT.
Perry: no PC here....I'm primarily a Mac person nowadays (regarding modern computers)
rich-c: I don't know, Erin; she often waits till West Wing is over
Princess: i tried to nap but it didn't really work
Princess: ohhh....right
Aaahnuld: Then you'll need to get a real ADAM floppy drive.
Aaahnuld: Rin, are you ill?
Chickpea: i didn't i got exzcited
BobS: Richard, what ya got to sell him ???????
Princess: nope.....just recovering
Aaahnuld: I'm a Mac person, too.
BobS: MACadam ???????
Aaahnuld: Dual G4 1.43 GHz machine at work.
Aaahnuld: Macintosh, as in Apple, Bob.
rich-c: oh, I have a couple of the Micro Innovations drives, one "now old stock" (never used" but they are pricey
BobS: IF you use the conversion program to use a mac as an ibm, can you format adam disks????????
Princess: the candidate I worked for had his assistant call me yesterday....he wanted me to email him my resume to send to all the new and current members throughout Queen's Park
BobS: those would be 320k 5 1/4" ????????
rich-c: oh Erin, you can tell your mother I have my surgery scheduled now
Perry: my ADAM came with the BASIC tape and LOGO tape, but no buck rogers :(
Princess: oh ok...when?
BobS: FOR WHEN SIR ????????
Aaahnuld: No Bob:
BobS: bummer dr d
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james: dr. arnold - if i wanted to convert my 5 1/4" mi drive to 3 1/2" how technically complicated would it be?
rich-c: gets done Nov. 3, Bob
Aaahnuld: The last Mac that could deal with 5.25" disks was the Apple IIe (and maybe IIgs).
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Aaahnuld: And those were totally incompatible format with anything from the IBM world.
George: hi everyone
Perry: aaahnuld: ironically, my Mac LC475 has an Apple //e emulation card inside of it and is hooked up
Princess: the week b4 the convention...ok
BobS: conversion is not too complicated james, but you need the magic ship
BobS: chip
Perry: to Apple 5.25 disks
james: magic ship?
james: ok, gotcha
rich-c: well, I'll likely still be in hospital when you two get here, but should be talking if not running
BobS: a programming chip inside....the disk drive
Aaahnuld: Kobayashi Maru.
james: because low density 5 1/4" disks are getting hard to come by
rich-c: and the hospital is well downtowvn - Yonge and Wellesley
Aaahnuld: Richard, do you have a surgery date set?
Princess: that's cool....i will let mom know
james: and recently my drive has been making unhappy noises
rich-c: it's OK james, I have lots
Aaahnuld: Rin, do you have a good shot at a patronage job now?
james: whereas 3 1/2" disks i can get here without spending a fortune in tape
Aaahnuld: Don't want to see you sweeping up forever...
Perry: what are those three expansion slots inside the ADAM for
james: in shipping i mean
BobS: oh oh..........ADAM;S HOUSE will convert or sell you the stuff I think......or sell you used 160k or fix it
Princess: i hope so...did you read my previous message about the candiate's assistant calling?
Aaahnuld: Many different sorts of expansion cards, Perry.
Princess: candidate
rich-c: Nov. 3, Rich
Aaahnuld: Coleco original: leftmost was for ADAMlink modem, center for an auxiliary boot ROM (European ADAMs), left for 64K memory expander.
BobS: hard drive, paralle printer, memory expander..........
Aaahnuld: 3 Nov., my birthday...I will be thinking of you.
Perry: i have to admit, the ADAM keyboard is sure nice compared to most early '80s computer keyboards
rich-c: on mine, slot one is the hard disc interface, two is the dot matricx printer interface, and three is the memory expander
Aaahnuld: Aftermarket, many choices:
james: i prefer the adam keyboard to even some modern keyboards
rich-c: you could also add stuff on the bus connector out the side
Perry: do most of you have the stand alone ADAM or the CV expansion version?
james: stand-alone
BobS: like more serial ports, 80 column monitors
rich-c: we have the standalones, again they're easy to come by
BobS: got both here perry
rich-c: where do you live, Perry?
Perry: which is better, stand alone or expansion or neither?
Perry: rich c
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rich-c: the standalone is more convenient and will support a monitor
changed username to Pamela
Perry: i live in Winnipeg, manitoba, Canada
Aaahnuld: Left slot: 1200 bps modem.
Princess: hi Pamela
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: hi Princess
Pamela: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi everyone
james: adamites seem to have this canadian majority going on
Pamela: hey Chickpea, what are you doing here? Nice to see you
rich-c: OK Perry, I am Rich Clee in Toronto - if you see a reference to A.D.A.M. Services, that's me
Aaahnuld: Center slot: parallel printer card, bank-switch logic for large memory expanders, serial/parallel cards, hard drive interfaces.
Perry: do you ever feel like chucking the CV joystick/numberpad controllers against a brick wall? :)
rich-c: hello daughter, do you get your mother's email about the patterns?
Chickpea: hello pamela
Pamela: Hey Princess, where's the birthday prince?
Pamela: yes Dad
Aaahnuld: Right slot: large memory expanders (128K, 256K, 512K, 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB).
Princess: his brother took him out for a drink
james: lol, for sure, perry
Chickpea: awwwwwwww brotherly love
Aaahnuld: Try a Super-Action Controller...they are very nice.
Pamela: well when he gets back please give him a big birthday kiss for me
Perry: good to see i'm not the only one :)
rich-c: no, because I use the old Amiga joysticks (from before the computer days)
Princess: sure
Pamela: thank you
james: your best bet77
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Pamela: and Dad, happy anniversry
james: adcs adsxxxbb
changed username to Ron
Pamela: hallo Ron
Aaahnuld: Anniversary??
Ron: Yo
Perry: is there a USENET newsgroup for the ADAM?
james: secvbbc.m
Pamela: 48
james: hey ron! i owe you money
rich-c: yes, Rich, 48 years today
Aaahnuld: No, there never was a comp.sys.coleco-adam.
Princess: oh reminded me and everything.....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
Judy: hi, Ron
Aaahnuld: Congrats Richard and Francis!
james: congrats!
Ron: Did you get the parcel James?
rich-c: hi Ron, we have another Canadian here - Perry, from Winnipeg
Pamela: FrancEs
james: yes, it was waiting for me at my parents' place in ottawa
Aaahnuld: I can never remember.
Judy: happy anniversary, Rich
Ron: Hi Perry
Perry: how about a spam free mailing list?
Pamela: is for a man, es for a woman
Ron: Hi Judy
Aaahnuld: My Great-Grampa Drushel was a Francis.
Aaahnuld: But I think on my Grandma D's side is a female Francis.
Perry: hi Ron :)
Pamela: yes, my mothers father was Francis too, hence the name
Aaahnuld: Guess they were ignorant :-)
rich-c: yes, Perry, so far the Adam mailing list is spam free
BobS: look in the phone book Perry and see if you can find Gerry st Peter..........he ws into the adam
Ron: I'm on Vancouver Island
Pamela: btw, welcome Perry
rich-c: Rich-D can sign you up here and now if you like, I believe
BobS: think was in your town
Aaahnuld: Next to be annexed by California under my reign, after Japan.
BobS: ON AN ISLAND ?????????
james: lol
Perry: hi pamela :) is your last name Anderson? :)
Aaahnuld: Yes, Perry, I have "God" access to the mailing list.
james: well you can have japan if you like
Pamela: nope - I'm Rich C's daughter
Ron: yup - today a very rainy island
Aaahnuld: (whistles) but she's still hot!!!!
rich-c: no, Gerry St. Peter was in Calgary - that's two provinces away from Winnipeg, Bob
james: it can't be much better managed than california
Princess: LOL
Perry: :)
Pamela: thanks Dr. D
Chickpea: princess did u tel pam bout the new story book?
james: kneel and scrape before him
Aaahnuld: Perry, if you send me E-mail to, with the E-mail address you want to use, I will sign you up.
Ron: Anybody know of a way of turning oak leaves into $10. bills?
Princess: nope
james: @ron, yes
Pamela: sorry, Ron
james: but it'll cost you
Chickpea: pam i got a new book for you
Aaahnuld: Call them herbal Viagra?
Ron: um.....
Perry: how many of you ADAM'ers have two tape drives instead of one inside the machine?
james: $10 per leaf
Ron: :(
james: heh heh
Ron: thanks James
Chickpea: what do u think about the princess and the chickpea???
james: wait ron, there is
Pamela: what book is that Chickpea?
rich-c: I have two drives in most of my machines
james: it's called "e-bay"
Pamela: I think you'll get squashed!
BobS: James........ADA's House only has used coleco drives for $100 us so far as I can see
Chickpea: hey
Princess: and just WHAT are you trying to say Pamela?
Princess: :-)
Chickpea: i thought it was cute and that's the mane thing
Pamela: very cute, Rie
Aaahnuld: Red hair...mane...haha
Princess: hehehehe
Chickpea: not really if u think of it
james: ndrdrbgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggt
Chickpea: sure the princess part is
james: bdbdcbge64evfffffffffd54a
Pamela: hi Case
james: 33333333333333
james: sec
BobS: CASE get off the keybaord
rich-c: hello Case
james: h e push
Chickpea: but haveu really ever looked at a chiclpea????? there ugly like really ugly
james: es me away now if i try to type
Chickpea: i think rin is trying to say somehting
Pamela: she never lacks for a comment Rie
Princess: chickpea sounds cute
Pamela: that's my Rin for you
james: $100 is a little steep given my new financial obligations
Aaahnuld: Is Rin sensitive enough to feel a chickpea under 20 matresses...
Chickpea: sounds cute but there rally ugly little things
james: @bob, is it possible just to get the chimp? i could probably do the mod myself with decent documentation
Aaahnuld: And Swee'Pea is copyright King Features Syndicate :-)
Princess: @ Rich......I'm not even gonna touch that
rich-c: get Bob to sell you one of his rebuilt drives - he does not charge $100
Pamela: we don't have to look at it Rie
Aaahnuld: Well, that's the story of the real Princess and the Pea.
Pamela: she only thinks she's royalty
BobS: Fowler used to have the kit to change everything over, but i don't see it yet
Chickpea: lol
Chickpea: i knoe htat
Princess: :-(
Princess: hehehe
Pamela: we're trying not to disillusion her
Pamela: so shh, don't tell her
Perry: is it possible to use assembly language on the ADAM to create CV cartridge games?
rich-c: well I don't think he made it; he bought it out from someone long gone
Ron: Only one I know is the Owl and the Pusseycat - went to sea, in a beautiful pea green boat
Aaahnuld: The Walrus and the Carpenter...
Chickpea: ur mean
james: ah, perry, i or dan would be the people to talk to for that. :D
james: we've been doing game development in C
Ron: you need to talk to Daniel, Perry
Ron: and James.
rich-c: yes, Perry, in fact if Daniel Bienvenue comes on later you can ask him how he does it
Pamela: who me? (Pamela attempts to look innocent)
Ron: They know what they're doing
rich-c: he has a number for sale, I believe
james: i've got a tutorial that was used at the con that will get you started
Chickpea: yep
Aaahnuld: We got a kid's book with a PC version of the Princess and the Pea in it.
james: can you speak c?
Aaahnuld: It was fascinating and revolting at the same time.
Ron: stdio.hand all that
Pamela: btw, does anyone know the baseball score?
james: like a car crash - don't wanna stare but you can't look away
Perry: thanks :)
Ron: team that's ahead is the one with the most runs
Pamela: thank you for that bit of trivia Ron
Ron: ur wlcme
james: @ perry, if you get tired of the deadweight that's known as the smartwriter printer, there's a mod with details on my web page for using a standard pc power supply
Aaahnuld: It had the King and Queen secretly telling the reader that it didn't matter whether or not the girl could feel the pea, because the Prince (named Dudley!) had True Love for her.
Perry: where can I get a hold of Atari's Pac Man for CV (i know, never released)
rich-c: hey james, in your area, is BAR going to run Jacques V. or Takura Sato Sunday?
james: and i think bob has done it a number of times for quite a few people
Princess: awwwwww
james: @perry - i have it
james: BAR?
Aaahnuld: But the authors did condescend to let her feel it and have a backache in the morning.
Chickpea: beer
Perry: james....really?
Aaahnuld: The ROM image is around.
rich-c: the team Jacques drove for - the contract wasnt renewed
Aaahnuld: No physical cartridges for sale anywhere that I know of.
Perry: i bid on one on eBay two years ago but the price went shooting up sky high
james: yup
George: i'm not well. i have to leave
Aaahnuld: Nothing to stop you from burning your own ROMs and sticking them into an old Donkey Kong shell.
Ron: Perry were you ever part of a club in Winnipeg?
rich-c: pity, George. maybe you'll be better Saturday
Pamela: but George, you just got here
Aaahnuld: Feel better, George.
George: nite all
Ron: an ADAM club I mean?
james: bye george
Perry: ron, nope
Pamela: nite George
Ron: did you know Paul Elshoff?
George left chat session
Perry: aronold: heh, i have no way to burn 'em into ROMs (plus I'd probably use a Space Panic shell instead of DK
james: hey pam, have i got a picture for you - what's your e-mail addy again?
Ron: there was a highly active ADAM user group in Winnipeg right up to 1995
james: @perry, i could send you a bootable adam tape with the cartridge on it
Pamela: I'll send an email to you James.
Perry: i know no Paul
Pamela: brb
james: ok. it's
Ron: ok. just wondered
rich-c: oh Pam, did you have any problem getting on Tamco tonight?
Perry: james, how much (cost) ?
Chickpea: noooooooo pam don't goo
Aaahnuld: I think she is seeing Russell off to work?
Princess: prolly
Pamela: nope, just emailing James
Pamela: should be coming thru now James
Aaahnuld: Wrong guess :-(
rich-c: oops - didn't see her brb - you're likely right
Pamela: send it to work - better viewer
Pamela: Yes Dad, it took me almost half an hour to get on - lotsa busy signals
rich-c: I've sent a heads-up to John noting my displeasure - I'll tell him you ditto it
Chickpea: i think princess dies
BobS: ahso........your cheapo ISP is not so good today????
Perry: did anybody else here think that Space Panic sucked? :)
(BobS groans loudly)
(BobS winks)
Princess: just napping while sitting
Ron: I was only an average oponent
Princess: i don't have much to say
Chickpea: lol don't fall off the chair
rich-c: don't know why, Bob, but this week I've had trouble a couple of time - took almost 12 minutes to get on
BobS: yes ANY SpacePanic I have seen anywhere
Chickpea: i noticed
Pamela: it's usually fine Bob - however I do notice a marked trend to get busy signals after 9:00 on Wednesdays
Ron: not a stimulating oponent like son Jeff
BobS: now tha SUCKS
Pamela: Rin, WAKE UP
BobS: chew them OUT
BobS: hmmmmmm
Aaahnuld: Perry, you should now be subscribed to
BobS: too many ADAM people hitting the phones?????
Pamela: maybe Bob
Aaahnuld: You should get a confirmation E-mail to the address you told me to use.
Perry: no offense to the Space Panic programmer should he/she be in here right now
james: reply is on its way, pam
Pamela: James, did you get my email?
Pamela: okay
rich-c: actually, Bob, what's going on is that all his customers are converting to DSL
Ron: wasn't any of us Perry
james: oh yeah! i'm *finally* getting dsl
Chickpea: rin u should see jas
rich-c: and he can't afford to sustqain the big block of incoming dialup lines
Ron: progress James
Princess: why?
Perry: thanks aaahnuld
Pamela: what's he doing Rie?
james: yup. getting 12megabit connection on jan 23rd. i can hardly wait
Chickpea: b/c he has his exam tomorrow
Chickpea: he's soooooo nerviouse
Aaahnuld changed username to Dr.D.
Perry: :)
Ron: whoa......... tin can and super-string
james: ok pam, you should have that pic
Princess: oh right
Chickpea: at 5 pm at the U
james: i'm less than 1km from where the access point will be
Dr.D.: Tired of being that steroid-pumping action figure.
Ron: (ron falls asleep in the recliner upstairs)
Princess: cool...wish him luck for me
Pamela: you're prettier anyway Rich
Dr.D.: (blush)
Chickpea: ohh i will
james: lol
rich-c: unfortunately Ma Bell is still too greedy with her DSL pricing for my tastes
Perry: long live Coleco! ;)
Dr.D.: I'll bet you say that to all the guys!!!
Pamela: what exam Rie?
Princess: hehehe
Chickpea: he's ready for it but like he said he has not wreiten an exam since hte U
Dr.D.: Speaking of Coleco....
james: pam, did you get the pic?
Chickpea: for one if his licenses for work
Dr.D.: Today I found a website that deals in stock certificates (old).
Dr.D.: They had a genuine 1984 Coleco certificate, a real beauty...but I don't have $169.00 for it.
Dr.D.: Or at least can't justify it right now.
Dr.D.: It would be a great item to frame and hang around my radio shack, though.
rich-c: bet that's a great deal more than it ever sold for on the NYSE
Ron: (zzzzzz)
Dr.D.: Fancy engraving, color, everything.
james: @dr. d, where would this be? is there a pic?
(Princess gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: huh?
Ron: oh right
Dr.D.: I bookmarked the site at work, don't remember it offhand.
james: heh, the old man was snoozing
james: i suppose i could google it
Pamela: James, I got it - he's sooooo cute!
Dr.D.: Ahh, now I remember:
Dr.D.: A "scripophily" dealer.
Dr.D.: Search the site for COLECO
Princess: :-)
Chickpea: rin what is htat?
Princess: something i was told once
Princess: just for fun
Perry: i'll be back later, nice chatting :)
james: @pam, you like it? :D
Pamela: you're making that up Rin
rich-c: good having you, Perry - make it soon
Ron: keep in touch Perry
Pamela: Bye Perry - come back soon
Princess: i know
james: bye perry
Princess: :-)
Ron: we're not as crazy as we seem
moved to room Meeting Place
james: give me an e-mail if you want anything, i'll be happy to set you up
changed username to Meeka
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: OMG James he's so darling - and you can see the mischief in his eyes
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Pamela: i'll say it again - you two do good work
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Howz Meeka?
Chickpea: alrighty everyone i'm off
changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: if the next one is half as cute, you'll be swarmed everywhere
rich-c: nite Rie
Dr.D.: Bugger chat window that grabs focus...
james: oh yeah, he's quite the character
Pamela: you're leaving Rie?
Chickpea: pma i have to send that e-mail for my uncle mark this week i hope
Meeka: tired
Pamela: : (
Princess: nitey nite Marie
james: yeah, dr. d, that's an annoying "feature" isn't it?
Pamela: you know what to do babe
Chickpea: sleepy
Ron: there's a fix for that Meeka.....
Dr.D.: Sleep is good...
Pamela: tell Jase good luck for me
Chickpea: ohhh i will
Dr.D.: I'll have to go soon to get some, too.
Meeka: what dad?
Ron: place the body in a reclining position, and close eyes
Chickpea: so i'll send it too you this week
Chickpea: (hugs and kisses) back
Ron: comes from the "take my advice, I'm not using it dept"
Chickpea: byr uncle richard
rich-c: nite Rie\
Chickpea: nite
Chickpea: bye everyone
Pamela: nite sweetie
Chickpea: nite
Ron: nite Chickpea.... go straight home
Princess: bye
Chickpea: bye my beautiful plaid princess
BobS: working fulltime again eh????
Chickpea: lol
Dr.D.: Plaid?
Princess: LMAO
Chickpea: i don't have far to go
Pamela: plaid? PLAID?? you didn't say anything about plaid!
Ron: oh
Chickpea: long story from when we were kids
Chickpea: lmfao
Meeka: ya, Suzanne's dad died so she had to go back out there agina this week
Chickpea: did u hear that rin "kids"
Princess: by Chickus of the pea
Chickpea: were old now hun
Chickpea: bye bye
james: lol. i just gave case an arrowroot cookie and opened my mouth implying he should share it
Chickpea: nite all
james: he closed my mouth while shaking his head no
Ron: believe I should switch identities and become a cleric
BobS: well at lest she should be back next week
Ron: or a magic user
Dr.D.: Visualize Whorled Peas.
Meeka: yup!
Chickpea left chat session
Ron: this warrior stuff isn't me
Pamela: isn't that hummus?
rich-c: sounds like the kid catches on quick!
Dr.D.: A tonsure wouldn't become you, Ron.
james: he has no trouble sharing *my* food, mind you
Ron: will have to look that up
Pamela: sounds like a typical two, James
james: it's funny how he shakes his head no
Ron: good place to start james
Dr.D.: (shaved head, Ron)
james: lol
Dr.D.: (monk's pate)
Pamela: so how long is Suzanne gone for this time, Meeka?
Ron: the image conjures up much laughter and mirth
Meeka: till Saturday
Ron: rolly polly bald headed tonsure
james: he's not as bad as the government. i'd say he only takes 10% off whatever's on my plate
Pamela: and are you back to p/t on Monday?
Ron: with a great sense of humour and no money
Dr.D.: Friar Ron, First Church of the Island.
Meeka: yes!!
Pamela: yay
Ron: Peace, my son!
rich-c: that should be more comfortable
Dr.D.: Beati pauperes coleco
Ron: lets hear it for celibacy
Pamela: why?
Princess: hmmmm
Ron: it's less complicated
james: ron, fraid i wouldn't be cheering too loudly for that :P
Pamela: Father ADAM?
Princess: true
Dr.D.: Ron has enough Holy Relics in his catacombs...
Ron: don't expect now James.... but give yourself another 40 years
Dr.D.: A piece of the True ADAM.
Pamela: the ONE true ADAM?
Ron: :)
Ron: Good Lord!
Dr.D.: The Holy ADAM of Joseph of Arimathea.
Pamela: hmm, I think I'm beginning to see the light . . .
Dr.D.: He left it in Castle Aaaarrrrrrrghghghhhhh.....
Pamela: oh wait, that's the lamp reflecting off the corner I cleaned
Ron: I just told mother that nobody here is playing with a full deck
Pamela: truer words . . .
Ron: poor mother
Ron: she has the flu
Dr.D.: I like not having a full deck, less surface area to swab.
Ron: I'm chef cook and bottle washer
Dr.D.: Feel better Ron's Mother.
Pamela: chicken soup for Mom
Pamela: Merry Maid for Ron
Ron: Ron's Mother says "I'll drink to that"
Pamela: slainte!
Ron: so far I haven't poisoned anyone here
rich-c: Dr. D., are you seeing a huge increase in pings against your computers lately?
Dr.D.: Ron, you must post a photo of you in your French Maid outfit :-)
Dr.D.: Pings, no.
Dr.D.: But I don't have a real-time firewall.
Ron: you don't want to see that Dr. D. Nobody want's to see that
james: i'm not sure we'd want that
Ron: right James
rich-c: I started tonight with 565 earlier today and now have 804 - just since 9 p.m.
james: i think that qualifies as "cruel and unusual punishment", no?
Dr.D.: Scanners are abuzz.
Meeka: ok, I have to go let the dog out
Ron: Mind you, if Dr. D. can appear in various forms on the net
Pamela: je n'ai pas de comment
Meeka: talk to you all later
james: we scared meeka
Pamela: hi and bye Meeks
Ron: Be Well Meeka
Judy: bye Meeka
Dr.D.: All for good causes I assure you.
james: or maybe scarred would be more appropriate :D
rich-c: I assume it's computers infested with the new worm probing for computers to take over
Judy: talk to you soon
Ron: yes...... so I understand
Dr.D.: Just got the E-mail yesterday about participating in Ugly Professor Contest 2003.
Meeka left chat session
james: nice to feel loved, eh dr. d
Ron: oh oh...... another role to play
Dr.D.: I have to think of something even uglier than before.
james: go as ron! :P
Dr.D.: Hey, I'm effective at raising money for charities with it.
Pamela: speaking of which Rich, I couldn't get on to see your gong show pictures
james: sorry ron, he left me wide open ;)
Dr.D.: I'm thinking of a Locutus of Borg look.
rich-c: hey, if it works, go for it, Rich
Dr.D.: Lots of wires and gizmos wrapped all around.
Ron: exactly......
james: i'll stop being nasty now :D
Dr.D.: Couldn't?
Pamela: we'll send you Russell's portable traction kit - very effective for Borgification : )
Dr.D.: Was down?
Ron: resistance = futile
Pamela: dunno, I've tried a couple of times and couldn't even get the home page
Dr.D.: I did use it pretty heavy for some video work earlier in the week, that might have made it not respond to http requests.
Dr.D.: Hmmm.
Dr.D.: Trying it now...
Ron: that's a hoot
Ron: meanwhile....
Dr.D.: Loading okay for me right now.
Dr.D.: Give it a whirl (it is large, be warned).
Ron: I am still trying to get my head around the concept of Governor Schwarzenneger
Pamela: I'll try again tomorrow and see
Pamela: from work with my faster connection
Pamela: I rewrote it down to ensure it's right
rich-c: don't try, Ron - it isnt worth it
Ron: oh ok
Dr.D.: We did have some network outages on campus from 5:30-8:30 AM today.
james: that coleco stock certificate is nice
rich-c: and anyway it's their headache, not yours (be thankful)
james: don't think it was ever worth $169 in active trading though!
Dr.D.: Isn't it a beauty, James?
Ron: yeah I suppose so
Dr.D.: If it were $50, I would buy it right now.
Dr.D.: But not at $169.
james: yeah, $169 is kinda pricy
Pamela: and what would you do with it?
Princess: @ uncle Richard, mom wants to know which hospital
Dr.D.: Frame it.
james: even with the canadian dollar and yen at new highs
Dr.D.: Part of my ADAM collection.
Pamela: ah, a dust collector
Pamela: Joan will love you
Dr.D.: Display it next to my ADAM Gallery of Honour certificate.
rich-c: the Orthrotic and Arthritic division of Sunnybrook - it's downtown on Wellesley near Yonge
Ron: would be a good item for the next ADAM memory contest
Dr.D.: Hey, if she can spend bux on Davey Jones and Sir Paul, I can buy ADAM stuff :-)
Princess: thanks
Pamela: Wellesly and what Dad?
james: brb. someone bumped his head and is still being fussy
rich-c: south side east of Yonge, Pam
Pamela: aw, poor someone
Pamela: how east?
rich-c: half block from the subway station, other side
rich-c: getting over towards Church
Pamela: what did it used to be?
rich-c: I don't know - I never did travel that part of the city much
Pamela: hmm - will have to scope it out soon
Pamela: btw, what time is your appt on the 22nd, and is it there?
Ron: brb - Diet Coke time
rich-c: may have been a standalone hospital till Harris and his gang screwed things up
rich-c: it's 10 a.m. and the doctor's office is in Sunnybrook on Bayview
Pamela: shoot - I was hoping you could come down and meet me for lunch
(rich-c gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: oh well, another time
Dr.D.: Sleepy time for me...I need to sign off for tonight, boys and girls.
Dr.D.: When did Perry bow out? I missed him.
Princess: nite nite Rich
BobS: be good dr d
rich-c: well, you may be able to come over to the hospital at lunch or after work
Dr.D.: Nite Rin, let me know how things are going.
Pamela: get some rest Rich, you certainly don't get it often enough
Princess: i'm heading out too
Judy: nite, Dr D
Dr.D.: No midnight chats tonight, Pam :-)
rich-c: take it e3asy, Dr. D. - see you
Dr.D.: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-
Pamela: next time Rich
Pamela: g'nite
Dr.D.: <poof!>
rich-c: nite, Erin
Judy: night Erin
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: Rin, you're leavingtoo?
Princess: nite Uncle Richard
Princess: nite Judy
Princess: yeah, I'm sleepy
Pamela: nite sweetie
Pamela: okay
Princess: it's been eventful the past couple days
rich-c: yes, looks like everyone needs their shut-eye tonight
rich-c: I sympathize
Princess: nite ....'till next week
rich-c: the surgeon offered me an earlier appointment - Oct. 31
Princess: ciao for now
Pamela: will call soon
james: i'm afraid i have to bid you all adieu now
james: time for my other job
rich-c: but it would mean an 8 a.m. paperwork meeting, up at 6 a.m. - I declined
Princess left chat session
Pamela: nite James
rich-c: nite james
Judy: bye James
Pamela: hugs for Case
BobS: NOT on halloween !!!!!!!!!!ll
Pamela: thanks for the pic
BobS: nite james
rich-c: Halloween isnt a big deal here, Bob - our Jewish neighbours don't participate
Pamela: what time is the surgery Dad?
BobS: ok then you 'could'ave done it 'cept for he early time
rich-c: I have no idea but believe they prefer to do it in the morning - early
Ron: (guzzle)
Pamela: on the other hand, Halloween in my neighborhood is a big deal
rich-c: we will have a fwe groups of kids but not all of that many
Ron: So James, send me money whenever you're able.
Pamela: and are they keeping you overnight(s)?
Ron: $20 ought to do it
rich-c: I gather recovery time in hospital can range from four days to a couple of weeks
BobS: how many YEN Ronald? ?????
Ron: I do not know...... what's a yen.... buck and a quarter?
BobS: us or ca ??????
BobS: or yenlike.....or dabloons
Ron: could be either so far as I know
rich-c: soon it won't make any difference, Bob - our dollar is up already 18% this year
Ron: Did you ever run a balance sheet, Bob, for our little party out here?
Pamela: nice thing is Dad, you'll be nice and close to the office for visits
james: ok, i'll get the money to you as soon as i can
Ron: that will do just fine James
james: $1.20 canadian for 100 yen
james: $1 u.s. buys about 110 yen
james: and with that, *poof*
Ron: ah....and he oughta know
rich-c: well, might be tight at lunch time, but OK after work since the subway is nearby
Pamela: nite James
james: bye all
Ron: Nite James
Pamela: heck, I can walk there in less than ten minutes
BobS: yup used $100 out of the ANn money this year.....not bad!!!!! and do YOU need more ??????
james left chat session
Pamela: WTG Papa - good location
BobS: I was happy it got that close.......smaller numbers man greataer pricing
Ron: Nope. I'm ok. Sold the last T-shirt to James, so I'll get that from him, and we'll be square
rich-c: reckon when I can buy $3K US for $4K Cdn I'll replensih the US$ pot
BobS: been looking into priving in El Paso and it looks good for the smae pricing for nexct year
BobS: when it gets high Richar BUY and put it into your us $$$$ account
Pamela: coulda done that yesterday dad - the C$ closed at .7510
rich-c: that's the interbank rate, Pam - I mean when I can do it after paying retail
BobS: stupid thing I did Ron.......should have turned in the ca money at the hotel on the bill.....could not find ANY place to turn it over when we hit the border or in Seattle
rich-c: I likely need a nominal rate of .765 or so to get an effective .75
Ron: oh oh.
BobS: finally had to change banks here because the one we had ticked me off about conjverting the $$$$$
Ron: boy..... didn't realize it was such an issue
BobS: woudl have come out a little better probably by just paying the hotel in ca dollars
rich-c: should have sent it to one of us to convert, Bob - we'd be happy to do it
BobS: neither did we
Judy: didnn
BobS: I got agood rate, but prolly lost some in the transition
Ron: would imagine
BobS: best rate is on charge card rate
Ron: By the way...... re the meeting room
BobS: even after they stick ya with the 1 or 2 % conversion fee
BobS: ya
Judy: he didn't want to send the cash in the mail
rich-c: if the credit card rate looks good by comparison, you really got screwed by the bank
Ron: Seems like if you want to rent a meeting room in these parts, you have to pay extra if you want it 24 hrs per day
Pamela: in El Paso?
Ron: And Dale told me afterrwards, he had to do that for 12
Ron: Seems like nobody but us would want to tie up their room for a solid four days
BobS: PAM you gotta come to El Paso !!!!!!
Pamela: we're going to do our best Bob
Ron: Think I'm going to get myself a passport
BobS: like what are they going to do with the room AFTER hours???????
Ron: Oh..... they expected us to clear it
BobS: think that makes it any easier to go back and forth??????
Judy: start saving your pennies, you need to come this year
rich-c: may just want to have it clear for the cleaning staff
Ron: I didn't make it clear
BobS: we had np trouble, just a long wait to get to the customs guy
Pamela: we don't have any pennies, haven't you heard? : )
Pamela: that's why no trip this year
Pamela: it was either Kimberly's wedding or BC
Ron: I'll send you a bag of oak leaves Pamela
rich-c: just play Super 7 this week, Pam - it's 30 mil
BobS: and you chose the WRONG one Pam
Pamela: I'll tell K you said that Bob
Judy: that is why you have to start saving them now then you will have them next year
BobS: ok
Ron: think Kimberly would have a different take on that
rich-c: oooh, now you're in trouble, Robert!
Pamela: Ron if I thought that would help I'd take your whole tree
Ron: there's 2 trees
BobS: naw
Ron: both 75 feet high
Pamela: well, I gotta leave one for you
Ron: oh right
Pamela: but I appreciate your willingness to share the wealth : )
rich-c: yeah, sell them to the Californians - if they'll buy Ahh-nold they'll buy anything
Pamela: just tell them it's Canadian money
Ron: now there's a thought.... I could pitch them to Gov Schwarzzeqljwklfowe
rich-c: btw, Ron, did the news make it over the mountains that we got a new government?
Ron: or the Schreiber broad
Ron: Not nice, I know
rich-c: that's Shriver as in Kennedy, Ron
Pamela: Shriver - of the Kennedy Shrivers
Ron: right..... think I knew that, but can't spell
Ron: anyway.... no..... I lost track of the news from the east, forgive me
Ron: who won?
Pamela: note to self: get Ron keyboard that can spell
Ron: noted
rich-c: we got rid of the Tories, now we have the Grits
Pamela: the Liberals
Ron: McGinty
Pamela: At least one member of our extended family is happy
rich-c: took down 14 cabinet ministers, cut the Tories back almost 60%
Pamela: oh by the way Dad did I tell you Erin called the night of the election?
Ron: sounds like BC politics
rich-c: no, though I guess she was elated
Pamela: yes - shrieking in my ear
rich-c: yes, but here they needed it worse but got off easier
rich-c: still, the Liberals exactly doubled their number of seats
Pamela: she said "oh, and tell Uncle Richard I said Hi"
rich-c: well, she knows that I was hoping for a better showing from the NDP
Pamela: it was cute - she sounded so smug
Ron: I know Rin was pumped when she left the chat last week
rich-c: since she's already had a bit of a bruising, one would think she'd be more sceptical
Pamela: well, she worked hard for her candidate - she deserved to celebrate
Ron: yes indeed
Pamela: yes but that was personal Dad
rich-c: oh yes, no question about that - though how much hard work was needed was moot
BobS: the bummer has to be when ya work so hard and then your candidate LOSES
Pamela: she did a lot - canvassing, signs, lit drops, DRO
rich-c: everyone knew the Liberals wre going to win, the only question was by how much
rich-c: been there, done that - a lot - Bob
Pamela: Dad was a very political animal when he was younger Bob
BobS: is the fire situation out there on the mainland????????
BobS: ahh
Ron: pretty much under control now Bob, thanks. We've had a fair amount of rain over the past week
BobS: ron.............
BobS: ein......
rich-c: if the forecast in today's paper was right, they're now more worried about floods there
Ron: But now the insurance adjustors are trying to sort it all out
BobS: tha is GOOD, lost a lot of trees mon
Ron: and there are horror stories about how that is being handled
Ron: it's a mess in Kelowna
Ron: yes.... fer sure. The trees took a BIG hit
rich-c: yeah, what's with these people wanting their insurers to actually pay their losses, anyway?
Pamela: shocking I tell you
Ron: right
Ron: imagine that
BobS: but a LOT of them had non isnurance
BobS: no insurance
BobS: go to tgo kids........I want ya to be good and stay off the roads on the way home
Ron: yes, I would expect, and that could be a problem too. But I heard a horror tale about one insurer trying to get out of paying anything because it was an act of God
BobS: K ???????
BobS: shees
Ron: Now the Insurance Industry has bought TV time to tell us how good they are
Judy: it is that time again, so night all, and happy thanksgiving to you all
Ron: and how hard they are working
BobS: ya right
Pamela: check your policy Bob - alot of policies don't cover acts of God
Pamela: Thanks Judy
Ron: that's right
BobS: hope it covers us !!!!
rich-c: thanks, Judy and Bob - you two take care, see you next week
Pamela: check it
Ron: be well all
BobS: bye now.........
BobS: ]
Ron: sleep soundly
Pamela: nite you two
Judy left chat session
BobS left chat session
Ron: so I am away too
Pamela: yes, i suppose they have the right idea
rich-c: OK Ron, catch you Sat or next week, thenite for now
Pamela: and if i'm lucky I'll get a decent nights' sleep
Ron: yup..... later all
Pamela: nite Ron
rich-c: well, let's all pull the plug together, then
rich-c: 5
Pamela: okay Dad I'm for bed
rich-c: 4
Ron left chat session
Pamela: nitey nite Dad
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: 3
rich-c: 2
rich-c: 1
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: poof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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