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rich-c: confirm
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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Daniel B: bonjour!
rich-c: comment ca va?
Daniel B: ca va! et toi?
rich-c: un peu meilleur, aujord'hui
rich-c: le medicine m.a donne le jour por (chirurgy?)
Daniel B: your hip surgery
rich-c: you have it - Nov. 3
Daniel B: yes, i received this info by e-mail
rich-c: three or four weeks I won't wasnt to remember then pain free and active within six months
rich-c: ah, didn't recall - life has been busy here
Daniel B: six months? you will suffer during all winter time?
rich-c: no, full healing will take six months, but the nasty part is only about 3 weeks
rich-c: just that I shouldn't enter any marathons before next June ;-)
Daniel B: ok, after nov 3, you will recover to be in a really good shape for the next adamcon meeting
rich-c: my back-fence neighbour actually was driving his car after three weeks - but admitted the doctor would kill him if he knew!
rich-c: if things go serious well I will harbour some hopes of driving there
rich-c: it will depend on the dates - there can be serious issues with the heat
Daniel B: in the e-mail, i read that there is another coleco programmer named Perry?
rich-c: yes, he turned up on the chat Wednesday night - that's right, that's why I e-mailed you, I'd forgotten
Daniel B: he told you that he is from Winnipeg?
rich-c: anyway he is in Winnipeg and says he is deep into Coleco games and wants to program some
rich-c: apparently he never had any contact with the Adam group there even though it was active until at worst very recently
Daniel B: Did he "add" his e-mail to the adamcon mailling list?
rich-c: Dr.D. was on and I think did add him on the spot - Dr.D. has administartor privileges on the mailing list
Daniel B: "deep into" coleco games... what do you think this means?
rich-c: sort of gather he knew enough about c programming and game construction to ask teh right questions of Dr.D and james
rich-c: you have to remember there is a fair bit goes on out of sight, in email exchanges
Daniel B: "c programming"?
Daniel B: that means...
rich-c: he seemed to be asking about doing game programming in c
Daniel B: he probably saw things I have done in coleco programming in C
rich-c: not sure - he has searched teh web, because he was complaining about how many links wre now dead
rich-c: on the other hand your name did not seem to mean anything to him
Daniel B: many links are now dead? it's the same problem each new year
rich-c: yes, I don't know how many urls have been discontinued but there are a lot
rich-c: now you go to a regular trusted site and suddenly they're dumping porn on you
Daniel B: my name me not sounds familiar to him... but he probably know me indirectly: my games, my tools, my coleco doc?
rich-c: the original owners had abandoned teh name and some pornographer bought it to get the traffic
rich-c: hard to tell, Daniel - but if he made the connection I think he would have reacted more strongly
Daniel B: Well, knowing that there is a new coleco programmer... is great! :)
rich-c: yes, it will certainly be neat if we get a thriving community built up
Daniel B: ... and I suppose Dale W was not online, still very busy
Daniel B: I missed some "chat session"
rich-c: quite, Dale tends to be a relatively infrequent visitor, unfortunately
rich-c: at the moment he is deep into building teh Future Shop photo srvice website
rich-c: he also has another major website project on teh go
Daniel B: I wanted to ask him if he intends to update the adamcon web site to finish the adamcon15 section.
rich-c: you can always send him an email - though that doesn't always work too well
rich-c: these days, getting you email through teh spam isn't easy, especially if the filter doesnt know you
Daniel B: I will try to answer an e-mail he sent to me in the past.
rich-c: I've had messages from Ron and Dr. D. blocked recently when they used a different ISP from the one on my records
rich-c: when I logged on today there were 81 spams in my mailbox - and I get relatively few
Daniel B: For me, the spam problem is mainly blocked by Yahoo mailling service. In fact, the spam is simply added into a special "mailbox" and I can consult the messages in the "spam mailbox" just in case an important message is in there.
rich-c: I use a freebie filtering program called Mailwasher - not ideal but gives me a bit more control
rich-c: I have heard complaints that the ISP mail filters tend to block messages that arent spam
Daniel B: Having mostly friends who speak french, I can detect quick if it's really my friend or a spam. :)
rich-c: as a matter of curiosity, is French-language spam as much of a problem as English?
Daniel B: 95% of spam is in english, 2% is in french 3% is in another language like spannish, japanese or russian.
Daniel B: and my friends are 80% french people
Daniel B: and 90% of them are male... not female
rich-c: I have never encountered any spam in any language other than English, but was curious
rich-c: I have a lot of spam from teh days before I knew about spyware and used Netscape and Notmail
rich-c: but I have a couple of relatively new webmail accounts and there has been no spam on either yet
Daniel B: i have now approx 5 new spam per day
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Daniel B: who is there?
changed username to George
Daniel B: hi George
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Daniel, Rich
rich-c: any idea, Daniel, how the new spammers got your email address?
Daniel B: I think it's simply Yahoo who did this for money because my account is a free account
Daniel B: Rich told me that there is a new coleco programmer in the adamcon chat, did you talk to him?
Daniel B: (my question is for George, of course)
rich-c: he mans Perry, George, but you were pretty quiet last time
George: no I haven't been on in a while
rich-c: actually, we're going to have to quietly tell Erin and Marie that they're welcome but the chat isn't ICQ
rich-c: or for that matter any other form of instant messaging
rich-c: you have quite a number of email accounts though, Daniel
rich-c: if you need a freebie drop-box you might try (it's part of Quebecor)
rich-c: they seem to have a decent privacy policy
George: I was but in a nursing home after my last hospial stay for rehab. i had no direct phone access
Daniel B: I have one e-mail accont per web site... but I abandoned some of my old web site.
rich-c: I only use the web space with my ISP for ftp, posting stuff to link to
Daniel B: My old mail emails are full of spam but I never use them.
rich-c: no, once your email address gets picked up by the spammers, you're in for a deluge
rich-c: now when I give my address to someone for the first time, it's to a webmail ISP (though not necessarily obviosly so)
rich-c: if I don't get any spam for a month, I figure the operator is trustworthy
rich-c: by the way, if you ever deal with websites that demand your address to issue a password to get on (Logitech and I think Seagate do this)
George: i have two accounts that started getting spam and suddenly stopped
rich-c: then take a look at - gives you a two-hour only mailbox
rich-c: spam never stops, George
Daniel B: But spam is not a real problem for my "yahoo" account... but the e-mails I received because the computer of many guys are infected.
George: these two accounts are active and haven't had any spam since august
rich-c: that I don't believe, George - if there wre a way to arrange that, everyone would know it instantly
George: i had to send myself email to make sure they were active
rich-c: yes, with the worms, viruses and trojans around now, there's a flood of "friendly" emails that aren't
rich-c: some of them are dangerously clever, like those that spoof Microsoft sites very plausibly
George: now my emails are the only ones left
rich-c: there is also a wave of fraud artists trolling for information for identity theft
George: don't say that, i made a purchase from
rich-c: I have sent a couple of samples to Phonebusters so they know what's going on
Daniel B: yes, but like i said "most of my friends" are ... french people. So, when my friends send me an e-mail with an english subject... I know that there is a virus problem somewhere.
rich-c: well, Geroge, if you get a message about an undeliverable message from microsoft, details in attachment
George: i never do
rich-c: and if "microsoft" send you a new security patch update
Daniel B: don't worry for me. I'm not only a programmer.
George: i only use the update site
rich-c: even some fairly hot techies have been caught on the update trick, because MS does automatically notify them of patches
rich-c: yes, but what if you get a message from eBay wanting you to verify your account security information?
Daniel B: I have to go now... I hope I will meet you again soon. and finnaly meet Perry wednesday night. bye!
George: i don't use ebay
Daniel B: i don'T use ebay too
rich-c: bye Daniel, see you W3ednesday
Daniel B: *poof*
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rich-c: I use it very little, just infrequently enough that a request for an update could be plausible
rich-c: but having a nasty, suspicious mind I sent the thing to eBay and asked it was real
rich-c: it wasn't
George: good thinking
rich-c: but don't be surprised if there is a huge disruption in the U.S. economy about six months from now
George: i always ask questions
rich-c: because enough people will fall for these identity theft traicks to allow billions in fraud
George: and get direct phone numbers
rich-c: oh, telephone pests never get anywhre with me
rich-c: in Canada we have a do not call registry and federal legislation to let you tell pestss not to call again
rich-c: then at the prime hours I refuse to answer the phone - all my buddies know not to phone then
George: no, i only get direct phone numbers of companies i deal with
rich-c: so any pest ends up talking to the answering machine - which ends that
rich-c: if I deal with a company I already have their phone number
George: and i call them they don't call me
rich-c: exactly
George: my name is also on the do not call list
rich-c: yes, but that is still under challenge in the courts, I believe
George: it works
rich-c: it's only been there for a day or two, no way to tell if it works yet
rich-c: once the court clears it, it will take about three months to become effective
George: pennsylvania has had one for two years
rich-c: yes, that would deal with the local pests, then - unless the courts knock down the federal law
George: the national one that just started sprang up from other states that enacted them much earlier
rich-c: generally if pests do get through I figure if I can't reduce them to tears I'm not being nasty enough
rich-c: yes, but if the federal law is disallowed then the same decision will kill off the sate laws
George: all quiet so far
rich-c: well, hope for the best, then
rich-c: but I have a number of chores to do before dinner
rich-c: so I am going to have to pull the plug now
George: ok,,
rich-c: see you next week, then
George: bye for now
George: yes
rich-c: bye now\
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