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changed username to Hrothgar
Hrothgar changed username to Plantagenet
Plantagenet: Gretchen says, "Hello to all the ADAM people!"
Plantagenet: Gretchen also says, "My nose is shiny."
Plantagenet: Gretchen also also says, "Blah blah blah blah!"
Plantagenet: Gretchen flew into a tree, sat in her nest, and laid and egg.
Plantagenet: The egg was named George.
Plantagenet: It was a curious egg.
Plantagenet: And a curious bird hatched out of it.
Plantagenet: Gretchen said to the baby bird, "I will call you Curious George."
Plantagenet: "Tweet tweet!" said Curious George.
Plantagenet: Blah!
Plantagenet: Blee!
Plantagenet: Olla
Plantagenet: Zweedle
Plantagenet: Ist irgendeiner hier?
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Plantagenet: Oder sind alle Leute den Baseballspiel beobachten?
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: reckon they are watching the Cubs game
rich-c: anyway got a note from Guy that he wouldn't be by tonight
Plantagenet: I figured he'd be glued to the tube.
rich-c: well, in Chicago, it's been a long time
rich-c: and after last night's eighth inning...
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changed username to Wit'ch
rich-c: sounds like Rin is with us
Plantagenet: I didn't see it, but heard it was pretty gruesome.
Wit'ch: hi uncle Richard
Plantagenet: Speaking of gruesom...
Plantagenet: :-)
Wit'ch: ......nice
rich-c: what it amounts to is a fan stopped a good shot at an out with the Cubs leading
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changed username to George
rich-c: then the fish came back to score eight runs and win
rich-c: hello George
Plantagenet: Hi George.
Plantagenet: And hi Ms. Rin.
Wit'ch: hi George
George: Hi Everyone
Wit'ch: hi Rich (I presume)
Plantagenet: Have you come back to earth yet after all the election adrenalin?
Plantagenet: Indeed, I am Richard Plantagenet :-)
rich-c: which of the Plantagenet Richards do we have here, by the way?
Wit'ch: :-)
rich-c: shame on him, then, skipping an important meeting to play on line ;-)
Wit'ch: not entirely no
Plantagenet: Skip nothing, it was cancelled at the last minute.
rich-c: whoops, Rin got dropped
George: huh?
Plantagenet: Slightly peeved about it, too (no offense to present company), 'cause I can't make the rescheduled version tomorrow night.
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changed username to Wit'ch
rich-c: which reminds me - last Saturday when I came on three "ghosts" from Wednesday's crash were shown as present
Wit'ch: hmm
Plantagenet: Need another shot of adrenalin :-)
rich-c: but after about 15-20 minutes the applet just erased them
Plantagenet: Marley's ghosts...
Wit'ch: weirdness
rich-c: could it be that if you're quiet too long the program dumps you?
Plantagenet: I sat in the chat here for almost an hour with no typing and no dumping.
rich-c: OK, back to the old drawing board
Plantagenet: What's the apostrophe for, Rin?
George: your service has been terminated
rich-c: when I'm on waiting for show-ups I do a refresh every ten minutes
Wit'ch: just goes along with the series I'm reading....I'm on the last book
Plantagenet: Ahh...I was trying to pronounce it with a glottal stop :-)
rich-c: what series would that be, Rin?
Wit'ch: :-)
Plantagenet: Joan says that Cubbies and Fishes are now tied.
Wit'ch: it's called the Banned and the Banished......just some fantasy series I happened to pick up
George: oops
Plantagenet: The Banshee in the Band?
rich-c: if you ,ike fantasy, Rin, have you read any of Guy Gavriek Kay's books?
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Wit'ch: something like that :-)
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hi there
George: i hit the wrong button
Wit'ch: nope....but i will look into it
Wit'ch: hi Pammie
Pamela: hi Rin
rich-c: Michael wants to get in touch with you; may phone tomorrow
Wit'ch: you didn't call me back
rich-c: he's up at his trailer
Pamela: did too - last night
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: left a message about 8:30
Pamela: Hi George
Plantagenet: Michael Hurst, I presume?
rich-c: OK, very good then, you've made the connection
Plantagenet: Greetings and Felicitations, Pamela.
Pamela: I spoke to Michael last night Dad
Wit'ch: i rec'd nothing
Wit'ch: hmmmm
Wit'ch: that's upsetting
Pamela: sorry, 9:30 ish Erin
Pamela: Hello Plantagenet
Wit'ch: i was home (i believe) the phone didn't ring
rich-c: he wont say which Richard Plantagenet he is
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Plantagenet: Greetings from Normandie...or was it Aquitaine?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Wit'ch: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Plantagenet: Or Camlan..
George: send in the clowns or Bush
rich-c: clowns make more sense - and are less dangerous
Wit'ch: i will be having dinner with the Minister tomorrow night
Wit'ch: AND
Plantagenet: !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Wit'ch?... "sorcière?"
George: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi George
Plantagenet: Break out the Little Black Dress :-)
Wit'ch: i am being seated at Sandra Pupatello's table
Wit'ch: oui, Daniel
rich-c: oh, that's nice, she's a hot item at the moment - gal has a brain
Pamela: yes, your Mother told me
Wit'ch: oh well geez
Pamela: no secrets, babe
Plantagenet: Not fair to spoil Rin's secrets...
Plantagenet: Let her tell her own good news.
Wit'ch: :-)
rich-c: Sandra is tabbed as a for-sure bet for the Ontario cabinet
Wit'ch: probably health
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go now... I will be online in one hour (i think)
Daniel Bienvenu: see ya!
Pamela: do come back when you can stay sometime Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Pamela: ciao
Plantagenet: Adieu.
rich-c: one of the social portfolios - maybe she'll flip for it with Gerard Kennedy ;-)
Wit'ch: i was forwarded the online website/application for policy people so I will apply.....although I would prefer to work in a member's office
Wit'ch: I'm sure Kennedy will get education
George: ooh!, my head
Plantagenet: Hope you can get something to replace your current job.
Pamela: cut it off, George
Plantagenet: Duck, George!
Wit'ch: i'm hopeful but I'm not going to rest all my hopes on it
George: i think i did
Plantagenet: When will you know?
George: ouch my groin
Pamela: TMI, George
George: strokes and cath.
Wit'ch: well for the Ministerial offices the last hirings will be complete early December and I guess the positions I want will likely be in about the same time frame
Plantagenet: Nice Xmas present if you can land one.
Wit'ch: it would be amazing
Plantagenet: Well, it sounds like you were a great campaigner; I'd hope TPTB would remember that.
rich-c: wouldn't a ministerial office mean moving to Toronto?
George: no sex tonight
Wit'ch: yes it would Uncle Richard
Pamela: it would Dad
Pamela: then we'd have all Erin, all the time
Wit'ch: so would working for a goal is Queen's Park
rich-c: that would put a major dint in the salary then, though it should be rich enough to compensate
Plantagenet: Nahh, she'd be too busy :-)
George: chocolate coins
Pamela: but it wouldn't be LD to call her
Wit'ch: i'd survive.....I'm not against making sacrifices
rich-c: why do you want a job at Queens Park?
Plantagenet: I take it Queen's Park is a ritzy part of town?
rich-c: it's the seat of the Legislature
Pamela: Queen's Park is the legislature
Wit'ch: b/c it's warm and cozy inside
Pamela: provincial, that is
rich-c: sort of boil on the rump of the main University campus
Plantagenet: You'd not be living in your office, now? :-)
Wit'ch: also I am interested in the legislative part of things
Plantagenet: Re: boil ROTFL
rich-c: why, do you have some political ambitions of your own down the line?
Plantagenet: Hmmmmmmm....Could be! (Bugs Bunny)
George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wit'ch: i don't think so....I don't have the cuthroat mentality for the "jungle"....but I would like to be a part of the process and also help to re-vamp and unite the inner working of our party
Plantagenet: You want to be one of the elves, and let someone else be the shoemaker, then.
rich-c: once that was an honourable if insecure profession - till Tom Long gave it a bad name
Wit'ch: a shoemaker.....but not the salesperson
Pamela: brb, I'm freezing
Plantagenet: I could never be a salesman...I had enough trouble with magazine susbscriptions to raise money for marchin band in high school.
rich-c: yes, it's suddenly getting pretty chill here - how are things in Cleveland and Windsor?
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Plantagenet: Sales and telemarketing, I will starve before I do those jobs.
changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: (I'd ask about Philly too but George is asleep)
Plantagenet: Weekend was gorgeous, now it's cold and November-y.
rich-c: good morning james
George: hi James
james: how is everyone
Plantagenet: This weekend was probably peak tree color for around here.
Plantagenet: Lots of high winds last night have denuded many of the trees.
james: my little maples have changed colour too (all five leaves on them!)
rich-c: we have such a wind today the trees have been all but stripped in eight hours
Wit'ch: Windsor is breezy and hilly
George: 2 eggs to James
Wit'ch: chilly
Plantagenet: I think south of us will still be worth looking at.
Pamela: morning James
Wit'ch: hi James
Plantagenet: Hi James.
james: hi pam, george, rich, everyone
Pamela: I printed that picture of Case - it came out really well
james: lol. you still trying to match him up with someone? :P
james: @plantagenet, have we met?
rich-c: yes, although once you get below the Mason-Dixon line, colour drops off rapidly
Pamela: well there's this young lady named Megan . . .
Plantagenet: Richard Plantagenet, if that helps you any, James.
james: dr. d?
Plantagenet: You honour me, sir.
Plantagenet: <bows>
james: <bows> in return. i was given the impression you'd not be amongst us this evening
Pamela: my we're feeling courtly tonite, good doctor
Plantagenet: Indeed, milady.
Plantagenet: It's been a rough day, and I need to change my skin for a while.
rich-c: watch out - he's plotting deviltry with a couple of little princes...
Wit'ch: question........
Pamela: good thing he only has princesses then
Plantagenet: They'll be no trouble, I'm keeping them in a certain Tower...
George: i cut myself
james: lol
james: rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair
Wit'ch: Plantagenet?
rich-c: wrong play, james
Plantagenet: Too bad I've only got these rabbits...
Plantagenet: Yea, milady Rin?
james: lol. literature has never been my strong suit
Wit'ch: i don't understand the name
Plantagenet: If your suit be strong, perhaps it wants washing.
Plantagenet: Richard Plantagenet was the name of either one of the English kings, or a plotter to be an English king.
Plantagenet: Since my name is also Richard...
james: i'm woefully ignorant
Wit'ch: ok
Plantagenet: a feeble jest.
Pamela: nay, not so feeble my lord
Wit'ch: *shrug*
Plantagenet: I also used 'Plantagenet' as a character name in an online MUD that I used to frequent lo these many years ago.
rich-c: if I recall, both Richards were Plantagenets
Plantagenet: That's what I'm thinking, Richard.
Pamela: but only those who are longstanding of the court may be aware
Wit'ch: ahhh yes....those festivals
Wit'ch: ok
rich-c: just watch out if any Tudors join the group - they have ambitions
Plantagenet: If it would please ye better, I can revert to a more usual moniker.
Wit'ch: nope not at all
rich-c: and be careful what colour roses you toss around
Plantagenet changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: ROTFL Richard.
Wit'ch: no matter what mask you wear I know who you are :-)
Dr.D.: It's hard to disguise my typing style.
rich-c: well, sometimes it takes a line or two to guess
Pamela: we're going to have to get you to an SCA event Rich
Wit'ch: well yeah...but eventually
james: nnnnnnnn
rich-c: well, you're the only one who would start off in fluent German
Dr.D.: Though once I did keep 'em guessing for about 30 minutes as a newbie named "Angel".
Pamela: oh, look who's awake
james: / x jbgv ,
Wit'ch: :-)
Dr.D.: Not sure SCA would agree with me.
james: certainly not me
Pamela: g'morning Case
rich-c: hello, Case
james: he says something along those lines back, pam :)
james: nnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn
Pamela: and why not, good doctor?
Dr.D.: My friends who went SCA (and stayed SCA, I will qualify that) went off the deep end of mediaevalism.
rich-c: two bubbles and a drool? ;-)
james: ,mmm n
james: not quite that bad :P
Dr.D.: The past looks too good to them, so they never come out of it.
james: b b6b
Dr.D.: I understand the tempted by it...could see myself perhaps getting stuck there, too...
Pamela: you don't have to be an authenticity maven to enjoy the occasional event Rich
rich-c: by the way, Rich, have you seen the latest Christmas toy?
George: my mind is going
Dr.D.: I can feel it, Dave.
Dr.D.: Daisy...daisy...
Dr.D.: No, what's the latest Xmas toy?
George: HUH?
Dr.D.: HAL-9000 from _2001_.
rich-c: it's called the George-in-the-box, and has a .com
Wit'ch: brb
james: crap. i'd almost forgotten about xmas
Pamela: and what's so special about it Dad
rich-c: it's a little music box with a litho of the White House around it, and a crank that plays "Hail to the chief" when turned
Dr.D.: Haha.
Pamela: oh puhlease
George: YAYA
rich-c: when the tune is done, a George pops up out of it - podium and all
George: YOYO
james: there's a gift that'll get dated very quickly
Pamela: it certainly won't keep on giving
Dr.D.: "Georgie Porgie pumkin Bush / Kissed the voters on the tusch"
rich-c: oh, it's one of those novelty items that 40 years from now will be immensely popular and valuable
james: i hate gag gifts
Pamela: um - pumkin, not bumpkin?
Dr.D.: Only if they don't make n jillion of them.
Dr.D.: Oops, typo...
Dr.D.: "bumpkin" is better than "pumpkin", nice addition, Pam.
rich-c: over that time period, even a jillion gets cut back real far
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james: my brother got me one of those useless kung fu hamsters a couple years. my response was "great. where do i keep this piece of crap"
james: i know, sounds callous considering it was a gift
changed username to Ooops
Dr.D. requested to ban George
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: if that's Ron hw should say Ooops,he's early
Ooops confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Dr.D.: It's Britney Spears!
james: we seem to have lost a few people
Dr.D.: Natural selection has acted in one case...instigated by me.
Ooops: i'm back
james: britney spears. ugh.
Dr.D.: "Pop tart" Joan calls her :-)
Dr.D.: Why the Ooops, Rin?
Dr.D.: You're no Britney.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c: yeah, sorta generic description, but she's a typical specimen of the genus
Ooops: cuz i kept getting knocked off
Dr.D.: Not me. I only took aim at George.
Dr.D.: I had it with his nonsense tonight.
Pamela: you beat me to it Rich
Dr.D.: He can play with his Foley bag off-line.
Dr.D.: I know he's had a rough time, but goodness sakes, if he can't be nice here, he ought stay away.
Pamela: Hey Rin, I found those two pictures
Dr.D.: Grrr.
rich-c: thought you had to have administrator rights to bounce someone
Ooops changed username to Rin
Dr.D.: No, I think it's simple vote.
Rin: cool
Dr.D.: Same as bouncing a Ghost.
Pamela: I think we should scan them and send them to Rich, what do you think?
Dr.D.: Not sure how long (if any length) the ban lasts.
Dr.D.: What are these?
Rin: sure....i was hot then
Dr.D.: Oooh, cheesecake shots of Rin and Pam?!?!?
Pamela: I found her biker babe photos
Pamela: just Rin, Rich
Dr.D.: Cheesecake is cheesecake...
james: lol
rich-c: where will you get them scanned, Pam?
Dr.D.: Just so she doesn't have a Harley tattoo across her back.
Rin: no none of these
Pamela: Oh, I was thinking of making a short visit to you Dad
Rin: but 4 others
Dr.D.: 4 tattoos?
rich-c: OK, I am beginning to learn a few things about photo editing now
Rin: yup
Dr.D.: Heheh, then you can give Rin a Harley tattoo, Richard :-)
Pamela: nowhere to put it in the pictures Rich
Dr.D.: With Photoshop, all things are possible.
rich-c: right - I actually have a carton of Harley-Davidson cigarettes, so I can pick up the logo
Dr.D.: Body in wrong pose, get another body and paste it in :-)
james: i'm afraid i have to cut things short this morning. case and i woke up late (glad he slept in since i didn't sleep till 2) and i'm running behind
Pamela: should I ask why you have a carton of Harley smokes Dad?
Dr.D.: A colleague updated his webpage photo of his lab group by pasting in a new student in the back of the old photo.
james: lol
Dr.D.: It was easier than getting the whole gang together for another photo shoot.
rich-c: take it easy, james, then, and see you
Pamela: James you're perpetually running behind
Pamela: hugs to you all and a hi to Miyuki
Dr.D.: Dare I ask what your tattoos are, Rin? Are they "decent"?
james: i did that to my boss. we'd scanned a picture of this group from this town from about 70 years ago and i took his photo, greyscaled it
rich-c: and Pam - it's very old - Harley had second thoughts and pulled the licence agreement
Rin: they are all decent
james: and added him in. i said "see, there you are. you *are* old"
Dr.D.: Lots of women on campus seem to have something in the small of their backs.
Rin: I have a red maple leaf on my back btw my shoulder blades
Pamela: talk about collectors items, Dad!
Dr.D.: Lots of bare midriffs and hip-hugger jeans in style now, so you can't help but see them.
rich-c: I suspect that as a curiosity they have quite some collector value - they're far too old to smoke, of course
james: dr. d won't tell us where he's seen the other tatoos
Rin: I have half of a ying yang symbol on my lower left side (back)......the white side that says "bubbles"
Dr.D.: Ankle tattoos are common among the CWRU women, also.
Rin: I have a treble clef on my left ankle
james: he heh heh. anyway, will see you all next week. bye!
Dr.D.: Bye James.
rich-c: c u james
Pamela: night James
Rin: and a compass on the left side of my upper abdomen
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Dr.D.: Any special significance to these (other than the obvious maple leaf)?
Rin: yes
rich-c: geez, all I can muster is a couple of surgical scars
Dr.D.: Guy tattoos that I see on campus are stock "guy" things: girlfriend name, Marine Corps insignia, etc.
Pamela: and about to add another : )
Dr.D.: I have an inadvertent tattoo in my left palm:
Pamela: inadvertent?
rich-c: from reaching for something too hot?
Dr.D.: About 1985 I reached for a notebook on a computer desk.
Dr.D.: There was a pencil sticking out of it.
Dr.D.: My palm hit the pencil, and jammed the notebook up against the IBM PC XT on the table.
Pamela: OUCH!
Dr.D.: The pencil point went in and left a graphite scar.
Rin: i have one of them too
Dr.D.: It's still there, though fainter now.
Pamela: me too - dates back to grade school
rich-c: teachy you not to sharpen your pencils to so fine a point!
Dr.D.: That's the poorman's self-tattoo method, too.
Pamela: I'll pass thanks - I'm not into pain
Dr.D.: I see lots of "lower class" women who have tattooed their forearms like that, with a boyfriend's name, or some gang insignia.
Dr.D.: Maybe half the black checkout girls at the local supermarket.
Dr.D.: Cultural thing.
rich-c: tattooing is a temporary fad that will soon fade away, leaving only a large number of regrets
Dr.D.: Me, tattoos and piercings, earrings etc. are icky.
Rin: *shrug*
Dr.D.: If adults choose to do it, okay I guess.
Dr.D.: I don't like seeing it done to little kids and babies.
Pamela: pierced ears was as far as I got
Rin: i had my belly button done...but i got rid of it
Dr.D.: Christina got her ears pierced when she was 13 I think.
Dr.D.: None of the other girls shows any interest in it.
Dr.D.: Joan has unpierced ears.
Dr.D.: YMMV.
Pamela: tattoos have never been my favourite form of decoration for guys but then they are seldom as tasteful as the ones girls choose
Rin: i've got 4 in one ear and three in the other
rich-c: Frances has never had her ears pierced either, thoough she's an earring fanatic
Pamela: Mom made me wait till I was 14 to get mine done
Dr.D.: I think a guy with a tasteful carnation on his forarm would get pummelled.
Rin: lol
Dr.D.: There were 3 guys in the fraternity a few years ago who got the Theta Chi crest on their left shoulder blades.
Dr.D.: There's a famous photo floating around of the three of them standing in a queue, left shoulders out.
Pamela: see, now that's okay to me
Rin: my best friend has the other half of the ying yang tattoo
Rin: but her side is black and says "bitch"
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Dr.D.: And then there are people like Brian Setzer who have about every inch of themselves tattooed...
Pamela: ick
changed username to chickpea
Rin: hey chickpea
chickpea: hello every1
Pamela: speaking of whom . . .
rich-c: hello Marie
Dr.D.: Explain that to your little kid...
Pamela: hey sweet Marie
chickpea: hillo
Rin: speaking of my other tattoo half
chickpea: lol
chickpea: sorry i'm late
Rin: tis ok
Dr.D.: Garbanzo! Hows eet going, mon?
Pamela: were your ears burning Rie?
chickpea: maybe
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi Bob
Rin: hey bobs
rich-c: hello Robert, where you been?
Pamela: we were talking about you Rie
Dr.D.: Bobmeister enters.
Pamela: I notice that Mr. George has yet to reappear
chickpea: WHT?????????
chickpea: WHY?????????????????
BobS: howdy mates
Pamela: tattoos
Rin: we were talking about my tatoos
Rin: and you came up
BobS: Dr D no here !!!!!
Rin: as the other half
chickpea: how is that bout me then?
chickpea: oic
Dr.D.: Rin's a regular Rand-McNally atlas of tattoos.
Dr.D.: :-)
Rin: Marie has more than I
Pamela: they're very small and tasteful Rich
BobS: so what's going on???????
rich-c: dunno - where you been?
Dr.D.: Trying to design an ADAM tattoo.
BobS: and how come ya'll girl got all these tattoos???????
BobS: you belong to a biker bunch or somkething
Dr.D.: Biker Gals From Hell.
chickpea: b/c there pretty
Pamela: please, biker BABE, Rich
BobS: si senor
Dr.D.: Babe, gal, all the same to me :-)
Rin: it's like taking a picture along one's journey.....not all scars can be seen but some need to be remembered and stories shared, etc, etc, etc.
BobS: wha happen to your meetign Rich????
rich-c: Guy won't be here, he's watching the Cubs - any idea how they're doing?
Dr.D.: Cancelled.
Dr.D.: At the last minute.
BobS: just got behind a run
Dr.D.: So I am here.
BobS: in the 5th
BobS: they GONNA lose methinks
Dr.D.: Cubs are still down, boo...
Pamela: what's the score?
BobS: 5 to 4
Dr.D.: I can't go up and watch them at all, I will jinx them.
Pamela: that's better than last night
Dr.D.: I'm convinced I jinxed the Indians in '95 and '97.
rich-c: there will be no happy Guy in Chicago this night at that rate
Pamela: I don't even follow baseball and I'm rooting for them
BobS: 6-5 Marlins
Dr.D.: Whenever I came in to watch, something bad happened to Cleveland.
Dr.D.: Joan really wants the Cubbies, so I am staying away.
BobS: bummr Rich
Pamela: they might have won last night if that fan hadn't interfered
Dr.D.: Will not even go into the living if something bad happens, it won't be my fault :-)
rich-c: like every time I looked at a baseball story this season, the Jays lost another - but they actually finished over .500
Dr.D.: Sounds like a Scooby-Doo excuse.
Dr.D.: "We'd've been able to win if it hadn't been for that darned fan!"
Rin: LOL
Pamela: it was on the front page of the local free paper this morning
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Dr.D.: Zoiks!
Dr.D.: Jinkies!
rich-c: well, if Alou had caught the fly for the out....
changed username to Toshiba West
BobS: naw......the shortstop blew it but dropping a double play ball
Pamela: Ron, Hi
chickpea: brb'
Dr.D.: Honourable Toshiba-san.
rich-c: aha, there's the late Mr. Mitchell now
Toshiba West: Hi All
BobS: and then the whole bunch got flustered
BobS: YOU Ronald !!!!!!!
Toshiba West: T'is I
Rin: hi Ron
Pamela: make that the tardy mr. Mitchell Dad
Pamela: he ain't dead yet
Dr.D.: Fashionably late, rather.
Toshiba West: no, not last time I looked
BobS: tis YOU.......... of the FEW ..............Adamites on the wet coast ?????????
Dr.D.: Well, fashionable, anyway.
rich-c: I dunno - he seems to have garnered a new laptop, and that's always a bad sign
Pamela: a rare breed
Toshiba West: sorry folks..... my domestic chores, you know
BobS: oh oh
Dr.D.: How do you know it's new?
BobS: now what ya got
Dr.D.: Could be a 286-20.
BobS: you gonna make a GOOD wife some day..........
rich-c: oh, we have some sense of Ron's ever-growing inventory
Dr.D.: MS-DOS 3.3.
Toshiba West: nope.... still the dropsy special here
chickpea: i'm back
BobS: well quit droppin the thing
Pamela: where'd you go Rie?
Toshiba West: semi-brain dead, just like its owner, but able enough
Toshiba West: good idea Bob
chickpea: powder room
Dr.D.: Tattoo inventory? :-)
Pamela: glad to know i'm not the only one with the klutzes
Rin: lol
BobS: but5 you have to drop it gently and ON the carpet with good padding
chickpea: ;-)
rich-c: oh, the Toshibas are known for durability
Pamela: and get this, after my spill a couple of weeks ago, Russell took a header yesterday and dinged his knees too
Dr.D.: Need some bubblewrap for carpeting.
Toshiba West: no.. nothing new..... just the old Tosh hanging off a 50 foot length of ether cable to the main floor
Dr.D.: Yes, I forgot to ask if you're recovered from your cat-induced fall...
Toshiba West: geez Pamela, that don't sound too good
Pamela: well my toe is still sore, and my right knee may never be the same
Toshiba West: gonna have to get this place wired for those occasions where I must play chief cook and bottle washer
Dr.D.: That cat needs to get acquainted with a Stradivarius...
Pamela: I bumped it again last weekend
BobS: but other than inpending are fine, right Pam ????????
Pamela: exactly Bob
chickpea: too much drinky drink for pamela
Pamela: no violins for him for a while yet Rich - he apologized
Dr.D.: That hadn't come out before!
Toshiba West: Hey Bob, speaking of dropping things, I don't suppose you guys have a spare Toshiba Floppy drive do you?
Pamela: no, too many slow cats Rie
Toshiba West: or did I already ask you?
rich-c: Rin - before I forget - unsure but likely to be home by the 10th
Dr.D.: I don't have a Toshiba of any stripe.
chickpea: sure.....................
rich-c: not highly operational, but home
Pamela: gee thanks for your faith, Chickpea
Toshiba West: you been in rich?
Rin: well that'll be alright.....but if not we'll come see you
chickpea: always
BobS: no spare...........floppy no......
Pamela: : )
rich-c: no, go in Nov. 3
BobS: can ask doug though
Toshiba West: well..... ain't a necessity, but if you should happen across one...... I mean I will pay eh?
Pamela: Rin the convention runs from when to when?
BobS: is it FOR SURE the floppy????????did you try it inside the laptop and it still don't work?????
Rin: the Wed (apparently) to the Saturday
Dr.D.: This may be apples and oranges, Richard...but a colleague who had a hip replacement the 3rd week of August is walking now with only an occasional cane.
Rin: 12-15
Toshiba West: makes a really loud buzzing noise when powered up.
Dr.D.: He's only a few years younger than you.
BobS: with the floppy inside?????????\
chickpea: i want to g doodle bug
rich-c: some of the reports I've had are hugely optimistic
Toshiba West: either with or without
Rin: huh?
Dr.D.: And put off his surgery far longer than he ought to have.
chickpea: i want o go with u
Rin: ahhhh
Rin: ok
rich-c: the idea is the first 3 weeks are sorta hell, but after that you're just about ready for teh marathon
BobS: whoa.......WHAt makes a loud buzzing noise???????
chickpea: sweet i'm running away
Rin: hang out with Pat and I
Dr.D.: His bad leg had become 3 inches shorter than his good one...
Toshiba West: Doug actually saw me do it
Pamela: what are you going to do for three days Rie?
chickpea: i think we'll gwt into trouble
chickpea: i have no idea beg for change
Rin: burn down the Royal York?
chickpea: lol
chickpea: it seems latly everytime i gi out i get into trouble
rich-c: right - I remember your mentioning him at the time, Rich, and I was wondering
Pamela: three twenty-somethings visit Toronto - arson suspected
chickpea: moooo
chickpea: nooooooo
Rin: moo?
Toshiba West: LMAO?
Dr.D.: So I know it's possible for these things to turn out okay.
Rin: got milk?
Pamela: ROTFL
Rin: Laugh my ass off
chickpea: that's not what i meant goof
Rin: hehe
Toshiba West: ah
Toshiba West: descriptive
Dr.D.: Less Mono Amine Oxidase.
Rin: :-D
Toshiba West: took me 59 years to learn all I know, and I still don't know nuthin
chickpea: ;-0
BobS: Ronald.......WHEN does the laptop make this buzzing sound????????
chickpea: ;-P
Pamela: next tattoo - cow spots
Toshiba West: not the laptop Bob, the external floppy drive
chickpea: i odn't think so
Pamela: no?
Rin: well....if it only stop learning when you're that's a positive
Pamela: shucks
Dr.D.: My high school band director had a plaque that declared: "Minds are like parachutes...if they don't open...pfffft! splat!"
chickpea: i have my next in my head then maybe cow spoys
Toshiba West: the moment it's powered up (plugged in)
Toshiba West: :) very good Dr. D
BobS: OK, so it is for sure the floppy.........the housing is nothing more than a housing, jsut a case with electrical connection
chickpea: jas will love that
Pamela: you'll have to explain it to him Rie
Dr.D.: He also was a dead ringer for Harry Dinkle from "Funky Winkerbean".
Toshiba West: yes I think it is for sure the floppy
Pamela: Erin can get the "got milk" portion
chickpea: nope there will be no explaining he will say goodbye
BobS: gott acome to AC16 then in El Paso......can get one to ya then unless we find one before
Toshiba West: works for me Bob
Rin: i don't think so....i may be done with tattoos
Toshiba West: I'll bring the ailing unit with me
chickpea: ??????rin
Pamela: running out of places to put them?
Rin: i'm happy with what i have
Dr.D.: She's gonna get a Michael Jackson bleach job.
chickpea: erin NEVER SAY NEVER.....
Rin: when did I say never?
BobS: cd still works though ....YES ????????
chickpea: i don';t 'know
chickpea: i just woke up and i'm reasy to go back to bed
Toshiba West: yes sir, the CD does its thing
Dr.D.: Get some Sharpie markers :-)
BobS: good
Rin: I think i am going to head out....i have to go home
Pamela: where are you Erin?
Rin: Germ's
Toshiba West: so we can wait..... with my network and all if I really need to hook the beast to a floppy drive, it can be arranged
Pamela: ahhh!
chickpea: i think i'm going ot jet as well
Dr.D.: Not very healthy if you're surrounded by germs.
Rin: :-)
Pamela: so Erin I have your permission to forward those photos?
rich-c: very well, you two, take care then
chickpea: =-)
Rin: more like (grrrrrrrmmms)
Toshiba West: these things don't normally respond too well to being dropped on a sidewalk in front of a hotel room
Rin: you do
Pamela: tyvm
Toshiba West: with former owner looking on
chickpea: photos???????
Rin: goodnight uncle richard
Dr.D.: Cheesecake stuff.
Dr.D.: Apparently.
chickpea: good nihgt everyone
rich-c: goodnight Rin
Rin: my biker photos
BobS: ya..........nno mystery there
Pamela: night Rin
chickpea: oic
Toshiba West: bye Rin
Dr.D.: Bye Rin. Bye Rie.
BobS: nite Rin and chicky
chickpea: bye uncle richard
chickpea: bye pam
rich-c: nite Rie
Toshiba West: and that's where it all started
Pamela: gnite Rie - hugs to you
Rin: nite all, Rich, Ron, Bob, Chickpea, family
Dr.D.: "It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship", eh Ron?
Pamela: Rin, please hug everyone on that side of the wall for me too
chickpea: night all
chickpea: hugs pam
chickpea: bye
chickpea: night erin
Toshiba West: exactly
chickpea: i'll call u later
Rin: okie dokie
Rin left chat session
Pamela: bonsoir
chickpea left chat session
Toshiba West: Hasta la Vista Baby
rich-c: that Left Coast getting to you, Ron?
Toshiba West: well, it does run north south eh?
rich-c: if it runs south, I think I'd let it get away
Dr.D.: Ick, Ahnuld...
Toshiba West: he wants to cut Vancouver off Hollywood's movie production sked
Pamela: c'mon people, what did you expect from California?
BobS: what weather is coming our way Ron ???????
BobS: po Richard has got the crap we had yesterday
Toshiba West: Wind, rain, storm, blowing and stuff
rich-c: that's OK, he wants to hit Toronto even worse
Pamela: got that already Ron
Pamela: send something else
Toshiba West: oh
Dr.D.: I guess it coulda been worse...Charleton Heston...Charles Nelson Reilly...
Toshiba West: well, there's more where that came from
BobS: ya that sounds YUCKY
Toshiba West: right...... and he does have a very wife who is extremely easy to look at
Pamela: want autumn!
Pamela: not winter
rich-c: it's cancelled this year - go direct to winter
BobS: Judy says........HI, I am busy quilting but thinkin of ya'll
Dr.D.: Autumnal equinox is come and gone.
Pamela: do not pass go, do not collect #200
Dr.D.: It was on Bilbo and Frodo's birthday.
Pamela: Hi Judy
Toshiba West: Hi making something for AC 16:?
rich-c: right, now it's still dark when I get up in the morning
Pamela: it's still dark at 9:00 am?
Toshiba West: yes.....darkness....... we have that too
rich-c: right - in fact you get an even larger ration, don't you?
Toshiba West: not quite here, but then we're almost 50 deg north
Toshiba West: which really only makes a difference in June
BobS: nope, just a quilt for our own little love nest
Toshiba West: and when the westerlies are blowing from the west
Pamela: aw that's sweet Bob
rich-c: actually Pam I am usually up a little before then, just don't admit it
Toshiba West: cool
Pamela: well think of me at 6:30 getting dressed in the dark
Pamela: except in July
BobS: turn on the light Pam !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Only Russell is supposed to think of that, Pam.
Toshiba West: 6:30 (??)
Toshiba West: what's that?
Pamela: can't, Russell is still asleep
rich-c: at 6.30 I'm not up to think of anything
Pamela: it's 9:00 am minus 2.5 hours, Ron
Dr.D.: At 6:30 I've been up for 60-90 minutes already.
Toshiba West: now that I can understand
Pamela: and people wonder why I don't have kids : )
Toshiba West: do you have a long commute over to CWRU Dr. D?
Dr.D.: Only 7 minutes as the car drives...*if* I am the only stop.
rich-c: it's that qualification that does it
Dr.D.: Taking 4 kids to 3 schools....and then walking to campus from my parking lot...make it 45 minutes.
Toshiba West: that'll do it
Pamela: Is that the only time you have guaranteed access to the shower Rich?
Dr.D.: We don't condense to only 2 schools for another 4 years.
Dr.D.: Pretty much, Pam.
Dr.D.: Unless I am fighting Joan for it.
Pamela: Oh! Dad, I forgot to tell you - Kimberly and Art bought a house
rich-c: hey, good for them - what's the gory details?
Toshiba West: never had to deal with that..... everybody having to be somewhere different
Pamela: in Brampton - semi detached, backsplit. Two baths, three bedrooms and office in the finished basement
Toshiba West: I love the back split
rich-c: btw Pam, Marilyn is coming up for the Needlecraft Show
Toshiba West: never had o ne
Toshiba West: only a side split
Pamela: when does she arrive?
BobS: back split..........EXPLAIN please ?????
Dr.D.: Speaking of split...I think I'm going to.
rich-c: tomorrow evening, I think
Dr.D.: 5:00 is coming soon...
Toshiba West: split level dwelling with a 1/2 floor raised to the back
Toshiba West: usually bedrooms
Toshiba West: but not necessarily
Dr.D.: So adieu to all until next week.
Pamela: kitchen in this case, I think
BobS: ok like a tri level here
Toshiba West: ah
Pamela: goodnite, good sir
rich-c: night for now, Rich - take care
Toshiba West: nite Dr. D
Toshiba West: be well
BobS: be good Rich
Pamela: photos to arrive anon
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Toshiba West: our group shrinketh
Toshiba West: but then it's almost time for y'all to crash
rich-c: yes, some absent, some turfed
Toshiba West: how can you tell?
Pamela: where did Bob go?
Pamela: well we turfed George earlier
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: he was being obnoxious
Toshiba West: by the fact that they don't say good night before disappearing
changed username to Roberto
rich-c: well Guy said he wouldnt be here, james and Daniel couldn't stay long
Pamela: what happened Bob?
Toshiba West: ic Roberto
Roberto: say WHAT???????? obnoxious !!!!!
rich-c: ah, Bob, you're back
Toshiba West: hasta-la-vista Roberto
Pamela: George
Pamela: not you Bob
Roberto: hit the wrong key and blew out the chat.....but not the phone connection because it is network
Roberto: good thing Pam, I would be SAD
Pamela: or should I say more obnoxious than usual > chat > Wed 2003-10-15
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