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Daniel B: *POOF*
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Daniel Bienvenu: hey!
Daniel Bienvenu: ho!
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
rich-c: j'avais jusqu'a abondonne l'esperance qu lo'n parait
Daniel Bienvenu: moi aussi
Daniel Bienvenu: mon ordinateur avait des problemes
Daniel Bienvenu: desole du retard
rich-c: what sort of problems, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: dithering dithering dithering... I'm working on dithering to convert bitmap pictures into Coleco's valid bitmap pictures.
Daniel Bienvenu: Le probleme de mon ordinateur est un probleme avec internet
rich-c: right - graphics are your current area
rich-c: oh, what's your internet problem?
Daniel Bienvenu: If my computer is running for awhile... my browser doesn't "detect the connexion to let me surf in the internet" but the PING soft say that the connexion is there and working.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's a memory problem and/or unwanted sleep mode effect
rich-c: oh, I don't maintasin any internet connection unless I'm using it
rich-c: on something like this I refresh every ten minutes or less
Daniel Bienvenu: I cleaned my internet "cache"
Daniel Bienvenu: I defrag my disks
Daniel Bienvenu: nothing help
Daniel Bienvenu: except a reboot
rich-c: I keep my cache at a minimum and defrag weekly
rich-c: do you do a scandisc?
Daniel Bienvenu: scandisk, defrag every two week
Daniel Bienvenu: I update my antivirus each day
rich-c: I think daily updates may be de trop
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... I update my antivirus only three times a week normally.
rich-c: I settle for every three weeks but know itas living dangrously
Daniel Bienvenu: I use norton systemworks sometimes
rich-c: yes, I use that to look for Windows problems
Daniel Bienvenu: I've done today a "windows update"... to download the SP1 for my IE v6 browser
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe this will help
rich-c: actually on my desktop I have a roaming bug Norton does not show
rich-c: yes, I keep Windows and IE right up to date
rich-c: you should look at the free download at
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not an "Adam" user... but I really like what it could be done on Coleco's systems.
rich-c: yes, we seem to be picking up a number of "new" users who feel tht way
Daniel Bienvenu: This week I looked for pictures "some art graphics" and I found nothing for Coleco, a few sites with MSX1 graphics and many many pictures of great screens for the ZX SPECTRUM.
Daniel Bienvenu: There was no "art" contest for the Coleco scene?
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that there was painting softwares for the coleco ADAM.
rich-c: I assume if the used the TI9918 graphics chip they should be useful
Daniel Bienvenu: normally, it must be an "art gallery" somewhere with screens made for the Coleco... right?
rich-c: I am not sure if the graphics used in BASIC mode relate much to the gAME CART GRAPHICS
rich-c: I know Frances has never thought much of the PowerPaint graphics but has done all sorts of stuff in Logo
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember the time when my brother (older than me) buyed computer magazines for his Commodore 64 computer with reviews, listings, tips & tricks and a ART section. There is absolutly no gallery of pictures made with/for the coleco?
rich-c: of course SmartLOGO was touted as being good for games design
rich-c: well, there are Powerpaint pictures, yes, and RLEs
Daniel Bienvenu: it could be cool to add a "gallery" in the adamcon web site with screens for the "coleco systems". I know that there are pictures in some DSK files (like a screen show software with music).
rich-c: sure, if worst comes to worst, there's always the annual Christmas card disc
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: I found many pictures for the ZX SPECTRUM at this web site
Daniel Bienvenu: the lmit is 2 colors per character (8x8 pixels)
Daniel Bienvenu: but, this limit doesn't limit the fans to do awesome graphics
rich-c: not sure what the limitations are on the Adam
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: every pictures of the ZX Spectrum gallery are 256x192 (like the res for the Coleco)
rich-c: no point in my capturing that today, I'm on the laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: the main difference is the color palette
rich-c: yes, on the Adam it is 16 colours
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, if you can do a "copy-paste" I will give you the link to my prefered pictures for the zx spectrum
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: no, I don't do it on this because I only get it out for specialised stuff - like chat when the football game is on
rich-c: right now BC is lewading Hamilton 22-7
Daniel Bienvenu: you like football more than everybody I know.
rich-c: only Canadian football, no interest in the NFL
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's more than me...
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: I find golf and tennis and basketball and baseball boring
rich-c: andf I got cured of my hockey addition by Harold Ballard
Daniel Bienvenu: But, to return to the "graphics" subject, you have no idea if there was any "graphic" contest in the past for the Coelco Adam?
Daniel Bienvenu: I said graphic but it can include "demos"
rich-c: no, there are lots of graphics colloections though
rich-c: you have seen Coleco's Adam edemo, I assume
Daniel Bienvenu: let me guess... these collections are in your incredible collection of disks?
rich-c: though that may require a memory expander, come t think of it
Daniel Bienvenu: the only software I run was "image disk" to be run with adamem
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go now...
rich-c: oh yes, I even have a list but it's too messy for my scanner to copy, I fear
Daniel Bienvenu: someone need the phone
Daniel Bienvenu: goodbye
rich-c: OK Daniel, we'll hope you can make it Wednesday then
rich-c: au revoir
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