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james: hi
Daniel B: hi
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hi - just a minute, gentlemen
james: hello
rich-c: good morning, james
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rich-c: just had to clean up some legacies from pages I was just visiting
changed username to Piss Tank
Piss Tank: hi uncle richard
rich-c: heavens, we seem to have someone new
Piss Tank: it's Marie
rich-c: really, Rin, don't you think you could find a more seemly handle?
rich-c: oh - well, Marie, then
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Piss Tank: not rin rie
changed username to Princess
rich-c: hello Rin
Princess: hi uncle Richard
rich-c: Marie, change user name is under the edit menu
james: lol
rich-c: so james, ae you going to tell us about your warm sunny day in Japan and make us feel bad again?
james: that would have been yesterday. was warm, sunny and about 20 degrees. not today though
rich-c: I got up to 1 degree this a.m. and was not at all amused
rich-c: one day this week we mikght see 16 - or we might not
rich-c: they're even talking possible snowflurries overnight
james: we've been as low as 2
james: no sign of snow yet but i have this nagging feeling we're in for a longer than usual winter this year
rich-c: that is highly unusual for you anytime in the year, isnt it?
rich-c: I though you were far enough south that snow was a serious rarity
james: well if you call the accumulated 50 feet we got last year a "serious rarity" than sure :P
james: i could give you my lattitude. sec.
rich-c: 50 feet? that's in the Muskoka or Newfoundland league
james: the problem is not latitutde but altitude. we're a good 400m above sea level
rich-c: I don't think we see 50 inches in a typical winter
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james: we're in the mountains, in what's known as the san-in mountain range
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
james: i'm living in the second coldest part of japan outside of hokkaido apparently
Daniel B: I'm back
George: Hi Everyone
rich-c: like, you're in a valley with some fairly high peaks around?
Daniel B: hello!
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
james: yes, exactly
james: an hour from here are two towns, both at sea level. they get almost no snow
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changed username to BobS
james: well, a lot less than we do anyway
Daniel B: I talked with james with Yahoo messenger because nobody was online here.
George: am I welcome?
rich-c: that makes it easier to figure, since it usually takes at least 2000 meters to generate serious snow
BobS: howdy mates
Daniel B: hello George!
rich-c: hello Bob, how goes it?
james: we'll get non-stop precipation and accumulate 50-70cm sometimes over a two or 3 day period
BobS: somebodyis "tank"ed ?????????
rich-c: George, everyone is always welcome if they want to keep it reassonable
BobS: mite cold, but otherwise good
Princess: hi Bob
George: Hi Daniel,Bob
BobS: 'rin me dear.........
rich-c: somewhat like what goes on in the Seattle-Tacoma region
james: i don't think your joints would take to kindly to our house in the winter, rich
Daniel B: Before it's too late to talk about it, I want to tell you that I have done a new tool to convert pictures for the ColecoVision. James tested it (a few minutes ago).
rich-c: you're likely right, james, but that will be dealt with a week Monday
BobS: they GOT the rain there......think had about 5-7" out there
BobS: should put out the fires in BC if it went that far north
rich-c: hey, that's terrific, Daniel
George: i feel very weak
Princess: where'
Princess: s Dr. D
Princess: where's Pam?
james: -5 isn't too bad when you're outside, but the temperature *inside* our house can get as low as 2 or 3 degrees
BobS: B.C. east of Vancouver Rin
rich-c: don't know, maybe he'll come on, maybe he won't
Princess: huh?
rich-c: Pam usually likes to watch West Wing and come on at 10 p.m.
BobS: so Daniel.....Xplain this new converter thing
George: everyone says I don't look good
Daniel B: I think my tool can do a better result
rich-c: well live with it, George
rich-c: we all have our troubles
rich-c: after all, Bob had to have his heart stopped and restarted a few weeks ago
Daniel B: I supposed that you used BMP2PP
George: bye
George left chat session
BobS: what is progtram going to convert from and convert to ??????
Daniel B: bye George! ....
BobS: YES have used it dir
Daniel B: My tool convert pictures
rich-c: guess George wants moe sympathy than we have in stock tonight
Daniel B: into a colecovision valid bitmap screen 256x192
Daniel B: You can do ordered dithering and error-diffusion too
james: @bob, the results are a big improvement over previous utilities
Daniel B: you can load pictures, use the clipboard, and save the result into a 40K PowerPaint file
rich-c: I have got to find out how to get my copy of the emulator working
Daniel B: The secret of my tool is another way to select and use colors
BobS: I am LIKING this idea !!!!!!
james: @rich c, what is wrong with george, if it's any of my business?
BobS: and so HOW we gonna get this program Daniel ?????
james: it works really well, bob
BobS: you got it posted ??????
james: i've already got it
Daniel B: I have just finished it today
james: nya nya nya nya nya nya :D
Daniel B: James have it
rich-c: oh, he is in poor health, in hospital, stroke maybe, but hard to tell
BobS: enought of that son !!!!!
BobS: ok to:
james: wow, i must say i prefer being called "son" than "pops" which is what my students call me
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BobS: and I will get it taht way ?????
james: let me check with dan, first
james: dan, is it ok if i send him the utility?
(BobS laughs heartily)
james: we were making sure it works on foreign language versions of windows
rich-c: anyway he bugs Dr.D. with TMI about his symptoms, discomfirts, etc.
Daniel B: Can I send it to the adamcon mailing list?
BobS: ahso !!!!!
james: yeah, but he's talking and communicative right? most people can't say that after a stroke
rich-c: oh, strokes can take many forms - he also has a bad case of Crohn's disease
james: i'm not familiar with that malady. let me google it
rich-c: you'll find it's pretty nasty and horribly uncomfortable
BobS: how big is the file Daniel???????
Daniel B: In a zip archive... about 25K
Daniel B: It's a windows application writed in VB5
Daniel B: So it's slower than BMP2PP but the result... wow!
BobS: PKZIP file, right ??????
rich-c: I would say offer it to the list, Daniel - some people get upset with attachments
james: @dan - the result is well worth the wait
james: @rich, indeed
BobS: offer it AND ask for reply to get it direct email from you
james: @bob, if you're running an athlon 1700+ you won't have too much of a wait ;)
changed username to GreaseMonkey
BobS: how about a P166 ?????
james: ouch
rich-c: I'm the one with the Athlon
james: i'd say start the dither, get a cup of coffee and it should be done when you get back
Daniel B: Ok, I'm in the mailing list web page.... I'm looking for the right e-mail...
rich-c: hello and welcome, Grease Monkey
GreaseMonkey: Hi
BobS: 25k don"t take long
james: want me to send it to him, dan?
rich-c: are you anyone we know, or just someone we'd like to know?
james: you have an athlon too, rich?
Daniel B: I will send it to him at the same time :)
GreaseMonkey: Just come in from working on my car.
GreaseMonkey: Hadda fix a loose tailpipe.
rich-c: yes, I run an Athlon XP1600
BobS: so ????? we still don't know who ya'll am
james: done
BobS: and who is "pisstank" ????
james: you should have it about 30 seconds ago
rich-c: that's Marie
GreaseMonkey: Found a Coleco ADAM under the hood.
GreaseMonkey: Figured I'd come here to find out more about it.
GreaseMonkey changed username to Dr.D.
BobS: MARIE !?!?!?!?\
james: well you've come to the right place
BobS: for shame on ya
Dr.D.: Who really has been working on the car all evening.
james: that's what rich said, bob
james: aww.. how cute. case is asleep on my back. too bad pam isn't here
Princess: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Hi Yo' Majesty!
rich-c: why, you planning to set up a web cam, james?
james: it's already set up
rich-c: hey Rich, can this chat be modified to support pictures?
Dr.D.: How are things in the realm of Ontario politics, Rin?
Dr.D.: I don't think so, Richard.
james: oh, i probably bragged already about the high speed access i'm getting, right?
james: i'll probably be getting a static ip too and mounting my own servers
Dr.D.: I've never seen live photos coupled with real-time chat.
james: they have a business package as well
Princess: well tomorrow our new gov't is sworn in and we find out who gets what ministry
rich-c: no you didn't, though I do believe there was some idea a few months ago
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james: ok, well on jan 23rd i'll be getting 12mbps access
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Dr.D.: Who's the NDP candidate for Ministry of Silly Walks?
james: which compared to 64k is uhmm.. incomparably fast
Judy: Hi, Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Judy.
Judy: hi, Dr D
james: will people still be here in 1/2 an hour?
Princess: hi Judy
BobS: ya sure mon
rich-c: we usually fold up about 11 p.m. local, it's nopw 9.30
Judy: hi, Erin
Dr.D.: So do you still have good chances for a job in Toronto, Rin?
(BobS reboots Piss Tank's computer remotely.)
james: perfect. case is asleep and i'm not one to waste an opportunity to join him. woke up exhausted this morning
Dr.D.: And you were to have some VIP dinner this week, right?
Princess: i've been organizing and working the magic.....
Princess: and yes
rich-c: I sympathize, I had to get up early (for me) too
Princess: it went super-fantastically well
Dr.D.: Super!
Princess: my potential employer sat right next to me
Dr.D.: I hope the Halls of Government come calling for you.
Judy: we got up early this morning, also
james: ok. see you all shortly.
rich-c: see you later, james
Dr.D.: And not to be on the cleaning staff, either :-)
Princess: :-)
rich-c: for me, 7.30 is early - and that's before sun-up these days
Dr.D.: Try 5:00 AM as early, Richard...
BobS: hit it at 6am today
BobS: bummer dude
Dr.D.: Daily grink here at Starbase Cleveland.
Dr.D.: grind, rather.
Princess: fingers still crossed...might some info tomorrow....but it's the waiting and seeing game right now
Judy: 6:00 for us this morning
rich-c: yes, but us old farts get spoiled, you know
Judy: you are lucky to not have to get up early, Rich
rich-c: when the battery gets older it takes longer to recharge
Dr.D.: What is age but slow decomposition, right....and we know what that smells like :-)
Daniel B: be right back....
Daniel B left chat session
BobS: YIKES, stinky............
Dr.D.: Richard ought to be saving his strength for his upcoming appointment with the orthopaedists.
Princess: 2 weeks eh?
BobS: I am sure he is Dr d
rich-c: yes, I was in for my pre-op paper-signing with the surgeon today
BobS: and then over the winter in spring .......A NEW MAN
rich-c: and the main event is a week Monday
Dr.D.: Bionic leg, that's for sure.
Dr.D.: Be jumping straight to El Paso in one leap.
rich-c: well, he says I'll have to wait six weeks before I can drive
Dr.D.: Some interesting ColecoVision stuff in the news...
Dr.D.: (or at least on TV)
BobS: and this was??????
rich-c: but then that's what he told Joseph (back fence neighbour) who was behind the wheel in three
Judy: the landing after that large of jump may be more than the new parts can stand for
Dr.D.: Last night the girls were watching some cable show that does a retrospective on an entire year each night.
Dr.D.: Last night was 1982, and there was a 10-minute spot on ColecoVision.
rich-c: hey, neat
Dr.D.: Lots of live screen shots of games.
BobS: suppose they taped it, eh??????
Dr.D.: I recognized Donkey Kong Jr., Burger Time, Zaxxon.
Dr.D.: Trying to think of others...
rich-c: oh, there's lots of gamers still around
rich-c: hey, I could demo at least 70 games off the carts I own
Dr.D.: The premise of this show seems to be a bunch of smart-alecky people-of-that-age riffing on their reminiscences of the particular year's culture.
Dr.D.: They were making jokes about the CV game controller looking like a portable phone.
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rich-c: more like a tv remote, actually
Dr.D.: But they all concluded that the Atari 2600 "sucked" compared to CV.
changed username to Daniel B
BobS: stick people on Atari
Daniel B: Mission accomplished!!!
rich-c: some things never change
Daniel B: I send an e-mail to the mailing list with my new tool
rich-c: yes, Daniel, I just received your email
rich-c: or rather it's in my mailbox, I'll download it later4
Piss Tank: rin so what r ur plans tomorrow??
Princess: i work 1-7
Piss Tank: ohhh ok then
Princess: getting up earlier to watch the swearing in at 11
Piss Tank: i have to be at work 12:30 as far as i know
Dr.D.: Say Richard, what's in your recent E-mail about "gravely serious"?
Daniel B: Bobs... you receive my e-mail too?
Dr.D.: I don't do attachments in E-mail...
Piss Tank: ohh yeah that's right
Princess: it all happens tomorrow
Piss Tank: i'll have to give u a call after u get home too see what happended
rich-c: essentially, Rich, it's notification of a new and nastier type of trojan
Judy: Bob did recieve your email, Daniel
Dr.D.: That does what?
Daniel B: hi Dr.D!
rich-c: Seems to be able to evade Norton AV and Sygate firewall, and knock them out
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel?
Dr.D.: Oops, hi Daniel!
Dr.D.: (wrong punctuation)
Piss Tank: rin where's pam/
rich-c: more opens teh computer to remote control by the hacker - logs your keystrokes, like you bank password, for instance
Dr.D.: "The more they fix up the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain"--Scotty, ST IV.
Daniel B: I talked with james, rich and bobs about my new tool to convert pictures.
Daniel B: ... to do more colecovision projects
Princess: West Wing I gather
Piss Tank: oic
rich-c: anyway, Rich, I can send it to you as body text if you prefer
Daniel B: the result is a better than bmp2pp...
Piss Tank: well night all
rich-c: I'm just reluctant to do much multitasking right now since the chat applet seems not to like it
Daniel B: good night to you
rich-c: goodnight Marie
BobS: nite Marie
Piss Tank: night uncle richard
Piss Tank: night bob
Piss Tank: night doodle bug
Princess: nite chickpea
Judy: night Marie
Piss Tank: night judy
Piss Tank left chat session
Princess: i think i'm heading out too
Princess: have a great nite everyone
Dr.D.: Oops, just got back here.
BobS: well gees....somethink we said?????
Dr.D.: Bye Princess.
BobS: bye Rin
Dr.D.: Lemme know if/when you want to talk any more.
rich-c: night Rin
(Princess gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: night Erin
Daniel B: evrybody is leaving?
Princess: nite uncle Richard, nite Judy
rich-c: no Daniel we'll stick around a bit yet
BobS: no just the 'girls'
Dr.D.: I will be in about 10 minutes, Daniel.
rich-c: if I vanish it's because I hit the wrong key
Dr.D.: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
Princess: i will send you an email soon Rich.....i no longer have access at my house for a little while
BobS: again ?????????
Dr.D.: No prob, not pushing.
Princess: :-)
Princess: if i had the net at home i'd be online a lot more
Daniel B: In this case, I will do the same thing. My computer need a "REBOOT".... be right back in about 10 minutes
rich-c: btw the nasty word I got today is no computers allowed in the hospital
BobS: ok
Princess: bye bye
BobS: how do they expect you to live???????
Princess left chat session
Daniel B: *poof*
rich-c: trell me about it - no nightly Autoweek BBS, no Adam chat Wed or Sat
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: I don't know, Bob, it's going to be a real trial
Dr.D.: Bye Rin.
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changed username to Pamela
Dr.D.: How long will you be in hospital?
rich-c: hi daughter, Rin and Marie just this minute lefft
Pamela: Boy, small crowd tonite
BobS: tha long??????
Dr.D.: They won't throw you out the next day, will they?
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: oh Pa. Erin and Marie jsut left because you wer not here
Pamela: well timing has never been my strong suit.
rich-c: no, they seem to think about a week
Pamela: Hi everbody
rich-c: 'if they don't like my progress, they can send me to a convalescent hospital for further treatment
Dr.D.: Hello Pam.
BobS: George couldn't stay hoo
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Pamela: awww
Dr.D.: What's a convalescent hospital, howzit different from a regular one?
changed username to Scott
Pamela: Hi Scott
BobS: HI Scott
Scott: Hi
rich-c: hello Scott, long time no see
BobS: si senor
Pamela: so Dad, what's the word
Scott: Bought a house
Dr.D.: George couldn't stay? My crocodile is sobbing...
rich-c: it offers maintenace care, not acute
Pamela: Congrats, Scott
Judy: hi, Scott
Scott: It killed my social life
BobS: good deal Scott
BobS: finally gonna settle in eh?????
Scott: Yeah, it's been crazy the last few months
Dr.D.: They're only $50 on Baltic Avenue :-)
Scott: Yes, finally settled in
Judy: that's great, Scott
Scott: Went to a garage sale last weekend
Scott: One couple had a Coleco ADAM for sale
Dr.D.: Some house if you had to buy the garage separately...
Dr.D.: :-)
Scott: It was brand new, so I bought it
Pamela: tee hee
Scott: For $30
Scott: Didn't have the original box, though
BobS: fer cryin out load....that's cheap
Pamela: they had a 20 year old computer never used???
Scott: But nice
BobS: oh, that makes it fair then
Scott: The keys on the keyboard haven't started turning yellow yet
Dr.D.: They don't always turn yellow.
Scott: So it must have been sealed away somewhere untouched for a very long time
Dr.D.: Seems to be mainly smokers' keyboards that do that, right?
BobS: stay nout of light and they are ok
Scott: All my keyboards turned yellow
rich-c: rich, just sent you the text of that attachment on your address
Scott: And I don't smoke
Dr.D.: "Yellow peril" :-)
BobS: only some keys o others
Dr.D.: BobS is prob right about light = UV.
Pamela: no, no, Rich, that's malaria
Scott: The system came with all the original manuals and 9 cartridges
Scott: Yay!
Pamela: that's a gold mine, Scott
rich-c: no, I suspect it may have something to do with who made the keys
Dr.D.: (Rich swats a mosquito)
rich-c: or how exposed teh keyboard was to intense sunlight
BobS: and it si not always the same keys either
Scott: It's the first time that I've seen a Coleco ADAM at a garage sale
BobS: first time for everything
rich-c: there was a time, Scott, when they were far from rare
Scott: So I went from a one bed/one bath apartment to a 4 bed/2 bath house
rich-c: but Denver was never a hotbed of Adam activity
Scott: What a shame!
Dr.D.: 3 rooms for ADAMs, think that will be big enough?
BobS: have even had to repaint a few keyboard casings that turned yellow
Pamela: four bedrooms? Got plans, have you?
Scott: Oh yeah...
Scott: My brother's living with us at the moment
Scott: Now I have enough space to set up my ADAM
Scott: It's been in boxes for a long time
Pamela: what's your closing date?
rich-c: just remember, Scott, that disc drive belongs to me
Scott: Parents were driving my brother crazy
Scott: Oh yeah, I totally forgot!
Scott: It's here, I just need to dig it out of one of the boxes
rich-c: thought that might be why the post office didnt call
Scott: It shouldn't be hard to find
Scott: I'll let you know next meeting if I find it over the weekend
Pamela: says the man in the middle of a move
rich-c: well, when you're moving and have to inventory everything anyway, it gets easier
Scott: A friend of ours installed a gas stove for us in the new house
Scott: It came with a horribly old electric range
rich-c: I do hope he was a licenced installer
Scott: Even got the gas stove for free
Pamela: if the old one's a Moffat, send the parts to my Dad
Scott: Works for the Colorado Natural Gas Company
Scott: Pretty good luck, eh?
BobS: yup
Pamela: horseshoes, Scott
rich-c: yes, we're still using a circa 1955 Moffat we got with the house
Scott: That's what our old stove looked like
rich-c: neat stoves, really great - we're vaguely toying with the idea of a rebuild
Scott: The previous owners were horrible at keeping up the house
Scott: The principle reason why their house sold well under market value
Scott: We have a .25 acre lot -- plenty of room for the 3 Jack Russells of ours
Pamela: good lord, and I thought I was bad with two cats
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: right - going to set up your own orchard?
Scott: Have a nice little dog run
Scott: When we want to work in the backyard and not be bothered by them
rich-c: a back yard that size, you'll be doing lots of work
Scott: So, I'm doing pretty good. Sorry I couldn't make ADAMCon again
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: Buying a house killed any plans of doing so
Pamela: next year Scott - El Paso is closer
rich-c: well, next one will be in ElPaso - that's handy for you
changed username to Ronald
Pamela: Hi Ron
Scott: Is that where it is?
rich-c: hello Ron, finally made it on
Ronald: hey!
Scott: El Paso is fairly close
Scott: Fantastic!
BobS: Mr Mitchell !!!!!!
Ronald: household chores you know
rich-c: by your standards, yes, Scott
Pamela: that's my excuse - you can't use it : )
Ronald: Someday I will make someone a fine wife
Dr.D.: Sweeping under all those ADAMs in the basement...
Ronald: or husband
Ronald: or however that goes
Dr.D.: "spouse" is the gender-neutral term.
Ronald: and the Mac SE30 just acquired
Judy: Hi, Ron
Ronald: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Me has one of them. No HD in it, though.
rich-c: what's teh MacSE for? or should I ask?
Scott: Learning PHP and MySQL in my job
Scott: Good Stuff!
Ronald: Well this one may as well not have at the moment. It is ill just now
Ronald: but it will work or my name isn't Snurgish Burkopenhoff
BobS: \say who ???????
Dr.D.: SE30 is a nice word processor.
Ronald: Snurgish Burkopenhoff
Pamela: um Ron, I hate to mention it, but . . .
Ronald: agreed Dr. D
Scott: How's the Japanese lifestyle treating you, James?
Dr.D.: MacWrite 4.5 and a LaserWriter and you are home free.
Ronald: yup
rich-c: too tiring - he's off for a snooze at the moment, Scott
Scott: Gotcha
Pamela: ah, life with a two year old
Dr.D.: AT-style keyboard is nicer typing than the little short one, though, IMHO.
Ronald: I currently have an SE that's doing yeoman service as a $5000 bedside clock
Ronald: Only thing I can see in the dark without my glasses on
Dr.D.: 13 years ago I drove to Atlanta to spend a week with my sister Karen after she got out of the hospital.
Pamela: for that price, it had better be atomic Ron
Dr.D.: I slept in her computer room.
Ronald: aha
Dr.D.: For an alarm clock, I wrote a QuickBASIC program.
Ronald: neat
Dr.D.: It worked very well...her AT had a nasty beep.
Scott: Well guys, I need to go pick up something to eat for the wife
Pamela: so soon Scott?
Ronald: how about yourself Scott?
rich-c: OK Scott, take it easy, come bak soon
Dr.D.: Bye Scott.
BobS: well congrats on the home owner thing and come back soon ya hear????
Scott: Yeah, I didn't pick something up for her on the way in from work
Ronald: ok
Scott: And she's bothering me to get off the internet
BobS: WOMEN !!!!!!!
Pamela: congratulations on the house Scott
Scott: Because she's hungry
rich-c: Can This Marriage Last?
Ronald: well then.....
Scott: and doesn't want to cook
Pamela: We'll see you next week?
Ronald: don't blame her
Scott: (She's been cooking every night for the past 2 weeks)
Ronald: she's got a perfectly good husband who's supposed to DO SOMETHING
Scott: So I will cave in a get her some Baja Fresh
Ronald: right
Ronald: be well
Scott: Getting to go constitutes as SOMETHING, right?
Ronald: possibly
Pamela: it does in my books Ron
(BobS hands Scott a tissue.)
Dr.D.: From Scott Paper Co.?
Ronald: let's hear it for the young
Ronald: at least they listen to their wivesw
Ronald: wives
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: Ok, for all those starving housewives in Colorado, I'm going...
changed username to Guy B.
Scott: See you next week...
Pamela: Hi Guy
Guy B.: I have returned!
Scott left chat session
Pamela: ciao Scott
BobS: hiya Guy
Ronald: Mr. Bona
rich-c: hello Guy, where were you Saturday?
Judy: bye Scott
BobS: that's good mon
Dr.D.: Hi Guy, sorry about the Cubbies...we wanted them to win here.
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: I was busy with cleaning my place up. I'm starting my vacation this Friday and all of next week. But, I'm not going anywhere. Next year for the Cubs.
Pamela: I'm going in search of chocolate - brb
Ronald: right... next year
rich-c: there's always next year
Ronald: keep the fans off the 3rd base line
BobS: for the will be lot of next years.......
Guy B.: I'm kissing Netzero out the door by the end of this year. I'm going to try DSL. Got the equipment yesterday.
BobS: what did you get???????
Guy B.: SBC Yahoo DSL
rich-c: So who will your broadband supplier be?
BobS: just need a network on the computer and the hookup right????
Pamela: that's better
Ronald: and lookout Internet !!
Guy B.: Yep, I'm going to install another Ethernet card so, the other PC's can use the connection. $26.95 a month for a year.
Ronald: then what does it go to?
rich-c: and how much for the 13th month?
BobS: THAT is the hundred thousand question
Guy B.: I can contact them to see if they have a new deal. Other wise it will be $39.95 I believe.
BobS: rude crude dudes..........
rich-c: OUCH! and how much is the modem costing you?
Dr.D.: will have little service or user warned, that's the tradeoff for such a low rate...
Ronald: same here.... although not quite that much. Why do they do that? They want me to leave after 12 months? Here it goes from $24.95 to $34.95
Pamela: I think they figure that by that time you'll be so hooked you won't want to leave
BobS: tht is becasue they think they have you hooked
Ronald: still better than the $39.95 I was paying with Shaw
rich-c: Ron, may I suggest you check out and see if they serve Comox?
Ronald: Bait and switch
Guy B.: I read the manual and I can use Netscape instead of it's own browser. I can have up to 10 e-mail addresses. Free firewall and anti-virus and they are throwing in upon my registration. 10 free music downloads and $10 Movielink money.
Ronald: you may suggest it indeed
Ronald: but I'd rather deal locally
Ronald: so I pay
BobS: roight matey
Ronald: I know the people down there
Dr.D.: Deal locally while you ISP was eaten by E-xpedient in July, and it's been all downhill.
rich-c: their brochure circulating here has some very attractive numbers - and no admitted time limit
Dr.D.: New managers laid off all the old staff.
Guy B.: Oh yes, I can use the SBC Dialup for the notebook if I go on the road.
Dr.D.: Hostile takeover...
Ronald: yup
Pamela: yes, hostile to the subscribers Rich
Dr.D.: Old ISP CEO was very unhappy.
Dr.D.: No, hostile to the private ISP CEOs.
Dr.D.: E-xpedient are buying up ISPs like mad.
Dr.D.: I think they just want to sell out to SBC or someone else in a couple years.
Ronald: Besides our outfit is giving the Mac Club free web hosting
rich-c: Ron, I can send you a scan of the brochure -which email address should I use?
Guy B.: Also, I got a new CD Writer. a 52X16X52. It replaces my 8X4X32 and also my CD-Rom drive that came with the Athlon as that broke.
Dr.D.: Now there is nobody to host the webcast of our robot Egg Hunt.
Dr.D.: So it may not be live webcast this year.
Ronald: sure Rich:
Guy B.: Correction 52X24X52.
Dr.D.: Only "rerun" from archived video, once I encode it.
Ronald: awww
Dr.D.: It will make Egg Hunt Day a bit less hectic, though.
Pamela: I keep meaning to ask you Ron - why is a chocolate company running an ISP?
Ronald: How am I gonna check the progress of the Evil Cambot?
Guy B.: I should be able to see that Egg Hunt with the DSL connection without any jitters.
Ronald: not if he doesn't stream it Guy
Ronald: I mean he's got no provider to stream it
Judy: so, Pam did you find the chocolate?
Pamela: I did, and it was delicious
Guy B.: Oh yeah! That's right.
Dr.D.: I can stream it from the robot lab after the fact, just like all the other archival video.
Ronald: chocolate? Who said chocolate?
Dr.D.: Just not live-as-it's-happening.
Pamela: not me
Guy B.: Then it should be no problem then.
Pamela: I did not say chocolate
Dr.D.: Your typing is dripping with chocolate, Pam. Come clean, now.
Ronald: suppose that would be better than nothing eh?
Pamela: my keys are clean Rich
Guy B.: My web site has been updated and one more update will be coming shortly.
Ronald: Hand over the chocolate, and nobody will get hurt
Dr.D.: You missed a bit on your lip, though.
Pamela: of chocolate that is
Pamela: too late Ron
Judy: we can smell it, there is nothing like the smell of chocolate
Guy B.: Care for some sugar-free chocolate?
Ronald: OH
Ronald: STOP
BobS: sugar free M&M's ????????
Dr.D.: Chocolate-free chocolate placebo product.
Pamela: Jersey Milk bar, 2/$1.19 at the dollar store
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: stion
Ronald: ??
Guy B.: How about sugar-free Hershey's
changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: Hey Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: Hey Pamela!
Daniel B: Hi Guy
Ronald: Daniel, sir
Daniel B: Ronald, sir!
Pamela: that sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it Guy?
Ronald: Are you well?
Guy B.: Well, I tried one today. And it it's pretty good. Very close to the original.
Daniel B: me?
rich-c: Ron, the email should be in your box now
Dr.D.: I think I'm going to head off to bed, gang. Getting pretty sleepy...
Guy B.: By Dr. D
BobS: well IF you have to
Daniel B: good night Dr.D ! :)
Dr.D.: Next week you can all look at my latest Ugly Professor Contest photo.
Pamela: (a clock ticks in the background) You are getting sleepy . . .
Dr.D.: No blood or gore this year, Richard.
Guy B.: Tell the girls I said Hi.
Judy: night Dr D
rich-c: OK, Rich, take it easy and sleep tight
Dr.D.: Will do, Guy.
Dr.D.: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......
Ronald: Got Daniel's e-mail, but not Richs
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: Night, Rich
Ronald: nterrupted fashion
Ronald: sleep in
Daniel B: I've got my e-mail too :)
Ronald: what's with my keyboard?
Ronald: chocolate
Pamela: not mine
rich-c: yours bounced, Ron - "user not known"
Guy B.: Boy, I'm getting closer to the vacation.
Ronald: right Daniel, I suppose you do
Ronald: ummmm
rich-c: OK, I left out the m
Ronald: that'll do it
rich-c: I'll resend it later, lost too much screen last time
Ronald: somebody faxed chocolate all over my keyboard
Ronald: yum
rich-c: in fact about three screens full went up while I was away
(Guy B. hands Ronald a tissue.)
Ronald: tuvm Guy
Pamela: don't bother Guy, he's licking the keyboard clean
Guy B.: You need it to clean up.
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Ronald: shclurrp
Ronald: schllluuurrrrp
Guy B.: Guess I was too late.
BobS: LEAVE the keys Ron
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thank you
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Pamela: to counteract the chocolate
Ronald: aw geee
Ronald: no blood glucose reading for me tonight I tell ya
Daniel B: A question to... everyone can answer my question.
(Pamela gives Ronald a can of Diet Coke.)
Ronald: yes
Ronald: what is the meaning of l ife?
Ronald: life
Ronald: lllllllife
Guy B.: Abby has met a new dog in my apartment building last week.
BobS: lots of chocolate........depart
Daniel B: I'm looking for picture of you guys (and girls). I'm surfing in the adamcon web site.
Pamela: 42
Ronald: go to Dr. D's site
Pamela: and is the dog attached to a decorative female Guy?
Ronald: think he had us all in a bunch
Ronald: right Pam, 42
rich-c: Ron, did a re-send, let me know when it comes
Guy B.: The other dog is a male and much younger. Although I didn't ask how old he is.
Pamela: gotta see last years Daniel if you want to see me
Judy: go to Meeka's website for pictures, Daniel
Ronald: (Ronald disappears to read mail)
Guy B.: Seems the two want to play with each other.
Pamela: and who does the dog own?
Daniel B: I'm looking for "portrait"-like pictures... you know... one personne posing and smiling to the camera.
rich-c: Judy, Meeka has lots of us on her hollowdreams site, doesn't she?
rich-c: basically none of us re into that sort of thing, Daniel
Guy B.: My new neighbors across the hallway from me. They moved in last week. A couple with two kids.
BobS: Daniel...goto
Judy: yes, but not as portraits
rich-c: almost all of them show our activities as a group
Judy: some two or three together but she has identified many of the pictures
Daniel B: You remember that I asked about who is who in this chat room in the past. Now, I want to put a face on each name (if it's possible).
rich-c: oh, it's possible, though Frances and I tend to hide in the background
Pamela: you do not
Guy B.: You should be able to find me there.
rich-c: in the pictures we do
Ronald: good plan Daniel
Pamela: Meeka won't let you - she sneaks up on you
Pamela: just be prepared Daniel, we don't dress up for these things
Ronald: I'm the hefty dude who can't smile
Ronald: :(
Daniel B: it's not the "dress" I'm looking at but your face :)
Pamela: no no Ron, like this : )
Ronald: oh
Pamela: either that or stand on your head
Ronald: right
Ronald: but then I'd have to live in Australia
rich-c: that, I gotta see!
Judy: you did that too, didn't you Pam, you knew what we looked like before the first convention you were at?
Daniel B: I'm not in the adamcon 05 gallery
Pamela: I did Judy - I was looking at pictures on the websites and the hard copies that Mom and Dad brought home from previous conventions
Pamela: should have followed my instincts and dropped in on you at 12
Pamela: hindsight is always 20/20
Judy: maybe the weather would be better their, Ron, we keep getting our cold weather from Canada, that is what we are told anyway
Pamela: oh sure, blame Canada
james: *yawn*
Pamela: good morning James
Ronald: yeah, I hear that sometimes from Seattle. "Somebody left the back door open up in Canada."
rich-c: aha, he's awake!
BobS: Ron...did B.C get that rain ???????
Judy: did you have a nice nap, James
Daniel B: finally.. I am in the adamcon 05 gallery.
james: so-so
Ronald: yes, Bob.... a drop or two
Daniel B: I see some pictures with only one personne in it
Ronald: enough to fill empty water reservoirs.... two or three times
BobS: needed more than that
rich-c: like you only lost half a bridge, Ron?
Ronald: yup..... some had to take to their row boats
Ronald: we didn't have a real time here, compared to other places
Ronald: no that was Pemberton/Whistler
BobS: just south of the border it poured 7 inches.....
rich-c: right, I gather travel to Whistler is on indefinite hold
Ronald: hope the 2010 Olympic committee is watching
Ronald: That's right.... unless you own a chopper
james: let me check my garage..
Pamela: As long as it's not the same ones the Canadian military is using
james: nope. no chopper
james: "military"
Pamela: hey they're little, but they're feisty
james: i'm all for paying down the debt but you'd think they could have put some of that $7billion surplus into defence
Daniel B: woa... some names I never saw before in the adamcon 05 gallery
BobS: probably a lot of them Daniel
BobS: names fromt he ADAM past
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: once upon a time our tribe was much larger, Daniel
changed username to Bfitzplck!!
Pamela: Ronald, such language
james: wb ron
james: and hi, btw
rich-c: do I get the feeling Dr. D. has re-appeared?
Bfitzplck!!: imac went to la la land
Bfitzplck!!: OS X you know
rich-c: ah, right, it's Reincarnated Ron
Bfitzplck!!: but unfortunately, I must love you and leave you
james: he gets better with each incarnation
Bfitzplck!!: have a place to be at 8
Bfitzplck!!: and it's only 10 minutes away
james: 8?
Pamela: well I must say (she says quietly, hoping the computer won't hear) every time I get dumped it's because of the site, not the computer
BobS: oh man.........
james: oh yeah. pacific time
Bfitzplck!!: yes.... Pacific.... for indeed that is where I am
BobS: well be good Ron
james: surprised you guys can't hear case from over there. he's not too happy right now
Bfitzplck!!: yes sir
james: gotta go
Bfitzplck!!: stay out of the chocolate everyone
rich-c: OK Ron, see you Sat or next Wed, then
james: yeah. terrible twos
BobS: have the windows closed James.....can't hear anything
Pamela: too late Ron
james: lol
james: me too :P
Pamela: night Ron
Bfitzplck!!: niters all
Daniel B: bonne nuit Ron
james: i'd better see what the fuss is all about
rich-c: nite now, Ron
Judy: night Ron
Pamela: nite James
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Bfitzplck!!: poofnik
Pamela: well easy come, easy go
BobS: ya
Daniel B: The only Ron I have in my list is Ron Mitchell... it was him?
Pamela: yes Daniel
BobS: yup that
BobS: ' him
Pamela: Daniel - you have a list?
BobS: just first names I think
Guy B.: Well, folks got to run. I'll see how Saturday goes. Otherwise next week on DSL. Bye
Pamela: g'nite Guy.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then - night
BobS: nite guy
Daniel B: I do a list with info you tell me about everyone here. "Who is who"
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: 11:00 pm - the witching hour
Daniel B: witch... it's a "sorcière" for me
rich-c: right -gotta get that straight, with Hallow'een coming
Judy: yes, it is for me, nite all
rich-c: goodnight, Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: okay Judy - nite
BobS: gotta split also gang.........
Pamela: nite Bob
BobS: Judy the boss ya know
rich-c: OK Bob, till next week then
BobS left chat session
Daniel B: About Halloween, James told me that he planned to introduce Halloween in Japan. Big contract!
rich-c: I believe teh Japanese are quite fascinated with American obsessions
Pamela: an exclusive would be nice, wouldn't it
Daniel B: I see... it's time to leave. many *POOF* in one minute.
rich-c: yes, we do tend to fold up about 11 pm
Daniel B: Don't stay because of me.
Pamela: hmm let's see - l'heure de sorciere - is that right Daniel?
rich-c: sometimes one or two will remain for a private conversation
Daniel B: oui, ça sonne bien! :)
Daniel B: mais je pense que ça serait mieux
Pamela: mais je n'ai pas les accent grave et ague
Daniel B: l'heure de la sorcellerie
Pamela: my french skills are verrrry rusty
Daniel B: difficult to translate "witching" because of the "ing"
rich-c: I assume they do have Hallow'een in QAuebec - or do you, Daniel?
rich-c: interesting point, Daiel - I can see that
Pamela: yes, how do you conjugate that anyway?
Daniel B: Yes! we do Halloween ... but no "trick or treat"... only a little "HALLOWEEN" and we give candies to the kids at our door.
Daniel B: most of the time, we change the ING for "en train de"
Daniel B: I'm walking
Daniel B: Je suis en train de marcher
rich-c: do you use the English word or is there a French equivalent?
rich-c: for Halloween that is'
rich-c: en train de - that's a subtlety of French I wasn't aware of
Daniel B: We pronunce "Halloween" with a french "A" and an english "WEEN"
Pamela: seems like a lot of work just to be walking Daniel : )
Daniel B: Well, each time you read "en train de" you will know that is an english "ING"
Pamela: Marcher = walks, does walk, is walking?
Pamela: that's what I was taught
Pamela: pardon - il est marcher
Pamela: non - il est marche
Pamela: there that's better
Daniel B: In french, we use the verb "HAVE" not "BE".
Daniel B: Il a marché
rich-c: Spanish does that too to some extent, doesn't it, Pam?
Daniel B: That's why we translate : I am 28 years old
Daniel B: J'ai 28 ans.
Pamela: tengo 28 anos
Pamela: I have 28 years
Pamela: pero, estoy una mujer - I am a woman
Pamela: estar = etre, I believe
Daniel B: in french it's
Daniel B: je suis une femme
Daniel B: the verb "BE" is used here
Pamela: just so
rich-c: Daniel, one or two things for Pam, if you'll excuse us for a second
Pamela: go ahead Dad
rich-c: Pam, evrything seems to be go for the 3rd but some prep work needs doing
Pamela: such as?
rich-c: basically they give you a briefing down at the hospital, apparently
Pamela: I imagine they'll do blood work and testing too Dad
rich-c: I did get a colloection of clue sheets today but havent had a chance to read them yet
rich-c: may even do the blood work the day of teh operation
rich-c: they have set the day but not the time of day
Pamela: they may want to get as much out of the way as possible Dad
Pamela: especially if you are scheduled for some ungodly hour of the morning
rich-c: Dr. Schatzker uses teh conventional approach, not the mini-incision they are experimenting with
rich-c: he will be using a partial cementation on the socket
Pamela: so is this general anaesthetic or epidural?
rich-c: that hasnt been said but I suspect the former and will encourage it
Pamela: don't want to be awake, huh?
rich-c: not really - some things I don't think I want to know
Pamela: I can get behind that
rich-c: I suspect from Dr. S's comments when he viewed my x-rays today that it's a bit of a mess down there
Pamela: Chris's mom (of Emily and Chris) just had hers done last week - she had an epidural
Daniel B: be right back in five minutes
rich-c: yes, I believe Joseph mentioned his was done that way too
Pamela: judging by Dr. Santo's reaction to the initial x-ray, I'd say that's a good supposition
rich-c: well, when I came in he asked about pain, I said it was getting worse, he raised his eyebrows
rich-c: then when he saw the x-rays he said he could see it
rich-c: then when I asked about medication he said don't be a hero, take what you need
rich-c: suggesting perhaps he thought I was using inadequate levels at present
Pamela: did you mention you're the sole driver in the house?
rich-c: yep, he said I can drive in six weeks, that's time enough
Pamela: I was more concerned about stronger pain meds until the surgery if you're driving
rich-c: I do suspect the doctors tend to exercise maximum caution in their recommendations
rich-c: they have to fix things up if we screw up, after all
Pamela: well, I saved you a place on the couch for New Years Eve, just in case : )
rich-c: he didnt seem concerned - I think they treat Ty3 or percocet like candy
rich-c: just so long as you remind your mother to tape the football games - or help her set up the VCR if required
Pamela: considering the buzz I get from T1's, T3's when I'm driving are not an option
Pamela: If i'm going to help her with the VCR, I have to have a lesson you know
Daniel B: I'm back
rich-c: actually I am not that sensitive to them, but I tend to be very conservative in all aspects of the use
rich-c: good Daniel, and welcome
Pamela: Dad, I have to come by the house anyway - why don't I do it tomorrow night and you can tell me then?
rich-c: anyway seems the target time is seven days in active treatment, then assess whether you go home or to a convalescent hospital
Daniel B: you talked about doctor(s) and VCR... your conversation is more than private. I may have to go then.
Pamela: it's hip surgery Daniel, that's all
rich-c: no, Daniel, everyone in the group knows I'm having my hip joint replaced a week Monday
rich-c: since Pamela will have to help Frances with errand running and stuff, we're just tossing details around
rich-c: Frances doesnt drive so shopping is a (minor) issue
Pamela: is tomorrow night alright then Dad?
Daniel B: I translated hip... i didn't know what it is but now I know.
rich-c: far as I know, sure - don't have any known plans
rich-c: it's whre the leg joins the body basically, Daniel
Pamela: I'll come after dinner (come home first and eat, grab what I need and head out)
rich-c: whatever - if you're going to phone first you may have to email me though
Pamela: nah, I'll just aim for about 7:30 or 7:45
rich-c: I tend to get on the Autoweek site about 8 p.m.
Daniel B: rich, this means that you will stay in a bed (not walk) for awhile?
rich-c: right, Daniel, or rather my walking will be very limited
rich-c: but it is very limited now, because of the pain when I walk
rich-c: I have had a disability permit for my truck since July of last year
Pamela: I'm going to make a list of questions for you Dad so I don't forget to ask
rich-c: but it only got bad enough for me to decide3 on surgery this last spring
Daniel B: you are like me? you hate hospital?
rich-c: OK I will read the hospital literature in the meantime
rich-c: the ral bummer is that I can't take my laptop to the hospital
Pamela: everyone hates hospitals Daniel : )
Pamela: why not Dad?
Daniel B: i think even doctors don't like hospital.
rich-c: I suspect for teh same reason cell phones are a no-no - interfere with electronic equipment
Pamela: okay, I can see that
rich-c: you remember the use on aircraft is quite restricted, too
Daniel B: no laptop, no cell phone... can you use thje phone? or you will have to use a telepatic way?
rich-c: seems a bedside phone is standard equipment, "negative option" billing
Pamela: that really gives "you're in my thoughts" new meaning : )
Daniel B: using telepatic messaging is not bad then
rich-c: anyway apparently they get you out of bed and vertical within 24 hours, but with much support
Pamela: I must admit I am not envious, Dad
rich-c: gradually you go from wheelchair to walker to crutches to canes to no aids
Daniel B: aids?...why talking about aids?
rich-c: well, having the pain get lost and my mobility come back is a good return on the investment, Pam
Pamela: assistance, Daniel aids = assistance
Daniel B: ha bon...
rich-c: in this context, Daniel, aids = assistive devices (cruth, cane, etc.)
Pamela: I can't argue with that Dad. I'm looking forward to having you more mobile too
Daniel B: in french we use "aide"... it's close
rich-c: not to be confused with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
Pamela: I can see it's been hard on you being so restricted in what you can do
rich-c: yes- feels funny to really miss my walk to the library or plaza
Pamela: you don't know what you're missing until you can't do it anymore
rich-c: some truth in that
Daniel B: Well, it's time to say "bonne nuit"... and good luck, rich!
rich-c: but have you looked at the time? if I'm going to get up tomorrow I have to get to bed tonight soon
Pamela: you're right Daniel - it's bedtime
Pamela: you? In bed before midnight? I don't believe it Dad
rich-c: quite, Daniel - bonne nuit and see you Saturday or Wednesday, as it goes
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel B: bonne nuit à vous deux!
Daniel B: and ...
rich-c: so both of you - goodnight now
Daniel B: au plaisir de se revoir samedi ou mercredi prochain!
Pamela: g'nite Dad - see you tomorrow
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B: *poof*
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
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changed username to <undefined>
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