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emma_iwu: hi
emma_iwu: are u there
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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour
Daniel Bienvenu: J'ai continué mon outil de conversion d'images
Daniel Bienvenu: Je suis bien content.
rich-c: going to be slow today - I'm on the laptop
rich-c: well, now you may have another interested part
rich-c: party
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you know anything about a videogame named "power grabber"?
rich-c: no, in fact that's the name of a handicap aid I have :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw it in the Coleco FAQ and someone say that he wants to sale his original copy.
rich-c: sounds more like a screen grab utility
rich-c: did you see the email from Zoltan H. on the adam masilimg list?
Daniel Bienvenu: no
rich-c: oh, he's a newfound user interested in programming games
Daniel Bienvenu: the last mail I have is from Guy bona.
rich-c: anyway he lives in Toronto and I have talked to him
rich-c: are you on the coladsam list?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I saw an e-mail from Zoltan
rich-c: I know you posty to it but do you receive?
rich-c: OK then you do kno about him
rich-c: anyway dont be surprised if he turns up on chat wanting to tlk to you
Daniel Bienvenu: he simply said that he has 5 super game to give and smartbasic things he programmed in '80
Daniel Bienvenu: he's still looking for a working adam?
rich-c: he doesnt know about the Saturday chat yet
rich-c: not sure, we didnt get that far
rich-c: h boy, Winnipeg's backup quarterback just got injured
Daniel Bienvenu: I see that no one replied to his question about SmartBASIC running with an ADAM emulator.
rich-c: I also told him I could move tape contents to disc
Daniel Bienvenu: during a chat session or a reply to him?
Daniel Bienvenu: because I see nothing in my mailbox about that... and I don't remember any messages about that during the chat session
rich-c: on the phone wqhen we talked yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: And about the "power grabber", someone offer to pay for it.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: hold on a minute
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: sorry had a problem copying to notepad
rich-c: watching the football gasme on the side
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem
rich-c: Edmonton at Winnipeg - starting well
rich-c: happy because Toronto made the playoffs last night
rich-c: not happy at the way they did it - they won ugly
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm not a football fan ... sorry
rich-c: that's OK - I always get flak because I've given up on hockey
rich-c: looking forward to the CART race tomorrow
rich-c: Paul Tracy could ven win the season championship
Daniel Bienvenu: for me, a cart race is when I rush because I want to release in cart version a new game in time for a gaming expo :)
rich-c: yes, a long way frtom racing around a road course
rich-c: by the way I see Trois-Rivieeres has had to give up their street racing weekend
rich-c: ran out of money since Player's can"t sponsor them
Daniel Bienvenu: "le monde change"... we can't avoid modifications in our life.
rich-c: c'est vrai - but we don't have to like it
rich-c: I think if Zoltan wants to do supergame type programming he will need your help
Daniel Bienvenu: my help? Dale wick do super game... not me.
rich-c: I think you have moe expertise in cxertain areas than Dale does
rich-c: not sure but you may have an edge in graphics conversion
Daniel Bienvenu: It's true that I created new ColecoVision games.. but no super game.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't read the super game part of the Coleco Adam document I have now (thanks again) .
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't explore this
rich-c: dont the Supergames use cart gasme technologies?
Daniel Bienvenu: The super game use a special way of coding i don't know
Daniel Bienvenu: it's more forthe ASM programmer than me
Daniel Bienvenu: the only thing I can do for him is to tell him there are some tools i have done for coleco programming
rich-c: right, and I think he will find them useful
rich-c: you program in VB, don't you?
rich-c: I am not at all clear on what goes on within the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: I programm my tools in VisualBASIC 5. Before 2000, I programmed my tools for DOS with QuickBASIC 4.5
rich-c: what languager do you write the games with?
rich-c: I thought they were writtewn in ASM and compilked into machine code
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm writing my Coleco games in C with the Marcel's coleco library (for hi-tech c compiler)
Daniel Bienvenu: I do my own graphic library
Daniel Bienvenu: "getput"
Daniel Bienvenu: and my tools
Daniel Bienvenu: the last tool I have to do is a "composer" for the music
rich-c: ah, Marcel has made a compiler from C to z80 machine code?
Daniel Bienvenu: no the compiler is "hitech software"
Daniel Bienvenu: he made a library
Daniel Bienvenu: who add the "header" 55 AA ....
rich-c: who ro what is hi-tech software?
Daniel Bienvenu: and some usefull instructions to interact with the joystick, video memory, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: just your familiarity with the tools will help the others
Daniel Bienvenu: Because Marcel's do his coleco library for the hi-tecjh c compiler, I had no choice than using hi-tech c compiler to build my games
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm familiar with MY tools... not every tools :)
rich-c: right - so who is hi-tech?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi-tech is a company who build C compiler and cross-compiler
rich-c: any idea where they are or what else they do?
Daniel Bienvenu: United States and Australia
rich-c: what else do they make?
rich-c: I'm sure there isnt enough demand for Z80 compilkers tyo keep them going
Daniel Bienvenu: except many C compiler and C cross-compiler? well
Daniel Bienvenu: HI-TIDE is a brand new graphical development environment designed to aid the user in all aspects of a project's development. It provides all the necessary tools to write, compile, debug and simulate a project easily.
Daniel Bienvenu: HI-TECH Salvo is a cooperative real-time operating sytem (RTOS) that is designed for single-chip microcontrollers with severly limited RAM and ROM. It provides the power, speed and flexibility of an RTOS in low-cost embedded designs. Salvo is scalable, easy to learn and highly configurable.
Daniel Bienvenu: in C compiler, they do
Daniel Bienvenu: 68000 C
Daniel Bienvenu: 6805 C
Daniel Bienvenu: 68HC11 C
Daniel Bienvenu: 8051 C
Daniel Bienvenu: ARClite C
Daniel Bienvenu: ARM-C
Daniel Bienvenu: CPM (freeware) the one I use
Daniel Bienvenu: H8/300 C
Daniel Bienvenu: Pacific C (freeware)
Daniel Bienvenu: PICC and PICC lite
Daniel Bienvenu: PICC-18
Daniel Bienvenu: XA C
Daniel Bienvenu: Z80 C
rich-c: I see a mix of processors and OS's there, mostly 8-bit external
Daniel Bienvenu: yep
Daniel Bienvenu: The classic Z80 microprocessor is alive and well, embedded in numerous microcontrollers from several manufacturers. HI-TECH Z80 C is a mature, reliable tool backed by 18 years of continuous development.
rich-c: the 68000 was a 16-bit used in the Am iga 500 and 1000
rich-c: I get the feeling you are copying the from the hi-tech website
Daniel Bienvenu: Exactly, because I don't want to write you wrong info :)
rich-c: I can multitask frtom chast but often have trouble
rich-c: sometimes my dwsktop computer has problems with it
rich-c: oddly enough I suspect it's because my Java environment is newer than the one used in chat
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe... but no one knows for sure what could be the problem when an applet doesn't run well :)
rich-c: yes, I'd sort of gathered that
rich-c: but then current OSs are so com[licated I'm surprised anyone understands them
rich-c: any way, time marches on - getting time toshutdown
Daniel Bienvenu: you mean, it's time to say "good bye"?
rich-c: yes, for the moment - back again Wednesday
rich-c: hope to see you then
Daniel Bienvenu: ok then, see you wednesday... the special halloween chat ?
rich-c: only in that there may be delays while I anseer the door!
rich-c: actually Frances will dp most of that
Daniel Bienvenu: well, au revoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
rich-c: bye now
rich-c: I'm gone
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