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rich-c: good morning
james: good morning
rich-c: how is life in the land of the rising sun today?
james: tiring :P
rich-c: oh dear, is Case being a two year old?
james: very much so
james: but very well mannered by 2 year old standards though
rich-c: I sympathize - I had to get up at 5.30 a.m. today - it was NOT fun
james: i won't be on for long. now that you guys have set your clocks back, it's an hour later for me, relatively speaking
james: 5.30? whatever for?
rich-c: go down to teh hospital for teh pre-op program - takes over half a day
rich-c: had to be there by 8 which meant leaving here by 7 with our traffic
james: fun stuff
james: are you still driving?
rich-c: real fun comes Monday - have to be there for the operation by 6.15
james: that's early. at least the traffic shouldn't be too bad
rich-c: as it happens, yes, I am still driving, but Pam took me down
james: that is by toronto standards
james: which operation is this?
rich-c: I won't be driving in for the operation - I may be in hospital 10 - 12 days, and not driving for six weeks
rich-c: trading in my left hip for a new one
james: you'll be a cyborg
rich-c: does it tell you something about teh pain and frustration of an arthritic hip that I am really looking forward to the surgery?
james: indeed
rich-c: anyway, pre-surgery I had to give up my regular pain pills as they have a blood thinning effect
james: i have a friend who was involved in a head-on collision and she can't wait for her surgery. her shoulder is very painful
rich-c: and I wasn't settled into teh subsitute and didn't know what my capabilities would be, so got Pam to take me down
rich-c: she works only a short walk from teh hospital anyway
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rich-c: actually it isn't that the pain isn't bad enough, it's not being able to do your usual things that really hurts
changed username to VorpalBlade
james: yeah, if you're an active person i think it hurts that much more to be confined or in reduced capacity
rich-c: now is teh god Doctor snicker-snacking his way in?
VorpalBlade: Yes, 'tis me.
rich-c: greetings then to teh lower shore of Lake Erie
VorpalBlade: I see that Rin et al. are not here to be amused by my monicker, so I will change back to Dr. D.
VorpalBlade changed username to Dr.D.
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rich-c: oh, they will likely turn up sooner or later - I know Pam plans to come on
changed username to BobS
rich-c: grettings minheer Robert
BobS: hi guys
BobS: so how's japan......cleveland and toronto?????
Dr.D.: I figured that you'd be off for a few cycles at least after tonight, Richard, so I hope they turn up.
Dr.D.: Cleveland is cold and rainy off and on.
Dr.D.: It's trying to give me a cold...might have succeeded.
BobS: same here Rich
rich-c: yes, I may make Saturday, but then likely down for two weeks
Dr.D.: Just took some Robitussin to stop from coughing.
BobS: surgery is when????
BobS: Nov......
Dr.D.: I'd taken a nap after supper and woke up hacking a bit.
Dr.D.: 3rd, on my birthday...
BobS: next MOn eh?
Dr.D.: I'll save some virtual birthday cake for you, Richard.
rich-c: Monday morning at 7.45 a.m. - I have to be there 90 minutes earlier for prep
james: japan is warm during the day, cool at night
Dr.D.: Geez, why not admit you the night before?
james: i miss central heating
BobS: is that IN the morning????????? 6:15.......TOO EARLY
rich-c: cost considerations
BobS: James, only space heating?????
Dr.D.: It's not like they're doing it outpatient, are they?!?
james: i'd bring a sleeping bag and just bunker down in the waiting room
rich-c: I figure I have to get up at 4.45 to make it
Dr.D.: How are you getting there?
james: yeah, but think of all the sleep you can get *after* the surgery lol
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james: and hopefully during
rich-c: oh, I'll have to have a taxi - nothing else running at that hour
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Dr.D.: I wasn't sure if Pam was going to be there or not.
Pamela: I'm here
BobS: YO Pamela !!!!!!!
Pamela: Hi, all
BobS: early tonight........
Dr.D.: Yes...I was talking on Monday morning to take your Dad to hospital.
Pamela: only five busy signals before I got on tonite
Dr.D.: Hello, Pam.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: you had a problem too, did you, Pam? I'll send John another note
BobS: only 5........
BobS: not good
BobS: HI Daniel
Pamela: Hi Daniel
james: at least i don't have to worry about busy signals
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
james: anyway, since it's already an hour later than usual, i'm afraid i have to get ready for work
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello James, Rich, Dr.D, Bob, Pamela... and others who will be online tonight :)
james: will catch you all next week..
Pamela: don't know what it is about Wednesday at nine that is so popular
Dr.D.: DSL is on here 24/7...haven't had an outage since The Blackout.
rich-c: see you james - take care
james: good luck with everything rich
Pamela: see you later James
Dr.D.: And even then the phone lines were working.
rich-c: every once in a while Tamco signs up the wrong customer
james: bye everyone
james left chat session
Dr.D.: Bye James.
BobS: bye james
Daniel Bienvenu: bye James!
rich-c: there are people who think unlimied use means uninterrupted and use line holders to hijack a dediucated line for themselves
Pamela: anyway, Dad wants to take a cab to the hospital - I'm not sure I'm capable of driving at 5:30 in the morning
rich-c: and with a day's work ahead of you, you shouldn't be even thinking of it
BobS: stay up all night and then you will be awke @ 6AM
BobS: and yer farnn dingers will work too
Dr.D.: Can you get off work to be there during the surgery?
Dr.D.: Don't laugh, Bob...I've been there with that strategy.
Pamela: absolutely if I'm so inclined
rich-c: not much point to that - she can't get into the operation or recovery room
BobS: how long in hospital Richard???????
Pamela: my job will be to keep Mom calm
rich-c: and even when I get to teh regular room, I'll likely be totally out of it for several hours more
rich-c: they seem to think about 5 days in acute care, 5 - 7 days in "rehab"
Daniel Bienvenu: I fell like I came at the wrong time. I'm in time for the chat session or one hour late?
Dr.D.: You are in time, Daniel.
rich-c: you're right on time, Daniel; james and I got here early
Dr.D.: Eastern Standard Time has resumed.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! :)
Dr.D.: It's 9:18 PM by my clock.
Daniel Bienvenu: hey! me too!
rich-c: japan doesnt use daylight time so there's an additional hour offset now which made him leave early
Dr.D.: 4:18 AM in Helsinki :-)
Pamela: I'll probably keep in touch with the hospital throughout the day and go visit after work
rich-c: yes, I'm on the atomic clock, which declares it is now 9.18
Dr.D.: I have to watch that because sometimes my friend J-P's country changes to Standard Time on a different weekend than we do.
Pamela: Hmm, I'm fast - mine says 9:23
rich-c: you should get a program that checks and sets it automatically, Pam
Dr.D.: Do you see a Doppler red shift, Pam? Expanding universe and all that :-)
Pamela: there, I fixed it
Dr.D.: Before I forget...
BobS: forget?????
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it true that in Canada... it's not all the provinces who "change" time?
BobS: what??????
Pamela: what with power glitches and the time change, I'm surprised it's only out by five minutes
Dr.D.: If you want a laugh, go look at my "Ugly Professor Contest" photos for this year's contest.
Pamela: that's true Daniel - Saskatchewan does not
Dr.D.: I promise to Richard, no gore this year.
Dr.D.: And no ADAMs harmed in the making of my costume, either :-)
rich-c: that is true, Daniel - Saskatchewan in part stays on standard time
Dr.D.: Contest ends Friday; I haven't heard any intermediate results.
Dr.D.: I am going to look at the competitors' photos tomorrow at lunchtime.
Dr.D.: If I can win, it's 4 years in a row.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D ... are you Jean Luc Picard ?
Dr.D.: Probably too much to hope for, but it's all for charity :-)
Dr.D.: Rich of Borg :-)
Dr.D.: Some people have noticed the Jean-Luc resemblance...
Dr.D.: I still have too much hair to be him, though :-)
Dr.D.: So Richard, I hope you don't come out looking like my photos after Monday...
rich-c: haven't had a chance to peek yet, Rich, but will see
rich-c: anyway this particular operation apparently has a very high success rate
Dr.D.: I'm still wearing my Capt. Kirk outfit to work on Friday, but I will wear the other costume for Trick-Or-Treating.
Dr.D.: We are all hoping that yours will also be as successful.
Pamela: I just went to look Rich - very cute. Richard of Borg, hmmm?
Dr.D.: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
Dr.D.: Would you give me some nice candy if I showed up like that on your doorstep?
Daniel Bienvenu: very creative... good luck for the contest
Pamela: of course!
Pamela: of course, I might comment that some people were a little old to be trick or treating . . .
BobS: Rich......the pics are TRULY YOU !!!!!!!!!
rich-c: how do you get onto another page without dumping the chat applet?
Dr.D.: Anything for chocolate...
Dr.D.: Open another browser window.
Dr.D.: "New" from the File menu?
Daniel Bienvenu: your pictures give me the opportunity to test again my new tool to convert pictures to Coelco :)
Dr.D.: Go right ahead, Daniel...that would be fun.
rich-c: usually if I try that the applet gets cranky and crashes me
Pamela: you should have two windows open now Dad - the chat applet and the page - if you start from the latter you shouldn't dump the chat - it worked for me
rich-c: I use the chat applet page full screen
rich-c: I'll give it a shot
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Pamela: so do I, but down at the bottom you should have two windows open - use the one for - should work
rich-c: just tried - it didnt work
Pamela: that's weird Rich - I wonder why I could access your site from here but not from work?
Pamela: open another browser window then Dad
Dr.D.: When did you try?
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Pamela: couple weeks ago
Dr.D.: There were some tiny windows during the week that the machine was down...
Pamela: btw, that undefined was me
Dr.D.: Like Monday when I spent about 2 fruitless hours trying to run Norton Utilities on one of our student's dead hard drives.
Dr.D.: year of work...120 gigabytes...not backed up anywhere...and 2 weeks ago the drive stopped working.
Dr.D.: He left it on since then (!!!!), overheating, before saying anything to anyone.
Pamela: scuse me I have to go catch a cat
Dr.D.: I tried all my magic and it is still clicky-clicky dead.
Dr.D.: So now it is going out for professional data recovery at a cost of over $1000 US.
Dr.D.: My boss (his thesis advisor) is not so happy, shall we say...
BobS: and it was HIS hd or the university's?????
Pamela: Is that being added to his tuition? : )
BobS: turning off and cooling down no help?
Dr.D.: It was the lab's, his computer workstation.
Dr.D.: Part of it, rather.
rich-c: there is a very good data recovery srvice here in Toronto
Pamela: I can't believe he didn't have it backed up
rich-c: I've heard their rates are very competitive - especially in US dollars
Dr.D.: I put it in the fridge for a couple hours and tried it again, no joy.
Dr.D.: It's an external 120 GB FireWire drive.
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: a Mac then
Dr.D.: It was supposed to be mounted on a flat plate to make it stand up on end, for cooling: there was no fan inside the case.
Dr.D.: Our student never bothered to put the foot on it, and instead laid the drive box on top of another couple external FireWire drives.
Dr.D.: Flat, no space lots of heat building.
Dr.D.: I wanted to kill him...
rich-c: and this guy is a candidate for a Ph.D.?????
Pamela: you know, it occurs to me that this person deserves to lose a years work
Dr.D.: Maybe he deserves it...but the lab can't take the hit.
BobS: forget the cost..........make him do the year over
Dr.D.: He's trying to graduate in about 6 months.
Dr.D.: And then emigrate to Canada.
Pamela: we don't want him!
rich-c: gimme his name - I'll warn immigration ;-)
Dr.D.: He and his wife already filled out the paperwork.
Dr.D.: When they went to Toronto in June to turn it in, however, the US would not let his wife back in.
Pamela: didn't he do something else stupid about six months ago? I have a vague memory of you talking about him before
Dr.D.: So she has been stuck in Canada ever since...except for a 1-month trip back to China in August-September.
rich-c: why wouldnt they let her in?
Dr.D.: Visa problems.
rich-c: aha - she's Chinese, then?
Dr.D.: Yes, both are.
Dr.D.: I think her visa was student-only, she had graduated and was working temp jobs here in Cleveland waiting for her husband to finish.
Dr.D.: No longer a student, no longer valid visa, I think was the rationale.
rich-c: that is a definite no-no
Pamela: never, ever, ever leave the US unless you're absolutely sure they'll let you back in before you leave
rich-c: still you need a green card to work, period full stop
rich-c: or that you'll never, ever, ever want to go back again :-)
Pamela: exactly
Dr.D.: So my boss actually created a work position for her here, got through all the HR hoops to get the job offered to waiting on paperwork so she can get back to Cleveland.
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: hello Ron
Ron: Is there life?
rich-c: charity is a noble virtue - but even the most noble can be carried to excess
rich-c: hello Ron
Dr.D.: It's been costing them a fortune I'm sure, for her to live in Canada, even though he said she's working some small job somewhere.
Dr.D.: Hi Sir Ronald.
Pamela: nope - just a reasonable facsimile thereof
BobS: Ron........from the wet coast.........or dry as the case may be.......but chilly right now??????
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron!
rich-c: probably as an illegal in Canada too
Ron: greetings all!
rich-c: what weather have you brewing for us out there?
Ron: chilly, yes
Ron: we have some arctic are that slipped a little too far south
Ron: need to push it back up beyond the mountains
Pamela: naughty jetstream - it wandered
Ron: exactly
Dr.D.: Go up to the top of Mt. Washington and chastise the weather gods.
Dr.D.: "Stop that, now! No more of that!"
Pamela: but if he does that he'll have to get new brakes again Rich
Ron: yes, I shall stand there and yell
BobS: we are having a cold spell here too about 10-15 degrees F colder than normal
Ron: Rosie the Bull would not like the trip
Dr.D.: Like the monk in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" complaining about the "bloody weather!"
Ron: yeah.....
Dr.D.: Put Rosie in 1st gear...
Pamela: and find your warranty : )
Ron: might have been the answer
Ron: plus back seat passengers get out and push
Ron: but then, I had Bob behind me so it was ok
Ron: and the overpowering SUV
Dr.D.: Cable lift for cars? Like at a roller coaster first hill, hook on and get winched up a track.
Dr.D.: Hey, we coulda had a real-time game of "Spy Hunter"!
BobS: all ya had to do was tell us and we would have used the suv to push ya up the little hill
Ron: probably the damned oxygen sensor... which has been malfunctioning for several years
Dr.D.: Let out the smokescreen :-)
Ron: one of these days I'll have to get it fixed
Pamela: yours too?
Ron: right Bob...... almost came to that
Pamela: must be a quirk
Ron: Spy Hunter....hey!
Dr.D.: Our 1989 Caravan passed it's emissions inspection with flying colors.
Ron: yes, and Meeka said the same thing
Dr.D.: Rats, "its"!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: someone need the phone now... be back in a couple of minutes
Ron: have had this Check Engine light when accelerating up hills
Ron: although in this case, I definately was not accelerating
Dr.D.: Isaac Newton was being a drag.
Ron: Never though of that.... could have got out and yelled, "dammit Issac, let go!"
Pamela: just be aware that the scope test and sensor can get expensive Ron
Dr.D.: My Dad's 1975 Dodge pickup had a weird console light that came on once and never went out, and nobody seemed to know what it meant.
rich-c: oxygen sensors are unconscionably pricey, but it's still better to replace them
Dr.D.: "Fuel pacer"
Dr.D.: O2 sensor went on the Caravan maybe 5 years ago, I'd have to look in the maintenance logbook to see the cost.
Ron: it's not so much the sensor Rich, it's the labour involved. But yes, you're quite right. Due for a tune up in a month or so, so will probably get it done then
Dr.D.: I don't remember it being horrifically expensive.
Pamela: they are on the Taurii
rich-c: you may find not getting it repaired is costing you a fortune in gas
Pamela: $100 + - for the scope test, $3-400 for the sensor
Ron: odd part is I'm getting about 30 mpg on the highway
Ron: which I though wasn't bad for a 6
Dr.D.: But here in Cleveland, since the overall air quality doesn't meet some federal minimum, all vehicles 1975 and later have to be emissions tested yearly to get new license plates.
Ron: Vancouver has something like that
Ron: but here on the island, they let us get away with it
Dr.D.: Caravan has never had emissions more than a few percent of the limits.
Pamela: yes Drive Clean in Ontario is for vehicles later than 1980
rich-c: actually at least in Canada those programs are a fraud
rich-c: the worst air day in Vancouver history wouldn't even match an average day in Cleveland
Dr.D.: There have been documented reports of incompetence in the testing centres here, too.
Ron: bit of a game really
rich-c: yes, a ral ripoff
rich-c: they dont test cars over 20 years old, and changing engines makes a vehicle a hot rod that only need meet 1980 standars
Dr.D.: I think the '74 Maverick failed its very first test after the mandated testing went into effect, but after a bit of tweaking passed.
Pamela: besides, IMHO they're not testing the vehicles that are the worst offenders - large trucks, buses etc
rich-c: so my Meteor doesn't have to be tested and teh van only has to meet 1980 truck limits
BobS: right on Pamela
Pamela: most of the dumptrucks I've seen have more particle emissions upon acceleration from a light that my car does in a year
Dr.D.: Or lawn mowers...I bet my Briggs & Stratton puts out more in an afternoon than either car in a couple weeks.
Pamela: yes two stroke engines are a big offender too
rich-c: in one hour your lawn mower puts out more than a typical new car driving 6700 miles
Dr.D.: I think in California there is talk of hardware to limit lawnmower engine emissions etc...or maybe they have it already.
Ron: really eh?
Dr.D.: Chain saw, vrooommm! Clouds of blue fog :-) Yeah 50-50 oil-gas fuel :-)
rich-c: I believe they do, Rich - also paint formulations and a number of other things
Dr.D.: Liquid Paper with trichloroethane thinner has to be so marked in California...
rich-c: they're cracking down on dry cleaners too I believe
Ron: totally off topic, but y'all will be pleased to know that tonight I'm wearing my ADAMCON 11 T-shirt
Dr.D.: What do they use now for dry cleaning? Carbon tetrachloride went out in the 1960s as a very nasty carcinogen.
rich-c: we are duly pleased, Ron
Ron: aha
rich-c: haven't a clue, Rich
Pamela: perchlorethylene, I believe Rich
Dr.D.: Carbona brand cleaning fluid hasn't had carbon tet since I was a kid.
Ron: Dad used to keep a large can of carbon tet around for use as required
BobS: uh....RON
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Ron: yes?
changed username to Judy
BobS: CONGRATS on wearing the shirt
Pamela: hello Judy
Ron: indeed
Judy: hi, Pam
Ron: Hey Judy
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: a twin peaked seattle landmark he is...........
Judy: and everyone else
Pamela: Judy, ya gotta keep your man on the straight and narrow here - he keeps mixing up the players
Dr.D.: Also totally off topic...I am wearing a shirt.
Ron: Again ...... off topic..... but NOTE TO ALL.....
Dr.D.: And trousers, even.
Ron: there will be a message shortly regarding the annual ADAM Christmas card
Dr.D.: No socks, though.
Pamela: is this unusual Rich?
Judy: what is he mixing up?
Ron: we will again be asking for pics
BobS: huh????????????
Pamela: Ron and Dr. D
Dr.D.: Go see my Nature Boy photos from the Gong Show webpage :-)
Dr.D.: I am razzing Ron's announcement.
Ron: I know.... I saw those. Gotta find a way to use 'em
Dr.D.: Blackmail would be a good start.
Dr.D.: Except I'm not ashamed of 'em :-)
Pamela: address again?
Judy: was quite the costume DR D
Dr.D.: Gong Show:
Ron: anyway.... time to start the thing.... must get it to Bob before the end of November, so we can go through our annual "damn file is unreadable" exercise
Dr.D.: I thought you solved that conundrum at AC15.
Dr.D.: I remember you and BobS sitting at that PC.
Ron: well.... Murphy you know
Ron: hopefully
Judy: maybe this year it will work, Ron
BobS: ah yes the annual Dec pic show......was working on that last year.......and got sidetracked......
BobS: just take all the old ones and make a 2003..........
Dr.D.: I'll have to try out Daniel's new dithering program.
Ron: yes.... me to
Dr.D.: I could make a "Merry Christmas from Nature Boy" photo :-)
Ron: that is an ideal tool for our business at this time of year
Ron: depends on what Nature Boy is
Dr.D.: My gonged act.
Ron: oh hey... that's ok
Pamela: 213 items to load??? Rich, what am I getting into here?
Ron: right...
Dr.D.: Or else I could take some new photos of the girls.
Dr.D.: Lots of photos...I told you it was a big page.
Ron: your call Dr. D.
Dr.D.: Each is only about 12K, though.
Dr.D.: It's worth the wait, believe me, Pam :-)
Pamela: great, down to 193 now
Pamela: meanwhile, back at the chat
Dr.D.: We had 4 different people taking photos at the Gong Show.
Ron: it was a hoot
Dr.D.: I'm told that a rough cut of the TV program version will be available soon.
Dr.D.: There were 3 digtital video cameras recording it.
Ron: must have been a riot
Dr.D.: And one of our staffers with DVD Studio Pro 2.0 is taking a crack at it.
Dr.D.: When I get a DVD, Ron, you'll get one, too.
Ron: will that be available to the rude and scoffing multitude?
Ron: yes, please
Dr.D.: Once I get a mastered disc, I can burn duplicates.
Ron: good
Dr.D.: No copyright problems with these :-)
Pamela: down to 160 now - oh my poor 56K modem
Dr.D.: And my last batch of blank DVD-Rs cost $2.10 apiece in lots of 10.
Ron: no, suppose not. Unless they like it so much they make you an offer you can't refuse
Dr.D.: When swine take to the skies...
Ron: rotfl
Dr.D.: Meanwhile, back in ADAM land...
Ron: I have set myself a project
BobS: heck watch for the rebate ones and they are free !!!!!!
Dr.D.: My robot lab students are again amazed by what we do with ADAMs.
Ron: surplus ADAM set up in the other half of the snake pit
Ron: and a large box of 5-1/4 in floppies...containing who knows what
Ron: my assignment - should I choose to accept it
Dr.D.: Almost none of my students do anything with actual hardware any more.
Pamela: there is such a thing as a surplus ADAM?
BobS: AH, that is the fun Ron......exploring
Ron: read the disks, and organize them
Dr.D.: I've thought about that mission too, sometimes, Ron.
rich-c: yes, daughter, I am very familiar with them
BobS: YOURS????? or given to ya????
Ron: It's either that or take the carton of floppies directly to the Sally Ann
Dr.D.: I have probably 1000 disks from various sources...
Ron: which wouldn't set too well me thinks with the people here assembled
BobS: been there and done that guys......helps a LOT
rich-c: there is now a shortage of 5-1/4 floppies - even used ones may have a market soon
BobS: they already do .....on Ebay Auctions
Ron: well, that's why they remain here
BobS: got lots here......bought some and got others freely
Dr.D.: I have my disks, some guy in Florida's disks I got when I bought his floppy drives, Pat's and Sandy's and Jean's disks...
Dr.D.: Dad's disks
Ron: just saw your question Bob. Some of the disks are mine, some were given as part of the ADAM outfits you guys won
Ron: ya never got the disks, pilgrim
Ron: :)
Dr.D.: I've thought about piling them all up, putting a numbered label on each one, and ripping images of every one.
rich-c: I feel I have enough to supply a World Frisbee Fling Fest - all six billion at once
Ron: that's it Dr. D
Dr.D.: Burn 'em all to CD, find out what's on 'em later.
Ron: yup
Ron: ya want em Bob, they're yours
rich-c: btw Sr.D. what can you tell me about teh DVD formats?
Pamela: nice Tigger ears, Rich
Ron: actually the burning to CD part - that's a thought
Dr.D.: I haven't had problems reading my floppies, though I keep hearing that other people do.
BobS: depends on what's on them.......
Dr.D.: Meow!
BobS: heck got almost everything I can think of
Ron: that's what I figured Bob
BobS: but they are not longer made...........
rich-c: how does one burn an Adam disc to a CD?
Dr.D.: You make an ADAMem disk image and burn *that*.
Ron: make emulator files of the contents, then burn em
BobS: no problems here either....or reading data packs for that matter
Dr.D.: A zillion files, one for each disk.
Judy: he has everything and some
rich-c: will the emulator drive the CD?
Dr.D.: I'm sure every disk and DDP I own would fit on one CD.
BobS: tha is what CD's are for.....zillions of little files
Ron: no, but the DOS version of the files can be burned by the Windows Box
Dr.D.: The CD is just a DOS drive letter.
Ron: Doug S. Gave me one at 14
Dr.D.: Anything that has a DOS drive letter can have emulator files.
Ron: just load it up, and use it from DOS mode
BobS: right ......could just read the working dir4ectory of the cd for programs
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: I think I did it once with a 240 MB magneto-optical drive (SCSI) just for fun.
rich-c: but how do I get the files off the disc, into the emulator, then from the emulator to DOS?
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changed username to Guy B.
Ron: that's where Guy Bona's utilities come in Rich
Ron: get Bob to mail you a copy of the disk everybody got out here
rich-c: speaking of whom - welcome Guy
Dr.D.: DOS machine with 360K drive-->disk images. Move images to any other machine that has a CD burner. Burn.
Ron: converts and ADAM disk to an emulator readable file
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Not on DSL. Having a problem with the installation. So, I'm no Netzero.
Ron: that's it
BobS: hi guy
Pamela: hallo Guy
Guy B.: On Netzero.
Judy: hi, Guy
Ron: hi Guy. we were just talking about you
rich-c: my Athlon has a 5-1/4 drive that will work with double density discs
Guy B.: What about?
Dr.D.: Guten Aben, Geehrte Herr Bona!
Pamela: let's talk about the page that loads all but one item of 213 and then freezes, Dr. D
Dr.D.: Abend...
Ron: there ya go Rich, you're in business
Dr.D.: Which picture?
Dr.D.: Pam, that is.
Dr.D.: Probably too many images on the page for the amount of RAM you have in your computer.
Pamela: dunno - some of the pictures didn't load - from about the first act onwards
Dr.D.: I agree that it's poor to have so many...but I was just Q&D slapping it up to get something up for people to look at.
rich-c: I managed to load the whole page, but over half the pictures were not transmitted
Guy B.: Rich, I have a 5 1/4 drive too, but I use the 1.2mb discs. You got your computer to work with the smaller density?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: I should break it up.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hola!
rich-c: yes, my drive was old enough that it will do so
Pamela: I've tried reloading it - some of the later stuff is coming through now
BobS: back daniel.................
Dr.D.: But you at least saw some of the Nature Boy pix...
Pamela: allo again Daniel
Dr.D.: It was fun to do that act.
Ron: still got that old 486/33 that Bob befriended at the 'con
Pamela: nope - not yet
Daniel Bienvenu: you are more now ...
Ron: don't know what you did to that box, Bob, but it's running real well now
Guy B.: Wow, that's amazing. I thought the newer systems wouldn't even work with 360K disks. That's great. Did you change the BIOS?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay because I have a "rendez-vous" tonight
rich-c: I do wish that some day some one would do some documentation for the emulator and utilities
Ron: Ah, the young
Dr.D.: Sounds intriguing, Daniel ;-)
Pamela: avec qui?
BobS: just had to give it some lobin' Ron
Ron: Guy has a handout Rich
Dr.D.: Don't keep your rendez-vous-ette waiting :-)
rich-c: in English, Daniel, that would be very suggestive
Ron: guess that was it Bob. you spoke nicely to it
Daniel Bienvenu: This is the result of my new tests with my picture "convert" tool. Problem with gamma... I can't setup well a contrast effect
rich-c: no, maybe the fact that I'm still on 98SE has something to do with it
Ron: Daniel, I think you've done a wondrous job.... given the nature of the problem, it's a wonder the pics turn out at all
Dr.D.: I wonder if it could be made into a Photoshop plug-in...
Ron: the results are not perfect, but better than expected
Pamela: I'm gonna try this again at work tomorrow Rich and see if I can't load them properly
Dr.D.: I s'pose I could print out some pages in color and mail them to you.
Guy B.: I guess the older Windows OS will work with the older drives after all. As long as it works, then it should be no problem.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a "rendez-vous galent"... it's a fun time at the restaurant with my friends, we talk and sometimes try to do the word puzzle in the newspaper.
Ron: un biere, ou deux, ou trois?
BobS: oh man......Daniel, we thougth you had a HOT date with a girl !!!!!
rich-c: en anglais, pub crawl
Daniel Bienvenu: the only hot girl I meet this week was the girlfriend of a new friend I meet during october.
Ron: that doesn't always work Daniel
Ron: you either lose the girl or the friend.... or both
Daniel Bienvenu: Not meet her this way... he presents me his girlfriend.
rich-c: Pam - I am loading Rich's page - currently 141 to go; after refresh all pictures coming down so far
Daniel Bienvenu: twisted mind
Dr.D.: We like ADAMs, we are all twisted, Daniel :-)
Pamela: no go on my end Dad - all the pictures after Laura didn't load
rich-c: still have about 58 MB of memory left
Ron: Did anybody get electromagnetically challenged today?
(BobS gives Daniel Bienvenu a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I really have to go now
Dr.D.: I said "Lumos!" to my pencil and sparks came out...
Pamela: my computer was really slow today but that's all
Daniel Bienvenu: I accept the Diet Coke
Ron: have a good eve Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
Ron: :)
BobS: bye Daniel
Pamela: have fun DAniel - ciao
rich-c: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I will post an e-mail in the adamcon mailing list about my gamma problem.
Pamela: I don't think that qualifies, Rich
rich-c: and no, the sunspots haven-t nailed me yet - emphasize the yet
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Ron: give 'em time Rich
BobS: right, no problems here either with the sunspot
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dr.D.: I was hoping that the skies would be clear and that there would be some more aurora activity.
Guy B.: Can't even see the Aurora's. Cloudy and we had some rain come through earlier.
Dr.D.: There was one Perseid meteor shower night a few years ago where there was an aurora visible from my back yard.
Dr.D.: The first time I ever saw them.
rich-c: we're cloudy here too so no aurora
Dr.D.: Swirling like the spirits that came out of the Ark in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
Ron: clear here.... must cast my eyes skyward later
Pamela: we got an aurora at the trailer last year - went on for over an hour - t'was beautiful
rich-c: yes, you're about five extra degrees north, too
Dr.D.: Looks like my chat client is no longer updating my typed text.
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: Logging out and back in...
Dr.D. left chat session
Ron: we're about 30 miles south of the 50th
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: slightly southeast of upnorth
rich-c: Toronto is 44 north
changed username to Dr.D.
BobS: oops
Pamela: is that better Rich?
Dr.D.: Okay, I seem to be alive again.
BobS: wealther sucks here, no sense in even looking out
Dr.D.: Yep, text is echoing here now.
Ron: why, were you dead?
Pamela: it's . . . ALIVE
Ron: that's for notebooks Pam
rich-c: Pam, I wasn't able to get the pictures for the last third either after the refresh
Dr.D.: Chat text was no longer updating.
Guy B.: Is almost everyone ready for Halloween?
BobS: ADAM is disassemble.......
Dr.D.: And what I typed didn't appear to me.
Ron: bought a pumpkin today.....
Dr.D.: Rosemary's's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
Ron: just a little pumpkin
Pamela: no Stephanie - no disassemble
Dr.D.: We'll be carving our 4 tomorrow night.
rich-c: guess we'll have to get some candy tomorrow
Dr.D.: Girls had too much homework to do it tonight.
(Dr.D.'s head explodes!)
Ron: mother bought goodies - which I have been instructed to stay away from
Pamela: didn't you get any when shopping today DAd?
Dr.D.: ??? exploding head
Dr.D.: who did that?
Judy: now you hit on Bob's favorite movie, Pam
Ron: they still do homework these days?
rich-c: No Frills didnt seem to have any that we noticed anyway
Pamela: Short Circuit? It's one of my favourites too
Dr.D.: Yes, mounds of it.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: aha
Ron: we will probably have 30 or so callers Friday night. The neighbourhood is growing up
Ron: runs in cycles
Pamela: this neighbourhood is nuts for Halloween
Dr.D.: We'll probably have only about 5 kids besides our own.
rich-c: we may have anything from 10 to 110
Dr.D.: Some years we've had zero.
Pamela: almost every house has some sort of decoration
Dr.D.: Across the street they have a nice scary setup, with no lights.
Pamela: they don't allow trick or treating in our building
Ron: we have a few neat houses here..... some of the neighbours are really into it
Dr.D.: The couple who live there were married on Halloween, so they use it to celebrate their anniversary.
Pamela: which gives me a good excuse not to buy any candy
Ron: me - I do my pumpkin, and hang my glowing skeleton from the oak out front....that's about it
Guy B.: I found new storage space and four of my Adams will be going there tomorrow and some other items as well. I even found space in my apartment for all my Christmas stuff. Just shifted things around.
rich-c: you can come over here and hand it out, daughter
Dr.D.: hint hint
Pamela: I'll probably go for a walk around the neighbourhood Dad
Pamela: it's sort of a tradition
Dr.D.: Take a modest cut of the handouts as a fee.
Ron: Stat on the radio the other day.... Halloween now ranks second only to Christmas in terms of expenditure
Dr.D.: Free chocolate, don't pass it up.
Pamela: no no, I'm trying to stay away from the stuff
Dr.D.: Chocolate....chocolate....chocolate....
Pamela: I'm a chocoholic, remember?
Judy: we get the kids brought in by the car full, so we usually have a lot of them
Guy B.: Candy is the BIG expenditure. No doubt about it.
Ron: I don't eat it no more, I got tired of waking up on the floor
Ron: no...Costumes and decorations
Pamela: surpassing even Valentines Day Ron?
Ron: yup, apparently so
Dr.D.: When I was a boy, our dog used to have a rubber Hershey bar chew toy, that smelled exactly like chocolate.
rich-c: even beyond Mothers Day
Pamela: oh, that's cruel Rich
rich-c: dogs love chocolate, but it's poisonous to them
Dr.D.: My sisters played house with it as one of the play foods, since our dog wasn't interested in it.
Ron: hand over the chocolate, and nobody will get hurt
Dr.D.: This toy was a dead ringer for a real Hershey bar.
Guy B.: Oh boy, don't get me on it. My doctor is saying I have to try to reduce my chlosteral. It's little over the border. The good news is, more weight is coming down.
Pamela: you're quoting my mother now, Ron
Dr.D.: Right size and could put a real Hershey bar wrapper on it and fool someone.
Ron: know a woman here who has a license place holder with that on it
Dr.D.: Okay, we will find some non-C topic...
Ron: right.....
Pamela: we have a luncheon thing on Friday for Halloween - Bev bought six bags of the little chocolate bars
Ron: (total silence ensued)
Pamela: I nearly mugged her
Dr.D.: Cruncy Frog? Ram's Bladder Cup? Cockroach Cluster?
Dr.D.: Crunchy, that is.
Ron: and BLOOD----- ha ha---- PLENTY of BLOOD
Ron: ho-ho
Dr.D.: Klingon candy, eh?
Pamela: thank you Dracula
Ron: I vould like to have you for dinner
Pamela: with chocolate for dessert, no doubt
Ron: oh yes
Dr.D.: "To Serve Man"--Rod Serling, "The Twilight Zone"
BobS: yust sucka yer blood and throw the rest away??????
Ron: :)
Ron: do you guys do fireworks in the east?
Pamela: not on Halloween
Ron: seems to be a thing out here
Ron: difference in culture
Pamela: Victoria Day, Dominion Day, Labour Day
rich-c: no, and so far the American influence is - well, gaining, but only in pockets
Pamela: sorry, Canada Day
Ron: right...that's what I seem to recall
Dr.D.: I got an ancient biology text at a book sale the chapter on nutrition, the author had drawn a cartoon of a mother tiger and a baby tiger, with explorer clothes and equipment lying on the ground. Mom: "Don't forget to eat the roughage, too!"
rich-c: Dominion Day will do just fine
Ron: we have a very small window up here, where they can be legally bought and sold
Ron: right around the 31st
Pamela: there's a Far Side cartoon that similar - two dragons sitting on a river bank with armour all around saying "once you get past the shell, the meat is quite tender!"
Dr.D.: This book was from 1942 :-)
Ron: Love Far Side
Pamela: oh, Gary Larson is twisted - I love it
Ron: Larson is the only one I know who makes money out of being sick
Dr.D.: The author had the unwieldy name of Dr. Max Walker DeLaubenfels.
rich-c: apparently there is a new "Complete Far Side" book being published - every single one of teh cartoons
Dr.D.: Sick is good.
Ron: He' s been taking a sabatical I believe
Pamela: good lord, how thick would that be? Bet you can't carry it
Dr.D.: I should show you my self-drawn comics collection from 1975-1980.
rich-c: the price I hear quoted is $135 (US)
Guy B.: Thought I let you guys all know. Jeanene's left ear is doing alot better, but now I have to turn my radio down. It's making the new drum sensitive.
Ron: works real good eh Guy?
rich-c: Jeanene's been having ear trouble? I don't think you told us that, Guy
Guy B.: Now, I have to make sure that I speak clearer to her.
Pamela: you'll have to bring them along on your next visit, Rich
Guy B.: She had her ear drum reconstructed back on the 3rd of this month.
Dr.D.: Hehe. I had a very MAD Magazine sense of humor then. Still do.
Pamela: no, really? ; )
Ron: Brother Dave is a MAD fan
rich-c: how come, Guy? accident or genetic?
Ron: haven't read it in years
Dr.D.: Commercials We'd Like To See: The Tidy-Bowl Man Meets Jaws, for instance.
Ron: use to really enjoy Don Martin
Ron: :)
rich-c: ah yes - I was a MAD fan for decades
Ron: What, me worry?
Dr.D.: Or a commercial for LIFE? cereal. Note the "?"'s there for good reason. Poor Mikey!
Pamela: you used to read BC too, didn't you Dad?
Guy B.: An inner ear infection that she couldn't get rid of for over a month caused a hole in her eardrum and she had a 50% hearing loss from it.
Dr.D.: URgh, BC...
Pamela: seems to me that's where you got Great Zot from
Dr.D.: ...painfully unfunny these days IMHO.
Ron: Remember one they did on the early Star Trak...... Kirk comes out of the transporter with an arm sticking out his ear, etc etc.... and says, "Dammit Scotty,
Ron: I told you get this thing fixed!"
rich-c: right, Pam
Dr.D.: Yep...
rich-c: didn't know that, Guy - glad to hear they were able to deal with it
Pamela: Is Hart still cartooning?
Dr.D.: Yes, Pam.
Guy B.: She's using her right ear for using the phone and with me.
Pamela: He must be a busy man - he does BC and the Wizard of Id
rich-c: well the local papers dropped BC when he went on his religious kick
Dr.D.: "Wiz" is also not funny any more IMHO.
Pamela: I haven't read either one in years
Ron: me neither
Guy B.: Wizard of Id is still printed in our comics. But not BC.
Dr.D.: "Croc" is still around somewhere, too, but not in our papers.
Pamela: the only one I read every day is "For Better or For Worse"\
Dr.D.: That's a good one.
rich-c: we get teh Saturday Wizard only
Guy B.: Garfield. My favorite.
Dr.D.: I even guessed from the style when Lynne J. did Dilbert last week.
Ron: Well friends, I must away
Pamela: what???
Dr.D.: Garfield?? He hasn't been funny since I was in high school.
BobS: so soon??????
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
BobS: ya just got here
rich-c: ah yes, Dilbert - here, both teh Star and the Globe have different Dilberts every day
Dr.D.: Yes, last week's Dilbert was guested by 5 artists.
Ron: see y's all next week
BobS: but be good and have FUN
Ron: yes sir.. always
Ron: be well all
Pamela: Bye Ron
Ron: niters
Dr.D.: Lynne J. did last Monday's IIRC.
Dr.D.: Bye Ron.
rich-c: nite Ron, see you in a few weeks
Guy B.: But, he has been there for 25 years and just as funny.
Pamela: I didn't know that, or I'd have paid more attention
Ron left chat session
rich-c: he has them on
Dr.D.: Go to Dilbert's website and you can see them.
Pamela: I;ll have to check the archives : )
Guy B.: Argh! Not Dilbert
Dr.D.: I only knew 2 of the 5, because the other 3 guest artists don't have their strips in our paper and I don't know the style.
Dr.D.: Dilbert for me is either wickedly funny or totally stupid. Hot and cold.
Guy B.: I know there are a few Garfield fans and one who is not. But, back in June for his 25th. Jim Davis brought back Garfield as he looked back in 1978 and now and it was quite amazing he can still draw the 1978 Garfield.
Dr.D.: That Garfield wasn't in a gag-a-day strip; there were stories.
rich-c: the one I miss is non-sequitur - the paper chickened out, I think
Guy B.: But, they don't last long Dr D.
Dr.D.: Most gag-a-days run out of gas for me. "Blondie" is about the only one that I can read.
rich-c: have you looked at Bizzaro lately?
Dr.D.: I like stories.
Guy B.: Luann is more a drama comic.
Pamela: okay, I got three of five so far
Dr.D.: Yep, Bizzaro, Non Sequitur still run here.
rich-c: by the way, does anyone here think "Get fuzzy" is funny?
Dr.D.: I do :-)
Guy B.: What about Foxtrot?
rich-c: Bizzaro has got a new lease on life now with Dubya to "inspire" him
Dr.D.: Jason Fox is my hero!
Pamela: Foxtrot can be hilarious
rich-c: we don't get Foxtrot, and Non-Sequitur only on Saturdays
Pamela: why does that not surprise me Rich?
Dr.D.: Geeky kids rule :-)
Guy B.: The Tribune dropped Beetle Bailey here in Chicago. Then the Sun-Times picked it up and dropped Crankshaft.
Dr.D.: Wow, dropped Crankshaft...interesting.
BobS: got to have Beetle
rich-c: has Between Friends made it south of the border yet?
Dr.D.: I like it and Funky WInkerbean.
Guy B.: I love Crankshaft.
BobS: don't know Crankshaft
Dr.D.: Beetle is soooo tired! Like Hi and Lois....
rich-c: yes, they are sort of coasting
Guy B.: Ed Crankshaft. He is a school bus driver that made the mothers hate him.
Dr.D.: He was spun out of Funky Winkerbean.
Guy B.: That's correct.
Dr.D.: My bus driver was like him.
Dr.D.: Everyone in Funky Winkerbean was/is like someone I know.
Dr.D.: My band director was Harry Dinkle exactly.
Guy B.: I miss Funky too. We even had Rose is Rose until the Sun-Times dropped that one for some stupid Hispanic comic and it's not funny.
BobS: well kids. time for the Slopsema's to taddle on.........for bed
Guy B.: Oh man. Do I miss Harry Dinkle.
Pamela: Judy can't be tired - she didn't say anything
Dr.D.: G'nite Bob.
rich-c: OK Bob and Judy - take care and see you in a couple of weeks
Guy B.: Bye Bob and Judy.
BobS: Richard, will be thinkin of ya and prayin for good and don't get too cranky whilst you recuperate
BobS: or Pam iwll disown ya
Guy B.: Having your surgery Rich?
BobS left chat session
Pamela: I haven't disowned him yet!
Dr.D.: Guy, do you remember an ooollld Funky Winkerbean character, the drum major, Jerome? My freshman year in high school, our drum major was just like him, too.
rich-c: don't fuss, Bob, I'll count my blessings - trailering again!
Dr.D.: Going to band every day with Harry and Jerome in real life was just amazing.
Pamela: g'nite Bob - nite Judy
rich-c: yes Guy Monday morning early
Pamela: verrrry early
Dr.D.: Bye Judy.
Guy B.: Oh yeah! I believe I do. And Les, remember him?
Dr.D.: Les Moore? Yeah :-)
Guy B.: So, how long will you be in the hospital?
Guy B.: He married Lisa.
Dr.D.: Poor Les that everything happens to...
Pamela: I know you have to be there early Dad, but what time is the actual surgery?
rich-c: they seem to think 10 to 12 days, depending on how fast I recover strength
rich-c: 7.45, Pam, they need 90 minutes for prep
Pamela: ick
rich-c: well since I can't eat or drink after midnight - not anything - the sooner the better
Guy B.: Well folks. Got to run, will be taking Abby out shortly. I might be able to make it Saturday. I'm on cat duty this weekend. I'll see you all then or next week.
Pamela: yes, I suppose so
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Pamela: g'nite Guy.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, I'm going to try Saturday, mayne see you
Dr.D.: Richard, who will be the official source of news about you?
Dr.D.: Pam, will you keep us posted?
Pamela: I will try, but someone will have to give me the email address for the coladam list
rich-c: oh, Frances will likely be messing with this computer quite regularly, and she knows a bit about email
Dr.D.: Are you subscribed?
Pamela: yup
rich-c: my spam blocker sort of hassles her but she'll learn
Dr.D.: If not, your post will bounce...
Pamela: thank you
Dr.D.: pleasure :-)
Dr.D.: So where is Rin tonight? Did she land a job in government?
Pamela: no idea - haven't talked to anyone in Windsor all week
Pamela: it's been very quiet
rich-c: that's OK, they'll be here on teh 10th
Pamela: I'll have to verify that date, Dad - I thought the 12th
Dr.D.: She sounded hopeful after some dinner she had with various VIPs.
Pamela: remember, I missed her last week so I don't know the latest
Dr.D.: She sounded like she was still coasting on the adrenaline of the campaign and victory.
Pamela: probably was : )
rich-c: I believe she sat beside Sandra Pupatello at the dinner and was spoken to kindly - perhaps with interest
Dr.D.: I want to say she was seated at table with a Minister of Something, but I'm not sure.
rich-c: Sandra is I think the new Minister of Community Srvices or something
Dr.D.: And it wasn't Minister of Silly Walks :-)
Pamela: Aunt Cynthia was hoping for a government job too, with Bruce Crozier perhaps
Pamela: I didn't see who was posted where
rich-c: yes, well, hope they both succeed, always handy to have a family contact in government
Dr.D.: Are these jobs pure patronage, i.e., if your party loses another election, you lose your job?
rich-c: yes, they'd be members or ministers staff, and those are political positions
rich-c: still, the majority is solid enough to last four years
rich-c: and after that it's a matter of how incompetent they are found to be
Dr.D.: And I thought the 3-year grant cycle was a grind...
rich-c: that's what we have minicipally, but this is provincial
rich-c: you have House and Senate (1/3) every two years and Pres every fourth, so that's tight timing
Dr.D.: No job security...
rich-c: The Family Bush - America's Choice for one-term Presidents!
Dr.D.: We can hope so next year, Richard...
Dr.D.: ..but I am not inspired by any of the Democratic candidates.
rich-c: he is still geting away with far too much, but gradually the people are starting to wise up
Dr.D.: I wish that Colin Powell would stand up and tell W. where to go and run for President himself.
rich-c: a number of teh Autoweek posters are very taken with Dean
Dr.D.: He's the honest guy I think trapped in the W. system...
rich-c: and there's fairly high admiration for General Clark
Dr.D.: Except for Clinton 1992, no Presidential candidate I've voted for has ever won.
Dr.D.: So I am a bad harbinger for elections...
rich-c: it's a very close question whether Powell has sold out just a little too much
rich-c: why? Gore won, he just got cheated
Dr.D.: I've read that his wife is making him lie low about striking out on his own, she doesn't want the publicity...
Dr.D.: Powell, I was talking about.
Dr.D.: Re: Gore, yes he was cheated.
Dr.D.: I firmly believe that 9/11 doesn't happen if Gore is president.
Dr.D.: It's one of those turning points in time.
rich-c: on that I don't agree and I think Dubya handled it better than Gore would have
Dr.D.: I think W. is perceived as a bigger threat by the Islamic nuts than Gore.
rich-c: and considering how loathesome I find Dubya, that's saying a mouthful
Dr.D.: I think he, just being him and who he represents, forced their hands.
rich-c: I think Dubya scares everyone, including over half the American population
Dr.D.: I don't believe in Pax Americana. As long as we try to push Pax Americana, we are going to be targets.
rich-c: loose nuts with their finger on The Button do not inspire grat faith
Dr.D.: Well W. I think is just a front man for the real brains behind the whole Pax Americana.
rich-c: yes, Dubya is simply a puppet of the PNAC/American Heritage crowd
Dr.D.: "The job of President of the Galaxy is to distract attention from where power is really held."
Dr.D.: Ain't that what we got, Pam?
Dr.D.: Pam is asleep.
Dr.D.: Or tripped by her cat again.
Dr.D.: Or seduced by the Chocolate Side of the Force...
Dr.D.: Or just went home!
Dr.D.: Guess my webpage finally killed her connection :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Taht was dumb, I just dumped myself
Dr.D.: My webpage killed you, eh Pam?
rich-c: or maybe fell off and now is back
Pamela: nope, I pulled a stupid
Dr.D.: I was hypothesizing a cat or a chocolate interrupt :-)
rich-c: actually I was off taking a pill I'd forgotten - and Pam gets caught
Dr.D.: Take your meds...
Pamela: I was following the conversation but didn't have much to contribute, then closed the browser which was on another page, forgetting that would dump the chat too
rich-c: some day, rich, you really should go look at that chat on Autoweek
Dr.D.: I've done that one, too.
rich-c: we have quite a collection of characters with some very strong opinions
Dr.D.: I think I did peek, once, Richard.
rich-c: the pro-Dean thread has 439 posts and counting
Dr.D.: Christina is now home from babysitting.
Pamela: Hi, Christina
rich-c: hello to Christina
Dr.D.: Christina says hi (as she raids the refrigerator).
Dr.D.: "Guess who's getting her license on November 8th!" she says.
Pamela: as long as she passes the test first : 0
Dr.D.: She immediately qualified it thusly :-)
rich-c: yes, there are those little details, aren't there?
Pamela: I remember how nervous I was when I took my test
Pamela: I don't do pressure very well
Pamela: I passed first try though
Pamela: my daddy was very proud of me : )
Dr.D.: We'll see how it goes.
rich-c: at least you remembered that getting your licence had little relevance to your competence to drive
Dr.D.: Christina says good night.
Pamela: see that comment is why it took me two weeks to tell you!
rich-c: good night, Christina
Pamela: nite, Christina
Dr.D.: I am now the only one up around here, waiting for Joan to get home from work.
Pamela: is she on afternoons again Rich?
rich-c: yes, the parental vigil
Dr.D.: Joan won a big award at the hospital on Monday: an annual award for Best Family-Centered Care.
Dr.D.: Yep 3-11 shift again.
rich-c: good for her
Pamela: yes, congratulations to her
Dr.D.: She got a plaque, her name on a plaque in the hospital, a public ceremony, and a party on her floor.
rich-c: and every bit of it richly deserved
Dr.D.: She got it because, among other things, she had been trying to learn some Korean from webpages to communicate with a Korean family with no English.
Dr.D.: She didn't say anything in Korean at the ceremony.
Dr.D.: However, she did get Christina to teach her how to say "I'd like to thank the members of the Academy" in French.
rich-c: gee, she should take a weekend in Toronto - we have Koreans all over here
Dr.D.: Which she did then recite.
rich-c: what's French for "members" in that context?
rich-c: we need to have Daniel on to help us
Dr.D.: I don't know how Christina translated it.
Pamela: we'll have to ask him on Saturday
Dr.D.: For all I know, she could have actually said "My trousers are full of eels" :-)
rich-c: anyhow, people, I was up an 5.30 this morning and that's tough on us soft old folks
Dr.D.: Go to bed, then, Richard.
Dr.D.: I'll try to stop by the chat on Saturday.
Pamela: yes, and I have a meeting in the morning so I want to be fresh
rich-c: I fear I must, so good night, both of you
Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
Pamela: g'nite Daddy - will talk soon
rich-c: OK, see you all then
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: I think I'm for bed too Rich
Dr.D.: I ought also...
Pamela: I feel icky and sleep will probably help
Pamela: well, Joan should be home anytime and then yuo can rest
Dr.D.: Hope you aren't getting ill...
Pamela: I don't have time to be sick : )
Dr.D.: I know what that's like.
Dr.D.: So, off to bed with you...say hi to Russell.
Dr.D.: And hopefully we'll have good news about your Dad sometime after Monday.
Pamela: I am, and I will. Have a good nite and say hi to everyone for me
Dr.D.: Good night, Pam.
Pamela: I'll try and post on Tuesday.
Pamela: Nite, Rich
Pamela: kerpoof!
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