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Dr.D.: Hi James.
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changed username to Red
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changed username to james
Dr.D.: Hi James.
james: hi, dr. d
Dr.D.: Hi Rin.
Dr.D.: (I presume)
Red: hi Rich
Red: hi James
james: for some inexplicable reason, the first time i came on, my keystrokes wouldn't get registered
james: hi, red
Dr.D.: I'm afraid I won't be too talkative tonight--I am in the lab working on an illustration for a poster with a deadline of tomorrow...
james: i shan't be on long. that's what happens when you righteous north americans go playing around with time, heh heh
Red: oooo art
Dr.D.: Art is is also long.
james: i have the artistic ability of a 5 year old. that's pushing it, actually
Red: all the purdie colours
Dr.D.: I have to finish the roughs, retrace them nicely in ink, scan them all, then arrange them and label them.
Red: @ jame, so abstract
james: ahhh.. tomorrow... today's greatest timesaver :P
Dr.D.: I had nothing but interrupts today.
Dr.D.: So I am a bit behind.
Dr.D.: I was hoping to go home by 11:00 PM, but I don't think I will make that by a long shot.
james: irqs got you down, dr. d?
Red: always the way when you have things to get done
Dr.D.: I turned the "Universal Rich Locator" pointer on my door to "GO AWAY". Still didn't keep people out.
james: lol
Red: hehe
Dr.D.: I hardly ever have it on that setting.
james: you have to fake a general system failure
Dr.D.: The interrupts were for other people's system failures.
james: maybe you could go around in a blue-screen-of-death costume
Dr.D.: Grad student with presentation tomorrow who can't get his QuickTime movies to play on a Wintel machine.
james: technology is great, isn't it?
james: it's consistent failure to do as advertised keeps people like myself employed
Dr.D.: Plus students wanting permits to register for my LEGO robot course.
james: oops. its not it's
Dr.D.: Only one bit of good news, from yesterday:
Dr.D.: My grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a web-based robot course is probably funded.
Red: congrats!
Dr.D.: I'm now in some budget negotiations with the Program Officer, to try to cut it down a bit.
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Dr.D.: Should be able to make him happy.
changed username to Frances
Dr.D.: It means 3 years of 50% support for me if it can all be signed on the dotted line.
Red: Hi Aunt Frances
Dr.D.: Hi Frances...what's the latest?
Frances: Hello all
Dr.D.: (I hope everyone got the E-mail I forwarded to the list this morning)
Frances: I was at the hospital this afternoon and Richard is now awake
Dr.D.: Good!
Red:'s he feeling
Frances: He is fairly comfortable if he doesn't move much but the leg is still very painful
james: thanks for the e-mail update
Frances: They got him out of bed and on his feet today and he said that it hurt a lot
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Red: owie
Dr.D.: They waste no time these days...
changed username to BobS
BobS: HI kids
BobS: how's the Richard??????
Red: hi Bob
BobS: RIN !?!?!?!?!?
Red: tis me
BobS: yes tis
BobS: and how you is??????
Frances: Apparently, the line is that the hip has to be moved lest it heal in unwanted way
james: hi bob
Red: good
BobS: hi james
james: how are you?
BobS: can believe that Francis......they get everybody up quick here too
BobS: fine James
BobS: honna get heart zapped again Fri and hopefully it works this time for good
BobS: gonna
Frances: They spin a good line in the literature about pain control but apparently they don't actually believe it themselves
james: zapped? do you have some kind of cardiac arrythmia?
BobS: exactly sir
BobS: of beat, missed beats, the works
Frances: Bob, did the first treatment not work or are 2 treatments required?
james: do you have a pacemaker?
james: i think we're going to get case's hearing tested
Frances: Hello, Erin. Forgive me for being slow on the uptake
BobS: first time it worked for 8 I am on anti arythmia meds and they gonna fit it again
Red: not a problem
Red: how are you?
BobS: doc says no pacemaker for this james
james: wow
Frances: Tired, anxious. Anxious is my middle name
james: that's understandable, frances
Frances: Yes, I agree but it is very wearing
Red: well hopefully you will get some much needed rest soon
james: i'm growing concerned that at almost 20 months case hasn't said a word
Frances: Also I am upset about the level of pain control
james: not enough, frances?
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changed username to Daniel B
Frances: James, does Case react to sounds?
Daniel B: hi James!
Daniel B: hello Dr.D
james: some sounds
Daniel B: hello Bob!
james: hi dan!
Daniel B: Hi Frances!
Daniel B: Who is Red?
Frances: Hello, Daniel
james: i think he may have the same problem i did at his age - my mother says the symptoms are very similar
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changed username to Pamela
Frances: And what is that?
BobS: YO Daniel
james: up late at night, inattentive (i might still exhibit that one)
Red: hi Daniel, it's just me (Erin)
Daniel B: hi Erin! :)
james: well after much arguing with various doctors, it was determined that i had earwax impacting against the eardrum
Frances: She's a readhead, daniel
james: hence partial hearing
Pamela changed username to Tempest
Daniel B: hello Pamela!
Frances: redhead
Frances: In hiding, daughter?
Tempest: sort of - this is my answer to Bob's question about e-mail
Daniel B: What is the subject tonight?
BobS: ya lady go ti
BobS: got it
james: and a 20 months, case doesn't even use "mama" or "dada" contextually and he's well behind what every milestone list i've come across says
Red: hi Pammie
Dr.D.: Hello Pam.
BobS: mom gave it to me, but she also gave me update so did not have to bother ya
Tempest: hello, little Red
james: hi pam
Tempest: Hi, Rich
Tempest: Hi James
Tempest: Hello everyone
Dr.D.: Apologies to all in advance: I am working in the lab under a deadline tonight, so I will be a bit taciturn.
BobS: hello "teapot" lady.......tempest in a ???????
Tempest: apology accepted Rich
james: lol
Frances: Why not be reticent, instead
Tempest: actually, it's derived from Russell's handle
Frances: What is that?
Tempest: do you want the backstory?
Frances: Yes
james: is it long?
BobS: yup
james: heh heh
BobS: well ....we are waiting
Tempest: When he started participating in the SCA, Russell needed a name. He had a cloak which was black with a silver lining.
Tempest: that gave him the idea
Tempest: but he didn't want to use storm, so he came up with Tempest instead
Frances: James, does Case react to sound? Did he babble?
Tempest: full persona name: Richard Tempest
Red: @ Aunt Frances -- mom wanted to know if you would like to do dinner on Wednesday evening? it's probably the best night
Tempest: and thus, since Mom and Dad got the really good pun name, we went with Tempest
james: frances, he babbles, even more than my wife
james: *ducks*
Frances: You should!
james: lol
james: but we're still concerned
Tempest: (smacks James on behalf of Miyuki)
BobS: have him checked for sure james
james: yeah, i have a friend who works with speech pathologists daily in a special needs school, and she was going to suggest to me a few months ago that i have him seen
Frances: Erin, there is a possibility that Richard will come home that day in which case I don't think I could
james: but she was worried about stepping on my toes or something so never brought it up
Red: i will let her know and play it by ear
Frances: However, nothing is yet settled, so could I put that on hold? And if I don't get back to her, tell her to call me because my brain is almighty
Frances: unsettled
Red: i will tell her
james: i just stopped reading at "almighty" :P
Red: :-)
Frances: No it isn't James, it is unmighty right now
Daniel B: James: Next meeting (of the Quebec video game collectors' club) is november 22, I will be there and I want to show a demo of your work.
BobS: but but FRANCES......think of all the stuff you can do now and Richard won't even know!!!!!!!
james: my work?
james: what have i done?
james: you mean my japanese stuff?
Frances: Any way, James, get Case a hearing test.
james: yes, i think we should.
Frances: Bob, it is a good thing that Richard is away for a while. I want to get some walls washed
james: i actually wondered several months ago if we shouldn't but this time i'm going to push it. if my wife doesn't like the idea, i'll take matters into my own hands
BobS: aw......all work and NO PLAY is bad for ya !!!!!
(BobS groans loudly)
Frances: and have that laid on for tomorrow. Also cleaning the upholstery
Daniel B: i understand
Frances: I have removed everything I can from the living room and it is all in Richard's room right now
james: @dan, do you mean my japanese stuff?
Daniel B: Well, I will show my own coleco "homework" :P
james: you can show my stuff if you like
Frances: After that, I may play.
james: i just wish there was more
Daniel B: I have to go now... sorry but I can't stay more longer tonight!
james: dan, i just sent you a yahoo message
BobS: well be good Daniel and be careful out there
Frances: I was informed today that I need not go to the hospital on Sunday because there are 2 football games on tv
Red: take care Daniel
james: lol
Red: LOL
Frances: Goodbye Daniel
Tempest: g'nite Daniel
Daniel B: bonne nuit a tous!
Daniel B: au plaisir de se revoir!
Daniel B: a la prochaine!
Tempest: sorry I'm inattentive folks - I'm chatting with Russell for a few minutes
Daniel B: *poof*
Red: i was just about to ask
Tempest: well I haven't seen him since Sunday!
Tempest: did we dump or is everyone dazed?
BobS: well you can't sleep all the time, you have to have your own eyes open !!!!!
BobS: dazed
Tempest: just checking : )
Tempest: I guess that means I have Sunday off too
Red: unless you want to watch football
Tempest: think I'll do my errands then because R will be staring at the TV too
Frances: I guess so, unless one or both go early. Nah
Tempest: let's give ourselves at least one day Mom
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james: ok, i have to go too
Tempest: besides, I didn't think early was in your vocabulary : )
Tempest: okay James
BobS: be good james
Frances: Goodbye James
Tempest: g'nite
Red: cheers james
james: it's going to be like this until you guys play with your clocks again
changed username to Ron
Frances: It isn't altho' I'm trying to reform. Have to be aup at *:00 tomorrow
james: bye!
Ron: From the Laptop - to the airwaves, via the snakepit -into the ether
Frances: up at 8:00
james left chat session
Red: hi Ron
Tempest: good evening, Ron
BobS: mister Mitchell
Ron: Greetings to all
Tempest: Mom, shall I call you from work to ensure you're up? : )
BobS: and to all a good night ??????
Frances: Evening, Ron. What's this about a snakepit?
Ron: Oh..... you know.... you've been to a previous incarnation of the snakepit
Ron: Hi Frances
Tempest: brb
Frances: No, I don't think that will be necessary. The alarm woke me on Monday
Ron: Using the Toshiba and a wireless net hookup to the basement
Ron: How's Rich?
Frances: He is awake today, Ron. Okay when still. Leg very painful when moved
BobS: read your emails bud.........
Ron: guess things will be a little shaky for a few days
Frances: An understatement
Ron: yessir... Bob, sir
Ron: brb
BobS: "brb" heck YA JUST GOT HERE
Frances: But he has to get out of bed and try to walk and that is exceedingly unpleasant
BobS: no gain......that's the pharase
BobS: phrase
BobS: and the other phrase is...... better him than me
Frances: Thanks, Bob. It's true, I guess but this is unpretty
Frances: You are right
Ron: Don't see any e-mail Bob , only someone who thinks I should take viagra.
Red: LOL
BobS: you too ?????????
Frances: I want you all to know that Richard expected to have a lot of pain
BobS: Dr D sent one out
Ron: I'm not interested in THAT any more
BobS: after conversing w/ Frances
Ron: when?
Ron: ether is cold out here tonight.......prolly more dense
Red: is it more or less than he expected?
Frances: and that he accepted it as the tradeoff for getting rid of the hip pain and getting mobile again
Ron: Oh yes.s... I saw that one. ok
Frances: Erin, I don't know. He said there was a lot of pain, didn't say it was worse than expected
Red: ok
Tempest: apologies folks - you now have my full attention
Ron: well, hey!
BobS: hips are painful....had a brother in law get one and he was in pain.........
Frances: I expected it too because I have done a lot reading on it but watching it happen is something else
BobS: about time Pam
Tempest: bear with me Bob -it's been an eventful few days
BobS: can buy that Pam
BobS: dad gets "disassembled" and "reassembled"
BobS: with parts left over.......
Tempest: remove a few parts, add a few parts
Frances: And I can tell you that I am not sure I would have the courage to undergo such a thing.
Tempest: if you were in that position Mom I expect you would find the trade off worth it
Ron: amazing, when you consider the nature of the surgery, it's pretty remarkable. Not painless, but remarkable
BobS: depends on the pain Frances....and how bad you want it gone
Tempest changed username to Pamela
Frances: Well, Ron, they make a big deal about pain control but I think there has a little less than I would like tosee
Ron: Mother says hi
Frances: Especially today when they got him up
BobS: Richard can't be too bad if he is telling you to spend sun elsewhere becasue the races are on
Frances: Hi to your mum
BobS: miss us do ya???????
Frances: No, football. Eastern and Western Grey Cup finals
Ron: well certainly, says she
BobS: we can come next year if that be the case
Red: I'm going to say goodnight to all (i'm at my brother's and they want to go to bed)
Pamela: He's bad enough Bob - but he's not likely to complain too much unless it's really unbearable
Ron: good idea
BobS: ok tell Erin to come back next week
Frances: Good night, Erin
(BobS winks)
Red: hehe...i will try
Dr.D.: Bye Erin.
Red: nite Rich
Pamela: okay Rin, i'll talk to you over the weekend (maybe Sunday? : )
Pamela: say hi and send love to everyone
Red: nite Aunt Frances send uncle Richard our best
Ron: night Red
Red: nite Pammie
Red: nite Ron
Ron: Be good, Red
Red: that's no fun Ron
Ron: true
Red: ;-)
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Pamela: nite Rin
Red: nite to you soon Pam
Frances: And last evening, day 2, he snapped at a nurse when she kept trying to get him to do something too painful to do
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Red left chat session
Frances: Hi Judy
Judy: hello, all
BobS: HI sweetie
Ron: Men are outnumbered tonight
Pamela: aww, that's so sweet
Frances: Pam, aren't they coming to TO on Wed.?
Pamela: yes Mom
Judy: that is great that Richard is doing well, Frances
BobS: even up here Ron
BobS: course, if you include mum by you, then we are outnumbered
Pamela: you are not outnumbered Ron
Ron: counting is not my strong suit
Pamela: ; )
Ron: anything after 4 is difficult
Frances: Judy, the surgery went well but the recovery is the nasty part
(Ron is thrown out of the window.)
Ron: defenestrated again! (shucks)
Pamela: tee hee
BobS: get that abacus back out
Judy: yes but you have to take the good part with the bad, the pain
Frances: Ron, I can get to 5 on my one hand - you missing a finger?
Pamela: use your thumbs Ron
Ron: Ohhhh !!
BobS: after all.....thumbs are figits too
BobS: digits
Pamela: I think you had it right the first time Bob
BobS: farn dingers
Pamela: I should write a book - My Love Affair with the Backspace Key
Frances: We have had quite a discussion on this Judy and I refer you back up the file a way
Ron: mine are frozen. the wet coast is uncharacteristically cold
BobS: as is the Michigan peninsula
Frances: Us too. Cold and wet with a nasty east wind, the last 2 days
Pamela: you'll love this Judy - Dad is complaining because they won't let him have his laptop in the hospital
Judy: yes, Bob has been letting me know what is being said
BobS: but it is REAL cold mid country, allthe artic ari dropping
BobS: air
Judy: I would too!!!
BobS: darn cold it is
Judy: we didn't have them when I was in the hospital
BobS: and why won't they let him???????
Pamela: the wind came up this evening between the time that we left the hospital and arrived at the parking lot to pick up the car
Pamela: it was a chilly walk to the car
Pamela: something about electronics screwing up the hospital works - same as cellphones I think
Judy: at least you didn't have the storm that we had last night
Ron: yes, I hear Michigan got snow in some parts
Frances: Not secure, no place for it
Pamela: we had fog last night!
BobS: like they don't have computers IN the hospital
Judy: had to bail out the pond today, was full again
Pamela: and by the way Mom, they've put Yorkdale back where it was : )
Frances: Actually, daughter, I think other hospitals have allowed them
BobS: have had 5 " of rain in the lst two days
Frances: Probably some time this weekend, he will move to a stepdown ward and maybe he can have it there
Pamela: yes, we had the rain on Monday night. Made for interesting driving
Dr.D.: I hate to be so antisocial tonight...but I need to sign off and go print some stuff out.
Pamela: that's okay Rich, we understand
Dr.D.: Hang in there, Frances...and tell Richard we are all thinking of him.
Ron: DR D. Work is a 4 letter word..... but somebody's gotta do i5t
Ron: it
Judy: night Dr D
Dr.D.: Deadline tomorrow for a figure for a poster to go to New Orleans...
Frances: Goodnight, Rich
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Pamela: nite
Dr.D. left chat session
Ron: word deadline should be struck from the language
BobS: ok Dr D be good
Ron: but there they are
Pamela: there, NOW you're outnumbered Ron
Ron: :)
Ron: neat thought
BobS: got it down to one hand eh?????
Pamela: certainly different - usually I'm surrounded by testosterone : )
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Ron: aha
changed username to Guy B. On DSL
Pamela: Hi Guy!
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: SEE we are even again
BobS: HI Guy
Guy B. On DSL: Greetings from SBC YAHOO DSL
Ron: good
Frances: Ron, I saw the AdamCon photos on the Web. Who were the man and woman in the banquet pictures that I do not recognize
Pamela: just have to rub it in, don'tcha
Frances: Did that make sense?
Ron: Mom, Brother David and his girlfriend Gail
Pamela: yes it did Mom
BobS: broder and girlfriend
Judy: Ron
BobS: ya that too
Guy B. On DSL: Did everyone receive my e-mail on my new e-mail address on my web page?
Judy: 's brother and friend
BobS: ya but have to write it down or forget
Ron: David and Gail currently in Calgary.they were here for a summer visit
Pamela: yes Guy, however I think I accidentally erased it - I had 43 (!) emails tonite
Frances: Did I see that she was using a cane?
BobS: YES Frances
Guy B. On DSL: Well, Dale changed it to the new address and 22 are sitting in there right now.
BobS: got med problems
Ron: yes, Frances, she has a nerve degeneration disease that has been with her for some time. Cant recall the
Ron: name of it, but is something like MS
Ron: So she has great difficulty getting around
Ron: but - to her credit, she does it
Frances: Oh, I'm sorry to hear it
Ron: yeah..... it always happens to good people
Ron: and she's certainly a good people
Frances: Have they been together for long?
Ron: about 5 years
Ron: She's brought my brother out of his shell
Frances: The love of a good woman
Ron: yup
Ron: that's it
Frances: That happened to my brother-in-law , Richard's brother
Ron: aha
Frances: He was a jerk when we were younger and I could not abide him
Frances: but, he found a great wife and wow!
BobS: that Erin's mom????
Ron: straightened right up
Pamela: other side of the family, Bob
BobS: ahso
Frances: No, Bob, she is my sister and her problem was her husband
BobS: that is my story too...........great wife. and WOW
Frances: also a jerk
BobS: oh oh
Judy: that was nice, dear
Ron: Ya got that right Pilgrim!
BobS: even got mother in laws blessing..........almost
BobS: she is still waiting for the final tally
Judy: did Bob tell you he is going in the hospital Friday morning to get put back in tune
Frances: Judy, you got him young and trained him well
Ron: same op as before? the electric thing?
Frances: Yes, he did. Any clue why it didn't take the first time?
Judy: that is right, but he is a work in progress
Pamela: no, he neglected to mention that little thing Judy
BobS: Judy HOLLERED at me too much
BobS: same de3al Ron
BobS: deal
Frances: No he didn't daughter but you were lollygagging somewhere
Judy: yes, but this time he has been on meds and hopefully it was stay because of that
Ron: well, if'n it has to be done, it has to be done
Pamela: excuse me, I do not lollygag
Judy: now we have to come up with some calm things to do on Friday , after it is done
Frances: Gag lollies, then?
BobS: playign kissy face methinks
Ron: no rakin leaves
Pamela: I was spending some quality time with my hubby
Ron: shovellin snow or whatever
Pamela: after all, you at least have seen yours in the last 72 hours
Ron: understand Pam
Judy: he is supposed to take it easy after and that was very difficult last time to keep him calm
Pamela: or sort of, anyway : )
BobS: I get "frisky"
Pamela: no comment, Bob
Ron: me neither
Judy: no, wild, as in uptight
Frances: What puts him to sleep, Judy? Reading?
Ron: the electrical effect?
Judy: no
Frances: Worried?
BobS: must be a electrifying esperience
Judy: yes, I think so
Frances: Anxious?
Ron: Well, I can certainly understand that
Judy: should be easier this time you know what to expect
Ron: Body's normal electrical impulses have been interfered with, turned upside down
Judy: that is true
Ron: Settle Robert !!
Frances: Was it the actual treatment they made him that way? Or anxiety
BobS: no
BobS: treaatment I think
BobS: '"I" didn't think I was flying high, but Judy did
Frances: Isn't it fun, Bob, to sit there and watch us dissect you?
BobS: me, I was sore as I got kicked in the chest
BobS: oh well
BobS: me ol' body is falling apart
Pamela: I believe it Bob - it can't have been fun
Ron: no
(Guy B. On DSL throws a hot potato at BobS.)
BobS: not that Guy !!!!!!
Guy B. On DSL: Got something better
(Guy B. On DSL gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: diet coke
Judy: don't throw things at him, he has a bad heart
Ron: I'm still pigging out on Halloween chocolate
Frances: Could you have a sedative afterward?
Ron: we only had 15 at the door... and chocolate for 10 times that many
Guy B. On DSL: Something cool
BobS: why so few??????
Ron: Don't know what Mother was thinking
Pamela: send chocolate Ron - i've been craving since last night
BobS: youa re in the middle of a housing neighborhood
Ron: our neighbourhood runs in cycles...right now everyone is grown up
Judy: we ran out , I was digging thrru the house for more candy
Frances: It was a lovely warm night here and we had one!
BobS: we get the kids imported
Ron: (fax Pamela chocolate)
Pamela: thank you Ron
BobS: halloween is not a canadian highlight????????
Ron: think the powers that be have organized too many events for the kids. trick or treating ain't what it used to be
Pamela: don't forget, M & D's neighbourhood is highly orthodox Jewish
Frances: Stop by on the way home tomorrow and I can give some
Judy: we turned out the light and still had two more come ringing the bell
Ron: oh yes...... other friends of mine had 125- 150 in a hour and a half
BobS: that IS normal
Ron: yup
(Guy B. On DSL gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Frances: It is true it is very Jewish but we are 1 and 1/2 blocks from social housing and there are more and more young families around that are not Jewish
Guy B. On DSL: Got some cold ones tonight
Ron: Oh well... it's a tough job, but somebody has to eat the left over choc
Pamela: pop - fizzzzzzzzzzzzz - ack!
BobS: like the dsl speed guy????????
Judy: I didn't count this year but they were lined up around the porch waiting for candy
Pamela: Don't shake the can, Guy
Frances: and we have never had so few in almost 40 years
Guy B. On DSL: No, I wouldn't do that. You did
BobS: and the pigs ATE my Junior Mints
Ron: really, Frances?
Frances: Yes
Pamela: I did not!
Judy: I only had the one candy bar that Josh gave me in the afternoon
BobS: jkljlkj;jll;
BobS: still here????
Ron: you are indeed
Pamela: jup
Frances: Gentlemen, I want, if possible to raise Richard's bed about 4"
Pamela: I had a thought about that Mom
Frances: It is a mattress on a box spring with the usual 6" screwed into the frame6" legs
BobS: goto lumber yard and beg off 4 pieces of 4x6 about 6 inches long each
Ron: hmmmm..
Ron: yeah, that'll do it.
Ron: most places have that sort of stuff in their cuttings bin
Frances: why 4x6 Bob
Frances: maybe 4x4?
BobS: yes, but 4x6 would be more flatness on the floor
BobS: like 6" wide vs 4" wide
Ron: must be an American size Bob. I've seen 4x4 but not 4x6
Ron: but then what do I know?
Ron: we have 2 x 6
BobS: or 2 pieces 4x4 nailed together
Frances: I haven't either Ron but ditto
BobS: for 4x8"
Ron: well there ya go
Ron: (duh?)
BobS: want big enough flat area so they won't possible tip off
Pamela: d'oh
Ron: positioned where?
Frances: actually the problem is this - there should be a hole or something in which to set the legs so they won't slide off
Pamela: alternative: sleeve which fits over the existing legs with 4" of wood in the bottom that the legs can rest on
BobS: 8 pcs 4x4 about 6" long ....... 2each with 2 nailed togeter for 8" flat on floor
BobS: place under legs of bed, get a shot, clll me in the mornig
Ron: and the bed legs go on top
Ron: ok
BobS: that works too
BobS: just somethign to hodl them together
Ron: is the bed against a wall Frances
BobS: ok drill resess hoel int them
BobS: hole
Frances: I'm not sure I can manage a holeNo
Pamela: the head of the bed is agains the wall, Ron
Frances: that is hole.
Frances: there are six legs
BobS: unless bed has wheels, it should be ok on 8x6 flat surface area
Ron: two more blocks on each piece...(could be 1x2) nailed either side of the bed legs
BobS: so now you need 4 more little blocks
Ron: stop it from moving right or left
BobS: this is getting complicated
Pamela: what do you think of the sleeve idea Mom?
Frances: yes
BobS: who's shirt???????
Frances: a sleeve would be great but what would I usse for it?
Pamela: slip over the bed legs - put 4" of wood in the bottom to raise the bed
Ron: when you get all this nailed together Frances, send us a picture of it
Pamela: (see I told you she never listens to me)
Guy B. On DSL: Pam, how did your dad's surgery go?
Pamela: it went well Guy but the recovery is proving difficult for everyone
Frances: I do Pam but I can't visualize
Guy B. On DSL: Going to be a rough one for him?
BobS: the patient survived.....but the famile dies
BobS: family
Pamela: for all of us I think Guy
Frances: Yes, Guy. Already is
Frances: Quite, Bob
Guy B. On DSL: He will do alright.
Pamela: he was doped up on painkillers Monday and Tuesday - today was his first coherent day
Judy: men do not make good patients
BobS: say WHAT ????????
Pamela: actually Judy he makes a very good patient, surprisingly
BobS: we are very quiet nice patients
Frances: Oh, he will live but perhaps the rest of us won't
Ron: yes, basically inside each hospitalized man there is a baby crying to get out
BobS: RON you are on our side!!!!
Ron: I know
BobS: it is not a man or woman is a sick person thing
Frances: Actually, Ron, he is very stoic about it - certainly not a baby - but moving the leg is ...
Judy: it is so hard to be truefull, right Ron?
Ron: yes .... dirty job indeed
Ron: hurts like hell
Frances: And the nurses and physiotherapists are not sympathetic
Pamela: well someone has to do it Ron
BobS: funny how the professionals don't know what pain is, isn't it ??????????
BobS: would think they never get hurt
Judy: they see it every day, he is just one of hundreds
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Frances: I know that they have to get him moving for the good of the leg and that pain is part of the process
(BobS gives Frances a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: take that too him frances
Pamela: isn't it though - I've thought more than once in the last few days that I'd like to chop open some of these nurses and replace some of their parts (particularly their hearts) and see what kind of patients they become
Frances: but I think he could be doped up more
Judy: and some have more pain than others
Ron: I have had both good and bad experiences with our "health professionals"
Frances: and I think he is, Judy
Pamela: boy, I'm becoming bloodthirsty in my old age
Ron: when they're good, they're very very good, but
Ron: when they're not, they don't care diddley
BobS: health care professionals the world over are that way Ron
Judy: me too, some are just the pits and others are great
Ron: yup
Frances: As I said, they have to do things that are painful, I just think there should be more medication
BobS: and/or more compassion somtimes
Frances: As I said earlier, he expected pain but went ahead anyway
Ron: but you're never fully prepared for it
Pamela: at least he has a brighter, pain free future to look forward to
Pamela: I think that's what is keeping him going
Ron: not that I've have been there all that much...... but once was enough
Frances: I am venting some frustration here, people, bear with me
Frances: what happened to you Ron
Ron: a bit of minor surrgery some years back...... did not respond to the anesthetic (sp??) all that well on the way out
Frances: Or was that your Mother
Ron: and the nurses weren't particularly responsive
Judy: he should be some better tomorrow, the first couple of days are always the worst after any kind of operation, Frances
Ron: No.... Mom has nothing but good to say about her experiences
Frances: Yes, it will keep on getting better, I know that
Pamela: anaesthetic, Ron : )
Ron: Tell Rich we're thinking of him
Ron: right GAS
Frances: Did the anetshetic not take, Ron, ir did it make you sick
Frances: sorry, I am getting slapp happy
Pamela: trust me Mom, you got nuthin on Bob ; )
Ron: Felt like I'd been hit by a truck.....recall this world where my ex- seemed like someone I knew from somewhere, Wanted to talk, but couldn't, because the throat wouldn't work....yada yada
Ron: it was all perfectly experience of it was not
Pamela: some people react better to anaesthetic than others Ron
Ron: and it seemed like somebody should have said something about how I was going to feel when i came to, that's all
Guy B. On DSL: Well folks, got to go. I'll see you all next week.
Judy: night, Guy
Pamela: okay Guy - enjoy your high speed surf
BobS: ok good
Ron: Guy, you go so fast, you end up meeting yourself in the out
Guy B. On DSL: Gotcha Ya
Guy B. On DSL left chat session
Frances: I have to go too - preferably to bed.
Pamela: btw Mom - re: our bitch session on Monday evening? A miracle occurred - I came home tonite and all the dishes have been washed
Frances: Good night, Guy
Ron: Be well Frances..... look after you as well eh?
BobS: MEN are not all bad you know
Frances: He could here us all that way?
BobS: tell Richard HI from the bunch of us Frances
Frances: hear
Pamela: I dunno but I'm not complaining
Judy: night Frances
Pamela: g'nite Mom, I'll talk to you tomorrow evening. Call me when you've rested up
Ron: sometimes we are good
Frances: I will and Pam or I will keep you posted. I think you can take for granted that the news will good
BobS: nite Frances
Frances left chat session
Pamela: we know that Ron - there's a reason we keep you guys around
Ron: now and then we are useful
Judy: yes, we need them
Pamela: yes - heavy lifting and bug destroying duties
BobS: we are ALWAYS useful Ronald sir
BobS: thihnk how lonely you'
Judy: and he takes me on cruises
BobS: d be if we were not here
Pamela: and keeping us warm in the middle of the winter
BobS: ya...... see ????????
Ron: :)
Pamela: hmm - I'll have to work on the cruise thing
Ron: Well, I must go replace a sound card in one of the hospital's 'puters
Ron: the slot machine game is supposed to have sound
BobS: so you are sending us more yucky weather ron ?????
Pamela: in the meantime though, my kitchen is clean and I'm toasty
Ron: nothing but blue sky here, my man
BobS: good could use it......
Ron: cold air, but sky is blue....nerry a cloud
BobS: tomight they said 1 mostly sunny day in the last 16
BobS: that is NOT good
Pamela: ick, bob
BobS: yes, ICK
Ron: somebody needs to push the Arctic air back to the Arctic
BobS: seems like it has been raining since Julyh
Ron: it's done slipped
Pamela: speak harshly to the person who sneezed when drawing the jetstream
Ron: exactly Pamela
BobS: that the probelm ?
Pamela: certainly looks that way!
BobS: hospital where ron ?
BobS: victoria ?
Ron: our Extended Care Unit has a computer club for the residents....put in some volunteer time there a couple times a week
Ron: I'm the resident techie
Ron: (they are in trouble)
Pamela: Bob, are you being admitted on Monday or is this an outpatient procedure?
BobS: to keep those residents on track
Pamela: no comment, Ron
Judy: it is Friday and out- patient
Ron: yes..... good luck Fri Bob
Pamela: sorry, losing track of my days
BobS: actually like Thurs night.......7:30 int he AM on Fri
Ron: don't let 'em zap ya too hard eh?
BobS: try not Ron
Judy: very early, have to be there at 7:30 in the morning
Pamela: what is it with hospitals and their insistence on ungodly early hours? Dad had to be there at 6:15 am on Monday
Ron: yeah...... so I recall
Ron: anyway.....we'll see ya's all
Ron: next week
Ron: Good Lord willin'
Pamela: it's positively uncivilized
BobS: maybe the early patient gets the, best care
BobS: be good ron
Judy: don't know, the registration room isn't even open at that time so he has to check in at emergency
Pamela: worms are a whol other ballgame, Bob
Ron: :)
Pamela: no more chocolate Ron
Ron: didn't hear that........ poof
BobS: get outa that acandy !!!!!!!
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron: nite
Ron left chat session
BobS: nite
Pamela: well you two, I'd better get some sleep too
Pamela: good luck on Friday Bob
BobS: thanks
Pamela: I'll be thinking of you
BobS: we will go too or we will be online and ne4xt to each other
Judy: night Ron and Pam, going to sign off myself, talk to you next week
Pamela: i have hospitals on the brain
BobS: taa taa
BobS left chat session
Pamela: good nite - keep us posted
Judy left chat session
Pamela: hugs
Pamela left chat session
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