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james: just us :P
Daniel B: Still too soon
james: yeah, people aren't very punctual
Daniel B: normally.. i'm online after 22h
james: yeah, i'm going to have to get dressed soon
james: and get ready for work
Daniel B: go! don't wait!
james: lol
Daniel B: echo....
Daniel B: ... echo
james: i'm still here
james: just checking a couple things
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hiya guys !!!!!!
Daniel B: Hi Bob!
BobS: did you get the news on Richard Clee??????
BobS: hjkl;l
BobS: lost ya here Daniel
james: yeah
BobS: hi james !!!!!
james: hi bob. i'm afraid i can't stay on long
BobS: it looks like timing is slow????
james: you can thank daylight saving time. chat is an hour later for me now
BobS: now what time is it??????? in japan
james: 11.15 a.m.
Daniel B: time to work for james
Daniel B: ;)
BobS: cool......and that means what,,,,,have to get back to teaching?????
james: yeah. i should get dressed too, since i'm not in a line of work that requires me to be naked
BobS: thought you got dumped Daniel
james: i have a part time computer job too
BobS: busy bee you are.........
james: yup
BobS: I assume NOT teaching your students the computer
james: and i wonder why i have no free time
james: no
BobS: but someone else
james: though i do have a couple that come to learn computers
BobS: look at all the money you will make
BobS: you can retire early !!!!!!
james: that's the plan
james: we plan on moving back to canada when case reaches junior high school
james: i want to have enough saved up for, or a house paid off by then
BobS: about 9-10 years
james: yup
BobS: why change then??????
james: why change what?
BobS: have you been following Richard's progress after surgery??????
james: somewhat
BobS: why change and come to Canada?????
james: i got the emails form frances
BobS: that is it
james: because japanese junior high schools and highschools are pathetic
james: and i want case to have no part of all the b.s. i've heard about
BobS: sounds like Richard is getting feisty...and that means he is getting better
james: lol
BobS: AH....SO
james: ok, i'm going to be here but my response will be slow. gotta get decent
BobS: ok
BobS: wonder how many willl get here tonight
james: dan, why don't you tell bob about my coleco project?
BobS: heck maybe I have to moderate?????
(BobS groans loudly)
BobS: yes Dan......tell me
Daniel B: Well, James is thinking about doing mr chin for the ColecoVision.
Daniel B: For now, James do a japanese library
BobS: ok and that would be what kind of game??????
james: ok. got my spiderman underwear. all ready to get dressed
BobS: ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!
james: socks.. then shoes.. gotta remember that
BobS: take it Mr Chin is japanese character in the game
james: chinese
james: the game was made in japan though
james: circa 1984
BobS: ok, I am listening
james: dan, do you have that link you sent me yesterday to the game?
Daniel B:
BobS: ok........
BobS: goin there now
Daniel B: have you an MSX emulator?
BobS: no
BobS: that a problem is it?????
james: so my game will be a clone, with some originality added. i'm going to call it mrs. chin
james: :P
BobS: went to the page, but it is only review of the gaem
james: i have the rom and the emulator but i'm a little pressed for time now
james: can you e-mail me
james: and i can get you set up
Daniel B: mr chin is a funny game to play. you must try it to appreciate
Daniel B: the rom is in the "mr chin" link in the page
Daniel B: a multi emulator like MESS
Daniel B:
Daniel B: MESS can emulate MSX, COLECO, etc...
Daniel B: but you need the bios file
BobS: oh oh now you are getting complicated for me......technincally challenged here
james: at boob, no problem
james: just e-mail me and i can send you a file with everything set up and ready to go
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james: sorry. bob. not boob
james: lol
changed username to Frances
BobS: just sent you an email
Daniel B: i found bios files at this URL
Daniel B:
BobS: hiya Frances
james: ok.
BobS: how's the patient?????
Daniel B: but James will give you all this (ready to use?)
james: yup. ready to go
Frances: Hello, all. Not many here yet
Daniel B: hi Frances
james: thing is, it's a five meg e-mail and i'll need to add some instructions, so it'll be later
Frances: Much improved but not perfect.
Frances: He can walk quite well and today was using a single cane
Daniel B: goodbye James! don't be late!
BobS: do NOT send it james,,,,,,,have a slow connection and it would take hours.......
BobS: well that is good news......and the pain??????
Frances: But the leg is still quite painful in a stretched position, as in getting out of bed
BobS: just WHAT do i need to download form the "mess" site ???????
Frances: Once on his feet, the pain goes away so he has become quite active.
BobS: that sounds good
Daniel B: Bob: the MESS emulator for your computer. Like Windows 32bits version for Windows OS
BobS: ok.........
Frances: Goes to the bathroom himself, even at night, sits in a chair to eat
BobS: and where is he headed for more rehab????
james: bob - don't worry about downloading anything. i'll set you up. i'm outta here. frances, my best to rich
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Frances: Hospital called Hillcrest
Daniel B: I have to go mow... someone need the phone.
Daniel B: see you later!
Daniel B: *poof* for a few minutes
BobS: ok daniel
Frances: It is not really close to me but I can get there with one bus ride
BobS: how long at Hillcrest ?????
Frances: Don't know, a week maybe? Doctors are very close-mouthed
Frances: The leg should not be this painful at this time - I don't know if there is something the doctors are telling us
Frances: not telling us
Frances: or if he is just slow to heal
BobS: probably sounds like his muscles are tight and hurting, if the hip works and he has no pain there......then it is a success
BobS: just the other stuff to iron out and limber up
Frances: He can manage the basics - getting out of bed, to the bathroom by himself, so I think he should be home
Frances: Yes, the hip works and weight bearing is no problem
BobS: that is what Jufy just said, if he is that good how come he is NOT home
Frances: Stupid doctors
BobS: they are all QUACKS
BobS: I say that and Judy stares at me in a most unkind way
Frances: No, Bob, I don't really think that but they can't or won't communicate adequately
BobS: got good result with heart zap......staying right on time so far
BobS: sure seems like it somtimes though
Frances: was going to ask - I'm glad, Bob
BobS: just going boom, boom, boom in a very rythmic pattern
Frances: I've forgotten - did they do the same thing again?
BobS: feel better too....not near so hot and sweaty just getting up
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changed username to ron
BobS: yup......but instead of 2 "defibrillations" it only took 1.........
BobS: and I am on meds for it also now
Frances: what do you take?
Frances: are you there?
BobS: am-E-odor-own is the phonetic pronumciation of the stuff
BobS: keep getting the name confused
BobS: it is the strongest rythmic drug they have
ron: yo
BobS: hallo ronald !!!!!
Frances: hi Ron - thought you'd got lost
ron: reclining in the recliner
BobS: say WHAT ?????
ron: so if you hear any snoring beyond the mountains
Frances: it reclined onto you?
ron: This is the
ron: "Chair from Hell"
Frances: Have to get me tea, be back
ron: everytime I recline, I sleep
BobS: Judy says...."tell them I won't be on tonight, am too tired"
BobS: well then keep it in an upright position
ron: Understood Judy. Hi anyway...... but you rest eh?
BobS: woman is a WIMP
BobS: taking blood pressure now........
ron: So how did the ZAP go last week Bob?
BobS: the darn doctor has her on too many is alwasy low
BobS: great!!!!! in a good rythm now
ron: good
ron: Mother and I take enough meds between us to keep two pharmacies alive and well
Frances: the prime minister of Canada walked right past me this evening - even said hello
ron: Jean Chretien?
ron: wow!
Frances: yep
ron: did you ask him when he was leaving?
Frances: my sister is an alternate from one of the Windsor Ont. ridings and is here in TO to the great convention
Frances: no, I didn't, didn't get a chance
BobS: sounds exciting
ron: oh yes.....that's why he's there....... they're doing the leadership convention (annointment- coronation thing)
BobS: AH, but ya rubbed elbows with "the rich and famous"
Frances: I don't know, Bob, but Cynthia has jad a hard time for several years
Frances: and it is nice to see her get a little something for a change
Frances: staying at the Royal York, all expenses paid
ron: cool
Frances: I had dinner with her this evening and we were sitting on a bench chatting
ron: Also our football weekend -- Grey cup day Sunday
BobS: like an all expenses paid ADAMCON, eh?????
Frances: yes
Frances: even her meals
Frances: including ours
BobS: oh man !!!!!! now you are on the dole too
Frances: no, I meant, I paid for it
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BobS: bummer Frances
changed username to Pamela
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: wow, big crowd
BobS: bout time ya got here
Pamela: Hi Bob and Ron
Frances: yes, Grey cup on Sunday
Pamela: Hi, Mom
ron: Hi Pamela
Frances: Hi, daughter - long time no see
BobS: you could say........Mom and my 2nd and 3rd favorite guys in the world
Pamela: don't get nasty Bob, I was at the hospital till 7:30
BobS: and was he happy??????
Frances: and left my house about 8:00
Pamela: actually, yes he was happy
Pamela: no Mom, 9:00
Frances: right
ron: hows he doin?
Frances: pretty good but the leg is still painful
Frances: walks though
Pamela: I have since come home (it's virtually stopped raining by the way), fed the cats, fed myself, returned my phone calls, and checked my email
ron: mmmm
Pamela: all in less than an hour
ron: impressive Pamela
Pamela: He seems in good spirits, and the leg was cooperating more today
Frances: he is actually quite self-sufficient but the leg is painful when stretched
BobS: you supposed to get snow there/??????
Pamela: flurries tomorrow Bob
Pamela: ick
Frances: no
Frances: NO!
Pamela: sorry, Mom
Frances: why?
Pamela: that was the last report I saw (this morning)
Pamela: about the flurries
BobS: kind of missed us here
ron: Remembrance Day here was actually quite nice for a change
BobS: talked about it coming within 75 miles of us......but it stayed way upu from Traverse City north
Frances: Anyway, Ron, Richard is going to a rehab hospital on Friday
ron: aha
ron: how long there?
Frances: I'm sort of wondering why, since he seems capable enough now and the leg is slowly improving
Pamela: and by the way, he says that he's "chomping at the bit" to get home and that if they allow the laptop at the rehab hospital, he'll try to be online on Saturday
Frances: don't know - a week?
ron: whatever it takes, I guess
Frances: it's nice not to cook meals but I'm tired of travelling to the hospital
ron: will look for him - although I might be out of town
ron: not sure yet
Frances: and I really do think that he would do fine at home
Pamela: don't make bets Ron - i don't know if they'll allow the laptop
ron: understand Pam
Pamela: plus, we'll have to get the 'puter to him somehow
Frances: but he will get regular exercise sessions and they will probably expect hime to get dressed
Pamela: it's too heavy for Mom to transport and I don't know if I'm going to get there early enough on Saturday
BobS: mail it........
Pamela: riiiiiiiiiight
Frances: right now, he is wandering around in one of those cute little nightgowns that are open at the back
Pamela: good thing he's got cute buns, huh?
ron: oh geez..... I hate those
BobS: PAM.....that is your daddy now......
Frances: Ron, Richard is actually quite reserved about these things and we once switched campgrounds because
BobS: yes they are not very covering
Frances: the men's loo did not have doors
ron: Don't blame him. I feel the same
Pamela: I know Bob, but he's in good shape for a man his age and my daddy is a handsome man
BobS: boy, I can telll who's girl YOU are !!!!!
Pamela: I think I know what Mom saw in him lo these 48 years ago
Frances: but he is wandering around in this thing without any reservations at all
(BobS gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
ron: :)
Pamela: Hey, Mom's a good looking woman too
ron: Agree
Pamela: thanks Bob, I need the caffeine
Frances: thank you - do look not quite my age
BobS: THAT was a caffiene free one
Pamela: send caffeine!
ron: Mother has fallen asleep
BobS: no can do.....heart doctors say it is bad for your health
ron: I'm next
Pamela: although I guess I've had my share for the day
Frances: I said, you are wandering the halls like that? He said that the nurses ruch up with another one, when necessary
Pamela: heck Bob, life is bad for your health
ron: zzzzzz
BobS: tis true me love
Frances: Ron, wake up - what are you up to?
(Pamela gives ron a can of Diet Coke.)
ron: laptop in the living room, in the recliner
ron: wireless net to the "snake-pit"
ron: Thanks Pamela
BobS: kinda nice ain't it ???????
BobS: love the wireless thingy
Frances: when not on line, what goes these days?
Pamela: oh hush you guys, I'm hidden away in the back room here
ron: cool
Pamela: our version of the snake pit
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moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Bob, how did your hospital visit go?
Frances: now, I've been cleaning house - what have you been cleaning
ron: been putting out brush fires at the community net. Our exec director just about did away with himself in a car accident at the beginning of last month
Pamela: the living room, dining room and bathroom
ron: he's now on rehab, so I'm kinda Chair of the board and exec director at the same time
BobS: hello, all I have Bob's computer while he is out taking in the flags, wind is a blowing
ron: keeps me out of the bars
Frances: of what organization
Pamela: Hi Judy
ron: Comox Valley Community Information Society
Frances: what does a CVCISoc do?
BobS: good news that Richard is doing so well, maybe soon the pain will be gone
ron: like Toronto Freenet, only smaller
Pamela: he goes to the rehab hospital on Friday Judy
ron: we make web space available to local non-profit groups
BobS: well, he is back so I will give him back the computer, bye for now
Frances: hello, Judy
Pamela: night
Frances: bye, Judy
ron: HHi Judy...bbye Judy
Pamela: Bob, what about your hospital visit - how did that go?
Frances: still playing golf, Ron? Can you play all winter?
BobS: I thought that he would want the thing back but he is now reading the paper, went well first time
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: good to hear Judy
ron: My foursome has pretty well packed it in Frances. We're not that dedicated.
BobS: he is looking and ffeeling better
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Frances: Hello, Guy
BobS: hi, Guy
Guy B.: How's Rich doing Frances?
ron: When they say you can play golf year round here, it's true, but you have to have waterproof footwear
Pamela: don't like wet tootsies Ron?
Frances: Pretty well, Guy, but the leg is still painful
ron: and be really dedicated
ron: NO
ron: Hi Guy
Pamela: don't blame you - I don't either
Frances: Walks okay, though and gets out of bed himself
Guy B.: Going to be a rough road ahead for him.
Frances: going to a rehab hospital on Friday
Pamela: I have yet to figure out why they can't make a comfortable rain shoe
ron: yeah eh?
Guy B.: How are you holding up Pam?
Frances: I would have thought that waterproff shoes were necessary in BC
Pamela: I'm holding up fine Guy - it's been harder on Mom than on me
ron: Our bunch will probably choose a nice sunny Sunday in January and go out for one round, so we can say we did it
Frances: just as winter boots are in Toronto
Frances: so you are running a private internet but not playing golf - what else?
Pamela: I've had a number of good ideas recently - I should start developing them
ron: Nursemaid
ron: preparer of second rate suppers
Pamela: is your Mom sick Ron?
Frances: yes, I am familiar with both occupations
Pamela: I disagree with the second rate part, Mom
ron: well, let's just say she has good days and bad. Endurance is getting to be a problem. We got her a walker a few weeks ago
Pamela: you make good dinners, cookies, etc!
ron: getting old is not for sissies
Pamela: ya got that right
ron: well, basically, I know enough to keep us both alive ..... sorta
Pamela: that's one thing I have to credit Barbara with - she taught Russell to cook
Pamela: not to clean up after himself, but to cook : )
ron: a plus.....definate plus
Frances: I have had some experience with this myself
Pamela: he cooks like he has the entire Navy to clean up after him
Pamela: takes after his father, I'm told
ron: Mother has slowed up noticeably since the summer
Frances: I wish that Richard could cook
Frances: how old is she now, Ron
ron: 87
Pamela: was that thunder Mom?
ron: she had tripple bypass about 15 years ago, and there's some congestive heart failure happening now
Frances: not here, yet but it will get here, I'm sure
BobS: well give a little leeway for her age Ron
ron: some days the meds work, some days they don't
BobS: an take it easy as you run her around
ron: oh yea..she's harder on herself than I will ever be
Pamela: I'll bet Dad could cook if he put his mind to it Mom
ron: I mean this is a lady who up to last June, was playing golf
Frances: yes, but he won't
Pamela: that was definitely thunder
Frances: not here, yet
BobS: what happened to Guy ?????
BobS: the FAST internet guy
Pamela: he fell off , Bob
BobS: I guess
BobS: maybe that ISP was not so good aftera ll
BobS: the boy "fell of the wagon" ???????
BobS: off
Frances: Ron, I've just been through this, for 15 years actually
ron: yes, Frances, that's true
Frances: It's hard watching them deteriorate
ron: yes....
Pamela: there comes a point where you suddenly realize your parents aren't going to be around forever
Frances: and you get to a point where you wish they would go but can't bear the thought
BobS: I don't want to deteriorate, just push on down the road
Pamela: it's a sobering moment
ron: well, we pretty much take it one day at a time
ron: do what there is to do, and try to get out lots
Frances: Bob, I used to think one should go one pretty well then drop dead suddenly but I've changed my mind
ron: After all, she does own the car, and the driver :)
BobS: that is LL you can do
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BobS: so you are 'kept' son
Pamela: convenient that, Ron
changed username to Guy B.
ron: works for me
ron: re-hi Guy
Frances: thunder, daughter
Pamela: why have you changed your mind Mom
Pamela: see, I told you
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. The power almost went out due to the high winds we have here 40 to 60 MPH gusts.
Frances: well, its a big shock for everyone and no one is prepared
Pamela: I can understand that
Frances: including, probably, the um corpse
Guy B.: Then I had a problem getting the Athlon up. But, finally got it up.
ron: thought Winnipeg was the Windy City
ron: or is that Chicago?
Pamela: unless of course you happen to be my Mom
Pamela: the most prepared person I know
Frances: I always thought that was Chicago's nickname
Guy B.: We had a high of 61 before the temps crashed. Now it's in the 30's.
ron: Mom says it's Chicago
Pamela: that's a big drop, Guy
Guy B.: Chicago is always been known as the Windy City.
Frances: No, I'm not daughter
Pamela: you're not?
BobS: same happened here
ron: Obviously Guy, you've had what is known in the trade as a "frontal passage"
Guy B.: Now, it will be just where it's suppose to be at this time. In the 40's.
Frances: well, I don't think you can ever really be prepared
Guy B.: Abby and I really braved that wind out there when we went for our walk tonight.
BobS: OUCH, that was a REAL walk
Pamela: I hope you kept it short Guy
Pamela: wind has come up here suddenly too
Guy B.: Two fronts went through here. The second one carried the high winds. We have a High Wind Warning until 11 tonight. The shopping center across the street from me lost power just before 6. So all the stores have closed for the day.
Pamela: did you send your weather to us?
Frances: I told you some time ago that I think that you should deteriorate to the point where everyone, including yourself, are glad to see you go
Pamela: I'm not so sure that I agree with that Mom, but I can see the merit in your argument
Guy B.: The power is still out as of right now. Could be awhile before they get the power back.
Frances: if you have 2 fronts, we will too eventually
Guy B.: At least I have it. Where's Dr D tonight?
ron: believe he said he was going to miss this week
ron: as I recall
Frances: we have had thunderstorms but I don't what is happening outside right now because I can't see outside
ron: (which is always a rather tenuous thing)
Frances: the recall?
BobS: ron's REcall
ron: Here it is dark. No sign of the sun at all
Pamela: thunder has stopped though
ron: we don't get much thunder
Pamela: oh yeah, here comes the front with the wind - the living room windows are vibrating
Guy B.: We had a eclipse of the moon last Saturday and I missed most of it due to the clouds.
ron: whats the distance between Chicago and Toronto?
ron: 900 miles?
Pamela: oh - we were out with the telescope!
Frances: It is windy, it is raining and it is 8 C.
Pamela: was wonderful
Guy B.: I think it's less than that Ron.
Frances: So do I
BobS: YUCK stay indoors
Pamela: took the telescope over to M & D's, made dinner for Mom and watched the eclipse. It was cold, but beautifully clear
ron: a good telescope ?
Frances: yes, it was a lovely night, very clear but cold and no wind
Pamela: a Meade 4" reflecting telescope, on tripod
ron: that's a good telescope
Pamela: sorry, 4.5"
Pamela: best Christmas present we ever gave Russell
BobS: he likes to watch the skies ????????
ron: there was one here when I arrived in 1995 - belonged to my late Dad.... but my brother took it.......
ron: sibling rivalry- and I lost
Pamela: hang on, gotta go close the bathroom window
BobS: Dave....the filthy animal !!!!!!!
ron: that's what I said
BobS: a very unkind thign to do to ya
ron: but then I did claim the piano
Pamela: he is very interested in astronomy, Bob
BobS: a good hobby
ron: since I'm the only one who plays it
ron: sorta
Pamela: we take the telescope up to the trailer at the beginning of the season and haul it out every weekend that we're there and it's remotely clear
ron: neat to look up at the Heavens...... watching everyone looking back
Pamela: Russell always says he doesn't care what the weather is like during the day as long as the nights are clear
BobS: oh, the things that moonlight does for lovers
Pamela: we've spent many a night cuddled up on the loveseat watching for shooting stars : )
ron: romantic
Pamela: just . . . right
ron: the deck outside is well suited for star watching
Pamela: last year we even got an aurora
ron: although right now it's a tad chilly out there
Frances: for the record, it is 683 miles from Chicago to Toronto, according to the AAA road atals
ron: Yeah, we got aurora's out here too, but they are metallic, and they fly around the pacific chasing enemy submarines
Pamela: so the storm front is travelling at about 55 miles an hour
ron: or looking for illicit drug trade on the high seas
Frances: Richard always says that weather travels about a 1000 miles a day
Frances: subs not likely, I think, but drugs probably are
Pamela: our auroras sit in the sky wearing pretty colours and dancing in the moonlight
BobS: prollya bout right Frances
ron: ours are flown by military pilots - who get paid for their work
Pamela: ours are free!
Frances: I should hope so!
ron: ours are outdated, and need replacement
ron: :)
Frances: for both
Frances: helicopters first, Ron
Pamela: our auroras have a second name - its borealis
ron: yes we have those too. They fish people from stricken fish boats
Frances: armoured personnel carriers, too
ron: agreed
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changed username to Daniel B
ron: so where is this thread going?
Pamela: to the moon!
BobS: Dan's back
Daniel B: Hello again Frances and Bob!
Pamela: Hi Daniel
ron: Bob has no idea about the age of Canadian military equiopment
Daniel B: Hello Pamela, Guy and Ron! :)
Frances: you know what, we all sound as if we should be on the way to bed
ron: Daniel mon ami
Pamela: hey, if you can't be silly here, where can you be silly?
ron: ca va?
ron: true
Daniel B: Ron: oui, ca va!
Pamela: here's where I get the giggles
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
ron: better to giggle than to cry
BobS: tis true
Daniel B: Ron: Are you sure for the resolution? (the pictures for the "Adam" christmas greeting cards) I think it's less than a fullscreen size.
ron: tell ya one thing...... a laptop is warm on the lap
Pamela: what numbskull keeps smudging my glasses?
Pamela: just the thing to cozy up to on a cold winter's day Ron
Frances: tomorow is garbage day and I have to put it out tonight and it will probably blow away
ron: The Christmas card program actually takes a little off around the edges Daniel, but I'm still trying to get that straight
ron: I seem to forget each year
ron: My test pic did not fill the entire screen,
Daniel B: Ron: I know that a powerpaint picture 10k size is less than 256x192... and 40k size is more than 256x192.
Frances: Ron, I have nothing new to submit but I think the old one would do - can you find it and use it?
BobS: ours garbage day is tomorrow and i will NOT put it out unless the winds die down
ron: yup.....that's right...... and what we need is a single Powerpaint 10k files
Daniel B: so, it's 10k powerpaint pictures.
Daniel B: thanks
ron: yup
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel B: So, I have to modify my CV dithering software again
changed username to Jen
Daniel B: to produce 10k powerpaint file
Pamela: Hi Jen
BobS: Hi Jen
ron: When I saved using your program, I got a 40k file (give or take) and it actually spilled over into screens 2 and 4
BobS: long time no see
Jen: Hey Pamela, hi everybody!
Pamela: how's your weather?
ron: that would be good Daniel, if you could
Frances: Hello
Jen: Yeh, it's been a long time.
BobS: YIKES........that is a little big for PowerPaint
ron: Well you can always load it into Powerpaint, and edit there
Jen: The weather's quite cold and snowy right now. Brrrrrr!!!
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll see all in a couple of weeks or Saturday if anyone will be there.
Pamela: night Guy - take care!
Daniel B: yes I could. the format is not exactly the same (inversion of color and pattern table) but I already coded this for CVPAINT.
BobS: ok Guy.....Richard swears he wil be here
Frances: why a couple of weeks, Guy
Jen: Bye, Guy.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Guy!
BobS: well Jen you can KEEP it up there !!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Jen, sorry I have to run. But, hope to catch you next time.
BobS: going to heck in a hand basket here and I do NOT like it
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel B: I learned (by myself) to do "solder". I needed it to build new Coleco carts.
Pamela: I noticed last week you were getting winter weather early Jen
Jen: This is the first time I've been in here since my computer crashed.
Daniel B: Hi Jen!
Pamela: what caused the crash?
BobS: oh no !!!! was the 'accident' and crash your fault ?????
(BobS winks)
Jen: We had already had a dump (of snow) in September. We've even been known to have snow in June!
ron: Where are you Jen? Think you've already told me, but one more time pls?
Pamela: ah, summer in Alberta : )
Jen: My husband was working on it, and all of a sudden it all went black and smoke was coming out of the CPU!
Pamela: smoke is never good
Jen: No kidding.
BobS: well that will teach ya.......tell him to keep him hands OFF
Pamela: you're in Lethbridge, right Jen?
ron: Well, it's ok if you keep it inside the electronic gear it's a part of
BobS: yup, Ron taught me......when the smoke comes out, the sucker is SHOT
ron: but if you let it out, it usually is a bad thing
Jen: The night before, our microwave blew up so we thought there was a power surge or something like that.
ron: right Bob
Jen: Yep, Lethbridge.
Pamela: brb - gotta go find out what the cats are destroying
ron: aha....getting closer to the mountains
ron: meow !!
Frances: Jen, you should install a whole house surge protector
BobS: darn cats
ron: I love cats
ron: they tolerate me
BobS: you know Frances.....son in law was going to get me one of those.......must have forgot
Jen: Anyway, it was just a coincidence. So we had to buy a new microwave and a new computer.
ron: bummer Jen
BobS: can believe that jan
Frances: we put one ina few years ago - cost about $200
Jen: My hubby's cousin took the computer apart and said that it was the power supply. AC got into the computer somehow and blew everything.
Pamela: okay - no destruction, just an argument
BobS: just plain ol' trach when that happened
BobS: trash
Frances: we have an electronic frig as well as all the computers - frig's are expensive
Pamela: giant paperweight
BobS: got some of those paperwights i do
Pamela: I heard that somewhere, Bob
BobS: although they are just old and have the smoke IN them yet
Jen: After we got our new computer up and running, I was sooooo busy at work. Then a business trip for a week, then my Mom came to visit.
Frances: anyway, Bob, I recommend one - it really is money well spent
Pamela: heck we still have the 486 - I just don't know if it came through Y2K or not
BobS: it came through fine
BobS: got 386's that came thru fine
BobS: all a bunch of hype
Pamela: we haven't booted it since 12/26/03 Bob
ron: Sure was Bob
Jen: I just haven't had much time to myself, but I've been wanting to hook back up with you guys. You probably thought I fell off the planet, or something.
BobS: Dec 2003???????
Pamela: naw, it happens Jen - we know and understand that
Pamela: sorry, December 1999
BobS: we ID Jen
ron: we were wondering
BobS: thought we scared ya off like all the others who visit us
ron: Where do you work?
BobS: Pam turn that sucker on..........
Jen: Anyway, Pam, you live in Ontario, right?
Jen: Naw, I'm a glutton for punishment.
Pamela: we had a work surge too - work coming outta the woodwork some days
Pamela: Yes, I'm in Toronto Jen
BobS: if it doesn't like the new century, I will email you a tiny littel patch to tell you that it is updated
Pamela: Home of the neverending election
Jen: Well, I'm coming out to visit my family for Christmas. That was my birthday present from my hubby.
Pamela: very cool!
ron: all right!
BobS: all the way east?????
Pamela: one of these days we'll try it Bob
Jen: This will be my third trip out there this year.
Pamela: but don't hold your breath - the next eight weeks will be rather busy
Pamela: your family is here in the city Jen?
BobS: aw you are NO fun Pam
Jen: My Sis lives in Toronto, my Uncle in Pickering, and my Mom & Dad live 20 minutes out of Trenton.
ron: Will be a busy trip
Pamela: lessee - everyday trips to the hospital, two birthdays, Christmas and a New Years bash to plan - that enough for you Mr S?
Pamela: I assume you're flying in Jen?
ron: a new year's bash..... whoa
Jen: Oh yep, I'm flying WestJet.
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Pamela: good Air Miles!
Jen: A New Years Bash? Your brave.
<undefined> left chat session
Pamela: well, it's our turn
Jen: We've racked up so many AirMiles, we're going to Hong Kong next year.
BobS: NO !!!! what are you going to do in your spare time ?????
Pamela: sleep!
Jen: Spare time? What's that?
ron: I'm retired. I have no spare time
Daniel B: I finally understand why my dithering software is different... simply because my software is looking for the two colors who can replace all the 8 pixels... it's why the dithering result is mostly 50-50 for the colors to "mix up" colors on screen.
Daniel B: i don't know if you understand
BobS: ya we know Ron
Pamela: I never understand Daniel - that doesn't seem to matter though : )
Pamela: you're very quiet, Mom
ron: Daniel, all I know about dithering is what Dale Wick has attempted to explain to me on several occasions
ron: and it's limited to just about what you just said
Jen: I'll be flying out to Toronto on Christmas Day! That way I can spend Christmas Eve with my son. I'm going alone to visit.
ron: What I'd really like to know is what is the difference between the various algorithims contained as options in your program
Frances: Jen, I'd like to introduce myself - I'm Pam's mother and I also am giving up soon
Daniel B: example: if the 8 pixels is mostly an orange color, my software will select red and yellow and put colors red and yellow like this : red+yellow+red+yellow+red+yellow...
ron: Floyd-Steinberg...etc
Pamela: well, the day should be quiet - all the travel happens in the few days before Christmas
Jen: Hi Frances. Great to meet you.
Frances: Bob, Ron and Daniel, if Richard does manage to get on chat on Saturday, do not let him stay on too long
ron: When you're trying to represent 16 million colours with only 16, the result is bound to be less than perfect. But some of the methods appear to do a better
ron: job than others
Frances: He is not supposed to sit in one place for too long
ron: noted Frances
Pamela: go to bed, Mother
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Pamela: dunno what happened there
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Pamela: are we reconnected?
ron: is there life?
ron: aha
Pamela: there is life for some of us
ron: there was an earth shattering kaboom
Pamela: you and i seem to be the only ones responding though
ron: (i exaggerate)
Pamela: kaboom?
Pamela: ah
ron: I went dead
Pamela: me too - right after telling Mom to go to bed
ron: that's it
Pamela: maybe I should stop using that word
ron: no, you probably had a point
Pamela: anyway Ron, it's been a long day and I still have to wind down, so I'd better get off
ron: right...... here the night is young, but I know there it is not
ron: be well Pamela
Pamela: I wish I had your three hours - I could use them well!
Pamela: and you, Ron
Pamela: see you next week
ron: :)
ron: yup
Pamela: nighty nite
Pamela: kerpoof
ron: nn
Pamela left chat session
ron: So Robert...are you still awake?
ron: I go.....
ron: mother wants the recliner
ron: Nite all
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Daniel B: Sorry. my computer crash
Daniel B: everyone go away
Daniel B: ...
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Daniel B: Bob? why you still online?
Daniel B: maybe you are not online... I'm just talking with a ghost.
Daniel B: goodnight!
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