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Dr.D.: Hello?
Dr.D.: Is anyone here?
Dr.D.: Case keeping you busy, James?
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Dr.D.: Nobody is alive.
Dr.D.: Ho hi, ho hi, it's off to work go I.
Dr.D.: Under the sea
Dr.D.: Under the sea
Dr.D.: All of the people
Dr.D.: On the _Titanic_
Dr.D.: Under the sea!
Dr.D.: Stupid California mystic expert halitosis
Dr.D.: Even though the smell of it is something quite atrocious
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Dr.D.: If you smell it long enough you'll die of a thrombosis
changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: Hi BobS.
BobS: hih guys BRB
Dr.D.: James seemeth to be asleep.
Dr.D.: And now Bob :-)
Dr.D.: When you wish upon a fish
Dr.D.: Makes no difference what you wish
Dr.D.: If you wish upon a fish
Dr.D.: It won't come true.
Dr.D.: In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
Dr.D.: The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.
Dr.D.: Why *will* you say that I am mad?
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changed username to Defined in Comox
Defined in Comox: materialized.... am I here?
changed username to Judy
Dr.D.: in wild cherry and honey lemon.
Dr.D.: Hi Ron.
Judy: Hello, everyone
Defined in Comox: 'Lo
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changed username to james
james: good morning
Dr.D.: And James is alive again.
Defined in Comox: Hi Judy, Bob, Dr. D., James
james: was on diaper duty and decided to take a shower
james: that must be ron
Dr.D.: Got sprayed that bad, huh?
Defined in Comox: yup
james: lol, fortunately, no
Dr.D.: Couldn't resist :=)
Defined in Comox: eating grapes from our very own vine
james: though i could relate an incident a year ago where we were horribly tired and jetlagged and case at 8 months decided to help me wipe him
Dr.D.: You weren't angry when you planted them, were you, Ron?
Judy: that sounds good, would you send me some?
Defined in Comox: they been here for years. Weren't me what planted 'em.... I just eat 'em
james: lol
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: You know what they'd be if you had been angry when they were planted...
james: oh ron, a cheque for 25 big ones is on its way to you
Defined in Comox: fax cq grapes
james: the grapes of wrath :P
Dr.D.: Bingo!
Guy B.: Greetings!
Dr.D.: Forgive my brain, it's been awake since 2:10 AM.
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Defined in Comox: burning the candle at both ends Dr D.?
Defined in Comox: results in a shortened candle
Guy B.: I'm on the notebook testing a new firewall software.
Dr.D.: Big lab seminar to give today at 3:30 PM.
Defined in Comox: aha
Dr.D.: Got nothing but interruptions last week while trying to prepare for it.
Dr.D.: So I almost ran out of time.
james: you need a german designed bunker
Dr.D.: I seem to have pulled it off, though...everyone was very happy with it.
Defined in Comox: t'was ever thus...... remember it well..... that sort of presentation
Dr.D.: Today I did turn the pointer on the "Universal Rich Locator" on my office door to the Mr. Yuk sign, "GO AWAY".
Dr.D.: I don't use it very much, but today was the day for it.
Defined in Comox: I used to end mine up with words like, "if we don't get approval for this, airplanes will fall from the sky."
Guy B.: You had one of those days Dr. D.
Dr.D.: I finished printing the last master page at 3:15 PM and running the final copies at 3:26 PM.
Defined in Comox: hell 4 minutes..... an eternity
Dr.D.: No airplanes would fall here, nor even slugs.
james: @ron, that's a scary thing for you to say since you were an air traffic controller, right?
Dr.D.: But somehow I made it work, talked for 90 minutes and had good questions and comments from the audience.
Defined in Comox: good
Dr.D.: Just me falling out of the sky now...ZZZZZzzzzzzz......
Defined in Comox: Not an air trafffic controller James, but I used to review their financial proposals for tech equipment
james: heh heh
james: *whump*
Defined in Comox: No sleeping Dr.D
Defined in Comox: That's for your students
Dr.D.: "Calculate the change in surface area of a fully-laden DC-9 dropping from an altitude of 20,000 feet"
Defined in Comox: at 32 feet per second per second
Dr.D.: "Assume a perfectly inelastic collision with the ground."
Defined in Comox: They don't bounce too good
james: lol
Dr.D.: "You may not assume massless ropes or massless, frictionless pulleys."
Defined in Comox: Nope. nothing like that
james: i never got as far as dynamics. i left that to the aero people
Defined in Comox: actually, our funders got rather tired of that phrase
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Defined in Comox: ATC always expected a blank check, and never understood when they didn't get it
Dr.D.: Your funders care about rope and pulley mass? :-)
changed username to Frances
james: that's how we get planes to take off in canada, rich :P
Dr.D.: Frances!!!!!! How are you and Richard?
james: just hoist 'em up and hope they fly
Guy B.: Hi Frances. How's Rich doing?
Dr.D.: But where do you hang the skyhook, James?
Frances: Hi, everyone. Richard is doing very well
Dr.D.: Yay!
Frances: He will be home on Friday
Dr.D.: Did you all see Frances' photo that I put up?
Guy B.: Good to hear. Doing some more walking?
james: how about a mechanical launching system
Defined in Comox: good news
BobS: and when is he "let out" ????
Frances: Friday, Bob
Dr.D.: Trebouchet sounds good, James.
BobS: cool !!!!!!
Defined in Comox: hey! All Right
BobS: but no laptop I gather as of now
james: ground based using some kind of mag-lev acceleration rather than burning half the fuel on take-off
Judy: that is wonderful, Frances
james: glad to hear he is doing well, frances
Dr.D.: Yes, the Medieval Society here has one...
Frances: No, no laptop
BobS: he is gonna be having withdrawal
Dr.D.: Or the Wile E. Coyote method of rubber-band launch...
james: lol
Guy B.: Beep-Beep
Dr.D.: No withdrawal once he sees all the spam backlog...
Defined in Comox: :)
Frances: He walks quite well, climbs stairs one step at a time, showers, gets up and down etc. by himself
james: it amazes me we're still using something as crude as rockets to get things into orbit
james: @frances, that must be good that he's reasonably mobile. i imagine he was getting frustrated
Guy B.: That's great.
Dr.D.: Until the Heisenberg Compensator is invented, we can't have a transporter beam.
Frances: No spam backup - good wee wifey has been checking that every day
james: space elevator is theoretically feasible
Dr.D.: No 10 million messages about pills and insurance and Ethiopian financial scams...
BobS: and he doesn't even know what a help you are, right??????
(BobS winks)
james: or at least direct ground to orbit planes that use aerodynamic lift
Frances: James, he has been mobile for a fair while
Defined in Comox: shouldn't have to take anything physical at all..... simply transmit consciousness, rent a body at the other end
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changed username to Pamela
Judy: Hi, Pam
Dr.D.: NASA keeps designing them, gets about 3/4 along and then finds out the design won't fly, it's scrapped, back to the drawing board, another $1B gone.
Pamela: good day, all
james: spam. i get one more copy of that stupid "MS Corporation Security Dept" spam ..
Frances: Right, Ron. No hip joint replacements
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Dr.D.: Pamela, long time no typee.
Defined in Comox: yes
Defined in Comox: Hi Pamela
BobS: good day mate !!!!!!
james: @dr d. i thought at some point there was an international competition of sorts to design such a vehicle
BobS: or is it mate'ess
james: is that still going or was it scrapped too?
Frances: Richard's main problem is that the bad leg is still not functioning perfectly,
Pamela: I managed to stay awake Rich
Dr.D.: X33 was scrapped.
james: hi pam!
Defined in Comox: Einstein's unified field theory
Dr.D.: Orbital Space Plane was scrapped.
Defined in Comox: and while we're at it, we need a time machine
Pamela: what are we talking about?
james: rockets.. 98% of the fuel to carry the mass of the fuel
Defined in Comox: defying the law of gravity
Dr.D.: The whole sordid tale is retold in one of the chapters of the Columbia Accident Investigation Report, Volume 1.
james: 2% payload and they wonder why it costs so much to launch a satellite
Defined in Comox: We want to leave and go somewhere else
Dr.D.: I got my hardcopy about 3 weeks is totally fascinating reading, an excellent technical report.
Dr.D.: Guy has decamped.
Pamela: where did Guy go?
james: are you an aviation buff?
Frances: Understandable by anyone without a PhD?
Defined in Comox: flying off into space
Dr.D.: Treboucheted him back to Chicago :-)
james: lol
Pamela: that was some slingshot effect !
Dr.D.: Yes, Frances.
james: i wanna get one of those someday but i doubt it would help me with anything technical
Dr.D.: I estimate no higher than 8th-grade reading level.
Dr.D.: And very nice charts and graphs.
james: 8th grade eh.. pushing it but i think i could manage :P
Dr.D.: *AND* an entire polemic against PowerPoint briefing slides.
Dr.D.: Made my day, page 183 I think it is.
Defined in Comox: good. glad to hear it
Frances: in the report?
Dr.D.: You can see PDF versions of the report at
Pamela: Ron, why are you defined? Were you undefined earlier?
Defined in Comox: yes.... very tenuous
Dr.D.: Yes, in the report. A genuine tirade against them, and a blistering critique of one slide in particular.
Defined in Comox: unmaterialized
Pamela: we've gotta get that transporter fixed
Dr.D.: Michaelson and Morley proved there was no ether. Ron decided to make one.
james: ok, i'm off to my other job. gotta earn my keep around here :P
Dr.D.: Bye James.
Defined in Comox: yep..... ended up embedded in a mountain west of Edmonton..... with toes sticking out
Pamela: alright James - have a good day
james: will catch up with you again next week. too bad you're all on daylight saving time
Defined in Comox: not pretty
Judy: bye James
BobS: by james
Defined in Comox: see ya James
Pamela: I have this picture in my head now - toes wiggling
Defined in Comox: yup..... muffled screams.... you got it
BobS: OFF daylight savings time
Frances: bye, James
Dr.D.: My toes wiggle. They are cold in the basement here.
Defined in Comox: So now Frances..... rich must be eager to be free
james: bye all, bye frances. send my best to rich
Pamela: it's a trend, Rich
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Frances: get a heating pad, Rich
BobS: ya'll need a HEATER
Dr.D.: All the trendy guys are into toe-wiggling around here. I gotta keep up appearances, y'know.
BobS: right at foot level
Dr.D.: I have one for when it gets really cold, Bob.
Defined in Comox: By the way..... you guys who were up Mt. Washington...... it's now covered with snow
Pamela: doesn't this weather qualify?
Dr.D.: Actually it's still sorta comfy outside here in Cleveland.
Pamela: damp and icky, that is
BobS: OH MAN !!!!!!!!!
Frances: I don't know, Ron. Around the hospital he gets lots of attention
BobS: gonna be in low 60's tomorrow
Defined in Comox: yes... Frances, he should remember that
Dr.D.: Fortunately we got all our leaves raked last Sunday.
Dr.D.: It can precipitate all it wants to now :-)
Pamela: shhhhh! don't say that too loud - you never know who's listening
Frances: But at home, he has the computer
Judy: I am glad it is there Ron and not here?
Defined in Comox: Wonder if the whiskeyjacks stay there in winter?
Defined in Comox: never been up there in the winter
Dr.D.: "I'm Mister Cold Miser, I'm Mister Snow...I'm Mister White Christmas, I'm Mister 40-Below."
Frances: When I goy home about 8:30 it was a clear and starry night
Pamela: you know Mom, I figure that if we bring him home and drop him into the office, he won't even notice we're gone
Frances: Probably. Although we can't let sit there too long
Frances: let him
Dr.D.: Right Frances, he needs to move all the time.
Dr.D.: Has he got his mobility back at the knee etc.?
Frances: And pay attention to his posture
Defined in Comox: zzzzzzzzz...... I'm in the recliner
Pamela: we can't ride herd on him 24/7 - perhaps a tape? "Richard, don't sit there too long" "Richard, don't twist" etc.
Frances: Up to a point, Rich. The knee bends fairly well, the whole leg not so well
Dr.D.: Elanor could record the tape...she can be whiney...
Pamela: send Memorex!
Dr.D.: ...or sing "Particle Man" at him all day.
Frances: He told me tonight that he got caught twice in a row crossing his right leg over his left
Pamela: by whom?
Frances: the therapist
Dr.D.: Modesty police?
Pamela: shame on him
BobS: naughty naughty
BobS: WHY is that bad ??????
Dr.D.: Stresses the hip joint.
Frances: no, can't let the bad leg cross the centre line of the body
Defined in Comox: glad somebody asked
Defined in Comox: oh ok
Dr.D.: I don't know if it's a permanent prohibition or not.
BobS: now.....the "bad" leg is the one not with a new hip?????
Dr.D.: It could be part of the physical design of the new hip joint, an engineering limitation.
Pamela: no, the bad leg is the one with the new hip
Frances: can't bend more than 90 degrees, preferably less, can't twist the body
Dr.D.: Are these permanent limits, Frances?
Frances: no, not permanent but for at least 6 weeks and probably more like 3 months
Dr.D.: Okay.
BobS: gotcha
Dr.D.: Probably just trying to let everything get good and healed up.
Dr.D.: Allow new bone to grow around the titanium etc.
Frances: it is to allow the muscles, tendons, etc. to heal after the excavation and get stronger
Frances: he is supposed to do exercises to promote this
Dr.D.: Home he will probably be itching to chat at 3:00 PM Saturday?
Pamela: by all means
Dr.D.: I can make sure I'm near a terminal then if so.
Pamela: bet he'll be on the Autoweek website as soon as he can too
Frances: I would think so, Rich
Dr.D.: Okay.
Frances: Yes, daughter, and I told Steve Hanley he was coming home but not to tell so Richard could surprise them all
Dr.D.: So Pam, where's your cousin? I haven't heard much from her lately.
Pamela: Dad will like that
Pamela: I don't know Rich, i haven't had a chance to call her and didn't see her while she was here - too busy
Frances: Last week she at the Liberal convention
Frances: don't know about this week
Dr.D.: As long as it's politics, I won't worry :-)
Pamela: I left her a message but didn't hear back
Dr.D.: Still angling for a Toronto job?
Pamela: oh, absolutely
Dr.D.: Any luck?
Frances: Her mom was here too and we had dinner
Pamela: not as far as I know
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Pamela: I'm sure she'll tell us if she's successful
Dr.D.: I know she's keen to stop her charwoman job.
Frances: Both she and her mother have applied for political jobs
Pamela: yes, she's not very enthusiastic about cleaning up after other people. If you'd seen her bedroom, you'd understand why : )
Dr.D.: We need a Ministry for Retrocomputing.
Frances: Her mom works nights at a Tim Hortons and would be nice, and a lot easier for her, to have an office job
Frances: hasn't she outgrown the teenage bedroom sydrome, Pam?
Dr.D.: As one of the guys in my fraternity put it, there's a difference between clutter and filth. I can deal with clutter (I'm very cluttered), but I hate filth.
Pamela: not in the least Mom
Frances: Oh, dear. You did
Pamela: last I checked, at least there was still a path
Pamela: well - sort of : )
Dr.D.: Clutter is ColecoVision game carts all over. Filth is last week's supper dishes all over.
Pamela: I at least shovel out on occasion
Frances: not to mention a 1/4" of dust, and spiderwebs
Pamela: usually when we're expecting important guests, or when the dust bunnies threaten to take over
Judy: then she better not become a mom, then you clean up after everyone
Dr.D.: "Shovel out this afternoon, entertain guests tonight."
Pamela: and you wonder why I don't have kids Judy?
Frances: My Richard and Pam's Russell are both hoarders
Dr.D.: You can get some pretty nifty things from kids by trading clean-up with them...
Judy: I see!!!
Dr.D.: Pack-rat-ism.
Frances: will it work on husbands?
Defined in Comox: some body call my name?
Pamela: how's this for the pot calling the kettle black though - currently, I'm sitting at the computer surrounded by about ten loads of laundry, a pile of empty boxes, a drying rack, luggage and ten years worth of accumulated craft stuff
Frances: no but do you have a bad conscience?
Dr.D.: I could answer that...not sure I ought to here :-)
Pamela: (not to mention the hundreds of books!)
Dr.D.: (replying to the "work on husbands?" comment)
Judy: time for a throw out session
Dr.D.: Your trash is my treasure :-)
Defined in Comox: doesn't work around here
Pamela: well Judy, the books stay no matter what - after all, I am my parents daughter : )
Frances: I think I mentioned that I've been doing housecleaning
Pamela: the boxes will go with Kimberly
Defined in Comox: I give away an LC 475, and in comes a Mac II ci
Pamela: the laundry will get washed (soon I hope, because I'm running out of things to wear)
Dr.D.: Law of conservation of retrocomputers, Ron.
Defined in Comox: yes... old computers are neither created nor destroyed
Frances: I cleaned off the top of a bookcase in Richard's room after finding 1/4" of dust up there
Judy: I took off the day and made ornaments at Meijer Gardens today
Dr.D.: I want to take off a day!!!!!!!
Pamela: the drying rack will get put to good use again soon
Defined in Comox: Actually it was a II si not a ci
Pamela: I'm jealous Judy
Dr.D.: (green as a grape I am)
Frances: Christmas ornaments, Judy?
Judy: they have a ton of Christmas trees to decorate
Pamela: ooooh, strange mental picture Rich
Defined in Comox: ya got that right pilgrim
Pamela: I concur, Bob
Defined in Comox: well put Dr. D.
Defined in Comox: but maybe Einstein's unified field theory can solve that too
Judy: yes, the garden has a Christmas tree display of trees from around the world
Dr.D.: (some anonymous graffito seen 25 years ago)
Frances: get to be a senior citizen, then you can twiddle your thumbs - as long as you have a wife, of course
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: or maybe not haha
Pamela: current evidence to the contrary Mom?
Defined in Comox: I'm in that netherland between 55 and 65
Judy: talk about Large trees and all real
Dr.D.: Pam, don't let your Mom crack up.
Defined in Comox: too old to work, too young to be a senior
Pamela: I'm assisting in holding her together Rich
Frances: I am being well daughtered
Dr.D.: I can send duct tape if you like.
Pamela: but, she's doing the majority of the work
Pamela: the handy person's secret weapon
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Dr.D.: Or chocolate.
changed username to barbie
barbie: hello pamela
Frances: the damn operation sent my anxiety level into the stratosphere, and my blood pressure too
Pamela: Mom?
Frances: what
barbie: pam where's rin?
Pamela: oh, never mind
Pamela: Rie is that you?
barbie: yep
Pamela: I don't know - what do you mean where is she?
barbie: i assumes she'd be here?
Judy: that bad, Frances?
Dr.D.: She's not hiding in this stove!
Pamela: nope, not here yet
barbie: ohhh
barbie: ok then
barbie: ohh well
barbie: so how is every1???
Pamela: was she planning on being here?
barbie: how's unclce richard?
Pamela: crazy busy, Rie
Pamela: He's doing well - they're discharging him from the rehab hospital on Friday
Judy: hi, Marie
Frances: yes, Judy - I saw my doctor today and it wasn't too bad when she took it and she says that it probably improve
moved to room Meeting Place
barbie: hi judy
Pamela: he's in much improved spirits now that the pain level has dropped
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: HI, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i made it
Judy: I went off my blood pressure med today, my pressure has been so low
barbie: that's good
Daniel Bienvenu: hi!
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Frances: Ah, Daniel Bon soir
Defined in Comox: Daniel = Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Frances :)
Pamela: he's able to walk with a cane, climb stairs and is doing lots of physio
Judy: are you on blood pressure med, now, Frances?
Defined in Comox: brb
Judy: hi, Daniel
barbie: that's great jason's granfather had his hiiip replaced on halloween
Frances: Yes, Altace and a water pill
Daniel Bienvenu: (just a word to tell you that the virus AVG found in CCI... is not a virus... it's a false virus detection)
Pamela: now there's a date for you!
Frances: started on them afteer the TIA
Daniel Bienvenu: (found the information in more than one forum)
Pamela: how old is his granddad, Rie?
barbie: 90
Dr.D.: Trick or Treat, indeed!
Pamela: wow! How is he faring?
Frances: 90! wonderful
barbie: thay relased him 8 days after to his house he still lives byhimself
barbie: well he fell once
Frances: after, at home?
Judy: oh, that is right, are you also on a blood thiner
barbie: but over all doning good from what i can understand
barbie: yeah at hoime
Frances: no, no blood thinner
Pamela: do you know what caused him to fall Rie?
barbie: he saidj he got dizzy
Dr.D.: Gravitons?
barbie: he doesn't speak much english
Frances: do I gather that he did not damage the new hip?
Dr.D.: That was bad.
barbie: no he went for x-rays after
Dr.D.: Seems very dangerous to send him home alone!
Pamela: what does he speak?
Frances: A 90-year-old should not be sent home alone after 8 days
Judy: you have to just calm down after Richard comes home and then have it checked again
Dr.D.: Fall on new hip, may break it so a new one can't be installed.
barbie: lebanese
Dr.D.: Sounds like social work missed one.
Pamela: really!
Frances: well, Judy, I think I am improving
Frances: I have been sleeping well, which makes everything worse
Pamela: having said that, it occurs to me that I know next to nothing about Jason
Frances: have not been sleeping well
Pamela: tell all, Marie
barbie: what do u wan ttoo know??
Dr.D.: Elanor says hi (on her way to the fridge)
Judy: that makes more sense
Pamela: age, background, employment, siblings, shady past - anything you care to dish
Pamela: hello Elanor - have a munchie for me
Dr.D.: Elanor-munch munch]
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Elanor! :)
barbie: 26 burgenvest securities 1 bro younger no shady past "good boy"
Judy: say hi back Dr D
Frances: when Richard gets home, we will be back on our normal routines and I will not have to spend 4 hours coming and going
Dr.D.: Greetings conveyed, Judy.
Dr.D.: Who are you gals scouting out?
Defined in Comox: Tell Elanor I want something from the fridge too
Frances: who is Jason?
Pamela: Marie's significant other
barbie: my boyfriend
Frances: Oh
Dr.D.: (blush)
Judy: is the hospital that far from you?
Dr.D.: Sorry to intrude.
barbie: it's ok dr.d
Pamela: eh - no prob!
BobS: Json the HUNKSTER
Dr.D.: Let's try to avoid TMI, though.
Pamela: I didn't get to vet this one before she moved in on him
barbie: lol
barbie: i don't know i'm a bad 1 for saying TMI
Frances: first hospital about 45 to 50 minutes, second 35 to 40, not allowing for rush hour and subway breakdowns
barbie: i'll send a pic pam once i get them i'll have to mail it too you
Judy: oh, doesn't sound like fun at all
Pamela: although i must admit I hear good things from Erin and from Aunt Cynthia
barbie: he's great
barbie: if u met him on the street you be like what?????????
Pamela: it's about time you found a great one Marie - you deserve him
barbie: he doesn't look like somebody i would date
Frances: in the last 2 1/2 weeks, there have been 4 sybway problems- I must be a jinx
barbie: he's like siuts and buisiness man like and here i am
Pamela: I saw pictures of your Niagara trip Marie, remember?
barbie: wild child X3
barbie: ohh yeha
Judy: you have to go for plain white bread, Marie
BobS: bummer Frances
Pamela: you're talking to the girl who never has the same colour hair two weeks in a row Judy
Pamela: she's calmed down a lot though
Pamela: right Rie?
Dr.D.: Maybe she's bald this week...
Frances: one day, I got on the subway at Lawrence, sat down and began to read and it was a while before I realized that the train was not moving
Defined in Comox: bald is good
Judy: but if you want someone steady and dependable you have to have plain white bread
Frances: how plain whole wheat, Judy?
Judy: the book was that good?
barbie: i've haven't changed that much pam
barbie: i'm ablond now
Dr.D.: I think I'm high fiber...\
Pamela: BLOND????!!
Defined in Comox: Daniel..... your next software assignment - should you choose to accept it...... the ADAM Community Chat Room Simulatorr
Frances: yes and I'm a reader and I nearly always read on the subway
barbie: blond on top and red under neith
Defined in Comox: it must generate random conversation about at least 100 subjects simultaneously]
Pamela: okay, this I have to see, Marie - send pictures
barbie: i don't have any recent i'll have to get some
Defined in Comox: maintaining threads and individual logs
Dr.D.: There's a bot that someone wrote to trap web-crawlers.
Pamela: yes, you must
Defined in Comox: interjected with flying cans of Diet coke as appropriate
Frances: turns out there was a power outage at Wellesley station in donwtown TO and they were turning trains one station north - Wellesley was where I wanted to get off
Dr.D.: It generates random webpages from garbled snippets of text it looks up from dictionaries.
barbie: i know i'll have some from christmas
Pamela: Diet coke does not fly - too messy!
Defined in Comox: something like that, yes
Dr.D.: So the crawlers just keep looking and looking, because each random page has more links to more random pages.
Dr.D.: Some crawlers have been stuck for weeks.
barbie: i would had have some from a tri[ my daddy and i were going to take but his friend passed away
Defined in Comox: and if a participant names herself Rin, the the system must generate a different Alias each chat
Pamela: how is your Dad, anyway?
Defined in Comox: anyone from Comox is always 1/2 hour late
Frances: How about the one that names himself Ron?
Defined in Comox: Alias's also
barbie: he's good he went on zyban toi quiet smoking and he gain back 17 pounds he's good
Pamela: he's feeling better?
Dr.D.: And Dr.D. keeps falling asleep at the keyboard...I am now over 20 hours now, so I think I'd better hang up and go to sleep.
barbie: yeha
BobS: ya you need some slee[
Frances: Yes you should Rich
Dr.D.: If Ms. Rin shows up, tell her hi for me.
Judy: good night Dr D
Defined in Comox: me too, and I have no excuse except this damned recliner
Pamela: yes Rich
Pamela: we will : )
barbie: his throat still get sore b/c he now has no syliva glands
Daniel Bienvenu: "off topic": Question: Someone here lives in Canada AND can record something for me (canal MUSICMAX)?
Frances: Get out of the recliner, then Ron
Dr.D.: Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies for tonight....
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela: good night Rich
Defined in Comox: I know
Dr.D. left chat session
Defined in Comox: unable here Daniel, we don't have digital
Pamela: is there a remedy for that Marie?
BobS: maybe Pam........
barbie: no
barbie: lots of water
barbie: he now carries a bottle of water or whatever at all times
Pamela: good for him
Pamela: maybe me whaat, Bob?
Frances: What is canal MUSICMAX, Daniel?
Pamela: do you mean channel Daniel?
Frances: I believe that is the French word
Defined in Comox: canal =channel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, second try... Question: Someone (lives in Canada or not) here can record something for me this saturday and sunday? (canal MUSIMAX)
Daniel Bienvenu: yes channel
Pamela: not one I get, Daniel - what is it?
Frances: Daniel, is that TV or radio
Pamela: allo?
barbie: anyways i'm going to head out
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, my syster like very much a singer... and there is a special (inteview + songs) this weekend.
Frances: Daniel, are you ther?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a TV show
Pamela: okay Marie
Pamela: glad you came though
barbie: no prob
Frances: Goodnight, Marie
Pamela: if you do talk to Rin, ask her to call me
barbie: i'll chat with you later
barbie: sure no prob
BobS: bye Rie
Daniel Bienvenu: musimax is a "music" channel on TV
Pamela: good. Hugs and kisses, kiddo
Frances: Daniel, I don't think we can get it either
barbie: hugs and kizzes
BobS: Rei......or Marie or........
Pamela: as in muchmoremusic Daniel?
Judy: bye Marie
Daniel Bienvenu: my syster cry because she find nobody to record this special
barbie: bye everyone
barbie: tell uncel richared i hope he feels better soon
Frances: oh dear
Pamela: who is the singer and when is the interview supposed to be?
Defined in Comox: Just checked my TV Guide, we don't even get it here on "the Island"
Frances: he feels better already, Marie
Pamela: thank you, we will
barbie: that's good
barbie: bye for now
barbie left chat session
Pamela: nite sweetie
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: it's in Canada
Pamela: is that cable or digital Daniel?
Frances: Don't get it, Daniel
Pamela: Daniel, who is the artist?
Daniel Bienvenu: for us... we can pay to have this channel with the cable
Frances: Bob, is your heart beat maintaining itself?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's Garou
Pamela: okay - hang on while i look
Defined in Comox: We have MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic
BobS: yes so far
Judy: yes, Frances it is beating right
Frances: good - one less prolem to worry about
Frances: problem
Judy: yes, it is really good, this has lasted longer than the first time
Defined in Comox: prolly the right spellung is prolem
Frances: lord, I don't make all these errors using my Amiga
Pamela: okay Daniel, there is Much excess, much loud, muchvibe, muchmusic and muchmoremusic. Are any of those right?
Judy: every keyboard it different
Frances: Are you teasing me, Ron?
Defined in Comox: NO Frances, now, would I do that?
Frances: Yes
Defined in Comox: oh
Pamela: do you really want us to answer that Ron?
Defined in Comox: sarcastically, which I just did
Pamela: and of course, there's MTV Daniel
Frances: Daughter, may I mention a couple of things?
Pamela: be my guest Mother
Frances: One, when you leave Hillcrest with your father, make sure you both get a good look at the house at Austin Terrace and Bathurst
Frances: Did you notice it when you were ther?
Pamela: okay, I will - so far I haven't had an opportunity because it's been dark
Pamela: very dark
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm searching in internet and... it looks like musimax is not a "much" channel
Frances: Even in the dark, it is interesting
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks for your help...
Defined in Comox: a concert Daniel?
Pamela: unfortunately, I'm usually concentrating on driving and can't rubberneck much
Frances: Second, I bought a bathtub grab rail at Starkman's this afternoon - would you pick it up when you are at Hillcrest
Pamela: one of the hazards of being the driver
Pamela: it's at the hospital?
Daniel Bienvenu: i don't know... my syster read this in the newspaper and cry because we don't have this channel
Frances: Stop driving, then, and look at it
Defined in Comox: understand
Pamela: barring other traffic, I will : )
Frances: starkmans is at Davenport and Bathurst - at the bottom of the hill
Pamela: I'm sorry Daniel, I wish I could help
Pamela: so I'm getting it from Starkmans or from the hospital with the rest of Dad's stuff?
Frances: from Starkmans
Defined in Comox: I know a guy up the road Daniel who has Satellite feed I'll check with him
Defined in Comox: although from our TV Guide, I'm not sure it's in our area at all
Frances: Go before or after the pickup - it is paid for
Pamela: okay. Is Starkmans right on the corner, and if so, which corner?
Frances: southeast - big parking lot
Daniel Bienvenu: what time is it now?
Pamela: 10:42 Daniel
Frances: 10:41pm
Daniel Bienvenu: same here
Pamela: okay - is the entrance on Davenport or Bathurst?
Frances: Good question but I think davenport
Frances: turn left from Bathurst
Defined in Comox: even the thought of Bathurst and Davenport conjures up way too much traffic for me
Pamela: how am I going to get in and out again across traffic?
Frances: don't know - you're the driver
Pamela: know what, never mind, I'll call them and get the gory details
BobS: YOU figure it out
Pamela: gee thanks, Mom : )
Defined in Comox: just like.... what's that one in Kentwood?
Defined in Comox: 26th?
BobS: 28th st
Pamela: real fast goes without saying Bob - I'll be driving the van
Defined in Comox: yes, 28th
Pamela: speaking of which, did you plug in the van Mom?
Frances: No
Frances: forgot
Judy: that is why she doesn't drive, Pam
BobS: "plug in" ????????
Frances: dark when I got home, wet when I went out
Frances: block heater, Bob
Pamela: block heater, Bob
BobS: ain't a diesel and it si not cold anyway
Frances: an echo
Pamela: yeah, but it doesn't like the wet and it's been sitting for nearly three weeks
BobS: prolly need a battery charger worse
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i give you now the time for the special my syster want to record on channel musimax<
Pamela: nah, just needs it's innards warmed up a bit
Frances: Pam, south on Bathurst, left at Davenport, and immediatel right into the parking lot
Defined in Comox: ok Daniel
Defined in Comox: go
Pamela: okay Mom
Daniel Bienvenu: sat (nov 22) 17h30-18h
Defined in Comox: that's EST (heure normale de l'est?)
Daniel Bienvenu: sun (nov 23) 20h-21h
Frances: Leaving the lot, into westbound traffic on Davenport, turn right onto Bathurst
Pamela: that's easy for you to say Mom
Frances: or go east and turn around somewhere and back west on Davenport
BobS: the only thign you have to TRAFFIC
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... if you based this time on now (22h46)
Pamela: and the fact that I'm driving one honking big van
Pamela: everyone pray for good weather on Friday morning
Frances: possibly, there is an exit on to Bathurst from the parking lot but I didn't notice
Pamela: Mom, we're taking the car for groceries
Frances: there should be good weather
BobS: you get what we have tomoorw.......mostly sunny and warm
Pamela: if there's an exit onto Bathurst that will help immensely
Frances: This is my intrepid daughter talking - where's the old college try?
Pamela: in my car : )
Pamela: I can do anything in my car
Frances: then bring your father home and go back down in your car
Frances: just being helpful
BobS: that is just as big as the van.......just doesn't seem lik it
Pamela: it's not the size Bob, it's the height and the unfamiliarity
Pamela: gotta get used to driving it again
Defined in Comox: noted Daniel
Pamela: I'm out of practice
Defined in Comox: I can relate to that
Pamela: yes, my fellow Taurus lover
Frances: it is much higher than the car and rear vision through it is not good but it has very good rear view mirrors
Pamela: my baby threw a shoe yesterday
Frances: better than those ona car
Defined in Comox: Just drove the Community Net Society's RV last Fri - first time in my life I've driven an 18 foot RV that runs on propane
Defined in Comox: Hated the feel of it.
Pamela: I can believe that
Defined in Comox: one thing I discovered -
Pamela: however, you get used to it, I'm told
Frances: Ask Bob. He's had lots of experience
Judy: it is that time of the night and I have to call it quits so night all talk at you next week
Defined in Comox: it runs better when the tank has propane in it
Defined in Comox: Ran out
Defined in Comox: bad experience
Frances: yes indeedRon
Pamela: fuel is good, Ron
Pamela: g'nite Judy - sweet dreams
Defined in Comox: yes, that's true
Defined in Comox: niters Judy
Frances: good night, Judy
BobS: oh yuck ron......bummer
Judy left chat session
Pamela: fuel is even better at 60.9/L
Defined in Comox: had to get the beast towed
Frances: oh dear, that's too bad Ron
Defined in Comox: one of life's little experiences
Pamela: Mom, do you want to do the bed legs tomorrow night?
Frances: yes, I guess we should
Frances: reminds me, Ron and Bob, we talked about raising the bed, remember
Pamela: okay when I finish with Dr. Santo, I'll come over - about 6:00ish I think
Defined in Comox: oh yes
Defined in Comox: blocks nailed together
BobS: yes
Frances: well, we bought a length of PVC pipe, 2" diameter
Frances: cut it into 6 lengths of 10"
Defined in Comox: will that support the weight?
Frances: putting a piece of wood 4" long at the bottom
Pamela: leg and wood inside the pipe
Defined in Comox: ok got it now
Pamela: leg sits on the wood
Frances: putting foam tape around the top inside
Pamela: pipe holds the whole mess together
Defined in Comox: creative
Pamela: reasonably priced too
Frances: foam tape keeps the leg from sliding from side to side
Defined in Comox: now - will it withstand the presence of an occupant?
BobS: you two are AWESOME
Pamela: no reason why it shouldn't
Frances: we think so - if not, not much lost
Defined in Comox: sounds to me like it should work
Pamela: thenk you, thenk you (Pamela and Frances take a bow)
Frances: Actually, I believe it was Russell's idea
Pamela: well the sleeve idea was mine - hte PVC was his
Defined in Comox: Yes.... bouquets for Russ/Pam/Frances
Frances: I cut the pipe, made the wooden stops have yet to apply the foam tape
Frances: the tape is insulating tape, self adhesive
Pamela: smart Mummy!
Defined in Comox: Well all..... must bid you adieu
Defined in Comox: See ya's all next week
Frances: Good night, Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Pamela: until next week
Defined in Comox: say Hi to Rich.... and best wishes
Frances: good night Ron
BobS: yes kids,.........Judy is pacing the floor ready to head for the sack for the the little guy tomorrow
BobS: nite ron
Pamela: we will - and don't forget Saturday
Frances: Good night Bob
BobS: and thatmakes for a udy day
Defined in Comox: ka......p......oo....ff
BobS: busy
Pamela: Nite Bob
Defined in Comox left chat session
BobS: bye!!!!!!
Frances: Night daughter, got to lug out the recycling
BobS left chat session
Pamela: okay - don't forget to plug in the van tomorrow morning
Frances: um!
Frances: bye-bye
Pamela: I'll call you during the day and remind you okay?
Frances: yep
Frances left chat session
Pamela: okay night
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel!
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry... net problem... good night!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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