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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour
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rich-c: ca va?
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, et toi?
rich-c: hi Roberto
rich-c: tres bien, merci
BobS: welcome back mon
rich-c: yeah, got an all new left rear suspension
BobS: how's the hip?
rich-c: they say six weeks for some freedom, six months for total healing
BobS: butb doing good????
rich-c: let's just say I expect to be feeling pretty good at the 6 week mark
BobS: thas good, progress is what you want
rich-c: I am up on my hind legs and full of beans, though I can't roam much
BobS: and now Frances doesn't have to bus it all over to get to you
rich-c: driving Frances nuts keeping me from doing the things that arent good for me
BobS: probably.......
BobS: I can
rich-c: Frances says to tell you the legs on the bed are doing fine but she had to pad them with foam to make them stable
BobS: I can't imagine you as a wallflower
rich-c: that I'm not; if I can't go out I'll just holler at everyone more or the internet
BobS: watch a lot of sports
rich-c: havent turned on teh tv since I got home, don't expect to till February
BobS: what???????
BobS: no races or football??????
rich-c: that is usual for me once the Grey Cup has been played
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changed username to Princess
rich-c: nope, next race of significance is the Daytona 500
BobS: kinda ran out of the stuff you want, eh?
Princess: hi uncle Richard how are you feeling?
rich-c: hi Rin, you still in Windsor?
Princess: yup until Sat. or Sun.
rich-c: when you come up for the new job wil you have access to a home computer?
BobS: get that cushy job yet erin??????
Princess: waiting on some calls tonite to clarify travel schedule
Princess: i will
Princess: high speed
rich-c: so you'll be able to chat from here then
Princess: yes Bob
Princess: I did
BobS: COOL !!!!!!!
Princess: yup no problem
BobS: and that job would be what????
rich-c: where will you be staying, Erin?
Princess: I will be staying with Bruce Crozier's E.A. for a little while to start, she lives on Osington
rich-c: On Ossington - what's the nearest cross street?
Princess: I am a new Geneal Assistant (GA) with the Provincial Minister of Agriculture and food
Princess: (General)
Princess: Harbard I believe
Princess: 10 minute bus ride to Queen's Park
rich-c: ah, fairly well down then, though the restaurant strip on on College is pretty lively
Princess: yeah right downtown...pretty cool and convenient (and damn lucky)
rich-c: which bus runs across there? Wellesley?
rich-c: yes, it's a very transitional street, some nice, some less so
BobS: that sounds IMPRESSIVE Rin
Princess: i believe so....I gather the bus takes you right to Queen's Park and the stop is like 20 ft. away from the front door
Princess: thanks Bob
Princess: *blush*
rich-c: don't count on that 10 minutes in a Toronto rush hour - especially if it snows
Princess: yeah that's what Darcie says
BobS: and da winter is upon us almost
rich-c: still, if it's really bad, you can walk up to the Bloor subway station and use the subway to Queens Park
Princess: very true
rich-c: even when it snows the subway gets through
Princess: unless the power goes (G. forbid)
rich-c: just remind Dalton that's what got Ernie tossed out ;-)
Princess: hehe
rich-c: that's all right, I'm already mad at him over the new power rates
Princess: at least they are waiting until April
BobS: oops, trouble in paradise already?
rich-c: yes, but his discount break point assumes you have all gas heating and appliances
rich-c: our house is all-electricso most of our consumption will be in the high price bracket
Princess: it's all about conservation....and hey I can always talk to the Minister responsible since I will be up there and know the guy :-)
rich-c: but yes, we do need to increase the price of power to true cost levels
rich-c: frankly, I doubt his competence - not necessarily his goodwill, but his competence
BobS: BUT, what is the true cost????? that can be firgured multiple ways I am sure
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BobS: and since when does an elected official truely be the right person for the job
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: you estimated how many megawatt or terawatt hours the plant will generate before depreciating to zero
BobS: YO Pam
Pamela: bleh
Princess: hi Pammie
Pamela: hi
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
rich-c: you divide that by the cost of the plant
rich-c: hi daughter, stomach quieter now?
Pamela: well so far
BobS: oh, not the flu is it???
Princess: you sick?
Pamela: stomach flu I think Bob
Pamela: got my flu shot last Friday
BobS: oh YUCK
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Pamela: obviously not the right mix for this one
changed username to Ron
Pamela: How'
rich-c: yes, but that likely didn't cover the strain that you got, Pam
BobS: MR Mitchell !!!!!!!
Pamela: s the packing going Rin?
Pamela: Hi Ron
Ron: Evening all
Princess: slowly but surely
rich-c: you're early, Ron
BobS: Judy says Pam........she was sick to ther stomach the whole day after getting the flu shot
Ron: Well hey, look who it is!
rich-c: gee, I got mine and never felt anything - not even the needle
Pamela: this was four days Judy - I got sick Monday night after being exposed to my sister in law who had it
Ron: Welcome back, my son
Princess: hey?
BobS: a stranger no doubt, eh Ron?????
Princess: will Rich be joining us tonite?
rich-c: yes, Pam came down and fetched me home Friday morning
BobS: don't know Rin.......didn't say he was NOT coming
Princess: okie dokie
rich-c: she used my truck. Hint: if you need transport home from a leg opeation, a Safari van makes life REAL easy
Princess: with all the excitement I haven't had time to email him
Ron: yes Bob, that's true - a stranger in our midst
rich-c: she even brought a step stool - just use the assist bars, step, and in
BobS: sounds like a new guy....or with new parts Ron
Ron: Robert my son
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron
BobS: how's the battle going with the disk?????
Ron: not doing too well with the Christmas card
BobS: oh, oh
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron: I have a message for you from James
Pamela: next hint: don't drive your father's truck with him in it!
Pamela: other than that it went well
Daniel Bienvenu: (James) Ron: did you get my cheque?
Ron: Mom was in the hospital over the weekend (bladder infection and dehydration) having to play chief orderly
BobS: wh, he was really mellow wasn't he?????
Ron: she's doing better now, so I'm hoping to get with it
rich-c: why? other than wanting a little more competitive spirit, I thought you did fine ;-)
Pamela: thanks Dad
rich-c: besides you drove a big wide vehicle in Toronto traffic without knocking any corners off
Ron: Yup, got the cheque
Ron: tks
Pamela: I'm fine in the van when you're not in it, Dad
Pamela: it's driving with the owner that makes one nervous
rich-c: it's OK daughter, I know the imperatives of Toronto traffic survival
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a problem with the christmas card, Ron? What is the problem?
Ron: getting at it
Pamela: in my experience no one likes to be riding in their own car with someone else doing the driving, even if they trust that person implicitly
BobS: you got to watch mum Ron
Ron: I know that's priority
rich-c: which also applies to all the contributors, right?
Pamela: Ron, is Mum home now?
Ron: still kinda shaky. She's being referred to an internist
rich-c: yes, with us old folks dehydration is not to be taken lightly
Pamela: get over it Dad - you're not anywhere near creaky yet
Ron: brb - phone call
rich-c: especially with the new left rear suspension ;-)
Pamela: exactly : )
Ron: back
Pamela: Dad, are you two going to need anything over the next few days?
rich-c: so Daniel, I gather you and James have built up quite a working relationship
Daniel Bienvenu: The relationship is good
rich-c: not that we know of, nothing major - your mother shopped today
Pamela: is the milk holding out?
rich-c: I get the idea that you two are making real progress
BobS: and without ya;ll to drive here, HOW did Frances shop????
Ron: Anyway - hopefully will get at the card over the next day or so
Pamela: she walked to the plaza and took her bundle buggy Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: James is at his work now. But his current project is working on web site to sell Coleco games.
rich-c: likely have enough milk to last to Saturday, Pam
BobS: AHSO.........walkin' is good exercise too
Pamela: her Ferrarri, as Dad calls it
Pamela: okay Dad, we can work that in
rich-c: actually she took buses part way over and back, Pam
Ron: Sorry Pam, missed your question above.....yes, Mom is now home. So I'm trying my best not to poison both of us
BobS: and NOW is the telling time.....are or are NOT a good cook ??????
BobS: are you or are you NOT
rich-c: is he then helping you with your website, or a joint venture, Daniel?
Ron: an adequate, but unstimulating cook
Pamela: good call Ron. Our best to her. If the Dr didn't tell you, cranberry juice is good
Ron: yes, have heard about cranberry
Pamela: it comes in pills too
Ron: now that I didn't know
Pamela: Rin, you're awfully quiet
BobS: "liquid" berries ?!?!?!?!?!
Pamela: no comment?
Princess: on the phone...sorry
Ron: will have to check out the local health food place
rich-c: just stay away from grapefruit
Ron: s'ok....she doesn't like that anyway (grapefruit that is)
Ron: I do
BobS: when WE are here, you think the phone is more important Rin??????
Pamela: you may actually be able to get the pills in your local pharmacy
rich-c: I'm an addict but can't have it - it's contra'd with one of my medications
Pamela: the way her life is going at the moment Bob, probably
Ron: brb
rich-c: when I told them that at hospital they said yes, that's why they don't offer grapefruit in the place
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, James is doing a web site to sell cartridges. and the project doesn't include my coleco web site. it's a brand new web site.
rich-c: seems all of a sudden the researchers are finding all sorts of nasty interactions
Pamela: brb, gonna get some socks - my toes are cold
Ron: cold toes, warm heart
rich-c: I do hope you two will make a deal so he can sell your cartridges, Daniel
BobS: speaking of warm's the wetter on the island????
Daniel Bienvenu: His goal is helping programmers like me to sell his new ColecoVision games.
Ron: just around freezing. We've had frost the past 3 days running
BobS: 'cause we will be getiing it soon
Ron: clear and cold
BobS: that is nto normal is it?????
BobS: not
rich-c: a most worthy endeavour - let's hope you two "catch a wave"
BobS: thought you had mild winters
Ron: not much coming from here right now. Although, I hear the end of the week there's rain on its way
Ron: nope, not normal for here, the clear and cold thing
rich-c: we are supposed to be somewhat dark and damp next couple of days
Ron: brb.... mother want's her tea
rich-c: ah yes, the great British morale restorative
rich-c: in fact, Frances managed to make it for herself when I was away
BobS: rain here tomorrow and then maybe alittle snow for Fri w/ warmer and rain over the weekend
Pamela: okay Mom, if you're watching, you have my permission to swat Daddy
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not the first time a project like this web site (to sell cartridges) is in development. I hope James' project will be done soon.
rich-c: have you had your first snow yet, Bob?
BobS: oh yes
Princess: sorry bout that....i will be arriving in TO on Sunday by train
BobS: had a near blizzard on Mon
BobS: 3.3" of snow but about 12" sideways I think
Pamela: what caused the change in plans Rin?
Ron: there
rich-c: ah - we had an overnight dusting but it melted away early in the day
Pamela: we did? last night?
Princess: Pat can't afford to drive up
Pamela: ahhh, gotcha
rich-c: Daniel, the others wre more commercial exploiters, interested in making money not advancing knowledge
rich-c: you two have a more wholesome approach, that's why we're cheering for you
Pamela: have you found out where Darcy lives yet?
Princess: Ossington and Harbard
Pamela: Harbord goes that far west? Dad?
rich-c: it's Harbord, Rin
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Ron: I would not have believed that - is that a real intersectin?
changed username to Chick Pea
Pamela: Hi, Rie
Chick Pea: hello every1
Chick Pea: hi pam
Princess: i'm being Phonetic
rich-c: yes, it's like an extension of Wellesley-Hoskin, west from Spadina
Pamela: gotta look that up
Princess: hey Chickpea
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... it's why James project is good because he want to use it for his coleco projects too. so, I'm sure the project will be fair.
rich-c: hello Marie
Chick Pea: hi Doodle Bug
Daniel Bienvenu: Excuse me... I have to go now. see you later
Chick Pea: hi uncle richard how r u feeling/
Pamela: au revoir Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, take care and good luck
Ron: later Daniel
BobS: be good Daniel
Ron: be well
BobS: Ronald, did you get any extra submissions of pics????
Princess: Marie I'm NOT leaving on Sat.
Chick Pea: how is every1????
Chick Pea: ohhh ur not?????
BobS: good Marie
Pamela: icky, thank you - how about you?
Chick Pea: so ur not going at all then???
Princess: Pat can't afford it
Chick Pea: y r u icky???
Princess: ha ha
Pamela: says she with hope in her voice
Chick Pea: i tried
rich-c: Ron, for us could you recycle - again, please?
Pamela: I'm icky because fo the stomach flu Rie
Chick Pea: ewwww i'm glad ur there
Ron: I'm lost. "Chick Pea", "Doodle Bug", "Princess".
BobS: and we are NOT
Pamela: I am too - I don't want anyone else to get this believe me
Princess: Pincess=Doodle bug=Rin
Princess: ;-)
BobS: Chick Pea = Marie
Princess: precisely
Chick Pea: very good bob
BobS: go ti?
Pamela: yup
Princess: i'll brb have to book my train
Ron: Don't think I've met Marie
BobS: ya lady.....or whatever
rich-c: she's a buddy of Erin's in Windsor
Chick Pea: where did Doodle Bug go?
Pamela: Marie is Erin's best friend
BobS: relation?????? or not????
Ron: ah
Pamela: to book her train Rie
BobS: got it !!!!!
Pamela: almost relation, Bob
Chick Pea: ohhh
Pamela: she was dating Graeme (middle cuz) for a long time, and lived with my family
Ron: I'm slower these days
Chick Pea: u better take care of her htere
Pamela: we'll try Rie, but I can't watch over her 24/7
rich-c: I'm afriad in the big city it's every man (or girl) for him/her self
Chick Pea: i know that
rich-c: we can offer very good advice; we can't require that it be heeded
Pamela: nice thing is, to call her will not be long distance : )
Chick Pea: true
Pamela: my phone bill can stand the break
Chick Pea: lol
rich-c: don't recall that causing much conversational abbreviation anyway
Ron: Son Jeff on MSN chat.
Pamela: it didn't Dad - it just means it will cost less
Ron: gonna have to split the laptop in two
rich-c: of course, with cals 4 cents/min there is slack for loose chat
BobS: the little apple can do ti Ron
Ron: Nope.... he doesn't want to talk to me
rich-c: with a hatchet?
Pamela: he doesn't?
Pamela: why not?
Ron: nope.... not just now
Ron: he would have said hello or something, and he hasn't
rich-c: no doubt he'll turn up when he's ready
Ron: I know he's signed on, but that doesn't mean he wants to talk
BobS: well youa re being SHUNNED just like the Amish do.......
Ron: yup
Ron: If he wants me, he'll rattle my chain
Chick Pea: pam do u know when she's leaving
Chick Pea: ?
BobS: and loudly too I assume
Pamela: Sunday, Marie
Pamela: she's coming down by train
rich-c: btw, ComputerFest here is offering Pentium laptops, $99 up
BobS: how's he liking the whole deal in Vancouver????/
BobS: gathered at AC15 that he was doing ok
Chick Pea: ok then
Pamela: so if she has an early morning train, don't keep her out too late on Saturday night, okay?
Princess: hi I'm back
Ron: very well Bob. He's really happy there in the big city
Pamela: so when's your train, miss Mew?
Princess: hey PAm wanna pick me up on Sunday??
Pamela: sorry, miss Moo
Ron: yes. They keep him busy issuing building permits
BobS: long as he likes the job
BobS: that is what counts
Ron: yup..... which he does
Pamela: I may not be able to Rin - what time is your train?
Ron: Whats this about a pickup?
Princess: I'm taking the 9:55AM out
Pamela: puts you hear at 2:00 ish?
Princess: yup 1:37PM
Princess: I'm moving to TO Ron
rich-c: that's assuming the train is on time - which is dodgy
Pamela: Russell and I have probable plans for Sunday afternoon Erin
Ron: ah... Toronto the good
Princess: ok i'll take a cab
Pamela: I'll let you know, okay?
Princess: no prob it's all good
rich-c: if you don't have much luggage, you can take a subway and bus
Ron: it IS ALLgood
Pamela: you might be better off that way anyway Rin - I wouldn't want to try driving in that mess downtown
Princess: i'll have a fair bit....i'm trying to pack for 3 weeks
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: back!
rich-c: hello Daniel, welcome back
Ron: re-hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: re-hi Ron!
Pamela: Just remember Erin, you can wash in between - you don't have to pack 21 outfits
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich
Princess: well I know that but i have to bring bedding with me and towels and stuff
rich-c: finally got a break down there in Quebec City, did you?
Pamela: Is Darcy's place an apartment or a house?
Princess: main floor of a house
rich-c: you're going to need a truck, Erin!
Princess: not yet
Princess: when I get in to something more permanent then yes
Chick Pea: nooooooooooooooooooooo
Daniel Bienvenu: the "quebec" question is for me?
rich-c: yes, Daniel
Pamela: I know, Rie, it's hard. I'm sorry babe
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: i don't understand the question :p
rich-c: way of saying you usually don't get a chance to reappear once you've signed off here - did better tonight
rich-c: did you move from Laval to home or something?
Princess: Chickpea do you know the details for Sat. night
Chick Pea: no not yet
Chick Pea: y/
Chick Pea: ?
Princess: do you mind if Patricia comes
Princess: ?
Chick Pea: no not at all
Princess: coo
Pamela: where are you going?
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! someone nedded the phone... and it was faster than normal :)
rich-c: right - we basically have that problem here, except Frances and I both concede the computer priority
Pamela: I have one thing to say, Dad - two phone lines!
Daniel Bienvenu: here, we don't have two phone lines.
rich-c: cheaper to get dsl with one of the independents
Pamela: Erin, what are you doing on Sat night?
rich-c: have an ad for one $24.95/mo staying at that price
Princess: hanging out
Pamela: how illuminating
Princess: getting together with the girls
rich-c: illuminating, maybe; reassuring, no
Chick Pea: and jason
Princess: he he
Princess: oops
Pamela: poor Jason - he'll be drowned
Ron: back in a few min folks....... need to do nursing stuff
BobS: that is a good price Richard
rich-c: go for it, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: (totally another subject) The only tool I don't do for the Coleco projects is a "music composer" :)
rich-c: it's a very good price indeed, Bob
rich-c: what sort of music composer, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: are you talking essentially a sound driver?
Daniel Bienvenu: the url is for you... to download my rom REVERSI
Chick Pea: he's use too it
Daniel Bienvenu: no I'm talking about adding music in coleco project
Pamela: what's your place like, Marie?
Chick Pea: what do u mena?
Pamela: apartment? one/two bedroom?
Daniel Bienvenu: a tool to compose music is needed for coleco programmers
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that Dale Wick did something (probably in Java) to compose music
rich-c: OK Daniel, downloaded the URL
Chick Pea: i live with jason's p'rents
rich-c: there have been various music composer for Coleco
Pamela: I didn't know that - I thought you two were living on your own
rich-c: Frances usue Logo to program songs very effectively
Pamela: so you're in the basement?
BobS: g
Daniel Bienvenu: My tools are pragrammed in VB for Windows. The music composer must be for Windows.
Chick Pea: no we both have bedrooms on the top floor
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: This way, my tools could be like a SUITE
Chick Pea: yes ahhhhhhh the fyn
Daniel Bienvenu: a kit
Chick Pea: fun
rich-c: oh, sorry, I thought you were thinking of the Adam environment
Daniel Bienvenu: programming toolkit
rich-c: I keep forgetting how easily you can apply one to the other
Pamela: we'll go into that more at a later date in person : )
Chick Pea: yeha it's great
Princess: well I think I will be heading home now
rich-c: between you, james and Guy, there will be quite a toolbox soon
Chick Pea: no princess
rich-c: you arent at home, Rion?
Pamela: good idea, Rin. Tell Graeme and Sabrina hi for me, please - and send hugs and kisses
Princess: nope I'm at Graeme's
Princess: k
rich-c: OK - tell the hot rodders the best from me
Princess: i have to Chickpea, everyone's going to bed
Princess: :(
Chick Pea: alrighty them
Princess: i'll call you on my break tomorrow
rich-c: OK, take it easy then, Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: If someone here have one hour to lost... play my Reversi game at MASTER skill level. :)
Chick Pea: ok nighty night
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Pamela: Erin, I'll keep you posted on meeting you Sunday
Princess: thanks uncle Richard -- I will be sure to call when I get into town
changed username to BobS
rich-c: sounds like you've built a reall challenge, Daniel
Princess: sounds good Pam
BobS requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
Princess confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela: gnite sweetie
Chick Pea: alrighty then i'm off too nighty night all
moved to room Meeting Place
Princess: nitey nite
rich-c: goodnight Marie
changed username to Robert
Chick Pea: night
Pamela: Nite, Rie - hugs and kisses
Princess: nite Chickpea
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Marie!
Princess: night all
Chick Pea: hugs and kisses
Robert requested to ban BobS
Princess confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Robert: dat's better
Chick Pea left chat session
Robert: got dumped off the net......must be my wireless
rich-c: seems like Bob is having connection troubles
Princess: i was just saying g'night Bob
Princess: 'til next week
Robert: be good Rin
Princess: tee hee yeah right ;-)
Princess left chat session
rich-c: going to be interesting having Erin in Toronto
Pamela: yes it is
Robert: mum a llttle demanding Ron ???????
Pamela: I wonder whether we'll see any more of her
rich-c: just one more reason for not sleeping well some nights
rich-c: I think her job and getting settled in is going to keep her busy for a while
Pamela: she'll be okay Dad - she has a level head on her shoulders
rich-c: she is going to need it, down in that swinging singles country
Pamela: she'll be so tired at first, she'll be in bed every night at 9:00
rich-c: still, she has a useful job and I reckon she wants to keep it
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: besides, we can always threaten to tell her mother on her : )
rich-c: wonder how long it wil take them to find out where she should fit in?
Pamela: she says her position will be GA
Pamela: she has some good ideas that she hopes to implement, and she's drawing a lot from her experience with Susan
rich-c: doubletalk for entry level - dogsbody, as the Brits say
rich-c: face it, everyone in the Ministers office will be new, pretty well
Pamela: actually they're looking forward to having her in the office as the person with the experience - they were practically begging her to arrive asap
rich-c: they'll all get shoved around till their special skills start to show
Pamela: that's why the rush in arriving
rich-c: that's encouraging, at least
Pamela: we discussed it a bit last night. She could end up running the show!
rich-c: if she does show well it will be noted and appreciated
Pamela: so, how do I get a job like this?
rich-c: there's quite a line between political and civil service jobs and she'll have to honour it
Pamela: her office is on Grenville, apparently - not too far from mine
rich-c: turn into a mindless political partisan and work your butt off for a candidate who wins
Pamela: well - that's not happening any time soon - any other suggestions?
rich-c: then hope he's got enough jobs to go round for the deserving who want them
rich-c: naw, there will be anohther election and all the jobs will be gone by that time, Pam
Pamela: shucks
Pamela: guess I'll just have to keep looking then
Ron confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
rich-c: yep, pols who can win ten elections in a row are few and far between
Ron: How many Bob S do I have to remove
Robert: ALL
Robert: am on now as Robert, so's
Robert: I don't get cornfused
Ron: oh ic
Pamela: it's been nearly 20 years since I interviewed for a job
Ron: out with Bob S, in with Robert
Pamela: things have changed some since then
Ron: Someday I will make someone a good wife
Robert: got trashed and when I got back here......TWINS
rich-c: well, that's a situtation not without its merits
Pamela: doesn't help with what the interviewers nowadays are looking for
Pamela: I'm clueless
rich-c: learned not to keep computers in the kitchen cupboards now, Ron?
Ron: These days, I review resumes, been quite a while since I actually wrote one
Ron: Oh Lord.... I'd completely forgotten about that
Pamela: so what do you look for on a resume, Ron?
rich-c: not surprising; I doubt many HR people could really describe what they really want in a candidate
Ron: 1107 -- 210 Gloucester
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron: missing pictures for the christmas card? is that the problem?
Robert: reviewing resumes for what Ron?????
Robert: got a job you need filling????
Ron: Could use some Daniel, but mostly it's the MIDI Christmas Carols
rich-c: yes, we always wondered where you kept your food
Robert: they are reuseable Ron
Ron: Hate repeating them..... prefer to play new each year.... but this year I might have to
Robert: dig out some old ones and they will be new..........
Ron: at the Kentucky Fried Chicken place just down the way
rich-c: ah - right
Ron: yeah.....looks like that's what it's gonna hafta be Bob
Ron: Are you guys going on a cruise first week in Dec.??
Robert: that works Ron no prollem mon
Robert: leaving the 13th
Ron: Ok..... that's better
Robert: week later than last year for D&M's anniversary cruise
rich-c: where are you going cruising this time?
Ron: you'll have it out to the public well before then
Robert: out of Miami to St Thomas, San Juan, St Marteen
Robert: and Bahama's
rich-c: that ought to keep you into mischief
Ron: I'm suddenly jealous
rich-c: about how many pounds do you gain per week cruising?
Pamela: Kimberly did that one - loved it. Which cruise line?
Robert: no gain
Robert: give you small portions
Robert: no supersizing
rich-c: I thought you said you enjoyed the cruise
Robert: love it !!!!!
rich-c: most folks seem to say it isn't the portion size, it's the frequncy of offers
Robert: where else yougonna be treated like a king and queen
Robert: oh, you can eat almost nonstop
Robert: IF you want
rich-c: dont know but wouldnt mind finding out
Robert: but we do a lot of walking also
Ron: This would not be good for the guy on the other side of the mirror
Pamela: which cruise line?
Ron: I would need to do daily laps of the vessel
rich-c: my thinking too - I can resist anything but temptation
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Ron: everything in moderation, including moderation
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: well, hello Guy - better late than never
Pamela: hello, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all in USA!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
Guy B.: Welcome Back Rich!!
rich-c: thanks Guy
Ron: Oh yes...... best Thanksgiving wishes to all south of the border
Guy B.: How do you feel?
Ron: had forgotten
Ron: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Hi Ron, Daniel and Pam
Robert: Hi Guy
rich-c: just fine - should be useful before Christmas, ready to run marathons by May
Guy B.: HI Robert
Guy B.: That's great. I take it your doing a step at a time!
rich-c: Oh yes, was out for a walk today - but then was on the leg within 72 hours of the surgery
Robert: how did the walk go ???????
Robert: no pain ????
rich-c: it's really amazing - you come off the operating table with a weight-bearing leg
Robert: Royal Caribbean
Pamela: thank you
Robert: you want ot feel like royalty ?????? go Royal Caribbean
Ron: Really quite amazing Rich, when you put it like that
(Robert winks)
Guy B.: They wanted to get you moving.
rich-c: very little uncontrolled pain even in the first hours, and that abated over the days
Guy B.: And where's the Slopsema clan tonight? Were they on earlier?
Robert: they have found that it works alot better to not languish in the sack but get moving
Robert: nope, jsut me
rich-c: yes, they are scared purple of blot clots and their complications
Robert: Judy is here playing around with xmas bookmarks for her sisters
rich-c: sorry, blood clots
Guy B.: Oh that's you?
Robert: ya mon
Robert: tis I
Guy B.: Where is everyone else?
Robert: me own self in the cyber flesh
Pamela: you missed Erin and Marie
Robert: like?????
Pamela: no sign of Dr. D so far
rich-c: well, james is missing
Robert: you come late Guy, ya miss the girls
Robert: right
Guy B.: Sometimes you can fool me with your disguises.
Ron: How was James talking to Daniel?
Guy B.: I did! Aw shucks.
Robert: and ussually Dr D leaves email about not coming
Pamela: oh well Guy - next week
Pamela: and I think I'll head out
Daniel Bienvenu: I talked with James before the adamcon chat session... (if it's the question)
Guy B.: Yeah! There is next week. A big month coming up for me.
rich-c: anyway if you miss Wednesday there's always Saturday
Ron: ah.... ok Daniel, je comprends
rich-c: OK, take care of that upset tummy, daughter
Pamela: I am Dad, thanks
rich-c: talk to you later on then - take care
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
Pamela: i'm going to put it and my sorry a** to bed
Robert: go STRAIGHT to be d Pam
Pamela: goodnite Guy, Bob, Ron, Daniel
rich-c: nite Pam
Ron: hot rums Pam.....
Pamela: I will , believe me Bob
Guy B.: I'll reserve that Diet Coke next time for you.
Pamela: oh yuck Ron, nothing with grease in it right now
Pamela: thanks Guy.
Ron: sorry
Guy B.: Get some rest Pam.
Pamela: I'm outta here, all - see you next week. Gnite!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Ron: I will bid you all a fond farewell
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
Ron: since it's time you were alll in bed
rich-c: right, take care of your mother there, Ron
Ron: yes sir..... that I willl do
Robert: nite Ron
rich-c: niters, then
Robert: tis about that time
Ron left chat session
Guy B.: I'm having some problems with the DSL, so I'm on dialup tonight. Hopefully, I fix it shortly.
rich-c: yes, I promised Frances she could have the computer for a Google search at 11
Robert: SAY WHAT ???????
Robert: thought that was the answer
Robert: and now I am disappointed
rich-c: nothing works perfectly; some things are just more reliable than others
Guy B.: Something got messed up. I might have to uninstall connection manager and reinstall it again. I tried Internet Connection Sharing and I found that I had to do it a different way. So, I made changes and will have to retry it again.
rich-c: ah, the joys of software configuration - and reconfiguration - and reconfiguration...
Robert: could be Guy.......doug is the guru around here, once I get away fromt he ADAM, nothing works easily
Robert: WHY can't it be siimple
Robert: why, why, why
rich-c: because then they couldnt sell overpriced maintenance contracts
Robert: plug and play is a sick idea of what it should be........
Robert: true
Guy B.: Tell me about it. I had a dandy time trying to figure out what went wrong. So I found the article that I printed out and turned out to be I had the connection wrong.
rich-c: don't worry Guy, there will be an upgrade out (at modest extra price) very soon...
Guy B.: Then the Outpost Firewall didn't quite work out. So, I'm going to try another firewall.
rich-c: will Zone Alarm work with your configuration?
Guy B.: That hung up the system. I took it off.
Robert: well kids., see ya's later OK ??????
Robert: nitey nite time
rich-c: Strange - almost all that I've heard about it is positive
Guy B.: Bye Bob. Tell everyone I said Hi.
Robert: be well and don't do anythign I would not do !!!!!!!!!
rich-c: OK Bob, take it easy, niter now
Robert: POOF, bye,........bam !!!
Robert left chat session
rich-c: still, Guy, I know that there's always some software/hardware configuration some program won't work with
rich-c: does the job perfectly for 999 - the lord help #1000
Guy B.: I figured out the start/stop button was missing, so for sure that I will have to reinstall Connection Manager again.
rich-c: not sure I know that program
Guy B.: I'm still using Netzero, but SBC Dialup is also on the system. So, if I have a problem with the DSL, I have dialup as a backup.
rich-c: most ads for DSL I've seen mention 10 hours or so a month of dialup as included
rich-c: (Frances has decided to go play with her Amiga nad leave Google to tomorrow)
Guy B.: Unlimited dialup is included with the DSL at no extra charge with mine and I can put it on my other two systems.
rich-c: that's a lot better deal than most I've seen coming out of the U.S.
Guy B.: Comcast, you don't get any dialup. It's cable and priced higher that DSL.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry.. my syster needed the computer
rich-c: most cable and DSL is wildly overpriced; the telcos are unconscionably greedy
rich-c: ah, my multitasking tonight has consisted of killing spams on arrival
Guy B.: SBC thought they could compete with Comcast and with those who are frustrated with AOL and MSN. It worked, they signed up alot of new subscribers. I'm getting mine at $26.95 a month for 1 year.
rich-c: by American standards, that isn't bad
rich-c: by many Canadian standards, it's quite good - unless you know where the discounters are
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to get going. I'll see you all either Saturday or next week.
rich-c: OK Guy, look for you either or both
Guy B.: Ok, Rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can'T promise to be online saturday
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rich!
rich-c: I'll likely be on almost every Saturday all winter
Daniel Bienvenu: have fun with Reversi!
rich-c: nite Guy, take care
rich-c: bien sur - bonsoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir! :)
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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