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rich-c: welcome Rich
Dr.D.: Hello, sorry for missing Wednesday.
Dr.D.: I fell asleep again.
Dr.D.: Another long day.
rich-c: we were wondering - the gang did miss you
Dr.D.: I presume the whole crowd was there to welcome you back.
rich-c: but then, you do have long days and we know it
Dr.D.: Also lots of prep for our Thanksgiving trek to my Dad's house.
rich-c: well, let's say a decent cross-section - the time shift is discouraging james these days
Dr.D.: And a lab meeting that didn't end until 5:30 PM.
rich-c: yes, few of the rest of us have as busy a life as you
Dr.D.: So I hope your life (and Frances') is getting back to normal.
rich-c: next week and after we will have Erin on from Toronto
Dr.D.: Just a visit, or is she job-hunting?
rich-c: well, I shan't try driving befoe Dec. 18th (my clearance appointment with the surgeon)
rich-c: job filling - she's a "general assistant" to the provincial Minister of Agriculture
Dr.D.: Is this permanent or temporary?
rich-c: it's a political appointment - at the pleasure of Her Majesty (for which read until her boss loses an election or getss mad at her)
Dr.D.: Well, it's what, 4 more years 'til another election, unless someone calls for No Confidence, right?
rich-c: that's to distinguish it from a civil service position which is "permanent"
rich-c: technically five years, customarily four
rich-c: given the majority the Liberals have, No Confidence is at best highly unlikely
Dr.D.: You may have read that our "permanent" civil service jobs are being reclassified/cut.
rich-c: the real question is how badly the Liberals will screw up in the next four years
Dr.D.: You think they will mess things up?
rich-c: yes, Dubya and his doctrinaire masters are desperate to destroy the U.S. government as quickly as possible
Dr.D.: I think W just wants to be able to fire people ala Reagan and the air traffic controllers.
rich-c: I am not impressed with the calibre of most of the Liberal ministers
Dr.D.: His gang will howl though if they ever get on the short end of it.
rich-c: sort of .38 rounds in .50 bores, if you follow
Dr.D.: They must have had something to get votes...unless it was all "not the current group".
rich-c: but the Conservatives got their choice to wreck things after the NPD screwed up, so where next?
rich-c: let's say our ex-premier is so loathed he needs a police bodyguard 24/7 - and he quit politics months before the election
Dr.D.: I'm sure W would give him a cozy exile over here :-)
rich-c: they are somewhat of a piece but our guy isnt extreme enough
rich-c: the speculation we see is the W. is simply a puppet of Karl Rove, AEI and PNAC cabal
rich-c: and that their objective is to ruin the economy so badly the social safety net can no longer be sustained
Dr.D.: That was Reagan's aim.
Dr.D.: Somehow, it didn't work.
Dr.D.: Not sure how.
rich-c: it wasnt as evident with Reagan; he did not seem so fanatically extreme
rich-c: possibly Ronnie wasn't as amenable to control; had his own ideas sometimes
Dr.D.: Maybe at first, but he was definitely senile in his second term.
Dr.D.: Nobody will say that now, but give it 50 years...
rich-c: certainly Ronnie had no appointments comparable to Rice, Rumsfeld, or Ashcroft in his term
Dr.D.: I'm hoping that somehow W can get voted out next November, but I am not optimistic.
rich-c: and while I'll buy the creeping senility, that can also be accompanied by a certain contrariness
Dr.D.: He was either totally senile or totally lying.
rich-c: I find on my Autoweek chat board a number of Americans desperate to get rid of him
Dr.D.: If he truly didn't know about Ollie North, then he was incompetent.
Dr.D.: If he wasn't incompetent, there's no way he couldn't have known.
rich-c: one is working actively for Dean, another has signed up with
Dr.D.: If things start to look bad for W in the polls, look for some wartime offensive stuff...or some mini-9/11 to try to distract people and provide a "don't swap horses in mid-stream" rationale for his re-election.
rich-c: there is also the usual mindless minority of reactionaries who uncritically worship the President - any President
rich-c: I think Dubya is really getting panicky, or his advisors are
Dr.D.: The conspiracy nut in me fears that W will be assassinated this year to put Cheney in office.
Dr.D.: W has just about served his puppet purpose.
Dr.D.: But that stuff only happens in bad movies.
rich-c: that might even be helpful - the Invisible Man has little public profile
rich-c: but he would end up carrying the can for all the projects that have gone wrong
Dr.D.: I'm tired of people in hiding.
rich-c: still, I am fascinated by Ws trip to Iraq
Dr.D.: He saw a Movietone Newsreel of FDR at Yalta or something.
rich-c: given his history of avoidance of places whre bullets wre flying, that was exceptional
rich-c: I mean, he actually went somewhere whre theoretically he could have got shot at
rich-c: hugely effective photo op but given his record of combat aviodance, he must have been desperate for it
Dr.D.: That would've been the time for someone to attack elsewhere...all the resources deployed in one place, means that they are taken away from other places.
Dr.D.: Hard to believe people will be suckered by photo ops.
Dr.D.: But like I read the other day:
Dr.D.: "Y'know how dumb the average person is? Just think, by definition, half of all people are dumber than that!"
rich-c: you should have seen the cartoon about it in yesterday's Star - my, it was pointed
rich-c: check it out at - it will be in the editorial area somewhere
Dr.D.: Will do.
rich-c: anyway as for Erin - basically her job is office dogsbody with priority to matters with a political side
Dr.D.: Though not from this 486 right now (a bit too slow with the chat window running).
rich-c: she is of course vary junior, but did have teh prior experience in Susan Whelan's office
Dr.D.: Government go-fer.
rich-c: seems they were eager to get her just to have anyone with any experience at all
Dr.D.: Well, she's said on occasion that she wants to hold some elected office someday, and this is the way to start.
rich-c: oh yes, and she's learning - gather she lost out previously by audibly saying nice things about the wrong rival
Dr.D.: In this week's Plain Dealer, some high school senior (age 18) is on the City Council of his town, he decided to run, and got elected!
rich-c: good, get to work and this time get the Case faculty to corrupt him
rich-c: time you had someone at City Hall on your side ;-)
Dr.D.: Haha
rich-c: anyway Erin will be living in Toronto henceforth and till further notice
Dr.D.: She's found a place to live already, I presume?
rich-c: she is currently bunking with a workmate on the fringe of the University area
Dr.D.: She must have known about this for a while, to give notice at her old job.
rich-c: remembering that Queens Park (Legislatue) is within the general University grounds, so to speak
rich-c: no, she was just doing supermarket minimum-wage joe-ing so no problem
Dr.D.: I thought she had been working as cleaning lady/charwoman previously.
rich-c: one of her supermarket jobs was mopping up
Dr.D.: I see.
Dr.D.: Well, let's hope her boss doesn't make any messes that she has to mop up :-)
rich-c: she is still very young - about 20 or 21, as I recall
Dr.D.: 21 or 22, can't remember which she said/
rich-c: she is the eldest child of Frances' adopted sister
Dr.D.: I think Pam will be glad to have her around.
rich-c: yes, although at the moment Pam has a little project on she does not want Erin to know about
Dr.D.: I think I know which one you mean...and all is mum here.
rich-c: I can't say anything more right now for fear someone might make a slip of the tongue
rich-c: I suspect you do - we'll just have to watch our steps for the next month
rich-c: say he, always remembering that chats are archived and accessible to anyone
Dr.D.: Dale is pretty bad about putting them up, though :-)
Dr.D.: And I'm sure he'd delete anything you asked him to censor.
rich-c: there are times when that can be an advantage
Dr.D.: What's happened to the cranky George guy? Did he show up last week?
rich-c: no doubt he would, if anyone could find him! ;-)
rich-c: no, he's been fairly scarce lately - don't know why, more illness or less sympathy, perhaps?
Dr.D.: He's a topic for censorship in the archives...
rich-c: yes, he is a little overenthusiastic about dispensing what Pam calls TMI
Dr.D.: I have to sign off for now, Richard: I am running a backup Thanksgiving dinner at the fraternity and I have to start packing up the food to go.
rich-c: mind you, when you go into hospital you need to check your inhibitions at the door
Dr.D.: I've been cooking a ham all afternoon and it's about ready.
rich-c: OK Rich, good to talk and see you Wednesday, then
Dr.D.: I'm supposed to get there to set up at 5 PM and serve at 6 PM.
rich-c: do take a peek at the Star cartoon
Dr.D.: I will...and I'll try to stay awake Wednesday :-)
Dr.D.: bye
rich-c: bye now
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